Kayak Fishing

Fishing is a sport that more people enjoy recreationally each year than golf and tennis combined. From catching catfish and panfish, to fishing for big money in professional bass tournaments, we all have one thing in common, we love the challenge of locating and catching fish. Millions of people are already in to fish, whether they are fishing off the bank or in a beautiful Nitro Bass Boat, they already have a passion for being in nature and spending quality time with their children and family members. Now the question is if I am a beginning angler or maybe even someone that has never fished before in my life how and where do I start? That question can easily be answered if you have a Bass Pro Shops near by. There is no better place to go to get all of the gear and equipment you will ever need, as well as having access to knowledgeable associates that are always willing to assist in any way possible. Getting tips and asking questions from experienced anglers is a great way to jump start your learning into a life long passion for fishing.

Now fishing can be expensive and most beginning anglers don't need to get a big fancy bass boat. While fishing from the bank in small private lakes or ponds can be very rewarding and a fun place to start, at some point you are going wonder what that other side of the lake has to offer. The best way to access those rarely sought after fish is with a fishing Kayak. Bass pro shops offers a wide variety of options from sit in kayaks to the extremely popular and my personal choice, the Ascend FS12T Sit-On-Top Angler Kayak. A sit on top kayak makes a great fishing platform that an angler with good balance can even stand on for improved casting ability. The opportunities with a kayak are endless, not only are they a good way to get on the water, but they are very fun for exploring places that a bass boat can not possibly get too. Areas such as creeks or small ponds with limited shore access are often loaded with fish that rarely see a lure, and are an absolute dream come true to a diehard angler.

Bass Pro Shops offers a wide variety of options you can add on to the kayak as well. Accessories such as Ascend Deluxe Sit-on-Top Kayak Seats, rod holders, and SEA-LECT Designs Zig Zag Cleats can all be found at your local bass pro shops or on our website. I would recommend trying to keep your tackle selection simple, as well as wearing a good pair of Sperry Top-Sider Sea Kite Ultrathong Sandals, which will provide important grip and comfort for stand up fishing. When I fish out of a kayak I will bring two rods, one spinning and one bait caster. With the limited room this will be all you need. When looking for a rod and reel combo that is versatile and can be used with a variety of baits and techniques there are some specifications I will always look for. For the bait caster a 7 foot medium heavy Temple Fork Outfitters Gary Loomis Signature Series rod is a perfect choice. From flipping and pitching in heavy cover, to casting spinnerbaits this rod will do the trick. It has enough strength and power to horse big fish out of thick cover, but not so much that other techniques can't be used. Having a spinning rod with you is also important if you want to throw light weight or even weightless soft plastic lures with light line. One of the very most effective baits for fishing shallow water in ponds, creeks, rivers, or lakes, is with the Bass Pro Shops Stik-O. These baits can be rigged either weedless, also known as texas rigged with no weight, or wacky rigged, which is rigging the bait directly in the center. Either way will catch an incredible number of fish, especially in places where they have never been seen before.

So if you're interested in getting into fishing but just can't quite take the leap, start by coming in to Bass Pro Shops and checking out all of the incredible things they have to offer. Bring the whole family and you will have a blast checking out all of the amazing attractions at the store, as well as learning how to begin to utilize and enjoy what nature has to offer. Don't forget that at your local Leeds Bass Pro Shops we offer fly fishing classes every month. Our tying classes are on the first and third Monday of each month and our casting classes, weather permitting, are on the second and forth Saturday of each month. So take advantage of having a Bass Pro Shops near you. We can't wait to see you here and share our passion for the outdoors. I'll see you on the water!!!

Joey Nania




Taking the Plunge into Kayaking

Kim in KayakBeing a first time kayaker, I was naturally scared to death, but it was a goal I set for myself to at least try it. So, as a family we bought three Ascend kayaks, jumped in full force and got wet!

To my surprise I had an amazing experience and can say that we are hooked! Not only do we go kayaking as a family, but have convinced our friends into buying them, as well. So, I now have a new-found love for outdoors on the water.

I take a little cooler full of beverages, my iPod, and sunscreen. Not only is it relaxing, you get a nice workout as well. Yes, you get tired, but that’s when you just kickback, enjoy the view and soak up the sun’s warmth.

There were many questions we had at first - how do we haul them? Where do we go? What do we need for accessories? We soon figured out how to travel with them, and you can never have too many gadgets for your little boat! The waterproof bags we sell at Bass Pro Shops are great. We store a lot of things in there that we need to keep dry. My friends and family even made an umbrella and stand to use on theirs to help provide extra protection from the hot sun whKayaking Crewen needed.

My favorite place to go is Easter Lake in Polk County, Iowa. Okay, so it’s the ONLY place I’ve been, but “baby steps.” My husband and son love to go on the Des Moines River and just chill, fish, and have a little guy time. This year I would like to venture to new places; my goal is to explore a different area every summer now.

Deciding to buy was easy. Once we found out there were fishing kayaks that was it! My son and husband love that aspect of it…they go off fishing, I go floating!  

The best advice I can give is to just talk to your Bass Pro Shops Associates and trust that you will have the time of your life. Being in the middle of the lake puts the world around you into a completely different perspective.

Kim Templeton
Bass Pro Shops Altoona Operator/Events


A Simple Guide to Float Tubes


Float tubes are a great inexpensive way to fish and they can be very effective!  Popular with warmwater flyfishermen, yet easy enough for anyone to use, they give you the opportunity to propel and maneuver hands free. Easy to inflate and lightweight, float tubes are easy to carry to and from the water.

Float tubes consist of one, two, or three air cells, that that are held in by nylon covers. So when they are inflated, they give you the support to stay afloat comfortably. Air is pumped into the valve stems using an air pump. You move through the water by wearing fins, similar to the ones suba divers wear. By kicking your legs, they will move you in a backwards motion and you steer by the way you move either leg. They usually have storage compartments on the sides to pack whatever you might need on the water.The seats are made of nylon. Some are inflatable and some are foam, and some have only a nylon fabric. 

There are some things to concider though, before making your final decision on which float tube is best for you. Things to consider such as weight capacity, ease of use, storage compartments, Set up, ect. will help us in the long run to make float tubing more enjoyable!

Bass Pro Shops has some great selections when to comes to purchacing a float tube. The White River Lost Lake float tube,http://www.basspro.com/White-River-Fly-Shop-Lost-Lake-Round-Float-Tube/product/29815/ is a great tube for anyone on a budget. Its weight Capacity is 325 pounds. However since it is totally enclosed, its a bit tricky to get in and out of. While some folks say they feel more secure with the air cell in front of them.

The White River Lost Lake  Open Front float tube also has a weight capacity of 325 pounds It has a large back support so you can lean back and rest  if you need to. This is one of the most comfortable float to use!

The Fish Cat by Outcast http://www.basspro.com/Outcast-Fish-Cat-4LCS-Float-Tube-Green/product/1303271132/ has two large air cells made from pvc which can support a weight of 250 pounds.The back is slightly raised like the bow of a boat to help propel you through the water. Outcast also offers a very lightweight tube (The Trinity) that is perfect for backpackers weighing in at only 7 pounds! And the Prowler which is a heavy duty version of the fishcat. It also has a hydration bladder!

Remember!  Air cells can burst if inflated improperly. So inflate just enough to push in about 1 inch of give on the top of the tube. Try to keep them deflated inside your car or truck because higher temprature and higher elevation can effect the air inside the cells causing them to burst or rip at the seams. If they do burst , Its probably best to just replace the air cells. Order a couple of extra air cell just in case.

When it comes to fins, The bigger the better! Trust me! Longer means more propultion. Check out the Classic Accessories Turbo thrusters http://www.basspro.com/Classic-Accessories-Turbo-Thruster-Float-Tube-Fins/product/44943/  There nice and long and fit great around your heels! Omega Amphibian flip fins are great because they flip up so you can walk around with ease. When you get into twhe water you just flip them down, and off you go! However these can be pretty pricey but well worth it! Also get a pair of kicker keepers. Fins will sink if one happens to slip off your foot!

NOTE: Fins are NOT to be worn with wader boots! You will break the strap! Use neoprene socks or bootys anything that keep the straps from over stretching.

 Wind can be an issue! and thers a couple of ways you can deal with it. You can use an anchor and attach it to one of the D rings that come attached to the float tube. Or you can use two vehicles. 

Your time in a float tube will be enjoyable and relaxing.  Although be careful, it can be addictive!  






Water + Boat + Towables = Endless Summer Fun!

     It is officially time for summer fun and all the water sports that come with the season! The extreme heat of summer leads the majority of folks to the most popular lakes, rivers, or oceans in search of cooling down and the spectacular fun that only this time of year can bring. Despite the triple digit temperatures of summer, one can escape the heat and the pressures of the school year, by spending time on the water. And the opportunities are limitless!

     Bass Pro Shops in Garland is located on one of the most popular and largest recreational lakes in Texas, Lake Ray Hubbard. Every summer, hundreds flock to this lake to ski, kneeboard, wakeboard, and pull awesome tubes, to reach the extreme level of fun summer brings!

     Although one must consider safety, and the regulations that come along with the entertainment of summer. Such things like life jackets and air horns are vital to being legal and staying safe on the water. And these are only a couple of the necessary requirements. So where does one go to find all the gear and supplies that are needed to have a blast on the water this season? Why Bass Pro Shops of course! Come in this summer and check out our large assortment of towables and safety gear. Even if you are new to the water sporting world one of our knowledgeable associates is here to help.

     Whether it is a towable or a wakeboard, or even the safety items required one needs, Bass Pro Shops is your greatest supplier of water sports accessories, and all the elements of summer fun! So let the wake rip, and the water cool your soul this summertime, with the help of the greatest outdoor store, “Bass Pro Shops” in Garland Texas, were your adventure begins!

Check out the links below for a full selection of what Bass Pro Shops has to offer:

Towable Tubes- http://www.basspro.com/Towable-Tubes/_/S-12850004002

Water Skis & Wakeboards- http://www.basspro.com/Water-Skis-%26-Wakeboards/_/S-12850004003




Getting ready for the summer fun!

Getting ready for the summer fun!


With the temperature rising and the sun shining bright that time is getting ready to fall right on top of our laps again! And why let it surprise us when we are all getting ready for what comes with it! Summer is the season that we all truly love down here in our neck of the woods and we know we like to gear up on all the best gear to go along with it! Well we here at Bass Pro Shops are getting ready right there with you, stocking up on our assortment of warm weather gear, toys, and clothing.pack

Our camping department is gearing up with all of the best survival gear and tools you could hope for. Even with some pretty cool bells and whistles like camp stoves that can charge your smart phones and tablets while you’re out of the camp. We are also starting to see some great deals coming out in our ads for our Ascend kayaks and even a few new makes and models that we are carrying this year. This time of year is also when many of you like to grab a hold of a new hydration bag or backpack for hitting the trail and keeping your load comfortable.

boardMarine is also getting a great boom on all of our water sport accessories such as towables and inflatables. We are seeing a good deal of new pool toys coming in this time of year too. In the next few ads, you will see such items as wakeboards and skis going on sale for great prices. And just as usual will be keeping well stocked on all or your boating needs and accessories to help you while you’re out on the water.

Fishing will also have some great deals going on this time of year.  Replenish tackle you have already used or come on in to pick up those last few items you have been meaning to grab. Just keep your eyes peeled to see the great assorted crank baits, worms, rods, and reels we will be putting out there for you, as well as, everything thing else between.

Also with the weather getting hotter and more humid our apparel departments will be getting in more and more collections of warm weather clothes assorted with shorts, skirts, swimwear, and plenty of fishing shirts to keep you cool. We are seeing great new patterns and frills across the ladies apparel department to keep you looking quite fashionable while also keeping you in great comfort. As far as the men’s side, the fishing gear keeps coming in by the truckload to keep you ready and looking good out on the water or around the town. It will be hard for you to miss all of the great Saltlife and Guy Harvey options we have out on the floor to help you show off what you love.go

As we are moving on in to the hot weather just keep your eyes out for the sales we are setting up for you. Our Go Outdoors ad starts on May 16th and it would have to be nearly impossible for you to not find any of the things you’re looking for in there. Its one of the biggest and best ads geared to the summer fun we all love and love to enjoy! So keep your eyes open and come on in to see the great seasonal gear we have making its way to the floor for all of you from all of us at your Bass Pro Shops.

Samantha Stevenson

Front End Manager

Denham Springs


Set Sail with our Marine Department

As the month is trying to pass by, it is time for me to focus on another department at the Bass Pro Shops store in Leeds, Alabama. If you are following our blogs, you will remember that in January, I focused on the gifts department ("It's All About the Gift"), February, I focused on the camping department ("Look What's in Camping"), and in March, I focused on the fishing department, ("Warmer weather means More Fishing") http://blogs.basspro.com/blog/bass-pro-shops-leeds-al/warmer-weather-means-more-fishing. April got away from me completely, This month's focus will turn to our marine department, a department where there is definitely more than what meets the eye. Of course, there is more product than I have room to mention, I will try to highlight the surface for you. Don't forget, if you want to see it all.... you will have to come to the store and check it out for yourself!

The word marine has four listed definitions according to www.webster.com. These definitions are a) of or relating to the sea; b) of or relating to the navigation of the sea; c) of or relating to the commerce of the sea; and d) depicting the sea, seashore, or ships. You will find a sample of each of these definitions throughout the marine department. This department has everything you may need from a boat, to all of the supplies required on a boat, all the way down to the water sport activities to use with your boat. If you already own your own boat, our marine department has all of the supplies to keep it up and going, including batteries, chargers, and accessories.

The following paragraph was taken directly from our store website:

"Make the most of your boat and time on the water with Marine Accessories from Bass Pro Shops. Whether you are chasing that tournament winning fish or just relaxing in the sun, enjoy the comfort our Boat Seats & Furniture can offer. Keep your craft juiced up and ready to go with Boat Batteries and Chargers. Stay safe and illuminated at night with Boat Wiring and Lights. Turn your boat into the ultimate fish catching vessel with Fishing Accessories specially designed to increase your hook-ups. Also ensure you meet area regulations and are prepared for an emergency with Boating Safety Equipment. Shop a large selection of Small Boats, Paddles & Oars to meet your needs. Also find Anchoring and Dock Supplies to be sure your boat stays right where you want it. Make sure your investment stays in top condition with Repair, Organization, and Cleaning Supplies."

Let's just take a peek at the boat showroom. Our boat showroom includes boats from various manufacturers.Tracker, SunTracker, Nitro, Tahoe, and Mako make up a great team and give you a variety of styles to choose from. Whether you are looking for a boat for your very own personal getaway or you are looking for one that the whole family can enjoy, our showroom is sure to have the right one to fit your needs. Many customers did not realize it, but, our boat showroom also includes used boats. If you are interested in trading in your older boat, we will help get you into a newer one! Our team is also available to service all of your boating needs. Our service team is in tip-top shape for your needs.

Once you get the boat to suit your needs, let's see what else the marine department has to offer you. Fishfinders, marine electronics, GPS, and radios are all a part of our marine electronics area. Our marine associates take the time to get to know our customers and their needs, when it comes to choosing a fishfinder. These little devices are definitely not a "one size, fits all" product. Each finder has a specific purpose and that purpose is to meet the needs of the operator. Humminbird, Lowrance, and Garmin are some of the most popular brands that we sale.

Trolling motors, outboard boat motors, and accessories for these motors also make up a portion of our marine department. We have a nice selection of motors that are sure to fit the needs of every boater. Minn Kota, Bass Pro Shops, and Prowler are just three of the name brands that we carry for trolling motors. We also offer a plethera of outboard boat motors. Whether you are looking for a spcific part, a mount, gas can, stabilizer, or the whole motor itself, we are sure to have what you are looking for in stock. 

Boat seats, furniture, accessories, batteries, chargers, wiring, and just about any other product you can think of are included in our marine section of the store. We also have supplies for repairs and cleaning your boat. Our marine department includes oars, organization tools, paddles, lights, and any other type of supplies that you may need for your boat. Don't forget about the boat covers and biminis. Check out this previous blog about what all you need to have on your boat to be legal with the Alabama Water Ways requriements. http://blogs.basspro.com/blog/bass-pro-shops-leeds-al/boating-checklist-stay-safe-and-legal

At last, but certainly not the least, TOYS! Our marine department carries water sports supplies for those who are still a kid at heart. Whether you are an every weekend skier or just learning, we have the products that you need. We carry skis and wakeboards, life jackets, towables, and ropes to ensure that you will have a great time out on the water. If you don't have a boat and are just looking for some old fashion fun in the water, we have a variety of floats, water toys, and more. Whatever you decide to do this summer, make Bass Pro Shops in Leeds one of the stops before you get to your destination. Until next month, get out on the water!



‘Yak Attack!

‘Yak Attack!


            Kayak fishing has been climbing to the top of water sports over the last few years. Every year more and more fisherman turn to kayaks to get into those tight nooks and crannies ordinary boats cannot reach. Whether you chose a sit-in or sit-on-top, outfitting your kayak is not much different than outfitting any other boat. The main obstacle is the storage limitations, however there’s plenty of gear to turn your vessel into a fishing machine.

            Rod holders are critical to kayak fishing, since you need both hands to paddle. Most people install two rod holders behind the cockpit to keep them out of the way when traveling; flush mount holders work well for this as they do not clutter the kayak. Another popular method,kayak and the one I use personally, is mounting a rod holder system, such as the Bass Pro Shops 3-position rod rack to a milk crate or office box. Most sit-on-top kayaks will fit a crate perfectly; you can use bungee cords to help keep the accessory secure when paddling. The best part of this approach is the added storage space the crate gives you. It can help hold tackle boxes and trays, fishing tools, etc. and is within reaching distance for when you get in that sticky situation and need tools fast. Storage is a common topic among kayak anglers, and there is no shortage of options. Use of dry bags and bungee cords will keep your gear dry while remaining accessible. Packing gear into bow and stern hatches also works. Hard plastic, water tight containers will help with the more fragile gear. Another option is the use of deck bags. They have plenty of storage pockets and are easy to store on the kayak. Soft coolers are also great for storing your favorite snacks.

            An anchor system is another great fishing accessory. Use it when fishing to stay put when fishing on a windy day. Sea anchors, also known as drift socks, are especially useful in windy conditions and rough water. It is well worth it to install a kayak anchor trolley kit as they let you fine tune the best position with ease. Some newer kayaks, such as the Ascend FS128T, come with this already installed and ready to use.

            Another necessity when kayak fishing is a kayak specific flotation vest. Kayak-specific designs allow for plenty of upper body movement so that you’re not constricted when paddling or casting. You will want a vest with a mesh back or a thin back to give your more space and comfort. When shopping for the right one keep color in mind. Black may look good but on those hot days you will regret not having a color, like red or yellow, that don’t absorb as much heat. They are also much more visible on the water than a dark color. Safety is, of course, the most important part of fishing or boating. At a minimum you will want to carry the following: a whistle, signal mirror, bilge pump, bail or sponge, throw rope and a flashlight with working batteries. A small first aid kit should also be on the vessel at all times.

            Consider picking up a few of these items when you’re rigging your kayak. They’ll help keep you organized on the water, which should help you catch a few more fish this season!


Chelsea Smith

Front End Lead

Denham Springs


Ram Mounts

   Because we are becoming a society that is immersed in electronics, we are now finding new ways to keep our electronics safe and accessible. Mountain bike riders will often take a personal GPS device with them on the trail. Boaters will likely have a gps, depth finder, or a combination unit on the boat. Computers and smart devices have became such a large part of our environment that some people will have at least one of these devices next to them at all times.  Putting your electronics in the pocket or on the dash can often be undesirable for regular use. Ram Mounts are the missing link for many of todays electronics. Ram mounts allow users to easily mount and secure electronics in a very user friendly way.

    If you are hitting the trails on a mountain bike, or heading for the sunset on your motorcycle, it is likely that  a personal GPS device would be a great companion. With the features of electronics outdoors comes responsibility. If you cannot take good care of electronics, you will find that they will not be around for long. Ram provides mounts that holds the electronics securely. For the bikes and motorcycles, the mount will typically be a handle bar mount. The mount will not only hold your electronics securely, but will provide a great function of visibility of your unit along with the ability to adjust the unit for maximum space efficiency.

   Another place that Ram mounts see allot of use is on the boat. Most boats are equipped with a depth finder and/or a gps unit. For boaters, mounting units in the dash can be difficult and limiting. For these scenarios Ram mounts are the absolute best way to mount your marine electronics. Because marine electronics can come in many sizes, Ram mounts are available in multiple configurations. When moving around the boat or adjusting the angle of your electronics to avoid the suns rays, Ram mounts provide full flexibility for your situation. An added benefit for boaters is the hole pattern of the Ram mount base. If you upgrade to a new depth finder, chances are that your drill holes in your boat will not match, leaving you no choice but to add more holes. If you were to always use a Ram mount, this would never become an issue, because the hole pattern does not change.

   Because Ram mounts provide options for nearly every type of personal electronics, it can be difficult to narrow down what mount is correct for you. Ram has solved this problem by adding a great feature to their website. You can visit the Ram mount website and enter the exact type of electronics you have and the website will provide you with the models of mounts available for your particular unit. Often you will find multiple mounts that can be used for you electronics and you can decide what configuration is right for you. The website also provides add ons and accessories for your mount, allowing you to replace parts or change styles.

  Ram mounts are the link that many of you are looking for. They will easily mount a large variety of electronics to your specific needs. Providing full functionality of your unit, while ensuring secured stability, is the key feature of Ram mounts, and would be an excellent addition to any personal electronic device. For more information on Ram mounts please visit www.rammount.com, or your local Bass Pro Shop.

Ryan Wynn


Manteca Store 49


March Seminars/Demos at Bass Pro Shops Altoona

Join us in March for these demos and workshops at Bass Pro Shops Altoona!


Saturday, March 9 - Join our experts from the Fishing Department for a demo of the Stick-O Worm. Main aquarium - 2:30 p.m.

Saturday, March 23 - Join our experts from the Fishing Department for another demo! This time it's the Umbrella rig at the main aquarium - 2:30 p.m.

Turkey Hunting


With turkey season fast approaching, we have several workshops coming up in the Hunting Department.

Saturday, March 16, 1:00 p.m. - Turkey Calling Basics - Learn what's new and get a refresher, too! 

Saturday, March 30, 1:00 p.m. - Turkey Hunting Accessories - Get ready for spring turkey hunting with this free seminar in the Hunting Dept by the Optics Counter! Learn about blinds, decoys, and other new gear!

Saturday, March 30, 2:00 p.m. - Beginning Turkey Hunting - Learn how to get started in turkey hunting - for all ages! Free seminar in the Hunting Dept by the Optics Counter.


Tracker/MarineChicken Fry Mix

Saturday, March 16, 2:00 p.m. - Prepping Your Boat for Use - Get ready to hit the water with advice from our Tracker group!


Sampling and Food Demos

Saturday, March 23, and Sunday, March 24, 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. - We'll be sampling chicken bites showcasing the Uncle Buck's Chicken Fry Mix, along with hot sauces and barbeque sauces for dipping! m




Prepare For The Invasion!!!

While many of us in Alabama (myself included) have enjoyed the unusually mild temperatures this winter, there is an unfortunate consequence coming our way-BUGS, BUGS, BUGS!!!

If you plan on spending time outdoors in the coming months, whether it be hunting, fishing, camping (you get the idea) these bugs could become a real problem for you and your family this year. If you are like me, you don't like the idea of smelly lotions, sprays, or oils containing chemicals on your family's skin. So, what to do?

ThermaCELL products may be the solution for you. These specially designed products use a butane cartridge to heat up a mosquito repellant mat. The heat vaporizes the repellant, allowing it to rise into the air, creating a 15x15 ft. mosquito-free zone. This repellant is a synthetic form of allethrin, a repellant that occurs naturally in chrysanthemum flowers and is not harmful to humans and pets.

Why should you use ThermaCELL products?

  • They are extremely effective and virtually odorless
  • They are small and portable
  • There is no open flame
  • There is no chemical contact with skin or clothing
  • They can be reused (with refill)-all ThermaCELL products use the same refills
  • Available in both lanterns and appliances

Available accessories:

  • Appliance holsters
  • Swivel light
  • Refills

The appliance holsters fit all standard size ThermaCELL appliances and secure to your belt or another object for hands-free carrying. They easily attach to a tree-stand, branch, boat, or backpack. There are two colors available-olive and Realtree APG Camo.

The swivel light clips to ThermaCELL appliances, hats, belts, and most outdoor gear. They emit a 15 ft. beam of white or green light, one color at a time. The light swivels to direct  the beam and has 4 green and 4 white LEDs.

Refill butane cartidges and mosquito repellant mats are available. Each cartridge lasts approximately 12 hours and each mat approximately 4 hours. A single refill pack comes with 1 butane cartridge and 3 insect repellant mats. Each value pack comes with 4 cartridges and 12 mats.

Finally, ThermaCELL products are easy to operate.  You simply load the butane and pad, slide the switch to the on position, and click the start button a few times to light the butane. A light at the top of the device indicates it is working properly. When you are finished, simply slide the switch back to turn the device off.

For more information, please visit www.thermacell.com or come on down to your Leeds Bass Pro Shops and check out our selection of devices and accessories. We look forward to helping you make your selection.

As always, stay safe and GO CAMPING!!!









Tired of spending money year after year to purchase yet another cooler? Having trouble keeping the contents in your current cooler cold? It may be time to consider purchasing a YETI cooler.

Unlike ordinary coolers, which are glued together and come apart at the seams over time, the lid and body of a YETI  are built with a seamless, one piece construction.

YETI coolers keep ice longer. They have thicker walls with more than twice the insulation of ordinary coolers. They have a full-frame freezer quality gasket that locks in the cold. 

Because of the material used in the construction of YETI coolers, they are dry-ice compatible. They do not become brittle and crack with the extremely low temperatures of dry ice like most coolers do.

YETI coolers feature non-slip feet that keep them elevated off hot surfaces, minimizing heat transfer.

YETI coolers are certified bear-proof. They have been tested both in controlled situations and with wild grizzlies.


There are many accessories available to help personalize your YETI:

  1. Tie-down kit-secures your YETI in a truck bed, boat , or trailer
  2. Security Cable Lock & Bracket-keeps your YETI secure in places where it can be vulnerable to theft
  3. Aluminum brackets-keep YETI in place on your boat
  4. Drain plug hose connection-allows you to drain your YETI with a garden hose while it remains in place
  5. Bear-proof lock-protects your contents


YETI coolers are available in two series:

  1. Tundra series-available in 35 qt.-420 qt. sizes
  2. Roadie series-20 qt.- features a stainless steel handle with textured grip that locks upright for easy carrying
  3. Both are available in white and desert tan


For more information about the many features and accessories of YETI coolers, visit www.yeticoolers.com or come on in to your local Leeds Bass Pro Shops to see our selection. You won't be disappointed.

Until next time, stay safe and GO CAMPING!!!






Canoe or kayak? Which is right for you?

As warmer weather approaches, thoughts begin to turn to outdoor activities once again.  Maybe you have watched others as they paddle down the river or across the lake and have decided to try this for yourself, but have no idea where to begin.

 Before choosing a kayak or canoe for yourself, there are a few things that you should think about:

1) Where do you plan to go?

Canoes are generally  better for water that is calm, such as lakes and slow moving rivers. They sit  lower in the water than kayaks, so they are limited to where they can go.

Kayaks are more useful in swifter water, such as larger, more open lakes and whitewater. They sit higher in the water, so they can go where there is very little water, such as a small stream.

2)What do you want to do?

Kayaks tend to be best for one to two day trips. Since they are smaller than canoes, they do not hold as much gear.

Canoes are usually best if you plan to be gone for several days, such as a camping trip.  There is usually plenty of room in a canoe to carry tents, coolers, etc.

3) How many people will be going?

While kayaks are mostly for one, sometimes two, people, canoes can carry up to four. 


In addition, before making a purchase, you will want to consider the following:

How will you carry your boat?

Where will it be stored?

How much money do you want to spend?


Remember, there are exceptions to every rule when looking at canoes and kayaks, and no single boat can do everything well.

For more information, visit www.oldtowncanoe.com or www.basspro.com .

Come on in and visit us at Leeds Bass Pro Shops and check out our great selection of canoes and kayaks, as well as paddles,  personal flotaton devices, and many other accessories.

Enjoy the great outdoors, and remember, SAFETY FIRST!!!!









Employment Opportunities

Are you stuck in a job position that you do not enjoy? Maybe it is a job that you do not feel you can truly connect with. Do you dread having to get up and go to work every day? It feels like getting ready to go to work is more of a chore than cleaning the house? Are you looking for something more? Well, if you are a person who enjoys learning and the great outdoors, then, we have a job for you. Bass Pro Shops in Leeds currently has three positions available in our Tracker Marine Boat Center. So... get out of that same old routine job that you don't enjoy and come be a part of our team.

Our fist job that is available is a service writer. The person who fills this position will greet customers who need service or warranty repairs on their boat. They will write repair orders, enter work orders into the computer, and schedule warranty and service repairs. Additional responsibilities include answering service questions over the phone and in person, obtaining authorization for warranty repairs, maintaining service records, and working with customers and the service department to resolve service issues. Requirements include accuracy and attention to detail. Experience in marine or auto service industry is preferred.

The second job available is a rigger. Using mechanical and power tools, the Rigger position will install and connect motors and accessories as per factory specifications or as specified on work orders. Additional responsibilities include working in an efficient manner to maintain service schedules, preparing loose motors or trailers for delivery to customer, testing units for proper and safe operation, requesting/obtaining parts as per established company policies, compiling warranty packages, installing optional equipment as per customer's request, and completing required service check lists. Position will also be responsible for notifying supervisor when unit is not acceptable, has additional problems, when customer's request is not possible, or when service requested may result in a safety issue. Mechanical ability and experience with electronics in marine or auto service industry is preferred.

The third job, last but, definitely not least, is a customer service representative. The person who fills this position will inspect boats prior to customer delivery to ensure units are clean and properly rigged. When customers come in to pick up their boat, the Customer Service Rep will greet the customers, verify serial numbers, explain the boat's operation and point out location of controls and accessories. This position will also check in boats by matching boat/motor/trailer serial #s on invoice, placing inventory bar code labels on units, assisting with physical inventories on a monthly basis, writing repair orders, entering work orders into the computer and scheduling warranty and service repairs. Additional responsibilities include answering service questions over the phone and in person, obtaining authorization for warranty repairs, maintaining service records and working with customers and the service department to resolve service issues. Requirements include previous computer experience, accuracy, attention to detail, some lifting up to 50 pounds, ability to work outdoors in all weather conditions, and good communication skills. Experience in marine or auto service industry is preferred. Bi-lingual a plus.

To apply for these jobs or to find other jobs available at the Bass Pro Shops location in Leeds, Alabama, check out the links below!






We got the POWER PROS!

Come meet the Power Pros at Bass Pro Shops boat and ATV service center.

We offer the best boat service in the city!

Urgent Care: For drive up service we offer prompt attention, a quick response for routine repairs and a straight forward assessment when more extensive service is needed.

Full Service Center: From winterization to complete engine rebuilds and everything in between, our factory certified technicians are ready to help you keep your boat in top condition and running great.

Professional Accessory Installation: Our experts can help you choose the right accessory and install it for you. From trolling motors to electronics and ski-tow bars, we can get you and your new equipment ready for the water.

Complete ATV and UTV Service: We provide full warranty, maintenance and repair service on the ATV and UTV brands we carry.

Repower Headquarters: We guarantee the best selection and best pricing, plus certified installation of your choice of new Mercury Outboards. We are the number one outboard dealer in the world for a reason!

5 Star Marine Industry Certified Dealership!

Hours of operation are Monday thru Saturday from 9am to 6 pm, closed Sundays. We also offer a wide selection of “PARTS” for the do it yourselfer.

Contact: 210-253-8764/8772/8771


Some of God's Greatest Blessings

When you think of all the blessings in your life, do you just think of the personal blessings? Of how you have a roof over your head, a job to pay for your roof, food on your table and a healthy, happy family? Most of us do think that way. But think about this; God gives us four different times of the year where He creates a whole new life of sorts. I'm talking about the seasons; Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall.

Let's start first with Spring. That's the time of year that everything is renewed. New grass, new flowers, new leaves on the trees and alot of people spring clean, giving their homes a new look on life. People also start their first of many camping trips in the Spring.

Trees in the Spring     flowers

Then comes Summer. I absolutely love Summer! Mostly I don't care how hot it gets, as long as it's NOT cold :). With Summer comes cookouts, swimming at the lake, boat rides, and vacations. The kid's are out of school so there's more time to enjoy the beautiful days. Just an all around time to enjoy this particular Blessing we've been given.

summer    summer vacation

For a few reasons, Winter is my least favorite season, although I do still see it as a Blessing. As you know already, I don't like to be cold...never have...never will. I hate the snow and ice that sometimes comes this time of year. I hate when school has been cancelled due to cold and snow and ice. Its ok, you can admit that you hate that part too! :) But think about this; there's a different kind of beauty in the Winter months. All the critters have gone into hibernation so it's quite "still" and quiet outside. We're about ready to start this whole renewal thing over again by this time.




I saved the best for last, Fall!  I just have to sigh even when I think about this time of year. The new is wearing off of everything. 
It's amazing to see how "life" goes by so quickly right in front of your eyes and falls to the ground and dies away. I'm talking about the life of trees of course! Fall is the opposite of Spring. You "spring forward" and then you "fall back" to the ground again. The hot of Summer is cooling off by now and everything just seems so crisp outside: the air, the grass, the leaves....everything. It's time to bring out the hot chocloate and take long walks in the woods or cuddle up on the deck and light up the fire pit.

Fall also means it's Football Time! Tailgating parties and all! Hey I can hook you up here at Bass Pro with the ideal tailgating accessories. From grills, to seasonings, to coolers, to canopies, I've got it here waiting for you to come on by.

helmet  Go Vols!





The pictures above are ones that I took from my back yard.  So, when everyone else is driving miles on end to see the "turning of the leaves", I just step out my back door, take a deep breath and say a silent thank you for the beauty and the blessings of yet another season.

Thanks for allowing me to take a few minutes of your time to help you remember that we are Blessed beyond our usual thoughts and processes. He blesses us with every single season!

Deedee Smith
Camping Team Lead
Sevierville Bass Pro
Kodak, TN





Winterize your boat!




It’s almost that time of year again!

Unfortunately, the boating season is winding down and even in Texas it is time to start thinking about protecting your valuable recreational asset during the winter months. The time and effort you spend now will have a definite effect on your boat's performance, or lack of it.  It will certainly save you time, effort and money come spring. You should remember that your insurance policy may not cover damage done by lack of maintenance or neglect. The best place for your boat to be during the winter is out of the water, under cover, in a climate-controlled boat storage area. Make sure that your boat is well covered with a tarp or some other sturdy cover.

Your first step in winterizing should be to make a checklist of all items that need to be accomplished. Check the owner's manual of your boat and motor for manufacturer's recommendations on winterization. The following is a generic outline of areas which should be of concern to you:

Inboard Engine - You should run the engine to warm it up and change the oil while it is warm. You should also change the oil filter, flush the engine with fresh water and circulate antifreeze through the manifold. Remove spark plugs and use "fogging oil" to spray into each cylinder.

Outboard Engine - Flush engine with fresh water using flush muffs. Let all water drain from the engine. Disconnect fuel hose and run engine until it stops.

Stern Drive(s) - You should thoroughly inspect the stern drive. Drain the gear case and check for excessive moisture in the oil. This could indicate leaking seals and should be repaired. Clean the lower unit with soap and water. If your stern drive has a rubber boot, check it for cracks or pinholes. Grease all fittings and check fluid levels in hydraulic steering or lift pumps. Check with your owner's manual for additional recommendations by the manufacturer.

Fuel - Fill your fuel tank to avoid a build up of condensation over the winter months. Add a fuel stabilizer by following the instructions on the product. Change the fuel filter and water separator.

Bilges - Make sure the bilges are clean and dry.

By following the above suggestions, you should be in good shape for the winter. Do not, however, neglect to consult your owner's manuals for manufacture's recommendations on winterizing your boat and other systems.

All your product needs, (such as oils, lubes, fuel stabilizers or cleaning agents) can be found at here at Bass Pro Shops Marine accessories counter or the Tracker Parts & Service center. If you prefer the Tracker Service center can even do the work for you! They can be contacted at 210-253-8772.



Over the weekend of September 28th and 29th, Destin's Bass Pro Shops teamed-up with Mark McDuffy of Wounded Warriors, the Hub City Bassmasters Club and our own Pro Staff, and Live Oak Landing, south of Freeport, Fl. to host 10 Wounded Warriors and their families for a weekend retreat, fun, food, fellowship, and a fishing trip long to be remembered.

The beautiful Live Oak Landing RVC facility on Black Creek offered free cottages and accommodations for participants through Mark McDuffy, organizer of the Wounded Warrior Fishing retreat, and himself a wounded veteran.

Bass Pro Shops provided pontoon boat rides up the creek and down to the Choctawhatchee Bay, while our fishing Pro's and the Hub City Bassmasters' Club provided boats for fishing.  Numerous bass, trout, and redfish were caught by all.

Friday evening, Bass Pro Shops' Staff provided a fish fry with all the trimmings in the spacious pavilion provided by Live Oak Landing.  Bass Pro Shops and members of the Hub City Bassmasters Club provided the participants with neat fishing accessories and tackle.  Other great and generous sponsors provided prizes and a BBQ cookout for the Warriors on Saturday evening.

Live Oak Landing (www.LiveoakLanding.rvcoutdoors.com) is an ideal getaway location for this type of event.  Located at the mouth of Black Creek, just off Hwy. 331 south of Freeport, boaters can enjoy freshwater fishing east up the creek and rivers emptying into the Choctawhatchee Bay, where saltwater fishing is popular.

For more information about Mark McDuffy and the Wounded Warrior events, contact Mark at (850) 499-8385 or www.woundedwarriorfishing.net.

Bass Pro Shops is proud of our active and retired Servicemen and is glad to be able to participate in the Wounded Warrior Program and local events.

By Gary Feduccia


Now Is a Great Time to Buy Your Boat at Cincinnati Bass Pro Shops

You all know there are plenty of hot days still left here in the Tri-State area, so it's not too late to get out on the water this year. We have a great sale going that will save you a lot of money and let you get out on the Mighty Ohio, Lake Cumberland, or your favorite local waterway and enjoy the remainder of the good weather in 2012. And you will have a head start on next year's boating and fishing season by checking out this great prices we have here right now. We have Tracker and Nitro boats for whatever your pleasure; stop down and see these great deals:

Tracker Pro Guide V-175 SC - $18,295 plus freight & prep Pro Guide 175


  • w/Mercury 115 EXLPT FourStroke EFI & Trailer
  • VERSATRAK accessory-mounting channels
  • Lowrance X50 DS/X-4 fishfinder
  • Center rod compartment w/ battery storage
  • Minn Kota 12V trolling motor w/foot control
  • Aerated, divided aft livewell w/bait bucket


Nitro Z-7

Nitro Z7

SAVE $500 !!!

  • w/Mercury 150 L OptiMax Pro XS & Trailer
  • Rapid Planing System transom
  • 32 galllon aerated aft livewell w/timer
  • Minn Kota 24V, 70lb. thrust foot-controlled trolling motor
  • Flush- mounted Lowrance Mark-5x Pro fishfinder
  • Fold-down reboarding ladder


Sun Tracker Party Barge 18 DLX

Party Barge 18 DLX

SAVE $250

  • w/Mercury 40 ELPT FourStroke BigFoot (including custom-matched trailer w/brakes)
  • Fore & aft lounges w/storage
  • Full-width aft swim platform
  • AM/FM stereo w/MP3 jack
  • High-gloss, elevated corrugated fence
  • Movable drink holder


In addition to these great offers, you can save up to $3000 on remaining 2012 & prior year models Tahoe runabaouts & deck boats (please check with our boat sales department for further details).

 We also extend a VIP Owner’s Discount Card to anyone purchasing these and other boats, which allows you to receive 10% to 20% off most items purchased from Bass Pro Shops for 2 years !!! (see basspro.com/vip for details)

Our Certified Mercury Repair boat service personnel are here to provide topnotch service for all boat brands, prop repair and more. Our Boat Maintenance & Service Department includes a complete parts department and trailer service.



Pro Team 175

Share the fun of multi-species fishing, and catch more than your share of crappie, bass and even walleye!

You love sharing the variety and challenge of catching all types of fish. Where they hide, what they’ll bite on and how to reel ’em in.

The Pro Team™ 175 TF aluminum fishing boat is ready to help!

Its lower bow deck with two seat locations, two cockpit-level fishing positions and an elevated aft deck give you more places to fish than a traditional bass boat. You’ll love the convenience of dual livewells and baitwells, tackle trays, bow accessory trays and drink holders—as well as the smooth, dry-riding Revolution™ hull.

It comes totally outfitted with a Mercury® outboard, 12-volt trolling motor, Lowrance® fishfinder and a factory-matched TRACKER® trailer.






Before You Buy A Boat Cover

   Being out on the water fishing or skiing can be a lot of fun, but being on the boat is a huge part of that fun. Boats are nice to have but they can be a sizable investment. As a boat owner, protecting that investment can mean the difference between catching stripers on the delta and sitting at home wasting those precious days off. Having the right boat cover to protect your boat from the elements is an important part of boat maintenance. Things to keep in mind before choosing a cover will be the style, materials, size, and accessories. Choosing the correct cover will ensure that that boat will be protected for many years.

  Choosing the style of cover you want will depend on your needs and price range. A perfect fit will come from a custom cover, but can cost much more than a universal cover that may provide the same level of protection. While a perfect fit from a custom cover is desirable, it is not always necessary. A universal cover, if fitted correctly, will be just as good as a custom cover, but may not look as nice. Some custom covers have stylized patterns or logos, while a universal cover will normally be one solid color.

  The material the cover is made from will also have an impact on its performance. While there are many materials that boat covers can be made from, the typical material description will be based on the gauge, or thickness, of the material.  The thinnest cover available at Bass Pro is 150 denier. These covers are are great for indoor storage to keep dust and pests out, but may not last too long in a rainy and windy environment. 300 denier is a good gauge and typically feels very similar to the 600 denier but will not last as many years in similar conditions. The thickest cover we offer at Bass Pro is 600 denier, and you can expect at least 4 years of life in average conditions. Other things that you want to be included in your material description is if the cover is trailerable, water resistance, and UV protection.

  Choosing the correct size cover is very important. Too small and the cover is useless. Too big and the cover is loose and sloppy. For a perfect fit a custom cover is ideal, but when buying a universal cover sizing can be tricky. If your boat is 18' and you have cover that covers up to 18', chances are the cover will be too small. It is a good idea to buy a cover that is at least a foot longer than your overall boat length to compensate for anything protruding on the boat, allowing for a proper fit.

   After you have decided on the cover that is right for you, it is time to pick some necessary accessories. Pole supports are a great investment. Using these poles to prop up the sagging center of the cover will ensure no puddles or leakage into the boat during rain. Some boat covers require the use of separate straps. These straps will make sure the cover is secure during travel or high wind. One more option to consider is the purchase of a motor cover, as many boat covers will not include a motor cover.

  Being informed about how to pick  the correct boat cover will lead to a well protected investment, and in turn lead to more days enjoying the water. Without the this knowledge you could be stuck buying a new cover every year, or worse, a destroyed boat interior. Prevention is the best cure, and boat covers are no exception.

Ryan Wynn


Store 49