Salmon Fishing on the Salmon River

Upstate NY is know for this time of year.  Salmon fishing on the Salmon River.  Please check out for all information and fishing regulations for fishing on the Salmon River.  Below is some information from the New York State Fishing Regulations.

Salmon River

Picture of the Salmon River.

The Salmon River, located in Oswego County, stretches 17 miles from the Lighthouse Hill Reservoir in Altmar to where it empties into Lake Ontario at Port Ontario. There are 12 miles of Public Fishing Rights along the river. The Salmon River offers some of the finest sport fishing in the country. Two major fish records have been set in the Salmon River: the Great Lakes record Chinook salmon (47 lbs. 13 oz.) and the world record Coho salmon (33 lbs. 4 oz.).

Public Access

Pine Grove Boat Launch- Pine Grove Rd., off Route 3 half a mile south of route 13 at Port Ontario. Dual gravel ramps. Access to Lake Ontario. 120 cars and trailers.
Port Ontario - Rte 3, Wheelchair access. Parking.
Blackhole - North Jefferson and Bridge Streets in Pulaski.
Long Bridge Pool (Staircase) - South Jefferson Street in Pulaski.
Short Bridge Pool - Rte 11 Downtown Pulaski.
Haldane Community Center - North Jefferson St. and Maple Ave. Parking.
Railroad Bridge Pool - County Rte 2A.
Papermill Pool - County Rte 2A.
Compactor Pool - County Rte 2A. Parking.
Drift Boat Launch - Compactor Pool, County Rte 2A. Parking.
Sportsman Pool (North) - Centerville Rd. Parking.
Sportsman Pool (South) - Rte 13. Parking.
Pineville - Rte 48. Parking.
Trestle Pool (North) - Sheepskin Road. Parking.
Trestle Pool (South) - Rte 13. Parking.
Ellis Cove - Rte 42. Parking.
Altmar North- Rte 52. Parking.
Drift Boat Launch - Rte 52, Altmar. Parking
Lower Fly fishing Section - Rte. 52 Altmar. Parking.
Upper Fly Fishing Section - Rte 22. Parking.
Orwell Brook - Tubbs Rd. Parking.
Trout Brook - Rte. 48. Parking.

General Fishing Information

Chinook and Coho Salmon

Photo of anglers with large Chinook salmon

Maturing Chinook and Coho salmon returning to the Salmon River usually begin to stage off the Salmon River mouth in late August. Chinook (or King) salmon are the main attraction this time of year. The fish range in size from 15-30 lbs., averaging around 18 lbs. The Great Lakes record Chinook salmon, caught in the Salmon River, weighed 47 lbs. 13 oz. Coho salmon are generally smaller and range in size from 3 to 10 lbs., averaging around 8 lbs. The world record Coho salmon, caught in the Salmon River, weighed 33 lbs. 4 oz. Trolling in the estuary with spoons, dodgers/flies, cut-bait and plugs works well for these staging fish. Salmon usually begin entering the Salmon River around Labor Day.

A caught Salmon laying on leaves.

Once salmon enter the river they are no longer actively feeding. Despite this, they do exhibit behaviors that make them vulnerable to traditional sportfishing techniques. One of these behaviors is aggression, or territoriality, and the other is their attraction to fish eggs or egg shaped lures. The peak of the spawning run usually doesn't occur until the latter half of September and the first half of October. Fish are generally spread throughout the river depending on the spawning stage they are in. Some fish will be making their way upriver (often referred to as running), holding in deeper pools and actively spawning. Fish engaged in the first two activities can be caught on egg sacs, egg imitating flies or plastics and streamers. Fish that are spawning, especially the males, can become very aggressive and will strike gaudy streamers swung past their spawning redds.


A fisherman holding a Steelhead.

The Salmon River offers the opportunity to fish for two strains of steelhead, the Washington strain and the Skamania strain. The Washington, or winter run, begin entering the Salmon River in late October and continue through Spring. They feed aggressively on the abundant salmon eggs in the Fall, thus making it a very good time to go steelhead fishing. Using egg sacs or egg imitating flies and plastics are your best options. Fish that entered the river in the fall will hold over in the deeper pools of the river throughout the winter. Fishing the deeper pools with egg sacs, egg imitating flies or nymphs works well this time of year. Warming periods during the winter may bring new fish into the river. Spawning usually takes place during mid-March and through early April.

After spawning the fish begin to drop back to Lake Ontario. These fish can be very aggressive. These fish feed heavily because they are hungry and finished spawning. They can be caught on plugs, spinners, flies, egg sacs and night crawlers.

Summer run skamania steelhead begin entering the river around June. They tend to run during periods of increased flow. Your best chance to encounter fish is after a heavy rain or planned water release from the hydro plant. The fish remain in the river until they spawn the following spring.

Atlantic Salmon

Atlantic salmon were native to Lake Ontario. They are fall spawners and start their spawning run as early as July. Atlantic salmon can range from 5 to 20 lbs. Fishing techniques are similar to steelhead fishing methods.

Brown Trout

Brown trout enter the river from mid-September to mid-November. Brown trout are also on a spawning run, but will feed heavily on salmon eggs. It can be difficult to target brown trout, but one option is fishing downstream from actively spawning salmon with egg sacs and egg imitating flies and plastics. Brown trout range from 2 to 20 lbs.

For current fishing information a fishing hotline is available at Region 7 Fishing Hotline or by calling (607) 753-1551.
For current water level on the Salmon River call 1-800-452-1742 code 365123.

Fisheries Management

Fishermen standing in the Salmon river.

The five major gamefish are Chinook and Coho salmon, Atlantic salmon (or landlocked salmon), brown trout, and steelhead. Smallmouth bass are also found in the river. The Salmon River is stocked yearly with around 300,000 Chinook salmon, 80,000 Coho salmon, 120,000 Washington strain steelhead, 40,000 skamania strain steelhead and 30,000 Atlantic salmon. Natural reproduction does take place in the Salmon River but to what extent this adds to the fishery is not known. The Salmon River is an important part of the Lake Ontario salmon and trout fishery. Some of the returning salmon and steelhead to the Salmon River make their way to the Salmon River Fish Hatchery. These fish are then used for egg collection and the resulting fish are stocked into many Lake Ontario tributaries, along with the Salmon River. A total of 1.76 million Chinook salmon are stocked annually by NYSDEC into Lake Ontario.

Special Regulations

Salmon River has some special fishing regulations, these can be found in your fishing guide in the section Great Lakes and Tributary Regulations. There are two catch and release fly fishing only areas. Conventional fly fishing equipment is required. The area above the County Rte. 52 bridge in Altmar is open from September 15 to May 15. The upper section is located adjacent to County Rte. 22 above the Salmon River Hatchery and is open April 1 to November 30.

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Things to Do in September

What do you like to do in September?  September is a beautiful time of year in the Finger Lakes area.  Here are just a few things that we thought of .  We would love to hear what you do during the month of September.

Wine Trails
















Apple Picking















Fall Foliage










Kayaking or Canoeing





















Salmon Fishing on the Salmon River
































Finger Lakes Scenic Railway














Captain Bill's Seneca Lake Cruise



















Corning Museum of Glass










Beer Trails


















Get your Doe permits before October 1st











Check out your Bow to make sure it does not need work
























Go thru the Finger Lakes Museum Trail





















Climb the gorge at Watkins Glen State Park






















Visit Montezuma Wildlife Refuge
































Take a balloon ride with Liberty Balloon Company












Visit the National Soaring Museum




















Check out the Erie Canal at





















R. Piedmonte



Getting Ready for Fall Fishing






September is here and although the cooler temps are starting to set in, fishing is still going strong.  This is a wonderful time to go fishing and enjoy all our wonderful foliage here.  Stop on by to Bass Pro Shops for our 2015 Fall Fishing Event!  Take a look below at what we have going on and how our seminars can help you land that beauty of a fish!

Saturday - September 26, 2015

1pm - Fish Preparation, Freezing, Cooking:  Our experts will go through the basics of filleting fish, preparing them for the freezer, and how to cook them.











2pm - Rod & Reel Maintenance:  Our experts will show you all the steps to cleaning and maintaining your rods and reels to ensure that you get the maximum performance out of them year after year.













3pm - Fall Fishing Species Techniques:  Our experts will talk with you about the hottest fishing techniques for the most active Fall Fishing Species in your area.


















Sunday - September 27, 2015

1pm - Techniques for Fishing Different Weather Conditions:  Our experts will go through what to look for in the weather conditions that will affect the baits you are using as well as the techniques.


2pm - Spoon Fishing Basics:  Our experts will go through and show you the hottest spoons on the market for your fisheries and share their secrets on how to make these baits work for you.











3pm - Annual Bait Maintenance:  Our experts will show you what to look for in keeping your baits in tune for the Fall fishing seasons.  We will go over changing out hooks, split rings, hook sharpening, etc.















The first 25 customers to attend the 2pm seminars each day will receive a FREE Mosquito Repelling Silicone Bracelet

Check out the chart below for regulations on what you can catch or visit 


Trout (brook, brown and rainbow trout and hybrids of these species; and splake) April 1 through Oct 15 Any size 5
Lake Trout April 1 through Oct 15 21" 3
Landlocked Atlantic Salmon April 1 through Oct 15 15" 3
It is illegal to take Atlantic Salmon from the waters of the marine and coastal district
Kokanee April 1 through Oct 15 Any size 10
Coho, Chinook, Pink Salmon See Great Lakes Regulations
Black Bass
3rd Sat in June through Nov 30 12" 5
Dec 1 - Fri preceding the 3rd Sat in June Catch and release only Artificial lures only
Muskellunge Last Sat in May through Nov 30 40" 1
Northern Pike 1st Sat in May through March 15 18" 5
Pickerel 1st Sat in May through March 15 15" 5
Tiger Muskellunge 1st Sat in May through March 15 30" 1
Walleye 1st Sat in May through March 15 15" 5
Crappie All year 9" 25
Atlantic, Shortnose & Lake Sturgeon; Paddlefish; Sauger Closed Fishing for (including catch and release) or possession prohibited
Lake Whitefish All year Any size 5
Striped Bass in the Hudson River and tributaries north of George Washington Bridge April 1 through Nov 30 1 fish between 18 and 28 inches OR 1 fish larger than 40 inches 1
American Shad - Hudson River and all tributaries north of the George Washington Bridge Closed Fishing for (including catch and release) or possessing American shad in the Hudson River or Marine District is prohibited.
American shad - all other inland waters All year Any size 3
Hickory Shad (does not apply to the Marine and Coastal District) Aug 1 - Nov 30 Any size 5
Anadromous River Herring (Alewife and Blueback Herring) except in Hudson River and all it's tributaries Closed Fishing for (including catch and release) or possession prohibited
Yellow Perch All year Any size 50
Sunfish (bluegill, pumpkinseed and redbreast sunfish) All year Any size 50

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DATE:  Sept. 5 & 6

TIME:  12-5PM

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FREE - Hotdog 1-4pm

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Ring toss - Casting Buckets - Duck Pond :  Take a chance and you may win a prize!

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Keep your self hidden from deer with Scent Elimination products

Do You Use Scent Elimination Products when you hunt?  Some hunters swear by them while others feel that if you stay down wind from the deer you are fine.  Scents such as soap, cologne and even body odor can spook a deer fast.  Here are just a few ideas you may want to try along with staying down wind to bag that buck.

Washing your clothes:

Always rinse your washer first before putting your clothes in .  You can use a variety of scent free detergents.  We have many to pick from on .  After your items are washed with a scent free detergent, put them in the dryer with a scent free fabric dryer sheet.  I would then recommend hanging all clothes outside for a bit .  If it is before hunting season store them in a large plastic bin that has a lid that can be tightly closed.  We also recommend putting your boots, jackets the bin.  Why some people even throw sticks, leaves and dirt in with their clothes.


Shower with scent free soap and shampoo.  Use a scent free deodorant.  Dry yourself with a towel that has already been washed with scent free detergent.  Many times we take all these precautions and then sweat as we walk into our hunting spot.  Something easy and inexpensive, sprinkle baking soda on yourself.  It is scent free and will absorb any extra sweat.  Finally, don't forget your mouth.  There is scent free gum, and toothpaste.

Perhaps you may think some of these ideas are harsh but we don't always think about the smells we come in contact.  Consider this, deer can smell even the smallest scent so think about everything you just did.  Now you enter your car.  If you have a air freshener in the car you pick up that scent.  Did you just get gas?  How had a cup of coffee, cigarette, or chewing tobacco.  Think about once you get out of your truck and walk picking up smells from other places into the woods.  A deer will pick up on a foreign smell.

Human odors signal danger to deer as well as they can pick up on six different odors at one time.  Of course the ultimate day out would be to always stay down wind and scent free.  So get yourself prepared for the season by doing a few simple procedures.  Check out below just a few of the scent free items we have in the store or visit us on for all your scent free products.

R. Piedmonte






























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Now is the time to stop in and check out the new compound bows, as well as crossbows we have in.  We also have a variety of our best sellers to take a look at.  Questions on what to buy?  Our expert associates in the Archery Department will help you with your decision.  I asked one of our Archery associates what to look for when buying a crossbow or a compound bow.

With both bows you need to take into account your budget, draw weight, and the features it may or may not come with.  This is a large investment and you need to feel comfortable with it and confident using it.  Bob from our Archery Department stated that with a crossbow you have to really try cocking it to see which way you prefer. Do you prefer manual, crank, or rope. Another important fact is when buying a crossbow , are their weights.  Some are very heavy and you should take this into account when walking a long ways into your hunting spot.

