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Inshore report Another Women Georgia State Record in broken!!

Bonnet Shark - Women's Record in GA

Amanda Page is the new record holder of the women’s Georgia state bonnet head shark. This fish was caught in July while fishing off the beach at St Simons Island.  It weighted in at around 23 pounds.  Now here’s something interesting…the world record bonnet head shark is 26 pounds…A big congratulation goes out to Amanda! 


It’s Gator Trout Time

Gator Trout

Photo by Captain Kevin Rose

 Gator trout

This is a picture of a beautiful spotted sea trout, which Captain Kevin Rose sent me.   This size fish is also referred to as gator trout.  This large trout couldn’t pass up a single live shrimp under a small Cajun popping cork!!  This is why you always should have a dip net on board!!  

Inshore trout fishing…I guess I should have said “Inshore Catching!”

 There is a lot of talk about the windy and muddy water conditions.  However, it seems that maybe the fish have gotten used to some of the mayhem.  I know the fishermen have.  The trout bite, at least in my fishing world, has been very good.  I am not saying, “Gang busters and coolers full” I am saying, “Some real nice trout have been caught this week while using live shrimp as bait!” So if you happen to know a place that you think holds the interest of trout now is the time to pay it a visit!


Bottom Fishing at the Artificial Reefs

Atlantic Croaker

 This Atlantic croaker was caught while bottom fishing at the artificial reefs in about 45 feet of water.  Normally these fish are caught while fishing inshore.  I guess this particular fish wanted to spread its fins and do a little traveling.   Don’t worry it’s still swimming and making way!!


Bottom Bumping or not at the artificial Reefs

Black Sea Bass

Black sea bass bite

When targeting black sea bass especially during these hot water temperatures I suggest fishing structure located in 55 plus foot of water.  These fish are considered bottom huggers.  However, if there is live bait of their choice, such as any small fry, these fish will definitely feed in the upper water column.  So I guess you could say “Fish on the bottom or not!” 


Offshore Shark catching while “just plain drifting live and dead baits!”

 Off Shore Shark catching

        Nice shark caught while drifting offshore

 We caught this shark on a blue runner, which was rigged up with hook placed behind the dorsal fish.  This allows the bait to swim more naturally bringing on more attention from these big toothy monsters.  As you can see it worked like a charm.  This shark was caught fought and released back to the while!!

   Amber Jack Attack

 Amberjack attack back!!

 I wouldn’t say that 2012 has been a bonus catching amberjack year.  However, when we do happen up on a school of amberjacks also known as reef donkeys big strong pulls can happen.  This fish inhaled a medium size ruby red lips that was being fished in the mid water column. 

Mahi Mahi

       Dolphin also known as Mahi Mahi

While bottom fishing at the Savannah Snapper banks a school of dolphin came to the boat.   We caught two dolphins on small pieces of semi floating squid and the rest of the school swam off as quickly as they arrived.    The bottom line is when bottom fishing this area to always be prepared for any surfacing swimming visitors.  

 Blue Water Report

 Please go and let me know!!


 Freshies Report


Call Bill Vanderford, because I hear it’s time to go!!

Bill Vanderford is “Lake Lanier’s Legend!”

For more about my long time friend Bill Vanderford as well as his accomplishments, his freshwater charter trips or wildlife tours, books written and his special line up of tackle offered, please visit his site for all the details!  For more details go


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