Handgun Safety In Cayuga County

Have you ever considered owning a handgun?  Do you know we have Handgun Safety Classes at Bass Pro Shop?  The only accepted courses are those endorsed by the Central New York Police Academy Onondaga County.   Registering can be done two ways.  You may register by calling 315-498-6046 or by website at www.sunyocc.edu

Here are a few questions that are commonly asked in Cayuga County.

What is the basic criteria for apply for a permit?

     You must be:

1.  At least 21 years of age.

2.  Reside in Cayuga County.

3.  Provide proof of residency by submitting a valid NYS driver's license.

4.  Pass a background check.  The background check includes a criminal record check by the State of New York, the FBI, the Nation Crime Information Center, the Cayuga County Sheriff's Office, other law enforcement agencies, and the Department of Mental Health.

5.  Submit two non-refundable processing fees to cover the costs with fingerprinting, photographs, and background checks.

6.  You must have successfully completed an approved handgun safety course and need to submit an original certificate prior to the issuance of a permit.

How Do I Apply For A Permit?  

Obtain an application packet and, follow the instructions on the cover sheet.

Have the application notarized prior to submitting your application.

Provide a valid NYS driver's license or military photo identification.

Submit processing fees.

Submit an original accepted handgun safety certificate.

Application processing is conducted only by appointment by calling the Special Services Section at 315-253-4148. 

A set of fingerprint and photographs will be taken at the time your application is submitted.

What are the required fees of a new permit application?

Two separate fees are required at the time the application is submitted:

A $20.00 fee payable only by either cash or money order made out to the Cayuga County Seriff. 

A $91.50 fee made payable by money order to the Cayuga County Sheriff

No personal checks accepted.

What types of criminal arrests/offenses must I disclose?

You must disclose ALL arrests for offenses of the law, even if the charges were dismissed or if the criminal record has been sealed.  This includes DWI/DWAI charges, with the exception of minor traffic infractions.

Failure to disclose any criminal offense will deny the application and may lead to criminal charges.

How long does the permit process take?

The process usually is 3 months after all requirements are met.

What types of pistol permits can I apply for?

Carry Concealed:  The applicant must be able to demonstrate a special need for a carry concealed.  They must fill out a "proper cause" supplemental form also.

Possess On Premise:  Have and possess in a dwelling by a homeowner ONLY  or have and possess in one place of business by a merchant or storekeeper ONLY.  This is NOT a carry license and restricts handguns to the dwelling address or place of business.

Carry Concealed/Employment:  Applicants must have a letter from their employer stating why they need to carry during their duties on the job.

Where is my permit/license valid?

This is according to NYS Penal Law Article 400.00 which you can look up online, found in a library, or a bookstore.

A license to carry or possess a pistol or revolver, not otherwise limited as to place or time of possession, shall be effective throughout the state.  The exception to this is it is not valid within the City of New York unless a special permit granting validity is issued by the police commisioner of that city.

The contact number for anyone that has additional questions is the Special Services section at 315-253-4148 or the Records Division at 315-253-1148.


Additional questions and more indepth information is on the Cayuga County Sheriff's Office website.


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Events Coordinator










Time For A Backyard Party With The Browning Cowboy Grill

Would you like to have the entire family over for a large BBQ?  Why not a large office party?    Well -you need to check out the Browning Cowboy Grill.   You can use this 108 pound unit as a grill or firepit.  730 square inches of heavy duty 4mm thick firebowl.  Uses wood or charcoal this unit is a must for any party.

The grate is double nickel plated and is 31" perfect for a few racks of ribs and more.  Why you can even put a roasting chicken on the height adjustable rotisserie while grilling  those ribs and dogs.  There is a adjustable pot hanger and a swivel work table.  Can you say long lasting, value for your money?  With all this,  you cannot miss a chance to stop on by to Bass Pro Shops and check it out today!

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Flashlights - A Important Tool to Have

Flashlights - We all use them and we all need them from time to time.  I don't know about you, but my husband cannot stop by a store without looking at the flashlights.  They just draw him in.  Years ago you got them at your local hardware store.  Now you can find them for a $1.00.  Depending on what you need them for, it is important to get one that suits you as well as be dependable and strong.

Flashlights are measured in lumens.  A lumen is the measurement of the amount of light that is contained in a certain area.  Lumens are a more accurate way to measure the light in a flashlight than WATTS.  A lumen is a direct measurement of light outage.  Sounds confusing?  Imagine a lightbulb that puts out 100 lumens.  Now picture yourself standing 1 foot away from a cake with 100 birthday candles burning.  Bright right?

Hiking, camping, hunting, work, and home are all areas that can use a bright flashlight .  Bass Pro Shops has a great line of flashlights, and we have a variety to pick from.  Check out the Bass Pro Shops XPS line.  Yes, these lights can be a little on the expensive side, but you will find they are well worth it.  

The Bass Pro Shop XPS DPS 1200 Lumen 9V LED flashlight is our most powerful XPS flashlight.  Long lasting it is great for tracking that downed deer or lighting your way through dark small spaces.


















The XPS line comes in a 750, 500, 320, 180,  and 70 lumen .  Good quality, and well made this flashlight is a must.  The grip has a knurled non-slip body the flashlights are 6V or 9V.  They are rubber o-ring sealed for maximum water resistance.  A smart switch tailcap is quick and quiet when switching between high and low modes.  Scratch resistant tempered glass lens protects the LED.

Now,  consider this.  All these flashlights but the 70 lumen have the ability to use lithium batteries or rechargeable batteries.  The Bass Pro Shop XPS DPS Battery Chargeis compatible with 6V and 9V lithium rechargeable battery sticks.  Also included is a 120V AC and 12V DC power cords.  We sell the rechargeable batteries as well.   








Stop on by to Bass Pro Shops to check out our large variety of flashlights.  Whether  you look into the XPS brand or any number of other brands we have, I think you will be pleased.

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Keeping Bait Alive

Nothing is more frustrating that paying for bait, and then having them die within hours.  Here at Bass Pro shops we understand just how frustrating that can be. The better condition as well as the fresher the meal the larger chance of getting that large fish to bite.  Many anglers talk about hooks, lures and line but overlook the condition of live bait.  This is why we carry a large variety of bait systems that will work for your need as well as your wallet.


The Bass Pro Shops Aerator is affordable and comes with 2 speeds.  This aerator will run for 30 hours on 1 "D" cell battery.  Heavy duty and water resistant this aerator will not break your wallet.





















Frabill makes the Aqualife Bait Station.  With all electric components sealed in a upper watertight compartment this station is exactly what you want for being near the water.  The station has a removable foam liner which insulates the bait and a micro bubble oxygen diffuser.   To top it all off this station is waterproof and has a built in light that illuminates the interior. 



























The Frabill Crawler Can is great for nightcrawlers and leeches.  The system has a dual compartment where you can store ice in one side and bait in another.  The insulated foam liner will hold 2 to 3 dozen worms.  Perfect for a hot summer night.



















Need something a little larger?  Well look no further than the  Frabill Habitat II which will hold up to 8 dozen worms.  Insulated with extra thick foam it will keep the bedding nice and cool.  Molded aeration holes provide fresh air circulation ,and the bedding will keep them healthy until you are ready to use them.

hab II
























So, don't forget to keep your bait healthy.  It will be less costly and it will be a great pay off when you keep getting all those fish.


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator



Coolers - Rugged - Durable - Makes A Great Gift!

Going camping? Out on the boat? Having a backyard BBQ?  Well odds are, you will need a cooler.  Every person or family will need a cooler at some time in their life.  At Bass Pro Shops we have a nice selection to pick from  We have one that will fit your wallet, not to mention we even have coolers that are bear proof.  Why you could even give that newly married couple one as a gift. 


The Big Bobber makes a great gift for that fisherman in your life.  Lightweight durable with a built in handle, this cooler carries a 12 pack of soda or beer. Toss in a few can coolers and you are ready to roll.


Have to travel to a campsite or have your hands full with bags but need a cooler to put groceries in from the store.  Check out the Bass Pro Shops 48 can soft side wheeled cooler.  This cooler collapes easy for storage and is perfect for keeping in the trunk of your car for easy access.  Lightweight with a thermal reflective interior for increased insulation.  


Want a classic Coleman?  Well let me tell you about the Coleman 54 quart Steel Belted Cooler in bright red.  This classic style has a solid steel latch with a rust resistant channel drain for no tilt draining.


Now - If it is rugged you want not to mention bear proof, there is nothing that goes against the Yeti.  The Yeti Tundra 45 cooler is heavy duty and tough.  Freezer style sealing gasket, dry ice compatible with non slip rubber feet.  Self stopping hinges mean you will never have to replace a hinge again.  These coolers have fallen off trucks, been jumped on, kicked around slammed on rocks and keep on going.  The handles do not break or bend as well as the body does not crack.  If for some reason you do need to replace a part , Yeti has them.  yeti

So stop on by to Bass Pro Shops and check them out. 

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The Ascend D10 Kayak - Great Value

Not everyone can afford to buy a boat, but they want to enjoy what the lakes in our area have.   Just married, getting married, retired, have a young family and don't have the money to put down on a boat?  Well take a look at kayaks.  No gas, and everyone in the family can enjoy them.  Why not try a family vacation kayaking on different Finger Lakes to see which lake you enjoy the most?

The Ascend D10 is a great value for your money.  The seat is comfortable, and it can be removed to use on land.  The cockpit is roomy.  Great for the first timer or the experienced kayak enthusiast, this kayak  will not let you down.  With a covered sternwell this kayak holds a 36 quart cooler.  Bungee secured storage in the bow and stern.  The foot braces adjust from 5'2" to 6'2" for comfort. Dual position paddle holders will keep your paddles secure.  







If you are going out for the day make sure you have a good paddling life jacket.  The Ascend Deluxe Paddling Life Jacket is lightweight with mesh shoulders for ventalation.  The jacket comes in S/M, L/XL, and OSFM (one size fits most).   A cross-chest cinch harness makes this jacket extremely comfortable and does not ride up.












Don't forget the paddle.  Take a look at the Ascend KPA Kayak Paddle.  Lightweight and affordable makes this paddle a great deal.







Last but not least if you happen to plan a day trip, make sure you have a dry bag.  The Ascend Heavy-Duty Round Bottom Bag is lightweight, has shoulder straps with a built in D-ring so you may secure the bag to your watercraft.  Made of thick heavy duty waterporoof PVC material , this will keep whatever you put in it dry.







So stop on by, and take a look at what we have. Our Camping associates are extremely knowledgeable and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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Time to Go Tubing

It's that time of year again.  Time to get out on that lake and go tubing.  Bass Pro Shops has a variety of tubes to look at this year.  Check out our store as well as over the internet.  What a variety!


Bass Pro Shops XPS Tsunami is 80 inches in diameter and will tow three people.  Check out our reviews on line.  This tube is a hit.















The Airhead Fusion Towable has cockpit and deck style riding as well as 8 handles.  This towable will hold three people and the center cockpit is quite roomy.























Want something unique?  Try the Air head Hot Dog Towable. Fun, and fits 3 people.




















Now everyone needs a tow rope.  Check out the Airhead Bungee Tube Tow Rope with Rope Keeper.  With 50 feet and 4,150 lbs of tensile strength, this rope will take all the whipping and fun you can give it.





















So stop on by Bass Pro Shops and see what we have to offer.  Then........ go tubing!


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Have a Safari Inside

You just got back from vacation.  Great camping trip and now reality hits.  Work, kids back to daycare or youth activities.  They long for another vacation as well as you.  Well - with a little imagination you can bring that back, and have fun with your kids.

Start off with the Insect Lore Campfire Kids Log Cabin Tent.  This tent is easy to set up and great for a bed or a floor.  Now what camping night is not complete without  a fire.  Insect Lore Campfire is cool to the touch and fan powered with a flickering flame.


















Don't forget the Mini Lantern by Backyard safari.  Exploring at night can be fun and safe.  To make things interesting you have to try the Backyard Safari Bug Vacuum with laser light.  Great for ants or cheerios.  Need to call the wild animals or at least the dog?  Check out Bass Pro Shops North American Animal Caller.  This caller makes 10 realistic sounds and is great fun to use.



























Top it all off with some smores done in the microwave and you have a mini vacation done nightly with you kids.  They won't forget the time you spend with them as you go over all the fun times you had on vacation.

Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator 
























Safety First! - Life Jackets

Bass Pro Shops is a great place to pick up anything you may need for your boat.  Life Jackets are a must.  We have what you need from infants to adults, as well as your pet.  Please take the time to look over all your jackets each season.  You don't want to ruin your family vacation due to a ticket for something you could of prevented.

All personal flotation devices or PFD's must be free of rot, tears, and punctures.  The straps must be functional.  In case of emergency they must be reachable.  The PFD's cannot be under a compartment locked up, or in a plastic bag.  Ready accessible is the word.  They also have to be the appropriate size for the people wearing them.  When purchasing a life jacket check the label for this information.  

Anyone operating or riding a jetski, or  waverunner needs to be wearing one.  Someone being towed behind a vessel such as tubers, waterskiers, or  para-sailing must have the appropriate PFD on.  Anyone riding in a pleasure vessel less that 21' such as rowboats, canoes, kayaks between November 1st and May 1st.  Children under the age of 12 on board boats or vessels less than 65 feet in length, canoes, kayaks, rowboats need a PFD.

Take a look below to see if one of our life jackets fit your need.  If not - stop on by and check out the wide variety of PFD's we have.  I know we have one to fit your function as well as your pocketbook.


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator


Bass Pro Shops Recreational Life Jacket for Infants (under 30 lbs)








Bass Pro Shops Dual Sized Recreational Life Jacket for Adults








Bass Pro Shops Recreational Life Jacket for Youth 









XPS Neoprene Life Jacket-Comes in mens, ladies, infant, kids, and youth.  Very comfortable, durable, quick drying, full front zipper, snaplock buckels.








Bass Pro Shops Life Jacket for Dogs-Comes x-small thru x-large.













It's Beach Towel Weather

The hot summer weather is the time to get a new beach towel.  Why you may not hunt during those summer months, but you can still have your camo style show through during the hot weather.

Check out the Bass Pro Shop Deer Stamp Beach towel.  Great for the pool or beach you will stand out with eye catching orange and black.







Bass Pro shops Browning Buckmark Beach Towel comes in a zebra print, chocolate with pink , and last but not least antlers.  Soft and roomy.







choc pink











The Guy Harvey Sea Turtle towel is bright and full.  Perfect for that little one in your life.  A additional plus is it comes with a slot in the back that can secure to a chair.  Perfect when they come in from the pool wet!







Another bright, full, and durable towel that might fit your need is the Salt Life Beach Towel-Rasta.  Skull and Crossbones along with bold colors makes this a must for anyone this summer.








If it is camo you want, you may want to take a look at the Realtree xtra camo beach towel, or the Realtree APC pink camo beach towel.  Both a perfect to express your camo fever.

















So, stop on by Bass Pro Shops and take a look at the wide variety of beach towels we have.


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator   




Firepits - Beautiful and Enjoyable

Lets face it summer is a wonderful time to get together with friends and enjoy the outdoors at night.  Here at Bass Pro Shops we feel the same way.  Whether you enjoy a few adults over or just have a family camp out it is a great way to have fun.  Check out some of our firepits. 

Landmann USA  has three firepits that won't disappoint.  All three of these firepits are decorative and will fit on your back deck or in your yard.  The Landmann USA Haywood fireplace has wildlife cutouts, a 20" patio fireplace with a 360 degree view of the fire.  Add a built in wood grate, sturdy steel construction and a large spark screen to keep the embers contained.  Now to top it all off, this fireplace is easy to assemble.


To add to Landmann we have the Patio Lights Fire Pit with cutout deer and tracks.  This firepit has a spark screen with handle along with a die cut deer design and mesh protective screen.  The enamel cook grate makes for a great portable grill.  With decorative sculpted legs, and a 37" poker this firepit is stable and secure.

deer and tracks

Need a fireplace that can handle gatherings? Well check out the Landmann Northwoods outdoor fireplace.  Study stell construction, cooking grate, and built in ash grate for easier clean up and optimal air flow.  Made of sturdy steel construction.  So stop on down and talk with our Camping associates at Bass Pro Shops.  We are waiting to help you out.


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Relaxing Made Easy

It's that time of year.  Time to relax!  You could need a nap, catch some sun, or watch your kids at their soccer game.  Bass Pro Shops has exactly what you need.  Everyone has fold up chairs and we are no exception, but to make it even more fun we have a few different ideas you should come on in and take a look at.

Bass Pro Shops has the Big Outdoorsman Fold Up Chair.  This chair is oversized, roomy with foam padding at the headrest, seat, and back.  The armrests are hard so it makes getting in and out quite easy.  The Outdoorsman folds flat in a hurry for quick storage and comes with a cupholder and will support 350 pounds.  We even have a extra large chair which will support 400 pounds.  So comfortable I dare you not to fall asleep in it!

Now if you want to fall asleep, try the Bass Pro Shops Big Outdoorsman Lounger Chair.  This lounger has a bungee suspension system and will hold up to 400 pounds.  The seat is 24 inches wide and comes with a side tray with built in cup holder, padded seat and back.  Why it even comes with it's own pillow!  This chair has everything you need for a relaxing day reading a book.

So stop on by to Bass Pro Shops.  I think you will find exactly what you are looking for.

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Men's Plus Sizes Don't Have to Be Hard to Find

Nothing is more frustrating than going into a store and not finding your size.  Don't get upset, stop on in to Bass Pro Shops, and check out our mens clothing.  If we don't have what you are looking for, we can order it.  We can also check with other stores, or you can order over the internet, then have it shipped to the store for free.

Here are a few of the men's clothing items that come in plus sizes you may just want to look at. 

The Redhead Ultimate Flannel Shirt,  is soft and roomy. Made of 100% cotton this shirt resists pilling and is virtually shrink free.  The best part, it comes in sizes up to 5xl.






Take a look at the World Wide Sportsman Angler Shirt which comes in long and short sleeve.  To keep cool this shirt has a vented cape in back, and built in UPF sun protection.  You can't go wrong. Sizes up to 4xl.


Bass Pro Shops Original Logo T-Shirt   Sizes up to 4xl with eight colors to pick from.


World Wide Sportsman Boco Grande Cargo Shorts are made of 100% quick dry nylon with 10 pockets. Sizes up to size 54.







Redhead Canvas Zip-Off Pants are great for spring and summer with sizes up to 54. 


Try the Redhead Pocket T-Shirt with sizes up to 5x.  This t-shirt comes in 8 colors and is made of 100% Jersey tee with a left chest pocket.  Pre-washed for extra comfort.







World Wide Sportsman Hybrid Angler Pants  Three colors to pick from.  Sizes up to 4xl, and nano-tex technology which resists spills.  Add a 50+ sun protection with zip off legs.







Need jeans?  Well Redhead Loose Fit Five Pocket Denim Jeans are the way to go with sizes up to 54.

So - don't get frustrated!  Remember Bass Pro Shops is here to help you find what you are looking for. 

Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator


Fishing for Trout and Salmon in the Finger Lakes

Fishing in the Finger Lakes offers a variety of different species to catch.  The most popular fish  people go for, are trout and salmon.  There are different systems of fishing the Finger Lakes, and here are a few you may just be interested in.


Trolling:  Trolling is the most popular for trout and salmon.  For this type of fishing you can put up to 5 lures per line, and slowly pull or troll behind a boat.  The positive side to trolling over the casting method is, it allows multiple rods rigged with different lures that are set up at different depths.  Trolling does require special equipment and can be very maddening during periods when the waterfleas are plenty.  A good trolling motor to look in to is the Minnkota Terrova Bow Mount Trolling Motor with Universal Sonar 2.   The Minnkota  has a factory installed I-Pilot wireless GPS trolling system which allows you to store and retrieve location and paths on water.  Added, is the co-pilot wireless function to navigate and position your boat which allows you to focus on fishing.  Easy to use and very durable.














Trolling with lures near the surface is referred to as flat lining.  This technique works great with landlocked salmon (best when water is cool).  The best lures to use are stickbaits, streamers and spoons.  During the warm months you need to get lures deeper for the trout and salmon.  Sometimes as deep as 100 feet or more.  A few methods to get lures down deep is a downrigger.  A downrigger is a heavy weight attached to steel cable that lowers and raises by a winch and pulley system.  One downrigger that works well is the Cannon Tournament Series DigiTroll 5TSThe stainless steel spool allows you to re-spool monofilament or superlines.  It has a swival base and integrated LCD screen and touch pad which provides a real time date and is simple to operate.  Best part is its electric.

















Divers:  This device is attached to your line.  This will get your lure down to the depth you want.  Divers are a great option for beginning trollers.  They are cheaper than downriggers and there is no installation to your boat.

WireLine:  This method has become very popular over the years.  When used with a diving device, the bait goes deeper.

Copperline:  This system has been popular for many years in the Finger Lakes area.  Lake trout are the favorite to catch with copper.  Another term people use is "pulling copper".  One tugs the copper by hand using a heavy spoon.  Some people modify an old victrola record player to wind the copper on.

Lures that are popular for trolling salmonids are spoons, plugs, and flies.  Three main styles of attractors are spinners, dodgers, and flashers.

Vertical Jigging:  A very popular method of catching lake trout is vertical jigging.  This method entails lowering the jig to the bottom a few times and then reeling it up rapidly off the bottom for a short distance, before dropping it again and repeating.  This is a nice alternative to trolling when you have water fleas or weed matts.  You also do not need any special rod or reel.

Natural Bait:  Minnows are extremely popular to use.  Make sure you use only certified bait or bait caught from the lake you are fishing on.  Other popular baits are alewives (also called sawbellies or mooneyes), egg sacs, and marshmallow and worm rigs.  The marshmallow and worm rigs are extremely popular on Skaneateles Lake.  The colored marshmallow helps float the worm off the bottom and the bright color of the marshmallow acts like a attractor.  Some people skip the worm and just use the marshmallow. 

So have a relaxing and fun time out fishing on the Finger Lakes, and remember if you need anything we are just a short distance away.


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator








Father's Day - Watches Make A Great Gift

These days you can get a watch to do just about anything.  Here at Bass Pro Shops we have a watch that will fit your needs. 


Check out the Casio Fishing Watch.  The features on this watch include sunrise and sunset, the moon phases, feeding cycles of fish as well as a silent vibrating alarm.  If thats not enough try 100 meter water resistence.


If hunting is where you spend your time,  try the Casio Pathfinder Hunting watch with features such as:

  • Sunrise and Sunset
  • moon age and phase data
  • 5 Alarms
  • Water resistant up to 100 meters
  • This watch is a great value for the money easy to program and quite durable.


Is your man into watches that do just about anything?   Well check out the Suunto X10 Military GPS Writstop Watch.  The features include:

Full GPS

The watch includes routes, marks waypoints, tracks speed and distance.

You can download to your PC via included interface software and USB cable.

Google earth compatible

Includes altimeter, barometer, compass and all time/alarm functions.

Menu driven with back light, and is water resistant to 100 meters.


So stop on by to Bass Pro Shops and check it out!

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A Great Gift for Dad


Don't know what to get the Dad who is always on the go?  Well help that dad relax with a great gift from Bass Pro Shops.  Check out the Bass Pro Shops Folding Padded Hammock.  This hammock is portable, durable, and comfortable.  If those features are not enough, add the fact that it comes with a storage loft under the hammock to store a book or magazine.  Now wait I am not done yet, this hammock is weather resistant and comes with a carry bag and pillow.  Easy set up as well as easy storage makes this a perfect idea for Father's Day.  So stop on down to Bass Pro Shops and pick one up.  Dad will just love it!

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Fishfinder Frenzy

Fishfinders have come a long way in recent years.  You don't have to have a boat in order to have a fishfinder.  Fishfinders come small to fit on your wrist, portable and mounted.  

If you spend a lot of time on a boat, you may want to consider a GPS unit that comes preloaded with maps of shoreline and inland water.  Some even have satellite images and real-time weather updates, as well as radar images.

You want to have a unit that is waterproof, has glare protection, and a unit where the image should be easily visable.

The Humminbird Smart Cast RF-35 is a wrist mounting fish finder.  It shows bottom contour, depth and water surface temp.  This is good in small bodies of water and  along banks.  It goes to 125' depth with a 75' range.  Great for a young fisherman just starting out.

When thinking of a fish finder consider different screen options.  Color and pixels add more detail to the display and makes it easier to understand.  Think about what size you want and where you will put it.  Will you mount it? 

The Bass Pro Shops associates in our Fishing Department can show you a wide variety of Fishfinders.  Here are two you just may want to consider.

Humminbird 798ciHD

Side Imaging sonar/Down Imaging

5" screen HD Color Display

50 channel GPS and WAAS

4000 watts

Depth 1500'

Switchfire Contour XC Map-covers 3000 US lakes, depth contour lines

Ethernet Networking - Ability to share sonar, GPS and way points between compatible units.


Humminbird 998C HD

8" color display

side/down imaging

duel beam plus with switchfire

depth 150'

dual SD cards

dualbeam PLUS depth 1500'

So, stop on by and take a look.  You won't be disappointed.


Robin Piedmonte

Events Coordinator





Rain Gear

Here at Bass Pro Shops we take outside activities very seriously.  You work hard and you play hard.  Whether you are walking the beach during the winter months or riding a motorcycle during the summer; it is not fun picking up shells or out for a ride when you are wet.  Thats why Bass Pro has exactly what you need for the wet weather.  Golfing, fishing, hiking, camping, bicycling, canoe/kayaking, motorcycling whatever you enjoy get the proper gear to stay outside having fun. 

When you are on a motorcycle you can't always wait for the storm to pass.  You need to carry a lightweight suit which will keep you dry for a while.  This should be easy to pack, convenient, with waterproof closures.  Here are a few ideas to consider.

Columbia Omni-Tech has a watertight rain jacket.  This jacket has a 100% watertight shell, adjustable storm hood, lightweight, and breathable fabric.  FroggTogg has the Original Pro Action Rainsuit.  The bomber style packs easy for storage.  It has elastic openings to keep rain out and is waterproof as well as breathable.  Made of 100% polypropylene.

Now if you need something that will do even in Alaska, try the Bass Pro Shops 100mph Gore-Tex Rain Parka and Bibs.  This outfit is roomy, waterproof and breathable but the best part is it's ability to withstand the cruelest weather.  This garment was tested in 22"s of rain per hour in the Gore Storm Chamber using wind driven and drenching overhead rainfall.  Dropdown hip covers locking drawcords among other features makes this outfit a must for extreme activities.

So stop on by and see us here at Bass Pro Shops so we can help you make the most out of your activities.

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is on May 12th this year.  Many people forget that here at Bass Pro Shops we have a great selection of clothes and jewelry as well as gift ideas for that special Mom in your life.  Bob Timberlake has a basketweave neckline top with short sleeves.  This top is cool, comfortable and washes great! To top it off it comes in 4 colors.  We also have a printed open cardigan that is soft and lightweight.  This can be worn on cool summer nights with jeans or dress pants.  Not in the mood for clothing? Well we have that covered too.  Stop on by our Gifts Department for a wide assortment of candles, wind chimes and mailwraps.  Everyone has the usual metal mailbox. The mailwraps are great.  Pick up a few, one for each season!  It's a inexpensive way to update the old mailbox and bring a little excitement to your area. So stop on by and check out the perfect gift for Mother's Day.

Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator




Brinkman Smoke 'N Grill

How would you like a kitchen all wrapped up in one?  If that sounds interesting you have to check out the Brinkman Smoke 'N Grill.  This grill has a professional five burner propane grill with nearly 700 square inches of cooking surface.  A rotisserie and a smoker with electronic ignition that puts out :

  10,000 BTU's on the five burners

  12,000 BTU's on the side burner

   10,000 BTU's on the back burner

     6,000 BTU's on the smoker














So bring in your friends - why - invite the neighborhood.  Primarily fueled with propane you also have the option of buying a conversion kit that will convert the unit to natural gas.  The grill also comes with a griddle topper, bottle opener, and a towel/tool bar.  Although it is large enough for many, don't count out a date night for the two of you.  Busy during the week?  Why not do all your cooking on one day and keep it in the refrigerator so your week is heat up and forget?


So stop on in and check out the Brinkman.  I think you will be impressed.


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator