Summer - The Top Water Bite and Night Fishing! Both Rock!!!

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Fishing Report, July 2012


Summer is the time of both the top water bite, and great night fishing! 

 Early morning, just at dawn, and continuing until the sun comes over the horizon, there is a great top water bite on Ozark lakes!  Ahhh…! Yes!,  the top water bite!  Broken down into its purist form, it is an explosion of water and excitement that will cause you to laugh uncontrollably!!!

 With Bass Pro Shops new Deadly 5 Swim Rig, which is three lead buzz bait head, fishermen will be able to present a school of top water shad to breakfast-hungry bass!  Try this rig as soon as you can!  Find a rock bottom flat, one where the water gets deeper and deeper, in a gradual manner, and fish the Deadly 5 Buzz bait head, Heddon Super Spooks, Storm Chug Bugs, or like top water baits to early morning and late evening rising fish.  Your arm might get tired from catching fish.

 Night fishing can be unbelievably exciting!  You never know what you have on, when you get a bite, until you get it in!  Try 10” or longer dark colored plastic worms, heavy spinner baits, ½oz  or better (single, large Colorado blades), dark jigs, and deep running crank baits.  Fish in close to the banks, off main and secondary points, and near any structure.  Hold on to your rod tight, and be ready for some awesome action!!!  The dark causes you to imagine every fish is a monster!!! Oh boy…Let’s go right now!!!

 During the day, try crawfish colored jigs (in the Ozarks, there are both green and brown crawfish, and both colors will work).   Another crawfish imitator is the tube.  Try it on points, and, along with jigs and shakey heads, on transition banks (these are banks where the type of lake bottom changes from one angle or structure to another).

 Shad like areas with current, and often congregate off main lake points.  Try these areas at dawn and dusk, especially, with a shad colored spinner bait or crank bait.  If the shad are not there, they might be found on channel swings in a main or secondary lake cove.  Imitate shad with a shad colored crank bait.  

 For bass feeding on craw fish, try any type of crawfish pattern, and, remember to get it down to the fish.  Place special emphasis on points, and start with your boat out in deeper water.  Try tubes, jigs, and plastic worms, using both lift and drop, and sweep-drag retrieve.  

 During the middle of each day, bass will suspend close to structure (rock piles or depressions on the bottom, timber, weed beds, etc.). Try drop shotting or jiggin’ spooning these fish (ask a fishing associate about this).  Suspended fish will often gather in deep timber, especially where it is at the edge of a main lake channel, at, or close to a main lake point. 

 If it rains, or gets really windy, try jigs, square billed crank baits, or spinner baits, close to the bank.  White bladed spinner baits, or fire tiger color, will both work in the murky water.

 Try pattern fishing, after you catch the first fish.  Did you catch that fish on a main or secondary point?  Was it on a sunny or shaded bank?  Was the wind blowing into the bank, or away from it?  Was the bank chunk rock or gravel, and what was the angle of the bank as it entered the water?  Ask questions like this, and try to establish a pattern to help identify where the fish are holding, and then get ready for some action!!!

  Finesse Carolina rigs are working now.  Watermelon red and green pumpkin finesse worms, centipedes (French fries), lizards and fish doctors, all will work, when presented to hungry fish. 

 This bite is on now!   It is exciting, since you get to see the actual bite!  This time of the year is wonderful!   

 Good Luck and Good Fishing!

Steve Fritz

Fishing Lead

Bass Pro Shops

White River Outpost

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