Bear Hunting Tips

Planning a bear hunt? If you have the opportunity to hunt bear, Don Mealey from the Iowa Bow Hunter's Association offers up some advice for your prep and the actual hunt. 

Don, who also has Don Mealey's Bowhunter Education Channel on YouTube, is a longtime avid bowhunter. He recently went to Nipigon, Ontario, about 700 miles north of Des Moines, Iowa, for some bear hunting. He was kind enough to shoot some video just for us and to share some tips.

Mealey says practice is crucial. Do it in low light and simulate the real situation as much as possible.

"Practice before you go. Make your practice as realistic as you can. Put pressure on yourself that it's the real deal, so when you do get into the real situation, you'll know what to do."

"Many times people take their shot too quickly, because they get excited when they have a bear over bait. It's not a whitetail deer. When they come to the bait, they've already committed to eating and they are focused on that."

Watch this video showing just how many times he had an opportunity with just one bear!


Mealey says he understands that some people may not want or like to hunt over bait. However, in the dense undergrowth of the location, Mealey notes it's hard to do a "spot and stalk."

"Hunting over bait is not a given situation and you still have to make the shot."

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