Essentials to Go With Your Hunting Clothing

Essential Accessories: Your hunting clothes are part of a total system that the well-equipped hunter uses to maximize his or her effectiveness. Here are some ideas for accessorizing. . . . . .

  • Thermals Thermals: Nothing dulls the senses like the biting cold of a frosty morning in the woods. Thermal underwear is available in several weights to help keep you comfortable in varying conditions. Don't go heavier than you'll need most of the time; you can always add layers for additional warmth. Look for materials that wick moisture away from your skin, to prevent clammy discomfort. Scent protection available.
  • Headwear: From ball caps to boonies to balaclavas to face shields, a hunter's choice of headgear is an important decision.  Do you need camo or blaze orange? Warmth or heat relief? A bill to shade the sun, or all -over wind protection? You will find plenty of choices in the hunting department at Bass Pro Shops for every situation. Scent protection available.
  • Gloves/Mittens: Gloves offer form-fitting protection from the cold. Some styles are "fingerless," which allow you to shoot or perform tasks without removing your gloves. Others have a pullback trigger finger (great when it's really cold). Mittens offer maximum warmth, but less dexterity; for the hunter, glo-mitts (hybrid fingerless gloves with pull-back mittens over the fingers) may be preferable. Scent protection available.
  • Backpack/Fanny Pack: How to carry your gear? For the footbound hunter, a well-designed pack is worth its weight in gold.  The type you choose will depend on the amount of storage you need, how far you'll hike, and where you're headed. Look for a large main compartment to hold primary gear, plus well-placed pockets and pouches for accessories. Some styles feature special holder and attachments for carrying additional gear. Scent protection available
  • Scent-A-WayScents/Detergents: Regardless of whether a garment has built-in scent protection, most will benefit from the use of special laundry detergents designed to remove human odors during cleaning.

At Bass Pro Shops please see one of our knowledgeable associates for all of you hunting needs and all of the accessories as well. If you have any questions they are always happy to help you choose the right equipment/accessories to fit your needs.

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Name: Nancy Mahoney
Time: Thursday, October 18, 2012

Do you know where I can buy Gore-Tex or similar tough and waterproof fabric to make items for my husband? It is also important thet the fabric stand up to tromping through the brush and woods

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