Must Have Footwear For Your Hunting Adventures

With summer on its way out that can only mean one thing…. Yep, you guessed it hunting season is just around the corner! With Archery and Rifle season coming up so fast it is safe to say that it is time to get geared up, and what better way to do that than with a new pair of hunting boots. Here at Bass Pro Shops of Independence we have many choices to cater to all of our Hunters and Huntresses.  We carry many different brand options all the way from Danner to RedHead to suit anyone’s needs. One example is the Danner Pronghorn. We carry this boot in a non-insulated, 400 gr, and 800gr. Danner is well known for quality as well as comfort and is sure to make your hunting season warm, comfortable, and dry.












We also carry our RedHead line of hunting boots we have many styles that range in height and insulation, I could talk about them all day but for now I’ll just have to choose two great options that any hunter would love. The first is our Redhead 7” RCT, this boot is non-insulated and GORE-TEX making it both Waterproof and breathable, what a perfect match! Some other features include a non-slip outsole, reinforced toe, and a lug outsole.


The next RedHead boot I would like to tell you about is the Bighorn. The RedHead Bighorn has Bone-Dry waterproof technology along with 800 grams of Thinsulate providing you with a warm dry boot that is sure to keep you comfortable into the colder months of the season. This boot is made out of tough abrasion resistant cordura so, those pesky twigs and corn stalks that try to snag you won’t stand a chance!


And now for all our Huntresses out there let’s talk about our Line of SHE boots exclusively made for woman, we have several styles here at your local BassPro Shops but for now I’ll just tell you about two. The first is my personal favorite, the SHE Cami 9” insulated hunting/hiker. As the name states this boot is a cross between a Hunter and a hiker making it perfect for your tracking needs as well. This boot features a 100% waterproof/moisture wicking membrane and 600 gram thinsulate that is sure to keep your feet warm, dry, and comfortable so you can keep your mind on bagging that Prize winning Buck or Doe.



We also carry the SHE Expedition. This boot sports 1000 grams of thinsulate to comfortably carry you through the later months of the season. It is also 100% Bone-Dry waterproof with an aggressive non-slip outsole.


And last but not least, I have to mention our lifetime socks. They will pair perfectly with any of our hunting boots. They come in men’s and woman’s and feature 100% itch free wool that is sure to keep you warm and comfortable all the way through the season as well as for everyday use and did I mention they have a LIFETIME warranty? It doesn’t get much better than that.

As you can see, we have many choices to suit any hunter or huntresses needs. Come visit your Independence Bass Pro Shops to see our full selection as well as the before mentioned styles. Happy Hunting everyone and as the famous Ted Nugent says, “Whack em’ Stack em’, and Pack em’!”

-Chelsea McDaniel Team Lead Footwear


Red Head Blackout SS bow


            This time of year, very little is going on in the hunting community. It’s either too hot to get out in all that gear, or people are out enjoying themselves fishing, and partying on the lake. However, this time of year is also when a variety of new products come out for the upcoming hunting season. Hunters start getting that pre-season itch, and along with air conditioning, it’s a great excuse to find your way to your local Bass Pro Shops and check out what new toys are going to be available.

            This year, one of our new toys is the Red Head Blackout SS bow, made by Diamond/Bowtech. Now I know what you’re thinking. “Didn’t they already come out with one of those?” And you’re right. Back at the tail end of 2010/beginning to 2011, Diamond Archery came out with the original Red Head Black Out bow, and it did fairly well. With a 7 inch brace height, 26.5-30.5 draw length range, as well as 50-60 and 60-70 limb availability, it easily matched up with some of the bows in its market. It has the ability to shoot 333 fps, which is up there in the bow speeds and darn right impressive for a single cam bow. Not to mention the remarkable let off that has you feeling (in my opinion) little to no weight past that back wall. It’s light weight (a whopping 3.8 pounds!), 32 inch brace axle-to-axle and even comes in a fancy Real Tree camo pattern.

            Any experienced bow shooter knows these specs are about average in bows nowadays. From Mathews to Hoyt pro line, they’ve come out with bows some may argue are bigger and better. However, if you look back, that was AFTER Diamond archery produced the Black Out. Hoyt produced the Spyder 30 in 2011 with a 30 inch axle-to-axle, 330 fps, and a 6 ¾ brace height. But, the Spyder 30 is also a dual cam bow. Dual cams have the ability to store more energy upon a complete revolution by both top and bottom cams while pulling the same amount of weight, while single cams only have the one on bottom to do the same. Single cams also have a reputation for being smoother and quieter, while Dual cams are bit more noisy with the string slap. A good example of this is the Mathews Chill, and the Mathews Creed, both of which were released in 2013.

I shoot the Creed, while my younger brother shoots the Chill, and we wouldn’t have it any other way, or rather, that’s what we thought. The Creed is a 30 inch ATA, 318 fps with a 400 grain arrow (68lbs), 7 inch brace height, and 3.8 pounds bare bow. It’s not the fastest, but it’s smooth, and quiet. The Chill is 31 inches ATA, 324 fps with a 400 grain arrow (70lbs), 3.8 lbs bare bow, and a 6 ¾ brace height. Both are impressive, and have their perks. And again, these were produced 2 years AFTER the Red Head Black Out.

            When I shot the Black Out, I had my reservations, but they were quickly put to bed after a few arrows flung down range. As I mention before, the let off is virtually unfelt at 70 lbs, and the output was 325 fps with a 400 grain arrow. Not much faster than the Chill, but it’s a SINGLE cam, versus the DUAL cam Chill. If that doesn’t give you goose bumps, I don’t know what does. Now the new Black Out SS is essentially the same bow spec wise, but it’s got a few tweaks here and there. With custom dampeners found only on the BowTech destroyer (but being made by Diamond/Bowtech, it makes it an exclusive accessory) and a milled riser that brings it down to a light 3.5 pounds, it manages to bring notable results to the range. From 20 yards and at 70 lbs, when I shot a group of 4 arrows, all of them managed an average of 14 inch penetration with a 400 grain arrow and a field tip. Still a single cam, other than a quick, solid thunk it is screaming fast, powerful, and quiet. The back wall is a bit stiff, but I also shot it right out of the box. After about 20 or so arrows, it loosened up and the back wall wasn’t even noticeable.

            To top off all of these remarkable statistics that follow this bow, it also comes in a stealthy looking black, and an “extra green” real tree pattern. Like I mentioned before, my brother and I shoot the Mathews bows, but after both of us shot the new Black Out SS, we are reconsidering our preferences and starting a pre-season piggy bank, with the Black Out SS being the first thing for both of us on our list to buy.

            Oh! And if you’re still having second thoughts, compared to a Mathews or Hoyt bow that typically runs for around $1000 MSRP bare bow, the Black Out SS comes Ready to Hunt package for only $599. How ‘bout them apples?


This Weekend @ Bass Pro Shops Altoona - Camp and Kayaks!

There are only three weekends and two weeks of Family Summer Camp activities left at Bass Pro Shops Altoona! Our Family Summer Camp is a perfect way to spend a hot, weekend afternoon with the kids - outdoor activities, plus our inside workshops.

Even better, it's a GREAT way to beat the heat on a weekday afternoon - kids can have fun and learn at the same time!

Schedule - June 28, 29, July 1 & 3

Free outdoor activities from noon until 5 p.m. including the Daisy BB gun range, casting, and archery.

Free crafts - Noon - 2 p.m. - Crafts change each week! This week's craft is a personal camp journal!

Homemade ice cream sampling - 5-6 p.m. on Saturday evening only

Last, but not least, our popular workshops - Each child receives a lanyard at their first workshop and a pin for each workshop they attend throughout the summer. Collect all nine pins! [Catch and Release Pond]

Workshops Schedule

Saturday, June 28
12 p.m. - Fishing
1 p.m.- Water Safety
2 p.m. - Shooting and Hunting
3 p.m. - Kayaking
4 p.m. - Birdwatching

Sunday, June 29
12 p.m. - Shooting and Hunting
1 p.m. - Archery
2 p.m. - Travel Safety
3 p.m. - Camping and Conservation
4 p.m. - Backyard Adventure

Tuesday, July 1
12 p.m. - Birdwatching
1 p.m. - Fishing
2 p.m. - Archery
3 p.m. - Kayaking
4 p.m. - Backyard Adventure

Thursday, July 3
12 p.m. - Archery
1 p.m. - Shooting and Hunting
2 p.m. - Travel safety
3 p.m. - Water Safety
4 p.m. - Camping and Conservation

Also going on this weekend:

Kayak Pool at Bass Pro Shops AltoonaKayak Pool!

Saturday and Sunday, June 28-29, Noon-5 p.m. - Our kayak pool was delayed earlier this it really is back! Come try out one of our kayaks in this safe, non-threatening environment. We have the kayaks and all the gear - you bring the desire to learn about kayaking!

Saturday, June 28 - Legal Heat Concealed Carry Class - 9:30-1:30 (Uncle Buck's Private Dining Room) - Register ahead of time at


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This Weekend @ Bass Pro Shops Altoona

Family Summer Camp 2014 @ Bass Pro Shops Altoona

This weekend our very popular Family Summer Camp is back! Kids' workshops and activities every Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday from June 7 to July 13! All activities begin at noon - we will have the casting buckets, archery range and Daisy BB Shooting Range, plus the additional fun events listed below!

Our first two weekends feature two special events:

Saturday and Sunday, June 7 & 8 ONLY

  • Catch and Release Pond

Noon-5 p.m. - Kids can experience FREE fishing at our big indoor catch and release pond! We supply the gear, you bring in the kids! Big thanks to the Northern Polk Pheasants Forever for assisting us June 7 with the pond!

  • Free Photo Download

Noon - 5 p.m. - Free photo download for kids - like they're on the cover of Outdoor Kids magazine!


Free workshops for kids are held every Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday through July 13! This weekend's workshop schedule is:

12 p.m. - Fishing
1 p.m.- Water Safety
2 p.m. - Shooting and Hunting
3 p.m. - Kayaking
4 p.m. - Birdwatching - See more at:

12 p.m. - Fishing
1 p.m.- Water Safety
2 p.m. - Shooting and Hunting
3 p.m. - Kayaking
4 p.m. - Birdwatching

12 p.m. - Shooting and Hunting
1 p.m. - Archery
2 p.m. - Travel Safety
3 p.m. - Camping and Conservation
4 p.m. - Backyard Adventure

For Tuesday and Thursday's schedules, visit our Facebook page.

CraftsFamily Summer Camp 2014 Craft Week one

A different craft each week! The craft for June 7 & 8, 10 &12 craft is:
Color a Wooden Ring Toss (while supplies last)


Don't forget - Every Saturday evening from 5-6 p.m. (or while supplies last) we'll be serving up samples of homemade ice cream!


Coming Up! 

June 14-15 - Family Summer

Camp features the KAYAK POOL!  Young and old can try kayaking in our 20x50 ft pool!

Kayak Pool @ Bass Pro Shops Altoona

Kayak Pool - Bass Pro Shops AltoonaKayak Pool @ Bass Pro Shops Altoona






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12 p.m. - Fishing
1 p.m.- Water Safety
2 p.m. - Shooting and Hunting
3 p.m. - Kayaking
4 p.m. - Birdwatching

12 p.m. - Shooting and Hunting
1 p.m. - Archery
2 p.m. - Travel Safety
3 p.m. - Camping and Conservation
4 p.m. - Backyard Adventure - See more at:
12 p.m. - Fishing
1 p.m.- Water Safety
2 p.m. - Shooting and Hunting
3 p.m. - Kayaking
4 p.m. - Birdwatching

12 p.m. - Shooting and Hunting
1 p.m. - Archery
2 p.m. - Travel Safety
3 p.m. - Camping and Conservation
4 p.m. - Backyard Adventure - See more at:
12 p.m. - Fishing
1 p.m.- Water Safety
2 p.m. - Shooting and Hunting
3 p.m. - Kayaking
4 p.m. - Birdwatching

12 p.m. - Shooting and Hunting
1 p.m. - Archery
2 p.m. - Travel Safety
3 p.m. - Camping and Conservation
4 p.m. - Backyard Adventure - See more at:

It's Almost Gobble Time!

With Deer Season over and Waterfowl season all but over and with old man winter's grasp keeping us from doing to many outdoor activities. Its time for all of us outdoorsmen and woman to start thinking towards springtime adventures. My favorite spring time tradition has to be chasing those big ole long beard turkeys. Now is a great time to staring digging out all of your turkey gear and see what you need to replace. If you are like me then your can bet that you lost a few call strikers or a few shells out of your turkey vest last spring. Seems I can never get through a season without miss placing something. Or maybe you have everything but you just need to upgrade those old decoys that the paint is coming off of or replace that old call that doesn't quite sound as good as it used to. Whatever it may be, I would rather find it now with time to shop instead of the night before and every place is sold out. Plus. shopping now with smaller crowds gives you the time to study all the new products that have come out for 2014. From guns to decoys, the list is long. A couple that I'm real exited about are: Zink's new look hen decoys ($79.99). Have brand new postures and paint for 2014. They by far the most realistic decoys out there with out it being a real bird. A must have for all you die hard hunters. If you are looking for a new turkey load  this year. You have to check out Winchesters new long beard XR.  ($23.99)

Its a lead load with there new Shot-Lok Technology is sure to have your favorite gun shooting Tighter patterns in no time. And another item to go with it is Redheads new Blackout turkey tubes.($39.99)

We have a tube to fit just about any gun you may have in your safe. It is sure to help your turkey gun get all of its BB'S on target your next time out. Redhead also has come out with 2 new calls: A Reality series walnut/glass slate style and Box call.


Your choice ($39.99).


They are special edition NWTF calls that sound as good as they look. With the Reality series turkey logo and the NWTF logo. You wont know if you want to hunt with it or just display it. Also, when your purchase one you will find a card inside for a free 1 year membership to the NWTF. A $35 value. What a deal. Great call and a membership to a great organization. A must have for any serious turkey hunter. 

