A Great Gift for Dad


Don't know what to get the Dad who is always on the go?  Well help that dad relax with a great gift from Bass Pro Shops.  Check out the Bass Pro Shops Folding Padded Hammock.  This hammock is portable, durable, and comfortable.  If those features are not enough, add the fact that it comes with a storage loft under the hammock to store a book or magazine.  Now wait I am not done yet, this hammock is weather resistant and comes with a carry bag and pillow.  Easy set up as well as easy storage makes this a perfect idea for Father's Day.  So stop on down to Bass Pro Shops and pick one up.  Dad will just love it!

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Fishfinder Frenzy

Fishfinders have come a long way in recent years.  You don't have to have a boat in order to have a fishfinder.  Fishfinders come small to fit on your wrist, portable and mounted.  

If you spend a lot of time on a boat, you may want to consider a GPS unit that comes preloaded with maps of shoreline and inland water.  Some even have satellite images and real-time weather updates, as well as radar images.

You want to have a unit that is waterproof, has glare protection, and a unit where the image should be easily visable.

The Humminbird Smart Cast RF-35 is a wrist mounting fish finder.  It shows bottom contour, depth and water surface temp.  This is good in small bodies of water and  along banks.  It goes to 125' depth with a 75' range.  Great for a young fisherman just starting out.

When thinking of a fish finder consider different screen options.  Color and pixels add more detail to the display and makes it easier to understand.  Think about what size you want and where you will put it.  Will you mount it? 

The Bass Pro Shops associates in our Fishing Department can show you a wide variety of Fishfinders.  Here are two you just may want to consider.

Humminbird 798ciHD

Side Imaging sonar/Down Imaging

5" screen HD Color Display

50 channel GPS and WAAS

4000 watts

Depth 1500'

Switchfire Contour XC Map-covers 3000 US lakes, depth contour lines

Ethernet Networking - Ability to share sonar, GPS and way points between compatible units.


Humminbird 998C HD

8" color display

side/down imaging

duel beam plus with switchfire

depth 150'

dual SD cards

dualbeam PLUS depth 1500'

So, stop on by and take a look.  You won't be disappointed.


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Rain Gear

Here at Bass Pro Shops we take outside activities very seriously.  You work hard and you play hard.  Whether you are walking the beach during the winter months or riding a motorcycle during the summer; it is not fun picking up shells or out for a ride when you are wet.  Thats why Bass Pro has exactly what you need for the wet weather.  Golfing, fishing, hiking, camping, bicycling, canoe/kayaking, motorcycling whatever you enjoy get the proper gear to stay outside having fun. 

When you are on a motorcycle you can't always wait for the storm to pass.  You need to carry a lightweight suit which will keep you dry for a while.  This should be easy to pack, convenient, with waterproof closures.  Here are a few ideas to consider.

Columbia Omni-Tech has a watertight rain jacket.  This jacket has a 100% watertight shell, adjustable storm hood, lightweight, and breathable fabric.  FroggTogg has the Original Pro Action Rainsuit.  The bomber style packs easy for storage.  It has elastic openings to keep rain out and is waterproof as well as breathable.  Made of 100% polypropylene.

Now if you need something that will do even in Alaska, try the Bass Pro Shops 100mph Gore-Tex Rain Parka and Bibs.  This outfit is roomy, waterproof and breathable but the best part is it's ability to withstand the cruelest weather.  This garment was tested in 22"s of rain per hour in the Gore Storm Chamber using wind driven and drenching overhead rainfall.  Dropdown hip covers locking drawcords among other features makes this outfit a must for extreme activities.

So stop on by and see us here at Bass Pro Shops so we can help you make the most out of your activities.

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is on May 12th this year.  Many people forget that here at Bass Pro Shops we have a great selection of clothes and jewelry as well as gift ideas for that special Mom in your life.  Bob Timberlake has a basketweave neckline top with short sleeves.  This top is cool, comfortable and washes great! To top it off it comes in 4 colors.  We also have a printed open cardigan that is soft and lightweight.  This can be worn on cool summer nights with jeans or dress pants.  Not in the mood for clothing? Well we have that covered too.  Stop on by our Gifts Department for a wide assortment of candles, wind chimes and mailwraps.  Everyone has the usual metal mailbox. The mailwraps are great.  Pick up a few, one for each season!  It's a inexpensive way to update the old mailbox and bring a little excitement to your area. So stop on by and check out the perfect gift for Mother's Day.

