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Bass Pro Shops stocks literally thousands of rods for all kinds of fishing.  We’ll break them down so you’ll know what to look for in a rod that's just right for you!


With technology the way it is, rods have come a long way baby! Grandpa liked his shorter rod for bass fishing and his longer rod for trout. That sounds crazy today, but when you consider the materials used just forty years ago, if Grandpa’s rod wasn’t bamboo, it was probably made of fiberglass, which was innovative at the time. The longer rod would not have the stiffness needed for bass fishing; lacking durability,the big one definitely got away! A shorter rod gave more stiffness & strength, but you lost casting distance. With today’s graphite and composite material, length is more of a preference for what you want to do, not what you were forced to do. Today you can get the rod of your choice in nearly any length. Check out our Bass Rod Buying Guide: 


This is the ability of the rod to telegraph the vibrations of the line through the guides or eyes  right to your hand.


Basically this refers to where the rod will bend. Think of it this way: Rods with a Fast Action have less cushion at the hook. When you have a fish on and you want to set the hook, there is more tug at the hook. Rods that are Slow Action have more cushion at the hook, or the rod bends more with a fish on. However, this also means to set the hook, there is less tug at the hook. So what action is best for you? Come put some rods in your hand, heck we’ll even put a plug on a combo and give you a lesson or two in our Fishing Department!


In short, the power rating is the overall strength of the rod, or the amount of force it takes to bend a rod. If you have a heavy lure, you probably need a heavy action. But lighter power rating gives a whipping action when casting to help get that lure where you want it, providing the catch on the other end isn’t a monster that a lighter action won’t be able to handle. Our advice: After we get you set up with the rod & reel that is best for your kind of fishing:  Fish and fish often enough to get familiar with your equipment!  You don't have to wait 'til you're out on the water to get familiar with your gear.  I know I can't wait! Front yards have multiple uses with a practice plug on the end of your line!

So choose your Fly Rod or Bass Rod with help from Bass Pro Shops!

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