You Don't Need to Be Rich to Reload Ammunition for Cowboy Action Shooting

You Don't Need to Be Rich to Reload Ammunition for Cowboy Action Shooting

Reverend Sayer Prayers
(a.k.a. Ransey Stimson)

Ransey Stimson Reverend Sayer Prayers

Being the Deputy Sheriff in Hill Creek doesn't have many perks and watching the bank on Sunday morning while the Sheriff, the Mayor and the rest of the Town Council are rubbing elbows with the wealthy town folks down at the church certainly ain't one of them.  Sitting at your desk in the window with a full view of the front of the bank, you have your trusty rifle loaded with 10 rounds, hammer down on an empty chamber, staged in the corner next to the door.  Your favorite shotgun is open and empty on top of the desk.  You are wearing both of your revolvers, loaded with 5 rounds each, hammers down on an empty chamber, snuggly in their holsters.

At the sound of the alarm, you stand up and open the window to see 5 bad guys in front of the bank.  You draw your first revolver and put 2 rounds into the first bad guy, 2 rounds into the second bad guy and 1 round into the third bad guy.  You holster your first revolver and draw your second, putting 1 more round into the third bad guy, 2 rounds into the fourth bad guy and your last 2 rounds into the fifth bad guy.  You holster your second revolver and proceed to the door. 

Grabbing your rifle, you open the door and step out onto the porch.  Spying four more gang members in the alley next to the bank, you put 1 round into the first bad guy, 2 rounds into the second bad guy, 3 rounds into the third bad guy and 4 rounds into the 4th bad guy.  But it ain't over yet 'cause they got two more bad guys, one stationed at each end of the street.  Backing into the office, you put your rifle on the desk and pick up your shotgun.  Loading 2 rounds, you lean out the window and put 2 rounds into the bad guy on the left and then reload.  Then you put 2 rounds into the bad guy on the right. 

The Timer shouts, "Is the Shooter ready?"  That's you, adrenalin rush in progress, waiting for the sound of the buzzer.  The first stage of the match is about to start and you have less than one second left to think about it.  Before the day is over, you will send some 120 bullets and 20 or more shotshell loads down range.  If you are really into Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS), you will likely shoot 4 or more matches a month, and that doesn't even consider what you will shoot in practice.  That's a lot of bullets and shotshells.  Most Cowboy Action Shooters use the same caliber ammunition in their revolvers as they do in their rifle.  It makes it simpler at the loading table and for loading during a stage since there is no opportunity to put the wrong ammunition in the wrong firearm.  But, unless you have your own personal bank, chances are you are going to want to reload your own ammunition.

If you have priced cowboy ammunition lately, you already know that it can go for $30 per 50 round box, or more.  The good Shotshells can go for $8 per 25 round box, or more.  I tend to shoot more in practice than I do at a match simply because I am pushing myself through drill after drill without taking much of a break.  Even if you only shoot 2 matches a month and practice twice a month, your cost in ammunition alone can be nearly $400 per month.  Now consider the fact that you can reload your own ammunition for as little as 1/3 the price.  With the basic single stage shotshell press and a simple turret press for your metallic cartridge loads, you can crank out enough ammunition for a match in about 2 1/2 hours. 

So, you have a decision to make.  You can spend a couple of hours of your time each week making your own ammunition, and save yourself a whole bunch of money.  Or, you can go through the hassle of driving around and spending a lot of money and time buying your ammunition, if you can even find what you need.  It's not a tough call.  Buying the equipment and getting it set up is easier and less expensive than you might think.  You can find most of what you need in a single weekend, ammunition components included.  If you have a work bench already, you can be set up and running in a single evening.  You can reload 120 rounds of pistol/rifle ammunition and 25 rounds of shotshell ammunition for $20 to $30, depending on the caliber you shoot.  Your up front expenses are between $500 and $700.  You can get the basics for under $500.  The $700 investment gets you better equipment, which will pay off in the long run.  Depending on how much you shoot, you can recoup your equipment costs in as little as 3 months.

Here are some examples to consider when selecting your equipment:

Single Stage Shotshell Press
Turret Press Kit (Includes Electronic Scale, Powder Drop System, Primer Feed System, Case Preparation Tools and Reloading Manual)
Electronic Calipers
Brass Tumbler
Tumbling Media
Bullet Puller
1 Set of Reloading Dies

There are a number of accessories that you may want to add to your bench later, but the list above is all you really need to get started.  Save your brass and hulls from the ammunition you already shoot, and the boxes too.  They are all reusable and can last you quite a while.  Cowboy loads are generally loaded at the lower pressure levels.  That means the cases and hulls don't split or crack nearly as often.  You will find that you can reload metallic pistol/rifle cases 10 or more times.  Unless you are shooting black powder in your shotshells, you can reload your hulls at least 4 or 5 times.  That said, there is a certain amount of loss experienced on the range.  You lose some and you step on some.  Then there are "Lost Brass" matches where there are so many shooters and so little time that you are not allowed pick up your brass or hulls.  Often times, "Lost Brass" matches have Boy Scout troops in attendance that rake up, clean and sort the brass and hulls, selling it back to interested shooters for a small fee.  This enables the Host Club to get all the shooters through the course, the Scouts to make a little money and shooters to recoup their brass for a small fee.  It really is a Win - Win for everyone.

Interested?  Well, if saving money hasn't grabbed your interest, then here are some other advantages.  There are a lot of different bullet designs and weights available for the most popular CAS calibers.  If you reload your own, you can tailor your ammunition to your firearm and your shooting style.  If you are buying off the shelf ammunition, you are limited to whatever is offered by the manufacturer.  Worse still, you are limited to the availability of that ammunition.  If you can't find it on the shelf, you don't get to shoot.  If you reload your own ammunition, you determine the availability.  For me, there is something therapeutic about reloading.  It is relaxing and enjoyable.  The satisfaction I get from reloading my own ammunition is surprising.  The satisfaction I get from shooting ammunition I load myself is another added bonus. 

Tune in again soon and I'll fill you in on the details of loading your own cowboy ammunition.  Until then, keep the sun at your back and your powder dry my friend.  You never know when you might need to take out some bad guys.


What Safe Is Safe For What?

 What Safe Is Safe For What? 

Gun SafeMany would like to believe safes are only used for storing guns.  But to the contrary, they are not.  Safes now are used to store documents, electronics, jewelry and much more.  Each safe is different in price, color and size.  The prices range from $550 to $6000 for a customized Browning safe.  Safes can hold from 14 long/shotguns to 51 long/shotguns, depending on what size safe you get.  You can choose to have digital or dial lock.  With a digital keypad you can change your combination but with a dial lock it is a set combination from the factory.  Each safe temperature rating is different ranging from 45 minutes at 1200 degrees to 90 at 1400 degrees.  They also come with a heat expandable door seal.  What keeps the safe fireproof is on the inside they have sheetrock bdhind the safe walls.  Remember that a safe is a big metal box that will get hot when it is in a fire so do not store your ammunition in the safe because the heat will allow the ammo to discharge.  Also, if you have important documents keep them inside a smaller safe inside the bigger safe so that the papers don’t get parched.  There are also a variety of extras that you can purchase to customize the inside of your safe.  Such as handgun racks, dehumidifiers, lights and mirrors.  So if you’re interested in purchasing a safe for your home, come see us here in the hunting department.

 Patricia Foraker

Hunting Associate

Denham Springs


Handgun Shopping

  When one first goes handgun shopping it can be very overwhelming.  Who knew there were so many shapes, sizes, and even colors to choose from?  The first basic question you need to ask yourself is do I want a pistol or do I want a revolver?  What is the difference you ask?  Well, a pistol is semi-automatic and is fired based on loading rounds into a magazine.  You pull back what is called a slide to load the first round from the magazine into the chamber and then theoretically you fire until the magazine is empty.  I say theoretically because there can be different factors that causes your gun to jam while firing.  If this were to happen to you, you would then manually have to clear the jam and then load another bullet into the chamber by pulling the slide before you can fire again.  This is not always a scenario you want to have to deal with if you are firing your weapon under duress. 

  Revolvers on the other hand have been around for a very long time.  The earliest ones were invented in 1597.  Granted these were not the revolvers we know today, but it just gives you an idea of how long these guns have been made and how long gun makers have had to perfect them.  Colt invented a single action revolver in 1836 and these are similar to the revolvers we see today and some revolvers made today are still single action.  However the most popular and modern revolver of today is the double action revolver.  A single action revolver requires the gun to have an external hammer and the hammer must be cocked to fire the gun.  With the invention of the double action revolver in 1851 came the ability to fire a revolver just by pulling the trigger.  This was indeed a significant event in the history of revolvers.  The double action revolver changed everything.

  Revolvers are built much the same way today that they were made in 1836.  They are based on a rotating cylinder system.  You load your ammunition directly into the cylinder and in cases of a single action you cock the hammer then pull the trigger to fire, or in cases of a double action you simply pull the trigger and fire.  While granted the rounds of ammunition you can fire in a revolver (5-6 shots) are significantly less than a pistol (10-12 shot average), the simplicity of the revolver makes it a much more dependable gun.  The instances of ammunition jams in revolvers are significantly lower than ammunition jams in pistols.  When and if there is a jam in a revolver all you have to do to clear it is pull the trigger and the cylinder rotates and fires the next round.  I explained how to clear a pistol ammunition jam earlier. 

  My questions to you as a handgun buyer will always be the same.  How much experience do you have with handguns?  Do you already own any handguns?  If so, what are they?  What are your purposes for purchasing a handgun?  The answers to these questions are all we really need to know to point you in the right direction of helping you decide what handgun is right for you.  If you are new, inexperienced, and for most women, your first handgun purchase should always be a revolver.  They are simplistic, dependable and by far the best choice for the beginning handgun user.  I am not knocking owning a good pistol as well, but if you are only going to have one gun to depend on a good dependable revolver is your best choice.

  Come see me Cindy Gose and the rest of the hunting staff at Bass Pro Shops in Sevierville, TN.  We will be happy to show you what we have to offer.  If you have something specific in mind that is not in our case, just ask.  We will be happy to see if it is something we can order for you.  A typical special order only takes 7-10 days to receive and it is much better to wait a week than go home with something you are not sure you want.  Remember all firearm sales are final.  We are just now starting to receive in a new assortment of holsters.  While you are in gun shopping take a look.  We are going to carry leather concealment holsters, ankle holsters, belly bands, and several other new items that our customers have been asking for.  Stop by the gun counter and ask us some questions.  We are always happy to help and we want you to leave happy and be a customer for life!



Preparing for upland bird hunting seasons

Hello All,

If your gearing up and practicing your marksmanship for the upcoming upland bird seasons, then don't forget about Bass Pro Shops for all your hunting and marksmanship needs.


The proper camouflage and hunter's orange is always something to consider before you begin your hunt. Bass Pro Shops carries several different brands when it comes to hunter's orange clothing so you're seen by other hunters. One great product is the Browning Upland Canvas Vest. This vest has 4 large pockets for calls and ammunition on the front as well as one large pocket on the back for holding any birds taken while hunting. The vest also has pockets in the shoulders for Browning Reactar recoil pads. These pads are sold separately but are a great addition when considering shooting all day.

Browning Upland Canvas VestBrowning G2 Reactar Pad

Another great product to consider when going bird hunting is a quality pair of briar pants or snake chaps which can also be found at Bass Pro. Bass Pro carries several different styles of briar pants made by Browning and RedHead. The Redhead pants give several different patterns to choose from such as blue jean with khaki front, a solid brown pant, or a full mossy oak break up pants. Next would be a pair of quality snake chaps, because I have run across a few rattle snakes in the field also. The snake chaps made by WhiteWater are of great quality and are made of a very tough polyester fabric, they really are a lifesaver when your eyes are focused on the air for the birds and not on the ground where the snakes are. Bass Pro carries snake chaps in either a RealTree AP camouflage or just a tan color. The snake chaps as well as everything else mentioned above can be found in the camo department at your local Bass Pro Shops.

 RedHead Briar Pants                                              WhiteWater Snake Chaps

Best Regards and Safe Hunting,
Ethan Aycox,
Bass Pro Shops,
Camo Pro Staff,
Spanish Fort, Al.


Spring Turkey Hunting: Tips for Beginners, Part 2

Shotguns and Ammunition

The best shotgun and ammunition for turkey hunting is the combination that delivers a dense, hard-hitting pattern at 40-45 yards. Most hunters use larger gauges (12 or 10 gauge) with tight chokes (full or extra full). Shells are usually 3 or 3 ½ inch magnums loaded with #4, #5 or #6 size shot. The smaller the shot size (the larger the number), the greater the number of pellets in a shell. However, the smaller pellets weigh less, carry less energy and provide less penetration at longer distances than pellets of a larger shot size.

Before hunting, pattern your shotgun to see which choke, brand of ammunition and shell load produces the most uniform pattern and density. Pattern performance will vary with different gun, choke, load and ammunition manufacturer combinations.

To pattern a shotgun for turkey hunting, use a target that depicts a turkey’s vital head and neck area (make several copies). The head and neck is what you should be shooting for when your turkey comes in range. Set the target up at 40 yards and shoot from a rest. Compare the number and density of pellets striking the vital area with the different choke and ammunition combinations to see which one shoots best in your gun. You should have at least 8 to 10 pellets in the vital area at 40 yards. Once you get satisfactory results at 40 yards, fire additional rounds at 25 and 45 yards. These rounds will show you what patterns you can expect at different distances and help you determine your shooting limits.

Calls and Calling

Good calling and knowing when to call are often critical keys to success in turkey hunting. Hunters typically imitate hens to call a gobbler into gun range. Hens make a variety of calls: yelps, clucks, cuts, purrs and whines. The best way to learn to call is to practice with an experienced turkey hunter or to purchase an instructional video or audio cassette and then practice the calls taught by the instructor. It isn’t necessary to become an expert in each of these calls to have success in turkey hunting. Gaining a good command of yelps and clucks will be of most benefit to new turkey hunters.

As with camo, guns and shells, a number of different types of calls are used in turkey hunting. The most popular styles include box calls, slate-type friction calls, wingbone and trumpet calls, diaphragm calls, push-pin and tube calls. Beginning hunters should normally consider box calls, slate-type friction calls and push-pin calls for their ease of use.

On a given day any of these calls will work. Each style call has its own distinctive sound. A gobbler will sometimes answer one call but not the others. So, carry several calls and take turns trying them. If one call doesn’t get a response, another one might.

When calling turkeys, less is better in most cases. Don’t over call. The more you call, the more likely you’ll hit a sour note or that your movement will be seen by an alert gobbler or hen that has quietly moved in to check you out.

By Ron Eakes, Wildlife Biologist, Black Warrior Wildlife Management Area



Weatherby Turkey Shotguns for the Spring Season

Hey, Turkey season is just around the corner. It's time to get your gear out, scope out your land and set yourself up for a successful season this spring. We have all the gear for you, especially the right guns to get the job done.

Weatherby SA-459 Semi-Auto Turkey Shotgun

Make sure that you come in and check out our new Weatherby shotguns. The SA-459 Semi Auto Turkey shotgun is available in 12 or 20 gauge pistol grip and picatinny rail. It's gas-operated semi-auto action reduces felt recoil and has a trimmer forend for easy handling.  Featuring the Mothwing Spring Mimicry camouflage pattern that uses a special "dipping" process that adheres the camo directly to all stock components.  It has an 21 1/4" barrel with removable extended ported cylinder choke tube (Extra Full). The oversized hourglass bolt handle is easy to locate and operate. The 20 gauge is an ideal model for smaller frame shooters and is priced from $519.97

Weatherby PA-08 Pump Turkey Shotgun

The PA-08 Turkey Pump Shotgun comes in 12 gauge with a 22" barrel with a removable full choke tube. It too features the Mothwing Spring Mimicry camouflage pattern. The PA-08 has a superior fit and finish that compares favorably to competitively priced turkey guns. Priced from $299.97 it is an excellent choice as a less expensive option to get started bagging those big Toms this spring turkey season.

Additionally, don't forget to check out our great deals on turkey ammunition, including Federal, Remington, Winchester and Kent brands that will nicely compliment these great turkey guns.  


Bass Pro Shops is Your One Stop Shopping for the Zombie Epidemic!

It’s inevitable that with the growth rate of the world, a Zombie epidemic is looming. Whether you believe the previous statement or not, for the sake of this blog, let’s say there is an imminent “Zombie” threat, how would you prepare? Zombie Max

First get to your nearest Bass Pro Shops and talk with the experts in the hunting department. They will be sure to tell you for tips on how to prepare for the Zombie epidemic you should trust Hornady.  Hornady has placed on every box of high quality ammo a Zombie 101 tutorial, and posted videos on their Web site. Dealing with an uprising of something that has already been declared dead once, we cannot use just any ammunition. Luckily for us Hornady has designed a CZA (Certified Zombie Ammunition) round just for the flesh eating undead. Hornady’s Zombie Max (11.99-24.99) is available in almost all calibers and provides a quality round you can trust.

Winchester Defender 12 ga.Zombie experts agree that the 12 ga. Shotgun is the best choice for a primary weapon to hold off any zombie revolt. Our weapon of choice for an impending uprising is the Winchester Defender SXP (399.99). With a compact feel and an 18 inch barrel, this 12 ga. pump shotgun is easy to pack or carry for maximum zombie stopping power.

Major manufactures everywhere are helping consumers prepare for the rise of the living Darkotic dead.Birchwood Casey has developed an entire line of high visibility Zombie splattering targets; which could represent everything from your Pizza delivery guy, to your neighbor’s dog. 

Plano has created an ammo box for you to keep all of your supplies together and ready. Bass Pro Shops is your one stop shop for all your outdoor, shooting and Zombie needs. One last thing, if all else fails, AIM FOR THE HEAD!

Plano Zombie



 James Sullivan

Shreveport, LA


This Week at Bass Pro Shops

Easter Fun!







The fun continues with FREE Easter activities for kids!

Free photos with the Easter Bunny

April 7 - 11 a.m.-3 p.m.
Sunday, April 8 - 1-3 p.m.
Monday-Friday, April 3-6 - 6-8 p.m.


Free Kids' Crafts!

Sat. and Sun.,  April 7 and April 8 - Noon-3 p.m.
Friday, April 6, 6-8 p.m.


Free Easter Egg Hunt!

Sat. and Sun, April 7 and April 8 - 1 p.m. - one hour - registration starts at 12:30 p.m.!

A representative from HeviShot will be here to answer questions about their line of ammunition

April 7 and 8, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

Youth Archery Workshops

Saturday and Sunday, April 7 and 8, 2 p.m.

Kids, join us at the archery shooting range! Bows will be furnished and an adult range master will provide guidance and supervision.


Zombie Max!

With the introduction of AMC’s hit show, The Walking Dead, the obsession over zombies has reached an all time high!
Major firearms and ammunition manufacturers have begun marketing towards this epidemic. The ammunition manufacturer, Hornady, has been the pioneer in the ammunition industry. Their new line of Zombie-Max ammunition offers a variety of handgun and rifle calibers along with 12-gauge “Z-Shot”. This new popular line of ammunition has been flying off the shelves!

With this new product out in stores, Ruger has introduced a version of the LCP which is now called LCP-Z “Zombie Slayer”. It is a .380 caliber hand gun going for $379.99 here at Bass Pro Shops and is in high demand. It holds 6 rounds in the magazine and 1 in the chamber.

You may have the weapon and the ammunition, but do you need some practice and there are no zombies to use? Check out our new line of zombie targets featuring the zombie butcher and the zombie pizza delivery boy! Don’t forget to purchase a zombie ammo can as well! You will need the space for plenty of ammo!

If you have any questions regarding any of our zombie products or you would like to take a look at these items, please stop by our hunting department and ask an associate. They will be glad to help you. Please remember these products are not toys!

Hornady’s Disclaimer: Hornady® Zombie Max™ ammunition is NOT a toy (IT IS LIVE AMMUNITION), but is intended only to be used on…ZOMBIES, also known as the living dead, undead, etc. No human being, plant, animal, vegetable or mineral should ever be shot with Hornady® Zombie Max™ ammunition. Again, we repeat, Hornady® Zombie Max™ ammunition is for use on ZOMBIES ONLY, and that's not a nickname, phrase or cute way of referring to anybody, place or thing. When we say Zombies, we mean…ZOMBIES!



Springtime Means Trigger Time

Well it’s Spring once again and that means something extra special to me. Spring not only brings with it warmer weather and longer days but it’s also when I get to pull out all those Christmas presents and head to the range. The new season of the Bass Pro Shops sponsored program Top Shot airing on The History Channel has peaked interest of many of our customers in competitive shooting.

I have been playing games with guns for 12 or 13 years now and have participated in many different types of competition from bowling pin matches to United States Practical Shooters Association (USPSA), and International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) on the local and national level. Today I’d like to talk about IDPA shooting simply because that’s where I began shooting action pistol games. IDPA is geared toward shooting scenarios that one may encounter in a defensive situation using equipment that can be purchased and competed with stock configuration without the need of pricey gunsmith services.

What makes IDPA shooting so much fun? You won’t see any compensated race guns, or fancy optics at IDPA matches as the game is designed to be played with stock, or mostly stock firearms falling into one of six divisions depending on the gun you want to use. A person can literally walk into a Bass Pro Shops in the morning to take possession of their handgun, purchase a holster, magazine carrier, extra magazine or two, eye, and hearing protection, and some ammunition and have everything they need to shoot a match that afternoon. It was the ability to use equipment I already had that first drew me to this game and has kept me there.

Take a look at Mike Elliott, shooting in the Enhanced Service Pistol Division:

The divisions are:  

Stock Service Pistol (SSP)

Double action 9mm or larger pistols only, with modifications limited to internal accuracy work, grip changes, and sight changes. No other externally visible modifications are permitted.  

Enhanced Service Pistol (ESP)

Double, or single action 9mm or larger pistols with the modifications allowed in SSP, plus you may make some externally visible modifications such as the addition of a magazine well or checkering and stippling added to your pistol frame.  

Custom Defensive Pistol (CDP)

Any .45 caliber pistol, and the modifications listed in the SSP and ESP divisions.  

Stock Service Revolver (SSR)

Any .38 or larger revolver with a 4.2 inch or less barrel that uses rimmed ammunition and is not loaded with moon clips. Speed loaders are allowed in SSR.  

Enhanced Service Revolver (ESR)

Any 9mm or larger revolver with a 4.2inch or less barrel that is reloaded by moon clips.  

Back Up Gun (BUG)

Intended for local matches only using a .32 or larger gun with a barrel no longer than 3.8inches for a pistol or 3.0 inches for a revolver. 


For the full rule book please visit the IDPA Rule Book

IDPA allows a person to shoot one match as a non-member before they are asked to join. This way you can try it out and decide if the game is for you before plopping down your $40 for a one year membership to the organization. Once you are an IDPA member you may shoot a classifier match to judge your skill level on a pre-defined scale. From that point on, when you shoot a match, you are shooting against other shooters at the same skill level. IDPA shooting is one of those games where you can get as serious as you want, or just play it for fun. There is something for just about everyone, and getting started is half the fun.


Trap/ Skeet & Sporting Clays

Want to hit more birds in the fall? Then get to the trap and skeet range today! The first trip to a trap & skeet range might be intimidating but in the end it is all worth it. Just the sight of professional shooters breaking clays and getting perfect rounds might set you back, but in fact, they always welcome newcomers to the sport. They’ll offer free advice and tips and a few will even know what they’re talking about. Point is, don’t be held back by first impressions. All gun clubs require eye and ear protection. Most enforce the rule strictly, but even if they don’t, wear ear plugs and shooting glasses at all times. As per ammunition, some clubs prohibit any shot size bigger than 7.5 due to safety reasons.

Last year, Fiocchi introduced their new line of shotgun shells  that are chemical tracer rounds. It was made to help shooters see where they are hitting if they keep missing their target. The tracer shell holds a small cartridge that lights up like a glow stick which is activated once the firearm has been shot. The Chemical Tracer rounds, part of the Canned Heat line, are non-toxic, non-pyrotechnic, biodegradable, and safe for any modern shotgun. This is probably one of, if not, the best training tool there is for sport clay shooting. These shells are not found in our Bass Pro Miami store but it is available for special order. If you have any questions, please stop by the store and speak to one of our associates.

To get started, one doesn't need to buy an expensive shotgun. Some people like to keep it simple like purchasing one of the most popular models such as Remington's 870 and 1187 models. If you're not sure which type of shotgun will work best and fit the best for you, visit local gun clubs and join classes. They can always provide firearms for beginners and tips to improve your shooting.

At Bass Pro Shops, we offer many different types of shotguns to not only to shoot clays but to hunt with as well. Stop by our hunting counter and check out the display of firearms we carry! Who knows, you just might walk out with one!

Click HERE to check out Fiocchi's Chemical Tracer Shell

Happy Hunting!

Krizia Torres
Gun Vault Specialist/ Hunting Associate
Bass Pro Shops Miami


Spring Turkey Season 2012

Yep! Its that time of the year again... before you know it spring turkey season will upon us. So you like to turkey hunt but you feel that its lost that challenge that you yearn for, has it become too easy, has the expense of ammunition got you thinking twice about going? Perhaps its time you try using a more traditional method! It has become an increasingly popular way of extending ones time in the woods, and giving you more opportunities. That method is archery hunting for turkey! It is a real challenge and can provide for lots of fun and the reward is often great.

Hunting turkey with a bow and arrow brings its own set of challenges and obstacles, but fortunately over the last decade or so there have been several advancements or innovations in the industry that are aimed directly at the turkey hunter. Most notably are turkey specific broadheads, the first and most popular of these is the Gobbler Guillotine by Arrowdynamic Solutions, next is the Bullhead turkey broadhead by Magnus, and last but not least is the newest of the three; released for this year is the new Rage-Turkey expandable by Rage Broadheads.

The Guillotine and the Bullhead are both fixed bladed broadheads that provide for an impressive appearance with their 1 1/4- 2" fixed length cutting blades. These are designed so that you can take a shot and not have to be precise and still have a quick and humane kill. The tag line for the guillotine is "close is good enough". Both the Guillotine and the Bullhead come in 100gr and 125gr variations; however the blade length varies and will be shorter in the 100gr variations, hence i would suggest the 125gr variation as it gives you the greatest reach-literally. The down side to this broadhead design while effective, they have very poor aerodynamic properties and can effect arrow flight negatively, severely limiting their effective range. The guillotine requires 'sheaths' so as to not create lift and disrupt trajectory. Magnus claims their design negates the need for such sheaths and that their side mounted blades do not create lift.

The Rage on the other hand is an expandable broadhead. This design gives you target tip flight, minimal trajectory distortion with maximum effective range, all while still providing a 2 1/4 cut. This is achieved by Rage's proprietary SlipCam design that uses either 2 or 3 blades that fold into the ferrule or body and deploy to the rear on contact. This is a a design that has been proven for many years in their other hunting broadheads. This design however requires you to be more precise in you shot placement as you don't have the leeway that the guillotine and bullhead provide you. However that is a minor disadvantage when you ad up all of the other advantages of the Rage design over the fixed blade designs.

No matter which broadhead you choose, be rest assured that it is a quality product and will do what you need it to do. 


Good Luck and Happy Hunting from all of us here at Bass Pro Shops!


Spring Turkey Hunting Event

I had been pretty much been only thinking about the start of open water fishing until I watched a big longbeard walk across my front lawn and then out through my garden the other afternoon. Now I have also started thinking about turkey hunting which is not that far off. I also know that Bass Pro Shops’ Spring Turkey Hunting event is less than a month away. You won’t want to miss this event which takes place on April 14, 15, 21 and 22 from 10:00am to 4:00pm. 

The event will feature seminars and calling demonstrations by some of the best turkey hunting pros in the area. Scheduled to be on hand are Steve Peperis pro hunter from Primos Calls and Jake Bennett plus his staff from Shared Obsession TV. Brian Downs Foxpro pro hunter and noted TV and radio host will be on hand to share his turkey hunting knowledge. Chris Cobbett former host of Northwoods Adventures TV and current pro staffer of Open Seasons TV will also be on hand. Michael Leslie and some of his Mossy Oak staff are expected to be here for the event too. All of the latest turkey decoys, turkey calls, turkey chokes, turkey ammunition and camo clothing will also be on display. Be sure to mark these dates on your calendar as you won’t want to miss this must attend turkey hunting event.

To see a listing of the seminars/demos scheduled for the Spring Turkey Hunting event go to our store website. The seminars and times are subject to change so be sure to keep checking our website for any updates and changes.


Don Nelson

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Federal Premium - Made In America

HOOOOYAH!!! Way to go Federal Cartridge Company.  Your new “Made in America” shotgun ammunition speaks volumes.  The beautiful red, white & blue shells are not only patriotic; they are top gun target loads that you can count on time after time.  With the purchase of each box of this ammo, a portion of the proceeds go to the Wounded Warrior Project. 

As the mother of a future military man, it makes me proud to see a company step up and help support our injured military personnel.  When you purchase this ammo, not only are you getting a great product, you are helping our injured military personnel and their families.  To learn more about the program go to

Federal Ammo

Patricia Foraker

Hunting Sales

Denham Springs


Hunter's Safety Course

Attention New & Recurring Hunters!!

Have you forgotten what the requirements are to purchase a Florida Hunting License? Are you under the age of 16 and want to go out into the woods? Do you really know what it means to be safe in the woods? These are all questions that can be answered in the Florida Hunter’s Safety Course class.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) offers several opportunities for adults to take youths (under age 16) hunting. Many Wildlife Management Areas allow youths, under adult supervision, to hunt during archery, muzzle loading, general gun, small-game and spring turkey seasons without having quota permits. Youths also may hunt areas that require a quota permit if accompanied by a quota permit holder, who is 18 or older, provided the permit holder and youth share a single bag limit. The traditional hunter safety course covers the knowledge, skills and attitude needed to be a safe hunter. This is a 12-hour classroom setting, test and 3-hour range time.

Follow this link to register for a course near you.

Just click on the date you would like to attend and fill out the online registration form.


Topics of the online & traditional hunter safety course include:

o    Safe hunting practices

o    Firearms and ammunition parts, maintenance, and safety

o    The 10 rules of firearm safety

o    Basic shooting skills

o    Hunting techniques

o    Basics in archery, muzzleloading and trapping

o    Treestand safety

o    Survival and First Aid

o    Hunting Ethics

o    Florida-specific hunting regulations

o    And much more!


Note to Parents:

·         If your child is under 18 years of age, they must present to the instructor at all courses a Parental Release Form signed by the child's parent or guardian. This will allow your child to participate in the live fire exercises. Download the Parental Release Form (PDF)

·         Parents or legal guardians are required to accompany children under the age of 16 to all classes.

·         This course is designed for 12 year-olds and older.

·         Hunters born on or after June 1, 1975 and are 16 years old, must pass a hunter safety course before purchasing a license. The mentoring exemption allows certain hunters to purchase a one-time only hunting license without completing the course.


If you have any questions regarding this course, please visit: or Ask FWC or Search the Knowledge Base


Ready for Zombies?

Well here at the Hampton Bass Pro Shops, we are more than ready and we are ready to help you find all the essentials to defeat those zombies, from freeze dried food to ammo.  To start lets get our guns ready, get them cleaned and stock up on ammo.  We here at Bass Pro Shops would like to recommend the BRAND NEW Hornady Zombie Max Certified Zombie Centerfire Ammunition....                         

                    -.223 Remington- Lead Shot Type,  55 grain, sold in 20 rounds

                    -12 gauge- #00 Buckshot, 2-3/4", Lead, Sold in 10 rounds

                    -.380 Auto- 90 grain, lead, sold in 25 rounds

                     -.40 Smith & Wesson- 165 grain, lead, sold in 20 rounds

                     - .45 Automatic Colt Pistol- 185 grain, lead, sold in 20 rounds

                     - 9mm- 115 grain, lead, sold in 25 rounds

                     -7.62mmx39mm- Lead Shot, 123 grain, sold in 20 rounds

                     -.30-30 Winchester- Lead Shot, 160 grain, sold in 20 rounds

Now that we have our ammo picked out we have to grab the limited edition zombie ammo can, pack it out with our Zombie ammo, have the gun ready and that part is set. Now its time to get to the munchie part. Check out our large selection of freeze dried foods from Mountain House and Backpacker's Pantry. No matter what you are in the mood for whether it be Italian....spaghetti or lasagna, Chinese, or even have a sweet tooth try our ice cream, cheese cake, or hot apple cobbler. So when it comes time to get ready for the zombies come visit your local Bass Pro Shops and speak with one of our knowledgeable associates:)



THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE IS UPON US! Most likely not, but we have your attention right? Inspired by the latest in Hollywood television and movie magic, people are buying into zombie protection like never before (you know, just in case). For the sake of this article, let’s say there is an imminent “Zombie” threat, how would you prepare? You can start by swinging by your local Bass Pro Shops to get the latest in all of your Zombie Protection needs.

    First things first, the walking dead in-need of a re-kill will be slowing making their way toward your chosen hold out, requiring a short range, high impact round.  Zombie experts agree that the 12 ga. shotgun is the best choice for a primary weapon to hold off any zombie revolt. Our weapon of choice for an impending uprising is the Winchester Defender SXP (399.99). With a compact feel and an 18 inch barrel, this 12 ga. pump shotgun is easy to pack or carry and delivers a nice wide pattern for maximum zombie stopping power. Now that you have your weapon of choice, it’s time to choose the ammunition to protect your family from the walking dead.

Hornady Zombia Max    Since we are dealing with an uprising of something that has already been declared dead once, we cannot use just any ammunition. Luckily for us Hornady has designed a CZA (Certified Zombie Ammunition) round just for the flesh eating undead. Hornady’s Zombie Max (11.99-24.99) is available in almost all calibers and provides a quality round that you can trust to take care of the legions of shuffling zombies. The Zombie Max shotgun round provides a lightweight, high velocity, and high performance round especially designed for a re-kill. Loaded with a “hard-hitting” 00 buck shot, this round is our go-to ammunition, you know, just in case.

Blood Drive    Zombies are not going to be the easiest of targets. There will be hoards of moaning creatures trying to distract you with their flailing arms and shuffling footsteps, if you are only going to be able to get off one shot, you better make it count. Birchwood Casey has designed the Darkotic Blood Drive Zombie Splattering Gun Target(12.99) to help everyone sharpen their zombie slaying skills. A starch reminder that the zombie uprising will affect animals as well, these 12”x18” splattering targets will help you hone in your ability to disrupt a zombie apocalypse. Practice makes perfect!

Uncle Buck's Beef Jerky    While there are many products available to assist the living against any zombie uprising, these three products will help you start your Zombie Apocalypse preparation. You can visit your local Bass Pro Shops to find all of your Zombie Apocalypse needs, like Uncle Bucks Beef Jerky (you will get hungry)  you know, just in case. Last but not least, if in fact a Zombie Apocalypse does come to fruition, AIM FOR THE HEAD!


Preparing For the Zombie Apocalypse

The return of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” reminded me that the zombie apocalypse is fast approaching and it’s about time for everyone to get on the ball to ensure that they are one of the survivors.  I for one expect to be prepared for when walkers roam the land in search of people food…..  Get it?  “PEOPLE FOOD!”


Zombie Max AmmunitionAnyway…  Step number one is picking a good ammunition with which to protect yourself and your family when the undead discover it’s feeding time anyplace they can find living vittles.  Hornady has taken its Critical Defense personal protection round and jazzed it up for the use against the nasties.  Hornady® Zombie Max™ Certified Zombie Handgun Ammunition is sure to dispatch any unwanted visitors to your living quarters.  Don’t leave home without these rounds loaded into your favorite sidearm.

  • Lightweight, high velocity, high performance handgun rounds specially designed for zombies
  • Loaded with super-accurate, polymer-tipped Z-Max™ bullets
  • Dramatic accuracy, ultra-flat trajectories, and devastating expansion - even in low velocity situations
  • Certified Zombie Ammunition





Zombie Pig

Next…  We need some ultra-realistic targets to practice on so we don’t panic while drawing down on the creature trying to take a chunk out of our leg.  The Birchwood Casey® Darkotic™ Blood Drive Zombie Splattering Gun Targets will provide some convincingly scary creatures meant to get your heart rate up as you send some lead down range.  White halos around your hits will identify points of impact and give you some satisfaction of a job well done. 

  • Novelty splattering gun targets add a bit of fun to shooting practice
  • White halo forms around each bullet hole - plainly see each hit in between shots
  • Full color 12'' x 18'' zombie image adds fun to practic







Bear Grylls Parang

Lastly…  Be prepared for the possibility that your aim wasn’t adequate for keeping the feasting hordes at a safe distance by carrying one of the Gerber® Bear Grylls Parang. It will quickly dispatch anything unlucky enough to try and invade your personal space for a quick bite.

  • Designed by Gerber® and survival expert Bear Grylls
  • Tough 14'' high carbon steel blade—easy to sharpen and corrosion resistant
  • Robust, angled blade design—durable shape, ideal for clearing underbrush
  • Full tang construction for strength
  • Textured, ergonomic rubber grip for trustworthy hold
  • Military-grade, mildew resistant nylon sheath with pocket for included survival guide




Be prepared and stay safe out there.

Brian “Beastman” Eastman

White River Fly Shop

Outdoor World Orlando


Heath's Top 4 Picks Saga: Part 2 - Bolt Action Rifles

The bolt action rifle is the standard iconic symbol of marksmanship for shooters all over the world. From military sniper to mountain roaming hunters the bolt action rifle is probably responsible for more game than any other firearm yet to date. Early in the year you might want to start the search for that perfect piece of precision or build from the ground up. No matter what you decide to do one thing is for certain when in search of the perfect long distance bolt gun, accuracy! That is why I would like to present my top 4 picks of my favorite bolt action rifles.

