2015 Spring Fishing Classic - Local Pros and Tips Seminars!

The second weekend of the 2015 Spring Fishing Classic has something for everyone in the family!  Our seminars delivered by our own Bass Pro Shops Altoona Pros, Lance Baker and Kary Ray, highlight the day. Join our Bass Pro Shops Altoona Pro Staff, along with our own local experts, for these great seminars to get ready for open water!

Friday, February 13, 2015

7 p.m. - Proven Bass Patterns – Lance Baker

Saturday & Sunday, February 14 & 15, 2015

11:00 a.m. – Unlock the Secrets of Electronics to Improve Fishing Success - Kary Ray

1:00 p.m. – High-Percentage Baits (Tank Demo) – Baker and Ray
2:00 p.m. – The Baitfish Connection: Understanding Seasonal Movements – Lance Baker

4:00 p.m. - Stealth Fishing: Successful Kayak Strategies - TBD


It's also Next Generation Weekend with activities for kids, including a kids only workshop - "Think Like a Fish" - at 2:30 and 4:30 on Saturday and Sunday. Kary and Lance will do the 4:30 kids workshop both days!

Last, but not least, folks from the Iowa DNR Becoming an Outdoors-Woman will present our Women's Workshop - Outdoor Cooking and Fishing Tips. Two GREAT topics in one hour! Plus find out more about the Becoming an Outdoors-Woman program!  Saturday, February 14, 3 p.m.!

Bring the family and come on out for family fun!


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Don't forget our Feathered Friends!

Chirp, chirp

Bringing the Flock to your Backyard

Bass Pro Shops Gift Department

Birding connects you with nature in a fun, inexpensive and educational way. With a little knowledge of birding, you will have a fulfilling and rewarding connection with wild birds.

Most birds will come to a backyard that is well equipped, and the right supplies can help you maintain a bird-friendly backyard easily. From basic birding supplies to specialized equipment, having the proper tools will make backyard birding rewarding. Birds may seem to be everywhere, but they'll only visit backyards regularly if their basic needs for food, water, shelter and nesting sites are met. By adding features to meet those needs, you will find more birds willing to join your backyard flock.

Birdfeeders are the easiest way to enjoy watching birds in your yard. Not all feeder styles are appropriate, however, and understanding what feeders and foods will work best for the birds in your backyard can help you offer a scrumptious bird-friendly buffet.

There are numerous styles, designs, sizes and shapes of bird feeders available, so which one is best for your backyard birds?

Large basic feeders, such as hoppers and platforms are best for mixed flocks or larger, ground-feeding birds, while more elaborate feeders are designed for certain birds' feeding preferences. Clinging birds such as goldfinches prefer mesh feeders or feeding socks that allow them to use their natural feeding habits and postures.

 Perching birds such as sparrows, titmice and chickadees enjoy tube feeders with perches placed near feeding ports.

If you are planning on offering a specific type of food, you will need specific feeders. If you decide on suet , use a mesh or cage feeder that has room for suet-loving birds such as woodpeckers and nuthatches to prop themselves while feeding, just as they would prop themselves along a tree trunk. If you are choosing a seed feeder, be sure the feeding ports are the correct size for the seed you are offering.  Tiny seeds will fall through the holes meant for whole sunflower seeds, for example, and poor port size leads to much wasted seeds.

Starting with easier, simpler feeder styles to attract more birds, then specialize with feeders for the birds you enjoy the most.

Try for a variety of feeder styles, sizes and designs to make your feeding stations more attractive to different birds and to reduce competition at one feeder.

Not sure where to start – Your first list should include one simple tube feeder; one bag of black-oil sunflower seeds; one suet cage feeder and a suet cake and sit back and enjoy your new flock.

Now you may be wondering what birds are coming to your backyard.

''The Joy of Birding: A Beginner's Guide'' by Kate Rowinski teaches birders how to identify bird species by body parts, and then attract more to their yard!

 Rowinski uncovers the reasons behind birds' behavior and gives advice on creating a good home for these winged creatures. Written with the home birdwatcher in mind, this birding book also includes information on destination vacations.

 After reading this bird watching guide, you'll be amazed at what you've been missing! ''The Joy of Birding'' features 100 beautiful color photographs and can be found in Bass Pro Shops gift department at the birding tree.

All of your birding needs are available and the Gift Department associates will be happy to assist you in choosing your supplies.


Choose well, and you'll have a feeder you and your birds can enjoy for years.


Jump Into Spring

It’s starting to warm up here and there, but there’s still a slight chill in the air so don’t forget to stay warm. You don’t have anything warm to wear you say? Well, let us help you with that! Jump into spring with our bright new spring sweaters! They’re just as colorful and fashionable as they are warm and comfy to wear.

Try our Natural Reflections Striped Open Front Cardigan ($39.99), perfect for a seaside breeze in green, birch orange, peacoat blue or ethereal blue. Want something that closes in the front? How about our squishy soft Natural Reflections Twisted Yarn Hooded Sweater ($34.99)?  It’s great for time out and about on a brisk sunny day in peacoat blue, pale khaki, coral, or lapis blue. Have you seen our snug fitting, Natural Reflections Jacquard Pattern V-Neck Sweater ($34.99)? It’s great for snuggling up in at home or for a cozy day at work in teal, coral, navy, or oatmeal.

If you’re going for a walk with a friend or to exercise the family pet, be sure to throw on one of our Natural Reflections Popcorn Stitch Striped Sweater ($39.99), they come in peacoat and birch! If you ever need something a little nicer like a dress, remember that we sell sweater dresses like our Bob Timberlake V-Neck Sweater Dress, it’s beautiful, elegant, and so warm!!


Whatever kind of day you’re having or occasion you’re attending Bass Pro Shops in Katy, Texas has the perfect clothes to keep you fashionably warm!


the big one

Last year, my husband and i went to Bass Pro, to find me an ultra-light fishing rod for fishing season, we found this St Croix rod, a thing of beauty. We go to the same fishing camp, near Ear Falls, Ontario. second day out fishing 9:30-10:00AM I feel something i fought this thing for at least 30 min,finally got the fish in. Caught on pink jig & leach. This fish was a 41" Northern Pike. that is why i bought a St Croix for my hubby for his birthday. Thank You Peg McGregor

Name: Peg McGregor
ProductDescription: fishing rod


New Items for Spring Turkey Season!

Spring turkey season is about to be in full strut starting in mid February and Bass Pro Shops has all the new gear to help you be more successful on getting that Old Tom. For most of Alabama spring turkey season runs from March 14 thru April 30, but there some counties that vary from these dates. Be sure to check out Outdooralabama.com for the season dates and bag limits.

Bass Pro has several new turkey hunting items this year to aid in making the hunting experience more fun. The list starts out with:

These items are just the beginning of what Bass Pro Shop has to offer for this years turkey season. Be sure to check out our website at Basspro.com  for upcoming new items and events.




Super Bowl Snacks for Super Bowl XLIV

As we all know that whether our team is playing in the Superbowl or not, the most important thing is the snacks! And the commercials of course.

Here at Bass Pro Shops we have a full section of game-time approved snacks.

Looking for something crunchy? Get your fix with any of our crunchy Uncle Bucks snacks.


Looking for something salty? Satisfy your salt craving with a can of our famous Uncle Bucks flavored peanuts. We also carry a election of flavored sunflower seeds.


Looking for some protein? Be sure to stock up on jerky for the big game. We have the small bags for $6.99 & the large bags for $8.99. We also have our signature Bass Pro Shops summer sausage for only $7.99.


Looking for something spicy? Be sure to pick up some our Cherith Valley Gardens canned goods. We have an amazing selection of spiced vegetables.


And don't forget about the sauce . . . Come & choose from our extensive selection of sauces. We've got it all, from sweet to spicy, we have something for every sauce lover.



"Hooked" On You Valentine



This Valentine's Day, Bass Pro isn't just for the boys, ladies. With a chic line of camouflage and hunting products lined in pink and glittering with sequins, you can find something just perfect for that lovely "deer toting" lady in your life. Our infamous Heart Stopper by Scent Lok is now carried in jackets, pants, hoodies, hats, and gloves. Featuring scent control technology, a warm interior, and superior camo with pink details that will proudly show off your love of hunting whilst still showing a bit of femininity.
You can find the complete line at our website here:


Our Camo department also carries an array of ladies Under Armour. As of late last year, we began carrying ladies Under Armour Hoodies in Pink AP, Snow AP with Pink, and Realtree Xtra with Pink. Under Armour also carries a complet line of ladies hunting apparel as well as every day wear like sweat pants, shirts, and hats featuring the neon pink emblem. Check out these items here!


As always, you can find other assorted "girlier" items in our hunting department such as bedazzled pepper spray, redhead pink hunting and pocket knives, amd pink lined soft pistol cases!

We look forward to seeing you at our Bass Pro Shops this Valentine's Day!


Illumination Demystified

As with many outdoor gear choices, a trip to the illumination aisle at your outdoor store can be confusing, even intimidating. There are many choices. Lanterns with all sorts of different fuel types, mantels, bulbs, and other variations. Flashlights with all sorts of strange batteries and numbers. Lumens? Candlepower? What's it all mean?

Understanding the what a lumen or a candlepower is is very important in your choice. Different lights are advertised with different units, but they are both different kinds of measurements of brightness.

Many spotlights such as the Bass Pro Shops 3.5 Million Candlepower 12V Corded Spotlight are expressed in candlepower. To put it simply, one candlepower is the amount of light emitted by one standard candle. That being said, candlepower is the intensity of light at the source of the light, be it the flame of a candle or the bulb of a spotlight or lantern. This does not take into account brightness resulting from concentrating the source (such as with reflectors) or other conditions.

However, most flashlights, like the Streamlight Polytac HP LED Polymer Flashlight are advertised in lumens. In order to understand how a lumen is measured, we need a bridge between candle power and lumens. Candle power and lumens are related by foot-candles. One foot candle is the amount of illumination received at the surface the spherical area around a light source one square foot in radius from a light source of one candle power. In other words, it is the amount of light one foot away from the light source of one candle power in any direction.

One lumen is equivalent to the amount of light emitted by a source of one foot candle landing on an area of one square foot. In essence, lumens express the amount of light in an area. When it comes to flashlights, headlamps, and other common devices, the lumen measurement tells you how much light will actually get to the object you are pointing your flashlight at. This difference is why you can have a 2 Million Candle Power spotlight, but only be seeing 250 lumens of light on the object at which you are pointing.

Regardless of whether your light is expressed in candle power, candelas, or lumens, the higher the measurement for all of these means a greater beam distance, which is often what people are looking for who need a higher lumen flashlight or a higher candle power spotlight. It is important to keep in mind the difference, however, between candlepower (candelas) and lumens so you are able to make the right choice. A 2 Million Candle Power spotlight sounds like it would provide you with more light than a 1000 lumen flashlight, but this is not the case.







Winter Camping Tips and Tricks

Some of the best times to get out into nature are during the middle of winter. During this time of year many people can finally relax and having a few days in the woods is perfect for this. The problem is that getting equipped for a winter camping trip is often times tricky and problematic. For this reason a winter camping trip is often times neglected, when it should be a priority. There are a few tricks that can make a camping trip a blast no matter the weather or the temperature.

When starting out on a winter camping trip a good sturdy tent is necessary. This tent needs to be able to handle all types of weather from rain to sleet and snow, while still being warm and comfortable at night. For a family a good tent would be the Bass Pro Shops 6-Person Dome Tent with Screen Porch, this tent is great because it not only sleeps a family easily but the screened porch keeps any snow or rain off of boots in the porch. This allows anyone in the morning to put on boots without having to sit in the snow or getting mud in the tent. While having a good tent can help when it rains, snow is a different matter. A good way to keep tent poles from getting stressed by excess weight is to brush off snow in the morning and evening before bed. It is also a good idea to brush off snow before big activities that will take time, this keeps snow accumulation as low as possible and the tent from being stressed. Another good idea concerning the tent is to make sure that ice does not build up on the rain fly. To keep ice from accumulating to greatly simply shake the rainfly after snow is brushed off in order to crack any ice and allow it to fall from the rain fly.


The next thing that is needed during a winter campout is to build a fire. During the winter this step is usually the hardest, many times because the ground is hard and building a fire pit and ring is a pain. Instead bringing a ready-made fire pit is a much better idea. These might take up a little extra space and be a little heavy but for a winter campout these fire pits are a life saver. A great design for a winter campout is the Landmann USA Northwoods Outdoor Fireplace, this metal fire pit is perfect for cooking over or for hanging wet clothes close to in order to dry. While having a good metal fire pit is great there is usually one big problem and that is snow. During the night snow often times accumulates in any fire pit making them useless. The best way to keep this from happening is to simply stay up all night and keep the fire stoked and burning hot. A far more practical application of this is to get a very dense wood burning low on coals before heading to bed. By adding a three or four logs of a hickory or other hard, dense wood a camper ensures that if the fire is lit when they go to bed the coals will still be hot and ready for a new day in the morning.


Another great idea when out with the family and cooking in the morning and evening needs to be quick is to bring a large camp stove. These camp stoves use propane burners to quickly heat up cast iron or other materials for cooking. A very good camp stove for the price is the Camp Chef Ranger III 3-Burner Stove, this is great because breakfast can be cooking on the first two burners while a pot of coffee is percolating on the last burner. Another handy thing about having a camp stove close by is that boiling water for hot drinks is always a snap, whereas trying to boil water on an open fire is a pain. The only drawback for camp stoves is that they must be kept under cover during winter precipitation. This is because the camp stove unlike the fire pit cannot be left with a small fire burning all night, so wintery precipitation has a tendency to freeze inside the burners making them harder to start.


A couple of tips for getting dry in the winter while camping can go a long way. The first thing a camper needs is a couple of warm changes of clothes, in case a set or two gets wet. This allows a person to dry out clothes that are wet beside the fire while still remaining warm and comfortable. Clothes drying around a fire should be kept about 5 feet from the fire, while the fire is kept at a steady heat (note a large fire will dry clothes faster but will also damage fibers in many synthetics or burn many natural fibers). A low but hot fire is best for drying out clothes. This is easily done by adding an extra log of cedar, pine or other highly resinous wood. Once the wet clothes are dry, letting the clothes stay hung close to the fire for a minute or two more will allow the clothes to heat up. These fire warmed clothes are great for changing into on a damp evening camping! Now that the family is prepared it is time to pack up and head out on a winter campout! As always happy hunting and good luck!


New Explorations - February

As part of our New Year, New Explorations series, we're going to explore February in Iowa. Let's face it - not too many people want to come to Iowa in February, unless it's for business or family occasions. February in Iowa can be a seemingly endless expanse of days with too much cold and ice...when March, with its hope of springtime, is just...right...there...out...of...reach. So, instead of sitting inside whining about how cold it is...when there's nothing you can do about it...we're going to give you some ideas for getting outside, in fresh air, and enjoying the state you choose to live in. Maybe someone reading this will CHOOSE to visit us in February, too!

 Winter outdoor activity enthusiasts don't mind it and are probably hunkered down in their ice shacks or possible putting good mileage on snowshoes. February in Iowa is a great time to learn more about both through various clinics sponsored by local, county and state organizations.


Instead of looking at those ice fishermen and women and saying, "That's crazy," give it a try. You know they have heat in those ice shacks, right?  Many locations around the state have Ice Fishing Clinics. Looking at the Travel Iowa events calendar, we find ice fishing clinics as close as our own Thomas Mitchell Park.

The Iowa DNR also has a monthly calendar with fun activities throughout the year. The state has trails galore perfect for winter treks, as do many cities and counties, so youIowa Games - Snowshoeing can put some miles on those new snow shoes.

Another place to check out is the Pottawattamie County Conservation web site. They have Guided Snow Shoe hikes/tours. This is on the western border of Iowa, in the beautiful and historical Loess Hills area near the Missouri River.

Did you know Iowa has an incredible Iowa Winter Games? Snowshoeing is one of the events!

Celebrate winter...it's going to happen every year!


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Are you The Next GREAT ANGLER???

Bass Pro Shops is producing a brand new fishing show- "The Next Great Angler".

Do you have what it takes to compete against the pros?

We will give you a chance to prove it. 12 Anglers go head-to-head competing for the title of "The Next Great Angler" and the winner receives 1- year's usage of a new NITRO, a Toyota Tundra, awesome new fishing gear, and we'll even pay the entry fees for the 2016 BASSMASTER OPENS. Got what it takes???

PROVE IT and YOU could be "The Next Great Angler" !!!

How do I enter?

  • Register on-line at basspro.com/thenextgreatangler  starting January 28, 2015
  • Tell us why you're "The Next Great Angler" during in-store auditions Tuesday, February 10, 5-8 pm


The Art of Shed Hunting

Shed hunting has quickly become a major outdoor sport/activity in recent years. With antler prices/values becoming higher and higher, it seems to be getting more and more people out and in the woods, before spring hits. People are using the sheds for anything from dog chew toys, to extravagant chandeliers that hang from mansion log cabin ceilings. I don’t sell the sheds that I find and never plan to. I will eventually use them for decorating my man cave and possibly making a few items to accent the room.

Believe it or not, there’s a method and common places to look for these ivory treasures of the forest. It’s not as easy as just hiking through the woods and stumbling upon them. You must have a general knowledge of deer behavior and patterns on the land, to help find areas that will be more productive than others. Deer in the Midwest can lose their antlers as early as December, but most tend to hang on to them later into the next year. I’ve found the best time to start looking is the first weekend of March. This allows plenty of time for deer to drop their antlers, without you pushing them off the property. I also like to run trail cameras during this time of year. This helps me understand what deer have survived the hunting season and are calling the property home. It also lets me know when the deer are really starting to drop. Like I said earlier, a majority of them drop by March, but if a big deer is still holding on my property, I will wait.

The first place I start my search is on south-facing slopes/hills. These hills tend to get the most sunlight and will let the deer stay warm, while they are bedded down. This brings me to my next place of interest - bedding areas. Deer will hold tight, and for longer periods of time, during the cold winter months. Look for anything that might shield them from the elements, like cedars or thick underlying brush. I then move on to heavily traveled paths (trails that go from bedding areas to feeding areas) that force deer to jump fences and creeks. Many times the jarring effect from jumping can break loose an antler that is about ready to fall. Another strategy I’ve decided to use is feeding the deer (check your local laws and regulations regarding this). Simply feeding the deer to keep them on your property will give you a better chance of finding more sheds. I’ve found that in my area, a 1,000 lb. pile of corn will last about a month. Some people even go to the extreme of building “shed traps,” but I’ve come to the conclusion that I find just as many sheds without using traps. I tried it all for a couple of years: chicken wire, fence posts, corn sickles (corn frozen in a bucket of water, so the deer have to use their antlers to break the corn out), five gallon buckets, and rubber bungee cords over feeders…none of them work as well as just putting on more miles. An additional item that can help, but isn’t a necessity, is a cloudy day. A cloudy day will help make those ivory white tips stand out against a camouflaged background.

When you go, be sure to have three things with you.

  1. Good Glass – Binos will help identify items that look like antlers from a long distance. This way you don’t have to walk all the way over to a white branch that’s 100 yards out.
  2. Camera – Take pictures to help inventory of what you find, and were you find it. "As They Lay" (ATL) pictures are the best ones to share with friends.
  3. A good backpack with some cordage – If you ever run into a REALLY good day in the woods, carrying all those antlers can be difficult. Tying them to a backpack will help make for easy walking.

The more you look, the more you will find spots that produce year after year. I have a 200 yard south facing slope that has produced one to four sheds for the last six years in a row.

Good luck finding some bone!

J.J. Pugh
Hunting Associate, Bass Pro Shops Altoona


J.J. was born and raised in the Midwest and has "spent his life hunting, fishing, camping, and playing in the great outdoors!" You can meet up with J.J. at our Archery Counter and on his Get Wild Outdoors page!

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2015 Spring Fishing Classic


Spring fever has already set in….

The Bass Pro Shops Spring Fishing Classic will be here before you know it. February 6-15 we have 10 days packed full of information, visits from the pros, family events and yes I think there is a sale on the latest gear.

If you need an upgrade on your current Rod and Reel, bring them in during our trade in days. The Rod and Reel Trade-In program is a great way for you to donate your gently used gear to area youth organizations while you get to save $$$ on that new rod and / reel you have your eye on.

Bass Master University will kick off the event on February 6 with fishing pros Dennis Tietje, Andy Montgomery and Cliff Crochet. And make sure you don’t miss Ott DeFoe on Sunday, February 8 at 1 pm.


Feb 6

                5 pm      Dennis Tietje

                6 pm      Andy Montgomery

                7 pm      Ralph Riley- Learn tips and techniques of various styles of Crappie Fishing

         8 pm      Cliff Crochet


Feb 7


        11 am    Ralph Riley-Learn tips and techniques of various styles of Crappie Fishing

                12 pm    Andy Montgomery

                1 pm      Cliff Crochet

                2 pm      Ralph Riley

                3 pm      Dennis Tietje


Feb 8

                1 pm      Ott DeFoe

                2 pm      Dennis Tietje

                3 pm      Cliff Crochet



Our Local Bass Pro Shops Fishing Pro Staff will be with us February 13-15 for many more educational seminars.

Feb 13

7 pm      Proven Spring Bass Patterns


Feb 14


                11 am      Unlock the Secrets of Electronics to Improve your Fishing Success

    2 pm      The Baitfish Connection: Understanding Seasonal Movements will help you Catch more Fish

                  3 pm      Women’s Fishing and Outdoor Cooking Tips

                  4 pm      Stealth Fishing: Kayak Strategies



Feb 15


11 am      Unlock the Secrets of Electronics to Improve your Fishing Success

2 pm      The Baitfish Connection: Understanding Seasonal Movements will help you Catch more Fish

               4 pm      Stealth Fishing: Kayak Strategies

  • First 25 customers to attend advertised seminar on Friday- Sunday will receive a Spring Fishing Classic logo tumbler

And I can’t forget The Next Generation Weekend!!

Feb 14-15            Next Generation Weekend


                                Casting Challenge            12-5 pm

                                Photos                                  12-5 pm

                                Kids Workshop                  2:30 & 4:30

                                Free Crafts                          12-5 pm

                **Giveaway- fish shaped water bottle for kids who complete the casting challenge**


Whether you are a seasoned fisherman or just starting out, there is a place for you here.

~The Events Team








My Quest: Can the AR platform effectively take a Whitetail?

Hunting is a passion I was raised on by my father. He started me as a very young boy and, as I got older, my passion for hunting the great American whitetail grew and grew.  I have hunted them from the southeast all the way up into to the midwest. As with hunting, so too did my love of firearms and even more recently, my love for the much debated AR platform rifles.  I have read many internet postings going back and forth about whether an AR could effectively take down a whitetail deer or not.  The more I research I did, the more it sparked my interest.  After much debating inside my head, I decided I wanted to give it a shot. I looked at many different AR platforms before purchasing a CMMG AR chambered in 300 Blackout from my local Bass Pro Shops. While there, I also bought one of the Redfield scopes, scope mount and a box of Hornady 110 V-Max ammo.  Once everything was all sighted in and ready to go, it was time for the hunt.

It was an unusually cold morning in Northern Alabama as we set out to Freedom Hills Management Area located in Cherokee, Alabama.  I remember reading the temperature gauge in the truck, a whopping 6 degrees.  I zipped up my Redhead jacket and headed out on my quest.  The morning was cold and quiet as the sun started to come up and nature started to come to life.  It was still early morning as I watched the squirrels chase each other through the trees.  "This is the life," I sat there, thinking to myself.  Right then I caught a shadow silently moving through the woods to my left.  As I turned to see what it was, I saw this nice mature doe emerge through the trees.  She moved quietly through the woods without the slightest hint that I was even there.  I got ready to take the shot when behind her, I could see another body moving in the brush.  There he was, a very nice six point moving right in behind her.  I waited for him to step out, put the cross arrows on and squeezed the trigger.  As I regained my composure, the deer jumped right back into the thick brush followed by a loud crash of leaves.  Had the much debated AR done it's job?  I gave it a little time and walked over to see what the results were.

There he was, not 45 yards from where I had first seen him.  In the end, I had answered my question:  Yes the AR platform can effectively take a whitetail.

I look forward to my next hunt as I have now chambered another AR in the mighty 450 Bushmaster.


Justin K., Apparel Associate

Bass Pro Shops, Nashville



Lifetime Socks - Great Value

During these tough economic times, it is good to know that there are products out there that no matter what you do to them will always be replaced FREE.  Lifetime socks at Bass Pro Shop does just that.  Purchase a pair of our Redhead or Natural Reflections Lifetime socks and never worry about them ripping, tearing, small holes, or wearing out.  When they get that way just bring both of them back to our Customer Service Department, and go get yourself another pair.  It is as easy as that!

Personnally I have 8 pairs of the all lifetime all purpose mens socks, and could not be happier.  I started thinking why people wear socks other than for sanitary reasons.  Here are a few tid bits to ponder over before I show you our lifetime socks.

Your foot is the heaviest producers of sweat in the body.  The socks absorb the sweat and then draws it to areas where air can evaporate the perspiration.

Years ago animal skins were gathered up and tied around the ankles for socks.  During the 8th century the Greeks wore socks from matted animal hair for warmth.

Did you know the English word sock is derived from the old English word Socc meaning "light slipper".

The Swiss did a study that showed when we sleep,  blood flow is redirected to our hands and feet.  When these areas are warm the blood vessels dilate and allow for greater blood flow.  Which helps you sleep better.

With all that information, why not check out our lifetime socks.  You have nothing to loose!

Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator


Natural Reflections (Ladies) Lifetime Socks









Redhead Lifetime Lightweight Quarter Socks For Men











Redhead Lifetime All Purpose Socks for Men

















Redhead Lifetime Midweight Crew Socks for Men
















Outdoor Cooking Primer - Slow Cooker Wild Turkey Mix

Great wild turkey slow cooker concoction by my husband. The great thing about this meat is its versatility. We were able to use it as a meal that night, then for several sandwiches and work lunches, and THEN I threw it in my venison chili!

Easy Wild Turkey Thighs and Breast


Keep in mind, we like to use what we have available. Thus, the white wine which was left from guests...we don't drink white wine. Improvisation! The au jus you end up with has some "spark" to it...almost like a sauerbraten, without the use of vinegars.

Four wild turkey thighs
One wild turkey breast section
Uncle Buck's Poultry Rub
8 oz can tomato sauce
1 small onion, chopped
3 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce
1 Tbsp Hungarian sweet paprika
2-3 tsps minced garlic
2-3 shakes of Sriraccha sauce
3/4 bottle of white wine (we sued Chardonnay)
Black pepper blend seasoning to taste

Rub the four thighs and breast in Uncle Buck's Poultry Rub. Wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate for two hours.

In the meantime, in your slow cooker, mix together the remaining ingredients, using a whisk. Turn your slow cooker on high for one hour, so the sauce heats up. After one half-hour, remove the meat from the fridge and unwrap it, so it can come up to room temperature. After the sauce has heated for an hour, place the meat in the slow cooker. Cook on high for 5 additional hours and low for one hour.

Serve with your favorite sides and get ready to use leftovers in chili, paninis, or even on pizza!


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2015 Spring Fishing Classic Lineup

The world's greatest fishing show and sale is back, and there's something for everyone...including NEW promotions! These awesome activities, along with hot deals all 10 days, makes this the best Classic ever!

Rod and Reel Trade-In

The Rod and Reel Trade-In is back...and it's 10 days long! 
Trade in your old reel and save even more on a new one! Trade in your old rod and save on a new one of those, too!  Not only does the event now last for the duration of the Classic, it also now includes fly rods and reels!

Rods and reels must not be broken. Lat year our amazing Bass Pro Shops Altoona customers donated over 500 rods and reels, all of which were donated to Scouts, the DNR, Lake View Camp for kids, and a veteran's program.

Free Line Spooling 

February 11-15 - The FIRST TIME we've ever done this! Check out the details!

The Next Great Angler Auditions

Bass Pro Shops is producing a new fishing show...The Next Great Angler! Are YOU the next great angler? Do you have what it takes to compete with the pros? Prove it!

Register online beginning January 28 at www.basspro.com/TheNextGreatAngler and then we will have in-store auditions February 10.




BassMaster University - Sunday, February 8, 2 p.m.


Walleye Tips: 2015

We welcome National Pro Chase Parsons, from The Next Bite television show and walleye tournament champion!




Local Pros and Tips Seminars

Join us for these great seminars all weekend, with our Bass Pro Shops Altoona Pro Staff - Lance Baker and Kary Ray - and our in-store experts.







Next Generation Weekend

Bring the kids out to celebrate the coming of warmer weather and fishing!

  • Casting Challenge - Kids receive a fish-shaped water bottle when they complete the challenge!
  • Free 4x6 photo download
  • Kids Workshops - 2:30 and 4:30 both days -"Think Like a Fish!" - Kids receive a certificate and the first 25 at each receives a light lanyard!
  • Free Craft - A wooden fish stand-up! (While supplies last)

Women's Outdoor Cooking & Fishing Tips

Two great topics in one seminar! Join our guest workshop leaders from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources Becoming an Outdoors-Woman program for fishing and outdoor cooking tips, plus learn more about the Becoming an Outdoors-Woman weekends!


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Ice Fishing Tip from Kevan Paul - Jigs

Kevan Paul from Clam's Ice Team joined us recently for our Ice Fishing event and has the quick video tip on a couple of his favorite jigs! Kevan is also a longtime guide and owner of Kevan Paul's Guide Service in northern Iowa.


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This Weekend @ Bass Pro Shops Altoona - Warm Up with Some Hot Tastes!

We're getting ready for the Spring Fishing Classic, February 6-15! But in the meantime, we still have lots of great clearance items and new spring turkey hunting items coming in all the time! Stop in an check it out!

Saturday, January 24

Try Before You Buy!

Noon- 4p.m.
Our Gifts Department is serving up samples of chicken cooked in Uncle Buck’s Hot Spicy Chicken Batter! Then top them off with a little Sweet Sauce O’ Mine BBQ sauce or Uncle Buck’s River of Fire Wing Sauce! YUM! While supplies last.


Dog Obedience Demonstration

Dog trainer Jay Green and Zeus, his therapy dog, will conduct a dog obedience demonstration following the Saturday fish feeding. Approximately 3:15 p.m. by the main aquarium.


Sunday, January 25

Try Before You Buy!

Noon- 4p.m.
Warm up your bellies with some Southwest Specialty Foods' Whoop Ass Chili Mix! Our Gifts Department is serving up samples while supplies last!


Coming up?

February 6-15, 2015: 2015 Spring Fishing Classic! National Pro Chase Parsons, seminars with local pros Lance Baker and Kary Ray, and the Next Generation weekend just for kids!


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Coyote Hunting

Put me out in the country on an Iowa summer evening and I love to hear the yip of the coyotes. But, I also know that it's a dangerous yip and one that needs to be hunted and controlled.

Coyote hunting in Iowa is open year-round. Many hunters take to the fields in the winter between deer and spring turkey. Snow-covered ground helps in tracking. Trapping is also an option. For example, about three years ago, the Iowa DNR reported that about 25% of the coyote harvest came from trapping, but 75% was from hunting.

Coyotes are predators and they are pack animals. They work as a team to bait, entice and take down other animals - from adult deer to fawns to dogs, cattle, and calves. They exist in every state in the lower 48. The South Carolina DNR released a study in 2013 that showed. through the first three years of the study, about a "70 percent total fawn mortality with coyotes being responsible for approximately 80 percent of these mortalities."

Our Fishing Lead Jamie Renshaw and Hunting Manager Shaun Bequeaith are coyote hunters. Jamie recently had a coyote "two-fer."

"I set up around 4 p.m. on a field edge adjacent to the thickest cover, with the sun to my back. I used a wounded rabbit mouth call, which was actually my dad's from the 70s, and a Tikka 22-250 with a Nikon 4.5-14 scope and 50 grain Hornady bullets."

After he shot the first one, he waited and kept calling. The second one appeared about 5 minutes later from the same spot. So when you get one, stay put for a bit...more may show up.

Bequeaith has these three tips for coyote hunters:

  1. Play the wind. Coyotes have a great nose.
  2. They also have great vision - make sure you have good camo.
  3. Practice your shooting - When you do get a coyote to come in, you want to put them down!

Since coyotes work as a team, hunters need to work as a team to combat them and protect the new wildlife population.


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