Setting the Hook on Spring Lunkers

While the disappearance of the ice is celebratory, anglers are now met with the challenge of finding bass amongst barren lands. We can blame Old Man Winter for this. In a normal winter, temperatures rise and fall, thus, periodically the snow will melt exposing the ice. This is critical as the absence of snow allows sunlight penetration, which is essential to weed survival. However, from January through March snow only piled up as temperatures failed to get above freezing. As a result, scores of the best weed beds this spring are missing. Many of our lakes are desolate.  

As the weeds disappeared under the ice, the small bluegill, perch, and sunfish, which used these for protection, became exposed. Predators like bass and pike had a feeding bonanza. Because of this, bass fishing across Northern Indiana has been tough this spring, but simultaneously, the quality has been exceptional.

Take, for example, a tournament held on popular Lake Wawasee April 12. Out of 30 teams, only seven managed a five fish limit; just 57 total legal-sized bass were caught. Yet, the winning weight was an astounding 20.92 pounds! Furthermore, ten fish over four pounds also found their way to the scale.                    

The fishing has been tough because with the abundance of easy prey, the bass and can afford to be picky. This is also why they are large. Now more than normal, a natural presentation has become necessary. Few types of bait are more natural than a swim bait, and few are as realistic as the new Bass Pro Shops Speed Shad. Consider the forage on your favorite body of water: if bluegills are abundant, use the Bluegill Flash color scheme. If perch outnumber the bluegill, go with the Male Perch pattern. If you are not sure, Green Pumpkin works everywhere. Match it up with a ¼ ounce Bass Pro Shops Deadly 5 Shad Jig head around sparse vegetation. If you are lucky to locate thicker weeds, lighten up with a 1/8 ounce jig head.

Swim baits are simple to use. Cast it as far as possible and simply reel it in. Keep this in mind: the slower the better. Hold the rod at an 11 o’clock position and make sure a bow exists in your line between the rod tip and where the line enters the water. When a strike occurs, do not set the hook immediately; instead wait until you feel the weight of the fish, then hammer it home. When the fish makes the initial strike, it normally has just the tail in its mouth. Setting the hook too soon pulls it away from the fish.

Do not waste time getting frustrated chasing bass right. Instead, get real, slow down, and stand by for lunkers.


Creek Series

The Creek Series - April 2014

As I paddled around the first cut, alone, I was reminded of something both ancient and recent. A man can reflect upon his life and see a distinct collection of good and bad memories, but here in this special place, only the former exists. In these small canyons, on this simple backwater, lifelong friendships have been strengthened and validated. Conversations have echoed through the trees and escaped into the sky. Laughter has known this basin. Sometimes, more importantly, there is silence.

My name is Dean Brown, and I am a kayak angler and outdoor blogger living in Dallas, Texas. While my little website, "">Up Down Bass, has garnered some surprising attention over the past few years, I will be the first to tell you that I am no expert. The word alone makes me uncomfortable, particularly in the context of angling. This new project, as proof, aims to document an honest experience. From month to month, in the context of my favorite piece of water, my successes and failures will play true. Welcome to the first installment of a new monthly column here at the Grapevine Bass Pro Shops Blog, this is "The Creek Series."

The first bend is always a monument. Large cliffs immediately set the tone and remind me that I am, indeed, paddling friendly water. In the month of April, here in North Texas, we generally expect to see spawning activity. That said, I assume the largemouth will be in some type of early spawn pattern, or better yet, in the early stages of bedding. A quick look at the water temperature confirms my suspicions, as my old thermometer displays a reading of 59 degrees.

There are several pre-spawn techniques that I enjoy, but from the seat of my kayak, nothing beats a good old fashioned spinnerbait. In fact, a number of factors allow this tried and true lure to excel. For one, the quick and flashy presentation matches the aggressive behavior of spring largemouth. Secondly, the inherent qualities of this bait call for the angler to keep the lure in constant motion, which ultimately allows you to cover a great deal of water in a short amount of time (also known as power fishing). One of the most overlooked advantages of the spinnerbait: the constant movement associated with power fishing actually allows the angler to generate body heat on a cold spring morning.

