Uncle Buck's Fishbowl & Grill Now Open!

Long awaited Bass Pro Shops' Uncle Buck's Fishbowl and Grill opened with great fanfare and standing room only on Thursday, July 3rd!  The underwater themed bowling alley and restaurant also features private rooms for meetings or parties.  Ultra-modern teleconferencing capabilities are available.  Behind the huge centrally located full-service boat-shaped bar is another richly paneled dining, meeting, and billiards room complete with fireplace.  I could envision rich 19th century aristocrats sitting around this beautiful room smoking their cigars.  Out front, a fenced outdoor kiosk bar serves as a pleasing seating area for waiting patrons.

Diners, bowlers, and others enter the building by crossing a bridge flanked on either side by running waterfalls.  Once inside, one is immediately immersed in a stunning underwater visual experience.  Over 800 replicas of sharks, groupers, tunas, morays, sea turtles, and other marine creatures hang from the ceilings and complement the undersea murals painstakingly painted on the walls.  Special motion lighting striking the wavy ceilings over the bowling lanes create the effects of sunlight refracting off the waves above.  Uniquely designed sea creatures serve as bowling ball returns.

The food is upscale bowling alley fare at very reasonable prices.  Appetizers (including fried alligator), soups and salads, a huge variety of fancy burgers and sandwiches, pizza and flatbreads, main course seafood and fresh water fish dishes, along with sirloin steak and baby back ribs are offered.  The full-rack of baby back ribs is the most expensive item on the menu at just $15.  Plans call for taking reservations in the near future for bowling/pizza/birthday parties and private meetings.  Seasonal adjustments and specials to the menu are also planned.

Destin's Uncle Buck's Fishbowl and Grill is located on the northeast corner of U.S. Hwy. 98 and Mid-Bay Bridge Road in the new addition to the Destin Commons, just west of the BPS retail store.  It is the only stand-alone Bass Pro Shops restaurant in any of the nearly 75 BPS stores in the U.S. and Canada.

To check on dining or bowling lane wait times or to call for carryout orders, simply dial (850) 269-6100.  Uncle Bucks opens for lunch at 11 AM every day except Christmas and closes in the wee hours.

Gary Feduccia


This Weekend @ Bass Pro Shops Altoona - PBR Fun for Kids!

Saturday and Sunday, July 26 & 27

PBR Family Fun - Noon to 4 p.m.Best Cowboy or Cowgirl contest

  • Bull Roping & Stick Bull Riding
  • Face Painting
  • Free Cactus Cowboy craft for kids!


SUNDAY ONLY - Best Dressed Cowboy/Cowgirl contest, judged at 3:00pm - One winner receives a $50 gift card!


Also Around the Store This Weekend

Sunday, July 27 - Legal Heat Concealed Carry class from 10:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Try Before You Buy - Our Gifts Dept will be sampling Cherith Valley Roasted Red Pepper & Pineapple Chipotle Salsa on Saturday and Pickled Asparagus on Sunday, both from noon - 4 p.m.


WHAT’S COMING UP NEXT???Jeremy Moore and Timber

The Fall Hunting Classic kicks off on Friday, August 1! Our national pros are here on Saturday, August 2 for our Free Hunting University. Bric Steward from Drury Outdoors - "Hunting Mature Whitetails", John Dudley from Nock On TV -"Guaranteed to Always be Lethal", and Jeremy Moore, originator of the DogBone system, with his friends Tailer and Timber - Developing Your Deer Dog

Bric Steward and John Dudley










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Hot Item Alert: Tick Key

tick keys

As an person who loves the outdoors and having two rowdy one year old labs who love to go play and go for walks I can honestly say there is almost nothing I would change about being outside, key word being almost.  I would change the fact that ticks have been worse this year than any other previous year.  However, I may not be able to change the fact that they are out there but I can get them off quickly and make sure I get the head every time.  With the Tick Key in 3 easy steps you can be tick free.

I can say when I first saw this item, I didn't think much of it, infact I kind of overlooked it.  Then it came in a Hot Pink and well I had to have it to put in the first aid kit.  Now I can say after having to use it not once, not twice, but 6 times in a weekend in South Boston on a very active black lab pup, that this item is a MUST have for EVERYONE! Whether you have children, dogs, or just live alone this makes getting the tick out as easy as can be.  It can be stored anywhere; a dog's collar, a first aid kit, a wallet, keychain, anywhere.  So swing into Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World and let one of our great camping associates help you find the greatest item ever!

tick key


Bow Trade-In

Do you have some old bow or crossbow laying around the house? Want new gear, but have too much? Well why not let your old bow and crossbow help you save money on a new bow or crossbow? How you ask well swing into your local Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World from Friday, August 1, 2014 thru Wednesday, August 6, 2014 and trade in your old bow or cross bow and save up to $100.00!  *Applies to prices marked. Excludes any longbows or recurves. So round up the old gear and head to your local Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World!


$200.00-$399.99 $25.00
$400.00-$599.99 $50.00
$600.00-$799.99 $75.00
$800.00 and up $100.00



PBR Event This Weekend At Bass Pro Shops Hooksett

Noon - 4 p.m.

Free fun activities for the kids and family!

  • Stick bull riding
  • Bull roping
  • Free cactus cowboy craft!PBR Days at Bass Pro Shops Altoona!

Plus a free cowboy hat light up key chain to the first 100 customers each day!

You know you're NEVER too old to get your face painted, too! Take it from this family - last year they ALL did it!

Once again our BEST Cowboy or Cowgirl Contest will be held - Sunday, July 27 - one winner receives a $50 Bass Pro Shops Gift Card!

- See more at: http://blogs.basspro.com/blog/bass-pro-shops-altoona-ia/pbr-fun-is-back-at-bps-altoona#sthash.V1DuU6da.dpuf


Bass Pro Shops is partnering with The Professional Bull Riders, Inc. for one spectacular event!

Join us Saturday, July 26 & Sunday, July 27 for FREE family games and activities like stick bull riding, face painting, bull roping and a cactus cowboy craft! The first 100 attendees each day will receive a FREE cowboy hat light-up key chain! This event begins at noon and ends at 4 pm.

On Sunday, July 27 only Bass Pro Shops will host a Cowboy & Cowgirl Contest. One winner will receive a $50 Bass Pro Shops gift card. Judging begins at 2:30pm and the gift card will be awarded at 3:00pm.

We hope to see you there!


Monica W.

Events & Promotions Coordinator

Bass Pro Shops Hooksett

Monica W.

Events & Promotions Coordinator

Bass Pro Shops Hooksett

- See more at: http://blogs.basspro.com/blog/hooksett-new-hampshire#sthash.haA63qku.dpuf

Monica W.

Events & Promotions Coordinator

Bass Pro Shops Hooksett

- See more at: http://blogs.basspro.com/blog/hooksett-new-hampshire#sthash.haA63qku.dpuf

Noon - 4 p.m.

Free fun activities for the kids and family!

  • Stick bull riding
  • Bull roping
  • Free cactus cowboy craft!PBR Days at Bass Pro Shops Altoona!

Plus a free cowboy hat light up key chain to the first 100 customers each day!

You know you're NEVER too old to get your face painted, too! Take it from this family - last year they ALL did it!

Once again our BEST Cowboy or Cowgirl Contest will be held - Sunday, July 27 - one winner receives a $50 Bass Pro Shops Gift Card!

- See more at: http://blogs.basspro.com/blog/bass-pro-shops-altoona-ia/pbr-fun-is-back-at-bps-altoona#sthash.V1DuU6da.dpuf

Saltwater Fishermen Want Pink Fishing Line

Seaguar Pink Line


Something new and interesting is coming to a fishing line display near you soon. Seaguar is launching “PINK LABEL” Fluorocarbon leader for the saltwater angler’s usage. Underwater tests with pink fluorocarbon have revealed that the pink line lacks the illuminates of other line. The pink line also so does not show fluorocarbons milky color after becoming rubbed on other line, accessories or apparatus.

To meet the growing consumer demand for pink fluorocarbon and to assist in the battle against breast cancer, Seaguar has introduced Pink Label fluorocarbon leader material. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Pink Label are being donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.

Pink Label is 100% fluorocarbon leader material is made from exclusive Seaguar resins in a proprietary process. It provides all the benefits of fluorocarbon versus monofilament including superior tensile strength, better abrasion resistance and minimal stretch. Pink Label is also soft and supple yet provides 30% better knot strength than other fluorocarbon lines. Above the surface, the subtle pink color enhances line visibility and below the surface, pink is the first color that disappears in the water column to maximize strikes.

Pink Label will be available on 25-yard spools from 15 to 80 pound test, and in 25-yard coils from 100 to 200 pound test. The 25-yard spools feature Seaguar’s exclusive Level Wind Technology, which spools the line by laying it down side by side, never crosses itself. The result is a spool as smooth as a spool of thread, without any line overstress or twist.

Pricing was not available prior to the completion of this article.


Seaguar is the inventor and world leader in fluorocarbon fishing line. Visit their web site at: https://www.seaguar.com/ and follow them on Facebook for giveaways and tips to help you catch more fish.

About the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. ®

Recognized as one of the leading breast cancer organizations in the world, the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s (NBCF) mission is to save lives through early detection and to provide mammograms for those in need. A recipient of Charity Navigator’s highest 4-star rating for nine years, NBCF provides women Help for Today…Hope for Tomorrow® through its National Mammography Program, Beyond The Shock®, Early Detection Plan, MyNBCF online support community, and breast cancer research programs. For more information, please visit www.nbcf.org.


About the author:

Tom Branch, Jr. is a Prostaffer for Bass Pro Shops in Atlanta, Ga, a freelance outdoor writer and a retired Lt./PMDC/Firefighter with Gwinnett County Fire. He is currently a contracted employee with NAVICO/Lowrance working as the College Fishing Recruiter. He has been working in the Outdoor Industry for over 20 years. He has done everything from successfully managing and developing a pro fishing team, developing new products, designing packaging, participated in different radio & television shows. He has done many product demonstrations all around the country for different companies. He and his beautiful wife, Kim live north of Atlanta near Braselton, GA with their lab Jake.


Professional Bull Riders Weekend

This weekend at the Bass Pro Shops in Leeds, Alabama

Free family games and activities for the Professional Bull Rider's Weekend

July 26 & 27 from 11am to 4pm

FREE crafts -  make a cactus magnet (while supplies last), face painting - look like Flint the Entertainer, giveaways - the first 100 customers will receive a cowboy light up hat key chain, bull roping - try your hand at "roping" a plastic bull head, and pony races - grab a stick pony and a partner to see who can cross the finish line first.

Meet a professional bull riding expert on Saturday (only) from 1pm - 2pm Josh Moore from Oneonta, Alabama is scheduled to be here.

Sunday at 2:30pm enter to win the "best dressed" contest. Some lucky winner will win a $50 gift card for being the best dressed cowboy/cowgirl. Prize will be given away to the lucky winner at 3pm.

While here, don't forget to check out the great deals under the clearance tent. The tent sale will run from July 19 to July 27th and includes sale items from men and ladies apparel, footwear, archery, fishing, marine accessories, and more. Get these great items before they are gone. Many are marked down from 20-50% off the original ticket price. pbr


How Weather Patterns Affect Fishing

Spending a day out on the water fishing is one of the most relaxing activities on the planet, but having a sudden storm front move through has a tendency to wreck any plans for fishing. The big question many fishermen ask regularly is how does this cold or warm front moving through effect the fishing? Do these fronts move the fish down deep or up towards the shore, or do the fish stay put during the storms. Or is it a better option to stay put during a storm and fish on because the fish are biting.

When a nice big cold front is moving through the fish in an area are affected, the change in pressure is enough to cause the fish to recognize the weather patterns moving. So the fish tend to start eating before the front. As the pressure changes the fish move closer to the top of the water in order to feed in front of the coming weather pattern. Typically during this time before the front has moved through there is a lot of wind over the water. When the wind is blowing hard before a front this is the perfect time to get out and start fishing top water. Find a bank where the wind is blowing the hardest and get in a position where there is an easy cast across the bank. In many cases while the wind is blowing the fish feel safe in feeding at the top while at the same time the small bait fish like shad are being forced close to the bank by the wind. This is a great time to throw a crankbait like the Rapala Scatter Rap Shad in the silver color. The combination of the shad color and the erratic action of the crankbait makes this perfect for a windy bank.


As the front moves through whether it is cold or warm, when it starts raining the fish tend to come to the surface to feed. This is because they feel safe in the top water because the rain obscures sight from the surface. The fish tend to feed throughout the rain on bait fish and insects in the top water. A good bait to use at this time would be the spinner bait. One of the best spinner baits for this time would have to be the Bass Pro Shops® Lazer Eye™ Spinnerbaits - Double Colorado in the white color. This color combo grabs the attention of the fish in the top water and tends to give a good strike on the surface during a light rain.


When a warm front moves through during the spring and winter the fish tend to move into shallow water as the chilly water is warmed slightly as the front moves through. So during this time throwing a shallow swimming jig or crankbait is a must. A great option for this would be the Strike King® Pro-Model® Crankbaits - 3XD Series, in the gizzard shad color. In general when this is thrown in the shallows off a point when a warm front has just moved through the fish will be feeding very heavily. During a warm front moving through in the summer and fall the fish tend to move deeper as the water warms up. These fish tend to feed just before the front comes through, but will still tend to be in deeper water. So throwing a deep diving crankbait is very good idea. The bait for this job is the Rapala® Scatter Rap® Crank Deep, this deep diving bait is great just before the front and will elicit a strong reaction and strike from the fish.

crank deepcrankbait

Cold fronts are very much the opposite from the warm fronts, during the hot summer and fall the fish move to the surface. While during the chilly winter and spring the fish tend to move to deeper water where they are protected from the cold weather. At this time throwing a deep diver like during warm fronts in the winter and spring is a good idea. So again throwing the Rapala® Scatter Rap® Crank Deep is the answer. During the warmer summer and fall the fish tend to come to the very top of the water when a cold front moves through. They will in general move to the top ahead of the front and ensuing storms to feed at the top of the water. So throwing a top water spinner bait works best. One of the best baits for this would be the War Eagle Spinnerbaits - Tandem Willow in the white silver color scheme. This bait stays on the top of the water and gets a strong bite from the fish before and during the front moving through.

war eagle

Where the fish are very active just before a front moves through, after the front the fish are generally lethargic and will often times not bite. This is because the fish have gorged before the front, and the pressure and temperature changes are affecting the fish’s behavior. So in general fish before the front and during the storms and after the front has moved through the fish will be still and not biting. As always happy hunting and good luck! 


Funnel Cake Heaven: Quickly and Easily

Funnel Cake Heaven:

So I don’t know about you but I LOVE funnel cakes. Every time I go to a fair or amusement park I have to get one, otherwise it isn’t worth the trip. The only problem is how often I actually get to have a funnel cake. Maybe once or twice a year! So I decided to change that.

I found out that at Bass Pro Shops, they have everything you need to make your own funnel cakes right at home!!! And it’s easy too! All you need is the batter, a funnel cake ring, a funnel cake pitcher, powdered sugar, and a deep fryer (or if you are like me then using a cast iron skillet is perfect). Like I said I got everything at Bass Pro Shops, and it is definitely worth the cost!


(Left: funnel cake batter, Middle: large and small iron skillets, Right: batter, ring, and pitcher)

So the amazing thing about this batter is that all you have to do is add water!! It makes it super simple and more enjoyable because you can get straight to the fun part. Now I am no expert at making funnel cakes so I am not going to bore you with how to cook them, you can just read that on the batter container. What I am going to tell you is a great way I found to help with the portion sizes!

Because I love funnel cakes so much I could easily eat a whole one myself, but that is a lot of funnel cake!! Not to mention it is obviously not good for me. A great solution I found is using cast iron skillets. Because the come in all sizes you can make one normal size, bigger than normal, or the perfect individual sized funnel cake! I always use a cast iron skillet that is about 6 to 7 inches in diameter because it gives me a small enough funnel cake that I am not overwhelmed and it leaves me satisfied.


(Left: small iron skillet with funnel cake, right: large iron skillet with ring and funnel cake)

Now thanks to Bass Pro Shops I can have all the joys of a funnel cake without the hassle of going to a fair or amusement park!!


"The Dance" -- Fly Fishing the Gulf

Fly Fishing --- a well orchestrated dance between the fish and the fisherman.   Using the rod as the conductor’s baton, the fisherman rhythmically entices the fish.  Fly Fishing is more an art than sport.  You are hunting and luring the fish.  You are enticing the fish to eat.  Presentation is everything.  It takes patience and study, waiting for the perfect moment.   Yes, all this is true in sport fishing yet; the presentation in fly fishing takes harmony of balance, rhythm, and motion.

When we think of fly fishing, the first thing that comes to mind is Brad Pitt’s character in “A River Runs Through It.”  Standing in swift running freshwater streams, we watched the line dance through the air as he gracefully lured in the trout.

So… when we think about fly fishing, we see a cool mountain stream, surrounded by towering trees with trout jumping after bugs…Or maybe… let’s see…. How about South Padre Island.   REALLY?  You fly fish in saltwater?  Is that even possible?  Answer:  Yes.  It is not only possible it takes fishing for the Gulf’s inshore fish to another level.

South Padre Island has several professional fishing shops that carry fly fishing rigs and plenty of expertise.  Roy Lopez at Bass Pro Shops is one of these avid fly fishermen.  He has found a way to marry his love of fly fishing with his love of saltwater fishing.   I came into the White River Fly Shop specifically looking to get my husband started in a sport that he has wanted to do for years.  Here’s what I learned.

What are you fishing for off the shores of South Padre?

Tarpon have a natural migrating pattern from Florida and the Yucatan Peninsula.  Their arrival at South Padre is still a mystery.  They seem to follow the Gulf Coast.   The tide dictates feeding patterns and their location.   According to the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust, the migrations take the tarpon up the eastern coast of the U.S. to at least the Chesapeake Bay, throughout the Gulf of Mexico, and southward to the Caribbean Sea.


Tarpon are fished for sport.  Roy says, “I wait all year for the tarpon to come back around in the annual migration.  I put the time in to find out their patterns and eating habits.  I have respect for the fish.  They travel from Florida and the Yucatan to get to Padre. “


But there is more than Tarpon off of South Padre’s shores.  Fishing Kingfish, Red Fish, Speckled Trout, Jack Crevalle, Spanish Mackerel and Bonita can all be found on the surf or jetties during ideal summer weather conditions. They can be found off the Gulf Coast year round.  Typically flashy, obnoxious flies in loud colors with a wire tippit can be used to entice these toothy fish to bite


South Padre offers wading from the East Side sand flats to the West Side silt and estuaries.   Fishing from the rocks or in the water, we use different tools for different fish.  Consider the rig.

Roy generally ties his own flies, but has a few that he might use if needed.  The picture shows four of the possibilities.  A) Tarpon Toad –  Premier Tarpon Fly.   B)  Red Fish Toad – great fly for south Texas red fish and trout.  C)  Merkin Crab – another red fish fly typically used when red fish aren’t feeding, generally the fall months.  D)  Sea Ducer – fly that you would use in shallow water from 5 to 15 inches of water.  It has a real soft lay down. 


9’ 8-weight rod typically with a stiff backbone to punch heavy flies through the wind (we have horrible prevailing south winds that don’t let up) for red fish, trout, flounder and any other species you’d find inshore. http://www.basspro.com/World-Wide-Sportsman-Gold-Cup-Fly-Rods/product/13082906212339/

9’ 10-weight rod with heavy backbone to punch flies for bigger fish from the beach or jetties – kings, Jacks, Spanish mackerel.

Inshore reel doesn’t necessarily have to be top dollar.  It needs a sealed drag system and is tolerable to the salt.  Roy suggests:  Lamson Konic/Guru and any of the Sage line-ups from the 1800 series to the 2200 series.  They retail anywhere from $150 to $185. http://www.basspro.com/Lamson-Konic-II-Fly-Reels/product/1209270507043/



10-weight series – you are dealing with bigger fish.  You need a reel with stouter drag.  The Lamson offers the Konic/Guru 4 and Sage 2210 ranging anywhere from $150 to $250 for catching these bigger fish.

Your line in the inshore scene will typically consist of a weight forward floating line that can be matched to a rod.  The line is dictated by the rod or the casting preference of the fisherman.   Bass Pro Shops can typically fit the fisherman with an ideal rig to fit his/her preferences.  This is true for the 8-weight or the 10-weight.

Recently, Roy hooked a tarpon of about 5 feet/100+ pounds and watched it swim away after breaking the line.  With a smile, he remembered the “dance” and walked away satisfied.   Ok… maybe a little disappointed.


Free PBR Family Event July 26 & 27!



There will be FREE Cowboy Hat Light-Up key chain giveaways to the first 100 customers each day. (While supplies last)



We will have a live bull at the store in the parking lot!



We will have FREE activities for the kids from Noon-4pm!. We will have stick bull riding, bull roping, make a cactus craft, & face painting.



There will be a best Cowboy & Cowgirl contest (SUNDAY ONLY) One winner will receive a $50 Bass Pro Shops gift card. Judging will begin at 2:30pm. Gift card will be awarded at 3pm.



Portable Solar Chargers Dos and Dont's

    Coming from the sunny state of California, we have seen our share of alternative energy sources. Recently there has been a huge demand for solar powered devices and charging units. Unfortunately the technology is still new and many people are unaware of the uses and limitations. Because this technology is not very inexpensive, it is best to educate yourself prior to making the purchase. Having an understanding of this technology will help you understand how this new era of solar can benefit you, as well avoiding the mistake of buying expensive devices that will not perform as expected.

   Will this solar device work for me? This is the question that must be answered prior to buying and installing any of the newly available solar products to avoid headaches. A typical reason a person will seek out a solar charger is to charge small electronic devices. Cell phones, tablets, and even laptops can be charged by a portable solar device. Not all solar devices will charge equally, and some will be much more effective than others. Because small electronics do not require large amounts of energy, a fairly small solar charger will do the trick. Any of the solar devices from Goal Zero will be perfect for these applications because of the high energy output as well as the type of ports available. Bushnell also makes small solar devices that will work for these purposes. These devices can provide enough energy to charge a battery overtime but, you should not expect to run an uncharged device directly from these solar panels. 

    Another reason many people will seek out a portable solar charger is to keep the battery on the boat or rv charged. This is where many misconceptions of portable solar devices come into play. While many portable solar chargers can effectively maintain a battery, they would not likely provide enough energy to charge a large deep cycle that has been drained. Small portable solar battery chargers such as those produced by Noco, are designed to stop a battery from draining while not in use. They are not designed to charge a deep cycle while using your trolling motor, and will not be effective in any situation where the battery is in use. The size of the solar panel that would be needed to be effective in this scenario, would not ideal, and certainly not portable.

    Solar technology continues to play a growing roll in our lives, and it seems it is only getting better. Unfortunately the technology has yet to be good enough for many peoples needs. If you need to stay plugged in with small electronic devices, most of the portable solar chargers on the market will perform perfectly, but if you need to supplement large amounts of power to an rv or boat deepcycle you will find portable solar devices are not quite what you need. Having an understanding of the abilities and limitations of portable solar chargers will save you time and money when looking for ways to add power to the outdoors. To learn more about portable sloar charging products please visit a local Bass Pro marine counter or www.basspro.com.

Ryan Wynn


Manteca Store 49


Fall Hunting Classic 2014




Join us for the largest hunting sale of the season- the FALL HUNTING CLASSIC!!!!

This year will be bigger than ever with great sales, great pros seminars and a fantastic Next Generation Weekend!!!

We will kick off our Hunting Classic with a FREE Hunting University - learn hunting techniques from some the industries finest .

This year our guests will be host of "Turkey Man" Eddie Salter and Host of BPS "King of Bucks" and "Winchester Rack Masters" Allen Treadwell.







Class Schedule

7 pm     Eddie Salter        

          Tricks on How to Kill Deer

8 pm     Allen Treadwell     

          How to Pack for a Successful Hunt





Trade in your old gear and save on the seasons newest trends

August 1-6      Bow and Crossbow Trade-in

August 7-12    Binocular and Rangefinder Trade-in

August 13-17  Scope Trade-in





The second weekend of the classic is dedicated to the Next Generation of hunters. August 9&10, 12-5 pm will be FREE Kids Activities- Daisy BB Gun Shooting Range, Free Photo Download, Crafts (12-4 pm) and a Free Kids; Workshop at 2 and 4 pm " Fall in The Outdoors". Starting at noon the first 100 kids that complete all activities will receive a free fox drawstring backpack.














We have a brand new addition this year.... Women's Hunting Workshop!!! Have you always wanted to hunt but didn't know where or how to begin? Be here on August 9 at 3 pm and join our Red Head Pro Staff- they will show you.




The third and final weekend stars our own Red Head Hunting Pro Staff- Larry Self and JR Adkins with their tips and seminars.........

August 15

7 pm    Big Game Are All Around You

August 16 & 17

1 pm    Autumn Hunt: New Approaches to Fall Success

2 pm    Tender Venison? It's Easier than You Think

3 pm    Does Camo Pattern Really Matter?

4 pm    Why Should You Be Hunting Coyote?

5 pm    How to Integrate Your Game Camera with Mobile Devices.


Don't miss it!! Come on in and visit us here at your Bass Pro Shops in Sevierville.... Your Hunting Adventure BeginsHERE!


~ The Events Team




Motion Sickness Cures

I don’t know what it is about me but I get motion sickness one of two ways, in the very back of a car, or on a boat. Roller coasters do nothing to me, neither do those spinning rides at county fairs (I’m looking at you Gravitron), but get me on a boat and I turn all different shades of green.

Last year I went on my very first cruise and I was given the sage advice to purchase a tube of Dramamine from my local pharmacy. I had no idea what Dramamine was but you better believe that if this pill will prevent me from becoming motion sick that I would scoop it right up. Sure enough when I started to get even the slightest of inclines that my delicious buffet would end up on the deck of the cruise ship, I would chew down on a Dramamine tablet. To my surprise I had no issues whatsoever during my week long Caribbean adventure and this allowed me to enjoy my vacation to its fullest.

Here at Bass Pro Miami we sell 4 different types of Dramamine pills:

  • Original formula
  • Less Drowsy
  • Chewable
  • And just for kids (ages 2-12)

So swing on by the Marine department and come see our selection of motion sickness relief products.


Ruben M.


Get Your Day on the Water Off to a Great Start: Marine Batteries

With summer in full swing, fishing enthusiasts everywhere are going to find themselves with more time to pursue what they love. That means more trips into the water and greater chances of catching the big one. This also means more chances on encountering a dead battery when least expected.

Lucky for you Bass Pro Shops carries a wide variety of batteries and accessories to keep your boat running year round. Our XPS batteries come in a few different varieties including starting, deep cycle, dual purpose and AGM batteries.

Starting batteries are used to crank your gas engine and get you moving. We carry group sizes from 24 to 27, basically the bigger the engine, the bigger battery required. Dual purpose batteries combine both aspects of a starting battery and a deep cycle, while not particularly excelling at either. Customers looking for a dual purpose tend to have limitations in regards to space for additional battery placement or low amperage requirements for their engines and electronics.


Deep Cycle:Description: battery.jpg

Deep cycle batteries are primarily used for the electronics on your boat including GPS, radios and trolling motors. These also come in different sizes starting in group 24 and up. One thing to keep in mind when buying a trolling motor is when you were to purchase one which has a thrust of 70 or larger you would need 24 volts to power, which equals to two batteries.


Description: agm.jpg

AGM batteries differ from traditional acid based ones in that AGM uses compressed glass mats to hold the electrolytes that maintain a charge as opposed to a flooded acid/ distilled water solution. Advantages to AGM celled batteries are they tend to last longer and lose less of their charging capacity over time.

 Once you have selected the proper battery for your boating needs don’t forget that you can pick up all your accessories in the Marine Department as well including chargers, cleaners and storage boxes.

Come on by the Marine Department at your local Bass Pro and speak to one of our informative associates with all you boating needs.





Ruben M.

Marine Team Lead

Store #45, Miami.


New Camo from Under Armour

With hunting season just around the corner in September, we are excited to announce the new camo pattern that Under Armour is now carrying in our store. With light weight 1/4 zip jackets, tees and pants, we are happy to bring in Mossy Oak Treestand to our department in this given brand of clothing. Come rifle season, we also have the perfect heavy weight bibs, hooded sweatshirts and coats to match.

Under Armour® ColdGear® Infrared Scent Control Rut Camo Jacket for Men in Mossy Oak Treestand Camo


Sitting in the freezing cold waiting to harvest that whitetail you’ve been tracking down will not be a problem in this comfortable gear. Containing infrared, scent control and cold gear it is the perfect technology  for hunting down your big game in the woods. We are also offering realtree camo logo hooded sweatshirts for the ladies, something we have not done before.  Which brings us into our new pink camo bibs in toddler sizes. Little girls like to hunt too!

Bass Pro Shops® Camo Bib Overalls for Toddlers


                Our tent sale is coming up in July, and both the men's and women's departments are offering a lot of clearance merchandise. It is never a bad time to shop for a nice summer wardrobe at a cheaper price. Come in and check us out. We would be more than happy to show our customers the new and exciting merchandise that has made its way into our store.


Fly Fishing Basics

Here we are again, right in the middle of summer.  Temperatures in July and August are only going to continue to rise. Some folks call these the "dog days of summer," but I call them a perfect time to cool off and catch fish. Now is a great time to go stand thigh deep in some ice cold water and catch some decent size rainbow trout. The Lower Mountain Fork River wanders through the rolling hills of southeast Oklahoma just outside of Idabel providing both Oklahomans and Texans a great fishery and a prime place to cool off.  Its waters flow from the deepest part of the dam that forms Broken Bow Lake at Beavers Bend State Park. The water is re-oxygenated and sent downstream. The cold, oxygen-rich water not only supports the rainbow population, it plays an integral part in creating a habitat where the fish can actually procreate and grow.

 I'd suggest a pair of White River waders and wading boots because that water is just too dad burn cold to stay in for more than a few minutes. The reason for the wading boots is that regular tennis shoes aren't made to grip the bottom and you could end up "floating your hat" as they say.

 Here are a few more good tips for your trip. If you have never fly fished before then by all means take advantage of Bass Pro Shops of Garland FREE fly casting seminars on Saturday or Sunday at 11:30 a.m. or both! The pros in the White River Fly Shop can introduce you to the basic cast and familiarize you with any of the terminology your may have heard associated with your new sport. Come in and enjoy the camaraderie in a fun and relaxing atmosphere. You don't need to bring anything; we have all the equipment you'll need for the class.

 All of your White River Fly Shop associates have fished the Lower Mountain Fork and most of us will agree that if you had to pick just one fly rod to take it would be an 8 ft. 6inch 5 weight rod with matching floating line. If, however, you have numerous rods to pick from, perhaps an 8-foot 4 weight but I don't recommend much lighter weight than that because there are some "hosses" in the river. Whatever your rod situation, we have something to fit your needs and your pocket.

 Your White River Fly Shop also has the hot flies for the area. Word to the wise: Get some flies before you go! If you're an early riser you might be at a loss for flies if you wait on the local shops to open. Some flies to add to your fly box before you leave are the Y2K bug, a few size 20 red zebra midges, flashback hare's ear in size 16 and smaller and a couple of pink San Juan worms will work well especially after a rain.  For those who prefer a dry fly, we suggest size 18 caddis flies in black, green or tan. From time to time the best dry fly is the blue winged olive in about a size 20, and don't forget your dry fly floatant to keep your flies afloat and the fish afraid.

 We look forward to helping you beat the heat by getting to your favorite cool trout stream. Whether you're a novice, a seasoned veteran or are just getting re-introduced to the sport, come on in to the White Rive Fly Shop of Garland and see why we call it your fly shop....oh, and don't forget your net... you're going to need it!




Get Into The Swing of Things

A summer campout is great, but the heat tends to be a pain especially when using a hot sleeping bag on the ground. A great solution to this problem of being too hot is to use a hammock. These great swinging beds keep a camper off of the ground which lets the air around the camper cool them off while they sleep or just hang out. Hammocks are also a great way to just relax and enjoy the day in the backyard, on the beach, or even by the pool. Here are some helpful hints on finding the right tent for the activity.

When hiking long distances it is imperative to keep a pack light so stress on the back and legs is reduced. A great way to do this is to use a hammock with a rain fly instead of having an entire tent, sleeping bag, and rainfly. A great hammock for this specific purpose would be the Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Hammock, not only is this hammock light weight but it also is able to be used as a hammock or a bivy tent if there are no trees convenient in the area. This tent comes with both a rain fly and a screen to keep bugs away from any camper who is inside. Another great hammock for hiking is the Eagles Nest Outfitters SingleNest Hammock, this hammock weighs approximately 17 oz. making this one of the lightest weight sleeping options on the market right now and perfect for those hikers who want a comfortable sleep on those warm summer nights. The hammock is also great for those kids who want to have a campout in the back yard but do not want to deal with a lot of tents. These hammocks are perfect for any backyard adventure because of their easy set up and breakdown. Another great hammock for backyard or hiking with a buddy would be the Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock, the hammock is made with a heavy duty stitching and has more material so two people can sleep comfortably. With the durable design this hammock is also great for those younger campers who might be a little harder on their gear, while at the same time being light enough, 20oz, for those campers to easily carry the hammock without problems.


Camping and hiking with a hammock is fun but just relaxing in the backyard in a hammock is sometimes just what the doctor ordered. These hammocks for the backyard need to be sturdy and built to last. The perfect backyard hammock is also able to hold two or three people comfortably without being strained or breaking. A good hammock for the backyard is the Texsport® Lakeway™ Hammock, this hammock is great for the backyard simply because it is built durable from quilted cotton and has a capacity for 400 pounds. So for this hammock all that you need are two good trees and a relaxing summer is just around the corner. Another great hammock for the backyard would have to be the Texsport® Seaview™ Hammock, with heavy duty cotton cords this hammock is light weight and comfortable for a day lounging in the backyard. Lastly the Bass Pro Shops® Folding Hammock, is a sturdy hammock with a stable base that is great for a small backyard where a larger hammock is not an option hung on trees.


Now that all the hammocks have been hung and the camping has happened it is time to just relax. Having that hammock in the backyard is perfect for just letting everything go and taking a nap. As always happy hunting and good luck! 


2014 Fall Hunting Classic

Fall Hunting Classic 2014 - Bass Pro Shops Altoona

It's the Fall Hunting Classic at Bass Pro Shops Altoona - 17 days of great sales and events to prepare you for the hunting season!  Here's the linup of Hunting Classic Events!

First Weekend - August 2 - Free Hunting Classic UniversityHunting University - Bass Pro Shops Altoona

Join us for these great, nationally-recognized speakers!
1 p.m. - Bric Steward, Drury Outdoors Team, Bow Madness - "Hunting Mature Whitetails"
2 p.m. - John Dudley from the Nock On TV Show and Under Armor Arsenal Hunter - "Guaranteed to Always be Lethal"
3. - Jeremy Moore, Renowned Dog Trainer and Developer of the DogBone Training Products - "Developing Your Deer Dog."

Second Weekend - August 9 & 10 - Next Generation Weekend for Kids!

As usual, we've included a weekend JUST FOR KIDS!

Noon- 5 on Saturday and Sunday:

  • Youth Seminars - "Fall in the Outdoors" - a special workshop for just youth
  • BB Shooting range
  • Free photo download- Like you're on the cover of Adventure Kids magazine!

Noon - 5 on Saturday and Sunday Crafts Noon - 4pm - Wood fox and squirrel craft!

Free giveaway to the first 100 kids who get their cards punched each day - a Bass Pro Shops Fox Drawstring bag!


NEW THIS YEAR! August 9 - 3 p.m. - Women's Hunting Workshop!

Seminar attendees can register to win a pair of Oculus Binoculars or a RedHead folding knife!


August 15-17 - Local Pros Weekend - Free Seminars with Local Hunting Experts
Friday, August 15

7:00pm – So You Think You Know How to Bow Hunt?

Saturday, August 16

1:00pm – Autumn Hunt: New Approaches to Fall Success

2:00pm – Tender Venison? It’s Easier Than You Think

3:00pm – Does Camo Pattern Really Matter?

4:00pm – Why You Should be Hunting Coyote

5:00pm – How to Integrate Your Game Camera with Mobile Devices

Sunday, August 17

1:00pm – Autumn Hunt: New Approaches to Fall Success

2:00pm – Tender Venison? It’s Easier Than You Think

3:00pm – Does Camo Pattern Really Matter?

4:00pm – Why You Should be Hunting Coyote

5:00pm – How to Integrate Your Game Camera with Mobile Devices


This Weekend @ Bass Pro Shop Altoona - Tent Sale and Dog Tails

Saturday, July 19 - Sunday, July 27  - Tent Sale!Tent Sale

Storewide clearance event with 20-50% off items from all departments! Look for the giant red balloons and the tent in the parking lot!


Saturday, July 19 - ARL Adoption Day!

The Animal Rescue League of Iowa will hold an Adoption Event on our front lawn!
they're continuing their on-site adoption special of $25 - cats and dogs – all ages! Come find a new friend!


Coming Up

July 26 and 27 - PBR Family Fun Event!

Noon- 4 p.m. - Free fun activities for the kids!

Stick bull riding, bull roping, face painting, and free cactus cowboy craft.

Free cowboy hat light up key chain to the first 100 customers each day!

Best Cowboy or Best Cowgirl Contest on Sunday only -- judging begins at 2:30 p.m. $50 gift card to the winner!

August 1-10 - Digs for Dogs Event!Digs for Dogs - Bass Pro Shops Altoona

It's Bass Pro Shops Altoona's first annual "Digs for Dogs" Doghouse contest to benefit the Animal Rescue League of Iowa!
Two ways to help:

  • BUILD a doghouse for our silent auction to benefit the ARL
  • BID on a doghouse!

Enter as an individual, a non-profit team (for example, a scout troop), or as a business. One winning entry for creativity in each category receives a $150 gift card! Complete details, deadlines, and the registration form are right here!


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