The Big Short Takeover is Happening Now at Bass Pro Shops in Bossier City, Louisiana

It's beautiful weather this Spring in the Ark-La-Tex (Bossier City, LA).  Most of the heavy spring rains are behind us and it's time for shorts,flip-flops and sunglasses.  May is filled with blue skies and sunny days in which to celebrate the following holidays and events:

  • Cinco de Mayo,Tuesday, May 5th,
  • Mother's Day-Sunday, May 10th,
  • Memorial Day, Monday May 25, and ...
  • don't forget those Graduates.

 With all that in mind, Bass Pro Shops has included in their latest Spring Warm-UP Sale-The BIG Short Takeover.  With all Natural Reflections Shorts and Capris and RedHead Brand Shorts-Buy 1 Get 1 50% off (of equal or lesser value).  Sale Dates are April 27-May 10, 2015.

Look for the Bear wearing shorts.  #BEARYOURLEGS

Receive a free sample of sunscreen with purchase while supplies last.


Goin' Cattin'

Big Catfish are waiting!  Mr. James Wiggins and his fishing partner, Bill Hart of 15 years from Cookeville Texas, have living proof!  They mainly fish Lake Tawakoni with excellent results with these monster cats!  They have only been fishing Tawakoni for the past 3 years, but state that other lakes such as lake Texarkana, Bob Sandlin and lake Cypress also have their share of these monsters!

James has a 22' Lowes aluminum boat set up just for catching catfish.  They have 14 Driftmaster pole holders surrounding the boat with plenty of room to land the big ones.  He preferred Bass Pro Shop Catmaxx 7'6" rods suited with Abu Garcia 6500 and 7000 Level wind bait cast reels.  He states that you need this type of set-up to catch the monsters, smaller rods and reels sometimes fall short when trying to land the bigger ones.  He also prefers 80 lb. pro braided line with a 9/0 double trouble circle hooks.  The Santine Cooper rig is the set up to catch the bigger ones because of its ability to not hang up easily.  He says that he can drag this rig across brush without hanging, this is very important.

All species of catfish are in our lakes, but they prefer to catch blue catfish because they grow to be the biggest.  James and Bill only do this for fun and are very conservation-minded by releasing all they catch.  The blue catfish takes 7 years of growth before they become fertile.  James states that we must throw the fish back to conserve our resources and keep the bigger fertile catfish in the lake.

To catch these bruiser catfish, they like to drift, but will tie up on occasions when they locate a big school.  With many fish coming from 15-25 ft. of water, James says that when you catch fish that deep that it is a must to release the pressure from their swim bladders.  They do this by inserting a piece of tube down their throats to release this pressure so the fish can swim back to the bottom of the lake.  After water temperatures get to 70-78 degrees, they find the fish go shallow to spawn.  To locate these fish, electronics are important.  You must have a plan before going to the lake, and always stay with your plan.  This will help you learn how to find the fish quicker and be more consistent in catching.

The bait they use is cut shad.  Cast nets are the best way to catch the shad.  For the beginner, the smaller radius nets 4' monofilament are the easiest to throw and manage.  There is some practice needed to learn how to throw a perfect circle with the net to achieve the maximum catching ability  of the net.  When the shad are caught, they are cut into pieces to fish with, the head portion being the best choice.  Also, use your favorite fish attractant.  This will enhance the bait.  Then it's just a matter of holding on to one of these monsters, which is a suitable challenge for any angler.


We hope these tips will help you in catching a big catfish and maybe a fish of a lifetime.  Always wear your life jacket and practice safety at all times.  If we practice safety in front of our children, our children will learn how to be safe and enjoy the great sport of fishing for the rest of their lifetimes!


The Bite Is On!

It's been a long time coming for the Bass and Crappie to start biting.  Now and for the last month, the crappie have moved to the shallow water and are biting very well!  Reports from all of the lakes in our area have been on fire! 

For crappie, various types of artificial baits are working very well. One of the best baits for crappie at this time is the Bobby Garland baits in Baby Shads and the swimming shad in colors like Electric Chicken, Cajun Cricket, and Blue Thunder. Colors will vary from lake to lake because of water clarity.  The Bass Pro Shop Squirmin' Squirts are also a hot item because of the large variety of colors and lengths.  Most of the fishermen prefer line size in the 6 or 8 pound range.  We carry high and low visibility lines, really, this is the fishermans' preference.  Now, don't think you have to be in a boat right now to have a great outing, most of the fishermen in boats are fishing shallow around the bank.  So if you know of a spot that is accessible, the fish are probably there waiting on you!

The Bass bite is very good right now!  The Bass are spawning and are easy to catch.  What I look for are shining round spots on the bottom of the shallow parts of the lake.  I was on the lake yesterday and saw beds in all of the shallow areas we went to! 

We could approach a bed very carefully and the bass were on the beds.  Some had one bass and some had two.  The smaller bass are usually the males and the larger ones are usually the females. They are protecting the beds as the female lay their eggs, and are very protective of any creatures that venture into their nest.  After the females have laid their eggs, she will leave the male to protect the nest until the eggs start to hatch.  The process of spawning is very strenuous on the female and she will move out to deeper water and suspend to rebuild her strength.   As the eggs start to hatch, you can virtually see small bait balls of bass.  After a week or two, these bait balls will disperse and all of the  juvenile bass will go their separate ways.  At this point, the bass will be much harder to catch.  That is unless you can locate where they went after leaving the bedding areas.  Sometimes this can be a very big challenge. 

Some of the best baits to use during this period are lizards, creature type baits, Stick-O's and minnow baits.  Not to say that your favorite baits won't work, because they will.  Remember the bass are very protective during this time.  This is a very exciting time, so remember to take the kids along when you go fishing!  This is how memories are made for them and who were in their memories!? Who knows, that child may catch the biggest fish of their life!  Wouldn't you love to be a part of that?  The main thing, is ALWAYS wear a life preserver and practice safety at all times!


Fishing, Not Just For Men Anymore!

When you think of fishing, you might envision two men sitting in a john boat with poles out each side. Well, let us be the first to tell you that this sport is quickly crossing the gender lines!  Here at Bass Pro, we have all the clothing needed to keep you women protected from the elements as well as looking good in the meantime!  An all-purpose polo that is great for fishing, hiking, golfing and more!  The 100% polyester bird's eye mesh World Wide Sportsman Polo Shirt is soft and lightweight with an easy drape.  Moisture-wicking properties transfer perspiration to the fabric's surface, where they dry quickly, they include antimicrobial properties, as well as built-in sun protection.  This short sleeve polo will go great with all of our fishing pants or shorts.  This polo shirt also has a UPF rating starting at 20 and go up to UPF 45.  They come in 6 great colors: Grapemist, Blue Curaco, Teaberry, Spring Bouquet, Shell Pink and Sunshine.  How about some great pants to go along with the Polo shirt?  These Sarasota Convertible Multi-functional pant converts to both a short and a capri as needed - just zip off the legs or use the roll-up tabs to fit the conditions!  With a UPF sun protection rating of 50, these pants are a great addition to your closet.  These pants also feature a side-elastic waist for added comfort and hook n' loop pockets.  Being 100% nylon construction, they offer quick-drying performance.  Need to complete the outfit? We have a wide selection of hats from Columbia.  The Columbia Sun Goddess Booney Hats for ladies' 3" front brim broadens to 4" at the back for added coverage.  Omni-shade UPF 40 provides sun protection while the Omni-Wick advanced evaporation fabric and sweatband keep you cool and dry.  Adjustable chinstrap for a custom fit.  100% polyester ripstop.  Machine was, one size fits most.  Imported.

So, HAPPY FISHING GIRLS!  Now, get out there and show those boys how to catch a big one IN STYLE!



My dad used to say, "A dull knife is like having a gun with no ammo!"  I say that to say this: With our Spring Fishing Classic getting kicked off this week, we have so many great things going on in our store to check out!  For example, we will have our knife enthusiast, Brandon Spencer, pictured below working on a knife sharpening demonstration for a customer in our Bossier City store, Which he will be doing this weekend, be sure you come watch these demonstrations while you are here!  As in this photo, Brandon is using the WORK SHARP knife and tool sharpener  also pictured below.  

This WORK SHARP knife and tool sharpener is designed to sharpen every knife you own, it uses flexible abrasive belts for a razor sharp edge, it sharpens straight, serrated, or any other type of blade.  This product also has sharpening guides which apply proper angles every time.  While you are in the knife section of our store, also, be sure to stop by and see Brenda  Stewart.  Brenda can tell you all about what's new in our REDHEAD knife collection if you like pocket knives...And let's face it, you can never have enough pocket knives! One for the pocket, one for the tackle box,one for the hunting bag, and so on


This knife for example, is a really great choice for that fishing, camping, or whatever trip you may take!  This is our RedHead  Function Skeleton EFX-RB Folding Knife.  It is stainless steel, high-chromium blade which is specially-balanced to maintain its edge, hardness and sharpening ability.  This knife is also resistant to corrosion.  The blade length is 3" and overall length is 7", weight is 2.9 oz.  So come see us this week during the Spring Fishing Classic and be sure and visit our knife counter while you are here so you can take advantage of our great sales....and you will be the "sharpest knife in the drawer!"













Hungry as a Bear After Hibernation?

Are you tired of the wintery weather?? Well, Bears aren't the only ones that want to eat a hearty meal of fish after the long winter months of hibernation!  It's about fishing season, and what's more fun than getting outdoors (before the bears come out!)propane fryer and going fishing....especially when you can camp out on the riverbanks, creeks and lakes and fry up your fish outdoors style!  In the camping department for the month of February, we are featuring our Bass Pro Shops propane fryer for your big catch!  We have so many other things as well that can go along with you on your camping/fishing trip! fish batter

Take for instance our better breader, no mess, just drop the filets in with our Uncle Buck's fish fry and shake!  Afterward, drop it down in our Cottonseed oil, less grease and better taste!  You say you want some sides to go with that fish?  No problem!  We have just the things for that as well!  Try our Uncle Buck's hushpuppy mix along with our LEM french fry cutter!  Oh, and don't forget the blooming onion cutter!  See you can eat like a king at Mardi Gras in the great outdoors!  So make your camping/fishing trip one to remember at your favorite outdoor store, Bass Pro in Bossier City!  Happy Fishing!  Oh, and Happy EATING!lem french fry cutter


Duck to Fish Commander

Duck Dynasty Telescopic Crappie RodDuck Dynasty Double-touch Crappie RodWell, with Duck season about to wrap up, the Dynasty continues!  It's time to get the tarp off that boat, get your tackle boxes in order, put on your polarized sunshades and head out to the lakes, creeks, rivers or bayous and  get ready to catch some crappie, or white perch, or sac a lait... whichever word you want to call those wonderful white fish!

The Duck Commander is now featuring new rods for crappie season! We now have the Duck Commander Double-touch Crappie Rod with direct blank contact for $59.99

The Duck Commander Telescopic Crappie Rod with Hi-Vis depth monitoring wraps for $19.99

The Duck Commander Trolling Crappie Rod made by B'n'M manufacturers for $59.99

So with the first annual "Crappie Classic" coming up in February, stop in to Bass Pro Shops, join in with the fun!  We will feature Pro Crappie Seminars, with a couple of the Duck Dynasty guys, who will be here signing autographs!  We will have games for the kids, along with some crafts. We will  be frying up some fish both weekends, also, come check out our "catch and release" pond and perhaps try out the new Duck Dynasty rods, along with some of our top selling baits we have featured for the event!  We hope to see you there!


Chocolate Cherry February

Cherries JamboreeCherry  BingCherry CheesecakeCherry CordialWith the month of January quickly coming to an end, and February rapidly approaching, let's take some time to truly appreciate this sweet month!  Probably the most notable day of the month belongs to February 14th, where both sweethearts and sweet tooths alike celebrate the day with chocolate!  Did you know February is also Cherry Month?

George Washington may or may not have actually cut down the infamous cherry tree, but Cherry Month is here to build up the humble fruit, to celebrate its delectable deliciousness, and to make all possible forms of edible cherry delights.

Since ancient times, cherries have been enjoyed for their yummy, sweet taste and their anti-inflammatory and pain-relief properties.  As it turns out, recent research adds to the cherry's resume highlights to include anti-oxidant, and heart disease and cancer fighting properties.  Cherries have been elevated to the super-fruit category!  Here at Bossier City Bass Pro, we are celebrating the month of the Cherry by adding several new flavors to our Fudge repertoire.

Cherry Cordial Fudge-  This is a rich, velvety chocolate fudge infused with cherry flavor and a faint whisper of Amaretto...just like a decadent chocolate covered cherry.



Crappie Fishing Classic at Bossier City Bass Pro Shop

For you fishermen out there, whether you call them Crappie, White Perch or Sac a Lait... well it's THAT season now!  We have an "unannounced" Crappie Classic here at Bass Pro Shop in Bossier City!  The event will start on January 20, 2014 until February 27, 2014.  Some of the items we will be featuring will be as follows:

Betts weighted snap on cigar floats ALL SIZES regular $1.99 for $1.79

Bullet weights crappie rigs regular $4.49 for $3.59

BPS weighted spring floats regular $1.79 for $1.27

BPS foam peg floats regular $1.99 for $1.47

BPS tri colored crappie grub regular $2.29 for $1.77

BPS squirming grub regular $2.69 for $1.97

Strike King tooty fruity 2" tube regular $2.69 for $1.97

Strike King rage crappie grub 2" regular $3.79 for $2.97

Come see us and let your outdoor adventure begin with us!



Just an FYI for all you folks in the Ark-latex area!  Our Alligators who are usually sunbathing out in front of our Bass Pro Shop here in Bossier City, La. have been taken to the Alligator Farm for the winter.  Due to cold weather conditions, the poor guys would have been freezing here, so they have been taken to a climate controlled farm for the winter but we will have them back once the spring season arrives!  Please come see us for all of your outdoor needs in the meantime!  Happy New Year Everyone!


The Squirrel that Scoped Me Out!

Well, with rifle season just beginning, be sure that your scope for your rifle is A. functional, and B. its sighted in properly! 

     Here's the scenario I recently experienced... I decided to go squirrel hunting last weekend, something I have not done in several years!  So I walked across the road to a small patch of woods right across from my house between the old country road and a cotton field, which is PERFECT squirrel territory!  Just as I entered the patch of woods, I sat down on a log with my Thermocell, I thank God for the inventor of THAT handy little device! Since I wasn't busy swatting mosquitoes away from my hands and face, I was able to sit still and wait for the furry little tree rodents to come out!  It wasn't but about 5 minutes before I saw a big fat squirrel running up and down the tree right behind me!  Now I realize it's only a small furry creature, but I still get all excited and a little bit shaky's not as hyper  as the feeling you get when you see a huge buck, but it's still exciting, nonetheless!  So I calmed myself down, took a deep breath, let it out, focused right on the critter, slowly pulled the trigger, and Mr. Squirrel ran straight up to the top of the tree, turned around and gave me a real dirty look!  I put my sights back on him, centered him, slowly pulled the trigger while all the time I'm thinking to myself, "I'll show you what dirty looks will get you, Mr. Squirrel!  You are about to end up in my crock pot for supper!" Again, NOTHING!  This time Mr. Squirrel glanced behind him, then I'm not sure but I think he threw a pecan at me!  So I ended up shooting AT Mr. Squirrel 8 times and got nothing but a good fussing from him!  Needless to say, I left the woods, head down and my tail tucked between my legs assuming since I have grown older, perhaps my eyesight has failed me!  

     Nikon P-22 AR Riflescope

After walking home I set up a target and realized it was NOT my eyesight, but my scope was damaged, causing it to shoot about a foot to the left!  I decided at that point that Mr. Squirrel wasn't fussing at me, he was laughing at me!  I went to Bass Pro and bought a new Nikon P-22 Rimfire AR Optic scope!  It's a very nice scope, and Eddie even sighted my equipment in for me!  All I can say is, "Mr. Squirrel, your laughing and pecan throwing days are numbered....because as Arnold Schwartzenegger says..."I'LL BE BACK!"

Ashley Walford

Bossier City, La.                                       

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Fall Boating Safety Tips

       When it's still 100 degrees outside, it is hard to imagine that fall is just around the corner. Fall in the south means just one thing, HUNTING SEASON!! But Fall is still a great time of year to be on the water cathcing large fish and admiring the season changes. Here are a few safety tips to remember to make sure everyone makes it back home safely:


            1. Check your lights and flares. Orion® Alerter Basic-4 12-Gauge Launcher and Red Aerial Signals                                                   

Make sure that your boat's navigation lights are in working order and your emergency flares are not past their expiration date. Carry a couple of water proof flashlights to help you unload passengers and their gear at the dock or boat ramp in the dark. a flashlight can also be used in an emergency to signal for help.

2. Update Your Charts.

Helpful landmarks you've relied on all summer to point out shallow waters may look different as the season changes and water levels drop. With the days becoming shorter, you may find yourself on the water in the dark a little more. Make sure that your charts are up to date and use them to navigate safely home.

3.Carry a VHF RadioStandard Horizon® Explorer GX1600 Fixed Mount VHF Radio                                                           

During the fall boating months, the waters are less crowded. While this may be peaceful, it also means that if you run into trouble, you might not see another boater for quite some time. A VHF radio can be used to call for help even in spots where your cell phone has no signal.

4 Wear a Lifejacket Bass Pro Shops® In-Sight Auto Inflatable Life Jacket                                                              

A lifejacket is always a must. Boaters who accidentally fall overboard in late fall and winter run an increased rick of hypothermia, It is a good idea to purchase lifejackets with reflevtive materials for easier recovery from the water. Self infalting PDF's are always a great idea.

We hope that you find this information helpful while on the water this fall. Safety is important to us and we carry all your safety needs.




Summer Heat; Stay Hydrated and Keep Cool

SummerAs, summer approaches,  the hottest months of the year, it's time to start thinking of ways to acclimate to the hotter weather and ways to stay hydrated as you are enjoying the outdoors.

Water and protection from the sun are some core things to consider, and whether you are hiking, fishing, running, or even just relaxing in the sun, you need to have water present. You may note I say "water" and not "beverages" because water is the key to appropriate hydration. And as you sweat in the sun and outdoors you must replace what you lose.

Nalgene Tritan 32 ozA favorite water container is the Nalgene Tritian 32oz Bottle ($10.99), followed by a hydration bladder as a backup.  I prefer the bottle to the bladder for the sake of portability and durability, the Nalgene bottle is nearly indestructible and it's a good feeling knowing that that your water vessel is not going to be punctured, cracked or compromised in any way. A second choice for water is a Camelbak hydration bladder ($36.99-$39.99), good for day hikes or in any instance where you will be on your feet in the heat for an extended amount of time.  The stand alone Camelbak hydration bladder is compatible with most new style internal frame backpacks (example: Kelty Coyote 80 $199.99) and outdoor oriented daypacks (example: North Face Recon pack ($99.99).  You can also opt to purchase a Camelbak backpack that is built around the hydration bladder (example: Camelbak Rim Runner $99.99).

The most important thing to remember is to be safe, know your limitations, and go prepared , and you'll be able to enjoy yourself through the summer heat. Please stop by our camping department at Bass Pro Shops and let our knowledgeable associates help you select the right item for you.

Lindsey G./Denise B. 



New by Realtree: Seasonal Camo

Realtree has introduced two new seasonal Camo patterns to take you through the entire year.  Realtree Xtra and Realtree Xtra Green. 

Realtree XtraThe Realtree Xtra pattern features:

  • sharp foreground images
  • softer mid- and background images
  • simulation 3D effect
  • 12 individual warm earth tones

The overall color effect, made up of 12 individual warm earth tones, skews more toward brown/neutral. This pattern is best suited for ground, rocks, deadfalls and open areas.  From a seasonality perspective, it is designed to carry you from the leaf change of fall through winter, then into early spring. The design includes tree trunks, large and small limbs, leaves of different types and colors, and even large open areas. 


Realtree Xtra Green takes you from the greenout of spring through the bowhunting and muzzle loading/gun seasons of early fall. The pattern combines leaves, colors, open areas, and extreme contrast in a multidirectional design.  This pattern will effectively cause the human shape to blend in and disappear.

The Realtree Xtra Green features:Realtree Xtra Green

  • tree limbs
  • tree trunks
  • different types of leaves
  • 12 natural colors


Bass Pro Shops has the latest Realtree Camo along with so many more selections in Camo. So stop by Bass Pro Shops in Bossier City and speak to one of our hunting clothing experts.


Denise B.




It's Time for Summer and Summer Cooking!

R  & V Works

Here's a combo just in time for Summer! Dad will love cooking and smoking ribs or pork tenderloins on a Cajun Smoker by R & V Works. With an Elite Maxi-matic 6qt Ice Cream Maker the family can start the ice cream the same time dad start the grilling and smoking. What's really neat! They'll finish the ice cream (40-50 minutes) at the same time dad finishes the ribs or tenderloins or 3 lb chicken, that's right....4 racks of ribs cooked and smoked in just 40-minutes. They'll be tender and juicy with an amazing smoky flavor!

The Cajun Express Smoker is a propane smoker that uses a process that closely R & V Worksworks like a pressure cooker which opens and closes the pores of the meat greatly enhancing the cooking time and flavoring. The double chamber smoker is well welded and made of heavy gauge steel like the Cajun Fryers. They are made to last a life time not  just 2 or 3 years.

We, Bass Pro Shops, sell the CES4 model (4 slabs of ribs), it is priced at a premium $999.99, after tasting your first rib in 40 minutes you'll realize it's well worth it. Also, it's made in Homer, LA, not the other side of the world!

Now the Elite Maxi-matic 6qt. Ice Cream Maker is a great compliment to the Cajun Grill, Cajun Smoker, and the Cajun Fryer for summer. This unit comes with a 6qt aluminum freezing canister in nicely finished pine bucket. You have a choice of using an electric Elite Ice Cream Makermotor (highly recommend) or hand cranked.  I suggest the motor and you'll have ice cream in 40 minutes. My favorite recipe is simple.. it is called "soda-pop ice cream". Use your favorite 2-liter soft drink (lemon, orange, strawberry, rootbeer, etc.) and a 14oz can of condensed milk, pour soda and condensed milk in and mix for 40 cream!

We will have samples of ice cream, using  the "soda pop" recipe every Saturday, during Family Summer Camp through July 14th from 5 pm - 6 pm, in the Camping Department. So come out and see this ice cream maker work it's magic on your taste buds!


Greg. W

Camping Lead


Shopping for Father's Day Just Got Easier!

Looking for the perfect gift for Dad? Look no further, Bass Pro Shops has just the thing! Men's Redhead pocket t-shirt or Henley. We have the right size at the right RedHead logoprice for bigger, taller guys. Both styles feature:

  • Short sleeves
  • 100% cotton jersey construction
  • Pre-washed for instant comfort
  • Left chest pocket
  • Henley - 3-button placket
  • Machine washable
  • Sizes Small - 2XL 2 for $20
  • Sizes 3XL-5LX 2 for $26
  • Prices good through June 16, 2013


Come to a Bass Pro Shops near you and let our  associates show you all of the great sales just in time for Father's Day. If you're not sure what to get Dad, a Bass Pro Shops gift card is always a good choice, and they never expire!


Pat F.

Apparel Manager


Redhead Men's Comfort Series Closed-Toe Sandal


Redhead logo

We took everything we know about all-out comfort and put it into one sandal to create the Comfort Series Closed-Toe Sandal. Under supple suede leather footbed lies a billowy, super-soft cushion - like slipping your feet into a bed of cotton.  Ultra light weight stitch-to-sole construction with full grain quality leather uppers provide long lasting toughness without the lead footed feeling. Hook-n-loop closures deliver a custom fit that's unmatched.  This is a very comfortable and stylish sandal and going up one size will make this the best summer footwear.


Advantages: Lightweight, comfortable, style/design, value for money, quality

Disadvantages: Fit/Size, instep

Customer Review: Great sandals for the money. Very comfortable. Third purchase over four year period. These shoes provide a super value, a comfortable fit, redhead comfort series sandaland a cool summer experience. would definitely buy again. They are comfortable and probably the best sandal I have every owned. I am impressed with the quality of these sandals.

On sale May 28, 2013 - June 16, 2013 for $29.97 regular price $39.99, available online and at your local Bass Pro Shops, stop by the Footwear Department and check out all of the great deals.


Stephanie Cope

Footwear Team Lead


Ladies Spring Essentials!

Natural Reflections


Bass Pro Shops isn't just for the men! Our ladies department is always fashionable and fun!


New!! Natural Reflections plaid roll-up shirt, with it's comfortable style, at only $24.99, you'll want one in every color. This lightweight button-up shirt features:

  • 2 chest pockets
  • 3/4 sleeves that roll-up and are secured by button tabs
  • 100% cotton and machine wash
  • 4-great colors - coral, periwinkle, magenta, and turquoise


New! Natural Reflections triple stitch capris, at only $29.99 the capris are flattering,fashionable and feature:

  • 100% cotton with contrast triple stitching
  • 2 front pockets
  • 2 back button-thru pockets
  • Inseam 25" and mashing washable
  • 4-great colors - silver birch, blue nights, safari, and cobblestone

Come by the apparel department and let our associates show you all of the great summer styles available!


Pat F.

Apparel Manager





RV Works - Home of the Cajun Fryer......Now has The Cajun Express Smoker

Cajun Fryer



"The customer's needs come first and meeting and exceeding the customer's expectations is our #1 priority. It is only in understanding and meeting their needs, that we as a company, can reach our full potential."  This mission statement from R & V Works owners Robert and Vicki Meyers is one that is shared by Bass Pro Shops whole heartedly!


The Express Smoker with the patented sealed pressure/vacuum chamber revolutionizes smoking times. You can have smoked babyback ribs in 30-45 Express Smokerminutes! The Express Smoker features:

  • Stainless steel cooking rack
  • removable side shelf
  • Adjustable front hinge to ensure proper seal
  • Grate pulls out for easy access to food
  • Patented hydration regulator


R & V Works will be giving a demonstration of their famous Cajun Fryer and Cajun Grill on Saturday, May 18th & May 25th during our Go Outdoors Event here at Bass Pro Shops in Bossier City.  We will have them set up on the front porch  from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm frying and grilling with samples of some down home southern cooking, while supplies last.  Anthony H., who is doing the demonstration, will be happy to answer any questions you have on    R & V Works products.

Stop by the Camping Department for more information from our knowledgeable camping associates.


Denise B.

Promotions and Events Coordinator



Catch the Big Ones on the Red River; Use What the Pros Used!

Stephen BrowningBass Pro Shops Bassmaster Open tournament on the Red River in Shreveport/Bossier City, LA  was held April 25-27, 2013 with 186 anglers the first two days of the tournament down to the final twelve for the last day of fishing.

Arkansas pro Stephen Browning had a victory on the Red River with 40-10 winning him  a $40,000 Triton/Mercury rig and Sexy Shad$7,979 in cash.  Browning used a sexy shad square-bill crankbait to begin with but decided to try another brand of the square bill in the same size and color. Browning keyed on driftwood laydowns 3 to 5 feet deep close to sandbar drops. Most of his strikes came after the lure deflected off the wood.  Earlier in the week, Browning caught some of his keepers on a Z-Man Chatterbait.

Tennessee pro Wesley Strader finished second with 38-12. Strader used a Texas-rigged Zoom Z-Hog the first two days. However, he later switched to a 1/2-ounce Pure Poison Jig tipped with a Zoom Speed Craw.


Non-boater Ernie Smoak of Louisiana relied on a tactic he calls the Smoke Dog Drag (slowly dragging a Strike King Rage Craw) to catch limits the first two days. He had to swim the craw the last day to catch another limit that clinched a victory for him in the non-boater division with a 6-2 largemouth division and earned him a $25,000 Skeeter-Yamaha rig.

To catch the big ones like the pros fishing on the Red River stop by your local Bass Pro Shops and let our fishing experts point you in the right direction.


Denise B.

Special Events Coordinator