Outdoor Cooking Primer - Making Your Own Jerky

The outdoor aspect of this is...well...we sit our dehydrator outdoors and use it for drying garden veggies.  That's it.  However, on any given day at Bass Pro Shops, you can learn something new and yesterday's educational tidbit for me was learning how EASY it is to make jerky using ground beef.
I've been a jerky lover for years, however, have never made my own and left that to my deer-hunting husband.  But what I learned yesterday?  I've got to give it a try now!LEM

Sean Norsworthy from LEM was "in the house" and slickly made up about 50-60 strips of jerky.  

Place five lbs of 96/4 ground hamburger in a large mixing bowl. Add a five-pound bag of LEM Backwoods Hot Jerky Seasoning mix (cure is included), and about 5 oz. of water (one once of water per pound).  Mix it all together really well and then form "logs" of ground beef.  These logs will make it easier to fill your jerky gun.  Using the jerky gun, squeeze out evenly spaced strips on your dehydrator trays and dehydrate at 155 for about 3 hours. 

Jerky CannonThe seasoning was spicy, but not too spicy for those who are not lovers of heat.  The texture was semi-soft...not hard to eat...and you know the meat was lean!  An easy treat to make and store for those outdoor excursions. 

I am definitely going to try this one at home...it'll be nice to use the dehydrator for something besides drying peppers!


Check out this video for Sean's 1-2-3's of essentials for making your own jerky!



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