Mother's Day

Mother's Day is on May 11th this year.  Why not stop on in and check out the assortment of gifts we have that mom would love.

It's hard to figure out what to get mom at times.  If you don't know her size in a shoe or shirt it makes things even more difficult.  Here are a few ideas that might work and mom would be thrilled when she gets them.

The Swan Creek Candle Coffee Mug is a delightful smelling candle of warm cinnamon buns or roasted espresso.  The candle is 100% soybean wax and the mug is made of marbled stoneware.  This candle would look nice in a kitchen or family room. 














For those moms who love the lodge look, new this year,  we have a few ideas that would fit right in with the lodge theme.  Check out the Big Sky Carvers line.  The Big Sky Carvers Fly Rod Clock is great.  Made of iron and wood, anyone would love this on the end table of a lodge inspired room.      Following the lodge look,  Big Sky Carvers Creel Basket Coaster Set  is adorable with a creel basket to hold the coasters,  it also goes along with that cabin look.  Finish it up with the Big Sky Carvers Fly Rod Photo Frame made of iron and wood.  Put a picture of the family in, and you are all set.





































If mom enjoys looking outside and watching the birds consider the Iron Stop 10" Wind SpinnerThis produces beautiful light effcts.  It can be used inside or outside and is weather resistant for all seasons.spinner












A great way to decorate your mailbox seasonally is the Magnet Works Mailwraps.  This is a perfect way to make mom smile year round.  Easy to apply and remove.  The covers are made to be put up all year round.  There is a magnet strip along the side to keep it in place as well as a cut out for the flag.  Start her out with one for spring, then start building them up for seasons, or holidays. 





















So you see it is not hard to find something at Bass Pro Shop that mom will appreciate and love year round.


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator












Tackle Bags

With so many lures you find you have them in a tackle box here there and everywhere.  I have to tell you that over the years tackle boxes have evolved.  Here are a few tackle bags that not only will hold what you have but look professional to boot.

The Bass Pro Shop Extreme Qualifier 370 Tackle Bag or System has a main compartment that will hold up to 5 370 utility boxes.  It also has a number of zippered mesh pockets to hold gear.  You do have the choice of just the bag or one that includes 4 of the boxes.  There are elastic tool holders to hold pliers, hook removers or whatever you have.  There is also a large shoulder strap you can use for heavy loads.














The Bass Pro Shop Stalker Backpack Tackle Bag or system is large enough to fit  what you need in it, while giving  you room for your lunch and beverage.  This tackle box also comes with enough room for 5- 370 utility boxes, The backpack straps are padded and there is a  line spooling pocket.  Plenty of room for everything plus a lunch is a winner in my book.







New this year is the Plano Hydro-Flo Spinnerbait Stowaway.  This unit will hold 72 spinner baits.   It comes with 3 adjustable spinner bait racks and has a swivel carry handle.  Hydro-flo holes let tackle dry.  The size is quite small no larger than a lunchbox.

















Worry about getting your license wet or your phone wet while in the box?  Here is something you may want to consider the             Plano Waterproof Stowaway Utility boxes.      6 models to pick from and all waterproof.  These units have a dri lock o-ring seal to keep everything dry and safe.
























So, stop on down and check out the large variety of tackle bags we have, then you will have everything you need to fish in one spot.

Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator


Youth Hunt For Wild Turkey

The Youth Wild Turkey Hunt weekend will be held April 26th and April 27th.  This a great way for junior hunters to spend time in the field with experienced adult hunters.  They gain knowledge and learn to become to safe and responsible.  Here are a few details from the DEC to follow:

Youth ages 12, 13, 14, or 15 years of age, holding a hunting license and a turkey permit may participate.

All youth hunters must be accompanied by an adult as required by law for a junior hunter.

a.  Youth 12 or 13 years of age must be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or person over 21 years of age, with written permission from their parent or legal guardian.

b.  Youth 14 or 15 years of age must be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or person over 18 years of age, with written permission from their parent or legal guardian.

c.  The accompanying adult must have a current hunting license and turkey permit.  He or She may assist the youth hunter (including calling), but may not carry a firearm or longbow, or kill or attempt to kill a wild turkey during the youth hunt.

d.  The youth hunt is for spring turkey hunting only and is a two day weekend hunt.  The youth hunt will always precede the start of the regular season by at least 3 days.  Check the turkey season page or the Hunting and Trapping Regulations Guide for season dates.

e.  The youth turkey hunting is open in all of upstate New York (north of the Bronz-Westchester County boundary) and Suffolk County.  Shooting hours are from 1/2 hour before sunrise to noon.

f.  The bag limit for the youth hunt is one bearded bird.  This bird becomes part of the youth's regular season bag limit of two bearded birds.  A second bird may be taken in upstate New York (north of the Bronx-Westchester County boundary) beginning May 1st.

g.  All other wild turkey hunting regulations remain in effect.


Staff Safe Out There and Have A Great Time !

Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator

Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator


Fishfinders - Where Do I Start?

You love to fish.  You have always been interested in a Fish Finder but don't know anything about them or where to start.  You are not alone.  That is why at Bass Pro Shop we have the expertise to help you figure out which model is best for you.  With so many to look at I took a trip down to our Marine Department and asked them for their recommendations. 

For someone just starting out, consider the Garmin Echo 150 Fishfinder.  Great price, easy to use with sonar depths to 1300'.  This unit comes with tilt, swivel mount, transducer, trolling motor clamp and transom mount. Check out the reviews.














The Garmin Echo Map 50s GPS/Sonar Chartplotter Combo has a 5" display with preloaded US lakes.  Two micro SD card slots and is very user friendly.  Great value for the money and it performs well.














A little more expensive is the Lowrance HDS 5 Gen 2 Fishfinder/GPS Chartplotter.  This unit also has a 5" display with wide angle viewing.  Advanced memory and high definition mapping makes this one you may want to look in to.


























New this year is the  Garmin Echo Map 70 DV Fishfinder/GPS Combo.     The 7" touchscreen is nice and it comes preloaded with Lake VU HD maps.  This unit has advanced HD-ID & down VU all in one transducer.   With a 10HZ receiver it provides position and heading updates 10x per second. 













Whether you are just starting out with a fish finder or want to upgrade, stop on down to see us.  We will be happy to outfit you with what fits you best.


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator 



What Do I Need To Begin Fishing?

You have always in the back of your mind wanted to fish.  Perhaps you remember when you were a child fishing with your dad or grandparents.  Life moves on, and now that need to escape for a hour or so is calling you back.  People who fish come into Bass Pro at all ages and sizes. People who do it for a livingl.  Young children wanting to learn, and yes adults who due to a busy life have never had time.  Therapy is what I hear many fisherman say.  It gives you time to just think about something else that has nothing to do with work,  money, or day to day problems.  Fishing as in any hobby can be as expensive or inexpensive as you wish.  Lets start out light.  

First things first.  Do you need a license?  If you are 16 or older,  then yes you do.  We sell Fishing Licenses right here at the Customer Service Department.  It does not take long, all we need is your driver's license.  You can get a license for a year, seven days, or just one day.  Once you have that continue down to our Fishing Department.

The Bass Pro Shop Brawler Spinning Road & Reel Combo is worthy of that first fishing pole.  It has great sensitivity, and  made of solid shock absorbing fiberglass.  Priced just right to keep around and use until you want to change to a different pole.







What lure do we recommend with this combo?  Fishing stated that this time of year most are out fishing for trout.  They recommended the Panther Martin-Spinner Spinnerbait.  The blade is easy and fast with a weighted body.  It casts like a bullet due to the blade mounted to the shaft.  It comes in many different colors and the hooks will keep that fish caught.  Check out the reviews on line.














So, if you feel that the lake, pond, or river calling you back, stop on by.  We will be happy to get you outside and we can fit the price for your wallet.


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator 






Fish Feeding Frenzy and The Fish Guy!

Meet Jason McCoy or what most people call him as  "The Fish Guy."  Jason is our biologist who takes care of all our fish in our 18,000 gallon  fish tank.  Jason knows fish.  He can answer just about any question you may have.  Jason has been with us since we opened in 2004.   With Jason comes his partner and who he calls his boss  "Jack".  Jack is half cairn terrier and half shih tzu.  Everyone of our associates welcome Jack each and every time he comes in.

Jason not only feeds our fish but is their crusader.  He takes care of them when they are sick.  He introduces new fish into the tank, as well as cares for fish who have been donated to us until they are ready to be put into the tank.   Jason also maintains our Utica store.  Jason takes care of  private companies, doctors offices, law offices, and more.

Jason does not just feed the fish, he also keeps the tank in good condition.  Every week he backwashes the tank's filter to clean it.  Jason puts on scuba gear and gets inside the tank to scrub and power wash the rocks and gravel.  He then vacuums to clear the debris.  Jason feeds our fish 10-12 meals a week.

The tank needs to be around 58 degrees and is filled with Auburn water.  The only chemical used is a chlorine neutralizer.

We do public feedings on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 12 noon.  Saturdays are the day we get up on the tank during the feedings  and talk a little about what Jason is doing and a little about the store.  Once he arrives, the fish just know its feeding time and they start moving around.  They eat the food immediately.  When a fish is not aggressive enought to eat,  Jason never forgets them. Jason puts a long narrow plastic tube in and drops food from the top of the tank and it comes out near those fish who dont fight for their dinner.  Jason uses both natural and artificial food.  A few examples of food are pellets, earth worms, crayfish, minnows and other small fish.

What fish do we currently have in the tank?  Well stop on by and see if you can find the following:

Large and Small Mouth Bass

Rock Bass

Blue Gill

Sun Fish

Black Crappie

Tiger Muskie

Brown Trout

Rainbow Trout

White Bass

Yellow Perch

Channel Catfish

Freshwater Drum

Common Carp

Every day is a fun exciting one at Bass Pro Shop.  So bring the family by and watch Jason do his magic.


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator

fish guy













Ham For Easter

Here is a great recipe for a Ham done in the Smoker.  Compliments of Suzanne from our Camping Department!

Smoked Holiday Ham

Cured Ham

Pineapple Juice

Brown Sugar

Wood Chips

Honey Dijon Mustard

Buy a ham with a bone that is already cured.  (Found in most grocery stores- if you don't it will turn out like pulled pork)

(Suzanne uses a spiral ham - she feels the smoke soaks into the ham further)

Turn smoker to 225 degrees

While smoker is heating up prepare your ham:

Coat the outside of your ham with Honey Dijon mustard then lightly coat your ham with brown sugar creating a paste. 

Place ham in smoker .

Add wood chips (Suzanne recommends apple)

Smoke for 2 hours

Take ham out and baste it with pineapple juice.  Wrap it completely in foil and put it back in the smoker for 1 more hour.

Check ham's internal temp.  It should be at 145 degrees.  Take ham out and unwrap the top and sprinkle brown sugar over the entire outside  then coat it with more pineapple juice. 

Place back in smoker for one more hour.

After this 4 hour period your ham should be done with a great glaze on it.  Make sure the temp is at least 145 degrees.  Let it sit for 30 minutes before carving.

Looks fantastic!  Check out the turkey done at the same time!




















Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator


Fishing Regulation Changes

Have you got your Fishing License yet?  Prices changed in February 2014.  Please go on for additional information but take a look at the price changes below:

Annual License

Starting February 1st

Resident:  $25 (ages 16-69)

Non-Resident:  $50


7 Day License

Starting February 1st

Resident:  $13

Non-Resident:  $31


1 Day License

Starting February 1st

Resident:  $5

Non-Resident:  $10

With a small drop in prices, what a perfect time to get out and enjoy what this region has to offer.  Why even the non-resident prices went down for those of you spending a few weeks here in the summer on the water.  Stop by our Fishing Department and talk with any of our associates to help you find what will work for you.

Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator





Smokers: a Great Way to Cook

What is smoking?  Smoking meat is exactly what it says.  Flavoring meat with smoke.  You don't have to get a huge smoke house, the strength of the flavor depends on how long it is in the smoker,  and the thickness of the smoke.  Here are some reasons to smoke your meat:

Smoking kills certain bacteria and slows down the growth of other bacteria

Smoking prevents fat from developing a bad taste

Extends shelf life of the product

Improves taste and flavor of meat

The color of the meat looks better.  Meat will become a light brown, red or black.  This all depends on the type of wood used and the temperature.  Fish will have a beautiful golden color.

The Masterbuilt Extra Wide Propane Smoker has a wide leg pattern for stability.  Very durable with push button ignition.  This easy to use unit has a locking full size door and 1333 square inches of cooking space.





















If the extra wide smoker is a little too large for you, consider the Masterbuilt Two Door Propane SmokerThis has 717 square inches of cooking space a cool grip spring door handle.  It comes with a removable waterbowl, wood chip tray and drip pan.













 The Bradley Original Electric Smoker is capable of smoking hot and cold.  Roomy with four designed racks that will not tip when pulled out. 














Need a unit that cooks fast?  Then you need to take a look at the Orion Charcoal Cooker.  This unit cooks with smoke, steam and convection heat.  You can cook a 20 pound turkey in 2 hours and 15 minutes.  Low maintenance with 3 cooking grates, it also comes with a poultry stand, lifting handle and 3 rib hangers.





























You can use your smoker during Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.  So stop on by and ask our Camping associates any questions you may have.



Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator


Planning for Warm Weather

It is never too early to plan your summer camping trip.  Get the things you need little by little.  One thing that you should take the time to look in to is a good cooler for those camp outs.  What better way to keep your mind of the winter than to think about that great vacation you will be taking.  Stop on by or just browse from your warm chair.  Bass Pro Shop can help you get the right cooler for you and your family.

The Igloo Yukon 50qt cold locker has a textured lid with non- skid working surface and integrated fisherman ruler.  The latches have finger grips that lock the lid securely.











Yeti coolers have always had a great reputation for durabiity.  The Yeti Roadie is portable and tough.  With a freezer style sealing gasket, this cooler is dry ice compatible.  Made to last Yeti will never disappoint. 












For those of you who would rather pull their cooler, check out the Igloo Glide Marine Ultra 110 Roller Cooler.  This large capacity easy handling cooler is insulated well.  It can keep ice up to 6 days and will hold 168 cans.












So, do your planning for vacation a little early.  It will help you get through this weather dreaming about summer.

Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator






Geocaching 101

What is Geocaching?  Why, it is a outdoor treasure hunt using GPS devices.  People move to a specific set of coordinates and then try to find the geocache container hidden in that location.  Great for one person or families this is a true hit!  Here are a few simple steps:

1.  Register for a membership on a geocaching site.

2.  Enter your postal code and search.

3.  Choose any geocache from a list provided and click on the name.

4.  Enter the coordinates of the geocache in your GPS

5.  Use the GPS to assist you in finding the geocache which is hidden.

6.  Sign the log book and return the geocache to its original location.

7.  Remember if you take the treasure replace it with a treasure you have brought for the next person.

It really is just that easy.  Geocaches can be found all over the world.  It is amazing just how many we have in this area alone. Geocaches vary greatly in size and appearance.  You may see plastic containers to fake rocks with a compartment. Do not put explosives, ammo, knives alcohol, food or scented items. Ideas range from unique rocks, coins, to key chains.

Bass Pro has a few GPS ideas for geocaching that might interest you.  

Perfect for kids and adults the Geomate Jr. is very user friendly.  Pre-loaded with over 250,000 caches all around the US.  All you have to do is turn it on and follow the arrow.  Great family fun especially with young kids.  You can even buy a update kit to cover outside the US. 










































A idea for the first timer is a Geomate Geocaching Starter Kit.  This inexpensive kit has everything you need to get started.  Guidebook, pencil, pad, lock box and many prizes to hide.  















The Magellan Explorist GC GPS is another preloaded easy to navigate unit.  Great price and rich graphics make this one to think about.






















You are never to old to geocache this is easy and a wonderful way to spend time outside.

Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator













Bird Feeders - Don't Forget Your Friends


March is here and while we are thinking that this winter is almost over, we can still expect the cold for a while longer.  Don't forget about all your  flying friends.  Bass Pro Shops has a nice variety of birdfeeders to pick from and here are just a few you can find in our store or on our website.

The Woodlink Caged Tube Bird Feeder is squirrel resistant.  This will keep predators away and make it easy for the birds to eat and move around.





















Still have a problem with squirrels?  Well look at the Woodstream Perky Pet Wilderness Lantern Wild Bird FeederThis classic lantern will hold 2 pounds of seed and has sure lock which keeps the squirrels out while inviting different kinds of birds to eat.















Here is a bright cheerful, and very inexpensive bird feeder.  The Woodlink Sunflower Suet is great.  This feeder will hold one suet cake and gives you the lightheartedness of spring. 


















The Woodstream Perky Pet Squirrel Be Gone is sure to make the birds happy.  The perch is weight activated to keep squirrels out.  This feeder can be hung or pole mounted.










So, don't forget about your feathered friends.  These feeders are easy on your eye while it keeps your friends fed!


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator





Dehydrator Magic

Have you ever thought about getting a dehydrator and thought it would be too complicated?  How about too much work?  Think it is only for those people who like jerky?  Well I am here to set things right!  Dehydrated fruits and vegtables have great flavor especially once all the water has been taken out.  Something is always in season and why not capitalize on them for the sake of a lower grocery bill.  The kids can help too.  What child would not want to make their own fruit leather?  

Something to think about  is dehydrated foods do not lose their nutritional value and hold their vitamins and minerals.  Think about dehydrating your own herbs.  Why pay those prices?  By dehydrating those berries when they are in season then add them to muffins, or oatmeal in the winter.  Soup is always nice in the winter, why not add your dehydrated herbs, and vegtables for a healthy soup full of flavor? 

I don't know if you have ever noticed in pet stores they have treats made out of sweet potatoes.  Why not dehydrate chips of sweet potatoes as a snack for your dog friends as well as yourself? 

The Open Country 7 Tray Food Dehydrator has a 350w motor with even heat distribution.  The machine comes with 7 drying trays which are dishwasher safe.  Perfect for just starting out! 




















A perfect gift for someone who enjoys cooking and healthy eating is the Open Country 500W Dehydrator with Jerky KitThis kit comes with a little bit of everything.  4 trays, 2 screens, 2 fruit roll sheets and a jerky kit that includes a large gun, 3 tips, jerky spice and cure seasoning.  




















For the passionate dehydrator check out the Redhead 10 Tray Food DehydratorThis unit comes with a 800W heating element with a digital LED timer for up to 40hrs.  10 removeable trays this unit is lightweight and has 1700 square inches of drying capacity. 









Why not kick off the new year by celebrating in a healthier life style.

Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator 




Lets Have Some Fun With Metal Detectors!

Metal Detector fun.  You don't need a beach to have fun with one, although I must admit during this time of year I would certainly love being in the southern states with a metal detector on the beach.

While it is cold outside, why not get on the computer and do some investigation on historic places where you live.  Every area has history.  Once you have done that stop on over to Bass Pro Shop and take a look at the metal detectors we have and which one sounds like it would be a good fit for you.  It is never too early to get involved with metal detection.  Running the events here at Bass we have had a metal detector box where the kids find arrowheads.  They absolutely love it.  What better way to get a child outside than to have  a grandparent or parent search for items with a metal detector?

The Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detector can detect coin sized objects up to 5 inches deep and large objects up to 3 feet deep.  The speaker sound increases as your object get closer.  Nice and light for the young enthusiast.  The Bounty Hunter Junior also has a discrimination mode, and sensitivity control.













Now that the young one in your life is taken care of , perhaps you should consider the Bounty Hunter Camo LS Metal DetectorThis is great for the novice or expert.  Take a look at this unit with its 4 mode operation, and touchpad selection .  This detector is built for all seasons and conditions.  Easy to use and easy to learn on, you will not be disappointed.












The Teknetics Delta Metal Detector  discriminates between different metal.  Using only a 9V battery, this detector is user friendly.  Check out the 3 Tones and a adjustable sensitivity with 3 operation modes. 













Stop on by and ask for Bill in our Camping Department.  He can answer just about any question you may have about getting started on your history hunt.   I think you will surprised just how much fun you can have by yourself or with your family.


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator





First Aid and Survival

We have some long winters here in Central New York.  Who knows when it will all end?  Here are a few things you may just want to consider in a emergency situation for your home or car.


Consider the Bass Pro Shop First Aid Kit-Backpack KitThis pack is not just for backpacking, put it in the glove compartment of your car or in a drawer in your kitchen.  This includes everything you need and nothing you dont need.











Something that every home or car should not be without is the LifeStrawThis easy to carry water filter is great for home, outdoor enthusiasts or in your glove compartment.  The lifestraw captures dangerous bacteria and protozoa in any water.  Designed to provide clean water in the harshest of conditions, it will provide instant access to safe drinking water anywhere.`



























Everyone usually has a flashlight, but do you have one in your car?  Check out the ACR Firefly Plus-Strobe/Flashlight ComboThis flashlight is perfect for the car its waterproof with good distance at night and only requires 2 AA batteries. Perfect for a emergency situation.















Not that anyone wants to think this could happen, but consider being stranded during one of our storms.  A great item to have in your car is the  Adventure Medical Kit-HeatsheetsThis quiet compact and durable blanket is good for one or two people.  Bright orange exterior,  this small blanket will reflect 90% of your bodyheat.  Very easy to fold and store away, tear resistant and easy to spot.  Everyone should have one in their trunk!













Last but not least look at the Chums Smokey Fire Starter Paracord BraceletNot only are these great for camping, but how many times have you had too much in your truck and need extra rope.  This small bracelet has 16' of paracord and can handle 550 pounds.  It adjusts to most wrists,  why not throw it into the glove compartment with everything else in case of a emergency.  Best thing about the Chum is the buckle is a fire starter.  It has a steel washer and firestone rod.
















These are just a few things to have for that "just in case" scenerio that you hope to never be in.  Living in Upstate, NY you just never know.


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator












Warm Boots - Protecting Your Feet

Years ago life was so simple, you bought winter boots and there really was not a large variety to pick from.  Today it is completely different.  If  you enjoy the outside and hunt you need something that is comfortable to wear all day and protects those feet.

Lets keep things simple, here are  a few things to look at:

Thinsulate:  This is the most popular with great insulation.  It is not bulky and it does not lose its insulation ability if it gets wet.  The lower the number of grams,  the less insulation you have.

Gortex:  This is not a insulation but a thin membrane that gives you protection from water while it allows the foot to breathe.

We want you to be comfortable and warm here at Bass Pro Shop and our footware associates can help you pick out the boot that would fit your needs.  Here are a few ideas you just may want to consider.

Redhead HL Hunter 7" Waterproof Insulated Boot is a lightly insulated boot with 200 grams of thinsulate.  Waterproof with 3 hook n loop straps for a more secure fit around your ankles.  Very easy to get off and on,  these boots are lightweight and comfortable.  Great for a wide foot and good for people who have trouble bending

















The Danner-High Ground 8" Gortex Waterproof Insulated Boot is lightweight with 400 grams of thinsulate.  Nubuck leather that has abrasion resistant leather on the highwear areas. 


























Moving on towards a even warmer boot is the Redhead Tundra Gortex Waterproof BootThis boot offers 600 grams of thinsulate while being comfortable and 100% waterproof.  Another plus is the durable molded rubber on the outsole.













Still cold?  Check out the Redhead RCT 800 gram Gortex BootRoomy, lightweight, waterproof, breathable and comfortable this boot even has a rear foot stabilizer that gives you extra protection when walking on rough or uneven terrain.











Stop on in, and  ask questions, try on as many boots as you can to find out which feels and fits the best.  This is a investment you do want to make.  Your feet will thank you.

Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator 




I Want To Be Just Like Dad!

Your little hunter wants to be just like his dad.  Too young for a gun but why not make his room into a young man cave for the next generation of hunters?    Here are a few ideas to decorate his room without breaking the bank.


For the little hunter how about  a Bass Pro Shop Plush Wall Headmount-Deer.  This soft but realistic headmount will look cool and adorable on the wall. 








Why not a Bass Pro Shop Plush Black Bear Rug.  Throw this on the floor.  Great for a nap or to watch TV in his room.  Your hunter will feel like he is in a lodge.










Now on to the real fun.  Check out the Bass Pro Shop Air Hunterz Z Tek Bow .  These were a hit over the Christmas season, easy to use and soft .  Partner it up with the  Bass Pro Shop Next Generation 3D Inflatable Deer TargetPractice makes perfect.


















How about a Coon Skin Cap?  Durable and realistic this is sure to be a hit.










What hunt is not complete without a call.  The Bass Pro Shop North American Call mimics the sound of 10 North American animals including deer.








So, when your little hunter wants to be just like Dad he can be, I bet this will even make dad a little jealous.


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator 








Keeping your Dogs safe in the Winter

Keeping your dogs safe this time of year is important.  Remember that many dogs feel the cold as much as their owners do. Keeping your dog warm during the winter months is important to keeping their health in tip top shape.

You need to understand your breed.  Some adapt well to the extreme cold such as huskies, yet a doberman or low hair dogs dont have the thick winter coat to protect them.  Giving your dog the appropriate shelter is important.  If you have a outside dog make sure his/her shelter and bedding is suitable.  Make sure there is plenty of insulation against the cold.  The roof of the outside shelter should have  a sloped roof and plenty of insulation to guard against the cold.  Bring outdoor dogs inside if the cold spell becomes exceptionally cold and long.

Even inside make sure your pets bed is away from drafts and keep a extra blanket or old clothing around the bed keeping it warm.

Using canine clothing is a option for certain dogs in the winter time.  If you see your dog shivering then he is cold.  Bass Pro has a variety of dog vests to look at.  One in particular is the Ruffwear Quinzee Insulated Dog JacketThis jacket is weather resistant and has a sewn in carry bag.  Very easy to remove with 2 sheltered buckles. 















If you enjoy taking long walks during the winter, consider getting your pet booties.  Your pets paws get irritated from the salt outside.  You may need to take some time getting your pet used to the booties it is not a natural feeling to have them on.  The Bark N Boots Grip Tex Dog Boots protect against bad weather and have air mesh uppers for a imporved fit.  They have reflective trim for night walking and have good traction and flexibility.  Also look into the Bark N Boot Liners for extra protection.  They enhance the comfort of the boot and wick moisture and insulate great in the cold.
































Last but not least take shorter walks when the cold is severe.  You want to keep exercising but play tug of war or hiding toys inside with your pet.  When walking outside with your dog it is best to keep your dog leashed.  With snowplows or ice on the lake your dog may wander and you want him/her to be safe.



Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator






Sleeping Bags

For those of you brave enough to scale the high peaks or just enjoy tenting this time of year, a sleeping bag is a must.  The Ascend -40 Mummy Sleeping Bag or the Ascend -20 Mummy Sleeping Bag   is a great idea .  Both bags have a double layer of offset quilted construction with no cold spots.  They are durable with a adjustable contoured hood and chest baffle to lock in body heat.  Both bags also include a compression sack.  The -40 is used for extreme weather while the -20 can be used for cross country ski treks and wintertime adventures.












Need a little extra warmth?  Try the Bass Pro Shop Fleece Sleeping Bag Liner. Made of 100% polyester micro fleece.  Use this as a extra layer or by itself as a lightweight summer bag.








Do you move around alot when sleeping?  Check out the Browning McKinley oversized rectangular sleeping bag.  Large and spacious this sleeping bag allows you to twist and turn  while being durable and warm.












So,  when looking for what fits your need, take your time and ask questions.  We have a knowledgeable staff that will help you make the right decision .

Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator  




Weather Inside for a Blustery Day

This time of year one does not know whether to brave the cold or just stay inside and watch it on TV.  For those of you who enjoy watching the weather channel or enjoy watching weather change from inside, we have a few things that just might interest you.  

The AcuRite 11" Galileo Thermometer & Globe Storm Glass is attractive, and colorful.  This fun to watch item is perfect for a office or family room.  The base is wood with floating bulbs that are weighted so it responds to every temperature change. 






























Midland has the WR120B Countertop Weather Alert Radio.  With battery back up a alarm clock with snooze button and easy to read display,  this weather alert radio is packed with items the weather lover in your house wants.  You can program up to 25 countries, and receive over 60 alerts.










For the serious weather buff in your life consider the AcuRite 5 in 1 Professional Weather Center.  What doesn't this weather station have.  A all in one solar powered sensor pack,  300' of superior transmission, and a self emptying rain gauge.  This weather center packs a punch with moonphase , forecast, peak wind speed, back light and more.  Easy to install this will keep you updated  to all weather conditions right from your chair.   



5 in 1









So make sure you check these items out either in our store or right from the convenience of your family room.


Robin Piedmonte - Events Coordinator