Targets - Practice Makes Perfect

Remember the saying "practice makes perfect"?  When it comes to being ready for archery season it could not be truer.  We have a great variety of targets to practice with at Bass Pro Shop.  Here are just a few you may want to consider.

The Field Logic Glen Del Pre-Rut 3D Deer Target has a polyfusion core.  You can use this target with field points, broadheads, and mechanicals.  Extremely lightweight and life like, this target is just what you are looking for..  The removal of arrows is easy and this target is quite durable.











If you want a block target, take a look at the Rinehart Target Rhino Block.  This target has four sides, 2 conventional and 2 display 3D sculpted.  Easy to carry with a rope handle and 40 target zones as well as self healing foam.















How about a portable target?  The Rinehart Target 18-1 is a long lasting portable target with 18 zones.  This target will stop field points, broadheads, and expandable blades all with self healing foam.











The Delta Kill Zone Archery Target for Bear/Boar is compact, durable, and  lightweight.  Perfect for your backyard or a campsite.












Best value of all,  take a look a the Redhead 4 Sided Layered Foam Archery Target with high density foam and 4 sided shooting.  If you are looking for a 3D target, check out the Shooter Buck  .  This target is designed to stop any field tip, broadhead or expandable while being a great value.













So stop on down and take a look at the variety of targets to pick from then get out there and practice, practice, practice.


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator



Whats New in Game Cameras

Is your old camera giving you problems?  Well stop on down and take a look at whats new in game cameras.

New this year is the Cuddeback Seen IR Game Camera.  Compact and its size is perfect for monitoring new rubs or scrapes.  You can choose from wide angle or centered subject mode 5MP infrared images will give you night or day pictures with no motion blur or washout. The color images are superior and there is a 1/2 second trigger so you don't miss anything.











Fast trigger, high definition video and longer night range, the Moultrie Game Spy M880 is the camera for you.  This camera is a 8 megapixel with a low glow infrared flash.  There are four modes IR game camera, time lapse, plot camera in day/infrared at night, and HD video.  The video does come with sound and the motion freeze technology reduces nightime blur.  You can take 1-4 pictures per second and view your images and video on a 16:9 widescreen.













Another new camera this year is the Moultrie Game Spy M9901 No Glow.  This 10 megapixel camera has four operational modes, HD video with sound day and night, motion freeze while having a built in 2" LCD viewing screen.  You have shooting options of fastfire continuous, multi shot and picture delay of 5,15, 30 seconds or 1-60 minutes.













Stop on by the Archery Department and check out what we have in game cameras.  What a great way to watch and learn before Hunting Season.


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator




Dogs & Travel This Summer

Summer is a perfect time to take a vacation with your best friend along.  If you plan on driving or hiking for any length of time you may want to take a look at a few handy items we have that will make life alot easier. 

If you plan a trip in the car, dont forget about your pet.  The Portable PET Waterboy is perfect to hold water.  It is great in a RV, or SUV.  This holds 3 quarts of water, and  it is easy to fill.  Best part about this is it is designed not to splash.  If you need something to hold food and water take a look at the Portable PET Food Tote.   Easy to carry, compact and lightweight, this is perfect if you are traveling.  This will hold 8 cups of food.




























If you have ever traveled with a pet.  First there is the hair, then add the mud.  Consider the Classic Accessories Heritage Rear Seat Protector.  This fits most cars, minivans or SUVs.  Installs quickly and will stay in place.  It folds up nice and flat for easy storage.  Protecting that car from smell, mud, scratches and moisture is important. 

















Traveling with a older dog makes things a little more complicated.  It is hard for them to jump in and out of a vehicle, yet they want to participate with everything you do.  The Portable PET Twistep Pet Step is here to help.  This helps your dog get into your car or truck easier.  Installing is very easy and it will hold up to 400 pounds.  When finished it swings under your bumper.  This way your back is saved and your dogs joints don't stress as much.



















Lets not forget that when you travel, I bet you have a first aid kit.  Well your dog is no different.  Take a look at the Creative Pet Products Sporting Dog First Aid Kit.  Whether you are on a trip or out in the field on a hunt, your pet may need a little help once in a while.  This kit is designed to give you quick access to a first aid kit designed for them.  Here is what this complete kit has:  Staple gun, thermometer, stainless scissors, forceps, hydrogen peroxide, 3 ply towels, alcohol prep pads, cotton balls, cotton swabs, eye wsh, surgical scrub brush, saline solution, syringe, first aid ointment, gauze pads, flexible cohesive wrap, iodine solution, hydrocortisone cream, iodine pads, styptic pencil, tourniquet, vinyl gloves, pill gun, cold pack, and a first aid book for dogs.This kit is compact and will fit under any seat.














As you travel or camp,  your dog is coming in contact with different scents and can become a little pre-occupied.  The Nite Ize Spotlit LED Collar Light For Dogs,  is a battery powered LED collar light.  Visable up to 1,000' away, this is great for your dog when you camp, hike or travel.











So remember your best friend when you are exploring and enjoying the summer months.


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator 





Fly Fising In August

Fly fishing opportunities for the month of August can be somewhat limited if your area streams suffer from high water temperatures.  Trout get very lethargic in warm 70 degree water temps unless there are hatches worth expending energy for.  One of these "hatches" worth fishing is a trico spinner fall that occurs around 8-10 am on many local streams.  Trico mayflies hatch and convert to spinners almost immediately usually within an hour or two.  Spinner falls can start as early as mid July and last through September.  These flies are small, sz.20 to 24.  Light weight rods from 1-3 wt loaded with a 9 foot 7x leader will give you the delicate presentation needed to catch trout during this hatch and spinner fall.

Salmon season on the Salmon River will begin in about a month.  Usually after Labor Day, there are plenty of salmon in the river.  If you are thinking about tangling with these tackle busters stop in and see us for the right equipment and some tips on how to catch them.  Salmon and other lake run species like browns and steelhead are easy to catch when you are properly equipped.  Fall is an exciting time of the year to be fly fishing so don't hang up your equipment and wait for next year's season to begin.  If you do you'll miss out on the best fishing of the year.  We have plenty of outfits to fit your budget.

Michael DeTomaso




Why We Fish

Why would anyone fish?  Why would someone sit in a boat for hours on end staring into the water waiting for movement on their line.

Do we do it to relax, and calm our nerves?  Do we do it to compete and win a prize?  Do we do it to develop a good relationship with our kids?  Do we do it to keep kids out of trouble?  Do we do it for food?

Whatever the reason you have to fish, keep on doing it.  You can fish at any age.  It is good for your health and well being.  The fresh air and all the vitamin D from the sun.  It rejuvenates your head and your soul,  as well as it tastes fantastic.

At Bass Pro Shop we believe that anyone of any age is never too old or young to not fish.  Anyone who has ever caught a fish, and eaten it that day knows there is nothing better.  All it takes is once to get addicted to fishing.  When you reel in that first fish you want more.  You want larger fish then you want to catch different fish. 

Sitting on the boat you watch the water ripple and wait for that fish.  You forget about the office, money or anything that might be bothering you.  It is truly good for your mental health.  With all the stress in the world what a perfect time to teach your kids how to kick back and fish.  Teach them something that they will have with them forever.  Fishing teaches patience,  it will reward them for paying attention and doing something correctly.  The best part is that it develops a bond with you,  that will be passed down to their children. 

So take a little time while this warm weather is around and fish.

Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator 



Dutch Oven Cooking

Do you remember Grandma's old cast iron packed away in the basement?  Well you most likely thought that cast iron was a thing of the past, but wrong you are.  Cooking with cast iron brings out the best flavor in meat or poultry.  Making it a fun family activity is what it is all about.  You could be making stews, pies, cakes, or chili.  Do it in your own back yard or at a camping site. Let us show you just how easy it can be.

Cast iron distributes heat evenly.  When buying a dutch oven consider one with legs.  These are easier to use.  Make sure the lid lies flush with the lip of the oven.  Also make sure the lid has a loop handle that is secured to the center of the pot.  Last, check out the wire handle.  Is it movable and strong?  Remember you will be carrying it with a full pot of stew. 

The Lodge Logic 6 Quart Cast Iron Camp Dutch Oven  fits all the criteria and it is ready to use.  You don't have to cure it yourself. The lid on this dutch oven also flips over to use as a griddle.



















Don't forget about lifting that oven.  The Lodge Logic Cast Iron Camp Dutch Oven Lid Lifter allows you to lift safely.  Made of quality cast iron this lid lifter has a good grip and is extremely durable.













Cooking over a fire or on a cook table?  First thing are gloves.  Take a look at the Lodge Dutch Oven Gloves.  Brushed red leather, these gloves have extra insulation and are heavy duty.  Perfect for dutch oven cooking or even when you BBQ.











The Lodge Camp Dutch Oven Cooking Table With Tall Windscreen  is made of durable steel.  There is a three sided windscreen, and it has adjustable feet and folding legs.  Made to last this table is easy up and down and quite a value for the money.















If it is open fire cooking you are looking for, consider the Lodge Tall Bow Camp Dutch Oven Tripod.  Made from hot roofed half inch bar stock.  










To get the charcoal burning faster try the Charcoal Companion Chimney Charcoal Starter.  This convenient unit will get charcoal or wood chunks to start burning quickly without the taste of lighter fluid. 












Once you have everything set up and heated, the suggestion for placing coals is two coals per inch of the oven diameter.  On the lid you will place two more coals than the oven size and two less under it.  The placement should be done in a circular pattern, this way the heat is even.  Do not place coals under the center of the oven.

So stop on in and talk with Suzanne in our Camping Department.  Suzanne uses her dutch oven all the time.  I bet she can give you some great ideas to try.












Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator




Fishing Like A Grown Up


Your kids are beyond the Toy Story Fishing Pole, and you know you have a future tournament winner on your hands.  The question now is  where do you start?  You want the right pole, but they are not ready for a too advanced one.  The Ugly Stik GX2 Youth Spincast is a rod and reel combo.  Metal gears and already pre-spooled this is one reel combo you should look at.  The name Ugly Stick means it is rugged and tough.  Make of a fiberglass construction  means it will hold up.





















How about a new tackle box?  This box is easy to carry but more grown up.  The Plano "take me fishing" Tackle Box has 10 compartments,  and is a full size tackle box.  This Plano comes with a small assortment of starter tackle.  Perfect for the beginner and a great value.





















While you can use a life jacket one would use in a boat, perhaps your young one is ready for a Bass Pro Shop Mesh Fishing Vest.  Breathable and lightweight this vest comes with two roomy pockets and is USCG approved.  Perfect for their first fishing vest.







Now they are ready for a great day fishing.  What a perfect time to bond.


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator



Safety First - Make Sure Your Life Jacket Is In Good Shape

How old are your life jackets?  Do they fit?  Are there any tears in them? Are the clasps working?  If not,  you certainly do not want a ticket or worse to happen .  Stop on down and take a look at the large variety of life jackets that will fit your need.

When you have people visiting it is important you have a life jacket for them.  The Adult Universal Life Jacket 4 Pack comes in a storage bag.  The size is OSFM and they are durable as well as USCG approved.













For adults take a look at the XPS Nylon Life Jacket or the Bass Pro Shop Dual Sized Recreational Life Jacket For Adults.  Both are secure as well as comfortable.  The XPS comes in sizes XS to 2XL/3XL  while the Bass Pro Dual Sized is either 2xl/4xl or 4xl/7xl.









The XPS Neoprene Life Jacket For Youth is comfortable and easy to move in.  Size:  50-90 pounds  This jacket is great for skiing.







Don't forget about infants.  The Bass Pro Shop Recreational Life Jacket For Infants.  Very comfortable with a leg strap for added comfort.  Weight:  Under 30 pounds.















Last but not least don't forget about your best friend.  The Bass Pro Shop Life Jacket For Dogs have sizes X-small to X-large .  These life jackets even have a grab strap for easy recovery out of the water.  Check out the reviews on-line.










So make sure all your friends and family are safe this summer.


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator







Towables and Skis - Fun in the Sun!

Summer is in full swing.  Time for towables and water skis.  Take a look at some fun items we have here and then get your friends and family out on that lake to enjoy the short season of summer.

The Bass Pro Shop XPS D70 is a two-person towable designed for speed and great air on jumps.  There is a large neoprene pad on top to help you stay put.  The tube is easy to inflate and deflate.







Check out the SportsStuff Speed Zone 3 with recessed cockpit seating.  Durable and comfortable for young or old.  This will keep you stable while enjoying the waves.












Would you like to get your young ones started with skiing?   Check out the Connelly Cadet Training Skis For Kids.  There is a removable stabilizer bar for when they feel comfortable to be on their own, and it includes a two handle rope system for control.













If you need a pair of basic skis that will entertain teens to adults, Connelly Quantum is perfect for the family.  They have good control and stability which is what you want for any age.

























Lets not forget the rope to pull everyone.  The Airhead Bungee Tube Tow Rope with Rope Keeper is great for tubing.  This rope adds alot of snap when your riders want a thrill.












So before you head out to the lake, stop on by to grab a few items.  Then go out and have a safe fun time.


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator




If your grill is starting to sputter let me tell you about some great grills we have here at Bass Pro Shops.  Grilling is fun, easy, and leaves far less mess in the kitchen.  Unfortunately lets face it,  the grillee gets stuck behind the grill all day during the party, but with the great grills we have it won't be a chore.

Planning on having a graduation party, or reunion.  Do we have the grill for you.  The Browning Cowboy Fire Pit Grill, is the one you need. With 730 square inches of cooking capacity this grill is just made for a party.  There is a swivel work table, adjustable pot hanger, and a double nickle plated cooking grate.  A drain pipe on the bottom is convenient for removal of grease.  Let the party begin with this baby.














If tailgating or the need for a portable grill is what you are looking for, take a look at the Brinkmann Tailgate Portable Propane Grill.  With four stainless steel tube burners, this grill sets up in minutes.  490 square inches of grill to cook on makes this convenient and durable.















During the summer, I find that the hotdogs and hamburgs seem to increase with all the traffic at our house.  Time for the Char-Broil 6 Burner Gas Grill.  This grill is perfect with a side burner and 5 stainless steel burners.  Add a searing burner to seal in juices of your favorite steak, and  porcelain cast iron grates to cook on.  This way you are not always at the grill when you should be enjoying your meal with the rest.













Another great idea for your cook, is the Weber Style Wireless Grill Thermometer.  Wireless and already loaded with preprogramed temperatures and times, this easy to use system makes cooking a breeze.  Why this even comes with two probes so you can monitor two different meats at a time.
















I think you have to agree that we have you covered at Bass Pro Shop.  Whether you have a graduation party, enjoy camping,  tailgating or just have a large family, we can get you off the grill faster so you can enjoy the party.



Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator


White River Fly Shop

The big annual brown drake hatch that hundreds of fly fishers look forward to every June is in full swing but beginning to wind down. Successful fly anglers looking to hook that large rainbow or salmon have learned to fish over deeper water off shore and look for cruising or "porpoising"  fish. Anglers fishing closer to shore are more likely to hook rock bass, smallmouth bass or perch but few trout and salmon.While most hatching activity begins around 8:00 in the evening don't overlook the early morning.Trout and salmon can often be found scooping up dead spinners and cripples between daybreak and 7:30 am over deep water. Look for this hatch to end around July 4th and the larger Hexagenia regida hatch to begin. This hatch will be prolific for about 3 wks.  

If you are looking for the perfect rod/reel combo to do this with we have several. Our Hobbs Creek 9ft. 5 and 6 wt. combos are equipped with a large arbor reel , floating line 100yards of backing and are 4pc IM6 graphite with a case. A great value and outfit for under $150.00. Come in and check them out anytime. We have several other brands of rods and reels in stock and available to cast as well.

Mike DeTomaso

Fly Shop Team Leader


Free Fishing Days in New York State

On June 28 and June 29th you do not need to have a fishing license.  That means that any of the 7,500 ponds and lakes as well as the 50,000 miles of rivers and streams are open to free fishing on these two days .  The idea behind this is to get anyone of any age out fishing. 

New York State has so much to offer and why not get a friend or family member involved with a sport that encourages people to get outside?  It is time for inside couch potato to experience the relaxing yet exciting feeling of catching their first fish.

Did you know that New York State has 12 fish hatcheries?  Each year they average approximately 1 million pounds of fish.  Open Spring thru Fall it is a great stop for any age.













The Finger Lakes Region is beautiful and whether you just go to a local creek or one of the Finger Lakes, you will take away more than just a free fishing day.  Take a look below do you live around this area?  See which lake you are closest to.




















Now, if I haven't convinced you yet to get out there and fish, then consider this.  Fishing brings on relaxation, puts fresh food on the table, and  it develops a good relationship with your kids.  Enough said take advantage of the free fishing days and get back to the basics of life.

Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator






June can either be warm at night, or if you live in Upstate NY, it can be cold.  As you will hear many say "wait a minute and the weather changes".  Take a look at some great fire pits that will warm your hands and bring fun and joy during any season.

The Landmann USA Patio Lights Fire Pit-Bears & Paws is brand new this year.  Great for your patio or backyard.  This fire pit is stable and secure as well as it comes with a full size enamel cooking grate.

















If portable is what you need, check out the Camp Chef Portable Propane Fire Ring.  A propane fueled fire ring with a 15" diameter.  This fire ring has a forest scene cut in the sides.  No firewood and no mess, this comes with 12 pounds of lava rock.












Along the same line as the Bear and Paw fire pit, is the Landmann USA Patio Lights Fire Pit-Deer & Tracks.  Just like the Bear & Paw, this is also a sturdy steel construction with protective mesh screen.












You have the fire pits, how about some fun accessories to go with it.  Here are a few inexpensive ideas that are great for any age.

The Rome Marshmallow Tree, has a non-stick surface, rosewood handle and leather strap.  Perfect to make smores.















Need a dinner idea? Check out the Rome Hotdog Fork.  Durable with a wood handle and leather strap this is a great way to involve the kids in making dinner.  Fun too!















Last but not least, the Rome Cast Iron Square Pie Iron is a must.  Make hot sandwiches or deserts with this.  My favorite by far this will bring back memories of camp fires when you were a child.











So enjoy your summer evenings right in the back yard.

Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator







Hard Week? Time For A Getaway!

Bad week at work?  People getting you down?  Need a vacation but can't afford to go too far?  We here at Bass Pro Shop get it.  Here are a few things to consider having for many mini get aways that will rejuvinate you.

Consider a campsite, not for a week perhaps just one night some place close.  Now consider doing that one night each week.   Where, is up to you, but lets see what we can help you with.

The Eureka Timberline Original A-Frame Tent is great for one or two people.  It is a free standing a-frame and the set up is easy and quick.  Packs tight if you are on a cycle.  Check out the reviews on-line.













June nights can still be cold.  Consider the Bass Pro Shop Sleeping Bag Liner.  100% polyester this bag will retain your body heat while only weighing 2 pounds 4 ounces.







Now to add a little fancy to things, consider the Eagles Nest Outfitters Single Nest HammockSoftball sized stuff sack.  This is light enough to pack but durable enough to use in your backyard.
















Food should you bring that is fast.  Grab some Bass Pro Shop Uncle Buck's Premium  Beef Jerky.  For a quick no hassel meal, consider a Heater Meal.  No refrigeration needed, it comes with cutlery, and seasoning packet.  Drink?  You can always bring water, but something every home should have in case of emergency is the Lifestraw.  This personal water filter is lightweight and compact.  Perfect for just about any camping trip.  This unit will filter up to 264 gallons of water from any lake, stream, or pond. 























So consider doing a quick get away this summer.  Then stop on in and tell us just how it helped you.


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator






Father's Day

Father's Day is June 15th.  What to get what to get. You know you can always find something to get dad at Bass Pro Shop. Here are a few items you may just want to take a quick look at.

New this year is the Bass Pro Shop Gun Mug.  This unusual mug is sure to get a smile from dad every morning.







If dad loves to fish take a look at the Eagle Clay Fish Hook Hat Pin Set.  Perfect to put on his favorite fishing hat or tie, you can have him show off his fishing passion along with being patriotic










Shirts or t-shirts are always a great idea for dad.  Here are just a couple of shirts, keep in mind we have a huge variety either in our store or on-line.  The Redhead Colorblock Raglan Jersey Polo,  is nice looking and made of 100% cotton.  There are 5 color combos to pick from and the size goes up to 3xl.  If it is a funny t-shirt you are looking for,  take a look at the Bass Pro Shop Hunting 365.  Size goes up to 2xl and this one is sure to please.   

















Now if you really want to help dad relax for the day, the Bass Pro Shop Camo Zero-Gravity Lounge Chair, is it!  Have him just lean back and relax.  This chair comes with a cuphold, mesh storage pocket and padded headrest.  You may have a hard time getting him out of it.







Last but not least if you are still a little unsure about what to give, you are always safe with a Bass Pro Shop gift card.  That way he can come on in, or online or through the catalog.

So don't forget Dad's special day.  We will be happy to assist you with anything you may need.


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator











Cool Comfortable Plus Size Clothing For Men

The weather is getting warmer, and if the heat bothers you like it does me then you want to be as cool as you can with summer approaching.  When you are larger not only is it difficult finding something to fit but also frustrating to keep cool in.  

World Wide Sportsman has a great looking, comfortable and a cool line of shirts and shorts.  The World Wide Sportsman Nylon Angler Shirt-Long Sleeve comes in six colors and is made of 100% quick dry nylon.  Perfect for those hot muggy days.  This shirt has a long sleeve but can be rolled up and buttoned to make it short sleeve.  It also has a vented cape back with mesh lining for extra ventilation. With the size going up to 4xl,  we think you will be very happy with the quality as well as the comfort.  If it is a short sleeve you want,  just look to the World Wide Sportsman Nylon Angler Shirt-Short Sleeve.  Exactly like the long sleeve,  but it is strickly short with no roll up.
































Cool shorts are what you want when it is muggy.  Take a look at the World Wide Sportsman Boca Grande Cargo Shorts for a comfortable fit.   Just like the tops, this 10 pocket designed short has a comfort waistband and is made of  100%quick dry nylon.  Size goes up to a 54 waist.










Time to get a little festive with July 4th around the corner, check out the Redhead Stars & Stripes Shirt.  The colors are vibrant in red, white, and blue.  Size up to 5xl.










Another idea for shorts is the Redhead Cargo Rock Bridge Short.  These shorts come in 4 colors size up to a 54 waist.  100% cotton canvas, with 6 pockets.











So stop on by to look at what we have, then stay cool when the temperature is hot.


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator







May tends to be a rainy month.  To help you cope with this weather check out the rainwear that we have to keep you comfortable while outside.

Planning a trip whether by car or air requires some careful packing.  If on a plane,  you do not want to go over the allowable weight.  It is important where ever you go to have a rain jacket that is dependable yet lightweight for travel.  A nice rain jacket to consider is the Bass Pro Shop Lightweight Packable Rainsuit Jacket .  This jacket also has two large pockets with a mesh lining for ventilation.  Made 100% breathable and waterproof you also can purchase pants to make this a full rainsuit.  Not only is the price and weight good, but it is also comfortable.











If you like going out fishing or biking, the always popular  Frogg Toggs Original Pro Action Rain Jacket.  The jacket is lightweight and the design is  bomber style a tuck away hood.  Perfect for that last minute rain storm you may encounter.  This also has pants you can purchase separately.





















Last but not least take a look at the Ascend Water Shield 2.0 Jacket.  Lightweight , 100% waterproof and breathable.  The jacket is cut full .  Extremely comfortable and wind resistant.  A great value while being durable it also has pants you may purchase.

















Stop on by and check our rain wear area out.


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator 




What Do You Use Waders For?

What do you use your waders for?  Do you fish, duck hunt, kayak or do you use them to put in your dock?  Perhaps you need them for work such as being a zookeeper, watertreatment, or chemical plant worker.  Whatever the reason may be we have a large variety of waders to pick from.  With so many brands out there don't forget to take a look at the Redhead Brand by Bass Pro Shops. 

The Redhead Bone Dry Big Man Neoprene Boot is roomy with a full cut.  Very easy to move in and comfortable add waterproof to it and it makes for a great pair of waders.  These waders hold your body heat inside for extra warmth with 600 grams of thinsulate.  Another plus is the expandable side gussets with adjustable straps.









Need somthing affordable?  Who doesn't these days,  try the Redhead Bone Dry Hobbs Creek Chest Waders/Lug Sole.  These waders have two layers of lightweight 3 ply nylon jersey and have a 100% waterproof barrier.  They resist cracking and are tough and comfortable.







The Redhead Classic Series II Brown Neoprene Boot/Foot Waders come in mens, ladies and youth.  Lug sole, flexible and have 200 grams of thinsulate.  These waders also include a handwarmer pocket and have padded knees for extra durability.














So stop on by and check out the variety of waders we have to keep you warm and dry this May.


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator 




Mother's Day

Mother's Day is on May 11th this year.  Why not stop on in and check out the assortment of gifts we have that mom would love.

It's hard to figure out what to get mom at times.  If you don't know her size in a shoe or shirt it makes things even more difficult.  Here are a few ideas that might work and mom would be thrilled when she gets them.

The Swan Creek Candle Coffee Mug is a delightful smelling candle of warm cinnamon buns or roasted espresso.  The candle is 100% soybean wax and the mug is made of marbled stoneware.  This candle would look nice in a kitchen or family room. 














For those moms who love the lodge look, new this year,  we have a few ideas that would fit right in with the lodge theme.  Check out the Big Sky Carvers line.  The Big Sky Carvers Fly Rod Clock is great.  Made of iron and wood, anyone would love this on the end table of a lodge inspired room.      Following the lodge look,  Big Sky Carvers Creel Basket Coaster Set  is adorable with a creel basket to hold the coasters,  it also goes along with that cabin look.  Finish it up with the Big Sky Carvers Fly Rod Photo Frame made of iron and wood.  Put a picture of the family in, and you are all set.





































If mom enjoys looking outside and watching the birds consider the Iron Stop 10" Wind SpinnerThis produces beautiful light effcts.  It can be used inside or outside and is weather resistant for all seasons.spinner












A great way to decorate your mailbox seasonally is the Magnet Works Mailwraps.  This is a perfect way to make mom smile year round.  Easy to apply and remove.  The covers are made to be put up all year round.  There is a magnet strip along the side to keep it in place as well as a cut out for the flag.  Start her out with one for spring, then start building them up for seasons, or holidays. 





















So you see it is not hard to find something at Bass Pro Shop that mom will appreciate and love year round.


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator












Tackle Bags

With so many lures you find you have them in a tackle box here there and everywhere.  I have to tell you that over the years tackle boxes have evolved.  Here are a few tackle bags that not only will hold what you have but look professional to boot.

The Bass Pro Shop Extreme Qualifier 370 Tackle Bag or System has a main compartment that will hold up to 5 370 utility boxes.  It also has a number of zippered mesh pockets to hold gear.  You do have the choice of just the bag or one that includes 4 of the boxes.  There are elastic tool holders to hold pliers, hook removers or whatever you have.  There is also a large shoulder strap you can use for heavy loads.














The Bass Pro Shop Stalker Backpack Tackle Bag or system is large enough to fit  what you need in it, while giving  you room for your lunch and beverage.  This tackle box also comes with enough room for 5- 370 utility boxes, The backpack straps are padded and there is a  line spooling pocket.  Plenty of room for everything plus a lunch is a winner in my book.







New this year is the Plano Hydro-Flo Spinnerbait Stowaway.  This unit will hold 72 spinner baits.   It comes with 3 adjustable spinner bait racks and has a swivel carry handle.  Hydro-flo holes let tackle dry.  The size is quite small no larger than a lunchbox.

















Worry about getting your license wet or your phone wet while in the box?  Here is something you may want to consider the             Plano Waterproof Stowaway Utility boxes.      6 models to pick from and all waterproof.  These units have a dri lock o-ring seal to keep everything dry and safe.
























So, stop on down and check out the large variety of tackle bags we have, then you will have everything you need to fish in one spot.

Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator