rods and reels You Can Be Proud Of

Saltwater Seminars, Vendors & More In Store Only It’s time to mark your calendars for the Bass Pro Shops Saltwater Event. Throughout the weekend there will be vendors such as Accurate, Daiwa and Seeker with Representatives in store to answer all your specific product needs. Also Captains Frank Ursitti and Tucker McCombs will be hosting seminars discussing gear and techniques to catch that prize fish. Visit the following link for more information about this event.

Frigate Reels: Now On Sale Also it is a great time to restock your gear with great sales on Offshore Angler Products such as the Frigate Spinning Reels. With sizes from 3000 to 8000, these reels will fit any angler’s inshore and offshore needs. These reels will be on sale from $69.99 to $89.99 until November 9th. Check out the following link for more information about this great product.

New Johnny Morris Carbon lite In Store Now One of our most popular low profile reels is now featured in a white finish. Weighing in at only 5.8 ounces and featuring six alternating carbon and stainless steel drag washers. The Carbon lite is one of the lightest and strongest reels on the market. Also priced at $129.99 the Carbon lite is one of the most affordable lightweight reel on the market. This reel is available right-handed in 5:4:1, 6:4:1 and 7:1:1 gear ratio. Currently left-handed reels are only available in 6:4:1 gear ratio.





10 reasons wearing Flannel is the best

  1. It’s like wearing a blanket, a socially acceptable blanket
  2. You’re automatically fashionable without the discomfort
  3. With so many pattern choices and colors, you could wear a flannel shirt everyday and never get bored
  4. It looks good on both men and women, let’s be honest
  5. Your beard grows twice as fast when you wear it (if you’re a man)
  6. It’s versatile, you can wear it to church, work and on a date
  7. If you put on a flannel, you can automatically cut down a tree
  8. It’s great if your car breaks down- keeps you warm
  9. It can double as a Halloween costume
  10. Bass Pro Shops sells the best flannel
Fall Flannel Fest Flannel is a staple of the Fall season—and you know the best place to get flannel is Bass Pro Shops! We’ve got a wide selection from all of your favorite brands; RedHead, Ascend, Natural Reflections, Bob Timberlake, Carhartt, Columbia, and more. Come experience Fall Flannel Fest only at Bass Pro Shops until Nov. 9! #FlannelFest

From the Classroom to the Outdoors

Teacher and coach, Mike Anderson, wants to give his students a new lesson. One that finds them experiencing new outdoor activities and establishing a passion and respect for the outdoors like he holds.

Anderson has started the Outdoor Adventure Club at Grinnell High School in Grinnell, Iowa, where he teaches special education, physical education and coaches boys track and football. He's certainly use to an active lifestyle, teaching and coaching over 20 years between Iowa and Ohio, and before that serving in the Air Force/Air National Guard. 

The idea for the club actually originated with some students.

"I had some interest by students in such a program last spring. I did a lot of research during the spring and summer about what it takes to start up a program. After my research, I became more and more excited. I love being in the outdoors, have been a Boy Scout leader for many years, and wanted to find a way to get kids interested and experience the outdoors instead of sitting at home playing games, texting or hanging out on the corner."

Anderson has always loved being outdoors, which he says started in the scouts and grew when he was in high school, working as a YMCA counselor teaching outdoor activities. He says he loves to backpack/camp, canoe/kayak and climb, "when my body allows it," exploring and hiking in areas of the country that are new to him.

He wants to pass that enthusiasm on through the Outdoor Adventure Club, designed to offer outdoor recreational and leadership opportunities to students.

"This club is perfect for students who love to expand their horizons and go above and beyond a normal classroom setting.  The students are provided with the opportunity to develop leadership, growth, and team building by actively getting involved in the learning experience."

The Club has gone canoeing three times and Anderson says he plans to introduce students to more of the local area outdoor opportunities, along with trying to organize one trip/service learning experience a month that will take place on the weekends during the school year, and one long trip in the summer. Various activities will include camping, backpacking, canoe/kayaking, fishing, skiing, survival skills, and more.

The Outdoor Adventures Club is not a school-sponsored activity. It's open to any student regardless of their socioeconomic background, however, Anderson says many students have signed up, but don't have either the financial means or equipment to participate BPS Altoona recently donated items to help the Club and Anderson continues to look for ways to help more students be involved, and get INTRODUCED t,o the great outdoors through the Grinnell High School Outdoor Adventure Club!

