A Simple Guide to Ice Fishing Gear

Gearing Up for Ice Fishing

We have collected a list of essential products you’ll need for gearing up for Ice Fishing this winter. We think this may be the last list you'll ever need!

Eagle Claw Retractable Safety Picks

  • Essential safety gear for ice fishing (in case the ice gives way beneath you)
  • Pull yourself to safety over slick, wet ice
  • Retractable heads cover the sharp picks
  • Super-grip EVA handles provides a secure hold
  • Full-length, non-stretch lanyard for instant access
  • Compact, lightweight, and convenient to carry

Eagle Claw Stainless Steel Chain Ice Cleats

  • Easy on, easy off over-the-boot design
  • Provides traction to help prevent slipping and sliding on ice
  • Durable stainless steel cleats will never rust
  • Made tough for extreme conditions
  • Comes in 2 sizes (Large fits 6-10, XLarge fits 10-13)

Plano 725 Bucket Top StowAway Organizer

  • Ideal for ice, shore and pier anglers
  • Fits on top of standard 5-gallon buckets
  • Two levels of storage
  • Top two storage tray with six compartments apiece (great for weights, bobbers & other tackle)
  • Second level can be used for bulk storage space
  • Cut-out detail for interior bucket access
  • Can be used as a live bait bucket
  • 12”x12”x2.75”

Bass Pro Shops® Bucket Caddy

  • Easy-access storage pockets for essential tackle & gear (lures, gloves, tools)
  • Adjustable strap to ensure the caddy fits tightly on a 5 gallon bucket
  • Includes beverage holder

Bass Pro Shops® Ice Hole Skimmer - 18''

  • ·Practical choice for an economy-minded ice fisherman
  • ·Strong, durable & lightweight
  • ·Features a large plastic scoop and a long aluminum handle and hook for ease-of-use.


Bass Pro Shops® Chipper Skimmer Ice Fishing Tool

  • Corrosion-resistant metal
  • Convenient because it combines an ice-chipping chisel and ice skimmer
  • Easy to transport
  • Measures 24”

Bass Pro Shops Ice Rod Holder

  • Sturdy wire construction allows it to stand up to the elements, season after season
  • Puts rod in position
  • Designed to fit most ice rod handles
  • V shaped base to keep everything steady

Bass Pro Shops Excel Ice Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

  • 100% fluorocarbon (it’s pure PVDF line, not just coated, so its abrasion resistance is outstanding)
  • Consistent diameter
  • Invisible to fish
  • Sinks exceptionally fast helping anglers acquire jigging rhythms easily
  • Low stretch provides maximum sensitivity making it easier to detect bites

Shakespeare Glacier Ice Combos

  • Equip ice anglers to fish a variety of situations for a variety of species with lightweight, sensitive rods that are convenient to use, even in the close quarters of an ice shelter.
  • Use a Shakespeare Glacier Ice Combo for Trout & Walleye

Reel features:

  • Long-stem for more convenient fishing with gloves
  • Angled rotor design
  • Ball-bearing drive
  • Aluminum spool
  • Cold gear lube for extreme conditions

Rod features:

  • Solid fiberglass construction
  • Stainless steel guides
  • EVA handle with graphite rings


Frabill Panfish Popper Ice Fishing Spinning Combo

  • These high-performance Panfish Popper Ice Fishing Spinning Combos from

    Frabill® are engineered to deliver increased strike detection and a solid hookset.
  • Comes in Ultra Light, Light & Extra Heavy Actions
  • For smaller trout/whitefish you’d want an ultralight/light action because they are light biters

Reel features:

  • 1 + 1 ball bearings
  • Infinite anti-reverse
  • Multi-disc, front-load drag
  • Chrome-plated, ABS spool
  • Tapered drag knob reduces line catch
  • Sub-Zero lube
  • Ambidextrous handle

Rod features:

  • Solid composite blank
  • Lightweight micro ice guides
  • Ultra-sensitive spring bobber
  • Tapered cork handle with blank-through construction

Ugly Stik® GX2 Ice Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

·Use this combo for  Trout/Walleye & Small Pike

Reel features:

  • 1 ball bearing
  • Lightweight reinforced graphite body for stability in the cold
  • Cold forged aluminum spool for long term durability

Rod features:

  • Ugly Tech Construction
  • Ugly Tuff Guides
  • Graphite/fiberglass hybrid blank
  • 1-piece stainless steel hood
  • Clear tip for strength and sensitivity



Bass Pro Shops Extreme Spinning Reel

  • The EXS10 model can be paired with BPS 3’ Graphite series rod for pike & lake trout

  • Designed for mono or braid
  • Mag Spool Technology which utilizes a 30% wider spool than most standard spinning reels to deliver longer casts, better line lay, smoother drag & less twist.
  • Skeletonized rotor and frame for smooth resistance-free performance
  • 6-bearing system with Powerlock instant anti-reverse
  • Type ABEC 3 stainless steel bearings
  • Ultra-slim body design
  • Sealed aluminum frame and side cover
  • Carbon fiber sealed drag
  • Machined aluminum handle with Soft Touch PVC knob
  • Forged aluminum spool
  • Bass Pro 3’ Graphite Series Rod Benefits:
    • 3’ length makes it an excellent rod for pitching lures under docks, working areas with thick brush, kayak fishing & ice fishing for larger fish.
    • High-performing IM-6 Graphite blanks for strength and sensitivity
    • Complete with aluminum oxide guides & comfortable cork handles

Bass Pro Shops® Ice Arctic Angler Tip-Up

  • Affordable
  • Durable, weather resistant molded base and spool
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel components
  • Integrated measuring board allows you to size up your catch quickly
  • Super sensitive trip mechanism
  • Highly visible strike indicator
  • Highly-visible and freeze-resistant strike indicator felt flag



Frabill® Pro-Thermal Tip-Up with Lil' Shiner Light

  • Unique shape seals the hole to keep blowing snow and slush out
  • Thick insulation covers the entire hole to prevent freeze-up & blocks unnatural light that could spook shallow water trophies
  • E-Z stow design allows you to stack tip-ups in a 5-6 gallon pail
  • Pre-lubed with Sub-Zero™ low-temp lube for smooth performance in icy temperatures
  • Flag lock keeps flag in an upright position and visible regardless of wind conditions
  • Spinner marker, reel handle, trip bar offers two trip settings-light or heavy
  • Large bait clip holds oversized baits to prevent false trips
  • Patented hook holder keeps hooks and terminal tackle from tangling
  • Removable spool shaft
  • Built-in tackle box

For more information and alternative options visit our website by clicking HERE but note that all prices are in USD.  For shipping within Canada we're more than happy to process orders at the store so make sure you give us a call!


Spring Fishing Classic 2014

We are less than 1 week away from Bass Pro Shops Rocky View, Spring Fishing Classic!  You can expect some great in store specials!! Our famous Reel trade in, and the Rod trade in will be back as well! On top of that, we will be having our Bass Master University and fish tank demonstrations given by fishing pro's such as "The Facts of Fishing" presented by Dave Mercer and "Fishing Alberta Lakes" Presented by Wes David professional Walleye Angler. Brad Fenson will also be doing a fish fillet demo!  We are going to kick off the Classic by having a Preferred Rewards Event on March 7th from 6pm-9pm. There will be some prizes and awesome give always for Preferred Rewards members!!


Bass Pro Shops Rocky View's Spring Fishing Classic runs through March-7th-23rd.  Come into the store to see whats new and exciting for the the upcoming fishing season!! This is a major opportunity to learn about the newest products for the upcoming fishing season!! We will be be having lots of in store specials as well as giveaways for attending the seminars! (While Supplies last).


Reel Trade runs from March 7th-12th. You can bring in unwanted reels which are in good working order to trade in for a discount on your reel purchase that day. Discounts may vary by price of the new reel, but you could get up to $100 off the purchase of the right in stock reel that day!


Rod Trade in which runs from, March 14th-18th. If you have any good older rods that are unwanted, bring them in and trade them for a discount on up to $100 on on a new rod!!!


Our Bonus Points promotion runs from March 13th-17th! receive  up to 4000 Bonus points!


Our Fried Fish sampling will be March 8,9,15 and 16th!




The Schedule for the Seminars will be as follows:

March 7th

7:00pm Wes David Tank demo  "Fishing Alberta Lakes

March 8th

11:00am Brad Fenson, Fish fillet Demo

12:00pm Dave Mercer "Facts of Fishing"

1:30pm Wes David "Spring Time Walleye"

2:30pm Rapala "Local Fishing"

3:00pm Brad Fenson "Selecting the right rod"

March 9th

12:00pm Wes David "Fishing for the Ultimate Predator"

1:00 pm Rapala "Local Fishing Tips"

2:00pm Wes David " Spring Time Walleye"

3:00om Rapala " Local Tips"

March 14th

7:00pm "Selecting the right Crank Bait"

March 15th and 16th

11:00 am "Walleye Techniques for Southern Waters"

1:00pm "Best Practices for Ice Fishing"

2:00pm "Best Pike Techniques"

3:00pm "Choosing the right soft Plastics for Walleye"

4:00pm "Mono,Flouro,Braid?"

5:00pm "Choosing the right rod for pike or Walleye"

March 22

3:00pm Womens Fishing Workshop


And for the family, we will end the event with the

Bass Pro Shops Next Generation Weekend on March 22 and 23rd.

Casting pond 12:00pm-5:00pm

Picture U 12:00pm-5:00pm

Crafts 1:30-4:30

Thinking Like a Fish Workshop 2:30 and 4:30


Thinking like a fish workshop is designed to learn how to catch a fish by thinking like they do!


Be Ready for the Worlds greatest Fishing Show and Sale!













From The Shack - Ice Fishing In Alberta

It’s that wonderful time of year where the sidewalks are slippery, pipes are freezing, and everyone is looking forward to the next Chinook in a vain hopeing that the 6 inches of ice on the neighbors sidewalk may actually disappear. BUT, some of us, will be outside, slipping and sliding like goofs to get in a little bit of ice fishing.

My first attempt ice fishing with my father was a bit of a gong show. Neither of us had been ice fishing in years,  I had a vague idea of what was needed. Some form of hook and line (possibly bait if permitted), a rod or tip up (though at the time the only tip– up I remembered using was two pieces of a hockey stick nailed into a cross that fit over the hole) and uneven chairs sitting on the ice, in snow pants, getting cold quite quickly. My dad pulled out a 40 year old hand auger, that he swore drilled through the ice like butter– then again anything is faster than hacking away with an axe right? Well maybe anything with the exception of that old ice auger.  If you’re ever in Bass Pro Shops, Rocky View you can see that auger in our antique display (sometimes they don't make them like they used to for a reason.).

With much trial and error, sometimes forgetting half the gear at home, and after coming away skunked more times then I’d like to admit, we managed to get the hang of it and pulled out a few really nice sized fish.

Things I’ve learned:

· Have a sharp auger– a hand auger will do as long as the blade is sharp. To be fair the 40 year old hand auger drilled through a little over 5 feet of ice in about 5 minutes...Although after the first hole, someone with a gas auger felt sorry for us and came and drilled us a couple holes in mere seconds.

· Research where you’re going– the internet is a plethora of information. If your going somewhere you have never been, a topographic map and hints of where people are catching will always help.

· Look for ice reports!!! I cannot stress this one enough, I always do a little poking around to try and find out ice thickness before I go out. If someone had to belly crawl to get off the ice because it was so thin, you wont catch me anywhere near that lake. 6-12” is usually when I will walk out onto the lake, no amount of fishing is worth falling into the freezing water; keeping a pair of ice picks in your pocket just in case is also highly advisable.

· Test the ice– when you walk out, drill a test hole to see for yourself how thick the ice is. Never drive out unless you’re sure the ice is thick enough: Insurance will not cover your vehicle if it goes through the ice, and you have to pay to get it out (not cheap) and you can be fined just to add monetary injury to your  already insulted ego.  Remember just because you see a small car on the ice does not mean it is thick enough for your truck.

This year the ice froze funny, lots of snow too soon. In a lot of places there’s a good foot of slush on top on the ice,  In some cases flood water, it’s really easy to get stuck and even if you’re walking, falling into the slush means cold ice water in the boots.  To put it into perspective, we got an Argo stuck in the slush (full story upon request)  If that can get stuck, so can your vehicle.


 · Know  The species in the lake, and what you want to target– For perch, small jigs with maggots or meal worms are always the ticket, if you think the hook is small, it’s probably not small enough. Pike– rattle baits, or smelts/minnows. Walleye-jigs with worms/ minnows/small smelt,bucktail jigs. Burbot– jigs with smelts/raw meat/Anything stinky, jigging lures, and my personal preference buzz bombs with a bit of bait. White fish– Wire worms with a couple maggots on hook.. Trout-Small jigging lures or jigs with or without bait.

· Extra clothes– if you fall in, at least you’ll have something dry to change into.

· People food– even if you’re planning to fry up some fish on the ice bring something anyways, just in case you don't catch anything.

· And the last, and my favorite part, take good company. My favorite thing about ice fishing is going out and spending time with my dad.  So go outside, and enjoy winter, because we live in Canada and have plenty of it!!!!!


Realtree Camo Patterns

Do you know your RealTree Camo Patterns?

There is camo for every season of hunting to every terrain! 


Here are all the different types of RealTree Camo!



Real tree Xtra

The Xtra in Realtree Xtra stands for extra effectiveness in the field. This new camo pattern blends perfectly year round in a variety of habitats. It blends best from the leaf change of fall through winter, then again in early spring before green-out.

Using proprietary printing technology, we layer sharp foreground elements over a progressively ghosted mid-ground and very soft background. The versatile new camo design includes tree trunks, large and small limbs, leaves of many types and colors, and large open areas.




Real tree Xtra Green

Named for its extra effectiveness, Realtree Xtra Green camo is the best early-season pattern on the market. Use it from early fall bow hunting, muzzle loading and gun seasons until the leaves change, and then again from mid to late spring. It’s also perfect any time the season or situation calls for green camo.

Proprietary printing technology creates 3 distinct layers of pattern. The pattern combines leaves, colors, open areas, and extreme contrast in a multi directional design that blends with nearly any green habitat. Realtree Xtra Green camo provides ultimate versatility.



Real Tree AP (Formerly AP HD)

Realtree AP camo is neutral, open, contrasty, and realistic. Everything a hunting camo needs to be versatile and effective.

Plus, we’ve improved our already advanced High Definition printing process so the pattern also stands up to the real-life effects of nature and your washing machine and holds its contrast. The AP means all purpose. We’re certain you’ll agree it lives up to its name.




Real Tree APG

Realtree APG  is lighter, more open, more neutral-toned, and more contrasty than the competition. It’s an ideal turkey hunting camo. The pattern is like Realtree AP, but with olive green accents added. Realtree APG camo offers even more concealment options in early fall and spring.

And Realtree APG  is printed with our industry-leading High Definition imaging process, so it melts into hardwoods, pine thickets, prairies, river bottoms and other environments. No matter where or when you hunt, trust Realtree APG  to deliver the kind of season and region versatility you demand.


Realtree AP  Blaze orange

Realtree AP Blaze orange camo offers the perfect combination of color and camouflage. It’s the ideal hunter orange camo for deer season. The blaze orange camo effectively reveals hunters to other humans, while concealing them from the color-blind eyes of deer.





Realtree AP Snow Camo

With Realtree AP  Snow camouflage you’ll be ready when that monster buck appears in range. The weather outside can be frightful, but you’ll be ready with white camo that’s designed to work. Wearing Realtree AP  Snow camouflage, you can become one with the snowy landscape.



Realtree Max-1

Realtree Max-1 camo lets hunters in broad terrain melt into their surroundings. Max-1 camo combines the perfect balance of neutral earth tones, prairie grasses, brush, rock, sage and open zones—with just a hint of shadow detail for added depth and realism. Use the versatile Realtree Max-1 camo pattern as your go-to for hunting sage-covered hillsides, mesquite flats, croplands and wide-open prairies. Also choose it for deserts and rocky terrain. Realtree Max-1  is the one to wear for hunting mule deer, whitetail, pronghorn, elk, bighorn and turkey. It’s an ideal predator hunting camo, too.
Formerly Advantage Max-1



Realtree Max-4

Realtree Max-4  wetlands camo is one of the most successful duck hunting camo patterns ever designed. It is the culmination of Bill Jordan’s years of experience creating and marketing camo designs. The Max-4 camo design features cattails, millet, oak and maple leaves, cedar and oak limbs, and a variety of other plant life. The pattern offers maximum effectiveness as waterfowl camo in any open terrain—without geographical limitations. It is the largest camo artwork on the market. Formerly Advantage Max-4


Realtree Hardwoods HD Camo

Realtree Hardwoods HD  Camo is a “season and region” option hunters asked for, and we delivered. The ultra-realistic pattern is effective and versatile.



Advantage Timber camo

Advantage Timber camo offers lifelike color reproduction, unmatched definition, exceptional contrast and excellent 3D effects. It’s an ideal deer hunting camo. With more leaf colors than any other camo, Advantage Timber camo is a realistic and effective timber camo for a wide range of habitats for deer, elk, turkey, and duck. Whether you hunt from a tree or the ground, Advantage Timber camo works in any wooded setting.




Realtree Advantage Classic

The features of Realtree Advantage Classic camo match an incredible variety of terrains. At a distance, the pattern breaks up the hunter’s outline. And up close, it blends with almost any natural setting, whether worn in a stand or on the ground.

The pattern is an excellent choice in any hunting season and situation.




Be sure to check back to learn the Mossy Oak Camo Patterns!!!



~PBR~ Professional Bull Riding Family Event


Join us Saturday July 27th and Sunday July 28th at Bass Pro for our annual PRB Family Event !!!


Come enjoy many different FREE activities including: 

  • Stick Bull Riding

  • Make your very own Leather Wrist Band

  • Test your Skills at our Bull Roping

  • And even get your Face Painted to look like Flint the Clown.



Best Dressed Cowboy and Cowgirl Contest

One winner will recieve a $50.00 Bass Pro Shops GIft Card

Judging will start at 2:30pm and the Gift Card will be awarded at 3:00pm












Spring Fishing Classic - Rocky View, AB- A Highlight of Events



It is almost that time again when we at Bass Pro Shops, Rocky View will be presenting the annual Spring Fishing Classic. This year you can expect great deals, the famous Reel trade-in, and the Rod trade in will be back as well. On top of that we will have Bassmaster University and fish tank demonstrations given by real fishing pro's such as "The Facts of Fishing's" Dave Mercer and "The Dimestore Fishermen's" Jim Hoey!

The Spring Fishing Classic our showcase to show you what is new and exciting for the upcoming fishing season, and it is an opportunity for us to bring the pro's to you for some great seminars and how-to's. The event runs from March 8th through to March 24th, with something different for each weekend! We will begin the event with a special "Preffered Rewards Event" on March 8th from 6pm to 9pm. There will be some prizes and some goodies for our Preffered Rewards members. Then on the weekend of March 8, 9 and 10 you will get to hear tip and tricks from pro's at Bassmaster University. March 15, 16 and 17 join us and some local pro's for some seminars on the local fishery. They will be speaking about how to land trophy early season pike, how to fish the Southern Alberta reservoirs and how to use baits like leeches to your advantage to land great Walleye.   

The schedule for seminars will be as follows;


March 15         6:30pm


Tips for Fishing Bow River

Techniques for Fishing Walleye. 

March 16         1:30pm





Tips for Fishing Bow River.

Spring Fishing Tips  Given by a local Pro Staffer

Baits for Success Such as Leeches

Best Tackle & Equipment for Successful Fishing the Southern Reservoir

Tips & Trends for Fishing Spring Pike

March 17        1:30pm




Techniques for Fishing Walleye

Baits for Success Such as Leeches

Best Tackle & Equipment for Successful Fly Fishing on the Southern Reservoir

Tips & Trends for Spring Pike
















Next Gen

And for the family, we will end the event with the Next Generation Weekend on the weekend of March 23 and 24. 

There will be crafts, games and fun for all. With the next generation weekend we will also be running seminars to help teac h children the basics of angling. First 150 kids to get their Next Generation Card punched will recieve a lighted flashing Bass Pro Shops wrist ban to show off to their friends. 

  • "Fun of Fishing" seminar will cover different local areas and venues where kids could have fun fishing, the excitement of catching fish and what types of rods will work best for kids. 

  • "Baits of Bites" seminar will cover what baits are best for kids to use, what works in the local fishery, the difference beetween live/artificial baits and how to bait for success. 



Other things that you can look forward to are;


Dave Mercer from "The Facts of Fishing" will be here on March 9th from 12 noon, to 5pm. He will hold seminars and tank demos, and is sure to bring a lot of excitement to the event. 

March 9th and 10th join Jim Hoey from "The Dimestore Fishermen"  for some Tank Demos and some seminars.

Reel Trade-In which will run from March 8th through to March 13th. You can bring in un-wanted reels which are in good working order to trade-in for a discount on your reel purchase that day. Discounts vary by price of the new reel, but you could get up to $100 off the purchase of the right in stock reel that day!***

Rod Trade-In which runs from March 15th to March 19th. If you have any good older rods that are un-wanted, bring em' in and trade them for a discount of up to $100 a new rod.*** 

***Rod/Reel trade-in coupon is only valid on day of trade, and is for "in stock" merchandise only. Discounts vary from $5.00 to $100.00 depending on the total regualr price of the new rod/reel. Fly rods/reels do not apply. 

And our popular "Bonus Points Promotion", which gives our members additional points on all of their purchases will be running from March 14th through to March 20th. 

So get ready Calgary, because the Spring Classic is comin' soon!


The Great Canadian 2013 Free Boat Show

Boat Show 1


February 1st – 10th

Join us this February for our first event of the New Year. The Great Canadian FREE Boat Show!

Not only do we have FANTASTIC deals on our Tracker Marine Boats but we have Free Draws, Activities for all ages of kids, Power Pros Challenge, and our FREE seminars. 


We also have a National Pro joining us this year at the Boat Show!!!





Chase Parsons Host of “The Next Bite” TV Show


Walleye Tournament Champion!!

Chase will be in the store February 9th & 10th giving FREE insiders tips. 

Be sure to join us for his FREE Seminar at noon “Tips, Tricks, Tackle and More!”






Please join us and don't miss out on these FREE boating and fishing semainars! Seminars will be held on both weekends. 

Boat '


  • 1pm Movement of fish
  • 2pm Using the latest electronics
  • 3pm Local fishing tips



  • 1pm How to properly fish a structure
  • 2pm Fishing techniques, presentations & retrieve speeds
  • 3pm Local fishing tips



" The Boat of your Dreams Sweepstakes"

boat 2


You can enter in-store or Online throughout the Boat Show!












Ice Fishing Weekend at Bass Pro Shops-Rocky View

You knew it was coming. Winter is here... That means that it is now time to start Ice Fishing! Bass Pro Shops, Rocky View will be holding our annual "Ice Fishing Weekend" December 7th, 8th and 9th. We will be having some represtantives here from the Rapala Ice Force Team, and from the Clam Ice Fishing Team. Along with the represtatives, we will have some seminars and some awesome sale items that you cannot afford to miss out on. To top it all off, there will be some ice fishing gear that we are going to give away on Saturday and Sunday. 


Please join us for to following seminars;

Jiggin Rap

Friday December 7th at 7pm - Jiggin' Rap Techniques presented by the Rapala Ice Force Team. In this seminar you will learn about techniques the pro's use with one of the best selling lures on the ice fishing market.




Clam CorpSaturday December 8th at 1pm and 3pm - Ice Fishing Tips and Techniques with a member of the Clam Corp Ice fishing Team. In this seminar you will hear about tips and tricks the pros use to land that trophy fish through the ice. You will also hear of some benifits of the new line of Ice fishing huts Clam has put out for this season. After the Seminar at 3pm, stick around for a drawing for a FREE Canada 2000 ice fishing hut. **Draw will take place at 4pm and you must be present to win, $279.99 value!



Sunday Decmber 9th at 1pm and 3pm - Ice Fishing Tips and Techniques with a member of the Rapala Ice Force Fishing Team. Again you will learn tips and tricks from the pros on fishing through the ice, and and get an introduction to Rapala's all new line of ice fishing gear, including the new lineup of Power Augers that were unveiled this season. After the Seminar at 3pm, stick around for a drawing for a FREE Rapala Ice Force Tackle Pack **Draw will take place at 4pm and you must be present to win, $79.99 value!

On top of the seminars and give-aways we also have a plethora of Ice Fishing gear on sale that we are very excited about! Here are some of the items you can expect to see that have us excited!

Clam Corp Vista 6x6 Hub Style ShelterClam Vista

SET UP SIZE: 6 x 6 Feet
Tough 420 Denier fabric
Super-duty, flex tested poles (11mm)
Triple layer corner pole pockets
Lab tested hub assemblies - largest in the industry
Oversized skirt for ample snow banking
Oversized carry bag for easy re-packing
Fishable Area: 36 sq. ft. 
Just check out how easy it is! 


ION Ice Auger, the biggest innovation in ice fishing in recent memory. Lightweight and powerful, this auger can do it all! 

ION Ice Auger


Onboard, high-energy 40V MAX lithium-ion battery

Easy-grip handlebars

Large, ergonomically-positioned trigger

Compact, lightweight transmission with planetary gears

12" auger extension increases auger length to 48”

8" steel auger

Straight Through™ design blades

Drill up to forty 8-inch holes through two feet of ice on one lithium-ion charge! The ION Electric Ice Auger gives you power-auger performance without the hassles. The ION is fast, powerful and lightweight, making it easy to carry. In fact, at only 22 lbs., the ION weighs nearly 40% less than many gas-powered augers. This Electric Ice Auger features lithium-ion technology, and is so quiet, you won’t scare the fish. ION's 8-inch steel auger cuts holes like a gas-powered auger, but without the usual noise and bone-jarring action. Better still, there’s no gas, no oil, and no fumes to contend with! The ION Electric Ice Auger features a Spot On centering ring that allows you to reopen frozen holes. A Straight Through blade design translates to a smooth, no-catch breakthrough with no jagged ice at the bottom rim of the ice hole to fray line. Other features include an onboard, high-energy 40V MAX lithium-ion battery, easy-grip handlebars, large ergonomically positioned trigger, and a compact, lightweight transmission with planetary gears. Manufacturer's 2-year limited warranty, 1-year battery warranty. Color: Lime.

This thing is unreal! 


The best deal of them all! The Eskimo Fatfish 949. We got it at THE BEST PRICE IN TOWN! 


Eskimo Fatfish 949Capacity: 3-4 persons

6 windows/2 doors

Set-Up size: 94''L x 94”W

Center height: 80''

Elbow room: 99'' x 99''

Weight: 27 lbs.

Fishable area: 61 square feet.

The Eskimo Fatfish 949 Ice Fishing Shelter is a wide-bottomed pop-up shelter with maximized fishing area. The Eskimo Fatfish 949 provides up to 80% more fishable area than comparable pop-up shelters. Its' distinctive X-style design offers two doors, six huge A-frame windows, wall vents, oversized pockets, easy-grab hub loops, and reinforced corners. Carry bag included. Set-up size: 94''L x 94''W x 80''H. Elbow room: 99'' x 99''. Weight: 27 lbs. Fishable area: 61'

See You Then!


Introducing the Under Armour Ayton Camo Series

Under Armor

Hunters are noticing more and more every year how camoflage clothing can really help you during that ever so important hunting trip! Not only can it help hide you from your prey, but it can also help in scent blocking as well. Capture™ Scent Technology filters odors before they can be detected without sacrificing breathability, moisture management, and lightweight performance. It incorporates ArmourBlock® technology to fight the microbes that cause odor. Capture Pants recharge following routine washing. Under Armor has done a great job and have recently realeased some really innovative products we'd like to showcase. Come on in to Bass Pro Shops Rocky View and see what new inovations might just help you land that next Trophy! 

Introducing the Under Armour Ayton Series

Now intruducing the Under Armour Ayton Series which gives you the warmth, reliability and versatility for all variety of hunts. 

Features include; A Durable Hard Face Fleece Exterior, 300 Weight Fleece, a Sherpa Fleece Interior and 100% Polyester. All these inovations help to make Under Armour one of the leading brands in camoflage clothing.  Under Armour Ayton garments are ideal for hunting in cold conditions, great for long hunts with moisture-managing and heat-trapping properties.

Now you can stay in the field longer with 300-weight Ayton fleece! 300-weight fleece is far warmer and very light which will help you stay out all day long. Light weight and warm these 100% polyester garments are also machine washable. So go ahead and get dirty.

UNder Armor 2

Ayton Bib

Features Include;

300-weight performance fleece

Full front zip access

Adjustable suspenders

Durable nylon scuff pads

7.5 oz 100% polyester


Ayton Vest

NEW Under Armour® ColdGear® Ayton Camo Fleece Vests for Men


Features Include;

300-weight performance fleece

High-loft sherpa interior

Two zip handwarmer pockets

7.5 oz 100% polyester





Capture Pant

Under Armour® Capture™ Scent Control Pants for Men

Features Include;

Filters odors before they can be detected


Moisture management

Recharge following routine washing

Ultra-quiet fleece

Capture Scent Technology lining

Capture leg gusset

Six pockets



Ayton Hoodie

Under Armour® ColdGear Ayton Camo Fleece Full-Zip Hoodies for Men

Features Include;

Secure hand pockets

Under Armour signature moisture transport 

Ribbed cuffs and waist complete the ultimate fleece outer layerThe hoody design of the Under Armour® ColdGear® Ayton Camo Fleece Full-Zip Hoody for Men features a stealth-like 100% polyester exterior bonded to a Sherpa fleece interior for ultimate warmth and comfort in the field. Features include secure hand pockets, the Under Armour signature moisture transport, and ribbed cuffs and waist to complete the ultimate fleece outer layer.


Come down and see these and the rest of our camo clothing selection. Definately the best selection in town!



October National Wild Turkey Federation Month

National Wild Turkey Federation Month

October $2 Donation Month

The Future of Turkey Hunting ... Help keep it Alive


NWFT is a conservation partner with Bass Pro Shops, NWFT is one of six such non-profit conservation organizations that Bass Pro Shops supports with a variety of initiatives.

 During October in this in-store donation month, we highlight the organization and allow them access to our customers for both memberships into their organization as well as donations at the registers. Every generous donation that you make at the registers impacts a positive influence in environmental and habitat restoration programs throughout the Canada.


100% of $2.00 donations that you make at Bass Pro Shops benefits NWFT.


To help you come more familiar to this amazing Federation here is some information that you may not know:

Who Are We?

  • We are sportsmen, women and children who care deeply about our natural resources and the wild places we love to hunt.

    We cherish the memory of the ridge top gobbler we hunted last spring and fondly remember the cornfield where we saw that big buck at sunset two years ago.

Collectively, we come from all walks of life to engage in conservation and preserve the hunting heritage we all hold dear.

We're hunters...

Some of us follow bird dogs through waving stands of grass from south Georgia to Montana in pursuit of bobwhite quail and pheasant.

And most of us would rather spend a bitterly cold winter morning knee deep in a flooded oak flat or beaver pond than waste that morning in a warm bed.

... champions of conservation.

According to many state and federal agencies, the restoration of the wild turkey is arguably the greatest conservation success story in North America's wildlife history.

Through vital partnerships with state, federal and provincial wildlife agencies, the NWTF and our members have helped restore wild turkey populations throughout North America, spending more than $412 million to conserve nearly 17.25 million acres of habitat.

That area is larger than the state of West Virginia.

Wild turkeys and hundreds of other species of upland wildlife, including quail, deer, grouse, pheasant and songbirds, have benefited from this improved habitat.

Membership Benefits

Help Improve Wildlife Habitat

NWTF membership dollars have a positive, direct effect on wildlife habitat.
The NWTF — once only the idea of a few dedicated volunteers — is now considered a gold standard benchmark for wildlife restoration and conservation. Thirty-nine years and 7 million turkeys later, our proven record of success ensures you can count on us to help restore wildlife habitat.

Magazine Subscriptions

Annual members receive a one-year subscription to Turkey Country magazine. Youth members receive a one-year subscription to JAKES Country magazine.

Members website

Members get exclusive access to:

•state wild turkey forecast information
•advanced hunting tips and tactics (coming soon!)
•downloads — including Facebook cover photos, wallpapers and our newest whitepapers – Build Your 40-acre Dream and Trapping Deer and Turkeys
•recipes database
•and more


FIRST EVER Professional Bull Riding National Event


October 13th & 14th

12:00 - 4:00

Join us at Bass Pro for our FIRST EVER PBR Event where there is going to be many activities and a chance to meet a Bull Riding Expert!!!

The activities involved in this exciting event are:




Come a meet a PBR expert ... check back for details




Come dressed in your best outfit for your chance to WIN a $50.00 Bass Pro Gift Card


PLUS FREE PBR/BPS LOGO BANDANA GIVEAWAY to the first 100 customers each day!!!!badaba











Exclusive Members Rewards Night




Do you have your Outdoors Rewards Card?

Don’t know what a Bass Pro Rewards Card is?

Points for your purchase, this is how we say Thank you!

The Outdoor Rewards program is our way of saying "Thank you for being our customer!" Every time you make a purchase with your Outdoor Rewards card, you will earn a percentage of it back toward future cash purchases. You will earn 2% toward a future purchase on all non-Bass Pro Shops branded merchandise, and 3% on all Bass Pro Shops branded merchandise.( Points do not apply when purchasing with a Gift Card)

The Outdoor Reward program allows our customers to collect and redeem points on every purchase. There are special rewards evening dedicated to our loyal customer to thank them for their dedication to our store.

Join the Outdoor Rewards program today and start collecting!

Join us on October 5th from 6:00pm-9:00pm for an Exclusive Members Night, where we have FREE Giveaways to the first 100 members, so have your cards ready as you come into the store.

Also throughout the evening we will be holding a draw for 4 $25.00 Bass Pro Gift Cards at 6:30, 7:00, 7:30, and 8:00.point

When you get to the register be sure to have your rewards card ready and the 500 bonus coupon in addition to the DOUBLE POINTS.

Purchase any Hornady Superformance and Custom Rifle Ammo Purchases and receive 4X points offer.


But make sure you stick around for the

bino GRAND PRIZE DRAW at 8:30 for a Pair of Oculus 5.0 Binoculars.


Don’t have a Rewards Card?

See our Customer Service Associates or any Cashier and get signed up TODAY



                     October 19th- 31st

                           Weekdays 5-8pm & Weekends noon- 5pm

Halloween Photo with Charlie Brown & Friends

  • Weekdays 5-8pm
  • Weekends Noon- 5pm
  • One free photo printed and packages will be available to purchase (pricing range from $9.99- $29.99 per package)

Halloween Crafts - weekends

  • Saturdays and Sundays 1-4pm
  • Saturdays make a popsicle stick jack-o-lantern
  • Sundays color a wooden mask
  • Peanuts-themed coloring sheets will be available to color for the entire event times.

Trick-or-Treating on select days

  • Fridays, Oct. 19th & 26th 5-8pm
  • Wednesday, Oct. 31st 5-8pm
  • Trick-or-Treat in the safety of our store stopping at several ‘candy spots’


Grab an Apple Activity on Saturdaysapple

  • Saturdays, Oct. 20th & 27th 1-3pm
  • Have fun with this variation to the old fashion bobbing for apples

Halloween Scavenger Hunt on 2 Sundaysscavenger hunt

  • Sundays, Oct. 21st & 28th 1-3pm
  • Explore our beautiful store in search of a specific list of Halloween items to receive a small prize


Costume Parade on Fridays

  • Fridays, Oct. 19th & 26th
  • Each child participating will receive a bit of candy and small giveaway
  • One winner will receive a $10 gift card.

QDMA September Donation Month

Quality Deer Management Association

$2 Sepetmber Donation Month


The Future of Deer Hunting


QDMA is a conservation partner with Bass Pro Shops, QDMA is one of six such non-profit conservation organizations that Bass Pro Shops supports with a variety of initiatives.

 During September in this in-store donation month, we highlight the organization and allow them access to our customers for both memberships into their organization as well as donations at the registers. Every generous donation that you make at the registers impacts a positive influence in environmental and habitat restoration programs throughout the Canada.


100% of $2.00 donations that you make at Bass Pro Shops benefits QDMA.


To help you come a little more familiar with what the QDMA does and what they are:

The QDMA's mission is to ensure the future of white-tailed deer, wildlife habitat and our hunting heritage.

Who they are:QDMA

Membership in the QDMA is open to anyone with an interest in the wise management of white-tailed deer. The time has come for all deer hunting enthusiasts, regardless of their choice of weapon or hunting technique, to unite and focus on the common thread that binds them all together - the love of deer hunting and the desire that future generation will be able to experience the great tradition of deer hunting.

What they do:

Quality Deer Management (QDM) is a management philosophy/practice that unites landowners, hunters, and managers in a common goal of producing biologically and socially balanced deer herds within existing environmental, social, and legal constraints. This approach typically involves the protection of young bucks (yearlings and some 2.5 year-olds) combined with an adequate harvest of female deer to maintain a healthy population in balance with existing habitat conditions and landowner desires. This level of deer management involves the production of quality deer (bucks, does, and fawns), quality habitat, quality hunting experiences, and, most importantly, quality hunters.

QDMA new membership benefits

  • A subscription to Quality Whitetails (six issues per year)
  • Discounts on QDMA merchandise and deer management equipment
  • Opportunities to participate in a QDMA Branch and attend deer management seminars and short courses
  • New 1-yr. members receive A basic guide to Quality Deer Management booklet and Developing Successful QDM Cooperatives booklet and a vehicle decal
  • New 3-yr. members receive an exclusive Primo’s grunt call with the QDMA logo and a
  • vehicle decal        





Fall Fishing Event


Are you ready for Fall Fishing ?

During out 2012 Fall Fishing Event at Bass Pro Shops we will be teaching you the consumer of this Outdoor sport and how to keep our lakes and streams available for fishing. Over the two weekend event we will be hosting different seminars on these efforts, fall fishing and teaching the youth to enjoy such a spectacular sport.

This event is offering seminars to help you cover everything that you need to know heading out on your fall fishing trip.

Whistle/Compass/Thermometer Key Chain with BPS logo will be given to the first 50 Customers to attend the 2pm Seminars each day!!



Seminar Schedule:

September 22 & 30 2pm Learn more about how hatcheries work to stock our lakes.

September 23 & 29 2pm Visit with local conservation or DNR representatives about area fishing and what is available around your community.

Fishing Boat

September 22 3pm Visit with our experts on selecting the right lure in the right color for the fall season.

September 23 3pm Water conditions change with the changing weather. Learn how to find the best spots to fish.

September 29 3pm Learn how to use your GPS to find the best catch in various kinds of water.

September 30 3pm Learn from the experts about tips on local water conditions to selecting the right equipment.

Kids Activities

Catach a sun fush

Throughout the weekend even for the weekend there are activities from 1:00pm-3:00pm to paint a FREE Fish Sun Catcher.


From 12:00pm-1:00pm there is Beginner Kids Fishing Workshop for Kids of ALL ages.




Enter for a chance to WIN The Fall Fishing Sweepstakes!!