Outdoor Cooking Primer - Crazy for Catfish!

In the heat of an Iowa summer, catfishing is crazy. With eating catfish, many people just think of frying...and we know that's good with our Uncle Buck's Fish Batter!  But, being the outdoor foodies we are, we're always looking for new ways to cook anything!

Bass Pro Shops Operations Support team member Tabitha Porter offers up this recipe for grilled catfish..she probably used it on these lunkers she recently caught!Tabitha and catfish

Tangy Grilled Catfish

2-3 T Yellow Mustard

1 T Garlic Salt

1 T Honey

1/4 Italian Dressing

4 Catfish Filets

Mix all ingredients in a bowl.  Place the filets in an aluminum foil "boat" and add the ingredients.  Bring the foil together very close at the top but don't seal it. Place on top rack of grill and bake over low to medium heat. 


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