Military Discount Days! Thank You From Bass Pro Shops - Bossier City, LA

Here at Bass Pro Shops in Bossier City, LA, we would like to "Thank You" on behalf of all of our associates.

Are you active or retired Military? We invite our Military customers to shop in the store on the 15th - 22nd of each month to receive a 10% discount at Bass Pro Shops.

To all the men and women both at home and on the front line for everything you do, have done, and continue doing to keep us the land of the free and the home of the brave!!!

* Some exclusions apply - contact Customer Service at 318-549-8800*

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Hogs Gone Wild!

Louisiana Wilid Life and FisheriesThis year while viewing pictures taken with my Cuddeback game camera I realized that wild hogs had taken over my deer lease. So with a few days off heading my way,  I’m going to take time to do some night hunting and solve that problem.  I stopped by Bass Pro Shops and spoke to several of the always informative hunting associates. The guys in the hunting department helped me find everything I would need, and showed me where to find all of the regulations at Louisiana Wild Life and Fisheries website to avoid any possible tickets.

Armed with information I had gathered, I began to shop. The first thing ICuddeback Game Camera needed was the ability to see at night. The choices Bass Pro Shops has vary from Wildgame Innovations to Primos for what I needed for my night of hunting.  The Moonshine is a feeder light that has two settings: dusk till dawn, and passive infrared. The pros of a light this style are that they can light an entire area so sighting and shooting are a breeze. The light from Primos’ is designed to mount directly to the scope allowing you to place a light directly where you want instead of in a confined area. I chose both to be covered in any situations, whether watching the feeder or stalking while ready to fire.  Thank you, Bass Pro Shops in Bossier City for getting me outfitted to handle these hogs gone wild!


This is a picture taken on my deer lease this past winter with a Cuddeback game camera.

 Hogs caught on camera

James Sullivan

Shreveport, LA


NWTF - JAKES, Conserve, Hunt, Share

JAKES Bass Pro Shops - Bossier City is thrilled to welcome NWTF JAKES traveling JAKES TAKE AIM trailer to our store during the Kids' Challenge Weekend April 21st, and on May 12th! The JAKES TAKE AIM program presents opportunities for youth age 17 and under to try target shooting, clay target shooting and shotgunning in a safe, fun environment.

The JAKES program is the National Wild Turkey Federation's education and outreach program for your 12 years and younger, while the Xtreme JAKES program is for teens ages 13 to 17. JAKES stands for, Juniors Acquiring Knowledge, Ethics and Sportsmanship.


JAKES Conservation Field Days and Xtreme JAKES Events

NWTF Chapters across the country host youth events called JAKES/Xtreme JAKES Conservation Field Days. These events give young people a chance to try activities like camping, archery, shooting, turkey calling, fishing and more! JAKES events also offer real life lessons about nature, hunter safety and taking care of our natural resources. To find an event near you visit collage


JAKES days are one of the most rewarding ways to teach young people about the outdoors and conservation. You can get involved in a variety of ways. Whether you are a volunteer who would like to coordinate an event in your area, a landowner who would like to host an event on your property, a business owner who would like to sponsor an event or an instructor who would like to share your talents, there is a place for you! To find a local chapter in your area visit and click on the "NWTF in Your State" icon.


The NWTF Academic Scholarship program was developed to help ensure that we have the dedicated conservationist needed for the future. Graduating high school seniors can earn money for college through the NWTF Scholarship Program. Three levels of scholarships are available: local, state and a $10,000 national scholarship. Contact your local chapter or school guidance counselor for details. To download an application or for more information visit: and click on Xtreme JAKES.

Denise Bonnevier

Special Events Coordinator

Bossier City, LA



Bass Pro Shops + Fishing = Fish Fry!

It's another favorite time of year for me, Spring! The flowers are blooming and the bite has been goBabybrush baiting strong for weeks. Every day is a great day to be fishing, especially when using Zoom baits. My son Adam, always eager for a day of fishing, went with me the other day. We were wearing the fish out using a Brush hog, and frankly, my freezer is getting over run with fresh fish, "What a great problem to have". Since we have been fishing so much lately, I realized that my son needed a new youth life vest. So off to Bass Pro Shops to do some shopping for him and to buy more baits for fishing. We, of course, found everything we needed. As we were leaving the store we smelled food being fried and followed our noses.Cajun Fryer


The Bass Pro Shops in Bossier City, LA was having a frying demonstration on the front porch by the company RV Works, home of the Cajun Fryer. They were frying fish, fries, dill pickle slices and okra Uncle Bucks Fish Batterall covered with a product  sold in Bass Pro Shops, Uncle Bucks fish batter. With Free samples, of course I had to stop and taste! The food was delicious and as I spoke with the RV Works demonstrator about the Cajun Fryer I was motivated to do some research. I found that the Cajun Fryer can cook enough to feed 75 people per hour, it can also fry 2 twelve pound turkeys at once, this will make entertaining and holiday cooking a breeze. Another selling point for me was that the fryer is designed so that the last batch of food tastes as good as the first batch, and the oil will never burn.

I have had my Cajun Fryer for several months now and am so glad I purchased it. All of the fish that were filling up my freezer are soon going to be fried to perfection in my cajun fryer along with anything else we can think of.  Doesn't everything taste great fried? All of my family and friends think they do and they have all made the decision to buy their own Cajun Fryer.

James Sullivan

Shreveport, LA



Fly Fishing: Putting it Together!

Signature II & Hobbs Creek ComboTo get started quickly you can purchase a complete starter kit available at your local Bass Pro Shops. Available are Dogwood Canyon, Redington, Pflueger, Hobbs Creek & Temple Fork Outfitters packages. These come in a variety of sizes (rod weights and lengths). However, purchasing a combo will not help you when upgrading or replacing other components.

Most fly lines are about 90 feet long so if you hook a larger fish you can run this off your reel rather quickly. Therefore you will need backing on your reel. Backing is a thin thread of Dacron or gel-spun polyester. Backing will keep you connected to long running fish.  You must use backing on your fly reel otherwise your fly line will be coiled to tightly around the narrow spindle.  Most reels have a mark on the inside of the spool as an indicator of how much backing to put on. It is a good idea to let the Fly Shop install you backing to get the correct tension.

Fly tying knotsTo install the fly line to the backing, use a nail knot. The nail knot is strong enough to hold any freshwater fish and properly tied will go smoothly through the guides of your rod.

Once you line is installed, install tour leader using a nail knot also. This is the most simple way to install your leader. Use a tapered leader 7 to 12 feet long.

Putting your fly rod, reel & line together is important but is a major obstacle to a new fly fisherman. Visit us at the Bass Pro Fly Shop for expert answers to all of your fly fishing needs, ie. rod, reels, line, leaders, tippets, and accessory needs. Our Bass Pro Shops associates are always ready to help you with all of your fishing needs,

And don't forget to post/blog your latest fishing adventure photos on Bass Pro Shops - Bossier City Facebook page.

LIKE us:

Denise B.

Shreveport, LA


Got a Sweet Tooth?

Fudge Box

 Are you craving something sweet? We would like to invite you to visit our Fudge Shoppe in Bass Pro Shops - Bossier City, LA. Our friendly staff looks forward to satisfying your sweet tooth with an attempting array of fudge favorites. Several of our customers have commented: "They love being able to sample the fudge before making that final decision", allowing them to get the fudge that really satisfies! We also have "seasonal flavors" that you surely don't want to miss!

Fudge Flavors (Jan 1-Dec 31): Amaretto Chocolate Swirl, Butter Pecan, Butterfinger, Caramel Peanut, Chocolate Cheesecake,Chewy Praline (Choc/Van), Chewy Praline (Vanilla), Chocolate, Chocolate Walnut, Cookies N Cream, Dark Chocolate, Heath English Toffee, Maple Walnut, Mint Chocolate Swirl, Orange Cream, Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Raspberry Chocolate Swirl, Rocky Road, Salted Nut Roll, S'mores, Strawberry Cheesecake, Vanilla, Vanilla Chocolate Swirl, Sucrose Free Chocolate, Sucrose Free Chocolate Walnut, Sucrose Free Vanilla Walnut.

Seasonal Flavors - (Jan 1-Feb 29): Blueberry Cheesecake, Cappuccino, Cherries Jamboree, Cherry Cordial, Irish Cream, Maple, Penuchi, Vanilla Walnut, White Chocolate Cheesecake.

Seasonal Flavors - (March 1-May 31): Cappuccino, Cherry Cheesecake, Cherry Pit, Chocolate Pecan, Cinnamon Crumb Cake, Dulce de Leche, Irish Cream, Mexican Dark Chocolate, Raspberry Lemonade, Raspberry Vanilla Swirl.

If you are not a fan of our facebook page yet, please become one at, Bass Pro Shops - Bossier City! Let us know which flavor fudge is your favorite!fudge shop

Denise Bonnevier

Events Coordinator

Bossier City, LA








The New Fila Skele-Toes Bay Running Shoes Have Arrived!

New item in our Footwear Department at Bass Pro Shops - Bossier City, LA, the Fila's Skele-Toes Bay Running shoes!

Fila Bay Runner

They give you the benefits of barefoot running and all the protection you need to get up and go. A bungee lace-up makes getting ready a cinch, while the breathable mesh upper with separated toe pockets leaves you cool. A low-profile rubber sole keeps you in touch with the street and grants you good grip so you always hit your stride in Fila.

Whether you're rafting the rapids or hiking through the great outdoors, the Bay Runner brings the benefits of Skele-Toes to the water. Reinforced open-air mesh overlaid with synthetic panels and webbing straps for support enhanced grip, performance and control, while allowing for the benefits of barefoot movement. EZ Slide feature combines two smallest toes for ease of entry. Bungee/toggle lace system for custom fit. Lightweight overlays with webbing straps for comfort. Lightweight EVA midsole. Skele-Toes outsole graphic.

They sell for only $59.99 at all Bass Pro Shops! So when you're shopping at your favorite outdoor store, be sure and stop by the Footwear Department and try on the Fila Skele-Toes Bay Running shoes, and check out our incredible selection of outdoor footwear for the entire family!


It's also getting warmer weather and everyone in the family will want new sandals! Please ask a sales associate in the footwear department for the new arrivals!


 Denise Bonnevier

Events Coordinator

Bossier City, LA



Tips and Tactics from Bass Fishing's Best

Gerald Swindle of Warrior, AL, is a 13-year B.A.S.S. veteran and a pro on the Bassmaster Elite Series (and the 2004 Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Angler of the Year). Swindle's "super method" is finesse-spooning (his own title), which is an offshoot of the standard jigging spoon technique. He developed this method of jigging several years back.

"In late winter I'd mark big concentrations of fish on my scanner. But I'd always have trouble catching them. Back then I'd use heavy tackle and jigging spoons that weighed 1 to 1 1/2 ounces. I'd get over these fish and rip a spoon through them, and they'd mostly ignore it. Then I started experimenting with smaller spoons and lighter tackle and a less aggressive presentation, and I started catching fish big-time. Downsizing and using a finesse jigging approach was the ticket. Since I figured this out, I've enjoyed consistent success on several different lakes in the coldest part of the year."

Here are the details on the rod, reel and line combination Gerald Swindle uses when finesse-spooning for bass in February.

  • 6-6 medium-heavy action Quantum PT Superlite spinning rod, model No. QTS665F
  • Quantum PT Catalyst spinning reel, size No. 30 (mid-size spool): 5.2:1 gear ratio
  • 10-pound-test Vicious braid
  • 8-to-pound-test Vicious fluorocarbon leader

 Edwin Evers, Bassmaster Elite Series angler from Talala, OK, has some tackle tricks when he's fishing marina slips in May. "First thing is picking a marina in the mouth of a good spawning pocket," Evers begins. "After the bass drop their eggs and start moving back to deeper water, they will collect around floating marina docks, and there's a good reason for this. About the same time shad are starting to spawn, and they do so on the Styrofoam logs that support the marina docks.  Shad also feed on algae and moss that grow on the Styrofoam. So, the key to this pattern is to fish boat slips where you can see shad working around the floatation logs. When you see the shad, the bass will usually be munching."

He keeps a sharp eye for cobwebs in the nooks and crannies of the slips. They can be an indication of how productive the slips might be. He explains, "If you see cobwebs, it means nobody's fished the slips before you. If they had, they would have knocked the cobwebs down with their baits. So cobwebs in the slips mean the fish haven't been pressured and may be more aggressive about biting."

Following are the specifics for the rod, reel and line Edwin Evers uses when fishing marina slips in May.

  • 7-foot medium-heavy Bass Pro Shops Pro Qualifier XPS casting rod, model No. PQX70MHT
  • Bass Pro Shops Pro Qualifier baitcast reel, 6.4:1 retrieve ratio, model No. PQX10HD
  • For spinnerbaits and jigs: 20-pound-test Bass Pro Shops XPS fluorocarbon
  • For flipping tubes in dingy water: 17-pound-test Bass Pro Shops XPS fluorocarbon
  • For flipping tubes in clear water: 14-pound-test Bass Pro Shops XPS fluorocarbon

Don't forget that for all of your fishing needs Bass Pro Shops has what your looking for!


Bass Pro's Easter Event!

Can you believe it's already spring? That means we are looking forward to our Easter event here at Bass Pro Shops in Bossier City. This fun event will start March 31st and end April 8th.

Just like last year, we will be having a photo opportunity for the kids to take a photo with the Easter Bunny and receive a FREE 4 x 6 photo. Photo packages will also be available for purchase.Easter Bunny

Photo hours for Easter Bunny.   

  • Monday-Friday  6pm-8pm
  • Saturdays 11am-3pm
  • Sundays 1pm-4pm  

We will be having an Easter egg hunt for the kids, ages 2-10, throughout the store, so the parents can shop while you help the kids hunt for Easter eggs! The dates for the Easter egg hunt are March 31 & April 1 and April 7 & 8 from 1pm-2pm. Registration begins at 12:30pm at main entrance of event area. Hunt start promptly at 1pm. Find 5 eggs and return to registration table for candy. The Easter egg hunt will be in the following departments:

  • Kids Clothing
  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Footwear

So parents be sure and pick up a sales paper and look at all of the great sales we have going on before you start your Easter egg hunt!

We will also be having FREE crafts for the kids Saturdays and Sundays during the FREE Easter Event from 12pm -3pm!

  • March 31 & April 1 - Make a Magnetic Egg Photo Frame
  • April 7, & 8 - Decorate your own Easter egg or Paint a Sun Catcher


Denise B.

Special Events Coordinator

Bossier City, LA




Bass Pro Shops - Bossier City Welcomes the 2012 Bassmaster Classic

Bass Pro Shops in Bossier City is proud to welcome the 2012 Bassmaster Classic back to the Red River in Shreveport-Bossier City, February 24-26. This event, billed as the Super Bowl of Bass fishing, will be one of the largest events ever held in the region. The 2009 Bassmaster Classic shattered all previous attendance records, attracting more than 140,000 fans to the Red River, CenturyLink Center, and the Shreveport Convention Center. The 2012 event promises to be even bigger and better!

It is the ultimate competition in professional bass fishing. This spectacular three-day event - complete with theatrical presentation of the weigh-ins and hours of television coverage - delights fans of all ages. The official launch will be Red River South Marina. The weigh-in will be at the CenturyLink Center, as well as the official ESPN broadcast site.  The 2012 Bassmaster Classic Outdoor Expo, featuring more than 150 vendors, will be held at the Shreveport Convention Center. It is estimated that record breaking fans will attend the free 3-day consumer show and weigh-in..

With this in mind and during our 2012 Spring Fishing Classic, February 24-March 11, Bass Pro Shops will be having celebrity appearances from Bill Dance, February 24, 4:30-5:30, Rick Clunn, February 25, 1:00-2:00 and Roland Martin, February 26, 12:00-1:00, some of the greatest in the fishing industry. FREE fishing seminars will be available February 24-26 and a FREE shuttle available to and from the Shreveport Convention Center during the Bassmaster Classic.



D. Bonnevier

Special Events Coordinator

Bossier City, LA



2012 Spring Fishing Classic - Calendar of Events

The 2012 Spring Fishing Classic at Bass Pro Shops in Bossier City starts February 24, 2012. To kick of our Fishing Classic we will be having FREE fishing seminars February 24-26, with some celebrity appearances by some of the best in the fishing industry.

Friday, February 24

4:30pm-5:30pm - Bill Dance

6pm - Advanced Small and Largemouth Bass Tactics - Nick Lebrun

7pm - Local Fishing Tips - Mike and Cathy Wheatley

8pm - Side Imaging Sonar: How to Use it effectively to Catch Fish - Gene Ellison

Saturday, February 25

1pm - Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques - Rick Clunn

2pm - Pre-Spawn and Post Spawn Bass - Brian Snowden

3pm - Fishfinder Basics - Jason Williamson

4pm - Crankbait Fishing - Dennis Tietje

5pm - Spinnerbait Basics - James Sullivan

Sunday, February 26

12pm - Roland Martin

1pm -The Tackle & Tactics of Power Fishing vs Finesse Fishing - Joey Nania

2pm - Local Fishing Tips & Techniques - Jim Breaux

3pm - Side Imaging Sonar - Mike and Cathy Wheatley

4pm - Fishfinder Basics - Mike and Cathy Wheatley

Our Classic also has some great trade-in specials with savings up to $100. Our Reel trade-in is from Feb. 24-29 and the Rod trade-in is from March 2-6, just bring in your old rods and reels and trade-in and up!

March 2 - Bassmaster University

7pm - Riggin' Swimbaits - Jason Williamson

8pm - Searching, Locating, & Harvesting Winning Fish - Gene Ellison

March 2-6 - Vendor Booths

Shimano/G. Loomis

Wright McGill

Plano/Lucky Craft



Hummingbird/Minn Kota



Pure Fishing

March 9 - 11 - Next Generation Weekend - Noon - 5pm

FREE Catch and Release Pond! Indoor pond stocked with live fish!

Kids will enjoy fishing in our fully stocked fish pond. Learn to cast! Receive a FREE Give-a-way!

FREE Drawstring Backpack give-a-way to the first 50 kids to participate in the Catch-and-Release Pond each day!

 FREE Kids' Seminars!

 2pm - Using a Spinning Reel

3pm - Bobbers, Sinkers, Live and Artificial Bait

4pm - Fishing Baskets and Stringers

 FREE Kids' Crafts! - Noon-2pm each day

 Kids can make an Alligator Clip* or a Wooden Wiggle Snake

 FREE Photo Download! Kids get a FREE photo of your catch at our Catch-and-Release Pond!











Choosing the Right Line

When in your local Bass Pro Shops to buy line it can be very intimidating to see up to or more than 40 feet of choices of just freshwater line. Let us break it down just a little for you, at least to the 3 main basic lines: monofilament, fluorocarbon, and braid.

wall of line

Most popular and most widely used is Monofilament or also known as "Mono". Mono breaks down to two main characteristics, smooth casting and extra tough. Smooth lines such as BPS Excel or Sufix Elite, usually have very low memory and stretch easy which are generally better for small light weight crankbaits and top water hard baits and buzz baits. These lines help casting light weight baits and the stretch gives the bass more time to get the bait into their mouth then when the line rebounds with your hook set, your get better penetration. Tough lines such as the Trilene XT or Sufix Siege are abrasive resistant and have low stretch but usually a little more memory. These lines are generally better for fishing in a heavy cover or structure that would cut or fray most smooth lines. Trilene Big Games is a line that has some of the characteristics of both, which makes it one of the most popular lines out there.


Fluorocarbons also known as Fluoro, are unique and very different from monofilaments even though they look almost identical. looks can be deceiving when it comes to fishing lines.  These liens have density as the water we fish in and sink and disappear in the water.  However, they are usually much stiffer and have weaker knot strength than mono. Fluoro such as XPS Fluorocarbon and Vicious Pro Elite is great for clear water because it is virtually invisible to the fish.  it allows bait to "Sink" like it is designed to but it can be trying to cast light weight baits due to stiffness.  Fluoro also has very little stretch which makes it good for soft plastic baits, jigs and other slow moving baits. This line comes at a price and line conditioners are a must, such as Bass Pro Shops Line Saver or KVD Line & Lure.


Braid or Braided lines are very unique and look nothing like Mono or Fluoro. Braid such as Spiderwire, BPS Excel Braid or PowerPro are some examples of the braided lines available. Braid line has a very small diameter compared to the test strength. These lines have almost zero stretch, very strong and extremely abrasive resistance. However, they are the most visible to the fish and can give off vibrations with some fast moving bait.

Making the right choice of line can make all the difference when getting bites and actually catching fish.

Please visit your friends at Bass Pro Shops - Bossier City for advice or more in depth information. Don't forget to go to our new Bass Pro Shops - Bossier City Facebook page and like us to keep updated on all the latest happenings in and around the Bossier City area!

Denise B.
Shreveport, LA


FREE Boat Show 2012

Looking for something fun to do to get rid of those winter blues? Come to Bass Pro Shops in Bossier City for theFREE Boat Show starting January 27 and pick out that new boat you've been wanting! This year we have Incredible Savings . . . Family Activities . . . Seminars . . . all at the boat show.

To help you decide to purchase a new boat we have some great incentives! We will be giving a Bass Pro Shops gift card for up to $1000 with purchase of select boat models! You can receive up to 20,000 Outdoor Reward Points with purchase of a new 2011 or prior model year boat! And with any new boat purchase you will receive a VIP Owners Discount Card that will allow you a 10-20% discount on purchases good at any Bass Pro Shops.

Don't forget the FREE Family Activities both weekends! We will have a Free Photo opportunity from 10am-6pm. Picture yourself in paradise! Download a free photo and show your family and friends. Let the kids enjoy the Kids' Casting Game 12pm-3pm with a free safety whistle prize. A free craft both weekends 1pm-3pm, 1st weekend, Fish Mobile Craft, 2nd weekend, Sailboat Craft!

We will be having Free Boating and Fishing Seminars available on both weekends:

Saturday                                                       Sunday

1pm - Do-It-Yourself Service                          1pm - Towing Your Boat
2pm - Local Fishing Tips                                 2pm - Organizing Your Boat to Fish
3pm - Using the Latest Electronics                 3pm - Local Fishing Tips

Plus! Insider Tips from the Pros! Join us in welcoming Pro Angler and 1974 Bassmaster Classic Champion, Tommy Martin. Mr. Martin will be giving the 12pm seminar on January 28 & 29 for the Free Boat Show.

Tommy MartinTommy Martin is a professional angler whose career has spanned four decades and counts impressive titles including the Bassmaster Classic Championship. His tournament statistics include: Number of Top-10 tournament finishes: 5, largest bass weighed to win Big Bass award: 7 lbs, 5 oz, (4/1/2009, FLW Series, Eastern Lake Eufaula, AL), weight of largest day's catch: 25 lbs, 11 oz (2008, EverStart Series, Texas, Falcon Lake, TX), and number of events fished: 55 since 2003. 

Tommy makes his home in East Texas where he has "Tommy Martin's Guide Service", on a guided fishing tour with Tommy, you can expect to see his legendary talent as he teaches you techniques, lure selection, lake patterns, and much more!  You will have a great day on the lake and take home with you knowledge that only comes from fishing with a true professional.

We will be having Weekend Drawings both weekends, Saturday's enter to win an Ascend FS10 Sit In Angler Kayak, drawing at 5pm. On Sunday's the winner of the 5pm drawing will receive a Bass Pro Shops gift card worth $200.00.

Sun Tracker 2012You can also enter for a chance to win "The Ultimate Family Fun Sweepstakes"! The Grand Prize will win a new 2012 Sun Tracker Fishin' Barge 22 DLX! Plus, first place prize wins a New 2012 Tracker Pro 165, more than $35,000worth of total prizes will be given away during the FREE Boat Show.

A Visit from Lonnie Stanley to Bass Pro Shops, Bossier City!

Lonnie Stanley will be visiting Bass Pro Shops in Bossier City, January 27 & 28  to show our loyal customers his special brand of jigs. He will be in our Fishing Department for a meet and greet so don't miss meeting a fishing legend.

He is simply one of the best there is. A legend in the fishing industry, Lonnie fished the B.A.S.S. circuit for more than 10 years, a Bassmaster Classic qualifier 5 times, and the 87 Mega Buck Champion.
Lonnie Stanley
During pro bassing's conception, another angler was emerging as one of the best around.  Lonnie Stanley reeled in trucks, cars, boats and prize money in competitive events from the late 80s into the 90s.  Stanley learned on the water competing against the best. While better fisheries were being created, Stanley sought to make a better fish trap. His garage became a laboratory for lure creations, many of which remain tackle box mainstays. But it was after he won his 4Th consecutive tournament that everyone wanted to buy his "Stanley's jigs". Cranking out a hundred a day, Stanley pulled in 50-100 dollars. Not much or enough as a part-time business, but he saw full-time potential. After getting the go -ahead from his wife, Stanley Jigs was ready to outgrow his garage.

Until Stanley, jigs were not really specialized, nor customizable. He created a technique for wrapping rubber strands, allowing the user to change skirt colors. This became a big advantage over other lure makers using wire to hold skirt strands in place. Stanley realized the imitation would work better if similar to color patterns of local crawfish, baitfish, and lizards. Stanley placed his skirts side-by-side with the real thing to exact a match for fisheries at different times of the year across the country, becoming a fish and angler favorite! Taking a scientific look, Stanley recruited the knowledge and tools invented by fish biologist, the late Dr. Loren Hill, to know what colors fish could see best. Using Hill's Color-C-Lector, Stanley enhanced and verified color patterns. Head designs were poured with his molds employing a special hook to make his baits even more effective coming through heavy cover with ease. Banking on his jig success, Stanley branched out to included spinner baits, soft plastics, even hooks for soft plastic frogs.

Stanley's brand has appeared on top pro shirts: but today his modest "Made in Huntington, Texas" company supports local anglers and sends products to a few pros. Stanley's products are on the shelf at a Bass Pro Shops near you!


Local Heroes Night

Join us at Bass Pro Shops in Bossier City for the Local Heroes Night on Sunday, December 11 from 7pm-10pm. We are honoring police, fire fighters, paramedics, war veterans, soldiers and military personnel! All of our heroes will receive 10% off their purchases (some exclusions apply).

Be one of the first 100 Heroes (18 years or older) and receive a FREE ornament in appreciation for all you do in your line of service. Bring the kids to visit Santa and get a FREE 4 x 6 photo, you also receive 10% off on photo packages purchased in the store! The kids can also make their very own ornament in our Santa's Wonderland, play games, color, and write a letter to Santa.

Get all of your shopping done and save that 10%!  If you've been looking for Elf on the Shelf it's here! We have Red Ryder BB rifles for boys and girls! And for that fisherman in your life the Garmin Fishfinder 90, the Newell Reel make great gifts. If you can't find what your looking for Bass Pro Shops gift cards have been ranked #1 for consumer friendliness 2 years in a row!

Denise B.
Special Events Coordinator
Bossier City, LA

The Brand I Love at My Favorite Outdoor Store!

Recently, while shopping at Bass Pro Shops in Bossier City, I ran across a new item in the footwear department, North Face hiking shoes. Since I already buy all of my sportswear at my favorite outdoor store I was extremely pleased to see North Face hiking shoes. So I did my research and found that the North Face hiking shoes have a Vibram sole and that Vibram is the world leader in high performance rubber soles, they are also made with Gore-Tex to keep your feet dry, because nothing ruins a hike quicker than wet feet. I finished my shopping with a trip to the camping department to pick up some much needed hiking supplies.

I thought to myself as I made my purchase, finally, cooler weather so all of us weekend hikers can get back outdoors, and with the help of my friends at Bass Pro Shops in Bossier City that's exactly what I will be doing!

Bossier City, LA

Are You Ready for Some Football?

What is the first thing that comes to mind when the leaves start to change and the weather gets cooler?  FOOTBALL! That's right and this year at Bass Pro Shops we will have a Red Zone Event, September 24 & 25 and October 1 & 2, to kick off the College Football season.  We will have a tailgating atmosphere on our front porch with games like Bean Bag Toss and Yard Bolo to challenge your friends to a game of skill. Bring the kids and let them play and do the crafts both weekends! Plus get your photo taken like you are at the big game! Having a good time gets even better with a chance to enter your name in the Sweepstakes for a chance to win a trip to the College Championship Game in the Big Easy on January 9, 2012.

Don't forget that Bass Pro Shops in Bossier City has all you need for your own tailgating fun. Whether you need a new Weber Smokey Joe portable charcoal grill ,Bass Pro Shops 18-piece BBQ Tool Set orBass Pro Shops Bazaar Chair, you can make us your one stop shopping for all of your tailgating needs. And don't forget to pick up your favorite college team t-shirts so you can represent your #1 team.

Denise B.
Special Events Coordinator
Bossier City, LA

Labor Day Event!

Join us for our Labor Day Event, September 3 & 4, 10 & 11, and help honor our soldiers with the Honoring Our Heroes Event! You can also show you appreciation for our troops and help entertain the troops by bringing in your new or gently used DVDs, video games, and books. The first 50 people to donate beginning at 10am each day will receive a NASCAR driver poster! (Donated items will be sent to our troops). We will also be having FREE family activities! FREE crafts! and Prize give-a-ways including: Bass Pro Shops dome tent, Bass Pro Shops over-sized sleeping bag, and Bass Pro Shops patriotic flag chairs. You can also enter a sweepstakes for a chance to win a trip to Charlotte and meet Jamie McMurray!

We are proud to again have KTAL channel 6 broadcasting the 2011 MDA Telethon locally right here at Bass Pro Shops in Bossier City on September 4th, from 6pm - 12am. Entertainment icons scheduled to make special appearances include Celine Dion, Lady Antebellum, Jennifer Lopez, Darius Rucker, and Martina McBride just to name a few. So be sure to tune in to see your favorite stars helping out Jerry's Kids!

MDA is the non-profit health agency dedicated to curing muscular dystrophy, ALS and related diseases by funding worldwide research. The Association also provides comprehensive health care and support services, advocacy and education.

Hunters It's a Tax Free Weekend!

Attention Hunters! The 2011 Louisiana Second Amendment Weekend Sales Tax Holiday* takes place Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, September 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. Let me tell you, we are excited here atBass Pro Shops in Bossier City, whether you need a Nikon Laser Rangefinder to set up your stand in just the right location, or the Bushnell GPS to find your stand on your hunting property. We are ready to help you get all of your hunting wants and needs to make 2011 your best hunting year ever?

Some of the things the Holiday apply to:
  • Firearms: meaning a shotgun, rifle, pistol, revolver, or other handgun that can be legally sold or purchased in LA.
  • Ammunition: means a projectile with a fuse, propelling charges, or primers fired from a firearm or gun that can be legally sold or purchased in LA.
  • Archery items used for hunting, such as bows, crossbows, arrows, quivers, and shafts.
  • Off-road vehicles, such as all terrain vehicles, designed and intended primarily for hunting. (Note: this doesn't mean all ATV's qualify, the customer has to declare that they are primarily using the ATV for hunting purposes).
  • Accessories designed to be used for hunting.
  • Animal feed for consumption primarily by game that can be legally hunted.
  • Hunting apparel.
  • Hunting shoes and boots designed and used for hunting.
  • Bags to carry game or hunting gear.
  • Binoculars, only if purchased to be used for hunting.
  • Firearms or archery cases.
  • Range finders.
  • Knives that are primarily used for hunting.
  • Decoys.
  • Tree stands.
  • Blinds.
  • Optics, such as rifle scopes and impact resistant glasses for shooting.
  • Holsters.
Some things the Holiday does not apply to:
  • The holiday only applies to sales made for personal (non-business use). If merchandise being sold is going to a customer who is using it for business, trade, or professional use, then the sale is not eligible for exemption.
  • Food for animals kept as pets.
  • Knives used for recreational purposes.
  • Toy guns or other items used as children's toys.
For your shopping convenience our hours will be extended on Sunday, September 4th till 10:00pm, so you can take advantage of the Louisiana Second Amendment Weekend Sales Tax Holiday.

*Act 453 of the 2009 Regular Session of the Louisiana Legislature enacted the "Annual Louisiana Second Amendment Weekend Holiday Act" that provides an exemption from the state and local sales and use taxes on individuals' purchases of firearms, ammunition, and hunting supplies on the first Friday through Sunday of each September.

Denise B.
Special Events Coordinator
Bossier City, LA


Can't wait for Labor Day!

I love Labor day for several reasons; the end of hot weather, hunting season is almost here, and the Louisiana second amendment weekend. The second amendment weekend means completely tax free shopping for hunting supplies.  I have a shopping list ready to get my supplies. Last year I bought a Walker's Game Ear hearing muff. The clarity is amazing, I used them when I took my son hunting and he never got bored listening to all the animals like they were in the blind with us. This year I'm going to try the Buck Jam. It has been so hot and dry I don't think that I can plant a food plot, and I want something that will make my corn stand out. The guys in the hunting department have raved about how many pictures they've gotten on their trail cameras.

The trail camera I'm picking up this year is the Moultrie M-80. The camera has bright infrared, and a 1.5 sec trigger speed. I hope to get as many pictures as I've seen some of the hunting guys bragging about. I'm planning on this being the best hunting season I've ever long as my wife doesn't come up with some honey dos! Even with the honey dos, I'll still find time with the help of my friends at Bass Pro Shops in Bossier City.