Not all spinnerbaits are created equal. Fundamental fluid dynamics play a major role in the design of each variation, and when used properly, optimum results are accomplished. The Colorado Blade Spinnerbait, usually associated with night fishing, creates a great deal of drag and vibration. In low light conditions, largemouth bass can effectively identify and locate these baits due to their slow speed and pulsating output. Colorado spinners are easy to recognize, as they are rounded in shape. Conversely, the Willow Blade Spinnerbait creates less resistance and vibration in the water. These spinners, of course, resemble the sleek profile of a Willow Leaf.

In most situations, I find the Colorado/Willow hybrid, also known as a tandem, to be the most effective option. With a small Colorado Blade directly below a large Willow Blade, this configuration offers the perfect ratio of speed, drag, vibration, and versatility. The Terminator Spinnerbait and the Bass Pro Shops Lazer Eye Pro are easy favorites.

With the excitement of another fishing season ahead, I loaded up my gear and couldn't help but hear the faint sound of trickling water in the creek basin below. As they say, April showers bring May flowers, so I expect my next visit to reveal a whole new set of colors and challenges. Historically, for the North Texas angler, the month of May means one thing: heavy topwater action.

About the author: Dean Brown is a Fishing Team Lead for Bass Pro Shops and serves as team captain of the Grapevine Bass Pro Shops Kayak Fishing Team. His website, Down Bass, has been featured in numerous outdoor publications and has been nominated for a Kayak Angler's Choice Award.


Dressing like a Pro

Dressing like a Pro

 Not only are you a professional fisherman but you should look like one too, with Columbia's Performance Fishing Gear (PFG) collection at Bass Pro of Memphis. Today we will be featuring Columbia's Bahama II, Bonehead, and Tamiami fishing shirts. These tops will keep you cool and dry for those hot summer fishing days. 

    Our Bahama II shirts are 100% nylon, with omni-shade UPF 30 protection from the sun's harmful rays. Our Bonehead shirts are 100% cotton ultralite poplin. And last, out Tamiami shirts are 100% polyester with omni-shade UPF 40, omni-wick, and antimicrobial. All these tops come in long-sleeve and short-sleeve in a variety of colors.

        Each and every detail on the PFG tops has a purpose or function on them. For example the velcro tap above the pocket holds your fishing rod in place while you change out your lure. These shirts also feature a utility loop for your pliers, clippers, or a lanyard with a tool attached. All the pockets feature drain holes in them when wade fishing, or can be used to fed fishing line through. Also all three shirts feature venting in the back which provides air flow for cooler wear and faster drying. The mesh built into the shirt prevents fabric from sticking to the body.  

     Not an outdoor fisherman, that's okay, Columbia's PFG collection is great for ballpark games, vacations, summertime outings, or for everyday wear. Our fishing shirts are very stylish and show up on our top 20 best seller list every week here at Bass Pro of Memphis. So come out and get yours today and tell them Holli sent you.  

The Benefits & Features of the Bahama II, Bonehead, and Tamiami Short & Long Sleeve Styles:


Set Your Sights Event April 25-27

Set Your Sights Seminars

Drawing for 1 Bass Pro Shops $25 Gift Cards a each advertised seminar


April 25-27 Friday-Sunday

Friday, April 25

  • 6:30pm Conceal-Carry (A discussion of laws, permits, and equipment)
  • 7:30pm Gun Care, Maintenance, and Storage (Products to keep your guns safe, secure and functioning properly.)
  • Tumbler with BPS logo to the first 25 to attend each advertised seminar on Friday night only

Saturday, April 26 and Sunday April 27

  • 1:30 Guns and Accessories for Your Modern Sporting Rifle Project
  • 2:30pm Conceal-Carry (A discussion of laws, permits, and equipment)
  • 3:30pm Gun Care, Maintenance, and Storage (Products to keep your guns safe, secure and functioning properly.)
  • 4:30pm Guns and Accessories for Your Modern Sporting Rifle Project

Drawing at each seminar for $25 gift card- MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN!!!!!

  • One winner per drawing at each advertised seminar April 25-27
  • For each seminar we hand out to each attendee a raffle ticket (two part ticket) and then tear apart for one side to be placed in the drawing box for a chance to win a $25 BPS gift card.


Enter for a chance to win 1 of 2 prizes:

  • SAVAGE 64 F CAMO .22 L.R. RIFLE $189.99 Value
  • CALDWELL AR-15 MAG CHARGER $79.99 Value

*2 winners at every store- need not to be present to win- must be 21 years of age to enter*

X4 Bonus Points:  In order to receive 4X points, the customer must be an Outdoor Rewards member and have the purchase put on their Outdoor Rewards account. If the customer is not an Outdoor Rewards member, they will need to sign up for the program prior to making the purchase, so that the purchase may be tied to a Rewards account.

This will be a coupon, valid only for these select brands:

  • Streamlight
  • EOTech
  • Beretta
  • DPMS Panther Arms
  • Remington
  • Savage Arms




Power Inversion

How would you like to have power to run your mobile devices and small appliances wherever you may be? You actually can if you have our newest inverter additions.

Custom Accessories have allowed us to bring to you their line of power inverters. From 100W to 750W.

First off, there's the 100 watt inverter. It converts 12v of vehicle power to 110v of household power. Included one 3 pronged AC outlet and one USB port. This unit will provide you with a continuous output of 110 watts to power you smaller mobile electronics such as iPhone, iPad, digital camera, etc. It's also equipped with integral protection against overloads.

You can get this item for only $29.99 and it comes in the RealTree Xtra camo pattern.


Next up is the 120 watt inverter. It has one 3 pronged AC outlet and one USB port. This item is also good for the smaller mobile devices up to 120 watts.

This compact design measures at 4.5"x2.7"x1" and is very lightweight at 7.4 oz. The 120 Watt version also comes in The RealTree Xtra camo pattern and is reasonably priced at $34.99.


If you are needing something a little more powerful, this inverter will power almost everything except portable vacuums, which require 500 watts and small coffeepots which require 600 watts, then you will be needing the 400 watt inverter. 12v of vehicle power is converted to 120 watts of household power and 400 watts when clamped onto the car battery. It has an internal cooling fan and an off/on button. Also compact, it measures 7"x4"x2" , weighs a mere 17.8 oz. and is available in the RealTree Xtra camo pattern as well. $59.99.


Lastly, when you want to power EVERYTHING including the coffee pot, then you are going to be needing this powerful 750 watt inverter. It will power up the smallest devices, 10 watts, to the bigger ones, 750 watts.  This one also has the internal cooling fan, low battery alarm and automatic shutdown. It measures 9"x5.25"x2.25" and weighs 31 oz.

These items are available right now in the store only. So come on over to Bass Pro here in Sevierville and I will be more than happy to show you what we have in stop for your power needs.

Hope to see you soon!

Deedee Smith
Camping Team Lead
Sevierville Bass Pro



This Weekend @ Bass Pro Shops - Easter 2014!

Easter Egg Hunt @ Bass Pro Shops AltoonaEaster activities continue at Bass Pro Shops Altoona this weekend!

Friday, April 18

  • Free 4x6 Photo with the Easter Bunny - 2-7 p.m.
  • Free craft for kids - 2-7 p.m., while supplies last.

Saturday & Sunday, April 19-20

Free Easter craft @ Bass Pro Shops Altoona

  • Free 4x6 photo with the Easter Bunny - 11 a.m.-4 p.m.
  • Easter Egg Hunt - Saturday and Sunday, April 19-20 ONLY. Registration opens at 1:30 p.m. - Egg hunt begins promptly at 2 p.m. and lasts one hour. Ages 2-10 only please.
  • Free craft for kids - 1-4 p.m., while supplies last.

Saturday, April 19

Try Before You Buy!

Our Gifts Department shows you easy it is to use our Uncle Buck's Fruit Cobbler mix by serving up samples of cherry and blueberry cobbler! Noon to 4 p.m. or while supplies last.

Coming up?

April 25-27, 2014 - Set Your Sights Weekend!

  • A weekend of free seminars covering optics and other accessories, conceal carry laws and equipment, target shooting, and gun care and safety. Seminar attendees (first 25) on Friday, April 25, receive a free Bass Pro Shops tumbler. Additionally, a $25 gift card will be given away at each seminar all weekend!
  • If you're 21 or older, you have a chance to win a Savage® rimfire.22 LR rifle or a Caldwell® AR-15 magazine loader.
  • Quadruple Points all weekend on the following brands: Streamlight, EOTech, Beretta, DPMS Panther Arms, Remington, Savage Arms


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Goin' Cattin'

Big Catfish are waiting!  Mr. James Wiggins and his fishing partner, Bill Hart of 15 years from Cookeville Texas, have living proof!  They mainly fish Lake Tawakoni with excellent results with these monster cats!  They have only been fishing Tawakoni for the past 3 years, but state that other lakes such as lake Texarkana, Bob Sandlin and lake Cypress also have their share of these monsters!

James has a 22' Lowes aluminum boat set up just for catching catfish.  They have 14 Driftmaster pole holders surrounding the boat with plenty of room to land the big ones.  He preferred Bass Pro Shop Catmaxx 7'6" rods suited with Abu Garcia 6500 and 7000 Level wind bait cast reels.  He states that you need this type of set-up to catch the monsters, smaller rods and reels sometimes fall short when trying to land the bigger ones.  He also prefers 80 lb. pro braided line with a 9/0 double trouble circle hooks.  The Santine Cooper rig is the set up to catch the bigger ones because of its ability to not hang up easily.  He says that he can drag this rig across brush without hanging, this is very important.

All species of catfish are in our lakes, but they prefer to catch blue catfish because they grow to be the biggest.  James and Bill only do this for fun and are very conservation-minded by releasing all they catch.  The blue catfish takes 7 years of growth before they become fertile.  James states that we must throw the fish back to conserve our resources and keep the bigger fertile catfish in the lake.

To catch these bruiser catfish, they like to drift, but will tie up on occasions when they locate a big school.  With many fish coming from 15-25 ft. of water, James says that when you catch fish that deep that it is a must to release the pressure from their swim bladders.  They do this by inserting a piece of tube down their throats to release this pressure so the fish can swim back to the bottom of the lake.  After water temperatures get to 70-78 degrees, they find the fish go shallow to spawn.  To locate these fish, electronics are important.  You must have a plan before going to the lake, and always stay with your plan.  This will help you learn how to find the fish quicker and be more consistent in catching.

The bait they use is cut shad.  Cast nets are the best way to catch the shad.  For the beginner, the smaller radius nets 4' monofilament are the easiest to throw and manage.  There is some practice needed to learn how to throw a perfect circle with the net to achieve the maximum catching ability  of the net.  When the shad are caught, they are cut into pieces to fish with, the head portion being the best choice.  Also, use your favorite fish attractant.  This will enhance the bait.  Then it's just a matter of holding on to one of these monsters, which is a suitable challenge for any angler.


We hope these tips will help you in catching a big catfish and maybe a fish of a lifetime.  Always wear your life jacket and practice safety at all times.  If we practice safety in front of our children, our children will learn how to be safe and enjoy the great sport of fishing for the rest of their lifetimes!


A New Way To Cook

In today's world, you can never be prepared enough. You can prepare for any number of things as dramatic as the dreaded end of the world or a natural disaster, a power outage or a hiking trip just to name a few. Today I'd like to hit on the last two and tell you about a few things that could and should go into the preparation of those two scenarios.

First, let's take a look at the Esbit Foldable Pocket Stove. This is an awesome little nugget to have around for hiking trips but also in your car for an emergency or even in the disaster kit at home.

The Nesbit stove comes with 6 - 0.5 oz solid fuel cube so right out of the box, you're ready to go. It's made of electrolytic galvanized steel, only weighs 12.7 oz. and is small enough folded to fit in your pocket. It has two heat positions for low and high (direct heat). A real steal at only $9.99!


Now, you're of course going ot need extra fuel. I have Esbit Solid Fuel Cubes. These come 12 in a pack for only $7.99. Esbit fuel cubes are non- explosive and non- toxic which makes them a great fire starter! They are waterproof and get as hot as 1300°. Depending on conditions, one little cube (0.5 oz.) can heat water to a boil in about 8 minutes and when it's burned out, there's nothing to dispose of and no residue. These would be a great addition to your camping trip just so your camp fire will light a little easier and also would put off a little bit of heat for a short time in case of an emergency.


Lastly, there is the EmberLit Foldable Wood Stove for only $39.99.

This thing is AWESOME! It assembles in seconds, only weighs 11.3 oz. and folds down to 1/8" (folds thinner than an iPhone5) so it can fit easily into your pocket! Fuel for it is always available as it uses just a handful of sticks or anything else burnable that you picked up along the trail. This little puppy is very durable and stable and strong enough to hold a cast iron skillet or a dutch oven. The best part.....? It is 100% made in the USA!

We have alot new and exciting items here at the store and I'd love to show them to you. 2014 Camping season is going to be a great one if you judge it by all the new gadgets we have.

Come see me....

Thanks for allowing me to share once again.

Deedee Smith
Camping Team Lead
Sevierville Bass Pro Shops


Stay Protected in the Sun

   Fishing, hiking, and swimming are some activities we do outside. Well, with summer just right around the corner everyone should be protected from the Sun's harmful rays. There are a couple ways to be outside and still protect your skin from the Sun. We all know sunblock lotion can stay on your skin temporarily but everyone hates that greasy feeling. Why don't we just toss that lotion aside and pull out a shirt with a built in sunblock protector? Bass Pro has such a variety of sunblock clothes for men and women. Pants, shirts and even hats!


Sun protective clothing is clothing specifically designed for sun protection and is produced from a fabric rated for its level of ultraviolet protection. A novel weave structure and denier (related to thread count per inch) may produce sun protective properties. In addition, some textiles and fabrics employed in the use of sun protective clothing may be pre-treated with UV inhibiting ingredients during manufacture to enhance their UV blocking capacity.

Not only limited to UV-inhibiting textile use, sun protective clothing may also adhere to specific design parameters – including styling appropriate to full coverage of the skin most susceptible to UV damage. Long sleeves, full collars, and full-length trousers and skirts are common styles for clothing as a sun protective measure for men and women!


A number of fabrics and textiles in common use today need no further UV-blocking enhancement based on their inherent fiber structure, density of weave, and dye components – especially darker colors and indigo dyes. Good examples of these fabrics contain full percentages or blends of heavy weight natural fibers like cotton, linen and hemp or light-weight synthetics such as polyester, nylon, spandex and polypropylene. Natural or synthetic indigo dyed denim, twill weaves and canvas are also good examples. However, a significant disadvantage is the heat retention caused by heavier weight and darker colored fabrics.

As sun protective clothing is usually meant to be worn during warm and humid temperatures, some UV-blocking textiles and clothing may be designed with ventilated weaves, moisture wicking and antibacterial properties to assist in cooling and breathability.

UV Skinz sun protective clothes are stylish and carry a UPF rating of 50+, which blocks out over 98% of the sun's harmful rays, protecting delicate skin from damaging sunburns. Sunscreen isn't always enough and is often not used correctly. Some folks have skin allergies or sensitivities to chemicals that sunscreens can contain. UV Skinz are sun shirts that are not made with any chemicals or lotions. The UV protection is in the tight weave of the fabric. Wearing UV protective clothing, such as our fun, cool UV Skinz sun protective swim shirts, is an important step in preventing sunburns, premature aging of the skin and skin cancer.

 So protect your skin from the harmful sun rays and check out our great deals on sunblock apparel at


Fill Your Easter Baskets at Bass Pro Shops

Easter is just a few days away and it is time to get serious about the contents of your Easter baskets. Your local  Bass Pro Shops has a wide variety of items for kids of all ages.

First, let's start with the candy.  Our Uncle Buck's line has a huge variety of nostalgia-type candy such as burnt peanuts, caramel bullseyes, cherry sours, maple nut drop and orange slices.  You can also find circus peanuts, chocolate-covered peanuts, malted milk balls and peach rings.  These are some of the options available in individual 3-ounce packages, typically located near our cash registers.

candy If you need bigger packages, then keep an eye out for our candy cart.  Here you will find bigger packages (16 - 24 ounces) of the items listed above, plus many more. Additional options include Smarties, gummie bears, and jawbreakers. We even have multiple flavors of licorice and taffy to choose from.




If you want to provide a gourmet treat (for someone the Easter Bunny is particularly fond of), then check out our selection of Jelly Belly jelly beans.  Jelly Belly Jelly Beans come in over 50 flavors, not including licensed flavors from Tabasco, Harry Potter and sugar-free varieties among others.

Finally, no Easter basket is complete without a stuffed animal. You will find all types at your local Bass Pro Shops, from large to small, realistic to camo-wearing.  Many even have sound boxes to play authentic animal or bird calls.






Head over to your local Bass Pro Shops for all of your gift-giving occasions.  You're sure to find something for everyone!



Local Fishing Report 3/30 to 4/5/2014

The river was at 4.7ft at the beginning of the week and at the end of the week we had 8.3ft with 102,500CF of flow and 47 degrees.

Trip #1 was a PM half day Channel Cat trip on Tuesday and we caught 10.  The largest was 22.5" and we caught them all on Sudden Impact.  We had extremely high, muddy water with a lot of floating debris.  We had 10.9ft-157,200CF-rising-muddy and 44-61 degrees.  We had a barometric pressure of 30.00 and steady.

Trip #2 was a full day scouting trip on Thursday and we launched from 3 different ramps.  We caught 20 Bass and had 3 over 19" and another 3 over 20".  The largest was 20.75" and we caught them all on jigs with soft plastics.  We had 9.0ft-115,300CF-falling-muddy and 44-47 degrees.  The barometric pressure was 29,90 and steady.

Trip #3 was another scouting Trip on Thursday and we fished for 2 hours and caught 2 Bass.  The largest was 18" and we caught one on a dinger and one on a hair jig.  We had 9.0ft-115,300CF-falling-muddy and 44-47 degrees.  The barometric pressure was 29.90 and steady.

Trip #4 was a full day trip on Saturday and we had 7 boats out.  We had extremely difficult conditions with high muddy water and extreme winds but the boats did a good job.  We caught an average of 16 Bass per boat and we had a giant Carp and a large Channel Cat in the mix as well.  We cuaght them on jigs with soft plastics.  We had 8.3ft-102,500CF-rising-stained to muddy and 47 degree water.  The barometric pressure was at 28.70 and rising.

In general Bass fishing should stay good until they go out of season at the end of April.


Bass Pro Brand Rod and Reel



Bass Pro Shops  Bionic  Blade XPS Trigger Micro Guide Rods

Impressive rod! I bought a 7'6" Medium Heavy to see if I would like the Micro Guide concept and was pleasantly suprised at how well it performed. The rod is light and the split grips are comfortable. The upper grip is a good size and fit for my hand. (Some manufacturer's products the upper grip is a bit too small). At first it didn't seem like I could throw the bait as far as with a traditional eye casting rod; however, after loosening the reel tensioner a bit more than where I usually set it on a traditional eye rod, I found I could get the expected distance I was hoping for. The Bass Pro Shops Bionic Blade XPS Trigger Micro Guide Rods has a IMS 50 Million Module blank which is exceptionally good when priced @ $79.99


Bass Pro Shops Pro Qualifier  Baitcast Reel

Love this reel for it's price range. I bought the first one a few months ago and have since picked up another one. Plan on replacing some of my older "not so happy" reels with Pro Qualifiers as the budget allows! I got the 7.1:1 which has a 29" recovery per turn. I tournament fish and at 8.8 oz it's light and comfortable to throw all day. The dual braking system is smooth and I'm also liking the one piece frame from a durability perspective. Paired this reel with the Bionic Blase Micro Guide Rod and it built out to a nice combo!


See this blog for information on the New –Bass Pro Shops Bionic Blade-XPS Micro Guide Rods.








Product Spotlight - Colorful Guns

Every day we see more guns coming in catered to the female customer. This spotlight is on a long gun and a handgun that our Gun Vault Specialist Alicia says are especially hot!

Guns for Ladies at Bass Pro Shops Altoona

Long gun

The Savage 64F 22LR  Muddy Girl Camo

This beauty has a 21” barrel and is currently $189.99 at Bass Pro Shops in Altoona. We had this one in around the holidays and it was popular!  It's a bolt action rifle with a 10 round mag.

The Muddy Girl camo pattern is quickly becoming Alicia's favorite pattern. Why? Because it's not just pink - it combines a bold variety of pink shades with deep purples and neutral colors to make it stand out from the other "just pink" patterns.


Hand Gun

Ruger LCP 380 Automatic Compact Pistol (ACP)

The 2.75” barrel holds six rounds. The lightweight (just under 9.4 oz. unloaded) Ruger LCP Compact Pistol has always been a popular carry for men and women. But, this is a vendor special color of Lilac, currently for $349.99 at Bass Pro Shops Altoona. The same dependable back-up or personal carry gun, but in a fun color for those who desire it!


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Dance in the Rain!


Why spend the rainy day inside when you can be outside? Well most of us simply do not like wet feet.  Never fear, the Natural Reflections Taylor makes it so you can jump in puddles, go to work or class, dance in the rain, walk the dogs, go grab the mail, or just run your everyday errands. 

The Taylor is offered in four colors; green, black, red, or blue and comes in sizes 6 through 10. These boots allow you to dress them up as well as dress them down, rain boots are a fashion statement these days.  I personally wear my rain boots with everything from cute little sundresses to meet my husband for lunch, with yoga pants to run daily errands, with my pajama shorts in the morning to take my puppy dogs outside, throw on with my work pants to get inside work, or anywhere pretty I go. 

Not only are they fashionable but they are designed to work; non-skid rubber outsole, cushiony EVA insole, and a glossy rubber upper with a comfortable cotton lining.

Don't forget the little ones, we also offer the Natural Reflections Tyler for children from sizes 9 to 3. Its offered in two awesome colors; red or navy with a pink buckle accent, making your little one the coolest kid on the playground.

So swing into your local Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World and let one of our awesome team of footwear associates help keep your feet dry, and remember Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, its about learning to dance in the rain.   


Basic Turkey Calling Gear

Rick Adams has been hunting for over 35 years and on the Primos Prostaff for over 10 years. Since he lives in Iowa, he is always looking for the next big tom or big buck, but he also enjoys hunting all types of wildlife.

Recently at our Spring Turkey Hunting seminars, Rick took time to visit with us about the different types of turkey calls hunters can choose from when buying their gear. From purrs and clucks to yelps and cutts, you can make all the turkey sounds for calling in the toms with slate, crystal, box, or even push pin calls that can strap to your gun. The season in Iowa isn't over until mid-May, so get out and enjoy!

Locator calls are also essential. Watch for more on that from Rick in an upcoming blog post!


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Game Camera Basics

What is the best game and trail camera? What is so great about the $ 250.00 camera compared to the $79.00 one?  Which one gives me the best value for the buck? All common questions regularly asked here at Bass Pro.
Here's my first question and comment to almost everybody. What are you using it for? Is it wildlife, security, or both?  What is your budget?  My first comment is a reality check. This is technology. It changes every year, so buy the best that you can afford and plan to have the camera for 3-5 years. Mine is a Moultrie D-40 that still works and is at least 5 years old. It has virtually none of the features of today's cameras, but still is a well built camera. Common features : all are water resistant, have the ability to turn off flashes, some type of battery power, SD card, a port, and the most important feature,  ease of use.     
Most cameras are getting smaller. Moultrie has a variety of sizes from the Panoramic to the A5 providing a camera for every budget. Primos has the smallest camera and most extensive battery pack. This 24 AA pk. coupled with a 32gb SD card gives the user the ability to leave the camera alone and not contaminate the viewing area with human scent. Other manufacturers offer large battery packs or rechargeable batteries with solar chargers.
The size of megapixel is always a question. The larger the megapixel, the better the clarity, but at 5 megapixels your clarity is great even at night. Clarity at night is reduced with a digital camera, so that's why you see so many 8 mp or 12 mp cameras. Remember, animals aren't bothered by flashes, but a flash will show poachers or trespassers the location of your camera in the dark or in low light situations.


At this time of year, more cameras are sold for security reasons. They work great for this purpose. We sell cameras with a black out lens that do not give out any flash and have good low light capability. Other cameras have a low glow feature that works when the flash is off.


Trigger speed is important for getting pictures of animals on the move. If a deer walks by, 1 second is too slow. The faster trigger speed, the better. To capture the deer fully, try setting the camera at 3 or 5 frames per trigger. 3 frames at a time seem to work the best for me.


Moultrie, Primos, Cuddeback, Stealthcam, Bushnell, Eyecon, Wildgame, Reconyx, and Plotmaster will all be adding new and improved cameras at affordable prices between now and August. Once again with technology you get what you pay for. From the basic camera to the top of the line, you can be assured we here at  are here with quality and some of the newest cameras on the market, year in and year out.


Bass Pro Hampton Gives Back!

walk a mile

Here in Hampton, Virginia our Bass Pro family has been super busy over the last year.  The store created a team called Team Bass Pro to take to walk a mile in high heels for a great cause!

The team seat a goal of $5,000.00 and was challenged by our hunting manager Mike to raise $10,000.00 to see him walk in a tutu. Team Bass Pro participated in Walk A Mile In Her Shoes 2014 at the Peninsula Town Center In Hampton Virginia, hosted by The Center for Sexual Assault Survivors,

Walk A Mile In Her Shoes is an annual fundraiser hosted by The Center For Sexual Assault Survivors located in Newport News, Virginia. The Center is 100% non-profit organization that provides free clothing to sexual assault victims to leave the hospital in as well as free counseling service for victims.  

Of course we will not say no to a challenge, so we accepted it.  Over the year the team donated their time through hot dog sales, taking to social media, gift card raffles, car washes, bake sales, many associates used their talents to make raffle prizes and collect donations.  As well as making donations.  Our team grew from only 20 members last year to 32 members this year including 2 dogs!  After all was said and done we beat our $5,000.00 goal, beat the $10,000.00 goal, and raised a total of $10,545.00.  The rain held off that day and we had a beautiful day full of lots of fun and laughs! We would like to Thank everyone who helped us make our goal for a great cause!

walk a milewalk a milewalk a mile




Candles Worthy of the Cabin

Whats better than a home that's decorated in camo, antlers, rifles, fishing rods, and tackle?  One that smells good of course!

Introducing the BRAND NEW Bass Pro Shops Mason Jar Candles,  These candles can be put in any room, from a kitchen, bathroom, c andle living room, entry way, to even a man cave! They come in a variety of scents; Lemon, Hazelnut, Blueberry Muffin, Grannys Cookies, Cinnamon Roll, and Berry. 

They are made in the good ole' U.S.A. and have a wood wick which lets them burn longer, giving your house that sweet and yummy smell even longer! So swing into your local Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World and let one of our great gifts associates help you find the perfect candle for your home!


The Arctic Cat Trail 700

The new Arctic Cats are here! Be one of the first to see the new line of machines Arctic Cat released from the factory in March.  This is the all new Arctic Cat Wildcat Trail 700 - the first side-by-side by Arctic Cat and one of only a few in the industry that is trail capable and legal.

Arctic Cat Trail 700 tricked out with bimini top, new tires and rimsThe Arctic Cat Wildcat Trail 700 has a stance of only 50 inches wide, less than a hundred pounds and is powered by an all new 700cc twin-cylinder engine. It has an output of 60 HP and is ready to tame the wildest trails or just cruise around the farm! They come in two packages - the base Trail and the Trail XT and the accessories are never ending with these. You can have anything from a cloth Bimini to a full cab and stereo system.

One of the best advantages to the Wildcat Trail? It will fit in a standard full-size truck bed!

Come out to Bass Pro Shops Altoona and take a look learn more from one of our certified sales consultants about this amazing side-by-side.


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Everglades National Park

Few places truly embody what nonresidents envision when you mention Florida than the Everglades and The Everglades National Park, and I’ve finally been able to spend some time camping, hiking, and kayaking through the seemingly endless grasslands, the cypress forests, mangrove swamps, and marine grass flats of “The River of Grass.”

Head south through the city of Homestead, Florida that was nearly wiped out by Hurricane Andrew back in 1992, turn onto Highway 9336, and it won’t take long before you’re totally lost in a vast region of nothingness and limited cell signals.  There isn’t a better place to get away from everything and experience natural Florida the way it was when inhabited by only the indigenous tribes.  Just imagine what it was like for the original settlers, the Florida “Crackers,” when they carved their path across the state.  There isn’t much to maintain your ties to civilization after stepping off the concrete ribbon leading from the entrance gate to the Flamingo campgrounds.

The wildlife variety is absolutely amazing and for the bird watchers among us, there can’t be a better location to view a more varied species list.  Wood Stork, Osprey, Black Vulture, Turkey Buzzard, Great Blue Heron, Snowy Egret, Ibis, Limpkin, Swallowtail Kite, all manner of hawks, and water birds abound in the skies, the swamps, and grass fields.  Florida Panther, American Alligator, Crocodile, Whitetail Deer, Raccoon, Otter, Eastern Indigo Snake, and many others hide in plain sight, just off the trail’s edge, so watch your step.  The fishing can be quite spectacular in both the fresh and saltwater sections of the park so be sure to take a couple rods rigged for everything from bass and bluegill to redfish and tarpon.  The plant life including wild orchids is spectacular but much of it takes an adventurous heart to experience since you can’t see everything from a parking lot.


So take a trip south and experience what this state used to be like back in the days before computers, cell towers, high-rise hotels, and strip malls.  Commune with nature for a while and enjoy the peace and quiet of Everglades National Park.

Brian “Beastman” Eastman

White River Fly Shop

Outdoor World Orlando