Meet the Broken Arrow Team - Jeff Stombaugh

Name:  Jeff Stombaugh

Where were you born?  Springfield, MO... Yes, I saw BPS grow up with me!

Department:  Gifts

How long with BPS?  1 yr, 5 mos.


Hobbies/Pastimes?  I collect football cards, specifically Sam Bradford autographs.

Best outdoor experience?  Camping in Big Bend during our honeymoon.

Best part of being a Bass Pro employee?  The discounts, of course!

Bass Pro reminds me of… An old fashioned hardware store.  All that's missing is the sawdust!

Any upcoming hunting/fishing/camping trips?  Sadly, no.

Favorite “outdoor” food?  Hamburgers

If you were given a $1,000 BPS gift card, what would you buy?  Probably a pistol for my son in the Army National Guard

Favorite sports team(s)?  Green Bay Packers

My hero growing up was… My dad.

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