This Weekend @ Bass Pro Shops Altoona - It's a Hometown Festival Celebration!

This weekend we're saying good-by to summer and hello to fall with a Labor Day Weekend festival just like the good ol' days!

All the fun starts at noon with fun games, like the prize wheel, duck pond, face painting, free crafts, AND a free photo download!

Of course, we'll have food, too!
Free hot dogs - 1-4 p.m.
Free funnel cake samples - 1-4 p.m.

Free apple cobbler samples - 2-5 p.m.


While here, adults can enter for a chance to win a 2016 Pro 170 Vintage Boat Package!

It's also Boy Scouts month at all Bass Pro Shops, so we encourage you to "ROUND UP" your purchase to support the Scouts this month!





Coming up? It's the Fall Fishing Event, Sept. 26 ad 27!


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Clearance Clearance Clearance

Every where you look you can see clearance right now.  From footwear to our gifts department the savings that you will find will make your pocket book or wallets sing for joy.  Do you want to get an early start on some Christmas shopping? Then now is the time to come in and start that pre-christmas shopping.  Even if you just want to stock up a gift closet so that you always have something on hand for those last minute birthday presents.



Now who does not want to save on some stylish footwear.  Just think with the money that you save from shopping our clearance selection you will be able to get more then one pair.  Your friends will be green with envy when they see your stylish footwear that you just got at a steal.

And don't forget about the apparel department.  The selection of clearance items is great from shorts to pants to even that perfect top to complete the look.  There is even clearance jewelry for the ladies. They always have that perfect out fit those new shoes that you got in footwear.  And just think you will still have enough money to go out on the town with the girls or even that handsome guy in your life.


So don't forget to check out all the great clearance deals at Bass Pro Shops at Leeds, AL.


Captain Mack's Weekly Fishing Report

Lake Lanier is 1.75 feet below full and the surface temps are in the mid 80’s. Fishing has been very good for Stripers, and Bass, we’ll give the Crappie fishing a fair rating.

Striper fishing has been very good and there are several techniques that are producing nice catches right now. Live Herring on the down rods are very effective, with some fish still taking weighted flat lines in the early am hours. There are even a few of the smaller Stripers pushing bait up to the surface in the first hour of the day, keep a top water, small jig, Flex-It Spoon,or a game changer tied on  to cast to the schoolers. Also, when you see surfacing fish, even if you think they are all Spots, or if they sound, go over and do a quick sonar check, often you will see the fish in 25 to 40 feet, waiting for you to send down a bait!

Umbrellas are still working well and are accounting for some very good numbers. Pull the rigs into pockets and coves adjacent to creek channels or the river channel, and pull all the back to a 30 foot bottom as many of the fish are still working into the backs of these areas. If you see big concentrations of fish, clear the rigs and send the Herring down, and/or start power reeling a buck tail.

As the water heats more Stripers are gravitating to the River channel and the major creek channels. Lead core is a good option here, a 1 or 1.5 oz. chipmunk jig 7 or 8 colors back is a good combo. This bite is just developing and is not producing huge numbers, but the average size has been very good. Overall Striper fishing has been good all day, but I think the bite is best in the early am and late evening hours.

Bass fishing is good and if you are out early watch for the schoolers! We are seeing a lot of surfacing fish for the first couple of hours of daylight, Zara Spooks, Chug Bugs and small buck tails will be good choices for this pattern. After the surface activity slows, concentrate your efforts on brush in the 20 to 30 foot range. Jigs, and worms are both effective for the brush bite, and the drop shot will be hard to beat for numbers and consistency. Don’t rule out a spoon, if you can see any decent concentrations of fish on the bottom, drop a Flex-it down to them and hang on! The Flex-It spoon is also very effective when cast to the schooling fish, it’s weight and compact size allow for long casts making those far away fish a little easier to reach!