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How to Hunt....





Do you want to start hunting? Or maybe you have questions on how to be more successful... come to your Bass Pro Shops for all your answers!

This weekend is for you!!!

On November 1, 2014 one of our own RedHead Field Staff, JR Adkins will be with us in the Hunting Department. JR is an outstanding hunter and fisherman. He is from the Rogersville area and knows the woods like the back of his hand.


  • 1 pm  Become a Better Bowhunter

Take the mystery out of gearing up for bowhunting. Learn how to select releases, arrows and broadheads that work for you.

  • 2 pm  How to Select the Right Guns and Ammo

Whatever hunting you plan to do, our experts will answer your questions and make it easy to pick the perfect rifle, shotgun or handgun.

  • 3 pm  What You Should Know Before Buying Optics

A Bass Pro Shops expert will give you an inside look at the features you should consider when shopping for scopes, rangefinders or binoculars.



Attend any of the seminars and register for a chance to win a FREE pair of NIKON Prostaff 7S 10x42 Binoculars!!

You must be 18 yrs or older to enter. Drawing held at the completion of the last seminar at 4 pm. You must be present to win.



Outdoor Cooking Primer - Slow Cooker Double Chocolate Bread Pudding

Time to break out the slow cooker and get down to some serious experimenting! Found this recipe online from Taste of Home. Honestly, there are many desserts that can be made in the slow cooker, which never goes wrong in my house!

That's a strawberry sauce on it in the picture. Chocolate and strawberries...ALWAYS a winning combination!

Slow Cooker Double Chocolate Bread Pudding

    Nonstick cooking spray
    3 cups whole milk
    1 cup sugar (I used fake sugar)
    1/4 cup butter
    1 cup semisweet chocolate pieces
    2/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
    1 tablespoon vanilla
    4 eggs, lightly beaten
    6 cups dry 3/4-inch Italian bread cubes* (If you want to make this NOW and don't have dried cubes laying around, see the tip below!)   

Strawberry Sauce

1 16 - ounce container frozen sliced strawberries in syrup, thawed (I used one bag of frozen strawberries, which created their own syrup.)
1/3 cup strawberry preserves


    Lightly coat the inside of a 3 1/2- or 4-quart slow cooker with cooking spray. Set cooker aside.
    In a medium saucepan, heat milk, sugar and butter over medium heat until very warm but not boiling, stirring occasionally to dissolve sugar. Remove from heat. Add chocolate pieces and cocoa powder (do not stir); let stand for 5 minutes. Add vanilla. Whisk until smooth; cool slightly (about 10 minutes).
    In a very large mixing bowl, whisk together eggs and chocolate mixture. Gently stir in bread cubes. Transfer bread mixture to prepared cooker.
    Cover and cook on low-heat setting about 2 1/2 hours or until mixture is puffed and seems set when gently shaken. Turn off cooker. If possible, remove crockery liner from cooker and place on wire rack. Cool, uncovered, for 30 minutes (pudding will fall slightly as it cools).
    Meanwhile, make the strawberry sauce. In a blender or food processor, puree strawberries with their syrup and the strawberry preserves until smooth. Cover; refrigerate until serving.
    To serve, spoon warm pudding into dessert dishes and serve with the strawberry sauce.


    *To make dried bread cubes, cut a soft supermarket Italian bread loaf (not crusty) into 3/4-inch cubes to make 6 cups (you will need about 9 ounces of bread). Spread bread cubes evenly in a 15x10x1-inch baking pan. Bake, uncovered, in a 300 degree oven for 10 to 15 minutes or until cubes are dry, stirring twice. Cool.


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Old Town Canoes

It's not too late to still enjoy some peaceful time out on the water.  The foliage may be just about over, but there is still time to canoe, fish, and just enjoy the fall.  Take your dog, kids, spouse, or just yourself out and enjoy what the Finger Lakes region has.


Old Town Canoe is the largest and best know american canoe manufacturer around.  Their first canoe was made in 1898 behind the Gray Hardware Store in Old Town, Maine.  Old Town incorporated in 1901 and was run as as a family business for decades.  They have top quality canoes and at Bass Pro Shop we carry two of them.


