Stocking Stuffers

Have we got some great stocking stuffers for you!  Perfect gifts for that hunter, fisherman, camper or hiker.  Take a look below for ideas!

Bass Pro Shops Window Cling

Bass Pro Infinity Travel Tumbler

Bass Pro Mossy Oak Break Up Pink Camo Travel Tumbler

Fish and Wildlife can coolers

Trailer Hitch Ball Covers

Uncle Buck's Jerky

Uncle Buck's 58 Piece Pan Fishing Kit (all edible)


Fish Money Clip

Browning Visor Clip

Paracord Bracelet (9' long) Unravel for emergency TSA approved

Bass Pro Shops Bandana

Eagle Claw Fish Hook Hat Pin


Don't Forget Your Loyal Friend.  Bass Pro Shops have those toys and treats for your dog that will make their tail wag. So stop on by and check them out.

Bass Pro Shops Deli Dog Bites

Bass Pro Shops Rawhide Chips

Redhead Waterproof Dog Collar

Flying Squirrel Dog Toy

Premier Pet Products - Squeeze Me Dog Toys

Canine Hardware Chuckit Ball Launcher

Have a Great Christmas!


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator


dog treatsvisor cliptrailer hitchuncle buckschuck ittumblersqueeze toybandanaflying squirrelcan coolereagle claw



Gift Baskets! - Fast and Fun Shopping

It's that time of year again.  What do you buy for that outdoorsman?  Well a gift basket or bag is always a great idea.  It is faster than you think to give a great gift!  Here at Bass Pro Shops we have just what you need.  Let me give you just a few ideas.  Start with the size gift bag you want, then have some tissue paper handy.


Uncle Buck's Jerky  (we have a large variety to pick from)

A Fishing Hat with Eagle Claw Fish Hook Hat Pin on it

Taco Chips w/Uncle Buck's Black Bean Salsa

Bass Pro Shops Tournament Series Jig Kit

Snackin Sticks

AssKickin Popcorn

Moonshine Hot Sauce


Backpacker Gift Basket:

Ascend 1 Liter Water Bottle


Misty Artic Tie

Bass Pro Shops Vintage Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Backpackers Pantry Fettuccini Alfredo with chicken

Backpackers Pantry House Hot Apple Cobbler

Coughlans Waterproof Fire Sticks and Matches

Paracord Bracelet


Redneck Basket:

Bottle of Wine

Rednek wine Glasses

Wine Bottle Holder (we have many animals/fish to pick from)


Hunter Gift Basket:

Bass Pro Shops Smoking Deer T-Shirt

Redhead Camo Skull Hunting cap

Uncle Buck's Jerky

Bass Pro Shops Mossy Oak Break Up Camo Can Cooler

Hunting Videos


Now to finish it all up you are always safe with a Bass Pro Gift Card.  You can use them in the store, catalog, or on-line.  Add the tissue paper on top and you are done.  Check out the pictures and links below.  We can get that shopping done quick.


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator       




camo hatpopcorn


hot saucebottle holder










Gift Ideas for Friends/Relatives Unable to Leave their Home

Christmas is such a special time of year.  I try to look for unusual gifts to fit everyone's personality.  I don't  know about you, but in my family I have a few people that are unable to leave their home.  That leaves the question - What do I give them at Christmas?  They don't need any more clothes or knick-knacks, so why not find a gift that will make them smile.

Birdfeeders, Wind Chimes and Spinners make great gifts, for that person on your list who loves the outdoors, but cannot enjoy it  like they used to.  

We have many birdfeeders to pick from at Bass Pro Shops.  The Audubon Bird Feeder with Squirrel Proof Access is nice.  This feeder has protective gridwork around it to keep the squirrels out while the birds enjoy their dinner.  For someone who cannot go outside at all,  how about Perry's Hummingbird Feeder-Window Watcher?  This window mounted glass feeder is easy to fill and clean.  Very durable and you can watch up close from inside your room.  

Spinners are very popular, and Bass Pro Shops have a wide assortment.  We have a hummingbird twister that can be used in or out.  Want to enjoy a spinner but can't get outside at all.  Well we have that covered also.  Iron Shop makes many wind spinners and although they are made to go outside you can purchase a spinner motor that takes a "D" battery which is great for nursing homes.  How beautiful to watch it spin inside, while catching the light from outside. 

Now for the weather fan, we have many weather stations that will appeal to you.  You can get them with many  functions or as simple as you like.  One thing for sure,  we have one to fit your budget.  Check out the pictures below, I bet you will find something that suits you.


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator

pots and pansfish chimesspinner motorred crosswindow watcher feeder

butterfly spinnercrystal hummingbird twister




oregonbird / squirrel

countertop weather



Toy Shopping at Bass Pro Shops

Yes - It's that time of year already!  Time to start thinking about the perfect gift for that child, grandchild, niece or nephew.  Here at Bass Pro Shops we can help.  

Air Hunterz ZX Cross-Bow is a great alternative to darts.  The cross-bow shoots 50 feet and is made of foam so it won't harm any furniture.  Air Hunterz also has sling shots, guns and bows. 

How about the Bass Pro Shops Adventure Toy Sets?  We have a variety of toy sets to pick from.  The Nitro Bass Boat or the Girlz Sporting Dog Vet Set are popular. If those don't do it well we have many more adventure sets to pick from.

