A Lesson Learned About Firearms

This is a true story about firearm complacency and safety by our own Jim Young (Hunting Associate)

When I was about 10 years old I received my first firearm on a chilly Christmas morning. It was a brand new J.C. Higgins .22 single shot bolt action rifle from Sears and Roebuck. It was the kind that you had to load each cartridge one at a time then pull the plunger back to cock the rifle when you were ready to fire. it could shoot .22 shorts, longs and the powerful, venerable supersonic long rifle cartridge.

I really liked this little rifle but my propensity to get into trouble would urge me on to expand my creative talents for getting myself into a lot of hot water and to do more stupid things that normally charted the course taken by a young adolescent male just prior to discovering girls. in fact, as i look back, my propensity for doing stupid things did not diminish after i discovered girls. It was possibly exacerbated even more so, but i digress.

Of course, recalling my previous Red Ryder BB gun days, my mother, father, and older brother would increasingly preach to me about gun safety, gun safety and more GUN SAFETY!!! So much so that I had gun safety coming out of my ears and I was sick of it. i knew good and well that i was well practiced and highly skilled 11 year old rifle marksmen and no one could tell me what to do. i knew it all.

I really enjoyed cleaning and taking care of my rifle. Late one Saturday evening while watching a western on T.V. while everyone else had gone to bed, i had just finished cleaning my rifle. Having been bored by the movie i picked up the rifle , checked to make sure it was unloaded, started taking aim at things around the room and pulling the trigger. After a while i started to practice loading and unloading the rifle with a long rifle hollow point. Still leaving the round in the rifle i set it down and went back to watching the movie. Again boredom set in and i picked the now loaded rifle up .... see where i am going with this. Once more i began taking aim at inanimate objects around the room. Instead of squeezing the trigger and giving my customary "blam" or "pow" a real supersonic crack of the rifle witch to me became the shot heard round the world or at least the shot heard round the house. As i stared in disbelief i just knew my mother, father, and brother would soon be at my location having been known as incredible light sleepers. I sat glued to the couch and listen for the coming doom that would befall on me but i was not able to hear anything over the ringing in my ears, how was i to know that such a little gun could make such a loud noise, i had no idea that a little .22 could be so dang loud let alone make such a huge cloud of blue smoke. I just knew Winchester had packed that particular cartridge with the powder charge normally reserved for artillery shells, and did so just to turn what was left of my young life into a living hell!

After what seemed like hours i finally got up the courage to leave the couch and inspect the damage to my target. Sure enough there it was a nice neat little hole centered perfectly in the brass door knob that went to the closet that housed our heavy coats. the shell itself went through the door knob and the door but was not able to find the shell or its fragments. Taking inventory of the closet and its contents i was not able to find any more damage. At this point i was able to take a breath of relief even though the room was still filled with the smoke from the round.I thought i just might be able to survive the night and not be staked outside over a pit of fire ants or some other horrible torture that i was sure i would be in for because of my careless action. I think around this time i started to go though what  you could describe as "damage control" since no one had showed up to reprimand me. Many days passed then years and still no word I finally told my parents once i was grown and suffered through their consternation. Even though they were impressed i was able to change out the door knob with a replacement we had in our tool shed as well as put puddy and paint over the hole with out them ever knowing. I was as my mother called "damned lucky" and she was right. There are two morals to take from this story number ONE is gun safety, gun safety and did i mention gun safety. Don't ever allow your self to become complacent  with a firearm complacency kills. I was very lucky i didn't hurt myself or anyone in my family from a direct shot or from a ricochet bullet. Be sure to always treat you gun with the assumption it is loaded. Never take anyone's word that a gun is unloaded and safe not even your own double check triple check its always better to be safe than sorry.

The second thing to take away from this is sometimes God does smile on you when you do stupid things, thank God it was lesson learned and never repeated.

One last thing- I always wished i had kept the door knob because it would have made one heck of a show and tell piece!


Crossbow Predators

As an experienced predator hunter I had called in and shot many coyotes and bobcats with both rifles and shotguns, and although i was aware of the increasing popularity of bow hunting i had never considered it for hunting predators. However i retired recently and taking a part time job at Bass Pro brought me into direct contact with new equipment developments in this field and i began to think seriously about it.

In practicing both in the stores range and in my back yard i was amazed at how quickly i was able to shoot accurately even at the ranges of fifty and sixty yards, well within the distances that i had called in and shot predators with a shotgun. In using my crossbow i would be able to have it cocked in the stand, a big advantage over the movement involved in drawing and shooting a compound or a longbow. The real difference would be in shocking power where the accuracy of a high powered rifle bullet would be less important than that of a crossbow bolt. For this reason i selected some wide cutting broad heads to maximize blood loss and to assist in tracking a wounded animal.

The area that I chose for my first crossbow hunt was one where i would have no competition, an old overgrown farm where i had hunted for deer for more than 10 years. It had recently been bulldozed for a housing addition, but the construction did not belong immediately. The deer were gone but there was coyotes scat on every new road. I spent the next week scouting and doing some howling in the evening, and it appeared that i would be dealing with at least two separate packs of coyotes. I selected four calling sites so that i would have choices depending on wind direction. I planned to call early in the mornings and late afternoons although coyotes can be called at any time especially in cold weather when food is scarce. Night calling can also be very successful but is illegal in many areas.

Coyote in Grass

Late one afternoon i slipped quietly into one of my stands and set up with a light breeze in my face. I was wearing camouflage clothing, a face mask and gloves, and sat against a tree to break up my outline. i placed and decoy that looked like a red-tailed hawk and a electronic caller with programed rodent and rabbits distress calls. i had a mouse squeaker tapped to my bow and squeaked every ten minutes, which is important as coyotes maybe close enough to hear it and may respond from several hundred yards away and going to full call mode may scare them off.

Shortly there after two yearling coyotes showed up followed by an alpha female. I loaded my crossbow waited about 10 minutes till she was in range and i was confident enough in my shooting skills to kill her and released the bolt that got her right in the neck, with that i was able to get one of the yearling coyotes with a quick reload. Wow what a day my first crossbow hunt and i got two coyotes. It took two trips to get both coyotes and my equipment home but the elation i felt with my hunt made the trips very easy.

with a little preparation and some face time with Bass Pro employees and the sue of the range i was able to make my very first crossbow hunt extremely successful, and though my first hunt was fruitful unfortunately my next 3 were not, i reviewed what i did with some of the hunting staff at Bass Pro and was able to adjust what i did and got a Bobcat the last day of the season


Open Season On Asian Carp

City of Miami asks Fishermen to be aware of Asian Carp

(Miami, OK) – A 60-pound Asian big head carp was caught this week in the Neosho River in Miami, Oklahoma. Asian Carp are an aquatic nuisance species and it is determined that they warrant a mandatory control effort.

Asian carp were introduced to the United States in the early '70s to control algae in catfish farms in the South. Floods washed them into the Mississippi River in the 1980s. They've worked their way upriver ever since. Biologists and ecologists say Asian carp consume massive amounts of phytoplankton and zooplankton — as much as 40-percent of their body weight or more each day. That's the same food source relied upon by many native fish species and other aquatic life.

If you catch an Asian carp, please report it to Curtis Tackett at the Oklahoma Wildlife Department by calling 1-405-521-4623 and then properly dispose of the fish.

For more information regarding fishing at the Neosho River, you may contact Shannon Thomas with the City of Miami’s CVB at 918-533-2014. asian carphttps://www.facebook.com/bpsbrokenarrow?ref=tn_tnmn


The Life Straw is Life Saving

life strawhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9e99c4z0zkE

Imagine there is a horrible natural disaster and you survive the initial disaster only to find yourself  starving and thirsty and the only water you see is contaminated and undrinkable. Well that is no longer the case with life straw. Life straw can serve one person a years worth of clean drinking water. The more contaminants in the water the slower the flow but just one pass through the life straw and it will remove 99.99% of all contaminats. The life straw won't remove salt from water, so it can't convert sea water into drinking water, but it will provide you clean drinking water from a contaminated source. If you have an emergency survival bag you need to put this product in there.  There is also a family size one that will provide a family of four with drinking water for up to 3 years with out having to be replaced. Truly an amazing product that is used by American Red cross to help in disaster relief. See the link on this page for a prduct demonstration and come into your local Bass Pro for this amazing product.


Alabama Rig with Seth



Check out this video on fishing with the Alabama Rig. Seth does a great job of explaining the pros and cons of using the Alabama Rig. Be sure that when you use the rig that you are in line with your states fishing laws concerning the number of baits and hooks allowed. The  Alabama Rig (A rig for short) is used to simulated a school of shad.  This makes your bait look more realistic and attracts more aggressive fish.



the Alabama rig


Jerkbait Fishing with Seth

Seth is an employee in our fishing department who has entered countless ameture fishing tournaments and is looking to make it pro. So we asked him to take a few minutes out of his day to give us a few fishing tips for prespawn and show us a few baits that might work. He gave a great demonstration on several lures and here is the video on his jerkbait demo coupled with a few helpful tips on where to fish and how best to use jerkbait. You definately need to try his tecnique it works.http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/photo.php?v=10200189604537153

Always look back on our face book page for more info on the store and curret store news http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/bpsbrokenarrow


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Free Shuttle to and from convention center for the Bass Master classic.

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Blue Bird Bob


Next seminar is Feb. 14


Next seminar is Feb.14 at 7pm


Draggin' a Lizard for Summertime Monsters

It's hot. Not just warm. No, this is the time of year when tv reporters resort to frying eggs on the sidewalk  to prove to you just how hot it really is. At last check, we've already had 8 Ozone Alert days in Tulsa and we normally average 10 for the year. So what sane person  fisherman would subject himself to that kind of abuse for a few dinks?

What if I told you that you were doing it all wrong? In today’s Alabama rig world where every fisherman is looking for the next whirly-gig or thing-a-mabob to catch a limit in tough conditions, we seem to overlook the golden oldies of yester year. When KVD won the Classic in 2011, Bass Pro Shops couldn’t keep his square billed cranks in stock. But the square bill has been around since the 1940’s. And don’t get me started on the A-Rig. Salt dogs have been using those for Atlantic stripers since before Paul Elias was even a twinkling in his daddy’s eye. So with all that in mind, let’s cue the jangly harp music and fade out of focus to the days when the Carolina Rig was all the rage.

First, let’s look at the equipment you’ll need to pull off this tactic.

  • A 7ft or longer, graphite rod. Medium-heavy for weight up to 5/8 oz, Heavy for anything larger. The Bionic Blade is a great option.
  • A baitcast reel. I have seen some guys throw light rigs on spinning equipment, but the baitcaster is the best, all-around rig for the task. I prefer the 7.1:1 Pro Qualifier.
  • Fluorocarbon. No ifs, and or buts. We are fishing in 15+ feet of water and we need that bait to sink. I like 15 lb. XPS fluorocarbon line.
  • XPS Tungsten bullet weights. You can get these in varying sizes. I’ll fish ½ oz if I am in 12ft of water or less and ¾ oz for anything deeper than 15ft.
  • Bass Pro Shops glass beads.
  • XPS Swivels.
  • XPS Worm Hooks.
  1. Cut off about 3 ft of line from your spool. You’ll need this in a minute for your leader that will run from your swivel to your hook.
  2. On your main line, thread on your weight and two glass beads.
  3. Attach your barrel swivel using a Palomar or uni-knot.
  4. Attach your leader to the swivel using a uni-knot. The clearer the water the longer the leader, up to 3 feet. Dingier, Oklahoma water normally requires 2 feet or less.
  5. Attach your hook using either a uni-knot or Palomar knot.


You can use a multitude of baits for this particular tactic, but the tried and true lizard is the go-to option for many anglers. I like to use the Bass Pro Shops floating lizard when fishing for bass that have suspended off the bottom. The heavy weight gets the bait deep; the floating lizard raises the hook into the strike zone.

Floating Lizard

I’ll normally try to find an area off a main lake point that falls at a steady rate into the main lake. I’ve found most bass (especially the big girls) will hang out at the drop-off at the end of a point near a channel.

Dropoff Example

Dragging your rig down the slope and into the deeper water elicits the most strikes. And when he does hit, hold on. Many times they will strike this delectable little appetizer with the force of a freight train. Other good places to fish the rig are on humps. Dragging the lizard over and around humps is a great option. If you have newer electronics that include side imaging, this is a pretty easy find. If not, try to locate humps with your normal down scan and drop a good ol’ marker buoy near the hump. Note: don’t drop the mark directly on top of the hump. The falling weight could spook the fish off the hump. I try to fish this rig over rock or sparse grass. This isn’t the best bait for working through dense hydrilla or milfoil.

Other than that, get out there and experiment. You never know what you might encounter on your local lake when all the other fair-weather fisherman are watching re-runs of The Bassmasters.




Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Firepots

With Mother's Day quickly approaching, it's a great time to talk gift ideas. Some moms/grandmas/wives can be very easy to shop for, but often times they can be one of the hardest. They play such important roles in each of our lives, and they deserve to be shown that we love and appreciate them.

Each day this week we will be highlighting a gift idea that we think that special woman in your life will love.


First up, we have the beautiful Firepots from BirdBrain. Here are some details of the Firepots:

  • Individually hand glazed with colorful crackle glaze
  • Hand-applied mirrored glass
  • Includes metal flame snuffer

Create a stunning outdoor centerpiece with eye-catching BirdBrain Firepots. Individually hand glazed with colorful crackle glaze, the unique Firepots are designed for use with Firepot Solid Gel (not included), which creates a clean-burning flame. Hand-applied mirrored glass adds a beautiful, reflective effect. A metal flame snuffer is included for safe extinguishing.

Ranging from just $14.99 to $24.99, these beautiful firepots are an affordable choice for Mother's Day.



Meet the Broken Arrow Team - Kristin Kriegler

Name: Kristin Kriegler

Where were you born? Duncan, Oklahoma

Department: Events & Promotions Coordinator

How long with Bass Pro Shops? 2 years


Hobbies/Pastimes? Spending time with my husband & family, going to the lake, interior design.

Best part of being a Bass Pro employee? Being able to do fun things like update the store Facebook and blog! Also getting to do new and exciting things every day... it's a fun job!

Bass Pro reminds me of… Being in the great outdoors.

Any upcoming hunting/fishing/camping trips? I'm hoping to make it to the lake quite a bit this summer and do some fishing!

Favorite “outdoor” food? S'mores and catfish. Not together though ;-)

If you were given a $1,000 BPS gift card, what would you buy? Definitely new clothes & shoes and some new fishing gear.

Favorite sports team(s)? OSU Cowboys!

My hero growing up was… My parents and my Grannie.



Meet the Broken Arrow Team - Debbie McCauley

Name: Debbie McCauley  

Where were you born? Newton, Kansas

Department: Credit Service Lead

How long with BPS? 9 ½ months



Hobbies/Pastimes? Anything outdoors with my family- we love to hike, camp, and fish!

Best outdoor experience? I have so many, but I will narrow it down to the last all night fishing trip I took with my brother. We caught some big cats and shared some great memories!

Best part of being a Bass Pro employee? The family atmosphere and all of the wonderful people that I work with! ... and I can’t leave out the discount!

Bass Pro reminds me of… Family unity, it brings families together and reminds them what the world was like before video games and flat screens.

Any upcoming hunting/fishing/camping trips? We plan to take a rafting trip with the kids shortly after school is out! Can’t wait!

Favorite “outdoor” food? Catfish fried in a cast iron over a camp fire!


If you were given a $1,000 BPS gift card, what would you buy? Benelli 12 gauge Super Nova and some new camping supplies!

Favorite sports team(s)? College: Huskers & Raiders all the way!

My hero growing up was… My Brother.


Kids' Challenge Weekend!

Bass Pro Shops Kids’ Challenge Weekend

Saturday, April 21st & Sunday, April 22nd

Activities Noon - 4pm

Crafts 1- 4pm



Test your skills in the Bass Pro Challenge!

Casting Buckets


 Life Jacket Race

Sleeping Bag Challenge

Knot Tying

 Crafts 1 to 4pm – Braided Snake and Arrow Head crafts



Meet the Broken Arrow Team - Kyden Edmiston

Name: Kyden Edmiston

Where were you born? Claremore, Oklahoma

Department: Uncle Buck’s Grill

How long with BPS? 5 years


Hobbies/Pastimes? Karaoke, Fishing, Bowling, Concerts

Best outdoor experience? Working as a Kayak Instructor for a summer camp after high school.

Best part of being a Bass Pro employee? All the friends I have made over the years.

Bass Pro reminds me of… My second home!

Any upcoming hunting/fishing/camping trips?  Just got the boat out of the shop so any day now!

Favorite “outdoor” food? Smoked tenderloin!

If you were given a $1,000 BPS gift card, what would you buy? A kayak for my mom!

Favorite sports team(s)? OKC Thunder!

My hero growing up was… “The King” Richard Petty


Hot Trend: Ladies' Active Wear

Attention ladies! Do you ever feel like you just don't have enough hours in a day to get things completed? Between working, kids, cooking, shopping, cleaning - whatever you have on your plate, things can get kind of crazy!

The latest casual clothing from our Ascend line can help you keep on with your day and maybe even save you a bit of time for yourself!


Now available in several gorgeous colors to mix and match!

Hitting the gym, soccer practice, or even the trails in the morning? Throw on some of the Ascend Yoga pants and a Trail Tracker jacket. Highly active, very comfortable full-length knit yoga stretch pants feature boot cut leg openings. The lightweight Ascend Trail Tracker Quarter-Zip Jacket for Ladies is an ideal layering piece for your most active days. Perfect for chilly mornings and evenings, this ultra-stretchy pullover can be stored in your backpack or tied around your waist when the temperatures rise. 


As soon as you finish your active morning, you can be on your way to running your daily errands without even worrying about taking time out of your day to change. Complete your grocery shopping and other errands without looking frumpy in this fabulous outfit! This is just one simple way to save some time for yourself in your every day busy life!


On Angela:
Ascend Yoga Pants in Black $44.00
Trail Tracker 1/4 Zip in Purple Wine $34.00



Swimsuit Season is Almost Here!

Are YOU ready for swimsuit season?

If not, don't worry because Bass Pro Shops has you covered with a wide variety of swimwear!

We carry a large selection of tankinis, bikinis, briefs, skirts, shorts, and cover ups all at a great price!


Free Country® Mix & Match Oceanberry/Steel Tops & Bottoms Swimwear Collection
Pair the colorful, vibrant pieces of the Free Country Mix & Match Tops & Bottoms Swimwear Collection to create a suit that you look great AND feel great in. Tankinis and skirts offer extra coverage; briefs and swim shorts are ideal for higher activity.
Free Country® Mix & Match Riviera Blue/Black Tops & Bottoms Swimwear Collection
Vibrant shades of blue highlight the colorful Free Country Mix & Match Riviera Blue/Black Tops & Bottoms Swimwear Collection.


On Angela: Wearabouts Sheer Black Tunic Coverup $24.99; Island Soul Blue Leopard Bikini Top $28.00; Island Soul Blue Leopard Bikini Briefs $28.00


Model: Wearabouts Light Cotton Coverup in White $24.99; World Wide Sportsman Flip Flops $6.99

Head to the Ladies Apparel Department at Bass Pro Shops to get suited up for this summer!


Meet the Broken Arrow Team - Amanda Moore

Name: Amanda Moore

Where were you born? Michigan

Department: I started out as the visual manager and then I stepped down after I had my first son and now I am working in the men's department.

How long with BPS? 6 1/2 years



Hobbies/Pastimes? I love to craft when I have a chance but my favorite thing is to spend time w/ my family!

Best part of being a Bass Pro employee? The best part of being a BPS employee is of course the atmosphere and the GREAT discount!!

Favorite “outdoor” food? Crappie

If you were given a $1,000 BPS gift card, what would you buy? I would spend it on my husband and two sons!

Favorite sports team(s)? OKC Thunder


Meet the Broken Arrow Team - Jason Stevens

Name: Jason Stevens

Where were you born? Waterbury, CT

Department: Archery / Hunting

How long with BPS? 2 Years


Hobbies/Pastimes? Hunting, fishing, spending time with my kiddos & girlfriend, watching Penn State football.

Best outdoor experience? Anytime I get to spend time with with my family outdoors.

Best part of being a Bass Pro employee? 1.) The paycheck 2.) The discount 3.) All the awesome people I get to work with.

Bass Pro reminds me of… The place I work... Just kidding, BPS reminds me of a simpler time when people could get through life with what they needed, not what they wanted.

Any upcoming hunting/fishing/camping trips? I'm hunting or fishing every weekend.

Favorite “outdoor” food? Grasshoppers, they taste like roasted corn.

If you were given a $1,000 BPS gift card, what would you buy? A Browning X-Bolt 270, a Springfield XDM .40 cal, or a tackle box full of Lucky Craft fishing lures.

Favorite sports team(s)? Penn State Nittany Lions

My hero growing up was… My Dad, he taught me to be a man, my stepdad who taught me to hunt and fish, and my mom,  the best hunter/fisher of the family.



Meet the Broken Arrow Team - Jeff Stombaugh

Name:  Jeff Stombaugh

Where were you born?  Springfield, MO... Yes, I saw BPS grow up with me!

Department:  Gifts

How long with BPS?  1 yr, 5 mos.


Hobbies/Pastimes?  I collect football cards, specifically Sam Bradford autographs.

Best outdoor experience?  Camping in Big Bend during our honeymoon.

Best part of being a Bass Pro employee?  The discounts, of course!

Bass Pro reminds me of… An old fashioned hardware store.  All that's missing is the sawdust!

Any upcoming hunting/fishing/camping trips?  Sadly, no.

Favorite “outdoor” food?  Hamburgers

If you were given a $1,000 BPS gift card, what would you buy?  Probably a pistol for my son in the Army National Guard

Favorite sports team(s)?  Green Bay Packers

My hero growing up was… My dad.


Meet the Broken Arrow Team - Daniel Carter

Name: Daniel Carter

Where were you born? The Pink Palace - Tulsa, OK

Department: Receiving Lead

How long with BPS? Almost a year!


Hobbies/Pastimes? I love to do anything outside! I love hunting, fishing and pretty much any sport.

Best outdoor experience? I would have to say duck hunting this year when we shot the 4 man limit.

Best part of being a Bass Pro employee? Best and worst part is the discount! Best because it's an awesome discount, worst because I never bring home a paycheck!

Bass Pro reminds me of… My Grandpa. He's the one that passed down his love for the outdoors.

Any upcoming hunting/fishing/camping trips? Anytime the weather is nice and I'm off work you can bet I'll be fishing.

Favorite “outdoor” food? I like it all, but I love duck and crappie!

If you were given a $1,000 BPS gift card, what would you buy? Well it's spring so I would stock up on a bunch of fishing stuff.

Favorite sports team(s)? OSU... Go Pokes!

My hero growing up was… Again I would have to say my Grandpa who passed away this last year. He took me to catch my first fish and kill my first squirrel. It is because of him that I have such a passion for the outdoors.