While not necessarily a modern gun by any means, coming in 4th the German Mauser Karabiner 98 Kurz or kar98k for short remains still one of most accurate rifle in history. This controlled feed rifle was widely used by all branches of the armed forces of Germany during World War II. It saw action in every theatre of war involving German forces, including occupied Europe, North Africa, the Soviet Union, Finland, and Norway. Although comparable to the weapons fielded by Germany's enemies at the beginning of the War, its disadvantages in rate of fire became more apparent as American and Soviet armies began to field more semi-automatic weapons among their troops. Still, it continued to be the main infantry rifle of the Wehrmacht until the end of the War. Resistance forces in German-occupied Europe made frequent use of captured German Karabiner 98k rifles. The Soviet Union also made extensive use of captured Karabiner 98k rifles and other German infantry weapons due to the Red Army experiencing a critical shortage of small arms during the early years of World War II. Many German soldiers used the verbal expression "Kars" as the slang name for the rifle. These Rifles are still widely available today and are range favorites for vintage rifle enthusiasts.


Next in our number 3 spot we have the Browning A-bolt rifle. The A-Bolt is a gorgeous piece of history that is extremely accurate, especially when fitted with Browning’s patented BOSS system which allows you to adjust your A-Bolt to shoot a wide variety of ammunition and still gain very tight grouping at long distances which traditionally could only be achieved by reloading and tailoring a custom load to your barrel. The A-Bolt rifle uses a non-rotating bolt sleeve. When the bolt is unlocked, smoothness is achieved with three guide ribs aligned with three locking lugs, enabling precise movement. These three locking lugs also largely increase bolt strength. The bolt's smoothness is also increased with a unique cartridge depressor, the cartridge depressor stays in place independent of the bolt's position. Near the end of the reloading cycle, when the bolt is re-inserted, the bolt moves gently over the cartridges in the magazine. The barrel is free-floating and the recoil lug is glass bedded. This is a highly desired feature in any rifle and improves accuracy. The A-Bolt has a recessed crown at the muzzle which preserves the life of your barrel and prolongs your rifle's accuracy. The A-Bolt rifle uses a detachable box magazine.

browning abolt

While little is known about the company or even the rifle for that matter, in our number 2 spot, you may have heard about an infamous world record that it holds. The "shot heard around the world", or second shot heard around the world, took place on a November morning in Afghanistan in 2009 by British Army sniper Corporal of Horse, Craig Harrison, a member of the Household Cavalry, is responsible for setting the longest confirmed sniper kill in history. Harrison struck 2 Taliban machine gunners at a range of 2,707 yards, using an Accuracy International L115A3 .338 Lapua rifle. Accuracy International is a specialist British firearms manufacturer and best known for producing the Accuracy International Warfare Series of precision sniper rifles. All rifles are hand-built and are usually paired with a Schmidt & Bender optic.

Winning my number 1 pick is the state of the art M2000 .408 CheyTac Intervention Rifle. The CheyTac is a complete weapons system. What that means is the CheyTac is paired with an ABC, Advanced Ballistics Computer, that is made specifically for the rifle. This system instantly calculates ballistics and adjustments in a unit, similar to an iPhone. CheyTac papers state that the entire system is capable of delivering sub-MOA accuracy at ranges of up to 2,500 yards, one of the longest ranges of all modern day sniper rifles. This makes CheyTac the most advanced bolt action rifle on the planet, which is why it gets my number 1 pick!

Be sure to check back when I count down my top 4 shotguns!

-Heath Ezell
Hunting Lead



Shop Bass Pro Shop Rancho Cucamonga for all your waterfowl accessories.
Team up with Bass Pro Shops Rancho Cucamonga (Team Waterfowler) on the 1,2,3, steps of waterfowl hunting.

           TEAM WATERFOWL: Russell Freehling, Sandoe Debreceni, Justin Wold, Freddie Washington

(Left to Right: Russell Freehling, Sandor Debreceni, Justin Wold and Freddie Washington)

Bass Pro Shops has a large selection of waterfowl decoys and calls.

Decoys & Calls:      

  • Greenwing & Bluewing Teal
  • Ringneck
  • Mallard
  • Gadwall
  • Wigeon
  • Pintail
  • Also Geese decoys


In the early morning hours, under a shower of falling stars, team member Sandor and Russell  spread decoys for the morning hunt.   

SPREADING OF DECOYS: Sandor and Russell

WADER: Chest, Hips, Pants


You'll also need a good pair of Waders to retrieve downed birds and set decoys.

RETRIEVING DOWN BIRD: Russell Freehling          RETRIEVING DOWNED BIRD: Sandor Debreceni

( Russell Freehling and Sandor Debreceni retrieve downed birds)

BLINDS: Layout, Netting

Layout Blind       CAMO NETTING BLIND  

     Team Waterfowl Blind

Sandor and Russell build a blind from sounding brush and camo netting.  



Many more brands to choose.

The above combination will help in the success of your hunt, and creating memories of a lifetime.
Russell Freehling  Justin Wold
Russell Freehling with snow goose, while Justin Wold take aim on incoming birds.

Sandor Debreceni
Oh! what a day. Sandor Debreceni with the days harvest.

At Bass Pro Shops it is our goal to provide you with all of your hunting and outdoor needs, and associates in each department are knowledgeable and eager to assist. 

Remember at Bass Pro Shop Rancho Cucamonga we're "Sitting on Top of The World" to provide all your outdoor needs, and "We all live down stream".

Freddie Washington
Hunting Associate / Hunter Education Instructor
Bass Pro Shops Rancho Cucamonga, California