Crappie fishing is just ok, it is not so much that the fish are not biting, it is more a matter of the fish being really deep.  Many of the fish are 20 feet or deeper making it very difficult and very slow to present small jigs in those depths. Try fishing two jigs on a tandem rig, this allows you to fish a small bait, but it will sink into the strike zone much more quickly when you double the weight. Live minnows on a downline are a good choice for these deep fish as well. Night fishing under the bridges in the upper parts of the lake can also be very effective and a good way to beat the heat and boat traffic. Live minnows or very small threadfin shad are the baits of choice for this pattern

Good Fishing!

Capt. Mack

Email any inquiries to Capt. Mack @ or Visit Capt. Mack online @


Captain Mack's Weekly Fishing Report

Striper fishing is very good and the patterns are very typical for this time of year. Herring on the downlines are producing well and will continue to be a primary technique throughout the summer. Fishing the downlines around 25 to 30 feet over a 30 to 50 foot bottom has been very productive in recent weeks, but as always, watch the sonar and place your baits slightly above the fish for the best results.

Trolling remains a great option and the umbrellas are also producing well. This pattern has changed in the last few days and you find that you need to pull the rig a little deeper to get the bite. Humps and, points are still productive areas, and there are good numbers of fish in the pockets adjacent to creek channels, over a 30 to 50 foot bottom. In addition to those patterns, we are seeing more and more fish move out over the creek channels and the old river channel as is to be expected as we enter into July. If you have downriggers, now is the time to utilize them! Downriggers are a very effective tool and can be extremely productive on the Stripers, Umbrellas, Single jigs, Spoons, and a variety of plugs are all effective behind the downriggers.

The bass are really settling into their deep water summer homes and we are seeing some nice concentrations of fish. Main lake brush is, and probably will be the dominant structure now that the surface temps have climbed into the mid to upper 80’s.  Look for brush on the main lake humps and points. Casting swimbaits and topwaters over these piles should get the bite, and may get you hooked up to some big Spotted Bass. Now that the water has warmed, you can fish either of these two types with a brisk retrieve, a faster pace may help trigger the bite. After you have caught a couple with the top water/swimbait, follow it up with a Roboworm on the shaky head or the Texas rig and you should get a couple more bonus bites. Almost any shade of the Roboworms are effective, but Morning Dawn, Aaron’s Morning dawn, Prizm Kraw and Baby Bluegill have all been good color patterns in recent days.

Night fishing is still a viable option, and will definitely be cooler! Look for the fish to be using main lake humps and points, basically the same areas you fish during the day, but perhaps not quite as deep. The bass will often move into slightly shallower water, think 12 to 25 feet after the sun sets. Crankbaits, worms and big bladed spinnerbaits are all good options after dark.

Crappie fishing is good, but now that many of the fish are in 18 to 25 feet deep, it is a painstakingly slow process. Fishing minnows on a downline as opposed to casting small jigs is a good option and is often a more efficient method for these deeper fish. Brush piles, docks with brush and bridge pilings are all good structures to search for the Crappie and the upper part of the lake is probably the most productive area.

Night fishing is also a good option to target the Crappie, and dropping a submersible light on any of the above mentioned structures can be a great technique. Tying up under the bridges after sunset and putting out a big spread of lights is also a good technique going into the summer.

Good Fishing!

Capt. Mack

Email any inquiries to Capt. Mack @ or Visit Capt. Mack online @


Fall Hunting Boots

It sure is a beautiful time of year, fall is quickly approaching. The leaves will soon start changing, crisp cool air, and of course HUNTING SEASON! What better way to gear up for the season than with a new pair of hunting boots.

With hunting boots there are a few things you need to consider. First consider what time of year you will be wearing them:  Early season, mid-season, or late season. This will affect how much insulation you need. Also consider the terrain you will be hunting on and how much walking you will be doing, this will affect height as well as how aggressive of tread you will need.

Last but not least you will want to think about socks, a good sock with a good liner is very important. We have many choices when it comes to socks and liners, but my favorite is our RedHead lifetime warranty wool sock. It sports 82% wool to keep you warm and comfortable as well as reinforced heel and toe stitching, and the BEST part of all is the LIFETIME WARRANTY. Paired with a polypropylene sock liner you are sure to keep warm, dry, and comfortable on your outdoor adventure.  What gets better than that?!?!


We have MANY choices as far as hunting boots are concerned so I will only highlight a few. We carry several different brands here at your Independence Bass Pro Shops: Danner, RedHead, Rocky, SHE, and Wolverine.

Within these brands we have many choices to meet the needs of any hunter. We have insulation ratings from non-insulated all the way up to 1600 grams. All of our hunting boots are 100% waterproof and some may be available in wide widths. We also have heights ranging from 6 in to 12 in with many different types of tread. As you can see we have many great options.

Stop by your Independence Bass Pro shops to see our full selection, we would love to help you find the perfect boot to fit your needs! See you soon!

Must Have Footwear For Your Hunting Adventures

Hunting Boots for Women


Hometown Festival

I can’t believe summer is almost over, but it is time for another great family event at Bass Pro Shops in Sevierville. The Hometown Festival is a family favorite with activities for every member of the family:

  • FREE Photo Download
  • FREE Casting Buckets
  • FREE Ring Toss
  • Free Duck Pond- Pick a duck for a chance to win a prize
  • FREE Craft
  • FREE Face Painting


And lots of product Demos-


  • FREE Funnel Cake Samples          1-4 pm (while supplies last)
  • FREE Hot Dogs                                  1-4 pm (while supplies last)
  • FREE Apple Cobbler Samples      2-5 pm (while supplies last)


So come on by and let’s send summer out in Bass Pro Style!!!

~ The Events Team











Who is ready for some fun?  Look no further than your local Bass Pro Shops.  Here in Auburn, NY we will have some great family activities that everyone will enjoy.  Take a quick look below to see what we have going on.  To make it even better, all the activities  at Bass Pro Shops are FREE!

DATE:  Sept. 5 & 6

TIME:  12-5PM

Photos - Any age can have their picture taken and we will send it directly to your email or smart phone.


FREE - Hotdog 1-4pm

FREE - Funnel Cake, and Cobbler Samples  1-4pm

Ring toss - Casting Buckets - Duck Pond :  Take a chance and you may win a prize!

Craft - Color a draw string bag! (while supplies last)















Face painting - Get into the spirit of a carnival with face painting!

For the adults take a chance to win our Throwback Sweepstakes.  One winner nationally will enter for a chance to win a 2016 Pro 170 Vintage Boat Package!

So why not stop on by for all the fun!


Outdoor Cooking Primer - Slow Cooker Chicken Mole'

I've always been intrigued by the idea of mole' sauce (pronounced moh-lay - not mole, like the varmint that tears up your yard!) - dark chocolate, cinnamon, and spicy heat in a warm blend. My husband was not quite as eager - "It has to taste better than it sounds."

It did...and received two thumbs up from both of us.

Since I like to use what is on hand, here are the changes I incorporated from the original recipe, from  Chicken legs, instead of thighs, dried cranberries instead of raisins, 1 quart jar of home-canned tomatoes, in lieu of 1 can of whole tomatoes, and the recipe actually calls for 2 dried ancho chiles, stemmed. I didn't have those, but have a large supply of smoked, dried, and crushed poblano pepper, so threw in about two tablespoons of that. Added a nice smoky flavor!

Slow Cooker Chicken Mole'

4 pounds boneless, skinless chicken thighs (about 12) (We used about 15 chicken legs, skinless)
1 can (28 ounces) whole tomatoes (we used 1 quart jar of home-canned tomatoes from our garden)
1 medium yellow onion, roughly chopped
2 dried ancho chiles, stemmed (I used 2 Tbsp smoked, dried, crushed poblano)
1 large chipotle chile in adobo sauce
1/2 C sliced almonds, toasted
1/4 raisins (I used dried cranberries)
3 ounces bittersweet chocolate, finely chopped
3 garlic cloves, smashed & peeled
3 Tbsp extra-virgin olive oil
3/4 tsp ground cumin
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon

Season the chicken with salt and put in a slow cooker. In a blender (I used a food processor), puree the tomatoes, onion, ancho and chipotle chiles, almonds, raisins (or cranberries), chocolate, garlic, oil, cumin, and cinnamon until smooth.

