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If you've been to the Bass Pro Shops in Bossier City, LA you have seen the alligators. We are the only Bass Pro to have them so of course that makes us unique. If you go to our Facebook page we have a photo album of the Gators at feeding time and just relaxing in the sun.

The alligators, four of them, are delivered every Spring from the Alligator Park in Natchitoches, LA. We have them for seven months here at our store with feedings every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays at 1:00 pm. The alligators are returned to the Alligator Park in November. If you have been to see them here and want to see more you can visit the Alligator Park.

The Alligator Park has a variety of activities the kids will love:

  • Alligator Landing: This is a great spot to see our young alligators up close. You can feed them, and you can even hold one and have your picture made.
  • Alligator Island: Youngsters love alligator Island, surrounded (safely, of course) by huge alligators. Feeding platforms allow you to see these magnificent creatures up close while the whole family enjoys the lively show.
  • The Marsh: This four-pond habitat features the spectacular "Big Al" and his partner "Tiny". Our largest alligators live here in a natural environment.
  • Castaway Island: Plane crash, two stranded pilots, hundreds of hungry alligators being fed from a Cajun houseboat while you watch from fully covered stadium seating. Our Newest Show! See it to believe it!
  • The Jungle: A virtual rainforest full of slithery snakes, including Sam, our 14-foot Burmese python and his many friends. Also, the Reptile Habitat: plated lizards, monitors, caimen and iquana. Don't miss our newest, rare attraction, "Edgar the Albino Alligator." All viewed in air-conditioned comfort and safety.
  • Bird Sanctuary: Kids love our walk-in aviary: a covered lagoon with 25' waterfall, where you watch and feed the ducks and geese.
  • Feeding Zoo: Youngsters will love feeding all the animals here, including: pygmy goats, emu, raccoons, and more!
  • Gift Shop: Find the unique and unusual, from genuine alligator products to, souvenir shirts and gator novelties. Hundreds of items to delight family and friends back home or serve as memento of your adventure at the park.
  • Gator Bite Snake Shop: Enjoy real Cajun fare in our 100-seat Gator Bite Snack Shop which extends over an actual alligator marsh. Topping the menu are all kinds of our famous gator dishes. Traditional fare also served.

We appreciate the Alligator Park and their continued partnership with Bass Pro Shops. The alligators we get every year are a huge hit with all of our customers. Thank you Terry for bringing them every year and allowing us to be a small part of the alligators unique, mysterious and exciting world.

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Denise B.

Events Coordinator


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