It's a Labor Day Hometown Festival!

Hometown Festival

Saturday and Sunday, September 3 & 4
Labor Day Weekend

Noon-5 p.m.

A Hometown Festival means fun and food...

and we'll have both!

Even if it's hot, we'll be inside where it's cool!

Here's the lineup of events:

Free Hot Dogs and Funnel Cake Samples - Both days!
Hot Dogs 1-4 p.m.
Funnel Cake 2-5 p.m.
Hometown Festival

  • Pick a Duck! - Kids pick a rubber duck from the duck pond for a cool prize!
  • Metal detector treasure hunt
  • Casting buckets
  • Face painting
  • Free Craft - Canvas Wall Art!
  • Free photo download - with the Bat Bass Arctic Cat!

patriotic drawstring bagKids completing the photo download, casting buckets, and metal detector activity receive a patriotic drawstring bag (while supplies last)!

Pick a Duck Duck Pond


Hourly Drawings - Saturday, September 3 only!
Beginning at 2 p.m.

2pm – One (1) 25.00 Bass Pro Shops gift card
3pm – One pair of VEX sunglasses
 4pm - One two-night stay from a selection of BlueGreen Resorts
5pm – One (1) 50.00 Bass Pro Shops gift Card

Outdoor Cooking Seminars Both Days
1:30 p.m. - Stoked to Smoke: How to Smoke Meat Right
3:30 p.m. - Going Dutch: Dutch Oven Cooking Made Easy


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This Weekend @ Bass Pro Shops Altoona - Next Generation Weekend!

Fall Hunting Classic

The Fall Hunting Classic comes to a close with the favorite weekend, just for kids!

Next Generation Weekend

August 27 & 28Free hunting vest

It all happens from 11am - 4pm each day!

  • BB Shooting range & Archery Challenge - the first 50 kids receive a free blaze orange vest and patch!
  • Free photo download
  • Crafts - Wall Art craft! Color a canvas that's attached to a wood frame then hang it in your room!
  • Giveaways - First 100 kids who complete the punch card each day and get a free turkey drawstring Free Wall Art Craftbag!

Free turkey drawstring bag






Don't forget - While you're here, you can also trade-in those old, wearable hunting and rubber boots to receive a discount toward the purchase of a new pair! All trade-ins will be donated to Soles for Souls.

You can also trade-in that old working game camera for a discount toward the purchase of a new game camera. Our trade-in cameras will be donated to Polk County Conservation!


Coming up?  It's our annual Labor Day Hometown Festival, Sept. 3 and 4!


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Compass for Life - Boy Scouts

Boy Scout Month

For over a century, Boy Scouts of America has developed our future leaders. Once again, Bass Pro Shops is saluting Boy Scouts with a month devoted to helping educate them, raise money, which will benefit our local council, and assist in providing a Compass for Life!

In September, round up your purchases at Bass Pro Shops Altoona during Boy Scouts of America Donation Month. Half of the donations collected will go to the Mid-Iowa Council. The Mid-Iowa Council was formed in 1914 as the Des Moines Council. Several other councils formed and, as scouting and the local area grew, the councils merged, gradually becoming the Mid-Iowa Council in the 1970s.

Thousands of boys have had adventures at Camp Mitigwa and learned the ideas and ideals of scouting - a dedication to youth, community, and a better future.

Show your support for scouting by stopping in and rounding up!

Additionally, we are once again offering classes to help Boy Scouts work towards earning their Fishing and Rifle Shooting Merit Badges. Classes are held Tuesdays and Thursdays, Sept 1-29. Limit of 10 per class. PRE-REGISTRATION is REQUIRED! Call 515-957-5500 or stop at the Customer Service counter. Schedule is as follows:

Thursday, Sept. 1    Fishing
Tuesday, Sept. 6     Rifle Shooting
Thursday, Sept. 8    Rifle Shooting
Tuesday, Sept. 13    Fishing
Thursday, Sept. 15   Fishing
Tuesday, Sept. 20    Rifle Shooting
Thursday, Sept. 22   Rifle Shooting
Tuesday, Sept. 27    Fishing
Thursday, Sept. 29   Fishing


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Do You Know What Is Great About Barr Lake? by Eric Allee

As soon as I turned into the park I was floored by the amount of wildlife I spotted in the short drive to the boat ramp. A few deer with their ears perked up, a coyote with its head barely noticeable peering over the prairie grass at those deer, and a mischievous raccoon digging in the trash. After launching my kayak I felt like I was in the middle of a Wild America scene so much that I could almost hear Marty Stouffer’s voice. I was surrounded by pelicans, cormorants, hawks, and a handful of birds I couldn’t identify without a bird watchers handbook.

Right after launching my kayak I couldn’t believe I was only three miles away from my front Door. # I’ve lived right next to Barr Lake the majority of my adult life and to be honest I’ve never given it a shot. I guess hearing buddies talk about it for years finally piqued my interest enough to check things out myself. Neal Wilkinson owner of Rocky Mountain Adventure Guides drives from Larkspur for Barr’s sometimes amazing walleye fishing. Matt Mascarenas a guide for Tightline Outdoors and park ranger at Barr Lake enjoys the walleye and perch fishing at Barr Lake. Both Neal and Matt are accomplished anglers that wouldn’t waste their time repetitively fishing a location if it wasn’t worth it, or they’re in cahoots and messing with me!

Fifteen minutes after launching I caught my first walleye from Barr Lake. A few hours later I lost count of how many walleye I’d landed and couldn’t believe how naïve I’d been to look past Barr for so long. I didn’t catch anything big that first day out on Barr, but I did catch I’d guess 25 walleye in the 13-16 inch range.  I also had a fish come unbuttoned that felt really big… could have been a carp, but then again it could have been a monster walleye! The grueling 4 minute drive home was sweet icing on the cake after an awesome day on the water.

From that point on I’ve been a regular at Barr Lake fishing it multiple times a week. I’ve caught walleye, perch, largemouth bass, crappie, carp, bluegill, and a toad of a wiper. Much like anywhere else fishing at Barr Lake has its ups and downs, but after you learn the lake you can expect to catch a few fish even on a slow day. Last month there was an amazing bite vertically snapping Jigging Raps on top of subtle pieces of structure. I use the biggest jigging raps they make and prefer anything with some flash or chrome to mimic the shad in Barr Lake. As that bite has started to slow down I’ve transitioned to trolling bottom bouncers and Lindy rigs with crawlers and that has kept me on fish. I can’t tell you how fun it is to try new to me techniques out of my kayak! I’m not reinventing the wheel or even changing the tire pressure with how I’m trolling in my kayak, but it’s been a ton of fun so far.

Ready to head out for Kayak Fishing? Kayak Fishing for Big Game

Ready for more great fish stories from Eric? Check out this page

eric 1

Eric 2

ERic 3

Eric 4

ERic 5


Womans Fall Footwear


Woman's Fall Footwear

Tough-girl, trendy-girl, comfy-girl - which ever mood you’re in Natural Reflections Footwear has you covered at Bass Pro Shops Independence!


Check out our newest Ankle Boot the Averee Buckle Size Zip for only $39.99 for a night out on the town the Faux leather upper and 1.5” heel will have you turning heads where ever you go.


If keeping warm is the order of your day Natural Reflections Veruca Sweater Bootie in taupe color for $39.99 is sure to get the job done.  With a cute lace up with a 1” heel and a sweater cuff is sure to keep the chill away.


Maybe the day calls for lounging around in your Natural Reflection Tina Moc Slip-On for  only $24.99 the suede leather upper and memory foam foot-bed. .

No matter what your style is Natural Reflections Footwear will make you a stand out for all of your Fall Fashion needs.  Comfort, Style, Quality and always excellent one-on-one customer service can be found at your local Independence Bass Pro Shops.

Santa's Yule Blog #1: Natural Reflections Moc



Fish Food Comes In Many Flavors

John's Lake Hex​Fly fishing can be quite a challenge if you just take a look at casting and presentation by itself but the one thing that does give us an advantage over other types of fishing is the astounding variety of fly patterns at our disposal and our ability to imitate just about any food item possible.  We're sure to be able to find something that's on the dinner menu of the local waters, no matter what the fish might be eating.  Be it a fish, frog, lizard, damsel fly, crab, shrimp, a Hexagenia Limbata Mayfly like the one shown to the right, or a berry that dropped off the mulberry tree along the shoreline, there's a fly out there to imitate it.  You just have to figure out what's going to work.

I was recently fishing on John's Lake in west Orlando and finally got a chance to see a hatch of what local fishermen have been telling me about for years.  A hatch of mayflies had occurred and just about every surface in the parking lot had a few of these beauty's resting in preparation for their mating time.  I'd heard of these occurrences but had never actually experienced one first hand.  Folks come in to the shop each year looking for mayflies and we show them a variety of types ranging from the smaller Blue Winged Olives to the giant Adult Hex as they tell stories of bass and panfish swimming across the surface with their wide open, inhaling bugs as fast as they can.  These anglers normally chose the larger of the two, making me wonder what they've been drinking.  Now I know what flavor Kool Aid they're sipping and I'd gladly join in.

As I've said in other posts (Hotdogs, Hamburgers, and Hatch Charts) fish know what's on the menu and you, the angler, better be throwing something close to what their looking for, or luck won't be turning in your favor. Many of these hatches occur for such a limited time that hitting it right can be quite a challenge.  Baitfish availability isn't normally that specific, but can be limited to a particular season be it spring, summer, fall, or winter.  Shrimp are a prime example of a prey item that's available during a particular season, so throwing imitations at the right time of year is an obvious necessity.  Your success rate will drastically increase once you've got the pattern figured out as it repeats year, after year, after year.

Florida anglers are lucky in the sense that we've got so much food for the fish to chose from, but on the other hand, why would they eat a piece of metal, fur, feather, or plastic on the end of a fishing line when they've got so much food to chose from.  We need to work doubly hard to ensure we're matching the hatch when there is one, as was the case a few weeks ago, and throwing somewhat generic bait patterns when there's nothing special going on.  So do a little research, determine the flavor of the week, and stock your boxes accordingly to maximize your chances of success.

Brian "Beastman" Eastman

White River Fly Shop

Outdoor World Orlando 



I Have A Dream........

            Memphis Pyramid

Traveling to different parts of the country on vacation has become part of my families plans over the last number of years and we've tried to make a point of visiting each of the Bass Pro Shops close to the region we're visiting.  A few months ago, we finally got the chance to visit the Memphis Pyramid which now houses one of the largest retail shops I've ever been in that was totally dedicated to a single company.  Totally "Gobsmacked!" as the Brits would say, is the only word I can possibly use to describe the scope and scale of the place.  I didn't think it would strike me so profoundly because I'm an employee of the company, but boy was I mistaken.

I visited the store with my wife and two other couples but we became separated within a few short minutes upon entering the doorway because it seemed that everyone picked a different direction to head.  I spotted one of the many aquariums and had to stop and see the fish, while others wondered off into the clothing, sunglasses, or fishing sections.  I really don't know for sure because I spotted something else of interest the moment I turned from the aquarium glass.  The retail space is amazing, given the amount of equipment but you have to look beyond the items for sale and take in the details of the dioramas, the water features, the freestanding elevator, the Ducks Unlimited Museum, archery and pistol ranges, restaurants, bowling alley, snack shop, Big Cedar Lodge, and much, much more.  My absolute favorite is the waterways seeming to surround the retail space.  They're filled with all manner of fish including paddlefish, sturgeon, alligator gar, stripers, bowfin, catfish, rainbow trout, and a whole bunch more.  It seemed like another new one popped up right when I thought there couldn't be any more.  Awe inspiring is a good way to put it.  And imagine, one guy started the whole thing.  Did Johnny Morris dream of owning a pyramid when he was younger and everything he did to this point was a step towards achieving this goal? 

I know the pyramid wasn't originally designed to house an outdoors equipment mega-retailer but you'd never know that it wasn't built to Johnny's specifications.  The interior has been masterfully camouflaged and decorated to give the impression of being in the wilderness, not a store.  It's difficult to get a true feeling of the scope from any one location and pictures just don't do it justice so just take your time and wander around to your hearts content.  Please remember to breathe and take a time out if you need to.

The Memphis pyramid is an awesome place and I highly recommend that everyone put it on their list of places to visit around the Memphis area.  It's unlikely that I'll get a chance to visit the actual Pyramids of Giza but I'm glad to have been able to spend some time visiting ours in Memphis.  I don't pretend that ours was built by aliens like the ones in Egypt, but in its current rendition, it was surely built by a man with a dream.

P.S. Sorry for the alien joke.  I was watching "Close Encounters Of the Third Kind" while writing this.

 Brian "Beastman" Eastman

White River Fly Shop

Outdoor World Orlando


Your shins will thank me!

At the 2016 ICAST show this year there was a lot of press on Gator Guards “NEW” product – The Hitch Guard. Sue and Scott Smith owners of Gator Guards make several products to protect your boat. They have created a new personal favorite of mine.

gator guard

It’s happened to just about all of us. You’re walking around you’re the back of your truck and bang! Suddenly a severe pain comes from your shin striking into the trailer hitch mount. Gator Guards recently came out with a simple fix to painful incident. The Hitch Guard is a full-coverage that goes around the hitch, by using an automotive-grade polymer cover for single hitches. It stays soft from minus-70 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. It has low-profile design which allows for unrestricted use of trailers and equipment attaching to your pull vehicle. It’s very simple to install, slide the Hitch Guard onto the existing trailer hitch and secure with an include zip tie. I promise it is instant shin protection! Your shins will thank you the next time you accidentally bump into your trailer hitch…

hitch guard

MSRP: black; $15.99/glow-in-the-dark $19.99

Read more at:


About the author:

Tom Branch, Jr. is a freelance outdoor writer and Prostaffer for Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World in Lawrenceville, GA. He retired as a Lieutenant/Paramedic/Firefighter with Gwinnett County Fire, GA after 29 years of service in 2013. He is currently a contracted employee with NAVICO/Lowrance working as the Southeastern Prostaff Coordinator. He has been working in the Outdoor Industry for over 20 years. He and his beautiful wife, Kim live north of Atlanta near Braselton, GA with their lab Jake.


Bass Pro Shops Fall Hunting Classic - Gurnee Mills

  • 2016 Fall Hunting Classic
    Come in an enjoy the "World's Greatest Hunting Show and Sale" 
    Trade In Dates:
    *Note: Trade-ins will be donated to charity so they must be in good working order. 
    • Bow & Crossbow Trade-In, August 12-21, Save up to $100 on your trade-in.

    • Optics Trade-In, August 12-21, Save up to $100 on your trade-in.

    • Game Camera Trade-In, August 20-28,Save up to $100 on your trade-in.

    • Hunting Boot Trade-In, August 20-28, Save up to $40 on your trade-in. Hunting Boots that are donated to Soles-4 -Souls. Soles-4-Souls is a global social enterprise committed to fighting poverty through the collection and distribution of shoes and clothing.

    Local Pro Seminars! August 20th & 21st Be one of the first 20 to attend one of the seminars and you will receive a FREE Bass Pro Shops Tumbler!
  • Saturday, August 20
    • 11am - Archery Tune Up: Be Prepared for the Hunt

    • 2pm - Get Close: Scent Control and Scent Products That Give You the Edge

    • 4pm - Archery Skills: Perfecting Your Shot and How to Play the Wind

    Sunday, August 21
    • 1pm - Boots 101: Choosing the Right Footwear for your Outing Experience

    • 3pm - Knives and Tools Guide: Your Hunt from Field to Freezer

    Next Generation Weekend, Saturday and Sunday, August 27th & 28th 11am - 4pm
    • BB Shooting (recommended for kids ages 8-12). First 50 kids each day will receive a FREE Vest & Badge!

    • Archery Range

    • Free Photo Download

    • Canvas Crafts for Kids

    • PLUS! The first 100 kids to completed their punch cards will receive a free turkey backpack.
    • NRA Membership Drive 
    • Sign up with the NRA in our front lobby and receive a $10 Bass Pro Shops Gift Card! 


  • Enter for a Chance To Win a trip for 4 to the 2017 Bass Pro Shops NRA America's Night Race in Bristol! Total Package valued at $9,900! Plus on (1) winner from our store will receive a NRA Lifetime Membership valued at $1500! 

This Weekend @ BPS Altoona - Local Pros & Digs for Dogs Ends!

Digs for Dogs Ends 8/21!

Last chance to place your silent auction bid in our Digs for Dogs Doghouse Silent Auction to benefit the Digs for Dogs 2016Puppy Jake Foundation!

The Digs for Dogs silent auction is an opportunity for organizations to reach out and help others. Most are non-profit organizations donating their time and resources to make these houses. Because of that, this year any non-profit group donating a house has the option to receive back half of the money that is raised on their donated house or houses. Participants include:

Studio 17 & Mitchellville Police Department
Pleasant Hill Lions Club (donated two houses)
Des Moines Firefighters Association
Veterans from the Cedar Rapids Chapter of Community of Artists and HERO (donated three houses)
Country Landscapes
Sons of the American Legion, Post 96
Des Moines County Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation

This year’s doghouses range from big to small, and fancy to functional...there is a theme for every discerning doggy. The public may view the houses and place silent bids through 8/21 at the store. Winners will be notified on August 22.


Fall Hunting Classic Continues!

Our Hunting Local Pros team up for an afternoon of learning and fun! Mom, Wife, Entrepreneur & Huntress Maria Young and Chance Patrick, Iowa's Great Outdoors, get you ready for hunting season!

Saturday, August 20Local Pro Weekend at BPS Altoona
Free giveaways at each session!

11am  - Archery Tune-Up:  Prepare Your Gear For The Hunt -  Chance Patrick provides tips on getting your gear ready for the season.

2pm  - Get Close: Scent Control and Scent Products That Give You The Edge - Maria and Chance team up to talk Scent Control basics.

3pm - Women's Hunting Workshop - Join Maria to find out more about hunting from a female perspective - and the best way to balance family, work, and life in general, while enjoying the hunt! First 25 receive a BPS mug. Photo opps and other giveaways, too!

4pm - Archery Skills: Perfecting Your Shot and How To Play The Wind - Learn from Maria and Chance how to use the elements, and not fight them, for your shot.

Sunday, August 21

Our top notch hunting team brings you these two sessions - First 20 at each session receive a free Bass Pro tumbler!

11am  Boots 101: Choosing The Right Footwear For Your Outing Experience

3pm   Knives and Tools Guide: Your Hunt From Field to Freezer


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Product Spotlight - Uncle Buck's Cheddar Mix

Just when you think you've overcome your attachment to one snack food, along comes another to hook you. Uncle Buck's Cheddar Mix

With our household's recent change in food routine, focusing on low sodium, we have reduced our salty snacks. We have them, in a limited quantity, as an accompaniment to our one frosty beverage on the patio each evening. I loved the Uncle Buck's Cabin mix, but had successfully weaned myself off that crunchy delight.

Then, just the other day, I spotted the Uncle Buck's Cheddar Mix, glowing at me from the front end display, with its blaze orange lid, fresh off the truck on the day it was delivered.

I knew I had to try it and it did NOT disappointment. Including such delights as cheddar cheese crackers, crunchy nacho bagel chips, cheddar cheese pretzel pieces and twists, this mix delivers a multitude of cheesy flavored goodness.

Redeeming health qualities? Not so much. But, if you're on a restricted diet and KNOW how to measure, take control, and have control of what you eat, then you understand that you are able to have your favorites in small Uncle Buck's Cheddar Mix.

Right now, it's only available in store...check with your local Bass Pro for availability. Just in time for tailgating, campfires, hunt camp, and holidays. Try it.


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Fall Hunting University is Upon us, Are you ready to gain knowledge for your next hunt?

With Summer winding down, Fall hunting season is ramping up. Are you ready? Let us help you. Never before have we had such an outstanding cast of Stars for you to come meet and gain expert advice from. We will be hosting the Fall Hunting University at our store 8/19-8/21.

Here's the list of amazing talent:

Sean Mann, Professional Guide & Call Master/World Goose Calling Champion of Champions/ 3 Time Mason-Dixon Calling Champion.

Brenda Valentine, First Lady of Hunting®/ RedHead® Pro Hunting Team Member/ NWTF® National Spokesperson

Adam Keith, Co-Host of "Growing"

Walter Parrott, Hunter, Champion Caller/ RedHead® Pro Hunting Team Member

Kelsey Konrade, Next Generation Pro Team® Member

Mark Campagnola, Denver Bass Pro Shops Pro Staff Member, Hunting Specialties Factory Rep.

Donnelle Johnson, Colorado Springs Bass Pro Shops Pro Staff Member, Owner of Hunt Data Maps

Lisa Thompson, Pro Staff Member for Hunter's Specialties, Mossy Oak, PSE and Feradyne Outdoors

David Bloch, Owner of Outdoor Edge

Randy Mathews, Colorado Bow Hunter's Association Member and ProStaff for Hudalla Associates, Inc

Here's the full line up of Seminar times for our location. Be sure and stop by to meet them all, gain some knowledge, and pick up the latest gear for your Fall Hunting Season!

line up




This Weekend @ Bass Pro Shops Altoona - Hunting Classic & Digs for Dogs!

Fall Hunting Classic 2016

The greatest hunting event and sale of the year starts Friday, along with our Third Annual Digs for Dogs Silent Auction!

The Fall Hunting Classic brings you sales, trade-ins, and seminars with our local pros, plus the ever-popular Next Generation weekend for kids!

Trade-ins that start Friday, Aug. 12 aer:

Bow and Crossbow Trade-In - Aug. 12-21 - For every bow or crossbow you bring in (long bows and recurves excluded), receive a coupon for a discount based on the cost of the new bow. Bows will be donated to local non-profit organizations. No limit on the number you can trade in.

Optics Trade-In - Aug. 12-21 - For every working optic you bring in, receive a coupon for a discount based on the cost of new optics. One coupon per new purchase. No limit to number you can trade in.

Local pro seminars are Aug 20 & 21, and Next Generation weekend is Aug. 27 & 28. For complete details on the Fall Hunting Classic visit!

During the Classic, starting this weekend, we'll have the 2nd Amendment Instant Savings on Guns and Safes - all three weekends - Aug. 12-14, 19-21, 26-28!


Our Third Annual Digs for Dogs Silent Auction starts Friday! Come check out the FABULOUS houses that have been crafted and donated to help raise money for the Puppy Jake Foundation. Puppy Jake assists two of our most cherished groups at the store - Veterans and dogs! They train service dogs which are then matched up with veterans.

This year's doghouses run the spectrum of big and small, fancy and streamlined! But you have to see them to believe them and appreciate them!

Digs for Dogs 2016


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2016 Fall Hunting Classic!



It’s August! You know what that means – 2016 Fall Hunting Classic is right around the corner.



Visit your local Bass Pro Shops for The World’s Greatest Hunting Show and Sale of the year, 2016 Fall Hunting Classic, August 12-28!





Do you need NEW gear? Trade in your old gear and save some $$$   !

What are you in the market for?

  • Bow and Crossbow Trade-In        August 12-21
  • Optics Trade-In                                August 12-21
  • Game Camera Trade-In                August 20-28
  • Hunting Boot Trade- In                   August 20-28

*Applies to prices marked. Limit 1 coupon per new item. Donate all working bows, crossbows, riflescopes, binoculars, laser rangefinders, game cameras and gently worn hunting or rubber boots during the trade-in dates and receive a discount coupon to be used toward the purchase of a new bow, crossbow, riflescope, binoculars, laser rangefinder, game camera, or hunting or rubber boots. All trade-ins will be inspected to ensure good working order and then donated to local organizations to help with their outdoor education programs.


2nd Amendment Instant Savings are back all 3 weekends! August 12-14, 19-21, 26-28

Instant Savings on guns and safes! Save up to $100, purchase a gun or safe using our Bass Pro Shops credit card and receive an instant rebate up to $100!

Offer valid in-store on in-stock guns and gun safes only.


FREE Local Pro Hunting Tips and Seminars


August 20

  • 11 am    Archery Tune-Up; Prepare Your Gear For The Hunt
  • 2 pm      Get Close; Scent Control and Scent Products That Give You The Edge
  • 4 pm      Archery Skills; Perfecting Your Shot and How To Play The Wind



  • 1 pm      Boots 101; Choosing The Right Footwear For Your Outing Experience
  • 3 pm      Knives and Tools Guide; Your Hunt From Field to Freezer


*FREE Tumbler Giveaway – to the first 20 seminar attendees each day. Must be 18 years old or older.


August 20

  • 3 pm      FREE Women’s Hunting Workshop!

*FREE Mug Giveaway- to the first 25 women to attend this workshop. Must be 18 years old or older


NRA Membership Drive August 20-21

Sign up to be an NRA Member in-store and receive a $10 Bass Pro Shops Gift Card.


Next Generation Weekend

August 27-28      11am-4 pm

  • FREE BB Gun Shooting Range- Try out our BPS/Daisy BB Shooting Range and challenge your friends!
  • FREE Kids Archery Challenge- take aim and hit the target
  • FREE Giveaway! The first 50 kids to complete both BB Shooting and Archery Challenge (each day) will receive an orange vest and a Next Generation Patch!
  • FREE Photo Download- you on a cover or get photo bombed!
  • FREE  Craft
  • FREE Giveaway! Drawstring backpacks to the first 100 kids each day




Exploring RedHead



Summer is coming to a close and fall is right around the corner which means it is a perfect time to fall in to our wide selection of 100% ultra-comfortable flannel shirts.  If you’re playing or working outdoors check out our large selection of Bear Creek flannels starting at just $24.99.  Our RedHead Ultimate Flannel is our heavier flannel that is 100% cotton and virtually shrink-free.  Available in 8 colors you’re sure to find one just for you!  Leaving summer shorts behind is much easier when you know that RedHead Denim has you covered.   Starting at just $29.99, 5-Pocket Demin Jeans in classic fit, easy fit, relaxed fit, or utility are sure to have you covered.  High quality, durable and soft are a few words to best describe RedHead denim. Looking for a soft, comfortable quality long sleeve layering shirt for the cooler months?  Stock up on the Three Creeks Crewneck and long sleeve henley.  These tops are very easy to layer and look great alone or with a Redhead flannel and they are the perfect go to shirts. You are sure to find the color and style that fits you in our Redhead brand here at Bass Pro Shops!


RedHead Denim: A Southern Tradition

cooler days: Quickly and Easily



Product Spotlight: Hawk Treestands

Hawk TreestandsHawk Treestands have arrived,just in time for gear prep for the hunting season!

First up? The Big Denali!

  • This ladder stand has the MeshComfort™ Seat, which gives hunters 30-40% more room than standard seats on other treestands. Other features include:
  • "Stacking Ladder System" with a stable, wide-stance base.
  • Easy carrying when disassembled becuase the ladder's sections stack together compactly.
  • Heavy-duty tubing construction
  • Hawk's proprietary tension system - creating a solid and stable hunting perch 20' off the ground
  • The platform measures 14"x26," weight is 65 lbs., maximum weight capacity is 300 lbs.

    Hawk Treestands

Then we have the Hawk Destination:

This is Hawks' tallest stand, measuring 21' at the padded, flip-back shooting rail. Destination, also, has the exclusive crossing strap tension, giving you stability as you hunt from the heights.

  • The 19x26 over-sized Grip-Mesh platform is welded at all points, providing a one piece, quiet hunting platform.
  • The stand also comes with a full body harness - safety first! Always wear a harness when in any stand!
  • 20.5" x 16" seat with a 20.5" x 20.5" backrest, maximum weight capacity is 300 lbs.


Last, but not least, there's the Hawk Mega Combat Fixed  Position Treestand:

  • The adjustable, flip-up seat features an ultra-comfortable 4-layer Hawkdesign with a weather-resistant top layer over pressure-point-relieving memory foam. T
  • he angle of the adjustable seat allows you to set the sit exactly as YOU like for personal comfort and stability.
  • Once again, the platform is welded at all point for a "noise-free" hunting platform.
  • Seat: 16" x 10". Seat height: 20". Platform: 24"x30". Weight: 17 lbs. Maximum weight capacity: 300 lbs.


You, too, can "HUNT FROM ABOVE®" with Hawk!


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Fall Hunting Classic 2016!

Fall Hunting Classic

The Fall Hunting Classic Returns!

August 12-28

The world's biggest hunting sale and event is back with great sales, new products, trade-in opportunities, Local Pro seminars, and the family favorite - Next Generation Weekend!


Trade in your old gear to save money on new!

Bow and Crossbow Trade-In - Aug. 12-21 - For every bow or crossbow you bring in (long bows and recurves excluded), receive a coupon for a discount based on the cost of the new bow. Bows will be donated to local non-profit organizations. No limit on the number you can trade in.

Optics Trade-In - Aug. 12-21 - For every working optic you bring in, receive a coupon for a discount based on the cost of new optics. One coupon per new purchase. No limit to number you can trade in.

Game Camera Trade-In - Aug. 20-28 - For every working game camera you bring in, receive a coupon for a discount based on the cost of the new game camera. No limit on the number of game cameras traded in - one coupon per new camera. Trade-ins will be donated to Polk County Conservation for use in catching vandalism and dumping of trash.

Hunting Boots - Aug. 20-28 - For every hunting or rubber boot traded in, receive a coupon for a discount on a new pair of hunting boots. One coupon per new pair. Traded-in boots will be donated to Soles4SouChance Patrickls.

Local Pro SeminarsMaria Young

Join our Hunting Local Pros Maria Young and Chance Patrick on Saturday, Aug. 20 for an afternoon of learning and fun at these seminars.

Saturday, August 20

Free giveaways at each session!

11am  - Archery Tune-Up:Prepare Your Gear For The Hunt - First 20 at the session receive a free Bass Pro tumbler!

2pm  - Get Close: Scent Control And Scent Products That Give You The Edge - First 20 at the session receive a free Bass Pro tumbler!

3pm - Women's Hunting Workshop - Join Maria to find out more about hunting from a female perspective - and the best way to balance family, work, and life in general, while enjoying the hunt! First 25 receive a BPS mug, plus Maria usually brings some fun giveaways!

4pm - Archery Skills: Perfecting Your Shot and How To Play The Wind - First 20 at the session receive a free Bass Pro tumbler!

Sunday, August 21

Our top notch hunting team brings you these two sessions - First 20 at each session receive a free Bass Pro tumbler!

11am  Boots 101: Choosing The Right Footwear For Your Outing Experience

3pm   Knives and Tools Guide: Your Hunt From Field to Freezer


Next Generation Weekend

Another special weekend JUST for the kids!Fall Hunting Classic

August 27 & 28
11am - 4pm each day

  • BB Shooting range  wall art craft
  • Archery Challenge
  • Free photo download
  • Crafts - Wall Art craft! Color a canvas that's attached to a wood frame then hang it in your room!
  • Giveaways - First 100 kids who complete the punch card each day and get a free turkey drawstring bag!


Also going on during the Fall Hunting Classic:

  • 2nd Amendment Instant Savings on Guns and Safes - all three weekends - Aug. 12-14, 19-21, 26-28
  • NRA Membership Drive - Aug. 20-21 - Sign up for an NRA membership in-store and receive a $10 Bass Pro Shops Gift Card!


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Planning Your Western Hunt

With any hunt you need to plan your hunt and hunt your plan. If you're thinking of heading out West to hunt, then that planning calls for unique prep work, both physically and mentally.

Hunting Lead Clint Grenier has hunted in 12 5 Tips for Planning a Western Huntstates, plus Canada, and has been Western hunting for the last 10 years. All of his hunts are unguided and on public land. The success of his hunts rely on how well he has prepared. Here are his top tips for planning your Western hunt.



Most Western tags are limited and are acquired by a drawing conducted in the previous winter through spring, so you have to think ahead. Some of these limited hunts can be drawn with 0 preference points to well over 20+ points for others. You gain preference points after you are unsuccessful in applying for a limited hunt.

Some over the counter tags are also available. However, these hunts and areas usually get hunted the hardest and will have the most competition from other hunters. Another good opportunity is to purchase leftover tags. Leftover tags are any surplus of tags that remain after the regular draw quotas are filled. State wildlife agencies will usually post these on their websites shortly after the draw has concluded, along with a date when they go on sale. If you have any questions, most western state wildlife agencies have “hunt planners” - customer service reps that are ready and willing to help you. They are extremely helpful and I encourage you to use this resource that's so readily available to you. 


A Western hunt is a completely different experience than most hunts in the Midwest or East. A typical hunt in the Midwest usually starts with waking up in your own bed, followed by a short drive to your hunting area, and then a short walk from there until you're hunting. Western hunting is more of a combination between hunting, camping, survival, and a marathon. Not only will you need proper hunting gear, you will also need specialized gear for all of these activities. From tents and sleeping bags to fire starters and water filters, there are a number of tools that are not even involved with the actual hunting part of the trip, but are essentials. Your pack, GPS, compass, and a good pair of boots are some other things that should be on your list.

Physical Preparation

Just like you need to be prepared with specialized equipment, you also need to be prepared for a different style of hunting, which can be very physically challenging. First of all, most hunting done in the West is conducted at much higher elevations then in the East. Being in good physical shape at 1,000 feet above seaRedHead RH5000 level is much different than being in shape at 10,000 feet above sea level. Many hunters have been humbled when they get in those elevations and then try to navigate through some of the roughest country anywhere. In addition to the rough country and elevation, a hunter in the West will have to carry much of that specialized gear, water, and food with them on their back. With densities of game animals lower than in many other parts of the country, you may be carrying everything for miles to find the game you're looking for. Also, remember that, once you are successful, even more work and physical exertion will be required to get the meat out. The short story here is to try to get in the best shape you can long before the hunt arises. The better shape you are in the more you will enjoy it and the better chance you give yourself to be successful.


After you have figured out where and when you are going, the next step is to learn as much as possible to help your chances of being successful. If at all possible, try to plan a summer trip/vacation to the area. It’s hard to beat first-hand experience and knowledge of an area. Try to cover as much ground as possible searching for new or even old signs. One thing to remember in the West is that animals can migrate to different areas or elevations at different times of the year. Just because animals or signs aren't present or fresh, it doesn’t mean they won’t be there when hunting seasons come around.

With most people having to travel for a Western hunt, planning a scouting trip may be hard or impossible to do. This is where scouting from your computer or picking up the phone can be beneficial. You can find tons of information from state wildlife agency websites or by talking to their hunt planners on the phone. Examples of some of the information available there are:

  • Migration routes
  • Hunter success rates
  • Unit maps and borders
  • Draw odds
  • Populations and density maps

Other good places for information are State and Federal forest offices, Bureau of Land Management (BLM) offices, and also by viewing maps on Google Earth or Google Maps.


Field Care

Field care of meat and trophies is similar anywhere you go, but can be different in the West because of the circumstances. For example, when someone harvests a deer in the Midwest, a common practice is to field dress it where it expires, take it home whole in your vehicle, then hang it up until you are ready to process or take to the processor. On a Western hunt, more often than not, you will not be able to drive a vehicle to the spot where an animal expires. The animal will have to be quartered and packed out on a pack designed to carry meat. The meat is usually placed in game bags that allow it to cool, but also keep it clean. Be sure to Game Bagsread up on the techniques of quartering and sometimes even deboning to reduce weight. Many Western hunters will not even field dress their animal, but instead use a “gutless” method when quartering their animals. It would also be beneficial to know the proper technique of caping out your animal, if it is something that you intend to take to your taxidermist.


Remember, a Western hunt takes the term "planning your hunt" to a whole new level. From tags, to gear, to studying and physically preparing, with proper planning you can go West and hunt successfully.


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Beat the heat with Under Armour!

Under Armour – Heat Gear

With the weather turning much hotter this next week (some places reaching up into the triple digits), we need to have all the bases covered. 

Have you ever been outside on a hot day baking in the sun and feel like your clothes are weighing you down and making you even hotter or you just feel plan wet and sweaty?!? Well here at Bass Pro Shops we have the answer for you! It’s Under Armour Heat Gear. This product is designed to be lightweight and keep you feeling cool and dry - that's right - no more yucky sweaty shirts! With the sweat wicking capability, the product helps to regulate your body temperature - thus keeping you much cooler when it is so darn hot outside!  Heat gear is available in a variety of forms and many different colors for men and women. Under Armour Heat Gear comes in many forms; anywhere from shirts and shorts all the way to hats and socks. So if you want to stay cool and dry this summer make sure you pick up some Under Armour Heat Gear so you can face the heat in style!  Remember, July and August tend to be the hottest months of the year!


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Upcoming Store Events! Did someone say hunting??

Hey everyone!  We’ve been having tons of fun over here at Bass Pro Shops in Mesa, AZ.  For the past 3 weeks we’ve been enjoying Family Summer Camp and also teaching kids how to fish at the AZGFD/KTAR Get Outdoors Expo.  It’s been a blast! What I wanted to share with you today is information about some of the other events that will be coming up over the next couple months.  Let's get started!



NRA Freedom Days

Event Dates: July 23rd & 24th

NRA Member Drive:

Sign up to be an NRA member in-store and receive a $25.00 Bass Pro Shops Gift card

Free Plano Gun Case with any handgun purchase of $300.00 or more (while supplies last)

2nd Amendment Instant Savings: instant savings when customer purchases a gun that is equal to the value of their sales tax up to $150.



Free Bass Pro Shops logo mug to first 20 seminar attendees each day


Saturday July 23

·         11AM Gun Safety

·         2PM  Dress Your MSR

·         3PM Conceal Carry Basics



Sunday July 24

·         2PM Conceal Carry Basics                

·         3PM Shooting Range Accessories


NRA Sweepstakes: July 24-August 28

1 Winner Nationally

Grand Prize: Trip for winner and up to 3 guest to the 2017 Bass Pro Shops NRA America's Night Race in Bristol 


1 Winner per store location

First place prize: Lifetime Membership to the NRA



2016 Fall Hunting Classic

This annual event is back!  We will be bringing you some of the best deals on hunting gear to get you set up for the upcoming season!

Sale Dates August 12th-28th

Trade-In Program:

Trade in your old gear for a coupon towards news gear!


August 12-21: Bow and Optics

August 20-28: Game Camera and Hunting Boots


Hunting Workshops and Seminars:

Saturday August 20:

  • 11am- Archery Tune-Up: Prepare Your Gear For the Hunt
  • 2pm- Get Close: Scent Control And Scent Products That Give You The Edge
  • 3pm- Women’s Hunting Workshop (*special giveaway for the first 25 attendees)
  • 4pm- Archery Skills: Perfecting Your Shot And How To Play The Wind

Sunday August 21:

  • 11am- Boots 101: Choosing The Right Footwear For Your Outing Experience
  • 3pm- Knives And Tools Guide: Your Hunt From Field to Freezer


Come on in to enter for a chance to win a trip for 4 to the 2017 Bass Pro Shops NRA America’s Night Race in Bristol!

Dates: July 23-August 28

Next Generation Weekend:

Dates: August 27th & 28th

Times: 11am-4pm each day


  • Daisy BB Gun Shooting Range
  • Archery Challenge
  • Free Photo Download
  • Free Crafts
  • Free Drawstring Backpack To The FIRST 100 Kids Who Complete Their Punch Card Each Day 

For any questions please call 602-606-5600.  You can find us on the web at