The NWTF is also helping with an event here at your Independence Bass Pro Shops on  April 5th. The store with the help from the local Jacomo Strutters NWTF chapter with be holding its first ever Turkey calling competition - open to all ages. There will be 2 divisions: Youth Division will be 17 and under and a Open Division for adults. There will be trophies and prizes for the top 3 in each division. Mark your calendars. Its going to be a fun day for all. For info and registration, please check us out on Facebook or feel free to contact April in the promotions dept. here at the store - 

Also, here are a couple more dates to put on your calendars. On March 29th at the lake Lotawana Sportsman club, the Jacomo Strutters are having their 13th annual Jakes Event for kids 6 thru 17. It is an all day event that will have every youngster wanting more. They will get to do everything from Trap to archery and even get some calling pointers from someone who hunts for a living. They serve breakfast and lunch to all.  Also, if your are lucky enough, you may get chosen for a giveaway: A fully guided hunt this spring. There is also a fun night for mom and dad. On May 9th, they will hold there 16th annual Heritage Supper Banquet which includes a great catered dinner and live and silent auctions and tons of raffles. It will be a great night of fun and relaxation. It will also be at the Sportsman's club. We Hope to see you at all of the events. For info for the events, you can locate the NWTF Jacomo Strutters Chapter on there Facebook Page. Or stop by the store and pickup a flyer at are gun counter or see them here on the weekends. They will have a table near are hunting dept. Make sure you sign up early as seating will be Limited. As always, from Your local Bass Pro Shops, have a safe and fun hunting season!



1926 - Scouting Spreads Along the Florida Panhandle

In 1926, the Scouts in the Panama City and Marianna areas were organized into the Choctawhatchee Council with headquarters in Dothan, Alabama, which was already serving a number of other counties in southeast Alabama.  The annual report of the National Council for 1926 listed 39 Scout Troops with 766 Scouts in the Choctawhatchee Council.  An interesting note shown in the cost per Scout reported $9.24 each, which would have made the Council's budget for that year, $7,077.

Mr. W. L. Sprouse was named as the first Scout Executive of the Choctawhatchee Council with offices in Dothan.  Mr. Sprouse wrote with admiration of the early days in that area, telling of Camp Cheerful in the Bear Creek section of Bay County, which at that time was the BSA Camp directed for 15 counties in Alabama and Florida.  It was a "real wilderness camp".  Today's maps show no trace of Camp Cheerful, however Bear Creek runs northeast of Saint Andrews Bay towards the Youngstown, Florida area.

Mr. Sprouse also said, "we used to ramble over Walton, Holmes, Jackson, Bay, Calhoun, and Washington counties on the Scouting Trail.  The pioneer days passed all too soon.  Even now I can see and hear the old gang gathered around the campfire at Camp Cheerful on beautiful Bear Creek where we held our summer camps".

Beginning in 1961, the Spanish Trail Scout Reservation was founded just west of Defuniak Springs.  It offers full camping facilities at two main camps; Camp Euchee and Camp Jambo.  Featuring a 40 acre lake for swimming, canoeing, and fishing, there is also a large dining hall, shooting and archery ranges, and outdoor ampitheatre.

Part of the Choctawhatchee Council was incorporated into the present day Gulf Coast Council headquartered in Pensacola and currently serves over 15,000 youth in 11 counties.  The Council encompasses four Districts:  Pensacola Bay (Escambia and Santa Rosa counties in Florida), Long Leaf Pine (Conecuh, Escambia, and Monroe counties in southwest Alabama), Choctawhatchee (Okaloosa and Walton counties in Florida), and Lake Sands (Bay, Gulf, Holmes, and Washington counties in Florida).

Camping has certainly come a long way from primitive camping, surplus canvas tents, cooking over open campfires, and dim flashlights of the 1920's.  Today's camper has a wide variety of lightweight and watertight tents, warm sleeping bags, long lasting and very bright led lanterns and flashlights, and propane or liquid fueled stoves.  Let Bass Pro Shops outfit your Scout or Troop with the very best in camping gear.

Destin Bass Pro Shops continues to support Scouting and wishes them another 100 years of success on the Gulf Coast.

Gary Feduccia


The Traveling Bowhunter. Pack Smart and Light.

The other day a guy came into the archery department and showed me a very disturbing photograph.  He had been on a 10 day hunting trip to North Dakota and on his return flight the airline ran over his bow case with the bow in it.  The bow case was destroyed and his bow took a little damage.  Imagine if this would have been on the arriving flight and not the returning home flight?

We hear time and time again about misfortunes that hunter’s experience when traveling to hunt a new area or state.  These hunters sometimes have put in for tags for several years to get the chance for a “Once in a lifetime” hunt.  On their way to the hunting adventure, the airline looses their baggage or bow.  Sometimes the gear shows up destroyed and unusable.  What do you do now?

Plan ahead!  Plan for the worst.

Many of us have driven to hunting locations and load our pickup to the gills with everything we “Might” need.  This unfortunately doesn’t work well when dealing with the airlines or even more so, a fly in trip to Alaska or Canada where you are limited to maybe 50 or so pounds of gear plus yourself and what you are wearing.

Pack Smart!  Determine what you “Need” not what you “Want” on the trip.

Use a scale to weigh what you think you need.  Find out from the airline and the bush pilot what your max weights can be and how many bags you are allowed.  Pack and weigh.


Layering is by far the best way to achieve all of your goals here.  Comfort, and weight reducing.  Today there are many choices of high performance gear.  Start with moisture wicking under clothes.  The are very light, compact and effective in keeping you dry.

Next layer should be a Cold Gear type of clothing.  Clothing that allows moisture to pass from you out away from your body and yet retains heat during those chilly sits.

A wind proof jacket with plenty of pockets.

Full set of high performance pants and jacket, rain gear.  Many of these will fold and stow within their own pockets.  These pieces of gear are light, compact and very effective in keeping out the rain.  Tip… Cut a ¼ sheet of chamois and place in your rain jacket pocket.  This can be used to wipe off your lenses on your binoculars and rangefinders.

Socks are often a shortcut that many hunters take or don’t think much about.  Even if the rest of your body is dry and comfortable, if your feet are damp, you will be miserable.  Purchase yourself moisture wicking liners and wool socks.  Just like you layer your body to stay comfortable, layer your feet too.  They need to breathe and release moisture to be comfortable.  In the event your feet do get wet the wool will keep your feet warm so the rest of you warm too.  Wool also dries very quickly so will be ready the following day or twos days at the most.

Boots should be very comfortable and broke in before the trip.  If you hiking many miles a day, consider a lower gram weight of insulation like Thinsulate.  This will keep your feet from overheating.  I prefer a nice arch support or cork bed to keep my feet comfortable.  Boots with replaceable liners are a good choice as you can dry out one set one day and wear the other the same day.

Gloves and hats now come lightweight and with very effective wicking and warm materials.  Your head is the primary heat loss part of your body.  Keep it warm and dry and most likely the rest of your will be warm too.


Purchase a SKB bow case.  They are extremely tough and take much abuse.  These cases may cost a little more but they also come with a $1500 gear insurance policy, and worth the few extra dollars in the long run.

Pack a dozen arrows with broadheads removed and store in an arrow tube.  Broadheads will pack easier removed from arrows and are less susceptible of damaging your bowstrings or gear in transport.  An extra bowstring and cables are very light and might come in handy if you or your buddy dry fires your bow or you accidentally damage the strings.  With so many different bows on the market now and each having different sizes of strings and cables, you most likely won’t find the proper set at a bow shop in any part of the country.  Carry an extra set of “shot in” strings and you will be good.

With my bow I will mark my cams with a permanent marker so that I can make sure my cams are in time at all times and if I have to change strings and or cables I can get it back in time quickly not wasting valuable hunting time.  I also measure key parts of my bow such as Nock Height, Peep Height, Brace Height, Tiller, Draw Weight and Rest locations.  I write them on a tape on my limbs so not to loose or forget them.

