Turkey Weekend - Learn all about Decoys, Calls and More!

Spring Turkey hunting is right around the corner.  May 1st to be exact.  April 25th and April 26 are the Youth Hunt.  Why not stop on in to Bass Pro Shops and attend our turkey seminars.

April 18th we are please to have pro-staff Captain Jason Barnes.  Jason was brought up on waterfowl hunting from the age of five as he followed his dad.  Years later Jason established Frontenac Fowlers Guide Service.  Jason will be giving two seminars on Saturday.














1pm - Spring Turkey Calling Tips for Success - There are a variety of calls out there, let Jason help you select the right call and how to use it for a successful hunt.

2pm - Selecting the Right Turkey Decoys - Let Jason help you make the right choice in turkey decoys and placement tips that will help you bag that trophy turkey.

On Saturday only Bass Pro Shops will be giving away three prizes and if you attend the seminar you may enter.  The drawing for the prizes will be right after the 2pm seminar.  Here are the three prizes:

Avian - X Turkey Decoy (retail value $80)

Power Hen Thunder Ridge Slate Call (retail value $35)

Triple Pak Diaphragm Turkey Call (retail value $30)


April 19th we are please to have John Arneth.  John is a pro staff representative for Mossy Oak, Ol' Tom, Avian, Zink and more. With over 32 years of hunting turkey and deer, John has harvested 54 longbeards.  John will be happy to answer any questions you may have before you go out hunting!

1pm     Hunting Stubborn Gobblers

2pm     Hunting Field Turkeys
























So make sure you are prepared when turkey season comes.  Get all the tips and advice from the pros.



Opening Day of Trout Season in New York State

Opening day of trout is April 1, 2015.  Do you have your license?  Everyone must have a fishing license with them while fishing or helping someone to fish if you are 16 years of age or older.  The license can be obtained right here at Bass Pro Shops!  Stop at our Customer Service counter.  Your license is valid for 365 days after purchase.  Here are the 2015-2016 prices for fishing in New York State.

Resident for a year

Fishing (Age 16-69)             $25

Fishing (Age 70+)                $ 5

7 Day (Age16+)                  $12

1 Day (16+)                        $ 5

Fishing(military/disabled) *  $  5

(*Military Disabled persons with a 40% or more disability)



Fishing (Age 16+)                     $50

7 Day (Age 16+)                       $28

1 Day (Age 16+)                       10

Always check your current New York Freshwater Fishing Regulation Guide which you receive free of charge when you purchase your license.  You may also go on www.dec.ny.gov at any time to view all the regulations.

You may also replace your license if lost for $5.00.

Fishing is good for any age.  It brings a sense of delight to children and peace to adults.  Bass Pro Shops is dedicated to children fishing.  Teach them young and they will have the sport for the rest of their life.   Fishing teaches patience, skill, you learn about conservation and best of all it gets you outside.

R. Piedmonte


Lets Cook Some Perch!

Who doesn't like perch?  All winter you have braved the cold, ice and snow. Huddled over the ice as you catch one perch after another.  Now is the time to reward yourself for all the perch you got. Jake V. from our Hunting Department is always fishing when he is not hunting.  I asked Jake if he has a favorite perch recipe.  Here is an easy way to prepare and cook your perch with lots of flavor.


10-12 pieces of perch

2 tablespoons melted butter

1 tablespoon High Mountain Venison Rub

1 tablespoon Dill

2 tablespoons parmesan

3 tablespoons Uncle Buck's Fish Batter

In a 9x13 dish soak all perch in the melted butter for 5 minutes.  Mix the High Mountain Venison Rub , dill, parmesan, and the Uncle Buck's Fish Batter in a bowl.  Take the perch out and place it in the bowl, coating both sides then place it on a greased or sprayed cookie sheet.

Cook at 500 degrees 10 minutes or until the fish is flakey.












Serve with some macaroni and cheese or a side salad.










Robin Piedmonte




Dog Days Family Event

Did you know that Bass Pro Shops is a dog friendly store? Well we are and we just love our dogs!  Those who bring their dogs in know you just can't come in and out quick here.  Why ?  Everyone stops you to talk about your dog, pet your dog, and of course any owner and dog, know to stop at the greeter because treats are always available.  Because we love our dogs so much we will be having a Dog Days Family Event at the store!  Check out what we have going on.

Dates:  March 6, March 13     6-8pm

            March 7, March 14    11-4pm

During the Event:

Enter for a Chance to Win 1 of 3 prizes!

(Need not be present to win)


1 GoPro Fetch Dog Harness with camera mount and a GoPro Hero 4 Silver Camera

2 PetSafe Drinkwell Stainless Steel Fountain

3 Petmate Dog Bed, Bowl, and Toy


Friday March 6 & March 13  6-8pm

6pm Seminar  Socializing & Crate Training Your Dog with Beth from Cayuga County Highland Search & Rescue

(1st 20 people with a dog  to attend the seminar get a Nite Ize S-biner)












Home Made Dog Treats with Recipe to the first 50 people with dogs

Craft:  Make a balloon dog

TBF Service Dogs in the Lobby




Saturday  March 7th and March 14th 11-4pm

First 100 people with dogs receive a doggie bag with a Hyper Pet tennis ball and a doggie bag dispenser with 1 roll of bags inside


11am - Teach Your Puppy to Sit and Heel

2pm - Keeping Your Dog Safe in the Outdoors

FREE Home Made Dog Treats to the first 100 people with a dog!

Dr. Heather Wiedrick will be here from the Rome Animal Hospital doing micro chipping for $20 and you get a 1 year registration FREE. on March 7th






Dr. Thomas Gill will be here from the Brookside Veterinary Clinic on March 14th

Dr. Gill will be doing micro chipping for $76.  This includes all paperwork and he will mail it in for you.











Max 200 Dog Obedience and Agility will be here from Port Byron, NY on March 7th and March 14th













TBF - Service Dogs  March 6th, 7th & March 13th, 14th












Muddy Paws Dog Grooming will be here Saturday March 7th.  Talk with professionals on why grooming is so important to your pets health!








Wag In Tail & Bubbles & Bows Dog Grooming will be here on March 14th to talk about pet health and why grooming in the winter months are so important!












Cayuga County Highland Search & Rescue will be here with one of their search & rescue dogs! March 14th











Please feel free to go on our Bass Pro Facebook page and join our Dog Event. The picture with the most likes will receive a doggie gift basket!  www.facebook.com/bpsauburn



March 7th & March 14th

Receive a FREE Photo of you and your dog as well as a certificate with your dogs paw print on it.  All ink is baby safe and we will have dog approved wipes to take the ink off.


So stop on down to Bass Pro Shop and share with us the celebration of dogs!

Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator



Sunglasses Year Round Protection

Ice Fishing, Skiing, Hiking, Kayaking, Boating, Running the list can go on and on for a reason to wear sunglasses.  You only get one pair of eyes in a lifetime so make sure you protect them as good as you can year round.  Here in Central NY, when we do have weather with sun we don't always think to put our sunglasses on.

Many people don't think about UV (ultraviolet light) protection, but it does matter.  UV light can damage the skin of your eyelid and it can also damage your lens, and cornea.  So when buying a pair of sunglasses always look for a product that will block 99 to 100 percent of UVA and UVB.  What does UVA stand for?  Think ultra violet burn, this radiation is the most potent.  UVA is ultra violet and think aging.  This radiation will penetrate into your skin deeper.

What should you look for with lenses?  It all depends what you need them for.

Blue Blocking lenses make objects far away easier to see.  Especially when you are skiing.  These lenses are extremely popular with hunters, and anyone on the water.

Polarized lenses reduce reflected glare.  People who drive or fish find these helpful.

Mirror coated lenses reduce visible light.

What type of tint should you get?

Brown/Gray/Green tint do not change the color of objects, but cut down on the brightness.

Yellow/Amber tint are great for snow because they provide excellent depth perception.

A great idea is to purchase sunglasses with interchangeable lenses.  This way you get the eye protection you need and the clarity for the activity you are doing. Another idea are wrap around sunglasses. Keep that sun from sneaking in while getting the best protection you can.

What materials should you get when buying your glasses?  Glass is great and clear, the negative is they are also a bit heavy.  NXT polyurethane offer great clarity are flexible and lightweight, but they also tend to be on the expensive side.  Polcarbonate are great for sports.  Afforable, clear, and good with impact, but they are also less scratch resistant.

How should they fit?  Snug on your nose and ears.  Your eye lashes should not touch the frame.  You don't want anything too heavy.  If you are active look for rubber nose and ear pieces.  Last but not least protect your investment.  Look for a protective case, use a cleaning cloth not facial tissue to clean them.

Take a look below to see a few of the different kinds of sunglasses we have here at Bass Pro Shop that just might be the right one for you!

XPS by Fisherman Eyewear Grander Polarized Sunglasses  offer 100% UV protection, lightweight, scratch resistant and comfortable.  Great for fishing and priced in the $20 range.











Do you wear prescription eye wear?  Check out the Cocoons Over-Glasses-Pilot .  Lightweight, and 100% UV protection they come with a floating case and a manufacturers lifetime warranty.  Priced in the $40 range makes this a must see.










Going just a bit higher in price will give you more protection.  The Costa Straits 580P Polarized Sunglasses are semi rimless.  These come with adjustable nose pads, are lightweight and impact resistant.  Best feature they offer 100% UVA and UVB protection. Priced in the $180 range.















Last but not least consider the Costa Salbreak 580G sunglasses.  100% UVA,UVB & C, protection.  Scratch and impact resistant lenses make these sunglasses great for water and outdoor activity.  The price is in the $240's but you won't be disappointed in the quality.




















Stop on in and talk with our associates in our Sunglass department.  Try them on, and don't be afraid to ask questions.

Robin Piedmonte

Events Coordinator




Fish Finding Made Easy

Transducers, Flashers, Sonar, Echoe, keep it simple so I can get a Fish!  In this fast world of ours when we want to relax, we want to relax not try and figure out our fishfinder. Do you have questions?  Here is a little information that we hope help you, but feel free to always stop down and talk with the experts.  Tell them exactly what you fish for, and the associates here at Bass Pro will be happy to direct you to the fishfinder that fits your budget and need.

Frequency:  The higher the frequency.   192-200 work well in shallow water, low 50 KHZ use in deep water.  The higher the frequency the more in depth detail will show up because of more sonar waves sent and received by the transducer.  The greater the wattage the faster your element will show readings.

Screen Resolution:  Pixels - The greater the pixels the better the picture.  Minimum should be 240(v)x160(h).  If you can afford it go with the largest screen you can.

Transducers:  This is the main component that sends and receives sonar waves.  They bounce off the objects and are then picked up by transducers.  This gives you your picture.

The power of the sonar, how clear the the screen is, GPS, chartplotting, quality and price.  All things that are important when looking for a fishfinder that fits you.

The Humminbird899ciHDSI fishfinder with GPS and Chartplotter has a 7" screen with side imaging.








Two fishfinders that have 5" screens are the Garmin Echo Map 53DVHD and the Hummingbird Helix 5 DI .  Both are rugged and reliable as well as have a chartplotter in them.










So stop on by and talk with our Fishing/Marine associates to help you find the right fishfinder for you.


Robin Piedmonte-Events Coordinator






Wading Through Waders

What do you use waders for?  Do you use them to hunt?  Outdoor work?  Fishing?  Whatever your reason to use waders, let the associates at Bass Pro Shop help you find the right wader for the right reason with the right budget.

Finding the right wader is important, not only can it ruin your mood, but it may ruin your entire day if you get wet.

There are three styles of waders to consider, hip, waist, and chest.  Common materials used for waders are rubber, neoprene, waterproof, breathable fabrics, and nylon.

Hip waders are very comfortable in warmer waters.  Very easy on and off they are great for small streams, they pack easy. The Redhead Bone Dry Hobbs Creek Hip Waders have a lug sole and are tough, comfortable, and affordable.



















Waist high waders wear just like a pair of pants.  Belt loops and a belt to hold them up.  Your upper body is exposed so again very comfortable for the warm weather.


Chest waders are all around waders that provide the most coverage.  Water can be unpredictable so when trying these on make sure you are covered allowing a few extra inches higher than you need.  The Redhead Classic Series II Brown Neoprene Boot Foot Waders are flexible with 200 grams for warmth and come in men, ladies, or youth sizes.  Need a plus size?  Check out the Redhead Bone Dry Big Man Neoprene Boot Foot Wader with 600 grams, fits up to a shoe size 15.  Chest goes to 58.5", waist 61" and a inseam of up to 41.5".






















What materials do you want?  Breathable uninsulated waders are lightweight and comfortable.  The fabric locks out moisture while allowing perspiration to vent at the same time.  The knees and seat are reinforced. Neoprene waders are tough and hard to beat in the cold weather.  Comfortable and durable but not breathable.  The material reminds you of a wetsuit.  Nylon waders are durable and inexpensive.  Rubber is tough durable and heavy.  It all depends what work or fun you will be having with these.  Simms Freestone Stocking Foot Waders are breathable, waterproof and convert to waist high waders easy.  Add the Simms Freestone Wading Boot with leather upper which are comfortable, durable and are able to lace up for stability.























Do you need a extreme wader?  Look no farther than the Redhead Bone Dry Extreme Waders, with 1000 grams of pure warmth.  One piece construction makes this durable, comfortable and ready for whatever extreme you give it.















Footwear, do you want a Boot foot wader that is all one construction?  Quick on and off they have a rubber or felt sole.  The only negative is you cannot lace them up for stable footing.  The Stockingfoot waders need a boot for better stablility and some even come with a option of what sole you may want.  Felt soles are great when the rocks are slippery, while a hiking sole is better if you need to walk a distance to your fishing spot.  Metal studded felt is considered the best traction for slippery bottoms.

Which ever wader you choose, taking care of them is a must.  Hang them to dry.  If storing them, make sure the boot is completely dry and then store them in a cool, dark place with no sun.  Something that might help you dry is the Peet Wader Dryer  .  This book dryer has a gentle thermal convection that dries sweat and moisture quickly.  It also neutralizes odors brought on by perspiration.


















Stop on by and check out the large variety of waders we have.  We will have one to fit your need, and budget.


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator



Tackle Boxes - Memories in the Making

Tackle boxes, there is something about a well stocked tackle box that make a person stare at it  for some time.  Perhaps it is the memory of your father or grandfather.  Remembering all the time spent with them waiting for that fish to strike.  Great conversation about solving the worlds problems or just not talking at all.  Life is simple when out on the water just enjoying life.  Certain lures bring back memories of the big fish caught or lost.  Either way it brings a smile to ones face.

Looking at that old tackle box you have lures from friends, relatives each one with a story of its own.  Some people say fishing is a hobby, but working here at Bass Pro Shop I see it as a passion for many. Tackle boxes can be wood, plastic or metal.  You may not remember the lake but will always remember the thrill that one lure gave you.

How do you pick out the right tackle box?  This is a personal decision which plays a important role in your fishing trips.  If you are new at fishing going to a large store can be overwhelming.  Something to remember is your tackle box should be strong and able to handle wear and tear with ease.  The latch must be sturdy as well as strong.

Here are a few ideas that are popular here at Bass Pro Shop.

The Bass Pro Shop Extreme Qualifier 350 Tackle Tote Bag or System comes with just the bag or with five 350 boxes.  This bag has multiple pockets and pouches.  Made of heavy duty water repellent material with a very rugged vinyl bottom.  Perfect for the first time fisherman it is durable and the price is great!










A little larger is the Bass Pro Shop Extreme Qualifier 360 Backpack or System.  This easy to transport organization pack has 4 pockets, rod tub straps and will hold up to ten 360 utility boxes.  The zip off bottom section has lots of storage and is top quality.




















The Plano 6134 Three-tray Tackle Box has two top access areas for quick find bait.  There are structual grooves to strap down the box to a bike or boat and a large brass latch.  The box is not too heavy and it comes with 29-39 compartments.
















Make your own memories by starting your own tackle box incorporating your dads or grandfathers old lures.

Check out Luke Bryan's lyrics to his song "Tackle Box" and remember.


It was two shades of brown, scratched up plastic
It held extra line, lures, hooks and matches
And his last name engraved in brass
Right there by the handle on the top

I'd slide it out of the back of his station wagon
Lug it down the bank with my arm draggin'
And I could hardly wait for him
To lift the lid on that tackle box

'Cause I'd sail with him across the South Pacific
Stand beside him on the bow of that battleship
See him kiss the ground and thank the good Lord Jesus
And watch him run to grandma cryin' on the docks
He opened up, every time he opened up that old tackle box

He'd bait my hook and keep on tellin' stories
About nickel cokes, girls and sandlot glories
Pickup trucks and peanut fields
Long before this town knew blacktop

I was almost ridin' with him shotgun down those dirt roads
Takin' turns on a jug of homemade shine
As he raced his buddies down through Mason Holler
Fillin' the sky with dust and kicked up rocks
He opened up, every time he opened up that old tackle box

He's been gone twenty years tomorrow
And I'm still holdin' on to this one wish
That God above can let me borrow grandpa
For one more afternoon and one more fish

And I'd sail with him across the South Pacific
Stand beside him on the bow of that battleship
See him kiss the ground and thank the good Lord Jesus
And watch him run to grandma cryin' on the docks
He'd open up, every time he opened up that old tackle box
Yeah, I sure loved, every time he opened up that old tackle box

It was two shades of brown, scratched up plastic

Read more: Luke Bryan - Tackle Box Lyrics | MetroLyrics


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator




Lifetime Socks - Great Value

During these tough economic times, it is good to know that there are products out there that no matter what you do to them will always be replaced FREE.  Lifetime socks at Bass Pro Shop does just that.  Purchase a pair of our Redhead or Natural Reflections Lifetime socks and never worry about them ripping, tearing, small holes, or wearing out.  When they get that way just bring both of them back to our Customer Service Department, and go get yourself another pair.  It is as easy as that!

Personnally I have 8 pairs of the all lifetime all purpose mens socks, and could not be happier.  I started thinking why people wear socks other than for sanitary reasons.  Here are a few tid bits to ponder over before I show you our lifetime socks.

Your foot is the heaviest producers of sweat in the body.  The socks absorb the sweat and then draws it to areas where air can evaporate the perspiration.

Years ago animal skins were gathered up and tied around the ankles for socks.  During the 8th century the Greeks wore socks from matted animal hair for warmth.

Did you know the English word sock is derived from the old English word Socc meaning "light slipper".

The Swiss did a study that showed when we sleep,  blood flow is redirected to our hands and feet.  When these areas are warm the blood vessels dilate and allow for greater blood flow.  Which helps you sleep better.

With all that information, why not check out our lifetime socks.  You have nothing to loose!

Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator


Natural Reflections (Ladies) Lifetime Socks









Redhead Lifetime Lightweight Quarter Socks For Men











Redhead Lifetime All Purpose Socks for Men

















Redhead Lifetime Midweight Crew Socks for Men
















Ice Fishing - Great Fun and Conversation

Thinking about ice fishing?  Some people cannot imagine toting a sled with supplies all bundled up to sit over a hole in the ice as the wind blows through them.  Many fisherman find this time to relaxing, not to mention having a bbq over alot of hot coffee and conversation to stay warm.  Strategy and patience is what you need for ice fishing.  Here are a few ideas to help you find a place to fish, what to wear, what to bring, and how to stay safe while you enjoy your time outside.

New York State has a variety of fish that people enjoy fishing for during this cold weather.  Perch, sunfish, pickerel, walley, and trout to name some.

How do you get started?  The best way to get started is go with a friend or stop at a local tackle shop to find a popular ice fishing area.  At tackle shops they can tell you where the fish are being caught.  Watch for announcements on ice fishing tournaments.  Stop in and talk with Bass Pro associates to see what they recommend.  Ice fisherman tend to share tips, techniques, and stories.  They are very social.

Cutting the Ice:

The simplest way to cut through the ice,  is the "Spud Bar". Inexpensive and it works well on the  ice up to a foot thick.

Hand Powered Augers are slightly more expensive than spuds and are very easy to operate.  This is the best compromise for moderate ice conditions.  Pan fish people favor 4,5, or 6" because they are light weight and faster.  For a larger fish go to a 8".  People who go ice fishing on a regular basis or for a extreme ice condition use a more expensive option or a gas powered ice auger. 

What pole do you use?

Jigging Rod:  This is a short light fishing rod used with tip-ups.  Bass Pro Shop has many different types of tip ups and jigging poles.  Any associate in our Fishing Department can direct you to the one that is best for you.  Jigging involves use of a jigging rod or hand line and a small jigging spoon or lure with bait.  It is designed to move in different directions when jerked up and down.

Tip Up:  A tip-up is a spool on a stick holding a baited line that goes through the ice.  When the fish grabs the bait,  the pull on the line releases a signal that you have a fish (example: red flag).

Clothing:  Pay attention to the weather and dress in layers.

Ice Safety:  Minimum 3 to 4 inches of solid ice is the rule.  The ice thickness differs on the water.  Always use good judgement.  Avoid moving water, including where streams.  The ice thickness table below is based on clear, blue, hard ice on non-running waters.  Slush ice is 50% weaker.

Stay away from docks with bubblers.  They can produce thin unsafe ice a distance away.  Always fish using the buddy system.

The American Pulpwood Association has a Ice Thickness Table they suggest you follow when out on the ice. This is based on clear, blue, hard ice on non-moving (running) waters.

Ice Thickness                                                      Permissible Load

2"                                                                       One Person on Foot

3"                                                                       Group Single File

7.5"                                                                     1 Car (2 tons)

8"                                                                        Light Truck (2.5 tons)

10"                                                                      Truck (3.5 tons)

12"                                                                      Heavy Truck (7-8 tons)

15"                                                                      10 Tons

20"                                                                      25 Tons

Regulations for Ice Fishing:

You have a limit of 2 jigging lines (or hand lines) and five tip ups in most waters.  Each tip up is marked with the operator's name and address.  The operator must be present when lines are in the water and you must have your fishing license on you.  Always review regulations before you go by visiting www.dec.ny.gov.

Beginner Equiptment List:

Thermal Long Johns

Thermal Socks


Snow Pants

Sweatshirt or Warm Flannel Shirt

Warm Hunting Coat


Waterproof insulated boots

Knit Hat/Mask


Commercial ice fishing rod, tip-up, or dowel rod

20-50 yards of 6 pound monofiliment fishing line

Hooks, Flat Hooks, Treble Hooks

Split Shot assortment, Mousies, Maggots, Mayfly Larva

Bait, Swedish Pimple (lure), Minnows, Wax Worms

Auger, Ice Spud, ladle, bucket, 25' nylon rope

Don't forget some food and coffee

Here are a few products we sell here at Bass Pro Shop that will make your ice fishing experience enjoyable.

The Clam Vista Thermal Ice Shelter can accommodate 2 to 3 people.












How about the Soroc Sports Sled?  Perfect to pull all your supplies, it is made of thermoform construction.















The Bass Pro Shop Hand Ice Auger, comes in a 6" or 8" with soft rubber handle.  Lightweight and portable.







Need something with power?  Check out the Strike Master Chipper Lite Ice Auger.  This unit has a pointed chipper blade tip to keep the unit from bouncing around.  Lightweight and powerful















We have many tip-ups to pick from, but check out the Bass Pro Shop Ice Artic Angler Tip Up.  Highly Visable with indicator and flag, measuring board and weather resistant molded base and spool.







The Clam True Blue Ice Fishing Spining Combo comes with a oversized spool, cork grips and is solid graphite.







Finally stay warm with the Clam Corp Ice Armor Edge Cold Weather Parka and the Clam Corp Ice Armor Ultra Insulated Bibs.  Waterproof, breathable, reflective safety piping and windproof.





























Consider taking up a little Ice Fishing this year.  Stop on by and talk with any of our Fishing associates who will be happy to help you get started.

Robin Piedmonte

Events Coordinator



Escape New York - Luggage

This is the time of year in Central New York, when we all get the Winter blues.  The need to ESCAPE to a warmer climate.  Did you know that Bass Pro Shop makes light, high quality, durable luggage?  The Bob Timberlake line of luggage has a collection that even the most finicky person will like.  Here are just a few pieces of the collection we offer.

The Bob Timberlake 24" Wheeled North South Hinged Trunk, is unique with a zippered removable top half to help meet airline weight restrictions.  There is also a large bottom compartment with clothing straps and a removable suiter inside


When traveling a nice shaving kit is a must.  Check out the Bob Timberlake First Class Leather Shaving Kit.  Spacious, sturdy and made of top grain leather.  There is a mesh organizer inside so everything will be organized and clean.


Perfect for daily business or just a one or two day trip, take a look at the Bob Timberlake Flight Bag.  Individual zippers to keep business and personal separate.  There is a padded bottom for laptop protection.



Some people just need something to put small items in without a large luggage.  The Bob Timberlake Rucksack, has just what you need.  Easy access main compartment with a laptop sleeve.  Top loading with a zipper and magnet closure flap.  Zippered side pockets and a easy access handle strips for that grap and go need.





So travel in style with the Bob Timberlake luggage when you decide to ESCAPE New York State.

Robin Piedmonte

Events Coordinator



Learn to Master Tie Flying

January can be a house bound month.  The weather does not always cooperate and everyone is tired of shopping.  Why not try your hand at Fly Tying?  January is the best time of year to learn and Bass Pro Shop is offering FREE classes.  This gives you a opportunity to master the basic techniques to tying flies.

Here is a list of FREE Fly Tying Classes at  Bass Pro!

Where:  Bass Pro Shop Fly Shop

Time:     2pm


January 10, 2015  Topic: Streamers & Wooly Buggers













January 17, 2015  Topic: Nymphs














January 24, 2015  Topic: Wet Flies & Emergers


























January 31, 2014  Topic: Dry Flies
















February 7, 2015  Topic: Bass Poppers & Gurglers












February 14, 2015 Topic:Egg Patterns for Steelhead and Salmon













You will begin to learn easy simple patterns that will help you catch trout, steelhead, salmon, or bass by Spring.

Did you know that many of the famous Fly Fisherman are from New York State?  Art Flick, Walt & Winnie Dettes and Fran Betters to name a few.

By learning the basic techniques of fly tying you become a better fly fisherman by learning about the "bait".  When and what to use is crucial to catching the fish you want.

With so many lakes connected to streams, when the snow melts, rivers rise and fish seek places to spawn.  They move with the streams or they can hit a road block such as a waterfall to spawn.  Not only will you enjoy fishing, but consider your mental health with the peaceful solitude one feels surrounded by all that beauty.  Consider the gorges throughout the Finger Lakes region.

Flies are considered imitations or attractors and are then broken down to:

Streamers & Wooly Buggers:  Most recognized and commonly used fly.  They attract fish in fast or slow water, rivers, ponds and lakes.

Nymph:  Designed to resemble a young aquatic insect and small crustacean.

Emerger: Designed to resemble a not quite mature hatching aquatic insect as it is leaving the water to become a adult insect.

Wet Fly: Designed to sink below the surface of the water.

Dry Fly:  Designed to land softly on the surface of the water.

Bass Popper/Gurgler: Designed to resemble surface and subsurface insects.  They attract by making a noise.

Egg Patterns:  Easy and inexpensive to make or buy.  Match your color to the color of the hatch egg.

Imitations want to deceive the fish by representing insects the fish feed on.  Imitators do not always have to be true to life  but have realistic qualities when their fur/feathers are buried in water.  They then move with the current.  Attractors, are usually bright in color and are looking to get a reaction from the fish such as a strike.

Don't be house bound in January.  Stop on down and take a few free classes with Mike DeTomaso.  Gain the knowlege you need to start fly fishing in the Spring.
















Mike DeTomaso

Robin Piedmonte


Buff Up That Truck

Christmas is over and January seems to be a long month for us.  Time to put away all the hunting clothes and tree decorations.  Why not buff up that truck?  You don't need to spend alot to make that truck look like new inside.  Here are a few ideas that you may just find interesting.

The Signature Automotive Browning Steering Wheel Cover, is durable and it fits most steering wheels.  Treated to resist dirt and moisture, this cover will protect your wheel and keep your hands from slipping.  The design comes in Mossy Oak, Break Up or Infinity.

How about a seat cover?  The Signature Automotive Browning Seat Cover comes in the Mossy Oak, Break Up or Pink design.  Top quality and water resistant this bucket seat cover will fit most standard bucket seats with or without headrests.




How about new floor mats?  The Signature Automotive Browning Floor Mats, come two to the package.  The design is Mossy Oak, Break Up, or Infinity.  Tough, sharp, durable with raised edges to trap the water and dirt so your truck stays clean.  If you need rear matts also, take a look at the Signature Automotive Browning Rear Floor Mat.  The patterns are Mossy Oak, Break-Up, or Infinity.  This is also made durable with molded edges.  Why this would even be good around the house, shop or garage.



New this year is the Garmin Nuvi 66LM Personal Navigation Unit.  This unit comes with free lifetime maps, a 6" display and preloaded maps of Canada and the US.  A few other great additions are lane assist, junction view and route avoidance.  This unit also tells you the speed limits and school zone warnings.

How about adding a little humor to your truck with the Double Take Archery Arrow Radio Antenna?  This antenna looks like a arrow and will fit all major truck lines. A fully functioning antenna, what a great addition to the truck.


Fisherman?  Take a look at the Hitch Receiver Cover Prop.  This cover will fit most standard hitch receivers.  Not only is this a cover, but the red light will light up when you apply the breaks


So, stop on in and take a look at what we have to Buff up your Truck!


Robin Piedmonte -Events Coordinator




Last Minute Shopping

Are you a last minute shopper?  Well we have you covered.  Stop on down to Bass Pro Shop and let us take the stress out of your holiday.

For the hunter in your life or someone who enjoys watching what happens when they are sleeping at night.  Consider buying them the Moultrie Game Spy M880 Digital Infrared Game Camera.   The 8.0 megapixel image and low glow infrared flash will give you bright clear images up to 100 feet at night.

Now if you have a fisherman or someone who enjoys clams, lobster, or salt potatoes, consider the Bass Pro Shop Stainless Steel 3 in 1 Combo Cooler.    Easy to clean and powerful, this cooker will fry, steam, or boil.  You get a 30qt stainless steel pot with lid.  There is a copper spigot for easy oil or water removal, a safety timer, strainer, steamer basket, steamer grid, and a stainless steel turkey hook and stand.  Why this combo even throws in a fry thermometer and marinade injector.   Great Gift!

Not sure if you want all the oil?  Consider the Butterball Oil Free Electric Turkey Fryer.  Get fried turkey without frying.  This fryer will use injectable marinades or seasoned rubs.  The fryer has a adjustable temperature control, a basket and a wood chip tray for smoking foods.  With a removeable drip pan it makes for easy cleanup.  This fryer will cook up to a 18 pound bird.


A perfect holiday gift for anyone is the Masterbuilt Extra Wide Propane Smoker.  A large capacity smoker with adjustible gas control and thermometer.  This smoker is made of heavy duty construction.  Push ignition makes it easy to start.  A smoker like this will be used for years to come.

Someone who enjoys time outside or just purchased a new home, will love the Landmann USA Patio Light Fire Pit.    Good construction,  this is great to enjoy a fire when your nights are a little cold.  Cook smores or hotdogs.  Cut out bears and bear paws adorn the outside giving it a rustic look.

Add a bit of unique flair to your outside with the Wind Chimes Fishbone.  


Someone in your family always traveling?  How about that college graduate?  Something that everyone needs is luggage.

  Bob Timberlake has a beautiful and durable line of luggage.  I think once you see how first class this luggage is you will truly be impressed.  The Bob Timberlake Luggage Collection can be wheeled upright.  It is cotton canvas with a paraffin weather proof coating and US oiled leather with brass zippers.  There are also magnets for quick closure.  Anyone would feel extremely special to get such a nice piece of luggage like this


To add to the luggage is the Bob Timberlake First Class Leather Collection-Shaving Kit.    A large main compartment, zip pocket, mesh organizer, with a drop down bottom storage gives you all the room you need and more.

For the person on your list that enjoys birds and lives with a hunter, consider the GSI Outdoors Shot Shell Mesh Bird Feeder.  This feeder is perfect for nuthatches, finches, or chickadees.  It will hold up to 32oz of birdseed.  Easy to hang, clean, and refill.

For the coffee lover in the family, take a look at the Bass Pro Shop Gun Mug in pink or black.  This will bring a smile to their face every morning.

If you know of someone who loves to find money, or little treasures, the Bounty Hunter Camo LS Metal Detector will pinpoint that target.  It is waterproof and it has a touchpad.  Perfect for someone who needs more exercise and who loves to treasure hunt.  Think of all the historic places right around where they live.

Last but not least do not forget that best friend.  The Premier Pet Products Chuckle Dog Toy  is perfect for that dog who is a strong chewer.  Natural rubber,  this toy will randomly disperse treats.  This will reward them for chewing the right toy and not your furniture.

We hope this takes some of the stress out of the holidays for you.  Merry Christmas

Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator



Wall Art - A Great Gift Idea for Any Age

A great gift idea for someone is a beautiful piece of art for their walls.  You can go classic with fish, deer, elk, and ducks.  You can also get modern, yet rustic.  I am a firm believer that anything can work when you like something well enough. 

The Big Sky Carvers Shadow Box Art is very modern, but with a lodge and rustic feel to it.  You can pick from bear, wolf, moose, elk, or a series of three bears.  Very unique it would fit in a camp or traditional home.

















The Holy Shed Antler Cross gives you a chance to show your faith in a natural and unique way.

















If you want a cross with a bold look, take a glimpse at the Big Sky Carvers Faux Wall Cross. 













New to Bass Pro Shops this year, IMAX has come out with a realistic rustic and modern looking antlers.  The McDaniel Aluminum Antlers or the Marshall Aluminum Antlers give your home a daring and naturalistic look.


































Two pictures that are perfect for the fisherman or hunter is the Live to Hunt Box Art or Live to Fish Box Art.  Both pictures will fit in any home regardless of the style.















If classic is your style, take a  look at all the beautiful wall art we have.  Just one of the artists we carry are from Northern Promotions.  They have attractive outdoor pictures of cardinals, deer, ducks and more . Each picture is framed with a rich mat.







So stop on by or shop from the comfort of your own home.  I bet you will find the right picture for that person you have been looking for, as well as treat yourself .


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator



The Gift of Light

Do you know someone who loves the outdoors?  How about someone who has a lake house?  You want to get them something very special, but you want it to mean something for years to come.  Here at Bass Pro Shop we believe quality counts.  If you are going to spend your hard earned money, we want you to really love what you are buying.  Whether you,  or the person you are buying for lives on the water in the woods or in a city; the lodge look is popular and cozy.  Take a look at some of the interesting lamps we have here and see if one of them rings a bell for someone you think alot of at Christmas time.

New this year from IMAX is the Radburn Jute-Wrapped Wine Jug Lamp.  Neutral coloring, this lamp would look great in a kitchen, office, living room or den.






































New and unique are the words for the GuildMaster Wood Cylinder Lamp.  Distressed white finish, this lamp can decorate any room.




































Perfect for a office or lake house take a look at the Fishing Lure Table Lamp.  This lamp has a detailed base with fishing lure accents.



















New from IMAX is the Farland Green Glass with Jute Table Lamp.  The color green is beautiful and would be nice in a den, or bedroom.




































If the woods are calling you, take a look at the Big Sky Carvers Faux Antler Lamp.  This lamp has a hand hammered copper shade.  At the base are intertwined faux antlers.  Handsome and rustic!




















Cozy is a word I would describe the Autumn Light Table Lamp.  This lamp glows at the base at night.  It has a 4 way switch and a amber bronze finish.































Always a popular lamp, is the Boat Motor Table Lamp.  This whimsical lamp is a sure conversation starter.

















The Oil Lantern Table Lamp has a nightlight inside the lantern.  Made of resin and glass it gives a soothing atmosphere at night
























Two lamps in one describes the Hidden Path Twin Arm Table Lamp.  Metal and wood with a silver bronze finish.  The shade is metal and linen with a woodland trail look.  Handsome, yet chic.











Do you know someone with a country kitchen?  New this year from IMAX is the Lexington Mason Jar Pendant Light Set.  Green tinted bubble glass jars with a vintage style bulb.  These lights are unique, cute and worth looking in to.

















So consider looking at the lamps we have here at Bass Pro Shop.  Something different and unique yet beautiful, and not everyone has these.



Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator






Bedding - A Great Gift!

What do you get that person in your family who is rustic and wants a cabin style bedroom?  Well new this year we have new bedding that is sure to impress.

The brand Woolrich has been around for years.  New to Bass Pro Shop we have a nice variety of bedding from the Woolrich Company.

The Woolrich Williamsport Plaid Bedding Collection is a combination of red, black and white plaid.  Very cozy and cabin like, this collection comes with a comforter, bed skirt, and cable knit euro shams.  Bring the rustic in.

















How about a few accent pillows to go along with the comforter?  Along with the Williamsport style, check out these four pillows that accent the bedding perfectly. The Airplane Oblong Pillow, the Cable Knit Square, the Lace Up Square Pillow, or the Elk Square Pillow. All four of these are perfect









































































The Woolrich Oak Harbor Bedding Collection is a blend of leather, tweed and plaid.  Perfect for a master suite or spare bedroom this set brings has a cozy masculine look.  The collection also comes with the comforter, shams, and bed skirt.




















To add accent to this beautiful collection consider the Woolrich Lab Oblong Pillow, the Faux Leather Square Pillow or the Neckroll Pillow.






























As the weather warms us consider the Woolrich Oak Harbor Bedding Coverlet.  Along with two shams, this bedding has a quilted basketweave design.












Every bedroom needs little accents and boy do we have a large variety of new accents to check out.  Here are just a few.  The IMAX Teakwood Candle will add a nice texture to any room.  There are three sizes to pick from small, medium, or large.











The IMAX Veltriano Short Recycled Glass Vase is eye catching by itself or with flowers in it.

















Perfect for the top of a dresser is the IMAX Ardene Iron Bird Planter.   Add votive candles, herbs, or flowers this will give the room a whimsey look.  

















Check out the IMAX Cordelia Short Ceramic & Iron Vase.  Absolutely beautiful on its own.






















Now you see just how nice these new bed sets with accents can be.  So stop on by, or sit back and check out everything we have on-line from the comfort of your home.  Make that gift one they will remember for years to come.

Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator










Binoculars - Fun - Practical - Gift

Now that Deer season is in full swing, your hunter is out utilizing all their equipment.  How are their binoculars?  Do they still have the same pair as when they were young?  Perhaps it is time to treat yourself or leave some hints for love ones to pick you up the pair you want.

Here are a few questions you may want to ask:

What is your budget?

What will they/you be using them for?

The binoculars that we sell here at Bass Pro Shop are not just for hunters.  People use binoculars for all different reasons.  Hunting, Bird Watching, Hiking, Sporting Events, Sightseeing, Boating, Concerts, Star Gazing, and more.

Did you know that with a basic pair of binoculars, you can see up to 3000 stars?  When you decide to stop in and look at the binouclars, ask any one of our associates in the hunting department to direct you to the right one to fit your need and wallet.

Perhaps you are looking for binoculars for the first time hunter.  The Bass Pro Shop Rubber Armor Binoculor-Porro Prism is a great gift idea.  Durable with rubber armor finish, a wide angle design these are great for outdoor activities.  Priced around $40 makes them the perfect first pair of binoculars for your young hunter, boy scout, or hiker.









A little more expensive around $100 is the Leupold Rogue Binoculars.  These binoculars have a easy focus with a oversized focus knob for anyone who may have a little arthritis.  A great price for waterproof, lightweight and compact binoculars, their field of view is 1000 yards.

















The Redfield Rebel 10x42 Binoculars, are well balanced, and easy to handle.  A great value at around $170, their clarity and brightness will impress you. 





















As you spend more, you will see the image get crisper and cleaner farther out.  At approx. $300 the Nikon Monarch 5 Binoculars are rugged, clear, lightweight and are waterproof as well as fog proof.  Extra low dispersion glass lenses and multilayer prism coating makes these binoculars worth every penny.  Along the same line are the Bushnell Legend Ultra HD Binoculars.    Great focus, clear, slim lightweight but able to take on any toughness you give it.  Waterproof and fogproof.  A great price for what you get.




















The Vortex Viper HD Binoculars are high density with extra low dispersion glass.  Anti reflective coatings and 100% waterproof and fogproof.  Roof prisms and a Armor Tek Coating these are a great value at around $560.


















The prices go up depending on what you are looking for.  Follow the steps of knowing your budget and what are the binoculars being used for.  Then, stop on in and ask questions as well as try them out.  Even $40 is alot so make sure you are comfortable with what you are buying.  Why you may even check them out and stop on back once you have thought things through.  Here at Bass Pro Shop it is not about the sale.  We want you happy with what you are buying.  If you are happy we know you will stop on back to see us again.

Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator













Protection for your Gun

It's Hunting season and your gun takes a beating.  Always take the time to clean and keep your gun protected.  We have a large variety of gun cases at many different price ranges.  Here are a few that handle extreme conditions.

The Boyt Tactical H Series Double Handgun Case is tough and durable.  This case is designed to meet or exceed law enforcement, military and airline standards.  The case is waterproof and dustproof.  Boyt considers this case so durable it has a lifetime warranty.  High density foam will keep your handguns in place and protected.




























Plano makes gun cases at all different prices.  The Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case is built for extreme conditions.  With a dri -loc seal for weathertight protection and thick wall construction, this is the ultimate protection for your gun.  The case has heavy duty dual stage lockable latches that hold tight then it has padlock tabs for reinforced security.  The pluckfoam allows you to shape the padding in the case to match your gun.





















The Redhead 2-Rifle Aluminum Gun Case is durable and fortified with heavy duty corner protectors.  There is a full length hidden hinge and heavy duty key latches for security.  Wheels on the bottom allows you to roll with ease.










How about something that is watertight, crushproof and dustproof?  Check out the Redhead Double Rifle CaseThis case has a o- ring seal, automatic pressure equalization valve and wheels for easy transport.



















Anyone who owns a gun knows how important it is to keep your gun clean.  The Remington Squeeg-E Universal Gun Cleaning System, can be used on multiple firearms.  This has everthing you need to keep your guns in tip top shape.  Check out the reviews on line.


















Once your guns are cleaned, your are ready to put them away.  Gun socks are a great item to pick up and very inexpensive.  The Allen Company Tactical Gun Sock,  protects firearms from humidity and fits most tactical guns with or without scopes.  There is a drawstring closure, and it is 47 inches long.  The Allen Company Knit Gun Sock - 3 Pack, has drawstring closures. They will fit most guns with or without scopes, and the silicone treated knit fabric does not promote corrosion.






































Last but not least, when the guns are ready for the safe, a dehumidifier system is perfect to remove moisture.  The Stack-On Rechargeable Cordless Dehumidifier absorbs excess moisture with no holes, cords or batteries.  There is a moisture gauge that tells when it needs to be recharged.  This can be used in a standard electrical outlet, charge it overnight and put it back in your safe.  This will last for years.















Another idea to remove humidity is the Browning Ever-Dry Dehumidifier.    This system is easy to install and will protect your items against rust.  Use on a safe 30"W or larger.











So protect your gun investment.  Stop on in and take a look at the large variety of gun cases we have in stock.


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator



It's Harvest Time

Have you got your deer yet?  If not, make sure you stop on by to check out all the harvest merchandise that will make cleaning that deer just a little easier.

Check out the Viking Solutions Rack Jack Hoist System.  Load and unload game by yourself.  This system has the lifting capacity of 300 pounds and there is a 360 degree rotation.  Simple and easy to use, this is worth looking at..










The Viking Solutions Deer Splitter makes cleaning your kill quick.  This will easily cut through brisket and pelvic bone.  Extremely durable, this splitter is made of stainless steel construction.  Cleaning is a breeze.




















Do you want to remove the skin quickly yet not damage the hide?  Check out the Big Game Treestands Deluxe Skinning Tool.  The large teeth clamp down firmly on your kill and this can be used for large or small game.

















Have you ever wondered how old your deer may be?  Something you may find interesting is the Deer Aging Reference Tool.  These are authentic tooth molds from 8 different age classes.  This takes the guess work out of guessing how old your buck or doe is.  There are instructions as well as a carry ring.












If a cart is what  you are looking for, the Big Game Treestands The Lock & Load Game Cart  is something you will find interesting. Steel construction for strength and durability as well as 16" wheels that are great for rolling across rugged terrain.  This cart will fold up for easy transport and storage and it can carry up to 300 pounds.  Here are a few words that make this cart a must:  Useful - Durable - Easy Drag - Takes Strain off the Back and Hands



















The Hunter Specialties Butt Out 2 Big Game Dressing Tool, is very popular with hunters.  This tool makes field dressing easier, quick and it is easy to clean.  This is one tool every hunter should have.

















Never have your game hit the ground again with the Adjustable Game T Hanger.  Extra heavy duty welded steel construction makes this very strong and durable.  Easy to use, this is something every hunter should have.
















You always want to keep yourself clean and protected when field dressing.  A must for your day pack are the Redhead Game Cleaning Gloves.  These won't break the bank and are important to have in your truck.











Keeping your deer in good condition as well as protecting it from dirt and weather is important.  Try the Alaska Game Bags 4 pack for Deer.  Tough, lightweight, and durable these bags are virtually tear resistant and odor free.  Perfect to keep in your truck.

















These are just a few items we have here at Bass Pro Shop to make field dressing a bit quicker, cleaner, and easier.

Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator