Hunting with ThermaCell

Hunting with ThermaCell

By: Mike Reynolds

It’s mid October and it’s time to start hunting deer again (finally!). The problem is it’s still warm and bugs are still active.  For me the evenings are the worst because of mosquitos.  Some nights they are horribly distracting.  What can you do? Bug juice is out because of the smell.  Some cover scents claim to repel bugs but are usually too weak to be really effective.  For me the only thing that truly works to chase mosquitos and keep them away is the ThermaCell brand of repellents.

 I first heard of ThermaCell in the mid-2000s while hunting in Mississippi.  I had won Primos Hunting Calls Pro Staffer of the year and was given a deer hunt with Will Primos on his place near Jackson, MS.  It was mid-October and still hot in the south.  While standing at the base of a tree waiting for my cameraman to get settled in his stand, I was being swarmed by thousands of little blood suckers.  They followed me up the tree and were getting ready to ruin my morning when I felt a tap on my shoulder.  My cameraman whispered, “Put this under your seat.”  He handed something to me.  I took it and slid it under my seat.  To my amazement all the mosquitos disappeared.  Now I’m not talking wandered away, they just flat out were gone in an instant!  I was stunned and quite pleased.  Now I’d like to finish this story with a great buck on the ground.  Sadly the only thing I got that day was introduced to a new product that repelled mosquitos without repelling deer.  In fact, I later learned the scent that ThermaCell emits is a man-made version of a smell that comes from chrysanthemums, a naturally occurring scent that deer seem to either not smell or ignore. 

I have used and recommended Therma Cell ever since.  The unit is easy to carry and fits in your backpack.  Once lighted, it repels mosquitos, gnats and black flies for hours Check out your local Bass Pro Shops for this great product. I carry one for at least the month of October and recommend you do too!


Destin's Bass Pro Shops Christmas Parade and Opening of Santa's Wonderland

Pack up the kids, family, and friends and come to Destin's Bass Pro Shops at the Destin Commons on Saturday, November 15th for our annual Christmas Parade and grand opening of Santa's Wonderland, beginning around 4:30 that afternoon!  Decorated 4-wheelers and other floats and marching groups will accompany the parade through the Destin Commons and the United States Marine Corps will be escorting Santa in a decorated and Christmas themed Mako boat, as the Head Elf makes his way to the entrance of Bass Pro Shops.

Make sure to get here early and get a good spot because starting around 4 pm and during the parade, Bass Pro Shops will be providing cookies and hot chocolate, throw-outs for the kids, and drawings for gift cards.

The Marines will be kicking off our 5th annual Toys for Tots Campaign and TFT boxes and our "Boat" will be available and in place for new toys or monetary donations.

As Santa makes his way into the building, he will pause to light the vast decorations in the store, then to the back to officially (and magically) open Santa's Wonderland. 

Make sure to check our "Store Events" schedules for available times for Santa photos and all of the fun activities available.  Please remember that the line for the Free Santa photo can get very long (one to over 2 hours) the closer we get to Christmas.  Everyone is advised to arrive toward the beginning of the advertised daily hours to assure that you will get a Free picture during the scheduled photo times.  Santa is here on a contractual basis and we will be cutting off the photo line at a particular point each evening in order to allow those already in line to complete their photos and to allow Santa to exit at the end of his scheduled times.

Gary Feduccia


QUICK! Get Dinner On The Table!

The Orion Smoker/Cooker Saves Dinner

Have you ever been in a situation where you have to cook a meal for a large group of people and had little or no warning and very little time to cook it?  Or are you going on a hunting or fishing trip with your buddies and it is your turn to cook dinner that evening for everyone? You want to cook something that everyone will like and have plenty of it. What to do?   If so, then you may find some merit to this article.

To begin with I have been in both these situations.  A while back my wife and I got a call from my sister to say she and some friends were passing through our area on their way back home from a church outing and she wanted to stop by and see us.  We said we would love to see her and her friends, which turned out to be about 10 to 15 people in all, who were coming in at about dinner time. 

“Hi sis,--you are,--yes, we would love to see you.  When will you get in here?  Oh-about an hour and a half from now—ah, have you had dinner?  Nooo, we can put something together for everyone.  See you then—Bye.” 

In this case no time to do much planning, shopping or cooking.  We punted and made spaghetti with meat balls.  I ran to the store for enough noodles and salad fixings to feed every one, while the wife started the sauté.   This worked out for us and dinner was served about two hectic hours later.

