Pulling a Skier/Tuber Without a Ski Boat

We are getting close to the 4th of July, And by personal experience the lakes around the area are getting incredibly busy.  We have had several customers recently coming in wanting to know if they can pull and skier/tuber without actually having a ski boat.  The answer is Yes.  I will show you a several products that can turn your boat into a boat that can pull a towable.  Their are three items that we have in the store that you can use to pull someone behind your boat. 

Airhead Rope Tow HarnessThe first item is called an "Airhead Rope Tow Harness"
This is what you are going to use if you do not have a Ski Pylon or Center ski eye.  This Tow Harness attaches to either side of your transom with 2 carabiner clips.  Your motor is going to be in between the tow harness.  The tow harness has a float on the end that hooks to your ski rope so it will not get caught in your motor.

One of the reviews from the Basspro.com website states this,

"This was the best buy for me as I took my time looking for a durable tow rope that would last a long time. Not cheaply made and you will be well pleased."

The next item is also by Airhead.  It is called the "Tow Demon Ski Tow Harness."Tow Demon Ski Tow Harness                            

This models uses a vinyl coated metal cable instead of a nylon rope.  It also has a pulley system inside the red float that makes it easier to pivot from side to side when the skier/tuber moves to the side of the boat.  They make this tow harness in an 8 and 12 foot version depending on your needs.

Swivl-eze® Ski Tow BarAnd finally, if you have a bass boat with a pedestal seat in the back, the third items is best for you.

The Swivl-eze Ski Tow Bar fits in your 3/4" pedestal base in the back.  The Tow Bar will get you rope out of the water and create less drag than the other tow harness.  The entire Tow Bar is removable when you are wanting to fish and not ski.

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