Meet the Broken Arrow Team - Jason Stevens

Name: Jason Stevens

Where were you born? Waterbury, CT

Department: Archery / Hunting

How long with BPS? 2 Years


Hobbies/Pastimes? Hunting, fishing, spending time with my kiddos & girlfriend, watching Penn State football.

Best outdoor experience? Anytime I get to spend time with with my family outdoors.

Best part of being a Bass Pro employee? 1.) The paycheck 2.) The discount 3.) All the awesome people I get to work with.

Bass Pro reminds me of… The place I work... Just kidding, BPS reminds me of a simpler time when people could get through life with what they needed, not what they wanted.

Any upcoming hunting/fishing/camping trips? I'm hunting or fishing every weekend.

Favorite “outdoor” food? Grasshoppers, they taste like roasted corn.

If you were given a $1,000 BPS gift card, what would you buy? A Browning X-Bolt 270, a Springfield XDM .40 cal, or a tackle box full of Lucky Craft fishing lures.

Favorite sports team(s)? Penn State Nittany Lions

My hero growing up was… My Dad, he taught me to be a man, my stepdad who taught me to hunt and fish, and my mom,  the best hunter/fisher of the family.


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Name: Karen Brown
Time: Friday, April 13, 2012

I was just searching the site when I noticed this young man. I just wanted to comment on the service I received recently. He was very helpful in helping me pick a bow for my grandson. He was equally as nice when the grandson went back to get more acessories for the bow. He was very kind and a great help to someone who had no idea what she was doing!! You have an great employee, and by the amount of "stuff" I bought, a good salesman!!!

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