Meet the Broken Arrow Team - Amanda Moore

Name: Amanda Moore

Where were you born? Michigan

Department: I started out as the visual manager and then I stepped down after I had my first son and now I am working in the men's department.

How long with BPS? 6 1/2 years



Hobbies/Pastimes? I love to craft when I have a chance but my favorite thing is to spend time w/ my family!

Best part of being a Bass Pro employee? The best part of being a BPS employee is of course the atmosphere and the GREAT discount!!

Favorite “outdoor” food? Crappie

If you were given a $1,000 BPS gift card, what would you buy? I would spend it on my husband and two sons!

Favorite sports team(s)? OKC Thunder

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Name: April Peterson
Time: Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I miss you soooo much, I enjoyed the time we did have in Mens before I went to Receiving...but you know where to find me...LOL...You are awesome!!

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