Add tomato mixture to the slow cooker over the chicken. Cook on high until chicken is tender. I went 6 hours on high. Serve it over rice - I used my favorite yellow rice.

Now, I didn't take the skin off  the legs, because they really didn't have much, so I skimmed off a little bit of grease. In the end, it all blended in very well.

The best thing about this recipe? Since there are only two of us, there were quite a few chicken legs left. I took the meat off the bones, threw it in the leftover sauce, dumped it all in a freezer bag and I have the base for an AWESOME first batch of chili this fall!



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Fishy Facts: Striped Bass

One of my absolute favorite things about working here are the fish feedings. We have three large aquatic homes for our fishy friends (I don’t like to use the word tank, unless talking about military history). There is a saltwater exhibit in the Islamorada Fish Company. Our Trout Stream gets fed every day at 1:30, and people can even help feed the fish if they are there early enough. And the big show takes place at our Main Tank, which gets fed Saturdays and Sundays at 2PM and Tuesday at 6PM. One of my favorite fish to watch during the Main Tank feedings is definitely our striped bass. Those guys SLAM whatever we toss into the tank! They are extremely fast and voracious predators, and just look cool. And for that reason they will be the star of this month’s Fishy Facts blog!

My love for the striped bass goes back years before I even entered my first Bass Pro Shops. For some reason, I had always been keen on catching this one. (Sadly, I still have yet to.) I honestly think it is their impressive size and cool coloring that gets me about them. They are a longer, streamlined fish with mostly silver-gray coloring and distinctive black stripes. They use their streamlined body to reach impressive speeds, which always make for an exciting fight.

Striped bass are believed to be able to live over twenty-five years and on average grow up to 40 inches. The largest (scientifically) recorded weight for one is 126lbs! (I put in there scientifically, because I am sure some old-timer somewhere has caught one larger than that.) They are native to the Atlantic coastline of North America, but have been heavily planted elsewhere. They are anadromous fish, which means they live in both salt and fresh water.

Pretty much since there has been a history of people living near these fishes native area, there has been a history of catching them. They were an extremely important food source for early colonials. The love of these fish has grown with us as a nation from the beginning and the striped bass is now recognized as the fresh water state fish for three states and the salt water state fish for four states.

Like most fish, the striped bass has several common names given to it. These names include:  striper, rockfish, rock, linesider and pimpfish.

Striped bass are a prized sport-fish, due their powerful fights and delicious taste. There are numerous ways to fish for these, and is mostly dependent upon the area you are in. I personally love the idea of catching a landlocked striped bass while they slam a boil and then catching one while surf-fishing in the ocean. (A boil is a common term used to explain when a bunch of larger fish start attacking a ball of baitfish towards the surface of the water. With all the activity it looks like the water is boiling. Looking for birds attacking a certain spot on the water is also a good indicator of feeding action.)

Many times with these blogs, we have to cover the current condition and any conservation efforts to protect the fish. Sometimes they are not the most opportunistic. But in this case, we have great news and a perfect example of groups coming together to protect our beloved fish. In 1982 the striped bass population had declined to below 5 million. Thanks to multiple sources of resources, effort and support the population grew back to 56 million striped bass by 2007! This is a clear example of how everyone can work together for something bigger than themselves.


Former Fishy Facts:

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Brook Trout Bow Fishing Bowfin Common Snook World Fish Migration Day

Yellow Perch American Paddlefish Cutthroat Trout


Boy Scout Month - A Compass for Life!

For over a century, Boy Scouts of America has developed our future leaders. Once again, Bass Pro Shops is saluting Boy Scouts with a month devoted to helping educate them, raise money, which will benefit our local council, and Provide a Compass for Life!

In September, you can round up your purchases at Bass Pro Shops Altoona during Boy Scouts of America Donation Month. Half of the donations collected will go to the Mid-Iowa Council.

The Mid-Iowa Council was formed in 1914 as the Des Moines Council. Several other councils formed and, as scouting and the local area grew, the councils merged, gradually becoming the Mid-Iowa Council in the 1970s.

Thousands of boys have had adventures at Camp Mitigwa and learned the ideas and ideals of scouting - a dedication to youth, community, and a better future.

Show your support for scouting by stopping in and rounding up!

Additionally, we are once again offering classes to help Boy Scouts work towards earning their Fishing and Rifle Shooting Merit Badges. Classes are held Tuesdays and Thursdays, Sept 1-29. Limit of 10 per class. PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED! Call 515-957-5500 or stop at the Customer Service counter.

Tuesday, Sept. 1        Fishing
Thursday, Sept. 3       Rifle Shooting
Tuesday, Sept. 8        Rifle Shooting
Thursday, Sept. 10     Fishing
Tuesday, Sept. 15      Fishing
Thursday, Sept. 17     Rifle Shooting
Tuesday, Sept. 22      Rifle Shooting
Thursday, Sept. 24     Fishing
Tuesday, Sept. 29      Fishing


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Captain MAck's Weekly FIshing Report

Striper fishing continues to be outstanding, both for numbers and size. The techniques and methods are very typical of August and there has been little or no change in the patterns in recent days. Since that is the case, I can devote a little more time to technique and really get your game tweaked!

Power reeling has been off the hook, and I would actually give it the nod as the best technique. Parker spoons and 2 oz. Chipmunks are the baits of choice. The specifics of the power reeling are varied, but here is what I think is the best technique and why: many anglers want to jig the bait or fish it at specific depths. To maximize the power reeling, drop the spoon all the way to the bottom, or to the top of the timber, and reel it back up to 30 feet, then repeat until you get a bite. The reason I advocate this is simple, by reeling all the way through the water column, as opposed to jigging it in place, you are showing your bait to huge numbers of fish! A stationary bait may get the bite, but by moving the bait up and down continuously, it becomes an extremely high saturation technique.

The Live Herring Downline bite is still very good, and there is a footnote for this technique as well. Many of the fish will take the bait, and move up. This can be a hard fish to catch as upward movement creates slack as opposed to when the fish grabs the bait and swims down pulling the line tight. To counteract this when the line goes slack just grab the reel handle and start cranking until you catch up to the fish. This is not uncommon for this time of year, I am not sure why the fish do this, just be prepared for that type of bite.

Look for the fish to be on the Lower end creek channels or on the river channel anywhere from 30 to 120 feet deep. Trolling remains a viable technique, Chipmunk jigs on the leadcore 8 or 9 colors out will get the bite, and leadcore trolling is a very good way to search for fish.

Bass Fishing is good, especially relative to this time of year. There are plenty of Spotted Bass on the deep humps, anywhere from 20 to 45 feet deep. As a general rule, the deeper fish are a little more stable and easier to catch. Worms are the big producers, drop shots are the favorite rig but the Texas Rig will also produce. Jigs will also get the bite on these deep fish and may get the big bite. An attractant such as JJ’s magic will be a plus. Roboworms in the Green Shiner, Aarons Magic and Prizm Perch are among many good color choices right now.

We are going to upgrade Crappie fishing to good! Like most of our fish, deep is good, think 15 to 25 feet, around free standing brush. Of course a dock with brush in the same depth range is a good structure as are up lake bridge pillars. The Bobby garland plastics are the go to bait right now, but a live minnow on a downline will also be effective. Bridge fishing after hours is also a good choice for the Crappie.  Hang lots of submersibles (green Lights are the best), stagger a spread of live minnows, and a fish dinner should be in your future!

Good Fishing!

Capt. Mack

Email any inquiries to Capt. Mack @ or Visit Capt. Mack online @


This Weekend @ Bass Pro Shops Altoona - 2015 Fall Hunting Classic

It's the second and LAST weekend of the Fall Hunting Classic! We welcome all those sportsmen and sportswomen who are ready for hunting season to begin! Be ready for dove, deer, and waterfowl!

This weekend it's all about the kids with another fantastic Next Generation Weekend, PLUS our popular Women in Hunting Seminar!

Next Generation Weekend - Aug. 29-30

11 a.m. - 4 p.m. both days!

  • 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. each day - Free youth archery workshops: "Let's Try Archery!"
  • Plus the BB Shooting Range and Archery Challenge!
  • Free Photo Download - Kids get a free photo on the cover of Bass Pro Shops Adventure Kids magazine or look like you're being photobombed by a deer! Your choice!
  • Free Crafts and giveaways, too!

While you're here take advantage of these trade-in opportunities and help others!

August 29, 3 p.m. - Women in Hunting

Join us to welcome Maria Young - Dressed to Kill TV, for our Women in Hunting seminar! Wife, huntress, mom of three young huntresses - she does it all and so can YOU! Learn about the fun and the challenges she has encountered being a woman in hunting and how she is getting her girls involved in hunting, too!


Hunting Boot Trade-in: Save up to $40! Donate hunting or rubber boots and receive a discount certificate to use towards the purchase of hunting boots Aug. 21-30. Boots MUST be in good working condition and will be donated to Soles 4 Souls.

Game Camera Trade-in: Donate a working game camera and save up to $100 on a new camera Aug. 21-30. Donated cameras must be in good condition and they will be donated to local organizations.

Scope Trade-in: Donate working riflescopes and receive up to $100 off the purchase of a new one! Donations will be passed along to local organizations.

Complete details on all promotions and events at!

Second Amendment Instant Savings on Guns and Safes!

Purchase a gun or safe with your Bass Pro Shops MasterCard and receive an instant saving up to $100!

Plus, enter for a chance to win a hunting trip to Argentina with Doug Koenig!


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Outdoor Cooking Primer - Venison Eggplant Casserole

Summertime gardens mean generous people bringing in bounty to share at work. Recently someone brought some eggplants in and, being open to new things, I took one. I did some snooping online and found this recipe from the Missouri Department of Conservation and gave it a whirl. It could be retitled Venison Eggplant Lasagna because of the layers. Either way, enjoy!

Venison Eggplant Casserole

1 1/2 lbs ground venison (we used 2 lbs)
1 C Marinara Sauce
1 C chopped onions
1 C water
1 clove garlic, minced
3/4 C dry red wine (we used Merlot)
3 T olive oil
1 1/2  tsp dried basil leaf
1/2 tsp dried oregano leaf
1 medium eggplant, peeled and sliced into about 1/2" slices (1 lb) (I found it easier to slice first and then peel the individual slices.)
1/2 C olive oil
1/2 C grated Parmesan cheese
1 package of Provolone Cheese slices (about 12 slices)

Brown venison with onion and garlic in 3 Tbsp of olive oil. Add marinara sauce, water, wine, basil and oregano. Cover and simmer 2 minutes.

Saute the eggplant slices in 1/4 olive oil until golden. You will need to do this in two batches, more than likely. Put them to the side on a paper plate and paper towels as you cook them. Once all the eggplant is browned, cover the bottom of a shallow baking dish with them. Spoon half of the meat sauce over the eggplant and sprinkle with the Parmesan cheese. Spoon the rest of the meat sauce over that and top with the provolone sliced. Bake at 350 for 20-30 minutes. Serve with some nice crusty bread!


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Boy Scout Month

Due to the popularity and demand for Boy Scout Merit Badge classes, Bass Pro Shops stores nationwide have teamed up with the Boy Scouts Of America and will be conducting Fishing and Rifle Shooting Merit Badge Classes.

These classes will make progress toward earning a merit badge, we do not award them at the store. They will be scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursday starting promptly at 6pm. A Bass Pro Shops Certified Merit Badge Instructor will be on hand to assist with certification. Classes will be limited to the first 10 students. Please call us at (757) 262-5200 and ask for the Operator to register for classes. All classes will take approx 2+hrs to complete.

Merit Badge Class Schedule:

Fishing: Tuesday September 1 at 6:00pm

Rifle Shooting: Thursday September 3 at 6:00pm

Rifle Shooting: Tuesday September 8 at 6:00pm

Fishing: Thursday September 10 at 6:00pm

Fishing: Tuesday September 15 at 6:00pm

Rifle Shooting: Thursday September 17 at 6:00pm

Rifle Shooting: Tuesday September 22 at 6:00pm

Fishing: Thursday September 24 at 6:00pm

Fishing: Tuesday September 29 at 6:00pm

Below are two links that explain what will be required in order to participate in the class.


Rifle Shooting:


Bow Review - The BlackOut Intrigue

For years, Bass Pro Shops has offered premium bow packages at attractive prices.  Though, the most recent models including the Kronik XT, Toxik XT, and Blackout SS were marketed for taller, more seasoned archers.

This year, Bass Pro Shops presents the new BlackOut Intrigue, a competitive, single-cam, grow-with-you bow with an IBO of 313 feet per second, 80% let-off.  It maintains its performance at all points of the spectrum, whether it is the shortest, lightest setting, middle of the road, or longest, highest setting.    


The wide range of draw settings makes it appealing to archers of all ages and sizes.  The draw weight has a whopping 50 pounds of adjust-ability, from 20-70 pounds.  The draw length is just as flexible, starting at 23” and peaking at 30”.

The Intrigue is extremely convenient for all hunting environments, whether out of a ground blind or from the midst of leaves in a tree stand, even if you have to trek to reach your secret hunting spot, as its axle-to-axle measures 31 and it weighs in at only 3.3 pounds.

What might be even more exciting than its variability and convenience is the fact that the Intrigue is offered in purple accent, and in case you’ve been hibernating, purple is the new pink of the archery world.  The riser dons Realtree Xtra with carbon fiber patterned limbs.

Along with all Blackout bows, the Intrigue comes in a complete bow package: easy to use 3-pin Apex sight, 3-point contact Hostage arrow rest, Octane 5” Ultra Lite stabilizer, wrist sling, D-loop, and self-aligning peep sight.

Compound Bow Buyer's Guide

Archery Season is Here and We Have a Bow for You!


Biggest and Longest Lunar Eclipse in Years this September!

Set your sights towards the heavens on the night of Sunday, September 27th for one of the longest and biggest total Lunar eclipses you may ever see!  The Moon will be closest to the Earth less than an hour before mid-eclipse, thus appearing closer and larger than any recent eclipses.  For those of us in the Central Time Zone, the penumbral phase of the eclipse will begin at 7:40 p.m.; partial eclipse begins at 8:07 p.m.; with the total eclipse beginning at 9:11 p.m. and lasting through 10:23 p.m., a whopping one hour and 12 minutes of totality!  Partial eclipse ends at 12:27 p.m. and the final penumbral stage will end at 11:55.

The Moon should exhibit a deep orange or reddish glow during totality.  This is the light that comes from the sunrises and sunsets on the Earth.  Depending on the amount of particulates in the upper atmosphere due to the several volcanic eruptions in recent months, totality could be a much darker red or even nearly black.

This will be the most favorable total Lunar eclipse for most of the eastern half of North America for some years to come.  Get outside with just your eyes, binoculars, or even a telescope to see this wonderful act of Nature!  Bass Pro Shops has a wide selection of binoculars suited to astronomy that can also be used for other viewing pursuits.

Here's hoping for clear skies!

Gary Feduccia

Photo by Cynthia Lea Howard


Summer Salmon Fishing in Alaska


         Every year in the summer months of June or July, I host a group to visit the Alagnak Lodge in the legendary Bristol Bay region of Alaska. This year my planning had a bitter sweet cloak as one of my best friends who is the marketing manager had left my and formerly his home state of Virginia to move to Kuwait. His wife had accepted an offer to join a pediatric group there and he will continue to be a stay at home parent. He tried valiantly to arrange a schedule for our annual visit but at the last minute was unable to make it.

          This year’s group now consisted of a father with an adult daughter from Virginia and two friends from the archipelago of Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. One of these two guys owns Despedida Lodge. Trust me that’s a long ways to come to go fishing! I could only hope they would think this arduous amount of travel was worth the effort! I had completed the planning for the group to meet in Anchorage and travel from there to King Salmon where we boarded a chartered float plane for the half hour ride over the tundra to the lodge. All went well and we all enjoyed a low calm flight where we saw nesting swans and some groups of the young born earlier.

         Once at the lodge we were shown to our rooms where the guides had placed the luggage while we were provided lunch and a brief introduction to the planned fishing periods. We assembled gear and gathered at the dock. It was explained in pre-trip letters that we would be targeting Chum (Dog) Salmon during our week. This species is known for its explosive strikes and strong, long runs. We attached short four foot 20 lb. fluorocarbon leader to the floating fly lines. The guides provided and tied on their own versions of flies that were pink, purple and mylar blend flash material with loop knots that allowed the flies to articulate. The guide selected a sand bar a short distance from the dock still in view of the lodge and anchored. 

         Alagnak guides performed brief but necessary boat safety explanations then make suggestions about casting weighted flies in the company of others! This is one case when a tight loop is not proper! The fishermen have a choice of casting from the boat or wading on a hard sand bottom in three feet of water. The fish are constantly coming across the sand bar in waves….wave, after wave, after wave. This is great fun for the fishers that are paired. Double hook ups are very, very common. The cast is made at 45 degrees downstream and the fly is allowed to swing in the current until below the angler then left to sway in the current a bit before a slow erratic retrieve.

           During our visit the third week in July the King Salmon (Chinook) should have completed their run….those trolling incoming tides using very stout boat rods with wobbling lures were still catching very large bright fish! Sockeye Salmon (Red Salmon) were still around but not in great numbers. An early Silver (Coho Salmon) was caught the day we departed, early for that run. All salmon species on the Alagnak were long and strong. This river is legendary in supporting species and good upriver Rainbow Trout fishing as well. Fly outs were available daily but no one felt they were needed with what was right at the lodge!

          The steps (48) from the lodge to river seemed a bit steeper this year as I am dangerously close to 8 decades use of life’s calendar. I plan to be there next year and already have a few committed to the group.  If all goes as I plan it I will be returning to Nicaragua for a demonstration to guides of the Rio Indio Lodge.  The New Guinea trip for this November is ALMOST the bottom of my bucket list…we shall see?

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  -Harry Robertson

 Pro Staff at Bass Pro Shops - Richmond, VA                                                                    

A busted trip to Nicaragua Fly Fishing on the Big Hole River in Montana


Free Seminar -Women In Hunting, with Maria Young

According to statistics from the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the number of female hunters increased from almost 14% to 16.5% between 2002 and 2009. Increases were across the board in archery, firearms, and muzzleloader, with participation in muzzleloader hunting actually more than doubling.

According to research, 72 percent more women are hunting with firearms today than just five years ago. And 50 percent more women are now target shooting.

So, how does a woman get started in hunting? What are the challenges? What can you expect?

This is YOUR chance to learn at the 2015 Fall Hunting Classic:

Saturday, August 29, 3 p.m. - Maria Young, "Women in Hunting"

Iowan Maria Young does it all and you can, too!

In Maria's own words, she is a Mother, wife, huntress, and  entrepreneur. I have a passion for life and helping others succeed."  She got into hunting as a way to enjoy the outdoors with her husband. She is passing that passion on to her three daughters.

Come meet Maria and learn more about the benefits and rewards of hunting, including more time with your family!

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Top That: Ladies’ T-Shirts

A little while back, my wife and I were shopping around for her upcoming camping trip. We got a tent, propane and so forth and so on. But one thing I was concerned about for her was clothing. (Yes, a man caring about clothing.) She was after-all going on this trip with all of her co-workers. And scrubs may be great for work, but not camping. So being the best-husband-in-the-world that I am, walked around with her picking out clothes.

Now she was going to be outdoors so she needed proper clothing. Anyone who has ever been camping knows you’ll probably get a little dirty. She was also going to participate in a ropes course, so she would be extremely active. So what she needed were some cute shirts that were OK to get a little messy. Luckily, Bass Pro had our bases well covered!

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“I HEART Blind Dates” “Playin’ the Field” “Hunting is my Cardio” “I Fish on the First Date” “I Don’t Wear Bows, I Shoot Them” “Act Like A Lady, Shoot Like A Boss” “This Girl Doesn’t Retreat, She Reloads” “Just a Small Town Fishin’ Girl” and my personal favorite “Hotter than a Campfire”

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2015 Fall Hunting Classic


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