When it was my turn to cook dinner for my hunting group on our lease in Texas, I did a purity good job with the dinner that I started cooking just after lunch when everyone else was taking a nap before going out to hunt again that evening.  When they left, I was still cooking dinner, which I served that evening when they got back from the evening hunt. 

I was just a little frustrated knowing that I had to give up that evening’s hunt to pull my share of the trips KP, cooking the evening’s meal on one of only five days we were out in Texas.   This frustration drove me look in to ways to speed the cooking time, while providing plenty of good food and getting me out the kitchen and into the woods looking for Mr. Buck.

 I found several short cuts then that save me from the situation my sister presented me with and many an hours of hunting in the future.  I continue to look for the faster and easier ways to do it.  One of the things I recently found is the Orion Smoker/Cooker, which is a Smoker, as well as a Convection cooker.   The time it took to fix the evening meal after I had gotten back from hunting that evening was fast and really wowed my buddies.  Dinner was served about the time they had finished cleaning that evenings deer, about an hour and a half.  The Orion is something that can save one a lot time in a pinch and products mouth watering meals.

The Orion Smoker/Cooker provides that slow Smoking/Bar-B-Q-ing results in a fraction of the time.  It’s a simple 3 step process that really works with wowing results.

  1. Load the cooker with the food to be cooked and place the charcoal in the top and bottom rings.
  2. Light the charcoal and start the timing as recommended by the manufacture for the food being cooked.
  3. Remove the food from the cooker at the end of the recommend time and eat.  Simple as 1, 2, 3.

For example:  Cooking 6 racks of ribs in an hour and fifteen minutes. 

Prepare the ribs with your favorite dry rib rub, place zip-lock bag and allow marinating overnight in the frig.  Then place the ribs in the cooker on the hangers as recommended by the manufacture.  Place the top on the cooker and load the charcoal rings with charcoal.  Light both rings of charcoal starting with the top ring and then moving down to the lower ring.  Start the cooking time when the top ring of charcoal is being lite and No peeking after that.  Messes up the cooking timing.  When the hour and fifteen minutes are up, remove the top of the cooker carefully using a pair of heat resistant gloves (be very careful, the cooker is very hot and it will get you if you are not paying attention to what you are doing).   If you want to cook lesser amount of ribs.  Say only 3 racks of ribs, the time changes to about an hour of cooking time. 

Some people like them cooked a little longer than that (ribs falling off the bone) and cook them for about an hour and a half for 6 racks of ribs.  I found this made the ribs difficult to remove from the cooker because they were literally fell apart.  Either way, served with garlic bread, some good creamy coleslaw, baked beans and my favorite BBQ dipping sauté, these were some of the best ribs I have had. 

A couple of tips for you.  I found the self lighting charcoal tends to work best with the Orion.  If you want to use smoking chips, they can go in the bottom on the out side of the water pan.  You can also go on line for more cooking recipes at the Orion cooker’s web pages where many of their patrons post their comments and receipts at   

Find other cooking options on the Bass Pro Cookware Blog Page

Happy trails and good eats to you and yours.

Wes. P--Camping dept.


Fall Flannel Fest

October 20th -- November 9th

This fall season is officially under way and we are excited to celebrate the cooler weather this year with our first Fall Flannel Fest. Come in to the store and check out our various assortment of flannel, we have something for everyone. Flannel is a staple for the fall season and has been for generations-- and you known the best place to get flannel is right here at Bass Pro Shops!

We have flannel available in an all of your favorite brands; RedHead, Ascend, Natural Reflections, Bob Timberlake, Carhartt, Columbia, and more. Ask any Bass Pro Associate and they would be happy to help you find the style that best suits you.


Flannel Friday Giveaway-- October 24th 11:00am

FREE Car Coaster Giveaways!

The first 100 customers to come into Bass Pro Shops Tallahassee at 11:00 am will receive a FREE stoneware coaster. Each coaster is stamped with the Fall Flannel Fest logo. These stoneware coasters fit into most cup holders and will soak up spills and condensation from beverages, eliminating those sticky "puddles" in cup holders. 

Like Bass Pro Shops Tallahassee on Facebook to stay up to date on all of the upcoming events for the holiday season! Facebook--Fall Flannel Event

Be sure to find a style that everyone likes by checking out other Clothing Blogs posted by Bass Pro Shops.




GoPro Hero 4 is Here!

GoPro Hero 4 Black


Professional quality video that comes in a camera smaller than the palm of your hand. A 12MP camera is attached with auto low light, burst photos, night photos, and a time lapse.  With 4k video resolution that rivals the GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition, this tiny new camera also includes a host of new features, the biggest being  Protune, Super View, and an LCD touch screen.


 Protune is a new feature that allows you to enhance the quality and capture of video and sound during filming. Protune can be particularly useful when filming on-scene; it essentially gives you the opportunity to see what your video will look like in cinema quality by adjusting the frame rate and quality of the video automatically.


Superview is available in 720 and 1080p resolutions, and allows for a new ultra-wide angle in video that has, until now, never been available for a camera its size. With Superview, you can fit more into each frame so you'll be able to relive the adventure as if through your own eyes.

LCD Touch Screen   

We've all been waiting for this one. You can finally see what you're filming while you're shooting. The new screen shows photos taken and has video playback. Before the Hero 4, you could not see what videos or photos you had taken without buying an LCD screen or uploading the content onto your phone or computer. This new touch screen addition allows for easy access and deletion of content on your memory card.

These three add ons are probably the most significant, but GoPro has also added a few more to make it easier to capture your adventures in the field. They've added a USB cable to easily upload information to your computer, and a touch enabled backdoor, allowing you to use the touch screen while still in the waterproof housing. A new speaker has been added to the camera as well. Once again GoPro has wowed us with a variety of new features to make it one the best cameras of its kind, and the best selling camera of its kind.

So if you're hunting, fishing, skydiving, bungee jumping, mountain climbing, skiing, snowboarding, kayaking, hiking, cycling, playing sports, or just out on a day trip doing what you love to do, the GoPro can surely capture your experience in the most efficient, and easiest way possible.  Come visit us a Bass Pro Shops Savannah, where our experts can help you select the camera you are looking for!


Wintertime Fun

Wintertime Fun!!!


Winter is approaching and our temperatures will be falling soon.  The Knoxville, TN area never sees too much snow besides a dusting.  In the mountains and up on Ober Gatlinburg is another story.  Both get the natural, beautiful snow, but Ober also makes their own snow for their tubing and ski slopes.

At our Bass Pro Shop in Kodak, TN, we have an assortment of inflatable snow tubes and sleds that you can choose from.

The most popular is our blue plastic Twister sled.  It sells for $7.99.  When anyone hears, SNOW, this is the one the locals come and grab.

We also carry the Paricon Snow Boat for $24.99.  This is an all around, general purpose sled.

We also carry the Snow Slider and the Snow Slider Classic.  $44.99 and $32.99 respectively.


We carry two inflatable tubes used in the snow, but we also have some of our summer tubes out that would work just as well in the snow.  We carry Uncle Bob’s Single Seater for $14.99 and Uncle Bob’s Double Seater for $27.99.

Come on into the store and get your childhood memory making fun!!  Or go to our website and have yours delivered to your home or use our Ship to Store service.


Ginger J Bridges

Marine Lead

Sevierville, TN


It's The Great Pumpkin in Tallahassee!

(c) Peanuts Worldwide LLC

2014 It's The Great Pumpkin Halloween Event

Come out and join us at Bass Pro Shops Tallahassee as we start the Holiday season off with the largest Halloween celebration around!



FREE PHOTO with PEANUTS characters in the Pumpkin Patch

Weeknights: 5pm-8pm

Weekends 12pm-5pm

The first 100 children to have their pictures take with the PEANUTS gang will receive a FREE pair of glow in the dark glasses. while supplies last

Receive one free 4x6 Photo printed in store and the opportunity to purchase photo packets printed while you shop. See Facebook for more details!

FREE CRAFTS          

Monday - Friday 5pm-8pm Decorate a Stuffed Owl

Saturday & Sunday 12pm-5pm Decorate a Felt Jack-o-lantern

Halloween Night Only: Decorate a Live Pumpkin! (pumpkins will be small, so children can handle easily)


October 25th & 26th --- 1pm-2pm and 3pm-4pm Each Day

Children will receive a Halloween bendable character for completing the scavenger hunt card


Halloween Night Only from 4pm-8pm


Halloween Night Only -- Ages 12& Under

Parade Line-up Starts at 6pm

Think that your child might have the cutest Halloween costume? Come out for the Bass Pro Shops Costume Parade! Every participate will receive a Owl Drawstring Backpack and one lucky winner will receive a $10.00 Bass Pro Shops Gift Card.




Bass Pro Shops Again Supports Our Wounded Warriors

There was a happy crew of Wounded Warriors and their families who returned to the Destin Harbor on Saturday, October 11th, after a successful day of fishing on board the Pescador III.  Plentiful Red Snapper, King Mackeral, and other fish were the catch of the day!  Destin Bass Pro Shops donated a number of items, including the Bass Pro Shops caps shown in the photo to make this fishing trip a memorable outing for these Wounded Warriors.

Previously, on Friday evening, September 26th, Destin's Bass Pro Shops held an old-fashioned fish fry for another group of Wounded Warriors and their families at beautiful Live Oak Landing on Black Creek near Freeport.  Our local Pro Fishing Staff were on hand and Nick's Seafood Restaurant brought additional food.  Lodging was provided that night by Live Oak Landing and the next morning, the Warriors and their families were treated to a day of freshwater and Bay fishing by our Pro Fishing Staff and members of the local bass clubs.

Destin's Bass Pro Shops supports our active and retired military community and will continue to support Wounded Warrior functions in the local area.  Please remember that Bass Pro Shops offers a 10% discount to all active and retired military personnel with proper ID.

Gary Feduccia


Fall Like a Pro this Autumn: Safety, Comfort and Fun

 Prepping for the Autumn season of fun Fall activities may have not crossed your mind until you are out in the moment and realize you were ill prepared. There are many things to think of from warmth to being noticed by others and keeping hydrated. Bass Pro shops is ready and waiting to help you make this season more comfortable for you.

Pumpkin patches and apple orchards are a popular destination this time of year. Keep the kiddo comfy and your arm muscles as well! Try our Mac Sports folding utility wagonMac Sports™ Fold-Up Utility Wagon                                                                                         ($79.99) to roll the young ones and pumpkins around while enjoying the views. 

Don't forget to have some cocoa or coffee nearby to keep you warm and satisfied in a thermos ($34.99). These will keep your favorite fall beverage warm for up to 24 hours so no need to rush through your day. 

After a day at the orchard you may be looking at a pile of apples and wondering how long it will take to peel them all before you can use them for pies and such. Cut your time down by getting an apple peeler by LEM ($19.99) Your hands will thank you.

Of course while out trick-or-treating you should make sure children are well hydrated and well lit (seen.) There are many options from Camelbak and Nalgene water bottles to hydration packs they can wear under their costume.These products range from $7.99(kids Nalgene)- $24.99  (1.5L XPS bag)  And don't forget the glow sticks! Besides the traditional crack and shake type, there are now LED glow sticks with over 200 hours run time. Making it not only a Halloween night favorite but for on the night stand on those "spooky" nights. These range from $1.19-$2.49 a piece. A fairly inexpensive source of not only safety but entertainment. Hand warmers are also a must.  You can view all the products we have available at  also see Product Spotlight - LEM Apple and Potato Peeler


Join the Marines at Destin's Bass Pro Shops for the Toys for Tots Kickoff

Destin Bass Pro Shops will be kicking off our 5th annual Toys For Tots campaign on Saturday, November 15th at 5 pm.  Come and join with the United States Marines who will be coming to the store every Saturday through the holidays.  Bring a new toy or purchase one in the store to donate to needy children and teens.  The Marines will be on hand for monetary donations, if you prefer. 

Many folks do not realize how many families are affected by the economy, the high prices of food, fuel, and energy.  These necessary essentials leave little extra in income to provide presents for children during the holidays.  Too, teenaged children are also affected and monetary donations are used to buy gifts appropriate for the older needy children.

We at Destin's Bass Pro Shops hope to surpass our previous years' donations.  We will again be "cramming the boat" with toys at the entrance of the store.  All toys and donations serve the Okaloosa and Walton County areas and collection and distribution is done by volunteers.  We are proud to be associated with the United States Marine Corp and the Toys for Tots campaign and have become one of the largest drop-off collection points in the two county area.  Your support for Toys for Tots will be greatly appreciated.   

Gary Feduccia


Create A New Halloween Tradition Your Bass Pro Hooksett

(c) Peanuts Worldwide LLC
The leaves are falling, the weather is getting colder and Halloween is almost here! BPS Hooksett will be having a spooktacular event this Halloween. Check out our schedule and activities below.




  • Monday-Friday 5-8pm
  • Saturday- Sunday 12-5pm
  • Halloween Night 4-8pm

Come take your picture with the Great Pumpkin and the Peanuts bunch. The first 100 kids to have their photo taken (Monday-Friday only) get a pair of glow in the dark glasses!



  • Monday-Friday 5-8pm
  • Saturday- Sunday 12-5pm
  • Halloween Night 4-8pm

Monday thru Friday decorate a Stuff Owl. Saturday and Sunday decorate a Felt Jack -O- Lantern. On Halloween night decorate a real pumpkin!



Saturday & Sunday Oct 25 & 26 1pm-2pm & 3pm-4pm

Can you find all the hidden creatures in the store?  If so, you get a prize!



  • Halloween Night Only
  • Parade starts at 6pm

Come join us in our parade around the store! Kids participating get an owl drawstring bag




  • Halloween Night Only
  • 4pm-8pm

Venture around the store were staff will be waiting with a big bowl of tasty candy!


All Halloween activities are free. Stop by Bass Pro Shops Hooksett and make our Halloween event part of your seasonal family fun.

*While supplies last for all activities, giveaways


Monica - Events & Promotions Coordinator

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BPS Hooksett Blog


Triple Crown Bonus Event

                                       The Triple Crown Bonus event!

Once again it is that time of the year that brings most fisherman and boaters off the water. Although the fall is still an excellent time for crappie, bass, and cat fishing as they start to rise back up to shallower water as the temperature drops. For those who stay on the water or even just those who have been waiting all season for a great deal, Bass Pro Shops once again is offering the Triple Crown Bonus!

          What is this Triple Crown Bonus one may ask? This event is possibly the greatest deal of the year from the marine department, and runs from October 6th to October 19th. This spectacular event offers three outstanding features for Bass Pro Shops customers. The first is triple the rewards point for reward card members. Although the amount of points varies depending on the price of the item purchased, these points turn into free in-store cash, and it takes only a few minutes to sign up. The second feature of this event is a free product replacement plan called, Gear Guard. This is a hassle free, peace of mind in-store warranty starting at a $20 value on the lowest priced qualifying item, and goes up to $200 or more! The third feature, and perhaps the best, is the free standard installation from our very own Power Pros. This gives a set credit of $150 to anyone wanting Tracker Power Pros to take away the headache of installation, and leave it to our qualified, trained technicians. With these three features combined, No matter what item is purchased, there is a minimum of a $200 value! It is a no brainer.

          So just what items are in this “Triple Crown Event”? While there are too many to list here, there are four of the best manufactures participating. The first is “Lowrance”. They have some of their greatest units available like the Elite and the HDS models. Also Humminbird has some of their low and high end units available! The third manufacture is our friends at Garmin and has all the Echomap units in our list! Last but not least, Motorguide is offering its newest line-up of trolling motors such as the X-3 and the X-I5. With the top names in the boating industry coming together for the Triple Crown Bonus event, the selection and value cannot be beat!

          Now of course as always, there is fine print so to say and technicalities involved, but do not be discouraged! Any of the knowledgeable Bass Pro Shops associates have all the details, and qualifying units. Not only that, but our trained expert staff can walk you through all the options and help one select the unit or motor that fits their needs. So head on in to your local Garland Bass Pro Shops for the Triple Crown Bonus event, and let us help you take advantage of these extreme savings. And remember, Your adventure starts here!

                                                                                                -Mike Ball  

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Halloween Fun @ Bass Pro Shops Altoona!

Free Halloween Fun is BACK


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Fall Weather and SEC Football - Time to Get Out the Grill

Who can resist sharing wonderful food with friends and family watching some SEC football?  Football rivalry runs thicker than your Grandma's molasses down here in the deep South, especially among teams in the Southeastern Conference!  Weekends are a great time to crank up the grill or smoker to prepare a tailgate feast to please even the most opinionated armchair quarterback. 

Whether you decide to cook pork, beef, chicken, fish, or even veggies, Bass Pro Shops has a complete selection of rubs, marinades, injectable solutions, and other supplies needed to make your cookout a success.  To many, it seems that many commercial rubs, marinades, and injectables are all the same.  For many ingredients, they are very similar.  The difference is found in the catchall word on the label, "spices".  A little bit of one spice or another one can make all the difference in the overall taste.  Try several different ones and pick those that best suit the type of meat or vegetables you plan to cook.

In addition, you can add an another level of flavor by using one of our specialty wood chips or pellets that add flavored smoke to your cooking.  We have all of the traditional favorites including hickory, apple, mesquite, and others, as well as several varieties of citrus, which are particularly good with fish.

So, score big-time with one-stop shopping at Bass Pro Shops for all your grilling and smoking needs.  Your friends and family will be thanking you for that Hail-Mary Bar-Be-Oue!

Gary Feduccia


The Hardships of Archery Season

It never fails that at Bass Pro Shops we always get to hear about the most exciting stories that our fellow employees share with us. Hunting, fishing, and camping vacations/trips are always interesting to hear about. That’s why I have decided to share our fellow Gun Vault Specialist’s story about her archery hunting trip she took to Georgia with her family.

Krizia Torres has been working at Bass Pro Shops for 4 years now. She originally was hired as a part-time Hunting associate, however, shortly after she became our full-time Gun Vault Specialist. Krizia has always had a passion for hunting since she was ten years old. We also appreciate all of her had work and time she spends to make our company and customers have a prosperous time at our store.

Open archery season is one of Krizia and her family’s favorite seasons to hunt. Lumpkin, Georgia was their first stop.  The first animal they came across was a Whitetail Fawn, but regulation says that Fawns are illegal to harvest.  Shortly after, Krizia came across a 5 point Buck. She drew back quickly at the buck then released her arrow hitting the buck on its shoulder and the buck took off running with the arrow still in him. She followed the buck’s blood trail, but the buck didn’t leave much of a sufficient blood trail since it was a muscle shot.

After searching for the buck for almost 150 yards through the thicket and losing the trail, Krizia decided to call it quits. Her father, which was hunting in an area further down from where she was, picked her up on their  four wheeler,  and they headed towards their car to pack up and call it a night. As they rode back to the main entrance of their property, they saw a black vague object off to their right hand side of the road. They decided to turn around and find out what that object was. When they approached the object, they saw that it was a dead hog, probably close to 150 pounds. They came to the conclusion that the hog must have been road kill.

After spending three days in Lumpkin, Georgia, Krizia and her family made their way over to Milan, Georgia.  On her first day in Milan, a bobcat came up from behind her unexpectedly. When she stood up to shoot, she didn’t realize how close the bobcat was to her that she aimed a little higher than what she was supposed to with her bow. It caused her to shoot right over the bobcat, and she missed. About five minutes later, she had two other deer come out, but they were too far for her to shoot. Unluckily, Krizia didn’t get to harvest any animals but she is still excited and looking forward to the next archery season in Georgia.    


The Fawn Deer

Krizia and Robert with the hog

Krizia at age 10; hunting with her family.

Bear Archery Crux Compound Bow (Bow only) SKU# 2142949



Flannel - A Tradition, Not a Fad

Flannel - the mere word brings warmth to your soul. Flannel lives on and we felt it was time to celebrate the good feeling it brings, and has brought, for centuries.


Flannel Fest

October 20-November 9

Bass Pro Shops celebrates the warmth of the season with Flannel Fest! Flannel keeps you warm on that outside job, during a cold winter's night, at those frosty football games, and while lounging around the house.

Flannel sheets, flannel-lined slippers, flannel-lined sleeping bags, flannel-lined jeans, flannel-lined work pants...flannel dates back to the 17th century in the Scottish Highlands. Often people confuse any plaid or tartan shirts as being flannel, but flannel refers to the material, not the pattern. Originally made from carded or worsted wool, flannel is now typically made from either wool, cotton, or synthetic fibers.

Flannel is functional, but also comfortable and durable. It is the symbol of lumberjacks and other fine, hardworking people who brave the outdoor elements to earn a living, and has been a staple of sportsmen and women for years. While the Grunge look of the 80s still lives in the minds of some, flannel actually can look very nice and clean. Flannel was used to dress the military in the Civil War, WWI and WWII. In the 1950s, flannel became a staple of business wear in gray flannel slacks and wool flannel suits of many colors for women. Some of my favorite business attire in past positions has been gray wool flannel pants or the wool flannel business jackets and suits. Nothing classier or more professional looking.

Fashion fads come and go. Flannel has never left.

Show us your favorite flannel @ #flannelfest!

Join us on Friday, October 24, for Flannel Friday! Starting at 11 a.m., the first 100 customers through our doors receive a Fall Flannel Fest car coaster!


This Weekend @ Bass Pro Shops Altoona

It's a good weekend for thinking about staying warm and we can help you out!  For one thing, we have RedHead lifetime socks on sale through Sunday!

Try Before You Buy

Our Gifts Department will be serving up some samples to warm your tummy!

Saturday, October 18

It's National Chili Month so sample our Uncle Buck's brand Two-Step Black Bean Chili! Noon-4 p.m. or while supplies last.

Sunday, October 19

Try some a sample of Bob Timberlake BBQ sauces over beef chuck roast! Noon-4 p.m. or while supplies last!

Boy Scouts are on site selling popcorn to help support their activities.

Saturday - It's Pack 237

Sunday - It's Troop 222 from Martensdale

The scouts are usually here from about 10 a.m. - mid afternoon.

Coming up?

Flannel Fest!

Then, hold on to your plaids, it's FLANNEL FEST! October 20-November 9, Bass Pro Shops celebrates all things flannel! You know we're the BEST place to buy flannel, whether RedHead, Ascend, Bob Timberlake, Columbia, Carhartt, or others!  #FlannelFest

Friday, October 24 - Flannel Friday! The first 100 customers receive a FREE Fall Flannel Fest Car Coaster! These very cool coasters go in your car's cup holder and soak up minor spills and condensation.


Halloween arrives October 24-31! Stay tuned!

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Adopt a Pet at Destin Bass Pro Shops

Come to the Destin Bass Pro Shops this Saturday, October 11th as we again host the Walton County Animal Shelter.  There will scores of puppies, dogs, cats, and kittens available for adoption.  All animals are neutered and have had their shots.  Costs for an animal is around $55, which is much lower than that charged by other adoption agencies.  With a quick home suitability survey, you can take your new pet home today.

We will be hosting the Animal Shelter again on Sunday, October 19th.  Otherwise, and weather permitting they plan on coming to the Destin Bass Pro Shops every 2nd Saturday of the month.  So far some 16 animals have been adopted here at Bass Pro Shops, and that was over just two days!  Remember, each animal that is adopted leaves a space at the Shelter for another one that has been abandoned or unwanted. 

So come on out to Bass Pro Shops to pick up your favorite outdoor gear and take home a new family member!  Bass Pro Shops in Destin is proud to support the efforts of the volunteers of the Walton County Animal Shelter and all the humane work they do.

Gary Feduccia



Baby, It’s Cold outside … well it will be soon!


As the seasons change, so does your Bass Pro Shops. We have begun to focus on the upcoming winter. The cold weather is coming whether we like or it or not.

It looks like everyone is expecting us to have a cold, snowy winter. Have you seen the persimmon seed forecast for this year?

Well, we are ready!

My top 3 picks for the Fall/Winter season…                                                   

  •  Flannel

ANYTHING FLANNEL- we have it all; sheets, shirts, pants, shoes and sleeping bags all with flannel lining. Flannel is a staple for the season, and we are the best place to get your fix! We have a wide selection of brands and styles to choose from.





  • Mugs  We all need something to drink coffee, cocoa, or soup from this winter. Our mugs are a huge 16-22 oz size and have oversized handles for a comfort grip while you enjoy what you’re sipping!                



  • Blankets and Throws

What better way to snuggle up by the fire then with one of our blankets. We have some new designs this year for those chilly winter days. 




These are just a few of my favorite things, come in and decide for yourself. We have styles and sizes for everyone. Heck we even have cocoa and soup mixes to fill those cups.

If you can’t make it in visit



The Power of Flannel Fest at Bass Pro!

Fall Flannel Fest October 20 - November 9

Flannel is a staple of the Fall season-and you all know the best place to get your flannel is Bass Pro Shops! We’ve got a wide selection from all your favorite brands; RedHead, Ascend, Natural Reflections, Bob Timberlake, Carhartt, Columbia, and more. Come experience Fall Flannel Fest only at Bass Pro Shops! #FlannelFest

Don’t miss the Flannel Friday giveaways on October 24th  at 11am. The first 100 customers will receive a FREE Fall Flannel Fest Car Coaster-a stoneware coaster to put in your car’s cup holder to soak up minor spills and condensation. #FlannelFriday


Don't forget to post all your Flannel Fest photos on our Facebook page at or on Instagram at #FlannelFest #FlannelFriday

We look forward to see all the FUN Flannel photos!