Binoculars, rangefinders, GPS units, SPOT units and cameras should be packed in your carry on.  You will ensure they will make it there and safely.  GPS units are a place you can save a little weight.  Garmin produces units that have GPS and cameras built in one unit.  The Rhino unit even has radio capabilities, check local laws though to see if a radio is allowed when hunting.

Now to pack it all up:

Your carry-on you should use your backpack.  Place all of your heavy items like cameras, binoculars, GPS units and rangefinders.  Pack your rain gear, gloves and caps in the pack as well.

In your bow case pack your bow, arrows and extra set of strings and cables, broadheads, a change of clothes including some socks and a change of camo.  If your other luggage becomes lost at least you still have some clothes to wear for the first few days of the hunt until your bags arrive and it helps protect your gear in the bow case.  Print on- a piece of paper, your name, destination, flight number and your contact number, as well as the hunting location’s address.   Print one of these for both the outbound and return flight and lay it on top of everything before you close your bag. This makes it really easy for airlines to know where the bag needs to go should they get misplaced.

Once you have everything packed up label your bags.  Put hard labels on the outside of your bags identifying who you are and where you live.  Before you leave on your trip print out on full sheets of paper your name, flight numbers, contact numbers and final destination.  This is true for your trip home too.  Just before you leave place the sheets that have your destination info in the bag so that if it gets lost the airline can open it and see where it needs to go.  Then do the same thing on your flight home.

The best practice is to plan for the worse.  Once you find a system that works for you record it down so that the next trip will be easier to pack.

Good luck and Shoot Straight.


Friday Featured Fan Spotlight

Bass Pro Shops Altoona Facebook fans are among the most LOYAL fans in the world. They come in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life. Between pursuing a college degree and part-time employment, time can fly. Enjoying outdoor activities become even more appreciated. Uriah Hanson, a management student at Drake University and labor relations specialist at MidAmerican Energy, is a fan who appreciates all his moments spent outdoors.


How Long have You Enjoyed the Great Outdoors? Forever!

Uriah and dogs

Uriah, like many sportsmen and women, got started at a young age...and like many others, he learned from a family member. It was that experience that gave him the bug for the birds.

"I first remember going fishing with my dad and family when I was four or five years old. It wasn’t until I turned 11, and we started pheasant hunting together, that I really got hooked on the sport. It was my first hunting experience and the game that kick-started my love for the outdoors. There is nothing more exciting than the flush of a rooster right under your toes and seeing good dogs in the field. Training my own dogs and being able to see them work and learn right before my eyes, as we’re hunting, is another reason I love hunting upland birds. Being able to see all my hard work and effort pay off for the dogs and for me is one of the best feelings there is."

Uriah is very involved with the North Polk Pheasants Forever Chapter, which has seen tremendous growth. As a public lands hunter, he Uriah Hansonrelishes being involved with an organization that can do so much good to extend the life of those hunting grounds.

"I really enjoy being a part of the chapter, not only for the great board members that I work with and have become friends with, but also to see all the good that the chapter is able to do. Just in the past year we have spent over $15,000 on local habitat restoration at public hunting areas such as Paul Errington Marsh and Big Creek State Park. I hunt and spend my time almost completely on public grounds, so it's a pleasure to be a part of an organization putting so much time, effort, and money into making those grounds the best they can possibly be. The other aspect I love is being a part of our youth involvement, youth events, and contributions to youth shooting initiatives. Whether it's donating money or supplies to the Ankeny trap team, or sponsoring a mentored youth hunt/education day that we do annually, seeing those kids light up, when they shoot their first clay pigeon or pheasant, is a feeling that you can’t help but be proud of."

What's Your Favorite Outdoor Activity? Hunting

"I try to get outside and do something as often as possible between work and school!  One of my favorite things to do is get outside with Uriah and friends at Drake University stadium!my girlfriend and our dogs. We enjoy taking them for walks and runs on many of the public areas throughout the metro in the evenings. I also enjoy being able to get the dogs out in the fields in the fall and actually hunt with's great being able to watch them grow and learn right before your eyes.

"I am an avid hunter and go after numerous species but my main targets are pheasants, ducks/geese, deer (both gun and archery), and turkeys. Normally, if there is a hunting season going on, I am going to be out after something!  In the off season I fish occasionally, but not a ton. Instead, I normally spend my time outdoors during the summer at the lake or working with the dogs."

Go-To Gear? Knife

"I always have a good knife handy...when I don’t I usually wish that I did. There are tons of times where you’re in the middle of a hunt or climbing into your stand and realize there is a loose cord or string that needs cut, and that’s when you hope that the knife is still in the pack where you last saw it. On top of that, when it comes time to clean the animals after the hunt, it tends to be hard to do without the knife.

Words of Wisdom?  It's not the kill of the hunt, it's the experience.

"Take advantage of every opportunity you have to get outdoors. Whether it’s a walk on a trail or hunting elk out west, it’s not about the kill or achieving something that matters in the end. It’s just the ability to get out, take in the fresh air, and enjoy the surroundings. 

"I think all too often we get so busy in everyday life that we forget to take a step back and enjoy the simple things like a timber in the fall, or a fresh snowfall in the middle of January.  The simple things are sometimes the things that can make life the happiest.

"In September, I had the opportunity to go on a DIY elk hunt in Colorado with a good friend. We spent a week in the mountains, sleeping in a tent and eating granola bars and soup, only to come out a week later with no elk. The trip was still a success. For me to have the ability to see parts of the country and wilderness like that were priceless. It’s trips like that where you really get to see the beauty of the outdoors and understand that hunting isn’t about the killing or harvesting, but rather spending time with good friends and family and seeing nature at its purest form."


the North Polk Pheasants Forever hosts its 25th Annual Banquet in February 2014! 

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Gearing Up For Archery Season

Deer Target

Deer season is getting close and that means everyone is getting their bows out to start practicing. Most hunters take this opportunity to get the bow out of the closet, knock the rust off it and start slinging arrows. No one wants to get out in the woods unprepared. This warm up time will make sure that your bow is still shooting like it was last year.

But before you shoot you should always check your bow out to make sure it still looks safe to shoot. Check the limbs to be sure they are not cracking, check the string to make sure it is not fraying, check your release D-loop to be sure it is not fraying and check all of your accessories. Also be sure to look over each of your arrows very carefully. Every component of your bow can be very dangerous if it is not in perfect shape.

If you want to have your bow worked on you can bring it by our Archery department and one of our associates will help you out. They will look over the bow, fix anything that is wrong and give you some tips and pointers. Everyone in the archery department is highly qualified and very knowledgeable.



Red Head Blackout Bow Package

 Everything that I have talked about so far is irrelevant if you do not have a bow. Pictured here on the left is our Redhead Blackout bow package. It is the top of the line bow of our RedHead series and it is a serious shooter and for a price of $599.99 you get all the performance of a $800+ bow.

Here are the specs on the RedHead Blackout bow package:

  • Throttle Cam Tech
  • Rotating draw length modules
  • Adjust draw length between 26.5'' and 30.5''
  • Limb-mounted bearing assembly
  • Highest-tolerance fully machined riser
  • IBO Speed: 333+ fps
  • 80% let-off Single Cam
  • 3-pin sight
  • Hostage™ arrow rest
  • One-piece 5-arrow quiver
  • 5" stabilizer
  • Installed string suppressor
  • Installed peep sight and sling

 This package bow would be a great contribution to the rest of your hunting gear. Come by the Archery department here at Bass Pro and Audie, Ben, Kraig, David or Rick will get you fixed up with a bow and let you test fire all the bows that you like.

Bow season starts October 15th so be sure to start getting ready!


Happy shooting,



Bow Season is Upon Us

September 28th is opening weekend for bow season this year and it is approaching quickly. This time of the year the archery department is busy seven days a week as people are tuning up bows, honing in their skills and getting prepared for the season. As you hunters look over your gear and evaluate possible upgrades or some adjustments, know that Bass Pro Shops in Garland has well trained bow techs and avid bow hunters working at the counter. We are confident in working on or with any bow you may bring into our shop.  So if you notice that your old arrow rest may look worn or a bit outdated please bring it up to us. Our techs will suggest a rest that is affordable and compatible for your setup. Or perhaps your sight just is not as bright as you may want, we have plenty of sights that are affordable and maintenance free. The convenient features found in these two products allow hunters to make last minute adjustments without having to spend a lot of time setting everything back up. A quick swap of a sight or rest can make the difference in bagging your 2013 trophy.

One rest I would like to mention is the Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit. This whisker biscuit is offered in several sizes and either black or camo. At a $39.99 price point, this arrow rest is affordable and features easy adjustability that puts you the shooter back on target in no time. (Prices will range $39.99-$69.99 depending on features and color)

Arrow Rest

 A fiber optic sight I would suggest looking at would be the Trophy Ridge Outlaw 4 pin sight. This sight is light weight and has four .019” fiber optic pins. Other special features include a sight light and it is ambidextrous so it will mount to either a right or left handed bow. This is a tough sight to beat at the price of $49.99 and it makes for an excellent last minute upgrade to improve your odds this season. Come in and see us here at Bass Pro Shops in Garland and let us help make this year’s bow season one of your best. 

Outlaw Bow Sight


On Point with RedHead Arrow Tips

So one of the first blogs I ever did was about getting into archery. In it I discussed the basics that you would need to start this life-long passion that more and more people are showing interest in. (I also showed how to get these basics for under $650, before tax.)

 Since then I have realized I should have included a few other items to snag at the initial purchase, such as a case. Just like a firearm, you want to protect your gear. But the blog was about just simply getting into it for fun. What usually happens though is that the simple fun factor is replaced by a passion for more.

I have heard more times that I can count how hunters who switch to archery rarely go back to firearms. Here in Arizona, we work off a lottery system for our big game hunts. Some people never get drawn and others seem to get to go every year! Archery provides Arizona hunters with the ability to harvest an animal each year with over-the-counter tags. So if one is not too lucky at drawing a number maybe it’s time to switch to drawing back a bow!

If you picked up the basics I listed out you are almost all ready to go for gear. Of course you are going to need proper clothing, scent control and the knowledge of hunting regulations and such but there is one obvious addition that you are going to need to make. You need some tips.

Tips in two ways actually! (Learning from others is an essential practice for having successful hunts but I’m talking about arrow tips.) So I strolled over to the Archery Department and looked for some tips on tips. They pointed me straight to the RedHead selection.

Now when it comes to tips for hunting there are the typical two that people go to. There are broadheads and mechanicals. Both styles come in multiple forms but the gist is that broadheads are fixed blades and mechanicals use folding/working blades. Now just like everything else in archery, this is all personal choice.

Some insist that broadheads are the way to go since you know those blades are good to go whereas the mechanicals need to deploy for full effectiveness. You hear that and then three yards to your left someone lets you know that failures with mechanicals deploying has pretty much been eliminated.

So I decided to do a little more research before spending some dough. I popped online to check out the tips. We have two broadheads: Blackout Fixed Blade and Blackout FXD Cut-On-Contact. We also have two mechanicals: Blackout Expandable and Blackout Gator Expandable. Fun Fact #248: All four of these had an average of at least 4 out of 5 stars.

Now I was told that mechanicals fly closer to what your bow does when using practice tips, so you have a better idea where your arrow is going to end up. So I was kind of leaning towards mechanical. Then when I saw the word Gator I knew I was in.

(Favorite football game was when the Florida Gators smoked the Ohio State Buckeyes for the BCS Championship and I love Swamp People. May have played Swamp People in a hotel room once and pretended a body pillow was an alligator.)

When I checked out the reviews on the Gator Expandable tips I saw that there was over 110! A number of reviews even included pictures of how well they functioned! (You can see them for yourself online; I don’t want to upset anyone with graphic images.)

I’m hoping to see just how well these will work on a nice 4X4 mule deer I have spotted a few times this year. I’ll keep ya posted.

So no matter what flavor of tip you like it looks like you won’t be disappointed with any of the choices RedHead has for you. Just remember to practice, practice and practice. Armadillo Archers! Giddy-Up!


Preparing For Hunting Season

With hunting season right around the corner and the days getting a little shorter, now would be a good time to switch gears in your life and think fall.  While the calendar says it’s still summer, it won’t be long before its archery season.  Once archery opens its full tilt for the rest of the season.   Time, even more than normal, will be at a premium.  Now would be a good time to go through your gear.  Its way better to find out you need to replace something while you are in your driveway rather than as a deer of a lifetime walks in you shooting lane. 

I like to go over each type of gear separately.  I have boxes for each species I hunt so all I have to do is grab a box and go.  By keeping everything separate, I know everything I need for that hunt is right where I need it to be. Plano Molding makes a great box for this.  The Sportsman’s Trunk is ideal for getting everything in a handy portable box.  The folks at Plano even put wheels on it for easy maneuvering. I like to take everything out and spread it out either on the floor or on a table.  I almost always find something broken that I tossed in the box last season and forgot about. By getting everything out you will be able to make sure it’s all in working order and ready to go.

Make sure clothes are in good repair, not ripped or faded. I have found that sometimes over the summer clothes shrink while they are sitting in the box.  I’m not sure how that happens but it does.  I like to get those shirts and pants replaced.  Now is the time to wash your deer clothes in scent-free laundry soap.  Once I get them washed I like to put them in a giant Zip-Lock bag.  The camping department has a great selection.  This will keep them as scent free as possible.  Once you have your clothes taken care of, it wouldn’t hurt to make sure your favorite boots are in good shape.  Nothing can ruin a hunt faster than cold wet feet. 

Last year’s boots can be fine so long as they still fit and haven’t sprung a leak.  Everyone hates breaking in new boots but there’s good news-most boots now have a very short break in period if any at all.  I love the RedHead brand of boots with Gore-Tex.  This makes them not only waterproof but also helps keep your feet as dry as possible by allowing moisture to escape.  As anyone who spends any time in the outdoors knows dry is warm.

The last things that need your attention will be the stuff you carry in your pack.  We all carry different things so you should make sure all are in working order.   I like to take the calls apart and clean any dirt or weed seeds that may have gotten into the reeds.  A light rinse in warm water doesn’t hurt either.  I also clean out any garbage that I have put in there.  It never ceases to amaze me how much trash I accumulate, then again one of the most common items in my pack is food.   I always put the wrappers in my pack.  I usually find trash that I take out as well.

If you can find the time before season starts to do basic maintenance on your gear, you will have more time to do what we all live for come fall.  Every minute spent prepping now will give you that much more time in the stand waiting for Mr. Tender and Juicy.

By: Mike Reynolds 8/22/13


Ladies, Take a Walk on the Wild Side

I love the outdoors...camping, gardening, hiking, cooking wild game, and enjoying wildlife photography and wildlife in general. I don't hunt, nor do I fish very super outdoorsman husband does plenty of that. This may be the fall that I actually go out in the blind with him...we'll see. I don't know if I can sit still that long!