The Old Town Saranac 146 Canoe is perfect for the family and fishing.  The center bench is ideal for a young child, and is a covered storage compartment.  Great stability and value for the money.   This canoe is 14 feet 6 inches.  You will have this canoe for years, and most likely pass it down to your kids.  Just a little longer at 16 feet,  is the Old Town Saranac 160A flat bottom design, narrower shape and slightly lower seats, this has everything the 146 canoe has.   Both canoes have molded carrying handles that offer easy transport, molded rod holders, paddle rests, and cup holders.


























Consider taking a look at these beautiful canoes.  Once you see the quality I think you will consider what a great investment you made for your mental health.


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator




Boo to you too!

(c) Peanuts Worldwide LLC

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Charlie Chaplain? Good man Charlie Brown? No,  "It's the Great Pumpkin!"! And it’ll be here at Bass Pro Shops in Katy, Texas until October 31st when we’ll have to wait until next October for it to return. Children will run rampant, sugar will be consumed, and costumes will be created and destroyed. Prizes will be won and pictures will be taken.






Or it will be on the 31st, until then, we’ll be hunting for hidden treasure and decorating cool crafts and taking pictures with the Peanuts Gang. The night of though – watch out! There will be a costume parade and real pumpkins to decorate while supplies last!!!! We are so excited to see all the scary and adorable creatures that come to trick-or-treat with us here in the store! See you soon boys and girls…


Wire Crab Traps Are Here!

Crab traps and accessories

Bass Pro Shops Savannah has received our first shipment of O&H commercial-style crab traps.  This is a great time of year for a crab boil, and catching your own delicious blue crabs is surprisingly easy!  These new traps are 2 ft by 2 ft, are made of durable PVC-coated wire, and come with rigging materials.  There are two sizes- a single compartment 11-inch tall standard size for $34.99, and a two compartment, 15-inch tall deluxe size for $39.99.  We also have all the rigging line, floats, and other accessories.

Wire Crab Net

If you like hand-lining or catching crabs from a pier or dock, we have everything you need as well!  Our BPS wire-mesh crab baskets are just what you need for crabbing from a pier, bridge, or dock.  We also have the lines, bait clip pins, and everything else you might need. 

Crabbing hand line

Why not take the kid's crabbing as well!  Our BPS crabbing hand lines are weighted with a built in bait pin.  Just throw it out with bait and wait for a tug- then... very... slowly... pull in the line.  We carry long-handled crab nets to scoop up the wary ones before they drop back into the water.  Don't forget, we also have frozen crab bait chicken necks.  You can pick up all your crabbing gear here at Bass Pro Shops Savannah and head straight to the water!  Let our experts set you up with the right gear.


2014 Halloween Event – It’s The Great Pumpkin!

          Please join us at Bass Pro Shops in Ashland, VA for our annual Halloween Event!  Our Halloween activities are recommended for kids 12 and under. We have FREE 4x6 photos with Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and all their friends!  Put on your Halloween costume and come create some great memories with us. The first 100 kids to get a free photo (Monday through Friday from 5pm to 8pm) will receive a FREE pair of glow-in-the-dark glasses!

         We also have FREE fun crafts for kids!  We will have a Stuffed Owl to decorate Monday through Friday from 5pm to 8pm, and there will be a felt Jack-O-Lantern refrigerator magnet to create on Saturday October 25th & Sunday October 26th   from Noon-5pm!  We will also have FREE Lucy Coloring Sheets during the event!

        There will be a scavenger hunt throughout the store on Saturday October 25th & Sunday October 26th from 1-2pm and 3-4pm. We will have a special surprise for all the kids that find all the Halloween Creatures in our store!

       Halloween Night, we will have a costume parade around the store beginning at 6pm! Costume parade participants will receive a FREE Owl Drawstring bag! One winner from the parade will be selected for best costume, and will receive a $10.00 Bass Pro Shops Gift Card! We will also have real miniature pumpkins to decorate from 4-8pm on Halloween night only!

*All crafts and giveaways are while supplies last.

Schedule of Activities by date and time.

October 24th through October 31st

Oct 24:  5-8pm FREE Crafts and 4x6 Photo

Oct 25:  Noon-5pm FREE Crafts and Photo

                Scavenger Hunt 1-2pm & 3-4pm

Oct 26:  Noon-5pm FREE Crafts and Photo

                Scavenger Hunt 1-2pm & 3-4pm

Oct 27:  5-8pm FREE Crafts and 4x6 Photo

Oct 28:  5-8pm FREE Crafts and 4x6 Photo

Oct 29:  5-8pm FREE Crafts and 4x6 Photo

Oct 30:  5-8pm FREE Crafts and 4x6 Photo


Oct 31 Halloween Night!

4-8pm FREE Crafts! Decorate a real Pumpkin*

4-8pm Trick or Treating* (Candy Baskets in 5 Departments)

5-8pm FREE 4x6 Photo

6pm Costume Parade

*While supplies last. - Bass Pro Shops, Ashland, VA (Richmond)


(c) Peanuts Worldwide LLC


The ‘Blog Spot’ with Tallahassee Bass Pro Front End

The ‘Blog Spot’ with Tallahassee Bass Pro Front End


• Snagging your line in a tree with your favorite lure: $15.00
• Accidentally breaking your fishing pole getting it out: $99.00
• Remembering that you purchased extended warranty at Bass Pro Shops: Priceless

There are some things that most manufacturers will replace.  For everything else there’s Bass Pro Shops Gear Guard!!!!
With the purchase of many of our items we offer Gear Guard replacement plan. Our Gear Guard is a great program for anyone, especially those of us prone to accidents. Depending on the price of the item there are two different programs that are offered: a 2 year replacement or a 3 year service. Now, I know that there are some items that offer a manufactures warranty, but our Gear Guard helps you by making the replacement of your item hassle-free.  No need to send it back to the manufacturer, just bring the item in and we will send you on your way with a replacement. If you have any questions about this program, stop by the customer service desk and any of our associates will be glad to help you. Or follow this link to   Make sure you stop by your local Bass Pro Shops for all your fishing needs, and don’t forget the Gear Guard.


Love Flannel? Then Read This!

Flannels bring to mind an image of comfort, warmth, and style. Perfect for the hardworking, style conscious or relaxed weekender, flannel is a versatile classic wardrobe staple. Men, women, young or the young at heart can wear flannel shirts for any occasion, working, relaxing, or a night out on the town. Whether it's dressed up or dressed down with a bit of styling you will be turning heads wherever you go. Starting October 20 Bass Pro Shop is having our Flannel Fest. We will be featuring flannels from all your favorite brands such as Redhead, Bob Timberlake, Ascend, Carhartt, and Columbia. Offering a large variety of styles and colors, fleece lined, Sherpa lined or the original style, all of our flannels will be available for you to stop by and pick up. Starting at just $19.97 you will be sure to find the perfect flannel for yourself or that special someone on your list. Flannel fest will start on October 20th and end on November 9th. To kick off the event we will be giving away the limited Flannel Fest car coaster to the first 100 customers on October 29th starting at 11:00 a.m.(while supplies last) Be sure to come early and get your car coaster. Don't miss out on this limited time event come in to Bass Pro Shops in Rancho Cucamonga for Flannel Fest 2014. #FLANNELFEST






RedHead Denim: A Southern Tradition

Southerners appreciate the finer things of life. One of the most enjoyable of these is the love of the great outdoors. Winters are mild, springtime is refreshing, fall is comfortable and summers are stupendous. As seasons change, those of us that are fortunate to experience the outdoors year round have a deep rooted respect of the quality of life we do not take for granted.

Along with the outdoor activities, nice year round weather affords, Bass Pro Shops, (The Outpost) in Tallahassee offers the great outdoor experience. From the beautiful hand painted wall murals depicting the local environment, to the 1,000 plus taxidermy items, we have what you need for your outdoor activities.
Bass Pro Shops has expert, knowledgeable, friendly staff that offers world class customer service. Once inside the store you can feel the difference, and become part of the overall ambiance.

Whether you are inside or outdoors, unlike weather conditions that change from season to season, some things never change. The quality of RedHead Denim Jeans never changes. From Loose fit, Relaxed fit, Boot cut, Utility, to our Classic fit. Come in and see for yourself. Quality you can depend on in all kinds of weather and seasons. RedHead represents quality, reliability and integrity.

Get ready for this winter season with a selection from our RedHead Lined Jeans.

RedHead® Fleece-Lined Denim Jeans for Men:

Starting at: $39.99

RedHead® Flannel-Lined Denim Jeans for Men:

              Starting at $39.99

Find other great ReadHead product recommendations on the RedHead Blog Page

-- David B. Men's Apparel



The Holidays are Coming!

The Holidays are upon us! This month we have had lots of things going on at the store.

And #FlannelFriday is October 24th which is the first day of our Halloween Event!

There will be pictures with the Peanuts characters and there's even Peanut's themed coloring pages! There's crafts to do - and they're different depending on which day of the week people come. There's a scavenger hunt on the weekends and all sorts of fun stuff. The night of Halloween there will be trick or treating and a costume parade at 6 pm followed by a costume contest!!! We can't wait to see what everyone comes as. All our associates are getting in on the fun too: they'll be dressing up on Halloween Day to compete with in store competitions for funniest, scariest, silliest, most creative and many more categories!!! 


Here at Bass Pro Shops we're dog friendly so bring in your furry children/friends in their best costume to get pictures of them with the Peanuts Characters and pictures of them with you to be put in our Facebook album titled Fluffy!!!


Come visit soon! The holidays are here and Santa's Wonderland is right around the corner!!!


This Weekend @ Bass Pro Shops Altoona - Pumpkins and MudbuMs!

Halloween Event at Bass Pro Shops Altoona

This weekend is jam-packed with activities - there's no reason for anyone to say,
"I'm bored!"

Halloween Activities!

October 24-Oct. 31

Our annual Halloween Event begins Friday evening at 5 p.m.! Free 4x6 photos and crafts every day, plus extra activities on the weekend. Then Friday, Oct. 31, there is extra-special fun with trick-or-treating! 


Meet the MudbuM Boys!

Saturday, October 25, Noon-4 p.m.!

They "fish for the fish that eat the fish you fish for!"

The MudbuM Boys will be on hand to visit with fans, show off their new  ‪#‎GatorTrax‬ Boats (we are the ONLY Iowa dealer!), demonstrating their new, streamline ditty pole system, giving autographs and promoting their new show! The MudbuM Boys   have been picked up by The Pursuit Channel with their show starting in December...their good, ol' Iowa guys, so come on out and show your support for these local fishermen/hunters who "fish for the fish that eat the fish you fish for!" Join us in front of the store - free sliders and hotdogs from Uncle Buck's Fishbowl and Grill, too!

Also, in the store this weekend:

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Vote for your favorite carved pumpkin back in the Fly Shop! Customers should drop off their carved pumpkins on Thursday or Friday during store by customers on Saturday and Sunday! Winners announced on Monday!

Iowa VFW - Representatives from the VFW will be on hand to visit with customers about membership.

Pheasants Forever - Oct. 25 - Representatives will be on hand selling raffle tickets for their banquet.



Newest RedHead BlackOut Blinds

Over the past couple of years, hunting has reached a new peak in our society. The origins of such a movement can be argued, be it a case of eating organic/healthily, a particular nationally famous family known for their facial hair, or just a new trend taking on a different form. Regardless of the cause, hunting is the new in thing. From little kids to adults who have never owned, much less touched a firearm in their lives, the hunting bug is being spread around like a new epidemic. There are those in the hunting community that do not appreciate this, and enjoy the exclusiveness of it. However, most of us are either neutral or excited at the prospect of having another set of ears to talk off, and swap stories with.

          I, for one, am excited at the new allure hunting has taken on to those who have not been exposed to it. It’s one thing to experience buck fever, but just like a knee ache or an old itch, you get used to it. It’s invigorating to see someone new being introduced into the community we call the outdoors as they encounter new feelings and experiences at every corner and turn. That feeling is amplified when you’re the direct cause of it! Any father who has taken his son or daughter hunting can relate to this. At the risk of sounding pompous, I enjoy taking on that pseudo-fatherly role when introducing someone to the outdoor life. I feel responsible for their experience as I guide them along their new chosen path. So when I take someone new to the outdoors on one of these little excursions I try to make things as comfortable as possible for them.

          Anyone who has tried to squeeze two butts into a one butt ground blind knows that it isn’t easy. It’s often cramped, uncomfortable, and difficult to maneuver when you finally get a good shot in. Some hunters who have their own land have circumnavigated this problem by building their own custom blinds, but the rest who hunt on leases and/or public land, that isn’t exactly an option. RedHead answered that call with their new line up of BlackOut blinds for the 2014-2015 hunting season, and boy did they answer.

          The X72, X83, and X300, the first two being respective to their HUB to HUB interior dimensions are the new pop up blinds BlackOut has introduced. Seventy-two inches of roomie space is more than enough for two adult hunters and a Mr. Buddy space heater. The X83 stands a whopping 73 inches tall, and has ample space for one hunter to set up a small camping cot, a space heater, and hunt comfortably. Or, if you aren’t into that yuppie style of hunting, and prefer to share the misery with your buddies, three grown men can fit into the spacious ground blind, and mumble and grumble like old times. And the “Big Kahuna” of them all is the X300. With enough room for three grown men to hunt comfortably (4 semi-comfortably) and a 300 degree view of your surroundings, it is by far the most bang for your buck.

 All BlackOut blinds are made of a durasheen material to prevent that new-out-of-box glare from giving away your position, and come with an external mat extending seven inches from all sides to help keep out critters, any environmental factors in the immediate vicinity, and retain your scent. All windows are made of shoot-thru mesh, and come with handy cargo pouches on the inside to store all your knick knacks. The entrances to all blinds also have been made larger to accommodate those handicapped or physically disabled hunters. They also come with the brush straps, to add any vegetation or foliage and better blend in with your surroundings. All they need are elevators and blind attendants to hand you your weapon and replace the propane canisters in your Mr. Buddy.

          The best feature, which RedHead carried over from their blind model two years ago, is the HUB style set up. This ingenious bit of technology has brought the break-down and set-up time of pop up blinds in half. What used to take two people ten minutes to take down, now only takes one person half that time (5 minutes on average) to set-up and break down. With nifty folding rods, that when locked into place make the install a dream to those hunters who like to move spots, there isn’t much to complain about if you follow the instructions correctly (What are instructions?).

          All in all, RedHead has out done themselves this year. Their new BlackOut lineup is full of all new gadgets and toys for reasonable prices, from blinds to broadheads, bows and arrows. Shoot, even their chairs and stools are comfortable (I made one my home office chair.) One could easily argue that their products will be up there with Primos and Ameristep, but I don’t think either of those brands have breadth of variety that BlackOut has stamped their name on this year. And it’s all exclusively sold at Bass Pro Shops! I don’t always buy Blackout stuff from Bass Pro Shops, but when I do, it’s because that’s the only place I can get it .Head to your local (or closest) Bass Pro, or check out their ads in the mail and online. See for yourself all the cool new toys and gadgets. You’re going to like them. I guarantee it.



How Do You Get Out On Lake Talquin?

Panfish 16:  The Perfect Vessel for Crappie Abundant Lake Talquin.

Lake Talquin is a quick 10 miles trip from Tallahassee, and the lake is renowned for its crappie. Ask any angler that has spent their time on Lake Talquin, and they can tell that perfect crappie spot. However, getting there is where the choices begin. The somewhat shallow lake can be difficult to navigate as it's full of different obstacles. The popular option among seasoned crappie anglers is a stick steer vessel.

Our Panfish 16 is a forward mounted stick steering setup that affords you unprecedented sight as you maneuver your way through stump-ridden waterways, like our own Lake Talquin. Once you reach that pristine spot, kill the engine, deploy the trolling motor and start loading the boat with crappie.

Our Panfish 16 is ready to fish with a 45-lb. thrust trolling motor, 14-gal aerated live well and a Lowrance Pro fish finder. The convenience of the bow panel allows access to switches, fuses and a gas gauge.

Looking for something bigger? Or maybe you're an offshore fisherman?

Find an array of boating options and recommendations right here on the Boating Blog page. The Bass Pro Tracker department has a boat for everyone, regardless of how you like to enjoy the water!

-Blake S. Tracker Service


New Columbia Turbodown Set To Keep You Warmer This Winter

There is so much new technology in the apparel industry today. There are products to keep you warm, products to keep you cold, and materials that wick away moisture. There are materials that are waterproof and windproof, and materials that are breathable.  Bass Pro Shops is fortunate enough to be carrying one of Columbia Sportswear’s new product releases for the Fall 2014 season.

Women's Turbodown Jacket

This season, Columbia Sportswear is releasing a new product called Turbodown. Turbodown is a Performance Enhanced Down product.  This new technology fuses down with Omni-Heat synthetic insulation for superior lightweight warmth and heat retention. This technology also allows the product to reduce cold spots as well as retaining warmth when wet.

Men's Turbodown Vest

We carry the Columbia Gold 650 Turbodown Jacket and the Gold 650 Turbodown vest for men and the Turbodown jacket for women. These outerwear pieces are ideal for the outdoor sportsman. Not only are these new products lightweight and water-resistant, but there are several features that make them appealing – zip hand pockets,  a drawcord hem to keep the cold out, and a modern fit make these jackets a great addition to your outdoor wardrobe.

In addition to the new Turbodown products, Columbia Sportswear has a wide range of apparel to suit everyone’s outdoor needs this fall.  Come visit Bass Pro Shops Savannah to get geared up for cooler weather!


Colorado High School Regional Champions

High school fishing. Yes, an actual sport growing in high schools nationwide. Along with football,baseball, basketball high school kids have the opportunity to join up and fish team bass tournaments. I know it sounds crazy but it is here and here to stay. 

Many of you who read this will probably think there are no bass in Colorado and most people who live here fish for other species. We actually do have some great bass fisheries in Colorado. A few examples are Pueblo Reservoir, Aurora Reservoir, Chatfield Reservoir, Brush Hollow Reservoir, Cheeseman Reservoir, Horse Tooth Reservoir and Trinidad Reservoir just to name a few. Not to mention the hundred of ponds throughout the metro areas that hold a lot of nice bass.

High school fishing is very popular in the South and by far there are several more high schools affiliated with the program there but there is an opportunity in Colorado if this peaks your interest. There are two organizations that have high school fishing under their name one is BASS and FLW. I am a member of both and they are great for our sport of bass fishing. The group I am involved with is the FLW side that has a sub organization called the TBF. "The Bass Federation" Here they have the SAF, "student angler federation".

Currently there are a few high schools that are involved in the SAF high school fishing program. Pueblo West High School in Pueblo, Co. has been the longest active club and Mesa Ridge High School in Fountain, Co. is in there second year. BASS has the Windsor High School program in Windsor, Co. Clubs are starting to form throughout the state for both organizations. 

You can go on the website and check out and see how you can get a club started in your high school. If you live in a rural area and still want to be a part of this you can sign up under my youth club as a SAF member the Fountain Valley Junior Bass Club. The TBF has allowed the club to be sanctioned as a high school so no kid would be left out who wanted to fish. Pretty awesome.

The format is having one qualifying tournament usually at Pueblo Reservoir every year with each high school team fishing against other high school teams.The team consists of two high school team members and a boat captain. The winner of that qualifying tournament earns a spot to move on to the regional tournament and from there on to the National event to fish for scholarship money towards a college of there choice. 

This year the team of Bradley Czosynka and Josh Cundiff from Mesa Ridge High School also members of my youth club competed against eighteen other teams to win the Colorado SAF high school state champion title. From here the team , myself and their boat captain David Wilkins made the long 22 hour one way trip to Clear Lake California to fish the SAF regional tournament. We spent a few days on the water prefishing looking for a pattern and with the FLW Rayovac series and the College regional also going on at the same time the lake and most common spots were getting hammered.

We decided to let the boys fish all the techniques they gained information on through research, the internet, club members and friends it was a treat to hear the strategy of how they were going to throw big swim baits and then flip docks and then go punching weed mats and then go deep cranking....that didn't last a full day of practice so we decided to fish their comfort zone the following day. We found a pretty decent pattern and the boys were good with what they needed to do to catch fish during the tournament. Practice was over and it was all up to them now.

 There were six other high schools from the western states who made the trip and they all were excited at the launch.This would be a one day shoot out and the winner would go on to the National championship from here, I would not be on the boat the final day so all I could do was wait and hope they made the right decisions to bring in the five bass limit. It seemed like forever for the 2 pm weigh in to get here and they came in with only four fish but two of them were in the 4 + pound range. They weighed in 12# 14 oz.with those four fish and were the first team to weigh in. The California team had a five fish limit and weighed in 12# 13 oz. Three other teams had limits but were just ounces shy. This was the closest tournament for the SAF regional championship so far and I am proud to say they pulled it off. Great job Bradley and Josh. SAF high school regional champions from Colorado. Best of Luck at the National Championship.

Get involved with some classmates and start up a fishing club in your high school. Get out and go fishing as much as you can. Your team could be the next National contenders and move up to a College fishing program from there, Yes. College bet. It only gets better from there. :)

                                             Bradley & Josh weigh inJosh and Bradley with trophiesDavid Wilkins, Bradley Czosnyka, Josh Cundiff, Sam Heckman   Best of Luck, Sam Heckman / Pro Staff




Look at That! SHE Outdoor

So most of the time when a couple goes around Bass Pro Shops together, it’s usually the husband who will just stop and look at something. I mean, just look at it! Sometimes I feel bad for our ladies but then again I’ve done my time in Macy’s. But lately women have been getting into the outdoors in a big way, and there is a product line that can stop a women dead in her tracks and just look at it!

SHE Outdoor has brought an amazing number of products to the market just for ladies. Hunting has been a “man’s game” for a long time so women’s products have been slow to come about. Now however, it’s time for the ladies to shine!

As their page says

“SHE Outdoor offers a full line of hunting clothing specifically tailored for the female body. In times past all women had to choose from was square and bulky men's clothing in smaller sizes that greatly impeded their movement when shouldering firearms, drawing bows, stalking game, climbing treestands, or while doing what hunters do most—walking. Wearing proper fitting clothing allows women to now concentrate solely on the hunt.

SHE Outdoor offers a complete line of hunting clothing ranging from noninsulated shirts and pants for safaris and early season hunts in North America, to insulated and waterproof outerwear for hunting waterfowl, or going after big game in Alaska. No matter where your adventure takes you, SHE Outdoor has you covered. “

Part of the fun of hunting is picking up new gear. We men salivate over reviews from Field & Stream and Outdoor Life and now women can do the same. It really opens it up for husbands to share with their wives, fathers with their daughters and women hunters to their friends a chance to share a passion.

SHE Outdoor also has its own line of professional women hunters that help give insight and a face to connect to for other female hunters. Just like how young athletes have their superstar idols that they aspire to be like, women hunters now have the same. Some of the biggest inspirations for women getting into the outdoors, especially archery, were the female characters from Brave and The Hunger Games.

SHE Outdoor comes in all the standard patterns that any hunter would need. What is nice is that they also didn’t go extremely effeminate with it. I mean there is nothing wrong with some pink and camo, but SHE Outdoor did not go overboard on it. They make good quality gear.

I mean would ya just look at it!


Other Nifty Things to Look At!

Propane Fire Ring

Hand Towels

Rainproof Camo


Outdoor Cooking Primer - Gorilla Bread

Another fun recipe for National Bake and Decorate Month! From our cashier Dianna and her daughter, country music's Sarah Darling, it's Gorilla Bread. We all know Monkey Bread, right? Just think bigger and better!

Gorilla Bread

1/2 C sugar
3 tsp ground cinnamon
1/2 C butter
1 C firmly packed brown sugar
1 8 ox package cream cheese
2 cans refrigerator biscuits
1 1/2 C chopped walnuts

Preheat over to 375. Stir together sugar and cinnamon in a small bowl and set aside. Melt butter in a small pan over low heat. Add brown sugar, and cook , stirring constantly, 4 to 5 minutes or until sugar dissolves and mixture is smooth. Set aside.

Cut cream cheese evenly into 20 cubes. Flatten the biscuits into 1/2" thick rounds. Sprinkle each biscuit with 1/2 twp. cinnamon-sugar mixture. Place a cream cheese cube in  center of each biscuit. Wrap and seal biscuit dough around cream cheese.

Sprinkle 1/2 cup walnuts in the bottom of a lightly greased Bundt® pan. Arrange half of the prepared biscuits over nuts. Sprinkle with half of remaining cinnamon-sugar mixture. Spoon half of melted butter mixture over biscuits, and sprinkle with 1/2 cup walnuts. Repeat layers with remaining biscuits, cinnamon-sugar mixture, melted butter mixture, and walnuts.

Bake at 375 for 30 minutes or until bubbly and golden. Remove to wire rack and cool 5 minutes. Invert onto serving plate and serve immediately. Enjoy!


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