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Brinkman Smoke 'N Grill

How would you like a kitchen all wrapped up in one?  If that sounds interesting you have to check out the Brinkman Smoke 'N Grill.  This grill has a professional five burner propane grill with nearly 700 square inches of cooking surface.  A rotisserie and a smoker with electronic ignition that puts out :

  10,000 BTU's on the five burners

  12,000 BTU's on the side burner

   10,000 BTU's on the back burner

     6,000 BTU's on the smoker














So bring in your friends - why - invite the neighborhood.  Primarily fueled with propane you also have the option of buying a conversion kit that will convert the unit to natural gas.  The grill also comes with a griddle topper, bottle opener, and a towel/tool bar.  Although it is large enough for many, don't count out a date night for the two of you.  Busy during the week?  Why not do all your cooking on one day and keep it in the refrigerator so your week is heat up and forget?


So stop on in and check out the Brinkman.  I think you will be impressed.


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator


Spring Turkey Tips

Talking with any hunter, you are bound to get a large amount of advice on nabbing that big bird.  Here are a few ideas and tips we hope you will find helpful.  Some hunters are anxious about being able to identify the differences between a Hen and a Gobbler.  It is not that difficult, however, if you know what to look for.  Here are some key differences to pay attention to while hunting, compliments of New York State.






Red,Blue, and White Colors

Blue-Grey Color


Dark, Brown-Black                     

Light, Rusty-Brown


Long Bristle-Like Beard                        

Usually No Beard


Usually 1/2 inch or Longer Spurs       

Usually No Spurs


Gobble, Drum                       



Strut with tail fan and wing droop   

No Strut


Larger than Hen                             

1/2 to 2/3 size of Gobbler


 The turkey is considered the king of all game birds.  They typically roost in trees and nest on the ground.  They are kin to the quail and grouse.  Their body makes them well adapted for walking, running, and flying.  Turkeys are smart with large brians and a endocrine system which enables them to survive quite well outside.

The turkey is a omnivore. However, 90% of what they eat is plant.  Acorns being their main food, they also snack on fruits, seeds, some insects, greens, soybeans, and corn.  Turkeys need to be near a permanent water supply.  They like rivers, streams, lakes, and wetlands.

Turkey Calls are a great tool when Spring turkey hunting.  Always remember that they should be used in moderation.  Five minutes between calls is a good place to start depending how the turkey reacts.  Keep in mind that turkeys have keen senses of hearing and sight, one hint of danger and they are gone.  Here are a few good calls to look at.

Box Calls

Slate-type Friction Calls

Wingbone and Trumpet Calls

Diaphragm Calls

Push and tube Calls

If you are a beginner with calls, try the box or slate type for easy use.  You should always carry several calls with you to see what the turkeys will respond to.  When you hear that first response from a turkey,  stay still.  A tom will gobble a few more times.  Make sure that if you do need to move, you are able to maneuver freely.  Make sure hazards such as fences and creeks are not in your way.

Best time to call is always on calm clear mornings.  The call carriesmuch farther.  On clear mornings walk along field edges and logging roads so you don't scare them or have them hear you. Heavy rain is not a good time to turkey hunt, but misty foggy days with light rain is good.  They might get up later but don't hang around the roost for long.  They want to move where they can hear better.

Decoys - Use them in open pastures and sparse woods.  Realism does matter as well as movement (no spinning decoys)

Last but not least check out the New York State Hunting and Trapping Regulation guide or www.dec.ny.gov for more information.  Here are some safety tips right from the regulation guide.

1.  Don't stalk.  More than half of turkey hunting injuries happen when one hunter stalks another.

2.  Always assume any call or footsteps you hear are from another hunter.  Don't shoot until you clearly see the whole turkey and know it's sex.

3.  If you see another hunter, talk to him or her clearly, and don't move.  Never wave or use a turkey call to alert another hunter.

4.  Turkeys are tough.  You need to be close (30 yards or less is best).  You need to get a clear head and neck shot.  Do not try to shoot them in the body or when they are flying.

5.  Never wear turkey colors red, white, or blue.

6.  Wear hunter orange when going in or out of the woods and when walking around.

7.  When sitting still waiting for a turkey, put hunter orange on a tree near you.

8.  If you take a turkey or carry a decoy, wrap it in hunter orange.

We hope you will find these tips and advice helpful in your quest for the big bird.  Any questions, on turkey hunting stop on by  Bass Pro Shops.  Our associates are always happy to help answer your questions as well as guide you to the right equipment that will work for you.  Check out some of our merchandise below.

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the crushtom








Camo Clothing for Spring Turkey Hunting

 Spring turkey season is almost here and the word on clothing is camo!  Turkeys can see color.  You should have a camo pant, shirt, jacket, cap, facemask, and gloves.  Wear dark colored socks so your skin will not show when sitting down.  A camo vest with plenty of pockets is a must to carry calls and snacks.  Some vests have a drop-down padded seat.  Always try to match the foliage of the season.  You may want to layer, due to the temperature changing morning to afternoon.


Your head, face, as well as hands are often ignored.  Turkeys have excellent eyesight so cover it all.  A suggestion for gloves are the Redhead Jersey Grip Dot Gloves.  Great for mild weather, these gloves are made of breathable cotton jersey.  A great feature is they have a control dot in the palm for enhanced grip.


Face masks come in different lengths.  You want a very thin see through mesh.  Not comfortable with anything covering your face?  Try Hunters Specialties Camo Paint.  Don't forget a camo print cap.  Something with a wide brim is very helpful for keeping sun and rain off your face.  Not a shopper and want it all in one?  Well we have that too.  Try Redhead camo cap with mask and mesh glove combo.


Last but not least are your boots.  Spring turkey hunting requires walking.  Possibily several miles a day in search of birds.  You are looking for a lightweight un-insulated boot.  A few suggestions might be our RedHead Treestand II Goretex non-insulated hunting boots.  These hunting boots are comfortable with a leather upper for support.  Rugged and waterproof you won't be disappointed.  The Danner Jackal II GTX non-insulated boots are lightweight, breathable, and waterproof.  Those are just two of the many kinds of boots we have here at Bass Pro Shops.danner

Part of turkey hunting is being prepared for the hunt as well as the weather.  So - for the non-shopper in you, stop on by to Bass Pro Shops for one stop shopping.


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 face paint





Spring Turkey Regulations

Spring Turkey season is right around the corner.  May 1 thru May 31.  The spring youth hunt is April 20 and April 21.  Here are a few rules and regulations put out by the DEC.  Refer to www.dec.ny.gov or 1-866-426-3778 for additional information.

1.  You must have a turkey permit in addition to a small game or sportsman license.

2.  You may take 2 bearded turkeys during the spring hunt, but only one bird per day.

3.  You must carry your hunting license and turkey permit while you hunt.

4.  You may hunt with a bow.  You may hunt with a shotgun or handgun only when using shot no larger  than #2 and no smaller than #8.

5.   You may not take a turkey with a rifle or handgun when firing with a bullet.

6.  You may use a muzzle loading shotgun.

7.  You are not allowed to hunt with a dog during the spring season.

8.  You are not allowed to use bait to hunt turkey.  You also may not use electronic calling or an amplifying device to locate or hunt turkeys during the open season.

9.  You may use decoys.

10. A scope of any type is allowed.

Once you are successful in shooting a wild turkey, you must fill out the carcass tag in ink, mark or cut out the date and month of the kill and attach it to the carcass.  The carcass tag must stay attached to the turkey carcass until it is prepared for eating. 

Should you decide to give your turkey to another person, you must attach a tag with the following information to the turkey carcass:

1.  Your name

2.  Your address

3.  Your hunting license number

4.  Turkey permit carcass tag number

5.  The recipient's name

6.  The recipient's address

You must report your harvest within 7 days via phone (1-866-GAMERPT) or internet www.dec.ny.gov

You do not need to save and send in turkey legs during the spring hunt.  You do need to take careful spur, beard, and weight measurements for harvest reporting. (refer to your NY Hunting and Trapping book or www.dec.ny.gov for more detailed information)

Spring Youth Hunt

Ages 12-15 years of age and who hold a junior hunting license and a turkey permit.  All youth hunters must be accompanied by a adult as required by law for a junior hunting license (see your NY Hunting and Trapping book).  The accompanying adult must have a current hunting license and Turkey Permit.  He or she may assist the youth hunter (including calling) but may not carry a firearm or longbow, or kill or attempt to kill a wild turkey during the youth hunt.

Always refer to your New York Hunting and Trapping book for a more detailed regulation.  Now that you are up on the rules.  Stop on by to Bass Pro Shops and see what you need so you can enjoy a fun Spring Turkey Season.


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Why Not Try Bow Fishing!

Bow fishing in New York State is May 15 thru Sept. 30. Anyone who has a fishing license or small game license or who may be entitled to fish without a license may take a carp of any size and any number.  They may take the carp by longbow, recurve or compound bow.  This method of fishing uses archery equipment to shoot and retrieve fish.  The fish are shot with a barbed arrow that has a special line and a reel mounted right on the bow.  Rumor has it, bow fishing at night is the best!

Have I held your attention?  Well this just may be a sport worth looking in to.  The largest carp hooked and recorded in New York State is over 50 pounds.  Which makes for a fun outting.  Tournaments for carp fishing are all over New York State.  Before going out make sure you check your regulations.  Keep in mind that you cannot discharge your bow within 500 feet of a inhabited structure.  Stop by our Archery Department and talk with our associates on bowfishing.  They have the knowlege to get you started.  Whether you have done it before and need one or two things, or you are brand new and want to look into the full setup we have all the bowfishing gear to meet your needs.

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Fishing With Kids

The toddler days with pretend fishing sets are over and your child is ready for the next phase.  You can't wait to take him/her out for the first time.  Stop on over to Bass Pro Shops with your special little one and we will be happy to show you just what you need.

The 5 or 6 year old does not need much.  Try the Zebco SpongeBob Squarepants rod and reel combo or the Shakkespeare Disney Fairies lighted fish rod and reel kit.   Great to practice casting and to take that first lesson on the water.


Your child learned on a small kid pole.  Now that is too small for them, but they are not ready for the adult range yet.  Try the Ugly Stick Ultra Light rod and reel combo.  This reel is light and a few inches shorter so the jump to a adult pole is not overwhelming to them. Once your child is about 10 the Bass Pro Shops Stampede Spinning combo is great!


Just a few more things to think about.  Perhaps a small tackle box to start them out.  Our associates will be happy to show you where the bobbers, bait hooks, and weights are.  Why we even have the worms to go with you.  So stop on by to Bass Pro Shops and give us a chance to help you get out on the water with your kids.

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 take me fishingplano







Finger Lakes Fishing

Science says that give or take 2 million years ago, large massive bodies of ice flowed carving deep trenches in the earth, and the Finger Lakes were formed.  The Native Americans feel the Finger Lakes were the fingerprints of the Great Spirit touching the earth and turning the ground sacred.  Many Finger Lakes towns and villages bear names derived from Native American languages.  Depending how you tend to look at things, the Finger Lakes are a great place to vacation and of course fish.

Winter will soon be over, and many of us will start to think about Spring and Summer.  Time to get our fishing equipment out.  Look through the DEC Freshwater Fishing Guide that you received when you got your fishing license.  This guide has a great deal of information in it.  There are actually eleven Finger Lakes not five as many people believe.   Listed below are the lakes and the fish that can be found there. 

Otisco Lake has a causeway that extends across the lake.  It is located near the southern end of the lake.  This divides the lake into two different water basins.  The northern basin is deeper with clear water, and the southern basin is more shallow and murkey.  Fish incluce walley, trout, tiger musky, sunfish, perch, crappie, large and small mouth bass, and white bass.

Owasco lake is a shallow lake compared to other Finger Lakes.  The water warms faster. You can catch lake trout all year round in Owasco.  Other fish include brown trout, northern pike, rainbow trout, yellow perch, large and small mouth bass, pickerel, rockbass, walleye, bullhead, yellow perch, pumpkin seed,  and bluegill.

Skaneateles Lake has a variety of pickerel, large and small mouth bass, walleye and panfish.

Cayuga Lake is best known for its brown Trout, lake Trout, and rainbow trout.  Found in the warmer waters and shallow areas are pickerel, large and small mouth bass and northern pike.  The northern and southern ends of the lake have great fishing due to shoals (large number of fish swimming together).

Seneca Lake's favorite spot for brown and rainbow trout fishing is Catherine Creek on the southern tip.  Other fish include, perch, pike, small and large mouth bass.

Keuka is famous for its trout.  Other fish include small mouth bass, northern pike, yellow perch, bluegills, pumpkinseed, rock bass and black crappie.

Canandaigua Lake has a variety of lake, rainbow and brown trout.

Honeoye Lake has outstanding panfish such as bluegill, pumpkinseed, yellow perch and black crappie.  Other fish include walleye, small and large mouth bass and chain pickerel.

Canadice Lake is beautiful with wooded shores and hillsides.  It give the impression you are in the Adirondacks.  Fish include rock bass, yellow perch, bluegills, pumpkinseeds, bullhead, small mouth bass and chain pickerel.

Hemlock Lake also has wooded shores and a huge variety of fish.  Fish include lake trout, landlocked salmon, rainbow trout, brown trout, walleye, small and large mouth bass, chain pickeral, bullhead, yellow perch, rockbass, blue gill, pumpkinsee, and lake white fish.

Finally, there is Conesus Lake.  Fish include small and large mouth bass, northern pike, bluegills, sunfish, walleye, yellow perch, and tiger muskies.

So you can see why the Finger Lakes are a great place to spend the day fishing.  Check out the New York State Freshwater Fishing guide on www.dec.ny.gov.

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What Is A Bowfin?

A Bowfin is the sole living survivor group of fish whose fossil representatives date back to when the dinosaurs roamed the earth.  Their features have not changed much since that time.  The bowfin is a piscivore (carnivorous animal which lives on eating fish).  They prey on fish and larger invertebrates by ambushing or stalking them.  They prefer shallow, weedy waters of lakes or protected back waters on rivers.

The bowfin is able to breathe air using their swim bladder as a primitive lung.  It actually comes to the surface and gulps air even in oxygenated water.  This allows them to utilize shoreline habitats not accessible to other predator fish.

Most people regard the bowfin as a pest.  Many call it a trash fish, dog fish, mud fish, and swamp fish.  Not considered good eating, they have very sharp teeth and struggle fiercely when caught even once in the boat.

Once caught many people think this fish resembles a snakehead fish and kill it.  This is NOT a snakehead.  Although the two fish look very much alike, you can tell the difference.  The bowfin has a long dorsal fin that runs from the mid-back to the base of its tail, but has a short anal fin.  A snakehead fish also has a long dorsal fin but has a long anal fin as well.   Another way to tell the difference is the bowfin usually has a black eye spot found high on the caudal fin.  Often it has a orange or yellow ring around it looking much like a target bullseye. The bowfin is shaped like a torpedo with a bullet shaped head and sharp teeth on top and bottom.  The fish is usually around 25 inches and weighs 5 pounds. It has been known to grow up to 43 inches weighing up to 21 pounds.  It is colored dark on top and light on bottom, with shades ranging from silvery green to tannic brown.

So, after all this you decide to puruse this unique fish.   Where are they catching them?  Well Sodus Bay, Black Lake, St Lawrence, Lake Champlain, Oneida, Seneca, Oswego, Lake Ontario among others.  Bass Pro Shops has just the right people to ask any questions you might have about bowfin fishing.  First check out the new Tourney Special 7' medium heavy spin or baitcasting rod.  You then should get a good pair of fishing gloves.  This fish will make hamburger out of your hands.  One of our associates suggested the Lindy Fish Gloves. Along with that a Bass Pro Shops Grip Master with scale and braided line will complete your set up!.  Check out the links below or stop on by.  Then get out there and fish!

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Dehydrator Magic

Thought about buying a dehydrator but don't know if you will use it?  Well stop on by to Bass Pro Shops and we can help you out with your decision.  We have dehydrators for the beginner or the advanced.  Dehydrators are not just for making jerky.  Here are just a few things to do with a dehydrator.

Make potpourri with flower petals, fruit peels, pine needles, herbs, grasses, wood, and spices'       

Dehydrate any fresh herb this way no preservatives are in them.  While you dehydrate them think of the aromatherapy going through the house.  

Fire Starter - Use citrus peels.  Citrus peels don't break down in a compost due to antibacterial properties.  Cut the skins into strips and dry.  When you light them the oils flare up and start to burn.

Baby Food

Roll-ups for lunch boxes with strawberries, apple and banana pureed with a little lemon juice.



Cherry Tomatoes

Celery for soups and stews


Fresh corn for potato chowder down the road.


Make zucchini chips







Banana chips



Green or red peppers

Make your own granola.

Make healthy cheese crackers.

Dehydrate your fresh pasta to keep it longer.

Hot peppers

Watermelon  dehydrate it for 18-40 hours tastes just like candy!

Dehydrate strawberries then blend into a powder for shakes or cereal topping.

Dehydrate mandarin orange slices and make into a powder for rubs.

Crafts - make a chili swag with orange slices or maybe a lavender wreath.

Pet Treats - dehydrate snouts or meat

Humidifier - position a few containers of water in trays and turn on high.  As the water evaporates the air will become more moist.  Perfect for those harse winter dry days.

So you can see just how much a dehydrator does.  A few models to look at include the Open Country 7-Tray Food Dehydrator which is 350watts and diswasher safe.  The next step might be the LEM 5-Tray at 500watts with thermostat, or the large LEM 10 tray stainless steel at 800watts with a timer and thermostat.  So stop on by or check out our links below.    As you can see a dehydrator is not just for jerky!

Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator

accessory pack5 tray

10 trayopen



How to Buy the Right Boot Wader

Here at Bass Pro Shops we have a variety of waders to pick from and the Associates in our Footware Department will be happy to help you with anything you throw at them. A few questions to think about are:

Where and what will you be using them for?

What material is best for what you want.?  Neoprene for warmth, Breathable, Rubber?

Fitting is more important than you think.  You want to be dry, warm and have them fit.  If your boot wader does not fit well,  you will tire easy walking.  This could lead to a mishap.  It restricts your range of motion climbing over rocks.  Getting in and out of a boat could be a problem also.  You could damage yourself and your equipment.  Remember to give yourself a little room.  You don't want them too tight, you may need a extra layer of clothes.  When trying them on do knee bends, put your foot on a stool.  Another idea is don't get them too long where it may cause a fold.  This could leak over time. 

A few boot waders to try are the RedHead Bone Dry Hobbs Creek Chest Waders.  These come in youth, women, and men.  They are durable, 100% waterproof, resist cracking for years, and come with 200 grams of thinsulate.  We also have the RedHead Bonedry BigMan Neoprene Boot Foot Waders.  Comfortable, roomy full cut, expandable side gussets with 600 grams of thinsulate.  Try the RedHead Bonedry Rubber Foot Chest Waders.  These waders have soft sponge insoles, deep cleated outsoles for good traction and are durable as well as waterproof.

Boot waders do not need gravel guards and are considered low maintenance.  There are no laces and are easy to get on and off.  So stop on by and check them out.  So - when that weather clears you are ready.

Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator 

pantsrubberbig man













Bob Timberlake Luggage Collection - Beautiful to Look at Durable to Use

It is February, time to get away for a weekend?   Maybe that college graduate finally found the job of his/her dreams.  Perhaps it is time to treat yourself.  Anyway you look at it, the Bass Pro Shops Bob Timberlake Collection is the way to go for a beautiful yet functional piece of luggage.

Whether you go for the all leather or the heavy canvas with leather trim this luggage is perfect for that corporate executive, weekend traveler or anyone who can appreciate its quality.

The Bob Timberlake Double Sided Briefcase has two large pouches, buckle down flaps and hinged top handle.  Need a small suitcase?  The 22" roll suitcase has a telescoping handle, rugged wheels, zip front pocket and is spacious inside the main compartment.  Why even the leather duffle has a divided main compartment, side saddlebags and double horseshoe handles.

If it is canvas you want look at,  the Bass Pro Shops Bob Timberlake Wheeled Garmet Bag will meet your needs.  This bag is made of heavy duty cotton canvas, paraffin weather proof coating, and brass zippers.  The Rucksack has zipper and magnet closure flaps, side pockets and a removeable hidden shoulder strap.  For the day traveler try the Flight Bag.  This piece is great for a one or two day trip.  It has a divided main compartment to keep your business and personal gear seperate.

So stop on by and look at the Bob Timberlake collection.  Can't stop?  Why click on the links below, I think you will be pleased with the quality of these pieces.

Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator


leather duffleruck


shaving kitbrief case



leather foll aboardflight



canvas rollverticle leather














Outfit That Truck

steering cover

Winter in February can bring out the blah in all of us at times.  How about some new seat covers, floor mats, or truck accessories to brighten that February day?  Here at Bass Pro Shops we have thought of a few things that fit that camo personality. 

rear mats

Browning has everything from wheel covers to air fresheners.  You can spend as little or as much as you want and outfit that truck you so dearly love and spend a great deal of time in.

pink seat cover

Try the Browning seat covers that are spandex,  which allows your seat to stay cool by allowing better air flow.  Who would not like that in the hot weather?  The Browning floor mats have raised edges to trap water or snow not to mention all the dirt and debris one can carry into a truck.

seat strap

Bass Pro Shops has license plate frames as well as seatbelt cushions in the mossy oak line.  Don't forget to get a rearview mirror elk or whitetail rack to hang.  When it gets warm consider a Great Day Clear Breeze rear windown screen.  This allows fresh air in and keeps all debris out.  Very easy to install and it will fit all standard truck sliding rear windows.  We have styles with deer or bass on them.


Last but now least who can resist your favorite bass, elk, goose, or whitetail on your dashboard.  Made of resin construction with adhesive backing,  people can really see what your love is.


So stop on by or just check out the links below to outfit that truck and chase the February blahs away.

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Winter Walking

 It's February what do you do?  You get home from work, and all you want to do is sit and warm yourself.  Well thats great,  but don't do that all winter!  It's a great time to take winter walks.  It can as short or long as you wish.  You can take any activity and turn it into fun.  You could even make it a family activity.  Bass Pro Shops has just what you need to get you out walking.  Stop on in and we will get you set right up so you and the family can get out and enjoy this time of year. 


How should you dress?  Well all the experts say to layer.  Next to your skin you should have a base layer that wicks the sweat away from your body. Try the Redhead XPS Baselayer 1.0.  This will keep your skin dry.  Next go with wool, fleece or down in either a jacket, shirt or vest.  North Face has a Aconcagua Jacket that will keep you warm in any temperature.  On to the pants if the weather is very cold, a base layer such as Bass Pro XPS 1.0 underneath a pair of pants will be great.  If you do not live close it might be good to bring a change of clothes.  That way you don't get chilled in the car ride home.

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A few additional items to consider are a hat or earband.  Gloves or mittens, water bottle, scarf, ski mask, sunscreen for face and lips,  socks, ice cleats, and waterproof shoes or boots. Check out the links in this post to see if these items are what you are looking for.


OK, so you are all geared up to take a long walk.  If you are new to this ease into it.  Start slow and let those muscles get a chance to warm up.  Roads/sidewalks can be icy  so don't take too big a stride when walking so you can lower your risk of falling.  Keep yourself hydrated.  You think it's the heat that makes you dehydrated,  but you sweat just as much in the Winter just dont realize it.  If it's dark get some reflective tape or gear.  The best place to walk might be on walking trails that ware packed down for winter walking.  Check out the link below.  Beaver Lake in Onondaga County is one of many great spots to see nature at it's finest then stop in for a warm cup of hot chocolate.   


 So even though you may feel like winter goes on forever, it can be fun. Try walking at a nature center, sidewalk or park.  Either way you can only help yourself with a little exercise.  Why, bring the dog along too.  We at Bass Pro Shops can set you up and your dog up to keep you both active.  So consider stopping on by and seeing us. 

Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator

http://onondagacountyparks.com/activities/winter-activities/#Beaver Lake





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Ice Fishing in Central New York

The holidays have ended.  Time to think about a little ice fishing.  Bass Pro Shops has just what you need and more.  The associates here at Bass Pro Shops are ready to assist you with your ice fishing needs.  I took the liberty of looking over the DEC website on ice fishing.  Here is a little information directly from their website.  

Ice fishing opportunities abound in New York State. Winter anglers catch a variety of fish; primarily perch, sunfish, pickerel, northern pike and walleye. In addition, many waters throughout New York State are open to fishing for trout, lake trout and landlocked salmon. Check the "Special Regulations By County" sections of the Fishing Regulations Guide .

Fishing through the ice requires skill and knowledge as does open water angling. But, anyone can ice fish successfully if he/she does the homework. Learning about the water to be fished, the equipment and its capabilities, proper clothing and safety precautions are all part of a successful, enjoyable winter fishing experience. Perhaps the best way to get started is to accompany a friend or neighbor on a half-day ice fishing outing. If you are unable to locate anyone to go with, the next best alternative is to visit a tackle shop in a popular ice fishing area. The proprietors are interested in seeing that you have a successful and enjoyable trip and will provide you with all of the necessary equipment. You may also watch for announcements of local ice fishing contests or tournaments run by local sportsmen's clubs -- ice fishermen tend to be a highly social group, eager to share tips, techniques and stories.

For a first trip, try to pick an opportune weather day -- remember those blustery January days will soon fade into mild February and spring-like March days which often provide some of the most productive ice fishing of the season. Whatever the day you decide to go ice fishing, be sure to check the ice for safety.

The Waters . . .

Most all ponds and lakes offer ice fishing potential. Their characteristics define the kinds of fish that may be caught. Large, shallower ponds and lakes favor species such as chain pickerel, northern pike, yellow perch and sunfish. Deepwater lakes need to be fished selectively to get good catches of northern pike, walleye or lake trout. Brown trout, rainbow trout and landlocked salmon, where they may legally be taken, are often found in deep lakes, which provide necessary cool temperatures in the summertime. However, when these lakes are ice-covered, trout are frequently caught while cruising just a few feet under the ice. The local tackle shop where you purchase your bait should be able to advise you on where fish are currently being caught.

Regardless of the fish species that you are seeking, concentrations of anglers or the presence of many old holes will provide an indication of areas where good catches have recently occurred.

Cutting the Ice...

Getting through the ice is not as hard as it might seem. There are a variety of tools available that make this "essential task" fairly simple. Perhaps the simplest is an old-fashioned "spud" bar which your grandfather may have used on his ice fishing trips. Spuds are often the cheapest way to cut a hole in the ice and work reasonably well on ice up to about a foot thick. Hand-powered augers, which are slightly more expensive than spud bars, are easy to operate and offer the best all-around compromise for moderate ice conditions. Try to purchase an auger appropriate to the species of fish that you are seeking. Anglers who fish for yellow perch, sunfish and other pan fish frequently favor ice augers 4", 5" or 6" in diameter because of their light weight and the speed that they bore through the ice. Anglers who fish for larger fish, such as trout, lake trout, landlocked salmon and northern pike, frequently prefer an ice auger which will make a larger hole -- an appreciated feature during the often-tricky landing of these large fish. But remember, cutting an 8" hole requires the removal of almost twice as much ice as a 6" hole, so don't buy an ice auger much bigger than you will need. For the avid ice angler or for thicker, more extreme ice conditions, more expensive, gas-powered augers provide the ultimate in speed and convenience, albeit at a sacrifice in weight and portability. Power augers come in diameters up to 10" and the size of the hole makes little difference in the speed or difficulty of cutting the hole.

Ice Fishing Methods...

Ice fishing methods include "jigging" with short, light fishing rods and using tip-ups. There are many different kinds of jigging poles and tip-ups. Much of the equipment is easy to make.

Jigging involves the use of a jigging rod or hand line and a small jigging spoon or lure which is often "sweetened" with a piece of bait. The jig is designed to dart around in different directions when it is jerked up and down by the angler.

The tip-up is basically a spool on a stick holding a baited line suspended through a hole in the ice. When the bait - usually a minnow - is taken by a fish, the pull on the line releases a signal, such as a red flag.


For safe ice fishing outings, anglers need to be well prepared. Proper clothing is critical because most people do not move around much while ice fishing. Dress warmly, paying extra attention to your head, feet and hands - dressing in layers is essential.

Ice safety...

Safe ice is the number one consideration. A minimum of three to four inches of solid ice is the general rule for safety. Ice thickness, however, is not uniform on any body of water. The guidelines presented here are based on clear, blue, hard ice on non-running waters. Remember, your own good judgement is essential!

The American Pulpwood Association has developed a table for judging the relative safety of ice on lakes and streams. This is just a guide; use your own good judgement before going out on any ice. Avoid areas of moving water, including where streams enter the lake, and around spillways and dams.


Ice Thickness Table
Ice Thickness Permissible Load
2 inches one person on foot
3 inches group in single file
7.5 inches one car (2 tons)
8 inches light truck (2.5 tons)
10 inches truck (3.5 tons)
12 inches heavy truck (7-8 tons)
15 inches 10 tons
20 inches 25 tons

Note: This guide is based on clear, blue, hard ice on non-running waters. Slush ice is about 50 percent weaker. Clear, blue ice over running water is about 20 percent weaker. Many ice anglers do not like to fish on less than five inches of ice, and do not like to drive a pick-up truck on less than 15 inches of ice. Use common sense!

Be cautious in areas where "bubblers" are used to protect docks. They can produce thin, unsafe ice some distance away. Be especially alert in areas near shore, over moving bodies of water and on lakes and ponds where streams enter or exit.

Remember, use the buddy system while ice fishing - it saves lives.

And, last but not least, the fishing regulations...

In New York State, general angling regulations limit anglers to two jigging lines (or hand lines) and five tip-ups in most waters. Each tip-up must be marked with the operator's name and address; the operator must be in immediate attendance when the lines are in the water. Since special regulations apply on many waters, review the current fishing regulations guide when planning an ice fishing trip - and don't forget your current year's fishing license. To identify good ice fishing waters in the area where you plan to fish, contact the DEC Regional Fisheries Office for that area.

You can find all this information in your NYS Fishing Regulations book or off their website www.dec.ny.gov.  So, stop on by to Bass Pro Shops all look at a few of the items listed below.  It will make your fishing fun easier and a little more comfortable.

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Snow Shoeing - Fun and Easy


Snowshoeing is a Winter sport that is fun for all ages.   While the age of snowshoes are not know, historians believe they were invented over 4000 years ago.  Most snowshoe enthusiasts prefer aluminum snowshoes but there is still a large group that prefer the wooden snowshoes.  Wooden frames do not freeze as quick and they tend to be very quiet.  Why not take the opportunity to get out in the Winter and try it?  At Bass Pro Shops we have the know how to educate you on what fits you the best.  We even have them for kids so the whole family can enjoy the winter and not sit inside.

polesCompared to other Winter sports, snowshoeing is inexpensive and there is little risk of injury.  It's a great way to exercise in the cold months.  You can burn more than 600 calories per hour.   Try the GV Snowshoes.  We have them in aluminum and wood.  The wooden snowshoe is made from white ash with cow rawhide lacing.  The aluminum for adults as well as kids is lightweight,  making it easy to learn.  The GV Telescoping Snowshoe Poles are easy to store come in pairs and have a anti-shock system for less fatigue.

So check out the links below to see if you would like to add a new Winter activity in your life.  Go as fast or slow as you want it's all up to you.

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Lets Have a Party Inside!

Winter months can be tough. Especially when it is too cold to enjoy the outside.  Why not have a indoor children's party. 

Lets start with a few essentials such as food.  For a Camping snack nothing is better than GORP (good old raisins and peanuts).  You say what about peanut allergies? Well - how about mini hotdogs in crescent rolls, pretzels, and for dessert smores (which can be made in the microwave).  Now on to a Fishing party.  You can never go wrong with goldfish crackers, blue HI-C and blue jello with gummy worms in it.  Last but not least how about a Hunting party?  Granola Bars, Jerky, cut up cheese and pepperoni, and mini pizzas.  Look below to see all the fun items we have to make your party a success inside .   

Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator


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