Meet the Broken Arrow Team - Daniel Carter

Name: Daniel Carter

Where were you born? The Pink Palace - Tulsa, OK

Department: Receiving Lead

How long with BPS? Almost a year!


Hobbies/Pastimes? I love to do anything outside! I love hunting, fishing and pretty much any sport.

Best outdoor experience? I would have to say duck hunting this year when we shot the 4 man limit.

Best part of being a Bass Pro employee? Best and worst part is the discount! Best because it's an awesome discount, worst because I never bring home a paycheck!

Bass Pro reminds me of… My Grandpa. He's the one that passed down his love for the outdoors.

Any upcoming hunting/fishing/camping trips? Anytime the weather is nice and I'm off work you can bet I'll be fishing.

Favorite “outdoor” food? I like it all, but I love duck and crappie!

If you were given a $1,000 BPS gift card, what would you buy? Well it's spring so I would stock up on a bunch of fishing stuff.

Favorite sports team(s)? OSU... Go Pokes!

My hero growing up was… Again I would have to say my Grandpa who passed away this last year. He took me to catch my first fish and kill my first squirrel. It is because of him that I have such a passion for the outdoors.

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Name: Josh R
Time: Thursday, April 5, 2012

Daniel Carter is one of my favorite YouTubers! I just made a video with him:

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