Now for your little fishing partner we have a wide assortment of giant stuffed fish.  Dolphins, Catfish, and Trout just to name a few.  We have puzzles and great games such as Horse-opoly,  Whitetail-opoly, Lab-opoly, and Fishin'-opoly board games.  Here is a great game to take in the car.  Its called Find It Camo/On a Scavenger Hunt,  this game is self contained and easy to transport.  You have to find 47 hidden objects buried in recycled plastic pellets.  Spin it - Shake it - Twist it to find your objects.  FUN FUN FUN!

Now on to a safe fun guns.  We have the Marshmallow Blaster that shoots mini marshmallows or if that is too messy try the good old fashioned pop gun for kids.  We have traditional or pink.  You can't go wrong.  What about your little bug enthusiast,  Backyard Safari has just the perfect thing.  Perfect for ages 5 and up Backyard Safari has binoculars, a cargo vest, net, lantern, compass, and last but not least a bug vacuum. Yes -  I said bug vacuum and it does work!  To top it all off the Insect  Lore Campfire Kids Log Cabin Tent - this pop up tent is great for the floor or on top of a bed.

How about a 53"x57" Black Bear Rug for your little one to cuddle on.  What a great Christmas picture that would make!

As you can see we are ready for you to start that Christmas Shopping.  So stop on by.

Robin Piedmonte-Events Coordinator


bug vacpop gunvetstuffed fish pillow


camo gamenitroblack bear rugtentcross bowmarshmallow








Two-Way Radios Still Popular

Most people have cell phones today so why the need to have a two-way radio?  Well even today two-way radios are popular with farmers, campers, hunters and shoppers.  Bass Pro Shops have a nice assortment to pick from and our Marine Department will show you one that fits your wallet as well as your needs.

With a two-way radio you never have to wait for a free line.  You have the person you are looking for immediately.  Without any repetition everyone hears you at the same time so there is no need to relay the message over again.  Important information is shared easy and quickly.  Lets face it cell phones are great, but they can be costly with plans and minutes.  No plan or minutes needed here.  Also something to consider is service.  I know from experience depending where I go my cell phone does not work all the time.  Underground, rural areas or certain places in the woods a two-way radio works great.  They even have earphones and throat microphones to eliminate background noise, and allows for whispering so you don't loose that buck you have been watching. 

Built to work in wet environments and endure rough handling these radios can handle what you give them.  Cell phones are more fragile.  Two- way radios can last up to 5 years where most cell phones are replaced in two years, and lets not forget being called at the wrong time while hunting and getting a telemarketer. 

Another plus is during blizzards, or a natural disaster cell phone towers cannot handle the overload.  This is a gift idea for the outdoorsman to have in his pack.  So - should you eliminate your cell phone? Absolutely not!  But let me tell you this is a nice option to have.  So come on down to Bass Pro Shops and check them out.  I bet you will find one to meet your needs.

Robin Piedmonte-Events Coordinator




Knives - Work-Play-Collecting -Good For All Ages

A young boy always remembers when his dad or grandfather hands down one of his knives to him.  Bass Pro Shops has a great deal of knives to pick from.  Whether you are buying one as a gift, or one to work with we have what you need.  Care for a old or new knife is critical.  Most people feel that when you clean your knife you should work slow and be very patient.  If you work too fast or clean your knife too much you could damage it and reduce its overall value.

Here are a few tips on cleaning a older knife.  Remove any grease or dirt with a clean soft cloth. You may also use cotton tipped swabs or a wooden toothpick.  Use a non-drying, non staining oil.  Rust spots can also be removed using oil and letting it sit for a few days.  Slowly scrape away the rust with a sharp knife.

New to the knife market?  What do you look for?  Well, many feel you find something that catches your eye.  It might have a specific handle you like or pattern.  You may only want to collect hunting knives. Either way it's a start.  The most important thing is to talk with people.  Attend gun or knife shows, and just enjoy the fun of it all.  Bass Pro carries many brands such as Browning, Benchmade, Kershaw, as well as many others. 

People have been interested in knives from pre-historic times when they used sharp bones and stone to the ancient Greeks who made the folding knife.  Whether you have a new interest in knives or you are a old pro at collecting or admiring them, Bass Pro Shops is a great stop with a large selection for the any age.

Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator









Multi-Tools - A Item Everyone Should Have

Christmas is right around the corner.  This little tool is something to give anyone.  How about the first time hunter, driver, housewife, fisherman,gardener, camper, cyclist, or handy man?  Wow I could keep going because this tool is useful in any capacity, as well as handy in a pinch. A multi-tool is portable and versatile.  This tool combines many individual functions and fits it all compact and simple into a single unit.  They come as small as a credit card or the right size to fit in a pant pocket or mounted on a belt.   The beauty of this multi-tool is that it comes in a variety of prices and one is bound to fit your budget.

Bass Pro Shops has many multi-tools to pick from.  Any associate in our Hunting Department will be happy to assist you in picking out the right multi-tool to fit that special person.  Most multi-tools have a knife blade, a bottle opener, screwdriver, wire stripper, and can opener.  You can get it simple or have ones that include a magnifying glass, toothpick, scissors, nail file, or tweezers.  They even make special ones for fishing and cyclists.  Imagine you are on a hike and you are 50 miles from no where.  Heres something -  you can use the saw to cut down small branches and start a fire by using the back side of your knife.  Check out " youtube" on the spark-rod method.

So, have I convinced you to look in to one?  We have many different brands at Bass Pro Shops such as Browning, Buck, Gerber, and Leatherman.  Check out a few of the Multi-Tools below to see if one fits into what you are looking for today.

