Safety First - Find The Tree Harness That Fits You

Everything you need for Hunting is all organized.  From your boots to your rifle everything is locked, loaded, and ready to go.  You are ready to climb into that tree stand and can only think about that monster you've scouted coming your way.  But before you climb don't forget about one important piece of equipment: your safety harness.  Make sure that your current safety harness is in good working order.  Are the straps in good shape? Are the buckles secure and adjusted correctly?  Falls from a tree stand are the leading cause of injuries during gun season. 

Nothing can kill a hunting season quicker than not being safe.  Make sure that the tree you select is substantial enough to carry your weight.  Can you climb into or out of the tree stand either with two hands and one foot, or two feet and one hand at all times?  Have you let people know where you are hunting?  Do you have a cell phone with you and is it in a pocket you can reach in the event you fall?

Comfort is important and you want to choose a safety harness that fits you and the situation.  At Bass Pro shops we have different varieties of Safety Harnesses, and one is bound to fit you wallet as well as your need.

The Big Game Treestands EZ-ON Basci Safety Harness is one size fits most.  Padded shoulder straps quick release buckles on the leg straps, and a built in deer drag is just what a hunter needs to stay safe and comfortable.  Now - add that this harness is easy to use and a great value for the money and you have it made.













Hunter Safety Syrem HSS Pro Series Vest Harness is another great idea to check out.  Rubber coated buckles, lightweight with mesh back ventilation this safety harness comes small to 2xl/3xl.




















The Hunter Safety System HSS Treestalker Safety Vest/Harness also comes in youth.  Non-bulky and easy quick on,  and off makes this a sure choice.  Add four large storage pockets with a relief strap, and linemans climbing stand.  Durable and performs well.

















Try the Muddy Outdoors Safeguard Harness with comfortable leg straps and integrated binocular system.   Greal value for the money as well as high performance and quality.
















Stop on in to Bass Pro Shops to take a long look at what safety harness will work for you.  Then - get out there and have a great safe season hunting.


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator










Tree Stands - Comfort and Safety

Today's tree stands are pure luxury from days gone by.  With enhancements to maximize comfort and safety, hunters can look forward to sitting in a tree all day!  There are so many  stands to pick from, and the right one can truely be an asset to your hunting arsenal.  Take the time to stop on in and take a good long look at them and ask questions.   Here are a few you might find interesting.


The API Outdoors Hi Point Climbing Tree Stand has padded armrests.  Combine that with a attached back rest, full body harness, and a camo accessory bag.  Quality and great value makes this tree stand something to think about.



















Summit has  The Crush Series Viper SD Ultra Climbing Treestand with great sound reduction technology.  Cushioned armrests, seat bar and a full body harness with quick and easy adjustments.  








Gorilla has the Greyback Climbing Treestand with padded camo climbing bar, stirrups, adjustable back pack straps, and a full body harness.



















The Ameristep Non-Typical Rapid Rail Ladder works on small trees or  crooked trees.  V steps for increased footing,  this treestand is easy to use and performs well.









How about a treestand that fits two?  The Big Game Treestand The Sky Rise  has removeable seat cushions and 2 full body harnesses with a max weight of 500 pounds.  Durable, high quality and a great price.

sky rise








Are you a mobile hunter?  The Muddy Outdoors Climbing Sticks are perfect for mobile hunters.  There are steps on both sides which allow for quick and easy climbing.  Very quiet and high quality make this a must.












So stop on down to Bass Pro Shops and let one of our Archery associates show you the perfect stand that fits you.


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator








Which Deer Call is Right For You?

Calling deer.  Everyone has their own way of doing it.  How do you know without spending alot of money which call might work for you?  Well word of mouth is still the best way to find out.  Talk with people around your area to find out what they are using.  Watch hunting videos, TV shows, or go on the internet.  Here at Bass Pro Shops we have many calls that might interest you. 

The experts say that during the early season - try rattling.  Not hard but gentle and easy.  This sound is meant  to imitate two bucks sparring.  The Knight & Hale Pack Rack Rattling System Deer Call twists back and forth to create a lifelike sound of two bucks in combat.  Easy to use and not expensive you may just want to give these a try.  The Primos Big Buck Rattle Bag creates the sound of two different size bucks fighting.  Again very easy, durable and a great value. Not to mention they fit in a pack much easier than a set of antlers!















Many people prefer the can which produces the sound of mating bleats of estrus does.  The Primos "Original" Can Mating Bleat Call is simple to use, performs well, and is a great price.












It takes a great deal of patience to get that monster.  Don't be afraid to use your deer call.  Sure you may just spook one or two, but this is how you learn.  In order to be successfull you need to know deer behavior.  Have that arrow nocked or your gun in hand before you start calling.  Dont get frustrated after 10 minutes or even a hour.  How many hunters have relaxed their guard only to have that giant buck appear.

Primos has the Uproar Deer Call that has three proven effective calls in one.  You can switch between two main chambers to produce aggressive grunts or loud estrus.  Also there is a wheeze tube to challenge a large buck.




















 The Primos Hardwood Grunter Deer Calling System is a 6 in one adjustable reed system.  This system produces extra loud calls from deep grunts to doe bleats.












These are just a few calls to consider when deciding what you need.  Talk with your friends then stop on by and talk with our hunting associates to find what call will work best for you.

Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator





What broadhead is right for you?  How do you decide with so many options on the market.  Do you go with traditional fixed broadheads? Is it best to get set or replaceable blades? Should you give mechanical broadheads a try? It can be a little confusing.  All in all it is a personal decision that one has to make.  Here is just a little information on broadheads that may help you.  

Fixed broadheads are the oldest.  They are simple with no moving parts and they offer good penetration.  They are durable, rugged and a often offered at a good price.  When they get dull you sharpen them. These features make fixed broadheads a popular choice. 

Fixed replaceable broadheads need no sharpening and are extremely convenient.  They tend to be a little more expensive than fixed.

Mechanical broadheads fly straight then spring open on impact.  This broadhead produces more trauma which can lead to a faster kill.  They are extremely accurate and often produce a better blood trail.

For a fixed broadhead check out the Thunderhead Fixed Blade Broadhead.   It is a great value and high quality.












Would you like a replacement broadhead?  Try  the Muzzy MX3 Replacement Practice Blade.  Durable, easy to use, and it performs well.






If your preference is a mechanical broadhead take a look at the Grim Reaper Razor Tip Whitetail Special .  This blade sits flush with point during flight.  Then expands upon impact.  






We have many different broadheads to look at,  and if you are even a little confused our Archery associates are ready and willing to take the guess work out of the uncertainty. 


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator 







Protect Your Bow

When you make the investment of a good bow, then add all the accessories you have spent a fair amount of money.  Don't take a chance of damaging it.   The most important thing in buying that bow case is size, padding, and security.  Bring your bow with you when you purchase a case, make sure it fits properly.  Cases should have protective padding in them.  Last, make sure there are enough secure straps to keep it in place when you carry it.  Here are a few cases that meet that criteria.


The Redhead Bow Case 2.0 will hold up to 2 bows 40" axle to axle.  17 pockets and 5 security straps will keep that bow secure.  Wait I am not done yet - add two interior pockets and protective padding on all sides, and you have one amazing case for the money.







A case that is made to fit the modern crossbow is the Plano Manta Crossbow Case.  With multiple tie down straps and thick foam lining, your crossbow will be safe and secure.  A plus to this case is you can carry it in two ways, either 2 handles or a removable shoulder strap.





















Do you want a hard case that stores your bow and quiver?  One that accommodates most parallel limb bows?  Well SKB has the Hunter Parallel Limb Bow Case.  With plenty of padding this case is pure quality as well as a great value.









So stop on by with your bow and find the case that best fits and protects your investment.  You want to enjoy it for years to come.


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator

















Practice Makes You Perfect - Targets

Remember all those teachers who said practice makes perfect?  Well that is true when it comes to landing that 10 point buck.  Here at Bass Pro Shops we have many targets to look at, and I am sure one will fit your need.

The Field Logic Glen Del Full Rut Buck target is very life like.  A large insert gives you four sided shooting and off set shooting zones.  This target is ready to be around for a long time.  Give it broadheads, expandables, field tips and crossbow bolts.  It can take it.




















All targets should be able to take a beating.  The Morrell Yellow Jacket Crossbow Field Point Bag, is ready and waiting to take the heaviest weight to the fastest crossbow.  With 4 bulleyes to pick from, you will love its quality and how well it performs.



















Rinehart makes the Rhino Block Archery Target.  40 target zones, 4 sides for field points, and 2 sides for broadheads.  Self healing foam with easy arrow pull technology is high quality and great value for the money.  Replacement inserts are also available.














Team Realtree Shotblocker is one target that is easy to transport with 4 sides.  Easy release for broadheads and field points.  This durable target is one to check out.

real tee



















The Redhead Deer Target is extremely durable and tough.  The self healing foam will help you keep your skills in order all year long.  A replacement insert is also available.







So stop in and check them out!


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator








Hiking in the Finger Lakes

There are not many people who would disagree with the statement that Fall is absolutely beautiful in the Finger Lakes.  Instead of feeling low thinking about the snow, why not get outside and enjoy the beauty that this time of year has to offer.  There are great hiking paths around the Finger Lakes region and up north.


Harvest time in the Finger Lakes usually starts in mid August, and can continue into November thru January for the ice wines.  For the people who live here, we consider Fall one of the most exciting times to hike.  If you are not into hiking, consider going apple picking or walk through pumpkin patches.  Many areas offer easy walking roads.  Anything that gets you outside is worth it.


If you are interested in doing some hiking, you will need a comfortable pair of hiking boots.  The Ecco Kiruna GTX is a great shoe.  Waterproof, lightweight, and comfortable, this boot gives you great quality and a good price.  Perfect for hiking in the Adirondack region or any trail around the Finger Lakes.  








A day hike is great to see all the beautiful bright orange, reds, golds, and russet colors of Fall.  Make sure you bring a jacket.  The Bass Pro Shop Lightweight Packable Rainsuit is perfect for this time of year.   100% waterproof, breathable, large pockets with a attached hood.  The word for this jacket is comfortable and packable.  No extra weight, it is a "just in case" item.







The Finger Lakes region is at about 40 percent of its peak so now is the time to think about a nice fall hike.  Whether you walk through the woods or drive down the road, bring along a few treats.  Perhaps some jerky and a water bottle.  You can always buy a day pack to carry everything in.  The Redhead Stream Hydration Pack has a large main compartment.  Very comfortable and roomy,  this pack even has a binocular attachment. 








New York State has a longer window of opportunity to see the fall foliage than up north.  October is a great month to smell grapes in the air.  With all the wineries pressing you just can't help it.  A great time to hike, camp, kayak or take a plane for a overall view of everything.  This is a picture perfect time of year.  So get out there and enjoy what New York State has to offer.


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator











Archery Season is Here and We Have a Bow for You!

At Bass Pro Shops we are all about getting you outside.  We have such a nice variety of bows to pick from that it was hard for me to highlight just a few.  As many of you know,  your bow is unique to you.  You have to feel comfortable with the draw and ease of use.   Bow hunting creates a different challenge than hunting with a firearm.  This type of hunting is more silent and peaceful.  You also need to be closer to your game.  Anyone of our associates in our Archery Department are happy to spend as much time as you need to find the right bow for you.  Here are a few you might want to take a look at.

The Bear Archery Apprentice.   This bow is great for a young archer.  13 different draw lengths, draw weights adjust 15-60 pounds.  Nice and light at 2.9pounds.  This will accomodate a young archer longer than other youth bows.











The Bear Motive 6 Compound Bow is light, quiet, and extremely fast.  Very smooth draw cycle.















The easy to use Redhead Kronik XT Compound Bow  is also lightweight and strong.  This bow package also includes a 3 pin sight, hostage capture style arrow rest, and a 5 arrow quiver.


Last but not least is the Redhead Toxik XT Compound BowThis bow has a smooth draw and is extremely accurate.  Lightweight at 3.8 pounds this bow is also great value for the money and high quality.
















Believe me that a quick look here just does not do these bows justice.  You have to look at these quality products to see just how great they are.  So stop on by, and take a good long look at what we have.  Ask a lot of questions this is not just a great investment, but a wonderful time spent outside enjoying nature at its best.


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator 


Boat Covers - Protect Your Investment

October is almost here.  Time to think about winterizing and protecting that boat from the Upstate winters.  At Bass Pro Shops we have a variety of boat covers to pick from.  You want to feel comfortable during those cold blustery frigid days ahead.


The Bass Pro Shop Weather Safe Storage Tite boat cover is mildew resistant with a urethane coating to protect against UV damage.  Take a look on line to see all the positive reviews.

weather safe






The Bass Pro Shops Exact Fit boat cover is lightweight and reinforced at critical points.  The fabric is 100% sharkskin plus polyester.  With a 7 year manufacturers warranty with 3 year FREE replacement you cannot go wrong.  This exact fit cover fits the following boats:  Nitro NX750-Nitro 640LX-Nitro 288 Sport-Tracker TX- Nitro 185 Sport-Tracker/Super Guide-Tahoe 228 - Nityro 188 Sport - Tahoe 204 - Tracker Panfish - Nitro NX 929 - Tahoe 254 - Nitro NX 896 - Tracker-Crappie

exact fit





Bass Pro Shops has a Semi Custom Boat Cover that will cover the Tracker Targa V18 - Panfish - 175TF - and the Pro Guide V16 Walk Thru.  This cover has OEM marine grade fabric, reinforced stress points, easy to use trailer strap system, and urethane coatings to provide water repellency with minimal weight.







Looking to cover your pontoon boat?  Take a look at the Classic Accessories Storm Pro Extra Heavy Duty Pontoon Boat.  This cover has a universal fit, and resists mildew.  Made durable this is one cover you should take a look at.















You can also take a look at the Stearns Hurricane Polyester Canvas Boat CoverThis cover will not shrink or stretch.  Universal fit for all season with a 4 year manufacturer's warranty.







So stop on by to Bass Pro Shops and take a look.  I think you will find something to fit your need.



Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator











DEC Fish Hatcheries In New York State - Come Visit!


Fall is a beautiful time of year for foliage as well as sightseeing.  What a wonderful time to visit some of New York States Fish Hatcheries.  Take the kids they will love it..  All hatcheries are open to the public.  Many spring through fall not to mention some year round.

Here is a list of the DEC Fish Hatcheries in New York State.

The Adirondack Hatchery is 12 miles from the Village of Saranac.  They specialize in Atlantic Salmon, which they distribute statewide. 

The Bath Hatchery is 1 mile from the Village of Bath in Steuben County.  This hatchery has lake, brown and rainbow trout.

The Caledonia Hatchery is located in Livingston County.  This is the oldest hatchery in New York State.  Brown trout and Rainbow trout are raised  here.

In Sullivan County near the Village of Livingston Manor is the Catskill Hatchery.  This hatchery specializes in brown trout.

The Chateaugay Hatchery has quite a mix of brown, rainbow and brook trout.  This also includes the Temiscamie x domestic which is used in the lakes and ponds of the Adirondack Mountains.

In Chautauqua County near the Village of Mayville is the Chautauqua Hatchery.  This hatchery is the only one raising a pure strain muskellunge.  The also have pond raised walleyes.

The Oneida Hatchery is in the Village of Constantia.  They focus on walleye fingerlings.  They also raise rare or threatened fish such as round whitefish, lake sturgeon and paddlefish.

The Randolph Hatchery in Cattaraugus County takes care of five to six million brook, brown and rainbow trout eggs.

North of the City of Rome, NY is the Rome Hatchery.  One of the largest hatcheries,  this contains brook, rainbow and brown trout.  Why this hatchery plays a role in providing fish to remote waters by airplane or helicopter.  On the grounds of the Rome Hatchery is the Rome Fish Disease Control Center.  This lab contains a stock of disease-resistant strains of brook and brown trout.  Research is always being done to test stocks of cultured and wild fish for the presence of parasites.

The Salmon River Hatchery in the Village of Altmar have many visitors who come to watch egg collections from steelhead, coho, and chinook salmon.

On to the South Otselic Hatchery which is in the Village of South Otselic.  This hatchery raises the statewide supply of tiger muskellunge.  They also produce and raise walleye fingerlings, as well as a wild heritage strain brook trout.

Finally, the VanHornesville Hatchery in southern Herkimer County raises rainbow trout.

So as you can see there is a hatchery near you.  So, get out there and check it out.  It just may encourage you to pick up that pole again with your kids and relax.  Need a pole or supplies remember we are here to help in any way we can.













Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator





Life Straw Water Filter

     The Life Straw is a personal water filter.  This filter allows a person to drink water safely from any water source.  One would think that this is used primarily for a camper or hiker, but consider a home emergency.  Local flooding can contaminate water.  This unit is lightweight and compact.  It is also great for travelers who do not rely on the quality of water away from home.  The lifestraw brand surpasses the EPA guidelines as well as extreme standards for water filtration.  It has been used in developing countries and the United Nations since 2005. 

life straw













    The life straw can filter up to 1000 liters or 264 gallons of water and contains no chemicals.  To add to its great quality consider it is BPA free, does not need batteries, it has no moving parts, easy to clean, durable, high flow rate, no after taste and finally it has a shelf life of 5 years.

     Planning on hiking or camping?  It is critical to have good water while hiking.  The life straw will last 250-330 days.  Dip the straw right into the lake or creek then drink till you feel hydrated.  It cannot be any easier.

     A purifier or a pump filter is great, but it does take a fair amount of time to wait for purification or filtering to finish.  Only 10 inches long with a simple design makes this even better.  Within the straw there are several layers that contain iodine beams and active carbon.  The filters remove 99.99% of all disease causing bacteria, viruses and parasites left in untreated water.  

     Very affordable and efficient the life straw is the way to go.  Great for emergency use or natural disasters, consider it a very low cost security.  So pick one up and put it away.  Keep your mind on other things without worrying about water. 



Robin Piedmonte

Events Coordinator





Salmon Fishing in September

The Salmon River is waiting for you.  You can fish from shore, by wading or by drift boat.  Anyway you look at it, what a exciting time to be fishing.  At Bass Pro Shops we have exactly what you need to enjoy that fighting fish experience.  The right equipment, and knowledge is important so your encounter with that large salmon is safe as well as fun. Salmon fishing will keep you coming back year to year.

New York Salmon are some of the largest gamefish found in the northeast.  The salmon have small scales, soft-rayed fins, and a lobeshaped fin on its back.  They are slender and streamlined.  This body shape makes it possible for them to hold their position in tumbling rivers as well as make swift movements when seizing their prey.  Salmon range from a delicate shading of spots and irregular markings to silver metallic.  They can also be bright and bold during the spawning season.  Salmon thrive in freshwater as well as sea water.

Never been Salmon Fishing?  Well stop by our Fly Shop to talk with our associates, and they will set you up with what you need.  To start off with check out the Temple Fork Outfitters Signature Series II.  This two piece rod includes a rod, reel, line, backing and leader.  Just great for beginners.








We recommend a breathable wader.  Try the White River Eco Clear Waders 100% waterproof waders with ECO clear technology.  ECO clear are a crushed walnut and dynamic rubber compound.  This compound helps keep organisms from attaching on to your gear.  Add a wading belt and you are covered.

















Don't forget your floatation vest.  The Simms G3 Guide Fishing Vest is great with 22 pockets, and a breathable mesh liner to keep you cool.  This fishing vest will keep everything from your flies and tools to your license and cell phonevest

Our associates in the Fly Shop always recommend a wading staff.  The White River Wading Staff, is lightweight, collapsible, and provides just the right amount of stability for those slippery rocks.







On to bait - Roe Flies or Glow Bugs as some call them are fantastic for spring and fall salmon fishing.  You want something to immitate egg patterns.  If it is estaz  flies you are looking for, stop on down and talk with Mike DeTomaso our associate in the Fly Shop.  He will be happy to tie the flies you need.















Finally, Don't forget sunglasses.  Bass Pro Shops has a large variety of sunglasses to pick from.  One that you might find interesting are the polarized Fish Eyes Bifocal sunglasses .  They add just a little bit of bifocal so you can tie what you need on quickly.







Enjoy the month of September salmon fishing, and remember we are always here to answer any questions you may have.


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator


Take It Slow - Old Town Canoes

Sometimes you just have to take it slow.  Life is hectic - people can always find you anywhere.  TV has the same old re-runs on.  Constant stimulation is all around us.  Well try to tune it out, by getting out on the lake with a Old Town Canoe.  Watch the leaves turn or the loons on the lake.  Why in just a few hours you will feel rested and relaxed.  


The Old Town Saranac 146 XT has 2 contoured padded seats and seatbacks.  The center bench seat has storage inside.  There are molded rod-holders, paddle rests, and in cup holders.  The length is 14'6" and it weighs 79 pounds.  This canoe is stable with a flat bottom and straight sides. 










You need room for your best friend?  The Old Town Saranac 160 XT gives you more room at 16' and 89 pounds.













It always pays to be safe so don't forget your life jacket.  The Ascend OSFM Paddling Life Jacket is lightweight.  Don't forget you best friend with the Bass Pro Shops Life Jacket For Dogs in sizes xsmall to xlarge.

paddling jacket



























At Bass Pro Shops we also have a variety of paddles to pick from, but the Caviness Boat/Canoe paddle is durable and a great value.













After a few hours, it is time to take a drink and quick lunch.  Reach into your Ascend Round Bottom Lightweight Dry Bag which will keep everything dry and safe.  The  Ascend 1L water bottle  is perfect for holding just enough water.  Hunger has set in so grab the package of  Uncle Buck's Premium Beef Jerky and the sandwich you packed.  Don't forget your best friend,  Bass Pro Shops Jerky Bites Dog Treats are great.


























Stop on by and take a look at what we can offer you in line of relaxation and enjoyment.


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator














Lanterns - How do You Pick The Right One For You?

Lanterns - There are so many to pick from, so how do you pick one that is right for you?  First thing to do is stop on down to Bass Pro Shops.  We have Camping associates who are knowledgeable, and willing to tackle as many questions as you throw at them.  Our job is not just to sell you a product, but help you find one that fits your need.  In the meantime, take a look at a few lanterns here that can be bought in the store, catalog or internet.

Bass Pro Shops has a Wind Up Lantern & Flashlight Combo SetLED bulbs burn bright with 20 minutes of illumination for every 1 minute of winding.  It has a on/off switch to conserve power.  The flashlight is compact for emergency kits, camping or home use.  Earth Friendly.












Coleman has been a household name for years.  Take a look at the Coleman 8D Pack-Away Lantern with Remote Control.  This unit is collapsible for easy storage and transport.  The remote will work up to 50 feet away, and runs 24 hrs on low or 12 hours on high.  Weather resistant construction makes this lantern a great value.


























The Coleman Four in One Mini Lantern is lightweight.  It can be used for 360 degrees of lighting or you can remove all four micro lights to use individually.  Snap on shields allow for different color lighting.  The microlights can hang with built in lanyards.  It also has a magnetic base and is water resistant.  Very practical and great for family camping.


4 in 1















Coleman's North Star Dual Fuel Lantern has a electronic ignition and burns white or unleaded gas. 

























Last but not least check out the Coleman Dual Fuel Two-Mantle Powerhouse .  This unit uses Coleman Fuel or Unleaded Gas.

2 mantle










So make sure to stop on down to look over the entire variety of lanterns we have in stock.   I am sure we have one that will fit your needs.


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator






Fire Pit Accessories - Have Some Fun In Your Own Backyard

August is almost over, time to start thinking about kids going back to school, and summer vacations are put to the back of our mind.  Kids are depressed to be going back to reading, writing and arithmatic.  Well how about a mini roasting party in the backyard with the firepit or grill?  People forget you can squeeze a summer night out during the school year.  Check out some of our accessories that may just bring your child's frown upside down.

The Charcoal Companion Mini Burger Slider Set are great for parties or gatherings.  Best part, it will make 9 sliders at a time.  Great size for kids - let them use whatever toppings they want.  A little lettuce, tomato, pickles, mustard, or ranch dressing.  They will have a blast.  







Now if hotdogs are their favorite campfire food we have that covered too.  Try  Coghlan's Telescoping Fork.  This extends to 34 inches and has a thumb roller which allows you to rotate the food so it will cook evenly.  I cannot imagine a child or adult that would not have fun with this idea.  Again put out their favorite toppings and let everyone enjoy.


























Lets see you have covered vegtables with your toppings, carbs with the bun, protein with the hamburgs or hotdogs.  Now on to what really counts and that is dessert.      

The Rome Company has a few different things that would be alot of fun.  A cast iron square pie iron.  This cast iron is great for sandwiches loaded with chocolate, pie filling, or marshmallows.  Why they even have a double one. 


















Kids will love the Marshmallow Tree by Rome.  Cooks 10 marshmallows at a time and is non-stick.  Now I like to do smores one at a time but Rome has even thought about the impatient person, and came out with a Smore Maker.  This basket makes three at a time.






































So stop on in to Bass Pro Shops  - I think you will be happy with all the fun accessories we have to help you bring that summer fun back for months.


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator























Camping Stoves - Value For The Money

You still have a few weeks before school starts to take a vacation and camp.  Camping stoves have come a long way in the years since I was camping.  It pays to stop on in to Bass Pro Shops and check out the variety of stoves we have.  Here are just a few you might want to see.

The Bass Pro Shops High Output Propane Grill and Stove is oversized and perfect for a family vacation.  The large size is great for a pot of baked beans or whatever suits you.  Using a standard 16.4 oz disposable propane cylinder this item is easy to back.  High output of 12,000 BTU'S under the stove and grill.


Now here is something that a family could really use.  A Coleman Powerhouse Dual Fuel 2 Burner Stove.  Not only does this unit burn Coleman liquid fuel, but it also uses unleaded gas.  With a wind block system to ensure consistant heat while cooking, you can let this stove run 2 hours on high before refilling.


So stop on down to Bass Pro Shops and check our variety of camping stoves and grills.  Then pack it up and take a vacation camping.

Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator









Handgun Safety In Cayuga County

Have you ever considered owning a handgun?  Do you know we have Handgun Safety Classes at Bass Pro Shop?  The only accepted courses are those endorsed by the Central New York Police Academy Onondaga County.   Registering can be done two ways.  You may register by calling 315-498-6046 or by website at

Here are a few questions that are commonly asked in Cayuga County.

What is the basic criteria for apply for a permit?

     You must be:

1.  At least 21 years of age.

2.  Reside in Cayuga County.

3.  Provide proof of residency by submitting a valid NYS driver's license.

4.  Pass a background check.  The background check includes a criminal record check by the State of New York, the FBI, the Nation Crime Information Center, the Cayuga County Sheriff's Office, other law enforcement agencies, and the Department of Mental Health.

5.  Submit two non-refundable processing fees to cover the costs with fingerprinting, photographs, and background checks.

6.  You must have successfully completed an approved handgun safety course and need to submit an original certificate prior to the issuance of a permit.

How Do I Apply For A Permit?  

Obtain an application packet and, follow the instructions on the cover sheet.

Have the application notarized prior to submitting your application.

Provide a valid NYS driver's license or military photo identification.

Submit processing fees.

Submit an original accepted handgun safety certificate.

Application processing is conducted only by appointment by calling the Special Services Section at 315-253-4148. 

A set of fingerprint and photographs will be taken at the time your application is submitted.

What are the required fees of a new permit application?

Two separate fees are required at the time the application is submitted:

A $20.00 fee payable only by either cash or money order made out to the Cayuga County Seriff. 

A $91.50 fee made payable by money order to the Cayuga County Sheriff

No personal checks accepted.

What types of criminal arrests/offenses must I disclose?

You must disclose ALL arrests for offenses of the law, even if the charges were dismissed or if the criminal record has been sealed.  This includes DWI/DWAI charges, with the exception of minor traffic infractions.

Failure to disclose any criminal offense will deny the application and may lead to criminal charges.

How long does the permit process take?

The process usually is 3 months after all requirements are met.

What types of pistol permits can I apply for?

Carry Concealed:  The applicant must be able to demonstrate a special need for a carry concealed.  They must fill out a "proper cause" supplemental form also.

Possess On Premise:  Have and possess in a dwelling by a homeowner ONLY  or have and possess in one place of business by a merchant or storekeeper ONLY.  This is NOT a carry license and restricts handguns to the dwelling address or place of business.

Carry Concealed/Employment:  Applicants must have a letter from their employer stating why they need to carry during their duties on the job.

Where is my permit/license valid?

This is according to NYS Penal Law Article 400.00 which you can look up online, found in a library, or a bookstore.

A license to carry or possess a pistol or revolver, not otherwise limited as to place or time of possession, shall be effective throughout the state.  The exception to this is it is not valid within the City of New York unless a special permit granting validity is issued by the police commisioner of that city.

The contact number for anyone that has additional questions is the Special Services section at 315-253-4148 or the Records Division at 315-253-1148.


Additional questions and more indepth information is on the Cayuga County Sheriff's Office website.


Robin Piedmonte

Events Coordinator










Time For A Backyard Party With The Browning Cowboy Grill

Would you like to have the entire family over for a large BBQ?  Why not a large office party?    Well -you need to check out the Browning Cowboy Grill.   You can use this 108 pound unit as a grill or firepit.  730 square inches of heavy duty 4mm thick firebowl.  Uses wood or charcoal this unit is a must for any party.

The grate is double nickel plated and is 31" perfect for a few racks of ribs and more.  Why you can even put a roasting chicken on the height adjustable rotisserie while grilling  those ribs and dogs.  There is a adjustable pot hanger and a swivel work table.  Can you say long lasting, value for your money?  With all this,  you cannot miss a chance to stop on by to Bass Pro Shops and check it out today!

Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator





Flashlights - A Important Tool to Have

Flashlights - We all use them and we all need them from time to time.  I don't know about you, but my husband cannot stop by a store without looking at the flashlights.  They just draw him in.  Years ago you got them at your local hardware store.  Now you can find them for a $1.00.  Depending on what you need them for, it is important to get one that suits you as well as be dependable and strong.

Flashlights are measured in lumens.  A lumen is the measurement of the amount of light that is contained in a certain area.  Lumens are a more accurate way to measure the light in a flashlight than WATTS.  A lumen is a direct measurement of light outage.  Sounds confusing?  Imagine a lightbulb that puts out 100 lumens.  Now picture yourself standing 1 foot away from a cake with 100 birthday candles burning.  Bright right?

Hiking, camping, hunting, work, and home are all areas that can use a bright flashlight .  Bass Pro Shops has a great line of flashlights, and we have a variety to pick from.  Check out the Bass Pro Shops XPS line.  Yes, these lights can be a little on the expensive side, but you will find they are well worth it.  

The Bass Pro Shop XPS DPS 1200 Lumen 9V LED flashlight is our most powerful XPS flashlight.  Long lasting it is great for tracking that downed deer or lighting your way through dark small spaces.


















The XPS line comes in a 750, 500, 320, 180,  and 70 lumen .  Good quality, and well made this flashlight is a must.  The grip has a knurled non-slip body the flashlights are 6V or 9V.  They are rubber o-ring sealed for maximum water resistance.  A smart switch tailcap is quick and quiet when switching between high and low modes.  Scratch resistant tempered glass lens protects the LED.

Now,  consider this.  All these flashlights but the 70 lumen have the ability to use lithium batteries or rechargeable batteries.  The Bass Pro Shop XPS DPS Battery Chargeis compatible with 6V and 9V lithium rechargeable battery sticks.  Also included is a 120V AC and 12V DC power cords.  We sell the rechargeable batteries as well.   








Stop on by to Bass Pro Shops to check out our large variety of flashlights.  Whether  you look into the XPS brand or any number of other brands we have, I think you will be pleased.

Robin Piedmonte-Events Coordinator






Keeping Bait Alive

Nothing is more frustrating that paying for bait, and then having them die within hours.  Here at Bass Pro shops we understand just how frustrating that can be. The better condition as well as the fresher the meal the larger chance of getting that large fish to bite.  Many anglers talk about hooks, lures and line but overlook the condition of live bait.  This is why we carry a large variety of bait systems that will work for your need as well as your wallet.


The Bass Pro Shops Aerator is affordable and comes with 2 speeds.  This aerator will run for 30 hours on 1 "D" cell battery.  Heavy duty and water resistant this aerator will not break your wallet.





















Frabill makes the Aqualife Bait Station.  With all electric components sealed in a upper watertight compartment this station is exactly what you want for being near the water.  The station has a removable foam liner which insulates the bait and a micro bubble oxygen diffuser.   To top it all off this station is waterproof and has a built in light that illuminates the interior. 



























The Frabill Crawler Can is great for nightcrawlers and leeches.  The system has a dual compartment where you can store ice in one side and bait in another.  The insulated foam liner will hold 2 to 3 dozen worms.  Perfect for a hot summer night.



















Need something a little larger?  Well look no further than the  Frabill Habitat II which will hold up to 8 dozen worms.  Insulated with extra thick foam it will keep the bedding nice and cool.  Molded aeration holes provide fresh air circulation ,and the bedding will keep them healthy until you are ready to use them.

hab II
























So, don't forget to keep your bait healthy.  It will be less costly and it will be a great pay off when you keep getting all those fish.


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator