Fish Like a Girl

by Andrea Bailey
Bass Pro Shops Altoona Associate

I’ve been fishing since I was a little girl, when my dad would take me. I’ve always enjoyed the outdoors – camping, fishing, even landscaping in my other job. Fishing is great, but now I’m hooked on bowfishing.

A friend started me in it last year. I tagged along, following him around the shore, learning and trying my hand at it. I immediately fell in love…with bowfishing. I went almost every day during the spring and summer of 2014. In just a few months, I shot a lot of carp. I’m no expert, by any means, but hopefully I can inspire other people, especially young women, to give it a try.

What is it about bow fishing? It’s exciting, it’s competitive, and it combines two great outdoor activities…hunting and fishing. Many people who bowfish use a boat, but I fish from shore. I’d like to try fishing from a boat this year, but I’m pretty sure I’ll like the shore more.

Why the shore? It’s the hunting aspect. Being in the elements, using your senses and ability to “hunt” the carp. Being quiet, stalking along the shore, wading through water, the challenge of trying to get to different places where you know the carp may be hiding. That’s part of the fun and part of the challenge…challenges like crawling out on branches that are half way in the water, then falling in and scaring away all the fish!

The tree branch incident was just one lesson reinforced in my first year – be careful! Other lessons, challenges, and tips?

  • Look for brushy areas, where the carp can hide. But, beware of shooting into those brushy areas under water – I shot an arrow into a tree and couldn’t get it out.
  • Shoot lower than you think. Shoot 6 inches below every foot the fish is under the water.
  • Watch for breaches and look for large rings from the breaches to know where the fish is. This was one of my biggest challenges in learning about bowfishing - trying to decipher which rings were from carp.
  • Be aware and go slowly. Walking on the shore you need to be quiet and keep your shadow off the water. If you’re not aware, the fish won’t be there. You will scare them off with your shadow or sound. I really had to adjust to going slowly along the shore – you have to go into stalk mode.
  • Spring is the best time and after a rain is my favorite - when water is up and there may be some light flooding. But, use common sense and be careful – always be aware of the weather and water conditions. Don’t push it.
  • Invest in some good waterproof boots – keep your feet dry.

It’s not a huge investment to get started. I use an AMS package that included everything. This year, I’ve already invested in an arm guard, wax for my bow strings, a new arrow with four barbs, and some polarized sunglasses. The better to spot those carp!

With my brief bowfishing experience so far, comes that general good feeling of doing something for the environment and encouraging others. Some of my friends will ask, “Why bowfish, when you don’t eat them?” So, I’m able to educate them about the invasive fish taken in bowfishing and the effect they can have on our waters. Likewise, I invited friends along and posted about my bowfishing on my social media pages…quite a few have started, or want to start, this year. I also explain there are some people who choose to eat carp and I often give my harvest to those folks.

This year, I look forward to venturing away from my usual locations and trying new venues. You won’t find me standing at the fence below a dam just pointing and shooting…you’ll find me walking the shores of rivers and creeks, doing my part to rid them of invasive species.

One of the biggest challenges I face? That guy - and there's always one or more -  who says, “I can’t believe you bowfish. That’s really cool.”

It’s a bit annoying…I know they're saying it because I’m female. But, I also take it as a compliment.

It is cool – I fish like a bowfisherwoman.


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Dog Days Family Event

Did you know that Bass Pro Shops is a dog friendly store? Well we are and we just love our dogs!  Those who bring their dogs in know you just can't come in and out quick here.  Why ?  Everyone stops you to talk about your dog, pet your dog, and of course any owner and dog, know to stop at the greeter because treats are always available.  Because we love our dogs so much we will be having a Dog Days Family Event at the store!  Check out what we have going on.

Dates:  March 6, March 13     6-8pm

            March 7, March 14    11-4pm

During the Event:

Enter for a Chance to Win 1 of 3 prizes!

(Need not be present to win)


1 GoPro Fetch Dog Harness with camera mount and a GoPro Hero 4 Silver Camera

2 PetSafe Drinkwell Stainless Steel Fountain

3 Petmate Dog Bed, Bowl, and Toy


Friday March 6 & March 13  6-8pm

6pm Seminar  Socializing & Crate Training Your Dog with Beth from Cayuga County Highland Search & Rescue

(1st 20 people with a dog  to attend the seminar get a Nite Ize S-biner)












Home Made Dog Treats with Recipe to the first 50 people with dogs

Craft:  Make a balloon dog

TBF Service Dogs in the Lobby




Saturday  March 7th and March 14th 11-4pm

First 100 people with dogs receive a doggie bag with a Hyper Pet tennis ball and a doggie bag dispenser with 1 roll of bags inside


11am - Teach Your Puppy to Sit and Heel

2pm - Keeping Your Dog Safe in the Outdoors

FREE Home Made Dog Treats to the first 100 people with a dog!

Dr. Heather Wiedrick will be here from the Rome Animal Hospital doing micro chipping for $20 and you get a 1 year registration FREE. on March 7th






Dr. Thomas Gill will be here from the Brookside Veterinary Clinic on March 14th

Dr. Gill will be doing micro chipping for $76.  This includes all paperwork and he will mail it in for you.











Max 200 Dog Obedience and Agility will be here from Port Byron, NY on March 7th and March 14th













TBF - Service Dogs  March 6th, 7th & March 13th, 14th












Muddy Paws Dog Grooming will be here Saturday March 7th.  Talk with professionals on why grooming is so important to your pets health!








Wag In Tail & Bubbles & Bows Dog Grooming will be here on March 14th to talk about pet health and why grooming in the winter months are so important!












Cayuga County Highland Search & Rescue will be here with one of their search & rescue dogs! March 14th











Please feel free to go on our Bass Pro Facebook page and join our Dog Event. The picture with the most likes will receive a doggie gift basket!



March 7th & March 14th

Receive a FREE Photo of you and your dog as well as a certificate with your dogs paw print on it.  All ink is baby safe and we will have dog approved wipes to take the ink off.


So stop on down to Bass Pro Shop and share with us the celebration of dogs!

Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator



A Simple Guide to cuddly flashlights

Get Cuddly With your Flashlight! Spring and Summer are almost here and with this great weather California is having it’s time to start planning a family camping trip! Cuddly Critters Flashlights makes a camping trip for children fun and bright! Cuddly Critters Flashlights are a soft plush stuffed animal equipped with a LED flashlight that never gets hot! Simply press the Cuddly Critter’s paw to make the LED light go on and off. And don’t worry if you forget to turn it off because it automatically shuts off after 10 minutes but still lasts hundreds of hours! Cuddly Critter Flashlights each come dressed in a RealTree fleece vest and a hand on their backs for easy transport. Come to Bass Pro Shops and check out these cute cuddly to illuminate your children’s camping experience!



Backcounty Fishing Report World Wide Sportsman, Islamorada, Florida

I stopped the boat before I had reached the destination, I was bound for.  The reason was that a group of Pelicans had found a school of finger mullet on the edge of the flat.  We threw some lures and bait around with no success, but that is not always the outcome birds can be indirect correlation with feeding fish, even if you cannot see the fish or the event.  All of the birds eat shrimp, some eat crabs and such and others like the Pelican predominately feed on fin fish, and so when birds are around be mindful that chances are, where birds are, bait is, and where bait is fish are.  How many times have I found the baitfish when I was hunting, thanks to the assistance of a pelican or yellow beak.  It is like a symbolic relationship they show me where bait is and they land and sit then poop on my boat and the dock.  Everybody here at World Wide Sportsman, guides, transits, charter boats alike all try different methods to battle the age old problem of pelicans making themselves at home “If you will”.  I personally use the deck cleaner that Bass Pro sells and follow up with the wax they sell here at World  Wide, because that helps with the stinky sticky concrete like waste sheds off easier.  In my last report, I had posted, where are the Sheepshead, and Black drum?   Well although the sheepshead are not making much of an appearance, the black drum are, in fact some catches of late have been of drum over twenty pounds, how Awesome!! is that.  Also some big Cobia are still being caught around  buoys, park markers and favorite gulf spots.  Some of those fish are being reported over thirty pounds (a little hint, if you fish around one of the dolphin markers try to stay up wind, birds sit on them all day and …PU!  I do not want to leave out some pretty decent bridge fishing, the bite there has remained pretty consistent for medium snappers, a few macks and some muttons and red groupers as well.  Live shrimp, pilchards, and jigs tipped with shrimp, or cut bait all are working.  So Good Luck, Everyone Catchemup!

There are lots to do and lots to catch, and Fun to have, no matter what the weather. Backcountry Fishing Report provided by Captain Ron Brack (305)393-7448, out of World Wide Sports Bayside Marine, Islamorada Florida. If you would like to get out on the water stop by World Wide Sportsman Bayside Marina and book your trip for your adventure today.


Outdoor Cooking Primer - Easy Crepes

Here is the perfect quick, fun bite! Make the batter, put it in the fridge, then head out and enjoy the outdoors. Come back in after an hour and warm up with these for breakfast or a snack.

Super easy and you can use whatever filling you want! My first choice was butter, brown sugar, and dried cranberries. My husband used butter and jelly. The recipe comes from Alton Brown on



2 large eggs
3/4 cup milk
1/2 cup water
1 cup flour
3 Tbsps melted butter

Combine all of the ingredients using a blender. (The recipe said use a blender. I used an immersion blender - you could probably use a hand mixer or mini-processor, too) The batter will be runny. Place it in the refrigerator for at least one hour. (this will make the bubbles go away, so the crepes will be less likely to tear during cooking.)

Heat a small non-stick pan and coat with butter or cooking spray. Pour 1 ounce of batter in the center of the pa and swirl to spread evenly. If you don't want to measure out one ounce, just realize you are really making super thin pancakes. Cook for 30 second and flip. We cooked until they were browning and starting to get brown on the edges. They really flipped very easily. Then cook about 15 seconds more.

What's GREAT about these for the outdoors?

1. Make the batter ahead of time, go do something outdoors, then come in and make the crepes.

2. Make the crepes ahead of time and freeze them. After they're cooled, stack them and store them in resealable bags or vacuum seal them. Then you always have some!

3. PERFECT for camping! The batter will keep for 48 hours...make them in a cast iron skillet over the open fire or on your camp stove! Make sure you use a cooking spray or butter. Take the batter or take pre-made crepes (like the ones you froze in #2!)

4. Great for any time of day! Breakfast crepes, with scrambled eggs or fruit...snack crepes with light goodies...campfire crepes with chocolate hazelnut spread and other goodies! Hmmm....that sounds really good!



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Thinking about new fishing shoes?

Don’t have a fishing shoe for this spring fishing season? We here at the Bass Pro Shops- San Antonio have the shoe just right for you! A shoe that is lightweight and dries fast after being in the water being in the water all day. Even still be comfortable to use as an everyday shoe throughout the summer!

We present to you the shoe that will do all this for you – Zeko Shoes Original Fishing Shoes ! It is an easy on/off slip on using a Velcro strap so that means no more messing laces. If that is not enough to “wow” you, the Zeko fishing shoes are also machine washable for easy cleaning and care! The high performance EVA sole are sturdy and absorbs shock while out on the water; slip resistant soles also allow you to walk in the deck of your boat and mossy rocks without the fear of slipping.

  • Ultra comfortable performance deck shoes
  • Ultra lightweight - less than 12 oz. per pair
  • Quick-drying, moisture-wicking microfiber mesh uppers
  • High-performance EVA ventilated outsoles that drain both air and water
  • Easy to use VELCRO® strap for quick and comfortable custom fit
  • Machine washable



So come on in to the store and pick up your new pair of Zeko Fishing Shoes. We here at the Footwear Department will help you out with any questions you have!



Footwear Department


Keep in touch with us at-

Bass Pro Shops- San Antonio

Bass Pro Shops- San Antonio Facebook



Special Paddelfishing Season For Iowans

Are you ready for the paddelfish snagging season?  We have you covered here at Bass Pro Shops, we have everything you will need to make your season a great one.  We have a nice display set up just for this specific season, with a paddelfish mounted as the cherry on top.



The Iowa DNR has opened up a special paddelfish snagging season that will be running from March 1st through April 15th, 2015.  There is limited licenses available from the DNR for this special snagging season to prevent the overharvest of paddelfish.  A total of 1000 snagging permits will be issued (950 for residents and 50 for non-residents).  Anglers are allowed one license with a transport tag, the special license is $22 for residents and $42 for non-residents.  In addition to the snagging permit anglers must also have a valid Iowa fishing license.  The exception to this is youth anglers under the age of 16, however they must obtain a special ID card from the DNR and obtain the snagging license for paddelfish.

There are size requirements for the paddelfish to be taken into possession.  A fish measuring under 35 inches or over 45 inches maybe kept as a legal fish.                  


Fish falling into the 35-45 inch slot when measured from the eye of the fish to the fork in the tail must be released alive upon catch.  A flexible measuring tape (as pictured above) is the ideal device to use when measuring a paddelfish.  When you do catch a taggable fish you must adhere the tag to the fish's lower jaw.  Here is a link to the Iowa DNR to for all of the specific regulations for paddelfish.

For all of your gear needs look no further than our paddelfish snagging display to make sure you have the proper equipment.  Our Snagging Special rods paired with our snagging reels are a favorite for snagging and the upcoming catfishing season. When you do hook up with one of these beautiful fish make sure that line is going to hold up to the fight like our XPS 8 braid.  An important thing to remember when shopping for your terminal tackle is that your treble hooks may not exceed 5/0, when two of the hook points are placed on a ruler they must not exceed 1 1/4 inches in length.


 So starting this March Iowa waters on the Missouri and Big Sioux Rivers (including all backwaters, sloughs and any tributary of the Missouri) will be the place to be for snagging a beautiful and very delicious paddelfish.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing you at Bass Pro Shops!



























See How Easily You Can Do hot summer days

Hot Summer Days

Hello my Name is Mark Brun, the Columbia Apparel lead at Bass Pro Shops, and I would like to introduce you to the perfect line of clothing for those hot summer days in the outdoors. The World Wide Sportsman Nylon Angler shirts should be your choice first choice of clothing when looking for a fishing shirt. With its 100% quick-dry nylon that's been enhanced for on-the-water action with built-in UPF sun protection. Its vented cape back with mesh lining and extremely handy rod loops.

Long Sleeve Nylon Angler

Our Long Sleeve Nylon Angler features an improved vented cape back with mesh lining to encourage airflow so you’re nice and cool when fishing. It comes with 2 large hook 'n' loop chest pockets, roll tabs at the elbows, a handy rod loop, a button-down roll-up collar for sun protection, and utility loop on the right pocket. So when you’re looking for some extra sun protection for this summer this Nylon Angler L/S should be one to come check out. The Long Sleeve comes in 8 different colors.  (Coral Reef, Yellowfin, Ocean, Kiwi, Haze, Sea grass, Mediterranean, Blue Tide) We have a giant stock of this item with sizes range from Small to 4XL which include Large and Xlarge talls.

Short Sleeve Nylon Angler

If you hike, bike and fish or just enjoy the outdoors, this shirt is for you. These shirts are cool, lite and with all the great colors you can wear them anywhere. These shirts based on the color provide different levels of sun protection. (See Below) This lightweight outdoor shirt is outfitted with a vented cape back that allows wind to blow through the shirt to help cool you down. Other helpful features for fishermen include 2 large multi-function chest pockets, a handy rod loop, and a utility loop on the right pocket.

Nylon Angler UPF Ratings by Color:

 UPF 25 +: Glacier

 UPF 30 +: Haze

 UPF 40 +: Seagrass, Ocean, Yellowfin, Kiwi

 UPF 45 +: Fossil

 UPF 50 +: Coral Reef

An affordable fishing shirt that's big on performance. These Nylon Angler Shirts from World Wide Sportsman were designed with the serious fisherman in mind!

S-2XL 34.99

3XL-4XL 39.99

S-2XL 29.99

3XL-4XL 34.99




Bass Pro Shops, Olathe - KS will be having a BRAND NEW event coming up in March. Mans’ best friend has been with us for ages and we treat them more like family than a pet. So why not throw them their own event? Bass Pro Shops is PROUD to announce Dog Days Family Event is coming to Olathe, KS on March 6th, 7th, 13th and 14th. Dog Days Family Event will be held both outside and inside the store. Pets need to be up-to-date on all vaccines, pet and child-friendly, and on a close leash at all time. Pet owners are responsible for their dog’s behavior.

Schedule of Events:

Friday March 6th

  • 6:00pm Seminar
    • Socializing & Crate Training Your Dog
    • FREE Nite Ize Clip for your dog to the FIRST 20 customers attending this seminar!

Saturday March 7th 11:00am-4:00pm

  • FREE 4x6 Photo of you and your four-legged pal
  • Giveaways
    • FREE Doggie Gift Bag to the FIRST 100 dogs attending the event (SATURDAYS ONLY)!
  • Drawing to win 1 of 3 prizes!
    • GoPro HERO4 Silver Camera plus a Fetch (Dog Harness) Mount
    • PetSafe Drinkwell Stainless Steel Fountain
    • Petmate Dog Bed, Bowl, and Toy
  • 11:00am Seminar
    • Teaching Your Puppy to Sit and Heel
  • 2:00pm Seminar
    • Keeping Your Dog Safe in the Outdoors

Friday March 13th

  • 6:00pm Seminar
    • Socializing & Crate Training Your Dog
    • FREE Nite Ize Clip for your dog to the FIRST 20 customers attending this seminar!

Saturday March 14th 11:00am-4:00pm

  • FREE 4x6 Photo of you and your four-legged pal
  • Giveaways
    • FREE Doggie Gift Bag to the FIRST 100 dogs attending the event (SATURDAYS ONLY)!
  • Drawing to win 1 of 3 prizes!
    • GoPro HERO4 Silver Camera plus a Fetch (Dog Harness) Mount
    • PetSafe Drinkwell Stainless Steel Fountain
    • Petmate Dog Bed, Bowl, and Toy
  • 11:00am Seminar
    • Teaching Your Puppy to Sit and Heel
  • 2:00pm Seminar
    • Keeping Your Dog Safe in the Outdoors

PLUS! Don’t miss out on special store activities such as health & wellness checks, micro chipping, grooming demos and MORE! *Cost and availability will vary per location. See store or visit for a complete schedule of activities.



Bass Pro Shops, Olathe – KS will be partnering with Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption with this brand new event.

Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption is a licensed, non-profit animal shelter that works to save lives of homeless pets and strives to improve the image of bully breeds in society. They also work daily with high kill shelters in the Kansas City area to pull “unwanted” pets to safety. They rely on fosters, adopters, and donations to make it all happen. Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption will have adoptions available, answer any question you may have on their organization, and will have a booth set-up. So come on by Dog Days Family Event weekends (March 7th and 14th) and say ‘Hello!’ to Unleashed! For more information about Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption check out their website at and Facebook page .



Bass Pro Shops, Olathe –KS is excited to share that Jeff Sheetz and the Kansas City Disc Dogs will appear at Dog Days Family Event on March 7th.

Kansas City Disc Dogs is a group of dogs and their owners who enjoy playing Frisbee for fun and competition. They welcome beginners to experts to join their club. Whether you just want to play with your dog in the backyard or get involved with competing and performing, they can help! They also perform for sporting events like the K.C. Royals, K.C. Chiefs, K.C. Wizards, along with corporate parties and functions. You can check out their website here at .

On March 7th Kansas City Disc Dogs will be in the store to talk about disc dogging and talk about their club and how people can get involved. Mark your calendars for Saturday March 7th and come by the store to meet and greet this remarkable group and their talented dogs!



Bass Pro Shops, Olathe –KS is proud to announce that Terri Marinier will be joining us for Dog Days Event on March 14th. Terri has numerous accomplishments in almost every venue of dog training and is one of the most experienced dog trainers that we know. She is also a SportDOG Pro Staff Member and teaches obedience/agility and puppy classes.

In Agility, her English springer spaniel scored the first Perfect 200 for any breed. She has gone on to compete and win in Agility with her English Pointers, Labs and GSP. While competing in Schutzhund (protection training) Terri was one of the first women in the USA to train a dog to the SCH. III title, the highest level that can be achieved. Several of Terri’s dogs have been pointed in NSTRA Trials, have AKC Hunt Test Titles, and her English Pointer was the Missouri State Pheasant Champion and Missouri State Chucker Champion. Her English springer spaniel finished second in the National Bird Dog Challenge Flushing Dog Division Championship. Her Labrador retriever is an up and coming Money Trail competitor winning over $2K since starting to compete. Terri also was the original Co-Host on the TV show, “National Bird Dog Challenge”. Terri has the ability and specializes in working with almost any type of dog to solve almost any type of problem. She loves starting young puppies and has special unique ideas that will make most any puppy into a well-trained canine.

On March 14th, Terri will host demos on “Manners for All Ages” and “Nosework”. Nosework is a new competition for all dogs 6 months and older, any breed or mix. It is the same training police do with their drug/bomb dogs but geared for pets. So come join Terri and Bass Pro Shops on March 14th during Dog Days Family Event!



For more information please call (913) 254-5202 or check out Bass Pro Shops, Olathe – KS Facebook page at http://www.facebook/bpsolathe



"Do you want to build a snowman?"

    This is the infamous question this week in East Tennessee, with the weather being so uncooperative. Snow and ice seems to be creeping into every corner, crack, and crevice leaving nothing untouched by it's frozen clutches.

    When you decide you're going outside, you dawn your heaviest parka (after throwing on a few more layers than normal) and thickest pair of jeans you own. After lacing your snow boots and tucking your socks into your jeans, you drape a scarf around your face, and pull down a thick, fleece lined beanie over your ears. As you boldly step out into the cold, frost bitten landscape, you realize you look exactly like "Randy" from A Christmas StoryIt's not long before that chilly air starts to break through your wall of insulation and you just get COLD! What then?

Well you could turn to the average Hot Hands, not a bad item in the least, but just a temporary fix. Why get a simple temporary item when you could have the same heat, in a form that's more durable, structured, and doesn't get tossed away when you're finished using it? What could this dream heated device be? The Celestron Elements ThermoTrek Rechargeable Hand Warmer (Isn't that a mouthful? Let's call it the TRW)

The TRW is a rechargeable, pocket sized heater that can last up to 6 hours. Rugged and rechargeable, with up to 6 hours of continuous heat, this pocket sized warmer promises to keep your fingers frost free for the long haul. The durable aluminum body and silicon caps mean weather resistant, worry free use for years to come. The TRW charges via a USB 2.0 connection and its compact design means plenty of room in your pack for other tools of the trade.

You can find this item in action here:

 Our Bass Pro customers have raved over this item, leaving 5 star reviews and passing along this item as a perfect gift to others! One customer said, " I bought this a couple weeks ago to see if it would really work. It was great, stayed very warm all evening and kept my hands warm. I'll need two, as I may drop these into my gloves when it gets very cold. It recharged in about 2 hours. I spend a ton on Hot Hands, and I always run out just when I need one. I figure this will save me a couple hundred bucks this season, so way to go! Highly Recommend!!"

A newer "sister" product by Celestron is the elevated FireCel Portable Power Pack/Flashlight/Hand Warmer (Another doozie on wording)

The Celestron® Elements FireCel® Portable Power Pack/Flashlight/Hand Warmer is a 3-in-1 multi-tool including a LED flashlight, 2500 mAh power pack, and compact hand warmer. Whether you're hunting, fishing or camping space can be limited, making the FireCel Portable Power Pack a perfect companion. The flashlight feature boasts high intensity red and white LEDs, perfect for camp light or walking to your favorite hunting spot without spooking wildlife. The hand warmer features an aluminum heating element and is compact enough to carry in your pocket for all-day access. The power pack includes a USB port and charging cable.

This little bad boy can be found on our website here:


These items are smart and proven necessary companions against frost monsters or evil queen provoked blizzards, to stay the absolute warmest and safest, while working, traveling, or just being outside for large amounts of time during this weather.

Always stay safe, and never risk un-necessary driving in these conditions, so we can see your smiling face again at our Bass Pro Shops when it's warmer!


Sunglasses Year Round Protection

Ice Fishing, Skiing, Hiking, Kayaking, Boating, Running the list can go on and on for a reason to wear sunglasses.  You only get one pair of eyes in a lifetime so make sure you protect them as good as you can year round.  Here in Central NY, when we do have weather with sun we don't always think to put our sunglasses on.

Many people don't think about UV (ultraviolet light) protection, but it does matter.  UV light can damage the skin of your eyelid and it can also damage your lens, and cornea.  So when buying a pair of sunglasses always look for a product that will block 99 to 100 percent of UVA and UVB.  What does UVA stand for?  Think ultra violet burn, this radiation is the most potent.  UVA is ultra violet and think aging.  This radiation will penetrate into your skin deeper.

What should you look for with lenses?  It all depends what you need them for.

Blue Blocking lenses make objects far away easier to see.  Especially when you are skiing.  These lenses are extremely popular with hunters, and anyone on the water.

Polarized lenses reduce reflected glare.  People who drive or fish find these helpful.

Mirror coated lenses reduce visible light.

What type of tint should you get?

Brown/Gray/Green tint do not change the color of objects, but cut down on the brightness.

Yellow/Amber tint are great for snow because they provide excellent depth perception.

A great idea is to purchase sunglasses with interchangeable lenses.  This way you get the eye protection you need and the clarity for the activity you are doing. Another idea are wrap around sunglasses. Keep that sun from sneaking in while getting the best protection you can.

What materials should you get when buying your glasses?  Glass is great and clear, the negative is they are also a bit heavy.  NXT polyurethane offer great clarity are flexible and lightweight, but they also tend to be on the expensive side.  Polcarbonate are great for sports.  Afforable, clear, and good with impact, but they are also less scratch resistant.

How should they fit?  Snug on your nose and ears.  Your eye lashes should not touch the frame.  You don't want anything too heavy.  If you are active look for rubber nose and ear pieces.  Last but not least protect your investment.  Look for a protective case, use a cleaning cloth not facial tissue to clean them.

Take a look below to see a few of the different kinds of sunglasses we have here at Bass Pro Shop that just might be the right one for you!

XPS by Fisherman Eyewear Grander Polarized Sunglasses  offer 100% UV protection, lightweight, scratch resistant and comfortable.  Great for fishing and priced in the $20 range.









Do you wear prescription eye wear?  Check out the Cocoons Over-Glasses-Pilot .  Lightweight, and 100% UV protection they come with a floating case and a manufacturers lifetime warranty.  Priced in the $40 range makes this a must see.









Going just a bit higher in price will give you more protection.  The Costa Straits 580P Polarized Sunglasses are semi rimless.  These come with adjustable nose pads, are lightweight and impact resistant.  Best feature they offer 100% UVA and UVB protection. Priced in the $180 range.














Last but not least consider the Costa Salbreak 580G sunglasses.  100% UVA,UVB & C, protection.  Scratch and impact resistant lenses make these sunglasses great for water and outdoor activity.  The price is in the $240's but you won't be disappointed in the quality.
















Stop on in and talk with our associates in our Sunglass department.  Try them on, and don't be afraid to ask questions.

Robin Piedmonte

Events Coordinator




Tie One On: Spinner

I was taught a long time ago that there is one specific lure that no tackle box should be without. And as a young boy and beginning fisherman I may have taken it a little too much to heart. And I probably didn’t understand that fishermen told as tall of tales or were as opinionated as The View at that time as well. But what my uncle told me on the banks of the Snake River in Wyoming stuck, and he even proved the lure a few times that night. He also proved that he wasn’t as great of a fisherman as he boasted since he didn’t know the difference between a sucker and a whitefish (which is well known as the most delicious fish in the area). Just sayin’. But the magic lure was none other than the Mepps Agila Spinner Gold 2.

Ever since that trip, sure enough, I have had one in my tackle box. Whether I am taking out the big ol’ Plano or just a small box for the river, that lure sits proud in its place. Has it caught me fish? Yes. Does it work every time? No. But rarely is ever anything a sure bet when it comes to fishing, and that is half the fun. But while my uncle (now excommunicated) made too much of a boast with that specific of a lure, he was correct in stating that no tackle box is complete without a spinner.

The spinner is one of the simplest and most effective lures. It will work on a wide range of game fish as it does a great job mimicking prey. Basically it is a lure that has a trailing hook and a blade that spins around as it is pulled through the water. These lures come in a huge selection of colors, sizes and weights. Some have tails covering their treble hooks where others are bare. The blades also come in a huge variety of sizes, colors and styles. There are Colorado style blades, leaf shaped blades and more. Sometimes the blades will match the body of the lure and other times they will contrast.

The basic operation of using a spinner is this: cast the lure out, retrieve the bait back and hope to catch a fish. Or at least that is how I learned. Of course there are several ways that one can retrieve it: slow and steady, extremely fast, stop and go and so on. The blade gives off vibrations in the water as it spins which helps attract fish. Using different color blades can help fish spot the lure quicker in murky water. Because they are simpler bait they are a great choice for younger fishermen. We all know how boring it can be for kids to sit and watch a bobber but if they are continually casting and retrieving it keep them busy. Wait a second…. So that’s what my ex-uncle was going for. Well played.

One of the nicest things about these baits is their cost. Compared to some other lures, spinners have a rather low cost and the fact that they can target such a wide range of fish is excellent. I personally have caught bass, trout and panfish on spinners. Some muskie fishermen wouldn’t even consider going out with a big one ready to be tossed out. And back to the youth fishing scenario. Not only would using a spinner keep the kid active, but it would provide the best chance for catching any fish that may be biting and wouldn’t break the bank when it gets broken off. Which we all know is going to happen.

So next time you are getting ready for a trip, be sure to have a couple spinners in-store. And if nothing is really biting, try tying one on.


Woolly Bugger

Royal Coachman

Pheasant Tail Nymph


Trilene Knot

The Adams

Dropper Loop


Lake Havasu Fishing Tournament and Outdoor Festival – 2015

We are going to be holding our third Lake Havasu Fishing Tournament and Outdoor Festival this year. If you have never heard of it, you will want to. And if you have never been to it, you need to! It is an awesome adventure that the whole family can take part in. We have anything and everything there to delight our attendants, big and small. It is actually a joint venture by several Bass Pro Shop stores in the West. It is put on by us, the Manteca store, the Rancho Cucamonga store and the Las Vegas store.

Each time we host this event it gets bigger and better. One really cool thing about this year’s event is that you can sign up for the fishing tournament and enter in by paying at any of the Bass Pro Shops listed above! All you need is to provide the SKU 2081735 to our Customer Service Department. And like all die-hard Bass Pro Shoppers would expect, you will earn Outdoor Rewards Points when doing this!

We have several ways to keep you up-to-date on what is going on with this event. We have our Facebook Page, be sure to like us! There are also two websites to check out, one being our and the other is our You will want to constantly be checking these all for updates and new information.

Our official Press Release is below and does a great job of explaining the event. It cannot be described though as it is too much fun to explain. The best way to understand it is to experience it. Whether that be fishing in the tournament or bringing the whole family for some catch-and-release pond fun or demo rides on the water!

“Official Press Release:

Looking for a great family event full of outdoor fun? Head to Lake Havasu, AZ for Bass Pro Shops Outdoor Festival for the West – March 28th & 29th. This exciting, event-filled extravaganza incorporates fishing tournaments, Boat & ATV Show with ride and drive demos, kids’ activities and mobile exhibits into a lively weekend festival that promises to be fun for everyone. It all takes place at Windsor State Park, Lot #4, Lake Havasu, AZ – March 28th & 29th.

Hands-on interactive booths will give families the opportunity to touch, feel, and learn how to use the products and services on display by great outdoor companies like Arctic Cat®, Ascend® Kayaks, Lowrance®, Rigid Industries®, Lobina Lures®, Archenemy® Bowfishing and others.

Free Boat & ATV Show with ‘Ride and Drive’ Demos will be available Saturday March 28th and Sunday March 29th from 9am to 5pm. You’ll be able to test drive the full line of Tracker Marine Boats – aluminum bass boats, Nitro Z’s, Sun Tracker Pontoons and Tahoe Run About boats.

Bass Pro Shops knows that kids are the anglers and conservationists of the future so they’re also offering a free Catch & Release Pond for them to practice their skills. Additional kids’ activities include Daisy BB Gun Shooting Gallery, Yard Games, and Inflatable Casting Challenge - Souvenirs and Prizes awarded for participation.

Lake Havasu Open bass tournament presented by Protect the Harvest and Lucas Oil® will bring anglers from CA, NV and AZ to one of the best fisheries in the West. The tournament is set for March 28th and 29th at Windsor State Park, Lot #4 and is open to 2-person teams at a cost of $300 per boat (All-Inclusive) The Grand Prize awarded by raffle to one of the Top 10 finishers is a Nitro Z7 Boat Package powered by a Mercury 150hp motor. ($29,000 value)

Other sponsors of the fishing tournament include Nitro®, Mercury Marine®, Rigid Industries®, and A&M Graphics®. Angler Registration will be held Friday, March 27th at the same location. Please check out or your local Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World for more information.

Enjoy the beautiful Arizona weather at the Bass Pro Shops Outdoor Festival for the West, March 28th & 29th. There’s plenty of fishing and fun for the whole family.

Fishing Tournaments, Free Boat & ATV Show with ‘Ride and Drive’ Demos, Vendor booths, Kid’s Catch & Release Pond and other family activities –


We hope to see you there!



Maui Jim Sunglasses

Whether sunny and 80 degrees or sunny and -10 temps, you need eye protection. The glare off bright, white snow, or icy lakes can be just as damaging as sun in the summer. There can even be glare on cloudy days that can make tasks as simple as driving down the interstate bothersome to the eyes.

We have many different brands of sunglasses at Bass Pro Shops. At the recent Spring Fishing Classic, Ben Goforth from Maui Jim Sunglasses highlighted the benefits of Maui Jims in this brief video clip:

Check out the full line of Maui Jim sunglasses available online at Bass Pro Shops, for the water, action, the road, or the trail!


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Baby It's Cold Outside

If you haven't noticed's cold outside. Old man winter came to visit here in east Tennessee on Monday and he's staying for a little while it seems. He's the houseguest that won't leave. When times like this happen, and if you're like me, you forget to plan ahead. We've had tons of people needing heaters! I'm guessing nobody anticipated that the weather people to actually get it right this time!
While we are currently sold out of ALL heaters at this time, we do still have in stock, items of necessity for times such as this. Take, for instance, a cooking source if your electricity goes out, like mine did.

This little thing is only $34.99 and works great especially at times of now! Of course you can use your regular pots and pans on this stove and eat like a king! Just....don't forget to get propane for it.....

Something that saved me this morning....YakTrax! A couple of years ago, my husband purchased these awesome things here at the store and I'm so thankful this morning that he did...and thankful he forgot about them so I could snag 'em.

For only $19.99, you too can walk on ice like I did! :)  I wasn't about to walk across the parking lot here at BPS Sevierville without them!  Along with these awesome contraptions, you will, of course, need some of our Lifetime Guarantee socks to keep those tootsies warm!

$11.99 and let me just tell you....worth.every.penny!!!!


I promise you, you can find everything you will need, except heaters right now, at Bass Pro Shops in Sevierville! We even have food! !!!!!!

Look...the meteorologists can't be counted on to get the weather right...the weather itsself can't be counted on. But you can always count on Bass Pro to help you out in times of need. We have cooking sources, warm clothes, freeze dried food, warm socks and boots/shoes, warm sleeping bags, fire starters and the list goes on and on.

Come see me and see what I have that you just might need while Mr. Bad Weather is visiting. One word of advice though...PREPARE AHEAD OF TIME! Ok so that was 4 words, but you get it. Lots of people without electricity right now are also without heat because they waited until the last minute to get a backup heater and unfortunately most everybody is sold out now.

Come on in and lets prepare together!

See you soon!


Turkey Tech Talk

This turkey season, are you going to bring home that feathered trophy? Or will you be walking back empty handed? One of the best things you can do to prepare is take time to find the turkey vest perfect for you! In our Camo Department at Bass Pro Shops, you can find a wide range and variety of turkey hunting equipment, accessories, apparel, and other needs. We pride ourselves on having everything you will need to assist you on your turkey hunt and offer many versions of apparel and vests, even for ladies and youth! The number one seller of ours, is the RedHead Classic Turkey Vest

This Vest features an upper portion that is constructed to provide full range of motion, and it features two large external pockets that offer plenty of room for gear. As well as a rear game bag, fully adjustable shoulder and sternum straps, drop-down seat cushion, and detachable blaze orange safety flag. The best part yet, is how completely affordable it is at the price of $34.99

The next vest to look at would be the RedHead Striker Turkey Vest  This vest is a huge hit with majority of the hunters I come in contact with daily. It's easier to maneuver in, durable, and has multiple pockets and a comfortable fold down seat.

 It has pockets for a box call and a striker, a mesh mouth call pocket, 2 slate call pockets, and additional accessory pockets. The magnetic fold-down seat is cushioned with memory foam for remarkable comfort on the ground, and the padded, adjustable shoulder straps are comfortable and ergonomic. An adjustable game bag in the back holds decoys or your trophy gobbler, and a detachable blaze orange flags adds a measure of safety to your walk in and out of the woods.

This vest ranks higher with experienced turkey hunters. One fellow hunter, who rated it 5 stars, wrote on our website, "I went directly to bass pro and bought this vest, it was amazing. The space and storage is great. It had pockets for all my calls and room in the game bag for many decoys. The seat is great [and] it is really comfortable. A great vest for the price."

The last vest we will preview today is the RedHead BuckLick Creek Turkey Lounger Turkey Vest

This vest is highly recommended and superior to our other RedHead Vests. It features our RedHead® patented vest/chair system features a drop down, self-supporting seat that gives you the freedom to sit comfortably and in excellent shooting position, regardless of terrain. Light yet durable, it’s the perfect organizer for your hunt.  The adjustable padded shoulder and sternum straps assure a custom fit, while the Smart Pocket System makes your calls and accessories easy to get to. The vest is crafted from tough, waterproof micro fleece fabric; all outside accessory pockets are highly water-resistant. It is priced at $99.99

Another one of our Bass Pro hunters stated online, " I was given a Bucklick Creek vest the second year they were made and found a vest that fit all my needs. I've can't say enough about the built in seat,its helped me kill more turkey's by keeping me comfortable.When your comfortable you stay still,a must in turkey hunting.The layout of the pockets and call holders are spot on and the fact you don't have to have a tree to lean against is great! The seat can open up more set ups that you normaly wouldn't consider. With out a doubt I'll always have a Bucklick Creek Turkey Lounger in my turkey hunting gear."

As I mentioned before, we also carry vests for the ladies

and youth, which can be found on our website at the links listed below:

Don't miss out on your hunting win by not being prepared for your hunt! Come see us at Bass Pro Shops and talk to the associates in our Hunting and Camo department to get you set up for a victorious hunt this turkey season!


It's Time To Be a "Jerk" To Catch Those Big Bass

It’s mid February and in just  a few short weeks cabin fever dissipates as we all hit the water for what is arguably is considered across the nation “big bass time” !! You’ve had all winter to organize you tackle box, re-spooled your reels and even Mr. Bass is anxious to shake the ice off of his fins. What do you grab that first time you get out? We have told you in the past that lipless crankbaits were great for this time of year, but today we are talking jerkbaits.

Why a jerkbait? As Mr. Bass is shaking his winter blues, so is Mr. Shad. While the shad do this, they are not accustomed to the constant swimming motion seen throughout the summer months. The cold water makes them lethargic. During this time their movement patterns are erratic, swimming in a stop-and-go motion. Eventually, the cold weather starts to kill some of these shad off, and as they start to die the flutter, pause, flutter, pause, making them easy prey for Mr. Bass. No other bait resembles this pattern better than a jerkbait this time of year.

So which jerkbait do I choose? There are basically three types of jerkbaits; floaters, suspenders and sinkers. The preferred type for the early cold weather is the suspender. With the suspender, after you twitch, snap, and then pause these baits for a few seconds, the bait will suspend in the water column, allowing Mr. Bass an easy target, just as he would on the real deal shad.

Alright, so you know why and what, but there are so many different colors and styles, so which ones work best? While we will cover four of our favorites, the usual go to color, bar none, is the clown color. The XPS Laser Eye Jerkbait Clown (pictured on top) is an excellent choice to start your day with.

Our list of honorable mentions include the Gold Husky Jerk, the Chrome Black Rogue, and Chartreuse Shad by Lucky Craft. The key thing to consider with all of these, is that the water in the winter, is void of much of the algae that gives the shad a greener tint in the summer months. The colors in the baits above present a typical shad color in the late winter early spring pattern.

Using baitcasting or spinning (your preference), throw the bait out on a point or shore at the north end of the lake, because the north end warms faster than the southern end at this time of year. Start your retrieve with a series with a series of jerks, and then pause, the colder the water, the longer the pause, even up to 5 to 8 seconds in really cold temperatures. Repeat ! Repeat ! Repeat ! Often the bass will slam that bait on the pause, on the next jerk you will feel the load, set the hook !!! It is a good idea to watch your line on that pause as well, and be on the lookout for a twitch that you may not feel, and the set the hook on the slightest movement of your line.

Great places to consider on your water:

  • North shore
  • Points, especially those nearest a bending creek channel
  • Flats – even the silty flats, as the silt can hold heat
  • Rip Rap, rocks hold heat
  • Any mix of these with a touch of cover (logs, brush piles, emerging weeds, etc.)

Finally, let’s talk about line. Monofilament or fluorocarbon lines are preferred, in 10 to 15 pound test. Note that the mono will keep your bait slightly higher in the water than fluorocarbon, as monofilament floats and fluorocarbon sinks. In gin clear water stick with fluorocarbon, it is much more invisible than the monofilament.




Watch Your Speed

Winter Florida LargemouthNo, I’m not talking about your speed on the roadways, although that’s a good idea to keep in mind unless you just want your insurance rates increased and your license suspended.  Winter time fishing can be some of the most productive of the year but the one thing I keep forgetting to keep in mind when I hit the ponds or the saltwater flats, is the speed of the retrieve and how fast to work the fly in general.  There isn’t another single time of the year when this is so important and we’re constantly getting questions about how quickly to work a fly through the strike zone for various species.  Unfortunately there isn’t any one single solution but rather a batch of questions the angler needs to ask while they’re out there casting away.

The first consideration is what am I trying to imitate and how quickly does it move through the water when relaxed and how much faster when frightened.  The dry fly fisherman is going to say that his bugs only move as fast as the current it’s riding while a barracuda fisherman will respond that a needle fish can truly haul the mail when a giant is tight on its tail.  There isn’t any single correct answer but instead it’s key to keep the prey in your mind and what frame of “mind” it’s in at the time.

Secondly, I take a look at the species being pursued and the type of feeding it generally does.  A large bass is primarily an ambush feeder that doesn’t chase anything further than a foot or two (similar to giant snook, and gator trout), while a smaller specimen of the same species may actively chase down its dinner from time to time.  Speedsters like mackerel, bonita, barracuda, ladyfish, and others, are relentless and amazingly fast; chasing down and devouring their meal like they may not get another.  Trout like brookies and cutthroat rarely chase anything, they rely on the current to bring dinner to the table, at which time they can dine at a leisurely and easy pace, sipping or grabbing their food as it passes.  The retrieval rates vary greatly depending on species and size as you can see.

Thirdly, am I appealing to the fish’s hunger, territorialism, or shear anger?  Bedding fish are not really in the mood to eat and therefore don’t often pursue things that aren’t passing relatively close to their location.  Objects that pass by closely, but too quickly don’t get chased either, so you need to slow it down, and sometimes stop the retrieve so the fly lies still in the bed, before eliciting a strike out of anger and the need to protect the brood.  Striking or highly predatory fish are often more willing to chase or follow prey, or your fly, over greater distances and at higher speeds.

Lastly, we need to consider that the same species will likely change its feeding habits due to a slowing or speeding up of its metabolism as a result of changing seasons and varying water temperatures.  Bass are a prime example of this and the reason I wrote about the topic in the first place.  Experiencing a slow and deliberate bite on the drop into a deep pond left me amazed and frustrated by my inability to slow down enough without losing total concentration on the task at hand.  I awoke from a daydream at one point, realizing I’d been struck only because the line was swimming away at right angles to where I had originally casted.  The bit was so subtle that I hadn’t even noticed it.  I invariably lost that fish because of an ineffective hook set.  My inability to slow down may also be the reason behind my lack of success with black drum on the flats as well.

There are a lot of things to consider before making that first cast of the day if you want to have some semblance of success, not the least of which is the speed (or lack thereof) in your retrieve.  Pace, pausing, long, short, jerky, call it whatever you want because there isn’t any single answer to the question.  Only more questions.

Brian “Beastman” Eastman

White River Fly Shop

Outdoor World Orlando


Tracker Marine in Katy, Texas…

In 1978, Bass Pro Shops' founder Johnny Morris revolutionized the boating industry when he introduced the first fully rigged boat, motor and trailer package on the market. Now, more than 30 years later, Tracker Marine Group continues to craft that heritage of innovation and excellence in quality into every single model we build. Whether you're searching for your first fishing boat or upgrading the family fun boat, rest assured your boat is crafted to provide you and your crew years of quality experiences on the water.

For 2015, we have refined our processes and products even more. With Lean Sigma manufacturing practices and the best materials, the quality craftsmanship of every boat is at an all-time high. Plus, new innovations and features throughout every brand ensure your Tracker Marine Group boat always rides the leading edge of quality and comfort.

Come visit our beautiful showroom here in Katy, Texas where it’s a boat show every day and explore our brands to find the boat that fits you and your family just right!


This Weekend at Bass Pro Shops Altoona - Welcome Wrestlers and Hunters!

BUSY weekend in Central Iowa with two world-renowned events - The Iowa Boys State Wrestling Tournament and the National Pheasant Fest and Quail Classic!

While you're in town for both, stop out to the store and say hello - expect to see many of you here!

While you're downtown at either event, stop by our King of Buck's exhibit and "base camp" at the National Pheasant Fest and Quail Classic. This exhibit is like no other - you will get to see the top, majestic, world class, internationally famous mounts up close and personal.

Here's what will be going on at the store when you stop by:

Try Before You Buy!

Saturday - Our Gifts Department is handing out samples of biscuits and gravy made with Uncle Buck's Biscuit and Gravy Mixes.

Girl Scout Cookie Time!

Girl Scouts and Brownies are in the house, selling those famous cookies!

Saturday, Feb. 21, 10 a.m.-2 p.m.: Girl Scout Troop 1006

Sunday, Feb. 22, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.: Brownie Troop 624

Saturday, Feb. 21 - Dog Demo - 3:30 p.m.

Jay Green and his therapy dog Zeus go through the paces of being a good dog!

Speaking of Dogs...

The Dog Days Event is coming! You and Fido REALLY don't want to miss this! Seminars, giveaways, microchipping, and our Facebook page and store page for details! #bassprodogdays


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