But, does being an outdoors woman simply mean that you know how to hunt and fish? Although that might be a big part of it, to me being an outdoors woman means being semi-knowledgeable, at the very least, about a variety of outdoors skills, their challenges, nature's challenges and respecting it, and respecting the equipment. To me, you don't have to be an expert...just have a basic working knowledge, appreciation and enjoyment. It means taking the time and effort to learn...and having someone to teach you.

Sometimes it's nice to learn with other women who are in the same boat...and two great opportunities for women to do that exist right here in Iowa and other locations around the world.  

So, grab your girlfriends, daughters, moms, or just come by yourself, explore the outdoors, learn new skills, do some networking of a different kind, and become a wild outdoor woman!

Becoming an Outdoors Woman Iowa logo - courtesy Iowa DNR

Becoming an Outdoors Woman

Becoming an Outdoors Woman (BOW) is an international program. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources sponsors a BOW weekend in September. Anyone 18 years or older (it's geared towards women) can take advantage of this great chance to learn outdoor skills and activities, whether they've tried them before or are completely new to the experience, and they learn with people who are in the same mind set..."what is this, how do I do it,  will I make a fool of myself?" (Okay, that last one is what would be going through MY mind.)

Photo courtesy of Iowa DNRThis year's Becoming an Outdoors Woman workshop is September 20-22 at Springbrook State Park. Lodging is available in dormitories with eight-person's not required, but that's part of the fun and camaraderie!  The line-up of workshops over the course of the weekend includes Introduction to Firearms, Basic Shooting, Wild Edibles, Wild Game Cooking, Dutch Oven Cooking, Basic Motor Boat, Fly Fishing, Bow 5k - courtesy of Iowa DNRRiver Fishing, Archery, Survival Skills, Geocaching, Bird Watching, Stand Up Paddling, and so much more.  Of course, you HAVE to have a campfire at night, too! The first night includes an optional, relaxing 5k run/walk through the woods and around the lake...a great way to meet other participants and the instructors.

For more information on registration costs and deadlines for the Becoming an Outdoors Woman program in Iowa,  visit There are BOW programs around the world and you can get more information on other locations at

Wild Women of the WoodsWild Women of the Woods

New this year is the Wild Women of the Woods program sponsored by the Story County Conservation Office. Story County Conservation Naturalist Emily Herring says this year's event is October 4-5 at Hickory Grove Park . While it's the first year for Story County, she's confident from past experiences it will be a hit.

"As a naturalist, I have coordinated other several events in different counties. It is always a good time and women come back year after year.  It truly is a comfortable learning atmosphere and a great place to meet new friends."

She says there will be free camping for the event, with bathrooms nearby and showers available at the campground. She says if you want to bring a camper or have electricity, that's'll camp in the main campground, but WILL have to pay for the campsite. You can also just do the Saturday event, if you're not able to stay Friday night.

Herring says they plan on having different session each year and if a session is really popular and fills fast this year, they will try to offer it again the following year. A diverse program will be offered for women of all different interests - this year's offerings include: Wild Edibles, Kayaking, Silk Painting, Fly Fishing, Archery, Nature Photography, "Leave no Trace", Tree Identification and Ecology Hike, Rock Climbing, Bike Maintenance, Nature Drawing, Fire Building, Yoga, and Fossil Hunting.

Since the sessions fill up on a first come, first serve basis, Herring encourages those interested to sign up as early as possible!

For more information and to register for Wild Women of the Woods, visit!


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Set Your Sights for the Fall Hunting Classic

You read that title correctly; it is time once again for Bass Pro Shops to hold its Fall Hunting Classic. This is the best time to come in before heading out this upcoming hunting season. Whether you got drawn for an elk hunt (which several of my friends did, so looks like I get to be camp wife… bust out the Coleman stoves!) or are about to get into hunting in general, there is something for everyone.

It will run from August 2nd to the 18th. This event will be filled with what I call S’s. There will be sales, seminars, sweepstakes, swaps, savings and the Second Amendment!  (Like I said: something for everyone.)

The sales are awesome. Everything from firearms to camouflage will be on sale so now is the time to stock up or refill your gear. There will be a number of one-day only sales, which include some pretty nice items. Just be sure to be here the day of that specific sale, as it really is one-day only. Along with these sales, we are looking to save you even more. When you pay using your Bass Pro Shops credit card we will engage the “2nd Amendment Instant Savings”. This means the savings are equal to the value of your sales tax! It is valid on in-stock guns and gun safes only. (Fellas, this is a great way to justify a new .270Win or safe to store it in!) This will run from August 2nd to the 11th.

Now what exactly did I mean by swaps? I’m talking trade-ins! From August 2nd to the 7th, we have our Bow and Crossbow Trade-In. August 8th to the 13th will be the Scope Trade-In. Last but not least will be our Binocular and Rangefinder Trade-In from August 14th to the 18th. Pretty much bring in your old bow, scope or binoculars during those times and save some dough on a new one. (Example, I want a new Leopold scope so on August 10th I will bring in my old Redfield and trade it in to save some cash… Which hopefully I can sneak by the fiancé without her noticing.)

On August 4th the seminars will be held in-store by a number of local pros. It is part of our Bass Pro Shops Hunting University. Topics will range from 3-Gun competition to filming your hunts. The following weekend (August 9th to the 11th) will have even more seminars with a wider array of topics being touched upon. Our very own Christian will be hands on in helping ya’ll get ready or get into hunting. That’s him below with a nice Coues buck.

Now then, the sweepstakes. Get ya some! We are offering the chance to enter for a once-in-a-lifetime hunting trip to a private club for you and seven guests! It will be hosted at Broadfield, an exclusive 5,800 acre property carved from one of the South’s earliest hunting clubs. It has an array of hunting, fishing and shooting activities. The trip will include 2-night accommodations for winner and guests, farm-to-table meals, 5-stand and pistol range shooting, morning quail hunt, afternoon falconry  hunt (YES PLEASE!), fishing and more. See our website for full rules and regulations and check out Broadfield’s site to start drooling over the place.

On the final weekend we are going to set our sights a little shorter. August 17th and 18th will be our Next Generation Weekend. From Noon until 5:00PM we will have a number of free activities for kids. It will include free: craft, archery, BB gun range, photo download and seminars. First 100 kids to complete both archery and BB gun range will earn a free collapsible water bottle each day.

I don’t know about ya’ll, but I’m excited! This is a great chance to learn some useful information and snag some awesome gear at great prices. (Gas aint gettin’ any cheaper, ya hear?) Grab a buddy or snag the whole family, just make sure you are ready to have some fun when coming down to see us. Head ‘Em Up, Rawhide!


The Largest Hunting Sale of the Season!!!!

Whether you need hunting gear or just stay on top of the latest trends..... Bass Pro Shops Fall Hunting Classic is the place to get you ready for the season!!!

Our annual Fall Hunting Classic is August 2-18, if you have hunting fever already this is where you need to be. 

If you need a new bow, scope, rangefinder or binoculars be sure to check out our trade-in days.....

Bow Trade-In is August 2-7

Scope Trade-In is August 8-13

Binocular and Range Finder Trade-In is August 14-18

That's just the beginning, August 2-11, we have 2nd Amendment Instant Savings on guns and safes. You will save your taxes on the purchase of any in-stock gun or safe and you use your Bass Pro Shop Credit Card to pay. If you don't have a credit card yet from your favorite outdoor store stop by the stand with the blue lights at our front entrance and those lovely ladies can help you out.... plus new cardholders may also save 10% off their entire first purchase after the rebate is applied.

On August 3rd, don't miss out on our Hunting University. We will have special guests Phillip Vanderpool from Hunters Specialties National Pro Staff/ Host of "Dominator 365" TV Show at 1 pm and The First Lady of Hunting - Brenda Valentine at 2 pm. They will be spending the day with us so stop in and say hi.

Phillip VanderpoolBrenda Valentine



The second weekend will be just as action packed as the first. August 9 kicks off our Hunter Appreciation Weekend..... Seminars and Daily Specials are just a few things we can mention.....

        Friday, August 9
    6:30 pm    Tips for Bow Hunting
    7: 00 pm    Tactics for Hunting Deer

        Saturday, August 10
    1:30 pm    Shed Hunting
    2:30 pm    From the Field to the table- how to fry turkey
    3:30 pm    Hunting Tips and Techniques
    4:30 pm    Exploring the Shooting Sports
    5:30 pm    Choosing the Correct Camo Clothing

        Sunday, August 11
    1:30 pm    Exploring the Shooting Sports
    2:30 pm    Tactics for Deer Hunting
    3:30 pm    Hunting Tips and Techniques
    4:30 pm    What’s new in Scent Control
    5:30 pm    Choosing the Right Optics

FHC CalendarThe last and final weekend is the best of all.... Next Generation Weekend. We are getting the kids involved in an on-target challenge with our Daisy BB Gun Tent and Archery Range. We will also have free crafts and a photo you can download. Our  Red Head Pro - Staff Team will teach 10 Safety Tips to our next Generation at 1:30 pm, 3 pm and 4:30 pm on both Saturday and Sunday, and they will get a free Next Generation collapsible waterbottle.... all FREE. 

So come on in to your favorite outdoor store and enjoy all three weekends of seminars, talk with pros and vendors, let the kids play and save some money too!!!


Bow Season - Ready or Not, Here it Comes

“You may delay, but time will not.” 
― Benjamin Franklin


Bow season starts October 1 in Iowa and as early as mid-September in surrounding states. Ready or not, opening day will be here before you know it. Are you ready...or have you even THOUGHT about getting ready? It is mid-July...and NOT too early to start preparing. For many bow hunters, the "I've got plenty of time" train of thought quickly turns into the "WHAT? Shoot! Oh man!" crisis response because they wait too long to check their gear and be prepared.

So, once again, our hunting team offers these words of advice - "Do it NOW!"  Don't procrastinate! Here's our annual 

Five Things Bow Hunters Should be Doing Now

to prepare for bow season

1. Check your bow strings - Get your new strings now to make sure you can break them in before season.

2. Using lighted nocks? Check them to make sure they're working. Some are able to have the inserts changed, some not.  Know what you have and need.

3. Arrow overhaul - Check them out and replace broken or missing shafts from last year.

4. Set your tree stands - Check them for parts, safety, and correct working order. Buy new stands and climbing sticks NOW before we sell out! New this year? The Big Game Platinum Collection!

Prodigy Fixed Position TreestandBig Game Prodigy Fixed Position Treestand Available at Bass Pro Shops Altoona

  • Fixed-position stand
  • 21” wide padded seat
  • 24x30” platform
  • Flex-Tek™ Zero-Gravity seat design and Spring-Back lumbar support


Horizon Fixed TreestandBig Game Horizons Fixed Treestand Available at Bass Pro Shops

  • Fixed-position stand
  • Adjustable up to 60 degrees
  • 14x8” padded seat
  • 20x23” platform


Big Game Phoenix Fixed Position Available at Bass Pro Shops

Phoenix Fixed Treestand

  • Fixed-position stand
  • 5-position adjustable
  • 14x8” padded seat
  • 20x27” platform
  • Height to seat: 23”


Diamondback HarnessBig Game Diamondback Harness available at Bass Pro Shops

  • Featherweight design - weighs ONLY 2 lbs.!
  • 30” anti-shock bungee extension
  • 2-way chest strap adjustment


G5 Montec Available at Bass Pro Shops


5 - Broadheads - Buy them now while they're in stock! The new Rage Hypodermics, Muzzy Trocars, and G5 Montec in pink are bound to be leaving the shelves quickly!

It all boils down to preparedness:

If you need to replace or replenish, buy now. There is more product available on the shelf.

If you need something fixed, changed, or tweaked - do it NOW and avoid the wait and lines at the Archery counter.


Start your bow season on the right foot and AHEAD of the game! You can put it off, but the clock keeps ticking.



Free Family Summer Camp

Free Family Summer Camp

shootingHave you heard about our Free Family Summer Camp that is going on at Bass Pro Shops between June 8th and July 14th?  If you haven’t, let me tell you about the eleven different seminars that we are presenting during the camp.  Every Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday from Noon till 5:00 a different topic will be discussed.  You can earn a free pin for every workshop (seminar) you complete! All of the workshops will be approximately 20 minutes in length.  The schedule will be:



Noon – Fishingarchery

1:00 – Water Safety

2:00 – Hunting and Shooting

3:00 – Outdoor Discovery

4:00 – Bird Watching


Noon – Hunting and Shooting

1:00 – Archery

2:00 – Wildlife Exploration

3:00 – Camping

4:00 – Backyard Adventure


Noon – Bird Watching

1:00 – Fishing

2:00 – Archery

3:00 – Outdoor Discovery

4:00 – Backyard Adventure



Noon – Archery

1:00 – Shooting and Hunting

2:00 – Wildlife Exploration

3:00 – Water Safety

4:00 – Camping

Here is a brief explanation of each of the seminars:back

Shooting and Hunting – We’ll discuss the history of hunting and conservation benefits along with safety tips.  Learn interesting facts from the experts from the Quality Deer Management Association.

Bird Watching – Our Feathered Friends – What birds will we discover this year?  Learn about the function of different types of feathers.

Fishing – Hook, Line & Sinker – We’ll discuss saltwater vs. freshwater.  Learn about saltwater species and tackle.  Do you know how to choose the right lure for different water conditions?

Archery – Aiming High – Learn about bowhunting, equipment and safety tips.  This year we’ll also learn more about the sport of bow fishing.

Outdoor Discovery & Conservation – Listen to tips on how to enjoy the outdoors while hiking.  We’ll discuss comfort, safety and ways to conserve the beauty of the outdoors.  Have you heard about geocaching?  Learn how to enjoy this fun activity.

Camping – Family Outdoor Adventures – We’ll review what to expect when you go camping.  Learn how to set up a tent and what to bring to keep things comfortable.

Backyard Adventure – Discover animals and insects you find in your own backyard.  Learn about their homes and what they eat.  Are they harmful or helpful?

waterWildlife Exploration – We’ll discuss mammals, reptiles, amphibians and arthropods.  Learn about their habitats and how they survive in the wild.

Water Safety, Fun and You! – Prepare for your summertime adventures around the water.  Learn about how to play it safe while swimming and boating.

All of the workshops are geared towards 8 to 12 year olds, but anyone can attend.  We hope to see you here soon.

Jettie Whittington

Denham Springs



Not Your Father's (or Mother's!) Summer Camp

Family Summer CampI never went to summer camp when I was young. Not complaining, just stating a fact. However, my family camped every summer, which made up for it in my book.

Now I'm catching up on all those lost summer camp opportunities by being a part of Bass Pro Shops' Family Summer Camp every year. But, this is not your father's summer camp...

Bass Pro Shops' Family Summer Camp combines learning with a dose of fun and rolls them into five-weeks of free activities for young people and their Famiy Summer Campcaretakers. At Bass Pro Shops Altoona we see large numbers of day care groups, babysitters and nannies with their young charges, dads, moms, or grandparents with the kids on weekdays, and on weekends, it is often a family outing.

Workshops geared towards children ages 6-12, free crafts, and activities are offered every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, starting June 8 through July 14.

From bird watching, to archery, to exploring wildlife around the world and the creepy crawlies in your backyard, our workshops introduce and enlighten children on the outdoor world around them, along with conservation and how they can play a part in preserving the great outdoors. Children also receive a special pin for each workshop they attend. 

As a workshop presenter, this is one of my favorite aspects of working at Bass Pro Shops. To see the same children coming back each week, eager to catch the workshops they may have missed and earn their next pin, excited to be here, and enthusiastic about learning. Likewise, I have learned from them that:

  1. A pin is very important.
  2. Fake scat has an "e-e-e-w-w" factor of 10, but it's funny at the same time and a great way to gross out your little sister.
  3. Apparently, there are an enormous number of robins outside bedroom windows that wake up little kids way too early in the summer.
  4. Change your socks after hiking - So your feet don't stink and your bedroom doesn't smell.
  5. Don't wear new shoes when hiking - NOT because you'll get blisters, but because they'll get dirty.Family Summer Camp - BB Range

I can't wait to find out what I learn from them this year!

At our summer camp, kids learn basics of archery, how to shoot a BB gun in our Daisy BB gun range, and get to ride on a wildlife carousel.

At our summer camp, you beat the heat, nix the sunburns, and dodge the mosquitoes.

At our summer camp, the wild animals are all around you, but won't hurt you.

At our summer camp, you can have homemade ice cream every Saturday at 5 p.m. for five weeks...and you don't have to be the one cranking the handle.

At our summer camp, parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, cousins, and caretakers are welcomed. The more the merrier!

At our summer camp there is no pre-registration. Walk-ins are welcomed and we have visitors from all over the country!


In this world of seemingly ever-growing expenses, especially when you have children, Family Summer Camp provides another opportunity for free, family-friendly fun in a comfortable environment. So, take a look at the calendar and plan your visits to our Family Summer Camp...and we'll see you at the workshops!

For a detailed listing of the Family Summer Camp events at the Bass Pro Shops nearest you, visit and select your store location.

For a detailed listing of the Bass Pro Shops Altoona, Iowa, Family Summer Camp events, visit or our store page.



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NC VS TN 704 Outdoors/Bass Pro Shops Archery Shootout Series!



With archery season a couple of months away, we have decided to dust off the ol' 3-D targets and set'em up out back for an old fashioned North Carolina vs Tennessee shoot out! We are teaming up with our sister store in Concord Mills and 704 Outdoors for a battle between states.....we need to show them who's #1! BASS PRO SHOPS in Sevierville- of course!

So grab your bow and arrows boys and girls and get ready !!!!

There will be 4 Tournaments in this series- 2 here and 2 at the BPS Concord Store.

The dates are as follows:

Bass Pro Shops Sevierville Location- June 8th & August 3rd

Bass Pro Shops Charlotte Location- June 15th & August 17th

Championship Shootout at Bass Pro Shops Charlotte Location- August 31st


 The Top shooters will be invited to shoot in the Championship Shootout hosted at Bass Pro Shops Charlotte Location!

For Bass Pro Shops Charlotte Location:

* There are 4 classes: Men’s Class, Women’s Class, Traditional Class and Youth Class

* Registration starts at 10am. Cut off for registration is 8pm, however we will shoot until the last shooter has completed their session.

* Registration is $10 per session (You can shoot as many sessions as you want to better your score)

* There are 2 rounds within each session, the first round will consist of five 3D Pop Up targets and the second will have five 3D Pop Up targets with one stationary target. The stationary target must be shot sometime after the first 3D target pops up but before the last 3D target falls.

* It is an indoor range, all shots are within 25yds.


For Bass Pro Shops Sevierville Location:


* There are 4 classes: Men’s Class, Women’s Class, Traditional Class and Youth Class

* Registration starts at 10am. Cut off for registration is 8pm, however we will shoot until the last shooter has completed their session.

* Registration is $10 per session (You can shoot as many sessions as you want to better your score)

* There are 2 rounds within each session, the first timed round will consist of five 3D targets and the second timed round will have five 3D targets, with one motion target. The motion target must be shot sometime within the timed session.

* It is an outdoor range, all shots are within 25yds.


The prizes for each shoot will be announced before each shootout. We are getting different prizes from different sponsors so they will not be the same each shootout! Keep checking in to see what prizes are going to be awarded the Friday before each shootout! As for the Grand Prizes, you MUST attend 2 of the 3 regular Shootout Series before the Championship Shootout in order to be eligible for the Grand Prizes. The Grand Prizes for the 704 Outdoors/Bass Pro Shops 3D Pop Up Archery Shootout Series are:

Option one for Men’s, Women’s & Traditional Class: Georgia Hog Hunt with 704 Outdoor’s Hog Dogs! We will take care of your permits, licenses, food and all! You will get to hunt with us, using our Hog Dogs. We will take care of everything you need for the trip.

Option two for Men’s, Women’s & Traditional Class: 3 Day North Carolina Archery Deer Hunt with 704 Outdoors. We’ll take care of your food and lodging while you get to hunt with us in some of our hot spots here in NC! Dates to be worked out with the winner of the Championship.

Option three for Men’s, Women’s & Traditional Class: 3 Day North Carolina Archery Hog Hunt with 704 Outdoors. We’ll take care of your food and lodging while you get to hunt with us in some of our hog sites here in NC! We will furnish all the lights, bait and gear needed to lower the boom on a nice NC Wild Hog! Dates to be worked out with the winner of the Championship.

Youth Class Grand Prize NC Youth Turkey Hunt with 704 Outdoors. We will take you and your guardian on a youth turkey hunt. We will take care of the food, lodging and transportation to and from the places we will run & gun those thunder chickens!


Bass Pro Shops Sevierville, TN Location Information:BPS SHOOT OUT

3629 Outdoor Sportsman Pl

Kodak, TN 37764

Phone: (865) 932-5600



Bass Pro Shops Charlotte, NC Location Information

8181 Concord Mills Blvd

Concord, NC 28027

Phone: (704)979-2200





This Weekend at Bass Pro Shops Altoona - "Snow" Kiddin'!

Bass Pro Shops Altoona

Welcome to our crazy Iowa weather - record snow in May.  What???


We're gearing up for our BIG Go Outdoors Event that starts May 17!  Watch for details in upcoming blogs and on our Facebook page at!

This weekend we have the following happening!

Saturday, May 4


 Great opportunity for kids to learn the hands-on basics of archery in a free one-hour workshop.  Pre-registration is required by e-mailing before 4:30 p.m. today.  After 4:30 p.m., call the Archery Department at 515-957-5500.

Saturday and Sunday, the Gifts Department will sampling Uncle Buck's Summer Sausage and the Dr. Pepper BBQ Sauce. Also, stop by the Jerky Shack for some samples and a great sale on Jerky!