Finally Bob, from our Archery Department says you just have to come in and try try try.  Hold them, shoot them until you find the one that is just right for you.

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R. Piedmonte




Camo and New York State - What Hits the Spot!

Do you think August is too soon to think about buying hunting clothes for the fall?  Absolutely not!  Let the experts show you what they suggest that will hit the spot for specific seasons.



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Remember to wear camo to break up your shape so I cannot see you, and orange for safety.  I do not see orange and I lack the ability to see fine detail.  I do however, have better night vision than humans.  Good Luck!









Doe Permits in New York State


Doe Permits are now available at Bass Pro Shops until October 1st.

Below are the NYS Dec Regulations on Doe Permits or please visit for additional information.


Deer Management Permits (DMPs)

Hunters possessing a Deer Management Permit (DMP) may take one antlerless deer per permit, in addition to deer that may be taken with a regular big game tag or Bow/Muzz Antlerless or Bow/Muzz Either Sex tags.

  • DMPs may only be used for antlerless deer (have no antlers or antlers less than 3" long).
  • DMPs may only be used in the WMU for which they are issued.
  • DMPs are valid during all deer hunting seasons.
  • Junior Bowhunters may use DMPs during the special archery seasons and during the regular season.
  • Hunters may transfer or receive up to 2 DMPs from other hunters (see Consignment of Deer Management Permits for instructions).
  • An overview of how DMP quotas are established is available at Understanding DMPs: Quota Setting and Permit Selection.

Applying for DMPs

DMP Application Deadline: October 1 each year

What You Need to Know Before Applying

  • You must be 14 years or older with a regular big game hunting license. Junior bowhunters who are 12 years or older with a junior bowhunting license may also apply.
  • You can apply for up to two DMPs within the same Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) or two different WMUs. Both must be applied for at the same time. Find a WMU near you by viewing the written WMU boundary descriptions or using our interactive WMU mapping feature.
  • If applying at a license sales agent, hunters who are selected will receive their tags immediately. If applying online or by phone, hunters who are selected must wait approximately three weeks to receive tags.
  • There is a $10 non-refundable application fee for all applicants, except for holders of Lifetime Sportsman licenses purchased prior to 9/30/2009, and Junior Hunters & Junior Bowhunters.
  • Disabled Veterans who are residents of New York and who have a service-connected disability rated at 40% or greater will receive preference on DMPs. Annually, you must bring a letter from the Veteran's Administration, dated in the current year, with your case number and your disability percentage. If you are claiming permanent disabled status, the letter must clearly state that the service-related disability is 'permanent'.
  • Landowners who own 50 or more contiguous acres of land within a WMU will receive preference on DMP selection. Annually, you must bring your tax map identification number and SWIS code (found on your tax bill) with you when you apply. Be sure to tell the license issuing agent PRIOR to applying that you are a landowner. Lessees do not qualify as landowners. A spouse of a landowner may receive landowner preference, but both spouses may not apply as a landowner for the same parcel of land. Corporate ownership: only one person may be designated by a corporation as the landowner each year no matter how many 50-acre parcels are owned. The corporation must submit an original letter or certified copy of a resolution, dated in the current year, designating the individual and must include the tax map ID and SWIS code information.

Ways You Can Apply

Chances of Being Selected for a DMP

The chances remain the same throughout the entire application period, which runs from the middle of August through October 1, and are based on the following criteria:

  • Ranking of the applicant based on the Order of Selection below.
  • Number of applicants expected.
  • Number of antlerless deer to be harvested in each WMU.

See DMP Probabilities for a map of WMUs open for DMPs and for a table of the chances of selection for 1st and 2nd choice DMPs for Residents and Non-residents.

Preference Points

  • Preference points increase your chances of selection but do not guarantee DMP selection.
  • Preference points are won and lost on first permit selection only.
  • If you receive a DMP in your first choice WMU, all available preference points will be used.
  • If you do not receive a DMP in your first choice WMU, you will receive a preference point for the following year.
  • Any preference points contained in your file are automatically applied to your first-choice WMU selection. If you do NOT receive your first choice, the points are applied to your second choice, but will remain in your file for the following year, regardless of your second choice selection results.
  • Qualifying landowners and disabled veterans will receive their first choice DMP in all open WMUs.
  • Preference Points are not WMU specific. That is, if you earned a preference point by being denied in one WMU, you can use that preference point in a subsequent year when applying for a DMP in a different WMU.

Order of Selection

  1. Landowners and Disabled Veterans
  2. NYS Residents and Nonresidents with 3 or more preference points.
  3. Residents with 2 preference points.
  4. Residents with 1 preference points.
  5. Residents with 0 preference points.
  6. Non-Residents with 2 preference points.
  7. Non-Residents with 1 preference points.
  8. Non-Residents with 0 preference points.

Additional Opportunities for Acquiring DMPs

  • Leftover DMPs
    If there are permits remaining after the initial application period ends on October 1, an extended application period for leftover DMPs will begin on or around November 1 each year. Applications for leftover DMPs can only be made at a license issuing agent location.
  • Bonus DMPs in WMUs (1C, 3S, 4J and 8C)
    Hunters who fill a DMP tag by harvesting an antlerless deer can apply for an additional (bonus) DMP to harvest another antlerless deer.
8Y 354.2 4,500 12.7 15.7% HIGH NONE LOW NONE
9A 461.6 19,600 42.5 7.2% HIGH HIGH HIGH HIGH
9F 277 14,000 50.5 11.0% HIGH HIGH HIGH HIGH
9G 229.9 7,300 31.8 13.3% HIGH HIGH HIGH HIGH
9H 973.1 30,700 31.5 18.9% HIGH HIGH HIGH NONE
9J 693.6 13,300 19.2 20.1% HIGH LOW HIGH NONE
9K 446.4 4,400 9.9 22.3% MED NONE NONE NONE
9M 329.7 6,600 20.0 17.5% HIGH NONE NONE NONE
9N 207.1 4,000 19.3 17.2% HIGH NONE NONE NONE
9P 581.5 3,100 5.3 25.8% PP REQ NONE NONE NONE
9R 217.6 700 3.2 18.4% PP REQ NONE NONE NONE
9S 91.5 500 5.5 11.3% MED NONE NONE NONE
9T 248.4 700 2.8 20.0% PP REQ NONE NONE NONE
9W 250.1 3,100 12.4 17.4% MED NONE NONE NONE
9X 219.1 600 2.7 24.5% PP REQ NONE NONE NONE
9Y 124.8 2,800 22.4 16.6% HIGH NONE NONE NONE

Statewide Total: 629,400 excluding units without DMP targets.

High = more than 2/3 of applicants receive a DMP.
Medium = between 1/3 & 2/3 receive a DMP.
Low = less than 1/3 of applicants will receive a DMP.
PP Req = only applicants with preference points have a chance of receiving a DMP. May require 1, 2, or 3 preference points to be selected.
LO/DV = only qualifying landowners (greater than 50 acres) and veterans with disabilities will receive a DMP.
None = No DMPs are available.
NA = DEC is not authorized to issue DMPs in these units.

R. Piedmonte

Be sure to explore our online selection of hunting gear at


Spooky Fun Inside or Out

Do you remember sitting around the campfire and telling scary stories.  I do!  Whether you are outside telling them or inside during a rainstorm Bass Pro Shops will make it a fun experience.  Picture a double sleeping bag spread out inside of a tent.  Everyone is in the dark with head lamps, or flashlights.  Picture sitting in a circle in the dark inside the tent and you begin to slowly tell spooky ghost stories.  Here are a few ideas!

The Bass Pro Shops 5 Person Family Dome Tent is something a family can always use thru the years.  We also have a double sleeping bag that is affordable yet comfortable check out the Bass Pro Shops 30/40 degree Sleeping Bag.













Now on to the fun!  Inexpensive while durable and oh so fun is the Bass Pro Shops Mini LED Flashlight Combo 6pk which is great and they last a long time.  If you really want to get fancy and not spend a lot check out the Quarrow 70 Lumen Head Lamp.     Who would not like running around the yard or family room with this on?


Some great snacks the kids will surely love:  Try our Uncle Buck's Cabin Mix by Utz or Uncle Buck's Cinnamon Pretzels by Utz.  Add some gummy worms and water bottles in the mix and you are all set.


Outside and the bugs are biting?  Don't let them ruin the night.  Check out the Therma CELL Mosquito Repellent or for some fun try the Texsport Bug-a-nator II Electronic Insect Zapper.  A true hit!  All of these items can be found in our store or check out




Finally, if you don't know of any ghost stories check on-line. Here is one I remember and that was a long time ago!


The Big Toe

A boy was digging at the edge of the garden when he saw a big toe.  He tried to pick it up, but it was stuck to something.  So he gave it a good hard jerk, and it came off in his hand.  Then he hear something groan and, with the toe in hand, he scampered quickly away.

That night, the boy was in bed.  He had fallen asleep almost at once, but in the middle of the night, a sound awakened him.  It was something out in the street.  It was a voice, and it was calling to him.

"Where is my to-o-o-o-e?" it groaned.

When the boy heard it, he got very scared.  But he thought, "It doesn't know where I am, It will never find me."

Then he heard the voice once more.  Only now it was closer.

"Where is my to-o-o-o-e?" it groaned.

The boy pulled the blankets over his head and closed his eyes.  "I'll go to sleep," he thought.  "When I wake up it will be gone."

But soon he heard the back door open, and again he heard the voice.

"Where is my To-o-o-o-e?" it groaned.

Then the boy heard footsteps move through the kitchen into the dining room...into the living the front hall.

"Where is my to-o-o-o-e?" The footsteps slowly climbed the stairs.

Closer and closer they came.  The boy jumped up, slammed his door closed and dove back under the covers.

Soon the footsteps were in the upstairs hall.  Now they were just outside his door.

"Where is my to-o-o-o-e?" the voice groaned.

The door creaked opened.  Shaking with fear, the boy heard the footsteps slowly move through the dark toward his bed.  Then they stopped.

"Where is my to-o-o-o-e?" the voice groaned.

"HERE! TAKE IT!" (Yell this as you jump up and toss a piece of potato or other object at someone in the circle.)


There you have it! A fun family night and everything can be done with one stop shopping at Bass Pro Shops!  Enjoy

R. Piedmonte














Quick and Easy Trout Dinner!

Trout - Who doesn't enjoy catching them as well as eating them.  Bass Pro Shops would like to take all that hard work of catching and cleaning and have you enjoy a easy dinner with next to no clean up.

Uncle Buck's Fish Batter Mix is perfect!  Whether you like the original, mild, hot & spicy, or lemon, I know one will suit your taste.  Instructions are printed right on the back and you can mix the batter with water, milk, or for a different and great taste beer.  Our mix comes in a waterproof re-sealable canister which makes it great for camping.  What I like best is this mix is great with chicken, chops, vegetables, or how about corn dogs. Gluten FREE












If you are lucky enough to have a lot of trout to fry.  Take a look at the Bass Pro Shops Uncle Buck's Batter Box.  Bread and batter the entire fryer at once.  The sifter is great for consistent coating each time with next to no clumping.

If you don't want to pan fry, our most popular fish fryer is the Bass Pro Shop Aluminum Fish Fryer.  Powerful and easy on the wallet this fryer comes with a 10.5 aluminum pot, 18" tripod stand, 5" deep thermometer, and a lightweight strainer basket.

It is very important is to fry your fish in the right oil.  We recommend the Cajun Injector Peanut Frying Oil Blend.  This oil is smooth and while it is great with fish, vegetables, chicken, turkey and more we also recommend it on salads and for baking.





While cooking your fish, consider throwing corn on the grill with the husks on.  Place the corn on the grill and close the cover.  Grill for (medium heat) 20 minutes (turning every 5 minutes).  Cook until the kernels are tender (you can tell this by piercing them with a fork or knife).  Remove the husks and eat plain or with a little butter.



To finish up your meal consider the Uncle Buck's Fruit Cobbler Mix.  Talk about easy - Spray the bottom of a 9x13 pan or a aluminum pan.  In a large bowl combine the Fruit Cobbler Mix and milk.  Pour it into the pan.  Drain two large cans of peaches (or whatever fruit you enjoy) and pour on top.  Bake 30-35 minutes or until batter rises to the top and is golden brown.  Serve with ice cream or whipped cream.









There you have it quick and easy.  Visit our website at for additional seasonings!

R. Piedmonte





Empire Farm Days - Fun For the Entire Family!

George Washington said "I'd rather be on my farm than be emperor of the world".  With that,  we are proud to say that  the Empire Farm Days is one of the largest farm shows in the state.  With over 600 vendors and 300 acres this is a event worth attending.  Located on the Rodman Lott & Son Farms at 2973 Route 414 in Seneca Falls, NY they are just a short distance from Auburn, NY.  Last year there were over 65,000 people who attended the farm days from the United States and Canada.  This year Bass Pro Shops has been invited to participate in Empire Farm Days, and we are looking forward to it.

The dates of the Empire Farm Days are August 11, 12, and 13th.  The cost is only $10 per vehicle. In 1931 this event was called the Empire State Potato Growers ,and then was changed to the Empire Farm Days in 1967.  The Rodman Lott & Sons' Farms have hosted it since 1988.

