The Spawn is On!

There is a certain time of the year when love is in the air, and my friends we have hit that time in North Carolina. The water is in the high 50’s and low 60’s and fish are starting to do what fish do in the spring. The buck bass have started moving up and getting the beds ready for the female of their dreams to arrive. This year’s weather has been so mild that many lakes are seeing spawning occurring weeks ahead of normal.

When people ask me ”why do you like sight fish” my answer is “ locating a bass, finding the sweet spot in the bed, and then figuring out how to flip that fishes trigger is awesome. For those fisherman who have never seen the bass on beds, there a couple of key components to make sight fishing a success. First and foremost is a quality pair of sunglasses that are polarized. I often carry several pairs with different lenses to adapt to water clarity and levels of sun. Polarization is key to see those “big uns” in the deeper water. Secondly I believe that patience and good bait control are imperative to a successful day of bed fishing. These fish are extremely focused and it is key to be calm ,subtle, and as stealth as possible to keep these fish from becoming wary to what is going on.

I am not sure that bait color makes a huge difference in scheme of things. I often throw white lizards and tubes and even white floating worms and had great success. I use white because I can see it deeper in the water than I can a natural green or pumpkin color. If you like the more natural colors, I recommend dip dye to add a flare to the tail and make easier to see for the fisherman as well.

I also like to carry a push pole so I can trim up my motor and float my Nitro Z9 in the skinny water and sneak up on them. I do my best to not use my trolling motor when I am going down a bank, and if I do I put it as low as I can get it to make as little disturbance as possible.

One thing about bed fishing is that you do not have to have a big bass rig and tons of tackle. Every year I take my kids bed fishing from the bank at local ponds and they love it. My son is 17 and has been going with me for years and has the advantage of young eyes over his Dad. He often sees them before I do and has already made a pitch toward them before he lets me know. My daughter caught 10 bass on the bed in one trip to our favorite local pond. All of these fish were on the beds. None of them were huge fish , but that did not matter to her or me. Time spent walking the banks with your kids enjoying God’s beauty will not only get your kids outside away the TV, but also will allow you to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Check out this "Big Un" that was caught at a local pond right on the beds where they are heading this time of year. With a whole lot of patience and persistence I was able to land it.

big un


If you haven’t come to Bass Pro and bought your new line for this season, hurry on over and get your favorite rod and reel ready to go. Spawning season has a few more good weeks here in North Carolina, at least for bass. We will talk again soon, because just a little while after the bass finish spawning the shad will start and then we will be able to get after the bass with top water favorites. That however will have to wait for another time as I have got to go…cause the fish are biting.

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