Pick the Perfect Tent for Your Camping Needs! (Part II)

Tent Features: After comparing construction and fabrics you will have a pretty clear idea of what you can expect for your money. Your last consideration should be the features that accentuate the tent. Bass Pro has updated many tents with unique features that make them fun and easy to use as a shelter. (Not all tents have all features.) 

  • Hoop awning design for added shelter and ventilation
  • Clear view skylight roof panels
  • Door/mud mat to aid in keeping tent floor accessible through front exterior of tent
  • Inside storage pockets and gear loft/organizer

Special Features: Once a tent is erected it should have additional features that help to stabilize it should winds become strong. Bass Pro brand tents have the following features built in to their tents to ensure that they remain strong against inclement weather.

  • Delta Guide Wind Guides on rainfly. These are extra tabs that are sewn into the fly. Guy ropes are tied through the tabs and then anchored with stakes to secure the tent.
  • Pin and ring assembly. We use the pin and ring assembly on our tents to provide tension on the tent floor and walls to create added tension to withstand strong winds. The ends of each pole assembly are slipped into a ring that is sewn into a tab on the floor of each tent. by attaching the pole to the tent floor the walls have much more stability against the forces of nature.
  • The taffeta polyester that makes up the tents is treated with polyurethane so that the force of driving rain will not permeate the fabric. However, needle holes in the seams can allow water to seep through. Nothing is more uncomfortable than having all of your belongings soaked. As an added safeguard against leaking, Bass Pro Shops tapes every seam on our tents. Even the seams on the tent fly are taped for added security.

Helpful Hints: Make sure that you take all of you needs into consideration when purchasing a tent. What are you using it for? How many people will be using it?

A quality tent will be designed so the rain fly does not touch the tent itself.

Seal all floor and fly seams with sealant before use.

Familiarize yourself with the tent by setting it up before actually using it. This will be a great aid in getting erected at the campsite where your attention to other details is needed.

To prevent mildew from forming, always air out after use. It should be as dry as possible before you pack it away. If you are not able to get it dry at the campsite set it up after you arrive home and let it dry completely.



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