See the latest tractors, farm implements and dairy innovations. Here is just a small taste of what the 2015 Empire Farm Days has to offer:

Live Beef displays


Grape Juice Testing

Haw Mowing

Field Demos

Kiddie Tractor rides

Sewing and Spinning

Cattle Handling

Wine Sampling

Hay Raking, and Hay Baling

Antique Tracker Parade

Skin Cancer Screening

You can see they cover a little bit of everything.  All that walking and looking gets you hungry.  No worries.  Try Chicken BBQ's, Beef BBQ's, Pork BBQ's, ice cream, taffy  and other short order food booths. Have a hard time walking or getting around? The staff will take care of you whether you need a golf cart or something else.










Bass Pro Shops will be there with utility boats and vehicles.   It was a honor to be asked and we could not be happier with attending such a large event. Exhibits, seminars, and demonstrations from milk quality to reinvesting for the next generation of dairy farmers.  Soil health testing innovator Will Brinton, founder of Woods End Soil Laboratory, representatives from Cornell Pro Dairy Program, Western New York Crop Management Association, Seedway, and Kings Agriseeds will be there as well as many others.

For the young farmers of the future 12 and under there are Kiddie Tractor Pulls that benefit the NYS 4H Foundation.  Visitors 18 and older can test drive wheel loaders, backhoes, skidsteers, 4 wheelers and utility vehicles.  This is fun for the entire family.


Once you walk around the Farm Days and take it in, you see that life is better on the farm.  Yes, very hard work and farmers take life very seriously.  They also train their kids to become hard working adults.  Farmers work in the winter and in the summer so that the world can eat.  The Empire Farm Days is a salute to farmers and their families while showing them the newest technology and having a great time doing it!






To be successful in life you need to fall in love with your work and life.  I cannot think of anyone who gives to the community and appreciates his life like a farmer.  So stop on by to the Empire Farm Days on August 11, 12, and 13th and say hello!  Finally, John Denver says it best!

"Thank God I'm A Country Boy"


Well, life's on a farm is kinda laid back,
ain't much an old country boy like me can't hack.
It's early to rise, early in the sack thank God I'm a country boy.
Well, a simple kind of life never did me no harm,
raising me a family and working on the farm.
My days are all filled with an easy country charm, thank God I'm a country boy.
Well, I got me a fine wife, I got me old fiddle.
When the sun's coming up, I got cakes on the griddle.
And life ain't nothing but a funny, funny riddle, thank God I'm a country boy.

When the work's all done and the sun's setting low,
I pull out my fiddle and I rosin up the bow.
The kids are asleep so I keep it kinda low, thank God I'm a country boy.
I'd play Sally Gooding all day if I could,
but the lord and my wife wouldn't take it very good.
So I fiddle when I can and I work when I should, thank God I'm a country boy.
Well, I got me a fine wife, I got me old fiddle.
When the sun's coming up, I got cakes on the griddle.
And life ain't nothing but a funny, funny riddle, thank God I'm a country boy.

I wouldn't trade my life for diamonds or jewels,
I never was one of them money hungry fools.
I'd rather have my fiddle and my farming tools, thank God I'm a country boy.
Yeah, city folk driving in a black limousine,
a lotta sad people thinking that's-a mighty keen.
Son, let me tell you now exactly what I mean, thank God I'm a country boy.
Well, I got me a fine wife, I got me old fiddle.
When the sun's coming up, I got cakes on the griddle.
And life ain't nothing but a funny, funny riddle, thank God I'm a country boy.

Well, my fiddle was my daddy's till the day he died,
and he took me by the hand and held me close to his side.
He said, "Live a good life and play my fiddle with pride,
and thank God you're a country boy.
My Daddy taught me young how to hunt and how to whittle,
he taught me how to work and play a tune on the fiddle.
He taught me how to love and how to give just a little,
thank God I'm a country boy.
Well, I got me a fine wife, I got me old fiddle.
When the sun's coming up, I got cakes on the griddle.
And life ain't nothing but a funny, funny riddle, thank God I'm a country boy.

R. Piedmonte














Are You Obsessed with the Weather?

Are you obsessed with the weather?  You are not alone.  People want to see what is going on 24/7.  The technology we have today will keep you updated as it is happening all around the world.

Entertainment - yes it is! Hanging on to each second as to what may or may not happen.  This is pure drama in the sky.  Watch a real life movie as it unravels before your eyes.   How should you dress? Do you need to get groceries for a few extra days?  Do you need to check how many flashlights or batteries are needed?  Water?  We watch TV, computers or phones to see in advance what the weather will bring us.  Although people watch weather as TV, there is a far more serious side to this.  Knowing when you need to evacuate an area or take shelter, how it will affect crops and your livelihood.

How about some weather related sayings.  Have you ever heard?

Red Sky at Night, Sailors Delight - Red Sky in the Morning, Sailors take warning

When the moon raises red and appears large, with clouds, expect rain in twelve hours

A sunny shower won't last an hour

Mares' tails and mackerel scales make tall ships take in their sails

A wind from the south has rain in its mouth

Birds flying low, expect rain and a blow

If the rooster crows on going to bed, you may rise with a watery head

Do you know how big a raindrop is?  Usually they are very small about one hundredth of an inch.  Large raindrops are one tenth of a inch in diameter.  Small rain drops fall approximately  2 miles per hour.  Large rain drops are 18 miles per hour.

Lightening can travel 136,000 miles an hour.  You can figure out how close lightning is by counting the seconds between the flash of lightning and a clap of thunder.  One mile for every 5 seconds.  An example would be if you count 10 seconds between the lightening and the thunder the lightening is two miles away.  Lightning can be very dangerous.  Do not use land line phones during lightning storms.  Do not go out on the water or play golf during a thunderstorm.  If your hair stand on end get close to the ground with your hands on your knees, then put your head between your knees.

Thunderstorms are usually in the summer when the weather is hot and humid.  You may also witness thunderstorms during the winter months as a cold front approaches.

Bass Pro Shops has a large variety of weather instruments you can use to help you with the weather.  Here are just a few ideas that are great fun and we have much more at

The Bass Pro Shops Acu Rite 5 in 1 Weather Center has a illuminated color display and a backlight that always stays on.  This unit has a strong signal that works through walls and long distance.  Check out all the other features by clicking on the picture or visiting our website

Never miss a beat with the Eton Corporation FRX4 Rugged Weather Radio.  NOAA weather alerts, solar, crank, and red beacon light are just a few features this unit offers while being tough and durable.









Want something portable?  The convenient Lacrosse Technology Handheld NOAA Weather Radio is high quality while being portable!


Do you follow lightning?  Why not look at the AcuRite Instruments Portable Lightning Detector.  Water resistant for outdoor or indoor use. This component will detect the presence of lightning and the speed it is approaching at.  25 mile range







While your obsession with the weather keeps you informed, get your kids involved in the fun too.  Explain to your kids the safety that is needed and why you follow the weather.  Here is a quick and easy way to simulate a tornado.  All you need is 2-2 Liter Bottles, Duct Tape, and water and perhaps some glitter to simulate debris.  Here is all you do!  Fill one 2 liter bottles up about 2/3 with water and some glitter.  Place the other bottle on top and secure with duct tape well.  I would do this outside in case of leaks.  Turn the bottle upside down so that the water is on the top and spin counter clockwise. Watch as your tornado form and repeat!          R. Piedmonte - Events Coordinator





Bass Pro Shops presents Freedom Days along with the NRA!













Take a look at what we have going on - This is an event that should not be missed.

July 20th - August 2nd

2nd Amendment Instant Savings on guns in stock

Up to $150 equal to the value of your sales tax!

You will get a FREE Plano Gun Case with any handgun purchase of $300 or more.  (In store only)








 July 25th - July 26th - August 1st - August 2nd  

NRA Membership Drive - Sign up to be a member in the store or visit











July 25th thru August 2nd

Enter for a chance to win a NRA Freedom Days Experience

1 winner and 7 guests will stay 1 night at the Big Cedar Lodge

Private shooting experience with the Gould Brothers

Exhibition Shooting at our exclusive Bass Pro Shops Shooting Academy










A visit to the NRA National Sporting Arms Museum in Bass Pro Shops Springfield, MO.  In addition to this 1 winner per store will receive a NRA Lifetime Membership!










July 25th & July 26th Kids get a change to shoot BB guns in the Daisy shooting range.








FREE Seminars

FREE  Mug giveaway to the first 15 people to attend seminars

Saturday - July 25th & August 1st

11am - 3 Gun Competition Basics - MSR's, handgun, shotguns, and ammo

2pm - Accessorizing your MSR

3pm  - Women and Self Defense - How to train and defend.  Learn about handguns, revolvers, and gun cases


Sunday - July 26th & August 2nd

2pm - Choosing the Right Home Defense System - Shotgun, handgun or MSR

3pm - Gun Safety in the Home - Gun safes, handgun vaults, and cleaning accessories


July 20th through August 2nd

Receive  triple rewards points  on Hornady and Federal Premium ammunition as well as Quintuple rewards points on Hornady storage, Smith & Wesson knives, and Magpul.












Keeping your Best Friend Cool

Summer is upon us and while we cannot wait to jump into the lake, pool, or stream to stay cool, lets not forget about your best friend.  Whether you are driving, swimming, basking in the sun our dogs need special care, and we cannot forget that they too get over heated.

It is always better to exercise you dog early in the morning or late in the evening when the sun is at its lowest.  If you do need to exercise your pet during the hot hours always have water and a few treats to give them.  The Portable Food/Tote is made just for that as well as travel. If the pavement is too hot try dog booties.  Remember you would not like to walk bare foot on that hot pavement and neither do they.


It is always important to watch for signs that your pet may be dehydrated.  Dogs do not sweat, and they cool themselves by panting.  Signs of dehydration are lethargic behavior, drooling excessively, bloodshot eyes.  You may also want to look at their skin.  Lift it up and if it doesn't fall right back into place that is a sign of dehydration.  Keeping a dog dish in your car or backpack is a great idea.  The Redhead Collapsible Dog Dish can be stored neatly in your glove compartment until it is needed.





Remember that overweight dogs are always higher risk for dehydration and that a darker coat dog will soak up more heat than a lighter coat dog.  When out in a park or beach look for a shaded spot.  At home have a fan going, or keep them in a cool part of your home.  Many people love to spray their dogs when it is hot.  That is great, but always make sure you spray their paws and under their stomach as well. Dogs cool from the bottom up.

Many dogs will dig, not always because they are bored but as a way to keep cool. Dogs will know instinctively that the weather is too hot.  They won't walk as long or they won't want to walk at all.

Going on the boat?  This is exciting for you and your pet.  If your pet is not used to swimming and is hesitant of the water, consider the Bass Pro Shops Life Jacket for Dogs.  It comes in sizes XS to XL.  The heat can bother the skin on your dog,  whether from bug bites or dry skin.  Take a look at the Pro Sense Itch Relief Hydrocortisone Spray.  Perfect to keep in a backpack or in the car for just the right time.  Non stinging spray!










Keep your dog groomed during the summer months to help them stay cool and comfortable.  Bass Pro Shops has a variety of de shedding tools that will help you in this category.  Try the  Redhead Shedding Blade or the FurGOpet Deshedder  .









Finally, here are a few easy ideas that will be fun for your friend and easy for you to do.  Get a bowl (plastic) and fill it with water, chicken, vegetable or beef broth along with some treats and a toy.  FREEZE !  Once you pop it out watch your buddy go crazy trying to get their toy or biscuits free.  Great way to stay hydrated and fun for them.



Another great idea is to blend plain yogurt, some peanut butter, and a mashed banana together.  Put it in a Dixie cup with a milk bone biscuit in the middle of the cup.  FREEZE!  Can you say pupsicle!






Most important have fun this summer and enjoy your best friend.  They just want to spend time with you.  Feel free to visit for additional items just for your dog.

R. Piedmonte - Events Coordinator
















What Do You Use Camp Chairs For?

Camping chairs, what do you use them for?  Not just camping.  Portable chairs can be used for a variety of things.  Yes they are great for campfires.  Easy pick up.  But why not consider them for other things.

Sporting Events - use them at soccer games, and other events that are outside

Fireworks - perfect to keep in your car.  July always has a festival or fireworks  going on

Watching the stars - we have portable chairs you will be so comfortable in you may just fall asleep watching those stars outside

Tailgating - Perfect and compact for stowing away until you start cooking in the parking lot

Extra seating for company - How many times do extra people show up at your house?  Perfect way to have extra chairs on hand for a low price

Use in the water - Sit at the shore and put your toes in the water

Backyard movie night - Hang a sheet bring out the projector and chairs and watch a movie right in your own back yard.













Country Wedding - It is the big thing right now to attend a wedding and either bring your own chair or the wedding party has a different of variety of chairs set up.

Chairs are easy on those knees - I don't know about you but a portable chair is a lot easier on the knees than a blanket

Date Night - What a perfect chair to bring in the back of the car with a picnic dinner







Check out a few of the chairs we have on hand here at the store.  We also have a great deal of other chairs at .




Bass Pro Shops Big Outdoorsman XL Fold Up Chair - Nice, durable and comfortable.  Comes with a built in cup holder and o pocket.  Will hold up to 400 pounds


Bass Pro Shops Outdoorsman Rocker - Thick foam padding in the seat and back for extra comfort.  This rocker will fold flat and will hold up to 350 pounds.







Bass Pro Shops Big Outdoorsman Lounger Chair - With a 24" wide seat, multiple positions that recline, padded seat and back along with a pillow and side tray and cup holder.  I dare you not to fall asleep in this chair. Will hold up to 400 pounds.


Bass Pro Shops Big Outdoorsman Hard Arm Recliner Fold Up Chair - The hard arms make this chair an easy in and out.  Foam padding at the headrest, seat and back. This chair has a cup holder and is multi position reclining.  A very popular chair here in Auburn, NY  it will also hold up to 350 pounds.



I have to throw this one in.  Perfect for the beach, camping, or any outside event.  The Folding Picnic Table with Umbrella will seat 4 adults, it is lightweight and easy to store.
















Make sure you visit us or check out for more ideas.

R. Piedmonte




Family Summer Camp - Fun Family Activities


Have you ever attended Bass Pro Shops Family Summer Camp?  If not you are missing some great fun. What a wonderful opportunity to try activities while learning about things you have never done.


Have you ever wanted to shoot a BB Gun?  We have a Daisy BB Gun Shooting Gallery and people who will give you the right instruction on how to shoot as well as be safe while doing it.

Have you ever wanted to learn about archery?  Our indoor range is perfect for instruction, and all activities are free!









Crafts are always fun to do in the summer.  Not only are they fun but our crafts have to do with nature.  These also tie in to our  workshops.

Bass Pro Shops has 9 different workshops that will keep you in your seat.  Learn all about nature, water, hunting and more.  Then go on a scavenger hunt find your answers and earn a pin for each different workshop available.  Having all this fun and learning at the same time is what it is all about.  Kids learning that the outside can bring them enjoyment and wonder all through their life.














In addition to all of these activities try our casting buckets.  These fun buckets will give kids a chance to try casting to see if they might like to fish.

A special event will be on July 4th and July 5th as we are lucky to have a small catch and release pond here in the store.  Stocked with small pan fish perfect for your young one to try.  Once they catch a fish we will be happy to take their picture on our IPAD and forward it right to your email.  Of course FREE!  So make sure you take advantage for this fun filled activity.  Do you have a group of people coming in?  Please feel free to give us a call at 315-258-2700 and ask for Robin so we can schedule a time that your group gets to do everything together!

Please feel free to check out for all our other events and special activities to make your summer special.

R. Piedmonte





Try the fastest growing water sport - Paddle Boarding

Did you know the fastest growing water sport is paddle boarding?  It improves your core strength, cardio fitness, balance, and flexibility with no impact.  All fitness levels as well as all ages can have fun with this.

How do you start?  All you need is a paddle board, paddle, and a life jacket.  The initial cost is a little high, but the years of enjoyment will out last the initial investment.

Where should you paddle?  Anywhere you kayak or canoe.  A river, stream, or lake.  Paddle boards are light and easy to transport.  They are also easy access to water.

If you have ever been in a canoe or kayak, you have a head start with balance. Stand up paddle boarding is not hard.  Try to learn on calm water .

What should you wear paddle boarding?  If it is warm use shorts, and a t-shirt, or a bathing suit.  Cold weather try a wet suit.

This is a fun relaxing way to play on the water with a minimum of gear.  Great family recreation.  There is yoga paddle boarding, racing with paddle boards.  What a great full body workout similar to the popular cross training activity.

We have three paddle boards that are great for the beginner to intermediate level.  Take a look at the Pelican Flow 116 Angler or the Pelican Rush, and the Pelican Flow 11.6.  All have a padded non-slip deck and are great to use on flat water or light surf.











We also recommend having a leash attached so if you were to fall off it would be right next to you.  The Sportsman's Paddle Leash is easy to use and has a coil-less design.



The Lavika Vortex Stand Up Paddle is adjustable with a T grip handle for maximum control.






The Ascend Deluxe Paddling Vest   comes in a few sizes.  OSFM, Small/Medium, and L/XL.  This vest is ultra lightweight with mesh shoulders and a open side design.


Don't forget the sunscreen, sunglasses, and a safety whistle.  Enjoy the summer months, while getting into shape with stand up paddle boarding!

For other paddle boards, vests, and paddles please visit

R. Piedmonte










Summer is beginning to heat up and at Bass Pro Shops we can help you beat the heat.  Here are just a few products that will keep you cool in the hot sun as well as some great ideas to keep you cool!

Keeping cool when it is hot and humid is tough.  Here are a few tips for staying cool.

1.  Drink plenty of water, even if you do not feel thirsty.  Never risk dehydration.

2.  Placing ice packs on your wrists to stay cool is a great way to feel cooler.  No ice packs try a ice cube.

Consider the Misty Mate Artic Tie.  Great for camping, hiking, golfing, working outside and sporting events.  Soak for a few minutes in hot or cold and it can be used over and over to keep you cold or hot for hours.


3.  In your house or apartment, turn off unnecessary lights, TV's or ovens.

4.  Shower or bathe frequently if needed in mildly warm or cold water to stay refreshed.

5.  Have a fan blowing at you if you do not have air conditioning.

6.  Wear a hat when outside.

Bass Pro Shops has a large variety of hats that are great for the hot hot weather.

World Wide Sportsman Lifeguard Rush Straw Big Brim Hat is vented at the crown for air circulation and has a 4" brim.  Sizes small to x large you can't go wrong.


Columbia Global Adventure Packable Straw Hat for Ladies has a Omni wick sweatband to pull the sweat from your brow.  It is packable for travel while it retains its shape.  UPF 50



Glacier Glove Long Bill Sun Hat w/shade has UPF protection, you may wear the shade up or down.  It also has a dark under brim that reduces reflected rays.  This is perfect for boating, fishing or hiking.

Consider the UV Buff Headwear.  Moisture wicking, UV sun protection and it reduces your skin temp.  This buff is breathable and lightweight.

7.  Eat well balanced light, regular meals and avoid the salt.  Grazing is best.  Also avoid caffeine or alcohol which promote dehydration.

8.  When outside always wear sunscreen.  Even if you are in the shade.

9.  Walk don't run.

10. Wear loose clothing. Check out a few of the wide variety of shirts and shorts we have to keep you cool.

Under Armour VA Fish Hook Polo for Men - Snag free finish, anti pill, 4 way stretch for easy mobility.  UPF 30 sun protection and a UA's moisture transport system that wicks sweat and dries fast.

World Wide Sportsman Therma Cool Stripe Polo for Men - Ultra quick drying 100% polyester with moisture wicking.  UPF 50 sun protection and back shoulder vents.








World Wide Sportsman Birds Eye Polo Shirt for Ladies -

Moisture wicking, UPF sun protection and many colors to pick from.


World Wide Sportsman Boca Nylon Shirts for Ladies - UPF 35, front vents, lightweight, 100% quick dry nylon this shirt is great for hot muggy weather.






11.  Wear sunglasses that block 100% UVA and UVB rays.

Here are a few great ideas for staying hydrated.

Turn your waterbottle into a cooling mist.  You can take a refreshing shower or 25' squirting stream with the BPA Free Lunatec Aquabot.  With two modes stealth and pulse this aquabot will fit most 32-48 ounce wide mouth bottles.

Wrap a wet paper towel around a soda or water and put it in the freezer for 15 minutes.  The beverage will be ice cold!

Freeze grapes on a skewer.  Refreshing and healthy.

Don't forget your pet.  I love this idea.  Get a bucket or a Tupperware container.  Freeze water, chicken broth and add treats, dry dog food and a toy.  Watch how much they love this while staying hydrated.

Take a swim, have a water fight, dump water on each other.  Have popsicles, ice cream and have fun.  All you need is common sense.  Take a little extra time to check on neighbors to see if they are good.  Remember how long winter was this year?  Summer does not last long so get out there and enjoy what Upstate NY has to offer.

Check out for many other products to help you stay cool.

R. Piedmonte








Help your Body and Mind by Metal Detecting

Summer is officially here.  You want to do something different this summer, but not sure what?  Here is a great idea to try, metal detecting.  What a way to get those legs moving and explore.  There is history all around you, why even if you stay home there is history right in your own back yard!.  Metal Detecting teaches patience, perseverance, may get you a little money and it is good for any age!

A lot of people think of metal detecting as someone on the beach, but history is all around.  Why we went camping up near Ticonderoga, NY and found old stone houses that were crumbling.  I wish now we had that metal detector around.

The first recorded use of metal detectors was in 1881 when Alexander Graham Bell tried to find a bullet lodged in President James A. Garfield's chest.  It was also used a great deal during WW II.  In the 1960's the military used them to find land mines.

1976 - Alabama  while searching for coins, a man found a LIVE .75 millimeter tank shell fro WWII.  It was removed by a military  demolition crew.

1977 - California  a 4.9 kg gold nugget with 132 pieces of gold inside.  It is called the Mojave Nugget.

1997 - Virginia - 2 young boys using a metal detector unearthed a LIVE Confederate Army artillery shell in their grandfathers back yard

2008 - Key West - a diver found a gold chalice from a Spanish treasure ship that sank in 1622

2010 - Virginia a 7 year old boy received a metal detector for his birthday.  He found a Civil War sword and bullets










Many people find things in ordinary places.  Not everyone is going to get rich with this.  But think about the knowledge and the history tied to the object.  Where should you go?  How about camp grounds, school yards, picnic areas, beaches, battlefields, parks, historic sights, piers etc.  Also talk with grandparents or neighbors who have lived there for many years.

Bass Pro Shops have a variety of metal detectors you may find interesting.  Check them out below!

For the younger metal detector, check out the Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detector.  Perfect for the junior it is lightweight, water resistant and very easy to use.



For the beginner adult, check out the Bounty Hunter Quicksilver Metal Detector.  Extremely easy to use with a 3 tone feedback and a LCD display for easy viewing.











As you get more involved, check out these three detectors that are easy to use yet give you the additional features you want.

Bounty Hunter Lone Star Pro Metal Detector - High end features in a mid range detector.  Adjustable sensitivity and discrimination.  Touch Pad operation with LCD screen and 8" waterproof concentric coil






Teknetics Delta Metal Detector - 3 operation modes, 5 level running depth readout.  Discrimination and notch systems with 3 tones.










Bounty Hunter Camo LS Metal Detector - 4 mode operations, waterproof coil, touchpad selection with 4 level discrimination and pinpoint target control















Now that we have your interest in metal detectors here is a little fun.  Lets talk Metal Detecting Jargon

Nine-Two-Five - means you have found .925 silver (high quality)

All-Metal - Most likely you are digging a lot of junk

Black Dirt - Organically rich dirt is common in old home sites.  This makes for good hunting

Bling - Fancy Jewelry

Bust Coin/Draped Bust - Old US coin minted late 1700's to early 1800's.  Rare and considered a good find

Cache - Coins or jewelry deliberately buried together.  Usually in a jar, box or can.  Good find

Can Slaw - Shreds of aluminum cans that may of been hit by a lawn mower which can give too many signals and make a find hard to detect

Cell Hole - Remains of old home site.  Many times it is just a depression in the ground or have stone lining

Dirt Fishing - Metal detecting on soil not beaches

Tear Out - When side walks or parking lots have been removed due to repair or new construction.  This makes for good hunting

These are just a few of the lingo that  Metal Detector hunters use. Stop on down and talk with any of our Camping Associates about metal detectors or check our website at . Then soak up all the history our area has.

R. Piedmonte




Kids and Fishing

Kids and fishing.  What child doesn't love splashing in puddles?  Kids just love to play in the water.  Make their first time fishing fun so they want to go again and again.

Before you head out here are a few things for you to look in to.  Bring a extra pair of gloves for handling the fish, some sunscreen, snacks and a extra hat and coat (if it gets cool).  Look through your tackle box and take out the expensive tackle or any antiques that might find their way to the bottom of the lake. Also, kids may not focus as long as you do, so bring a book or something to occupy them for short periods of time.

Kids love to have options and they love to participate.  Have them pick out a fishing pole that is good for them.  The Shakespeare Poles come in Iron Man to Barbie for the young ones and they have a practice plug that can help them cast before you go out.













There are many different kinds of tackle boxes to pick from.  Pink, Red, Blue or how about one that will grow with them.  The Plano 3-Tray Tackle Box.  has adjustable dividers and a large bulk storage area for larger tackle.


Perhaps the kids are a little old for Iron Man or Barbie.  Check out the Bass Pro Shops Lunker Gear Rod & Reel Spincast Combo Kit.  This comes with a spincasting reel and plenty of tackle to start off.







By involving kids right in the beginning they get excited and feel responsible for their own gear.  This is a great time to have conversation with your kids.  Tell them about the environment, how to tell the what port, starboard, stern and bow mean.  Teach them about how to handle a fish and look at its colors and how pretty it looks.  Have them bait their own hook with a earthworm.  Earthworms are easy to hook and they can be bought or found.

Most important, always have a snack ready for them, and water to stay hydrated.  Here are a few fun ideas to pack:

Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches cut out with a fish cookie cutter


Celery filled with peanut butter or cream cheese while gold fish crackers swim on top







Fish 'N Rods - snack bag filled with goldfish and stick pretzels


Cheese slices cut into triangles and put in a snack bag.  Label them Shark Teeth


Get a see thru tackle box with a few compartments and fill them with gummies, goldfish, pretzels, raisins, M&M's, animal crackers.






Have fun with this.  Fishing is easy to learn and you don't have to get a lot of expensive equipment.  It is a great way to have fun with your kids and watch them grow.  Check out for more great ideas!

Don't forget New York States FREE Fishing Weekend is June 27th & June 28th!

R. Piedmonte