Robin Piedmonte-Events Coordinator

micabuckgerberfish tool


wavemutsuper tool



Redhead Safes - Value and Quality

Thinking about buying a safe?  Well stop on down to Bass Pro Shops.  We have a wide variety to pick from, but our Redhead safes are top quality.  Many don't know this, but the Redhead safes are made by Browning.  A name that goes along with quality and value.

When thinking about a safe you want to feel that in case of a fire, your valuables will be secure.  A minimum safe should be able to withstand a 1200 degree temperature for up to 30 minutes.  This means that the temperature inside should not exceed 275 degrees.  Paper will be able to survive those temperatures and your guns will be fine.  Make sure the safe you purchase has a fire seal.  This will appear as a flat strip of material around the perimeter of the door.  This will expand to seal the door when it gets hot.

Where is the best place to put a safe?  The basement would be the best.  Even during the beginning stage of a fire the basement is one of the coolest places.  If you don't have a basement then out of sight is the way to go.  A closet or a room with no or limited view of the safe.  Thieves know that they are limited with time.  They want to grab and go.  You also don't want to go around talking about your safe and the amount of valuables you have.  In this economy you never know how desperate people can become.  

Now once you decide on the safe you want,  make sure that you measure the door openings.  Calculate the corners of your house.  Can your basement steps support the safe?  Do you have to slide them over carpet?  Always remember carpet bunches up as you roll it across.  You may need to put plywood down to protect your carpet.  Another great item to keep in your safe is moisture control.  Redhead has a rechargeable moisture control that contains gel crystals.  The gel turns from blue to pink when saturated.  Once saturated you can reactivate by placing them in the oven. 

A few Redhead safes you might find interesting, is the Redhead 1856 Collection.  The safe holds 9-18 guns.  The safe is 12 gauge steel  and fire resistant to 1200 degrees for 30 minutes.  The Redhead Classic Series holds 24 guns, and is fire resistant up to 1400 degrees for 60 minutes.  

So stop on by to Bass Pro Shops and look over the wide variety of safes we offer.  You will feel secure knowing your valuables are safe.

Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator

moisture control


51 gun safe185624 gun







Oculus - A Brand You Should Look At!

The Oculus line at Bass Pro Shops is here!   Whether you are a avid hunter, hiker, bird watcher or just enjoy looking out your living room window, this brand is worth looking in to.

The Oculus brand has scopes, and binoculars.  The glass lenses have great clarity and resolution.  Multi-coated lens surface and anti-reflective coating  increase light transmission to 99.5 percent per lens.  100 percent waterproof as well as fog proof , the Oculus is the way to go.  The fast focus on this brand is clear whether you are in a thick forest or wide open in a field you will be impressed.  The turret design will allow you to return to zero quickly with no tools.   When out in the weather Central New York has to offer, this product is made to take the extreme abuse you give it.  Now for the best part, Oculus has a lifetime warranty.

So drop on in to Bass Pro Shops for a look at the Oculus brand, I don't think you will be disappointed.

Robin Piedmonte

Events Coordinator






New York Hunting and Trapping - Crossbows

New York State started shooting cross-bows last year during rifle season.  Bass Pro has a large variety of cross bows to pick from.  The associates in the Archery Department will be happy to help you in any way possible.  It is the responsibility of the hunter to know all regulations, as well as read and fill out the Crossbow Certificate of Qualification.  Once read and filled out, this should be with your license.  Why not go over general information from the DEC?  All this information plus more is available in your New York Hunting and Trapping Guide for 2012-2013.  Take the time to read the book.  If you don't get one when you get your license feel free to go on the web and look it up.  The website is or feel free to call them at 1-866-426-3778.

Legal Requirements for Crossbows:

A bow, a string, and either compound or recurve limbs with minimum width of 17 inches (tip of limbs, uncocked).

Mounted on a stock with a trigger and working safety that holds the string and limbs under tension.

A minimum peak draw weight of 100 pounds and a maximum peak draw weight of 200 pounds.

A minimum overall length from the butt of the stock to the front of limbs of 24 inches.

A minimum length of the bolt of 14 inches. (Arrowhead is nonbarbed, 2 or more cutting surfaces at least 7/8” wide).

A crossbow is considered unloaded if the bolt is removed, regardless whether it is cocked or uncocked.

General Information:

Crossbows may only be used to hunt deer and bear.

Crossbows may only be used during the early bear season, regular firearms seasons, late muzzleloader

seasons, and the special firearms season in Suffolk County.

Crossbows cannot be used during bowhunting seasons or in ‘Archery Only’ areas of the state.

The hunter needs a current year’s license to hunt big game.

If hunting with crossbow in late muzzleloading season, the muzzleloading privilege is also required.

Crossbow Safety Rules:

Before shooting your crossbow, read and thoroughly understand your crossbow owner’s manual.

Always identify your target and the area beyond it before shooting.

Make sure your crossbow’s limb tips are free of obstructions before shooting.

If hunting from a tree stand, always cock the crossbow on the ground before climbing into the stand.

Do not place the bolt on the crossbow until you are safely in your stand.

Never raise or lower a cocked crossbow with a bolt in it from a tree stand.

Keep ALL fingers below the crossbow’s rail when shooting a bolt.

Never carry a cocked crossbow with a bolt in it while walking.

Never dry-fire (cock and fire without loading a bolt) a crossbow.

Never use a cocking device to uncock a crossbow.

To uncock a crossbow, shoot a bolt tipped with a field point into soft ground or a target.

Always observe a maximum effective range for hunting of less than 40 yards to prevent wounding game.

To understand how bolts function, though not mandatory, consider taking a bowhunter education course.

Again, all this information is right out of the New York Hunting and Trapping 2012-2013 Official Guide to Laws & Regulations.  So stop on by to Bass Pro Shops and check out some Crossbows.  They are fun and with the proper knowledge you will enjoy them for years. 

Robin Piedmonte

Events Coordinator









Safety First! - Tips for Using a Full-Body Safety Harness

As you prepare to hunt this season don't forget a full body safety harness.  Falling from a tree is very common.  Many trips are made to the hospital each year due to improper use or more important lack of use. How many people fall and hurt their back not even going to a doctor or hospital when they fall.  Here at Bass Pro Shops we take safety very seriously.  We can set you up with the right safety harness that is right for you.

First, make the purchase.  We have a selection to pick from.  Our associates know their product and can educate you on what will work.  Most important, hunting season should be fun, relaxing and just a good experience.  You don't want to damper it by a fall.

Each season adjust your harness make sure the hardware is all on and secure. Make sure you follow all recommendations for tree strap height and tether length.

Practice!  Practice shooting from your stand.  Make yourself comfortable.  Practice getting in and out both day and night.  Climb higher than the stand and step down onto it.  Practice how you might possibly get back in if you should slip, or how to free yourself and get down.  Have a plan just in case.

Speaking of plans - Always make sure someone knows where you are.  Have a cell phone, flashlight, whistle, or radio.  Make sure if alone you have a map and someone knows your destination.

Make sure you have a portable stand.  A permanent stand that is nailed to a tree could be dangerous.  Over time wood rots and treated wood can get a growth on it which makes it slippery.  Use tree stands that are TMA Certified.  TMA stands for Treestand Manufacturers Association.  Use climbing sticks or ladders. Do not use steps that are nailed to trees.

Although this is common sense, sometimes we get so excited to get out there we don't think about the possibility of a accident.  Most accidents happen going up and down a tree as well as in and out of your stand.  Always connect to the tree from the time you leave the ground until you tether yourself in.

Here at Bass Pro Shops we have a variety of safety harnesses to check out.  Big Game Treestands EZ-ON, Hunter Safety System, to name a few. All have full adjustable straps, padded shoulders,  and are comfortable as well.  So stop on buy, and ask any question you may have.  I bet we have the answer.

 Robin Piedmonte

Events Coordinator

ez ON

















Grinding Your Own Meat! Fun and Easy!

Archery season has started in Central New York.  Once you get that deer, consider grinding your own meat. Complicated? Absolutely not!  Here are a few tips.  While you are looking at a expense in the beginning, but it pays for itself in the end.  Plus, it is a fun family activity to do together. 

A few tricks you may want to consider is get the meat slightly frozen before cutting it up.  This makes cutting a lot easier.  Next step is to trim most of the gristle, fat or silver skin off.  The silver skin and gristle gets in the blades and will clog up a smaller machine.  You then want to slice/dice into strips or cubes whatever your preference may be.  Time now to send the meat through.

Smaller grinders need to be cleaned more often.  If you can afford it, a larger grinder is faster.  You also have less stop time to clean out the blades.  A larger grinder can push sausage faster also.  Now do you want to add fat?  Some people do and some don't.  If you do want to add some fat it is recommended that for every 5 pounds of meat you add 8-12 ounces of fat.  You can get a cheap kitchen scale for about $10-$15 dollars.  Suet or fat can be bought or picked up for free at most grocery stores that cut their own meat.  My suggestion is to grind the meat then add the fat/suet. Mix it up with your hands in a bowl then run it through the grinder with a coarse blade.

That is about it.  Now for packaging.  My personal  thought with ground meat is to use a patty press and make them in one pound portions.  I like to wear medical gloves, (which you can buy at the $1 store) due to the fact I am answering the phone, touching the cupboard, my hair etc.  This way I just remove the gloves so it makes for a fast clean up. 

Grinding is messy but once you get going you become very efficient at it.  The grinder is easy to clean with hot water and the cutting pieces go into the dishwasher. 

Freezing your meat can be done in a few ways.  First a  little saran wrap and freezer paper will do you.  I know that spending money on a foodsaver is expensive,  but I have had one for years and just love it.  It eliminates freezer burn by removing the oxygen and creates a moisture barrier so no slimy meat.  A foodsaver is not just for meat but cheese, coffee, berries and bananas.  Just about anything.  A great option on the foodsaver is fast marinating.  I usually marinate for 24+ hours.  The Foodsaver takes the time right out of that by pulling the air from the bag it opens the pores of the food allowing the marinade to penetrate in as little as 20 minutes.

So stop on by to Bass Pro Shops and take a look at a few grinders and foodsavers. 

Robin Piedmonte

Events Coordinator



 bass pro modelmarinate








Dutch Oven Cooking

Suzanne from our Camping Department really gets into Dutch Oven Cooking!  Anytime Bass Pro Shops does a demo people flock to get some of her Sour Cream Apple Pie. Suzanne has perfected this recipe and is willing to shall her technique with us.  I thought cooking in a dutch oven might be a little complicated, but I found out it is fun for any age.  It also makes a fun family project you can do together.

Sour Cream Apple Pie

2 crust pie pastry

5-7 applies, peeled and sliced

1/3 cup sugar

3 tablespoons flour

2/3 cup sour cream

3 tablespoons brown sugar (optional)

1 teaspoon cinnamon (optional)

3 tablespoons sugar (optional)

1 cup chopped walnuts (optional)

1 egg

1 teaspoon vanilla

Beat together sour cream, egg, vanilla, 1/3 cup sugar, salt and flour in bowl.  Add apples and mix.  Spoon into pie crust (Suzanne tabs a little butter on top) Mix remaining sugars, cinnamon, and walnuts then sprinkle over filling.  Top with crust and seal edges (cutting slits in top crust) Place in the Lodge Logic 10quart cast iron dutch oven. Now make sure your charcoal is hot and ready. Bake for about 1 hour until the apples are tender.  Place 13 coals on the bottom and 26 coals on top. The hard part is waiting for the pie to be done. (FYI the lid on this dutch oven flips and can be used as a griddle also!)

Although you can use your fireplace or campfire.  Lodge also has a dutch oven cooking table with windscreen.  This table has folding legs and adjustable feet.  Wide handles, and a removable three-sided windscreen all made with durable steel .

A great  tool is the dutch oven lid lifter by Lodge Logic. This tool really makes lifting lids safe.  Don't forget after all that cooking, you want  to protect it with Camp Chef Cast Iron Conditioner.  This cleaner is all natural and will remove rust from old cast iron as well as protect.  All Lodge Logic cast iron cookware comes seasoned.

So stop on in to Bass Pro Shops and ask for Suzanne in Camping.  She will be happy to swap recipes and give you suggestions on Cast Iron Cooking.

 Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator

conditioner10 quart




cook tablelifter













Redhead Jeans Quality and Value

As Fall slowly creeps in, why not take the time to replace those tattered old jeans.  Bass Pro Shops has a style you may just want to look at.  Redhead jeans have 5 different cuts and one is sure to be what you are looking for in comfort, durability, and softness. Not sure what each style/fit means, well let me fill you in.

Redhead Easy Fit: This jean is relaxed through the seat and thigh.  It sits lower on the waist and has a large leg opening which is great for boots.  Sizes: Up to 46  Colors: Antique Sand and New Vintage

Redhead Loose Fit:  Extra full in the seat and thighs.  The leg is tapered with a large leg opening.  Size up to 54  Color is Light Stone or Stonewashed

Redhead Classic Fit:  Trim fit in the seat and thighs with a straight leg. The leg is still wide enough to wear with boots.  Size: Up to 46  Color: Antique and Stonewashed

Redhead Boot Cut :  Vintage look and feel. Redhead leather logo patch on the jean. Size: Up to 46 Colors: Indigo Vintage, and Light Stone

Redhead Relaxed Cut: Roomy thru the seat and thigh.  Straight leg with a wide boot opening  Size: Up to 54  Color: Light Stone and Antique

Redhead has utility jeans that come lined as well as unlined.  The jeans are true to fit and are a great value for the money.  The lined utility jeans will hold your body heat in but will wick away perspiration.  Their fit is relaxed.

Redhead also has utility jeans with cordura.  These jeans are as comfortable as cotton but are very high in quality and tough.  They are made to last while being easy to care for. We also have Redhead jeans with nano-tex technology.  These jeans let you breath but will repel rain, sleet, and snow. They are comfortable and will retain their softness as well.

So - As you can see it is worth a quick trip in to Bass Pro to try on a few different styles.  I think you will find you have a new favorite in jeans.


 corduraall condlined





Fly Fishing in the Fall

October is right around the corner and it is time to outfit yourself for some fly fishing.  This is a great time of year in Central, New York to salmon or steelhead fish.

Mike Detomaso who works in the Bass Pro Fly Shop is a expert when it comes to fly fishing and he can answer any question you might have.

Whether you are a beginner or a expert there are many great choices to pick from at Bass Pro Shops.  Mike without hesitation recommended a switch or spey rod which are extremely popular.  TFO or Temple Fork Outfitters makes both.  This company comes with a lifetime warranty.  You are charged $25 but there are no questions asked.  Fantastic!

Along with that rod you need a good reel.  Again, Mike suggested the TFO Large Arbor Reel for either the switch or spey rod.  This reel has a large capacity for line.  Mike suggested a 30 pound braid.  The last thing you want is to loose that fish after all the fighting you did to get him.  This reel will hold 150 feet of backing and 100 feet of fly line.

So stop on down and get what suits you for salmon or steelhead fishing.  Mike is always ready to give you the education you need to catch that monster.




rodtfo reel



Kayaking on the Lake

October is a great month for Fall Foliage. While you are waiting for the leaves to hit their peak, why not get in that canoe or kayak on weekends and watch it slowly happen.

You don't have to spend a great deal of  time or effort planning to kayak or canoe.  Sometimes its nice to just hop in that car throw a few things in the old back pack and get on that lake.

If you already have a canoe or kayak then you are well on your way.  If you don't, stop on in to Bass Pro Shops we have a variety to pick from.  Check out the Ascend line of kayaks!

Now to show you how easy it is for a few hours on the lake. Here are a few things you should bring along with you besides your canoe/kayak and paddle for a peaceful day.

First and most important a life jacket.  Bass Pro has many to pick from.  Extrasport Fleet has a universal paddle life jacket . Extremely affordable.  Ascend OSFM Paddling Life Jacket is comfortable, has a low profile design in the front and high back flotation and of course affordable.

Need a little cushion for that kayak.  Ascend makes a adjustable sit-on-top kayak seat.  It is made of  water repellant neoprene and has thick foam padding.  This seat also has non-slip material to keep it in place while you are paddling.  Adjustable straps make it easy to change your positioning so you always remain comfortable.

Now on to keeping yourself hydrated.  The Bass Pro Shop XPS 2 liter Hydration Pack is great!   There is a large main compartment , external mesh pockets, front pockets, side and bottom compression straps.  Now what should go in to it?  Start with a small first aid kit.  You can make one yourself putting band aids and antibiotic cream in a small Ziploc bag or stop in to Bass Pro we have any size or shape you need in our Camping Department.

It's always good to keep a microfiber camp towel in your pack.  MSR Packtowls are wonderful. They can be used in your kayak, kitchen or campsite.  They fold up small and can hold ten times your weight in water.  Ring it out and it will dry immediately.  When back home you can wash it and either hang it or tumble dry. 

You should always use sun protection even in September.  Another great item to have is a hat.  People don't realize how much sun they get while on the water.  The Columbia PFG Freezer Hat fits the bill.  This hat keeps you cool dry and protected from UV rays with UPF 30.  A nice feature is a neck shading back flap that rolls up when you don't need it.  A omni-wick sweatband pulls moisture away from your head, and it has a drawstring and toggle to tighten.

Although your hydration pack will hold enough in line of fluids you can always go for a extra water bottle.  CamelBak makes a tough easy to use bottle with a wide mouth opening. Now you can pack whatever you like for snacks.  Raisins, peanuts or how about some Jerky.  Uncle Buck's carries a huge line of jerky.  Are you ready for all our varieties? Here we go - Bacon, BBQ, Jalepeno, Original, Peppered, Teriyaki, Buffalo, Maple Ham and last but not least Turkey Jerky.  Now that should get you through a few hours on the water.   

Afraid the mosquitos may get you, well we have that covered also.  The ThermaCell Mosquito Repellent is powered by a butane cartridge it is odorless and repels for up to 12 hours and will cover 15 feet in diameter.

Now your hydration pack should hold all of this but just in  case check out the Ascend Round Bottom dry bag.  It is clear so you can see what is inside and it will keep everything waterproof.  Very light weight and easy to carry.

So watch Summer turn to Fall on the water and enjoy the quiet undisturbed calm of it all.

Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator

hydration pack hatseat


towl ascendjacketjacketwater bottleclear bagfirst aidrepellent




Summer Fun in September

Summer has gone by fast.  The kids will return to school in just a few days.  Everyone automatically assumes Summer fun is over.  The kids are trying to adjust to school and homework. Adults continue their everyday work grind.  Well, you can still enjoy that short time of year in September. You don't have to go far to relax and enjoy each other. 

Time to grab a few fishing poles, some bait, and head over to a local stream, pond, lake or creek and cast.

There is still plenty of time to get those perch, walleye, or bass which taste oh so good.  Now that I have your interest read on!

Once you get home let Bass Pro Shops help you get that dinner done in a fun and easy way.

Lets start out with Uncle Buck's Batter Mixes.  Uncle Buck has a wide variety of mixes and one is bound to appeal to you.  The Uncle Buck's Fish Batter is a hit.  This mix comes in Original and Hot & Spicy you can use it to bake, deep fry or pan fry so it covers all avenues.  Another Uncle Buck mix is the Beer Batter lightly seasoned mix.  This is great on all fish, but keep it going batter some vegetables, and french fries. Why the use for this is endless.  You could make your own State Fair concoction beer battered Hamburgs with beer battered pickles.  Ok, now I am getting carried away.  Back to a quick and easy dinner for the weekend. 

You say breading fish is messy!  Well Bass Pro has two items that keep the mess to a minimum and you and your kids will have fun.  The first is the Bass Pro Shop Better Bread Pan and the Bass Pro Shop Breader Bowl and Onion Blossom Maker.  Both items have a removable sifter to make it easy to lift the food out.  Both are dishwasher safe and you can use them for marinating too.

Here I go again, what about beer battered mushrooms, zucchini, sweet potatoes, and that blooming onion. Get those vegetables in!  Your kids won't even care if they are eating the vegetables when they are fried and they can help.   You can also get Uncle Buck's Hushpuppy mix and add whole kernel corn and deep fry that.  Ok now calm down Robin, I am going off the deep end again.

Now on to the fryers.  One can always use a nice cast iron pan and use their stove, but consider using that cast iron pan on your propane cooker.  Here are a few different ideas also.  Bass Pro Shops has a Masterbuilt Electric Fish Fryer.  This fryer is easy, you just plug it in, fill it up with oil and start your fish frying.  This is countertop safe, has a large basket and uses a one gallon oil capacity.  The fryer even has a digital timer.  Another nice option is that this unit only goes to 375 degrees.  This prevents the unit from overheating.  You say forget being inside I want the whole experience.  Bass Pro has a wide range of Fish Fryers to pick from.  Whether it is aluminum or stainless steel we have what you can afford as well as what meets your need.  Why you will like frying so much you will be on to Turkeys by November.

Now lets see- we have caught our fish,  breaded our fish, fried the fish and of course fried our  vegetables, potatoes, and hushpuppies so what is left?   DESSERT!  Got it covered!   Now while everyone is outside finishing up the main course, dessert could be in the oven.  Bass Pro Shops Uncle Buck's Fruit Cobbler Mix to the rescue.  Mix it up with milk, butter and two cans of fruit pie filling.  Then bake for 1/2 hour.  You are done!  Serve it with some vanilla ice cream and your fun Fall family weekend is complete. Yes,  work and school will resume on Monday but your mini Summer weekend will always be remembered.

Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator


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Simple Tips for Buying Hunting Boots

Hunting season is right around the corner.  As we buy our camo, ammo, bow and gun, we forget one of the most important items - our feet!  Walking into the woods, water, brush, sand, or rocks our feet take quite a beating.  So, take a little time to look into a boot that fits what you want and need.  

The first important item to talk about is socks.  The Redhead brand by Bass Pro Shops has lifetime socks.  Yes, I said lifetime.  Many people who come in to our store are amazed that we have such a item.  Redhead offers mens and ladies lifetime socks.  These socks are double reinforced thru all stress areas.  They are made of 100 percent itch-free fine grade wool.  If you wear them out, rip them, or snag them bring them back to the store for a free replacement.  You don't even need a receipt.  "FYI" I buy them for Christmas presents.  My girls are in college and they use them as slippers.  Very warm and comfortable.  Bass Pro Shops also has a large selection of hunting socks , you are guaranteed to find what you need.

Now on to boots.  Nothing can destroy a hunting trip worse than wet, sore or cold feet.  Once a boot starts leaking, they become worthless.  A few things to consider in a boot is are they waterproof?  How heavy are the boots to walk long distances in?  What type of insulation do they have?  Is there ankle support?

Here are a few tips you may want to follow when buying your hunting boots.  You should shop late in the day when your feet are tired.  This will give you a feel on how comfortable or uncomfortable the boots may be brand new.  The last thing you want is to be surprised after a few hours in the woods when your feet begin to get sore and blister.

When shopping take a pair of hunting socks that you use and like with you.  The associates in the Bass Pro Footware Department always recommend going up a size.  Remember your feet will not shrink so always move your toes to test if the length of the boot is correct for you.  If you are buying on-line always make sure you check the return policy just in case the boot does not fit or feel comfortable.

Always get a extra set of laces.  Keep them in a pocket or trail pack you never know when they can break.  Who wants to have to track thru the woods with one boot untied or worse leave the woods for something so simple it could have been prevented. 

Take care of your boots.  All boots should have manufacturer instructions.  Ask the associates at Bass Pro what they might recommend to keep your boots in tip top shape.

Always give your boots a test walk.  Wear your boots inside for a while, remember leather has to warm up and shape itself to your feet.

The trees are changing, the weather is getting somewhat cooler and true hunters are thinking about the return to the woods.  Your experience will be far more enjoyable if your feet are warm and comfortable not to mention dry.  Hunting boots come in three basic materials.  Leather, fabric and rubber.  Fabric boots are usually made of a nylon called cordura.  This fabric is light and is great for light trail walking and good weather.  Rubber boots are good when hunting in marshy or wet conditions but not for hiking.  Your feet will sweat a lot in rubber boots. The best boot for hunting is leather.  Leather will help you slosh thru the woods, run over rocks, and keep your feet comfortable.

Depending on what time of year you hunt, you may want to look into insulation in your boots.  A thin membrane such as thinsulate is inexpensive and takes up little space.  It comes in different weights the higher the weight in grams the thicker the insulation.

Leather boots are treated with silicon to seal them against moisture.   Your feet sweat and can soak your socks quickly.  A fabric such as Gore-Tex in a liner will keep your feet good and dry.  Outsoles are the rubber bottoms of your boots they will determine how the shoes will perform in a variety of conditions.  If you hike over varied terrain look for lugs they grip rock and give you traction in the mud.

Bass Pro has a variety of boots to pick from and our associates are always willing to work with you.  Just remember frequent hunters should buy quality hunting boots.  The boots need to provide durability, stability, grip and be waterproof.  This will keep you in the woods for as long as you want.

A few boots to look at are the Wolverine Espen.  These boots come with 600 grams of thinsulate, waterproof leather upper and they come in extra-wide.  Redhead has a Gore-Tex Treestand II for men and ladies.  This boot has 800 grams of thinsulate and is also Gore-Tex with a full grain leather upper.

As you can probably notice the grams are increasing so the boots are getting warmer.  Irish Setter Elk Tracker has 1000 grams of thinsulate, Gore-Tex protection and a durable worn saddle leather upper.  You may also want to look at the Danner Pronghorn.  This boot has Gore-Tex comes in 800 and 1200 grams depending on what you are looking for.  The LaCrosse Alpha 18" boot is 2000 grams of thinsulate it is 100% waterproof and it has good traction.  Last but not least try the RedHead Glacier Pac Boots.  This boot has 1200 grams of thinsulate.  It is 100% waterproof but this boot is great in snow and frigid weather up to -80 degrees.  The boots have Shur Trac outsoles so its great  traction on ice and slippery surfaces.  

So, stop on in, try on a few different boots and find what your feet need.  You don't want to miss that monster buck due to sore, cold, blistered feet.

Robin Piedmonte

Events Coordinator





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Tips for Game Cameras - Not Just For Deer!

Trail Cameras are not just for hunters.  Although most people use them to bag that monster buck, they have helped some catch a thief. Others, enjoy nature when they can't get in the woods themselves.  Cameras come in a wide variety of prices.  Bass Pro can help you determine what you want and expect from the camera.  The people at Bass Pro have the knowledge to help you find what price range you are looking for, as well as what camera will suit your purpose.

Lets start off with the Hunting Master.  Like most hunters, my husband starts scouting right after muzzle season ends here in Upstate New York.  He places cameras in different spots way before hunting season and waits for the chance to catch a glimpse of  a monster.  That buck knows you are out there and you have to be creative in order to find him.

The most common game camera that people like have infrared technology.  Infrared prevents scaring the animal, because a flash does not go off, and scare them.  Not to mention if you have unwanted guests (people or animal) on your property they also will not see the flash and you can figure a plan from there once you get a good shot of them.  Now this is also good for those who are not looking for their trophy buck.  Bird enthusiasts can take pictures of their feathered friends, or forest animals they normally would not sit in the woods to watch and wait for.  What about that bothersome raccoon getting into your garbage? Well with the infrared you can figure out his strategy without frightening him then figure out how to get rid of him.

The battery life with a trail camera is important.  First, batteries are expensive not to mention if you have to run back in to the woods you waste your time and disturb the area making the deer/animal apprehensive about coming back to that site for a while.  The other thing to take into consideration is a lot of the smaller game cameras take AA batteries.  They tend to be less expensive and have a longer life than the larger batteries.

If you do decide to go with a expensive model, I would suggest getting a security box . It just makes it harder for thieves to get at your camera.

If your camera does not have a on-board viewer (high end) then you want to get a SD card.  Most people recommend two.  The extra allows you to study your pictures way before hunting season begins. Once you find a good spot you can get it set up and then not disturb the area again.

Now it's time to find that spot.  For deer,  focus on high volume areas.  Where they bed, feed, thick cover, deep woods.  Heavy cover is good because the mid-day sun won't trigger the sensor.

Found that spot?  Make sure you spray scent control on your clothing, gloves, and wear rubber boots.  Then spray the scent control on the camera making sure your don't get it on the lens.  Scent control leaves a residue and will blur your photos.

Make sure the lens area is free of twigs, weeds, vines and especially leaves.  Anything that may blow in front and trigger a picture.  This will waste your batteries, and most of all your time.

Place the camera in a tree higher than the deers' sight.  Keeping them unaware of the camera's presence.

If possible face the camera northward or southward to prevent the sun from backlighting your subject and making it a silhouette in the photo.

Now here is the hard part,  Get out of there and leave it alone!  For mature bucks leave the camera for 8-12 days.  This gives enough time to let human scent disappear.  The deer gains security and starts using that spot again

So - You got a great picture!  Here are two questions to ask yourself!

1.     Where do I think he is bedding down.  You can go on they have aerial photos and maps to help you gather information and find him.

2.     Did I get any pictures in the morning?  If yes, you need to go further in and up trails you suspect he is using.  You want to find his day spots before he beds down.  Mature bucks move during darkness. 

By preparing, and watching you will be ready for hunting season.  Not hunting? you will enjoy your pictures for hours on end, or get rid of the pesky animal or thief  by being smarter than they are. 

Bass Pro has a large variety of Game Cameras to pick from.  The Bushnell Trophy Cam, Moultrie Game Spy M80xt, and Stealth Cam Archer's Choice are just a few that our people in Archery recommend.

Bushnell is 8.0 megapixel, has a easy to read LCD display. A time/date stamp to keep track of when the picture was taken in case you journal year to year.  It has up to a one year battery life and takes 4 AA batteries.   The case is weatherproof and has infrared technology. 

Moultrie Game Spy has a night range up to 60 feet. It's a 5.0 megapixel with motion freeze technology.  This reduces infrared night time blur of your photos. 

The Stealth Cam Archer's choice is a 8.0 megapixel with infrared technology.  This camera takes great night and day pictures.  This camera also takes AA batteries.    

So whether you are going after that monster buck, enjoying birds, catching troublesome animals or humans who should not be on your property, a game camera comes in handy. 

Stop in to Bass Pro Shops and check out the wide selection of cameras.  Ask as many questions as you need,  you will never be disappointed.  The know how and skill of our associates will make you feel confident with your purchase and how to execute what you need to do.

 Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator














It's the Hunting Classic here at Bass Pro!  I know its August in Central New York, but it is never too early to start thinking about Hunting.  Why husband starts thinking about next season right after Muzzle season ends here in New York.

With the Hunting Classic in full swing, camo is a must.  RedHead has a great camo jacket, overalls, vest, and bibs you may just want to try out.

I talked with Bridget, our Team Lead in the Camo Department, who recommended RedHead's Mountain Stalker line.  After talking with Bridget,  I too am convinced this is a great product and moderately priced whether you are a first time hunter or long time enthusiast.  

The RedHead Mountain Stalker Hooded Jacket is waterproof, windproof and breathable. Medium insulation keeps you warm and is great for fall.  What is nice about this jacket,  is it comes down low in the back so rain or wind does not sneak in and deter you from what you are in the woods for.  The jacket is comfortable, has a removable hood, neoprene wrist sleeves, and two front pockets as well as two front  zippered pockets.  

Still interested?   Well read on!  Keeping with the RedHead Mountain Stalker line, the insulated bibs are quiet and soft.  Just like the jacket,  they are also waterproof, windproof, and breathable.  The bibs have full length leg zippers with snaps at the cuff.  Great for getting off and on, and customers say they are just plain comfortable and have a generous fit.  This even has a built in gusset for a relaxed fit across the chest. Don't forget they also have two front handwarmer pockets as well as two back pockets.

Don't want a jacket and bibs but prefer coveralls.  Well, RedHead Mountain Stalker has them.  Same protection as the jacket and bibs.  They have a three piece zip off hood, front zipper, knit collar turtleneck,  and  hook 'n' loop adjusters.  As with the bibs, they also have the leg zippers with snap bottom for comfort.  Finally, don't forget two chest pockets, two hip pockets and two lower pant pockets.

Did someone say I want orange?  Last but not least, you may want look to the RedHead Mountain Stalker reversible vest.  Same Bone-Dry protection as the jacket, bibs, and coveralls.  This vest has a full-zip front, rib knit collar, license holder, and two patch pockets.

So stop on in to our Camo Department and look for the RedHead Mountain Stalker line.  Great product and you don't have to spend a fortune to be comfortable and dry.  Ask for Bridget, she will help you in any way possible.  

 Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator