This Time of Year is Pretty "Fly"

It’s my favorite time of year again the months of June and July are when the mulberry start to get ripe and fall from the trees.  And to me that means time to catch carp on the fly.  One of my favorite things to do in the dog days of summer.  I spent most of my day off chasing and stalking carp all over the great Miami river. I found alot of fish in the shallow grass on the banks. I managed to hook and land four fish in the four to seven pound range on a crawfish fly.  I tied in a size six and I was fishing with a six weight rod and a 6/7 weight White River King Fisher Reel that reel is awesome.  If you haven’t seen one you should check it out.

Erics Carp

As the day went on and the temp climbed in to the 90’s,  the carp moved off the bank but I was able to locate some really active gar and with a special Gar fly that I tie. I was able to hook one and it was a bear to land it ripped a hole in my net and cut my hand all within a few minutes.  All in all the day was a success and it goes to show there is some really good fishing close to home. The great Miami river gets better and better every year so let’s all do our best to keep it clean so we can enjoy it for many years to come.


Gore-Tex Grillin'

Gore-Tex Grillin

Natures a Motha'. One minute your steaks are marinatin', the sun is shining, drinks are cold, and life is good. Perfect for grillin' like a villain. You fire up your grill and boom:  torrential down pour. What do you do? Throw these beauties in the oven? Only if you are a fair weather griller. Grab your Bass Pro Shops raincoat and go Gore-Tex grillin'. You'll stay comfortable and the rain helps prevent grill flare ups. The steak smell that is on your coat will be a bonus next time you put it on in the boat.  Bottom line: if Mother Nature tries to rain on your parade, raise the steaks. Gear up and get out there.


Tips For Turkey Hunting With A Kid

I was one of those parents that wanted to get my kids into everything that I was into and expected them to be just as much into it as I was. Not to burst any bubbles but that is a very tall order. Kids love to spend time with their parents and see and do things that they have never done before but most kids don’t have that all day drive or commitment to sitting completely still all day, seriously?? Completely still and children never mix for long.

 So you need to modify your hunting style a bit so both of you get the experience you want from the hunt. Follow these steps and you may find just what you are looking for.

  1. Scouting: you are going to need to do more scouting than you may have done in the past. Take them with you but stay far enough off the birds that you are not bumping them and sending them to a different farm or state. Try to key in on the strutting areas that are close to nesting areas.
  2. Put the birds to Bed: another fun time in the woods that will help make for the total experience. Knowing where the birds are first thing helps to come up with a plan on how to get between where they are and where they want to go. They are creatures of habit till something disturbs them too much.
  3. Get a good Blind: A good blind with plenty of room allows kids to move around a bit during the slow times or play a game to past the time without getting busted. You can set this up ahead of time if you have a set game plan or that morning on the move as long as you can get ahead of the birds. Check out the Blackout X300 
  4. Decoys: These are very valuable as they will draw in birds farther than calling at time. That big Boss Tom never lets those little Jakes hang around for long.
  5. Shooting sticks: If your little hunting buddy has pasted his Hunter’s Safety course and you feel like this is the year that you are going to let him harvest a bird get a set of shooting sticks. Having to hold that gun for a long period of time while that bird gets in the right position can wear a kid out. Not to mention getting all jacked up as your bird gobbles at close range. Make sure that you take the time to practice using them before the hunt too. 

Follow these steps and this might be the year that you find your hunting buddy for life. 


Getting Dogs To Answer The Call

Foxpro Caller

With winter dragging on, Deer season over and Turkey seeming to be forever away lots of hunters are looking for something to do outside. Well if you want to improve both your Turkey and Deer hunting and work on your woods craft you may want to take up Predator hunting. Removing a top predator like a coyote or bobcat will help to ease the stress of winter and rearing young on your game. You can also walk away with some very nice trophy hide for your home, cabin or man cave.

Johnny Stewart Attractor

 While we all want just one more gun you probably already own one that will work fine for this type of hunting. Either the rifle that you hunt deer with loaded down with a lighter bullet or your Turkey gun with a Predator load in it will do the job. You also have your camo and the scent control system that you like to use for your big game but the one thing that you are going to need is a set of calls or an e-caller. I have been doing this for a while and use both during most of my hunts but find myself leaning more and more to my e-caller. It never freezes up, it gets the sound away from where you set up helping to reduce the chances of getting busted with your movements and with the new units you can always have a new set of calls to help fool call-shy predators. Some units can even be used with remote controlled decoys which also help draw attention away from you and keeping your prey focused on the caller. While there are a bunch of calling systems out there, all of them are going to do the same thing but that does not mean they are all equal. The remotes and the distance they carry, decoy control and expandability of calls would be just some of the features to be looking for.

 Feel free to come in and talk with our trained hunting staff to help get the right caller for you.  


One Hot Little Varmint Gun

SAvage B.Mag

If you are thinking that you would like to get into shooting some varmints but not crazy about the weight or cost of a new varmint rig you really need to do yourself a favor and check out the new Savage B-Mag chambered in the ultra-hot 17WSM rim-fire.

This little round is smoking at 3000FPS with a 20 grain bullet. Making this round almost 3 times faster than a standard 22 long rifle, and it is shooting just about flat out to 200 yards. This gun would be a great gun for those who like to cover a lot of ground when they hunt since it comes in at only 4.5 lbs , which also makes it a great gun for younger shooters or those who don’t like recoil.

Oculus Long Range Rifle Scope

Pair this up with a new Oculus Long Range rifle scope and you will have an awesome varmint rig that you can hunt with all day for around $500 with both being on sale now during the Late Winter Sale . You will be amazed how well this gun shoots!  


It's Time To Be a "Jerk" To Catch Those Big Bass

It’s mid February and in just  a few short weeks cabin fever dissipates as we all hit the water for what is arguably is considered across the nation “big bass time” !! You’ve had all winter to organize you tackle box, re-spooled your reels and even Mr. Bass is anxious to shake the ice off of his fins. What do you grab that first time you get out? We have told you in the past that lipless crankbaits were great for this time of year, but today we are talking jerkbaits.

Why a jerkbait? As Mr. Bass is shaking his winter blues, so is Mr. Shad. While the shad do this, they are not accustomed to the constant swimming motion seen throughout the summer months. The cold water makes them lethargic. During this time their movement patterns are erratic, swimming in a stop-and-go motion. Eventually, the cold weather starts to kill some of these shad off, and as they start to die the flutter, pause, flutter, pause, making them easy prey for Mr. Bass. No other bait resembles this pattern better than a jerkbait this time of year.

So which jerkbait do I choose? There are basically three types of jerkbaits; floaters, suspenders and sinkers. The preferred type for the early cold weather is the suspender. With the suspender, after you twitch, snap, and then pause these baits for a few seconds, the bait will suspend in the water column, allowing Mr. Bass an easy target, just as he would on the real deal shad.

Alright, so you know why and what, but there are so many different colors and styles, so which ones work best? While we will cover four of our favorites, the usual go to color, bar none, is the clown color. The XPS Laser Eye Jerkbait Clown (pictured on top) is an excellent choice to start your day with.

Our list of honorable mentions include the Gold Husky Jerk, the Chrome Black Rogue, and Chartreuse Shad by Lucky Craft. The key thing to consider with all of these, is that the water in the winter, is void of much of the algae that gives the shad a greener tint in the summer months. The colors in the baits above present a typical shad color in the late winter early spring pattern.

Using baitcasting or spinning (your preference), throw the bait out on a point or shore at the north end of the lake, because the north end warms faster than the southern end at this time of year. Start your retrieve with a series with a series of jerks, and then pause, the colder the water, the longer the pause, even up to 5 to 8 seconds in really cold temperatures. Repeat ! Repeat ! Repeat ! Often the bass will slam that bait on the pause, on the next jerk you will feel the load, set the hook !!! It is a good idea to watch your line on that pause as well, and be on the lookout for a twitch that you may not feel, and the set the hook on the slightest movement of your line.

Great places to consider on your water:

  • North shore
  • Points, especially those nearest a bending creek channel
  • Flats – even the silty flats, as the silt can hold heat
  • Rip Rap, rocks hold heat
  • Any mix of these with a touch of cover (logs, brush piles, emerging weeds, etc.)

Finally, let’s talk about line. Monofilament or fluorocarbon lines are preferred, in 10 to 15 pound test. Note that the mono will keep your bait slightly higher in the water than fluorocarbon, as monofilament floats and fluorocarbon sinks. In gin clear water stick with fluorocarbon, it is much more invisible than the monofilament.




Free Winter Greens from Trail to Table

Mid to late winter foraging for wild edibles can be a hit or miss endeavor, depending on your location and weather. Luckily on a recent 50 degree day trail walk I found a patch of Garlic Mustard Greens that were able to overwinter. Some wild greens have the ability to produce sugar and alcohol in their leaves and stems during the winter which acts kind of like an antifreeze which allows them to survive through winter. Some years they make it some years they don’t depending on the harshness of the weather.


During the overwinter process the plants really don’t grow , they kind of just hang on until spring rolls around. But one of the positive side effects of wintering bitter greens is that they become a little more mild .

Anyway back to my walk , about 150 yards into my walk I found a decent patch of Garlic Mustard Greens mixed in with some Queen Anne’s Lace but decided to venture on down the trail to see what I could find. About ½ mile in I found another patch on the south facing side of an old set of railroad tracks. I imagine the built up bed for the tracks helped this patch survive, protecting it from those cold northern winds. So anyway I went about my business and harvested about a half a grocery bag worth.

Now what to do with it? Since it is still winter I decided I was going to cook it rather than use it for a salad so after a little thought I decided that an omelet was what these winter greens deserved.

Recipe for Garlic Mustard Green Omelet

½ cup chopped Garlic Mustard Greens

½ cup shredded Monterey Jack Cheese

½ cup of chopped mushrooms

Salt and Pepper to taste

Pat of butter to cook with

Siracha or other assorted hot sauce optional

On a side note you should never put any wild edible in your mouth unless you can positively identify it. Find a local expert to help you identify wild edibles. Moral of the story is get out get some exercise this winter and maybe find a free meal .

 Justin Stearns


Can You Dig It?: Ham in A Hole

If you love camping, or just want to try a new twist on outdoor cooking, you should check out the “Ham In  A Hole”. This is a great way to get outside in nature and enjoy some delicious food all at the same time !! All you need is a shovel, some damp towels, come medium sized flat rocks, charcoal, a roasting pan and a boneless ham.

Place your ham in the roaster and set aside. Start your coals and get them hot in your “chimney”. Dig a hole deep enough to hold the roasting pan, and add enough hot coals to cover the bottom of the hole. Place the rocks on top of the hot coals, this helps hold in the heat. Place the covered roaster on top of the rocks, then cover the top of the hole with damp towels.


Cook for 6 to 8 hours. Carefully remove the towels (they will be HOT!), and grab your pot holders to get the roaster out of the hole. Take out that beautifully cooked ham and slice it up to enjoy for a yummy outdoors breakfast or dinner. Be sure to dump water in the hole to extinguish the hot coals and refill the hole with the dirt you removed earlier. 


Enjoy The Day With Your Best Friend At Bass Pro Shops

We here at Bass Pro Shops love and respect our nature’s wildlife.  From the fish in streams and ponds to the deer that run wild, we “are” about nature, and all that comes with it.  That’s why at Bass Pro Shops you can bring your best friend, shop in a casual atmosphere with knowledgeable associates who will help you with whatever your needs are, and answer questions that you might have.

So if it’s that big catfish your determined to catch, or your aching to tell your buddy about the whitetail that “didn’t” get away….we’re here. Bring your 4 legged best friend (just abide the leash law), walk around and enjoy our world for the day.  One little dog named Baby visits our Cincinnati store quite a bit.  His owner has been bringing his best friend in for some time now.  Together they check out our great deals, and keep the associates on their toes.  It’s always a pleasure to see our customers and their companions visit us and to “just see how we’re doin’”.

Like I said, professional doesn’t have to mean stuffy.  Whether it’s a new leash or a cozy bed you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered. We here at Bass Pro Shops love nature.  Come visit us with your best friend and make some memories. 


Berkley Fishing Gear Spooling Station

Let’s face it, by the time the Super Bowl gets to late in the 3rd quarter it’s usually a blowout, and there you sit with remnants of those yummy dips and wings you made while waiting for the next commercial to come on. This would be a great time to prepare for the fishing season by getting some fresh line on your old reels or spool that new reel that Santa brought you.  The Berkley Fishing Gear Spooling Station is a great way to expedite the process. This spooling station is so easy that your friends will swear you stayed at a Holiday Inn Express the night before.

The spooling station can handle bait casting and spinning reels with ease. For bait casting, the spooling station has universal reel seat that accepts most baitcasters in a breeze. No more having to ask your buddy or significant other to “hold the old pencil-through-the-spool trick”. The spooling station holds your spool of line and provides just the right amount of tension to spool your reel as good as the pros do.

For spinning reels, Berkley has come up with a nifty spool mount that locks the spool in and, check this out, simply connect your cordless drill to it and have that spool finished in a minute !! In addition, the way the spooling station allows the line to come off, it prevents line twisting which can help eliminate those dreaded “bird’s nest” out on the water.

Slap on some Bass Pro Shops Premium Excel Monofilament Line or whatever line that gets it done and you will be ready to go. By the time March Madness hits, you will be filling up your live well and making your friends jealous of your finely spooled reels !! Come see our experts here at Cincinnati Bass Pro Shops for questions on this or any other fishing or outdoor topics. 


What Flavors Are You Coating Your Wings In For The Big Game??

Looking for something unique on February 1st when you are hosting your annual Big Gamel party ? Looking for that “Wow!” factor for that tried and true dish crock pot full of Vienna sausages simmering for the big game?? Or are you that dedicated diehard “smoker” who is looking for that out of the ordinary taste for your pulled pork or shoulder roast ?? Come on down to our store and check out the Ol’ Chuckwagon located on the lower level near the aquarium where we have several varieties of sauces to tease your taste buds.

Rufus Teague Touch O' Heat


Rufus Teague Touch O’ Heat Sauce. 100% All Natural, Gluten-free. A not-too-sweet tomato based sauce with a little bit of heat that sneaks up on you. With a lot of complexity like a finely aged wine, it is a molasses-sweetened sauce with a dark, deep, rich chocolatey color and flavor intermingling with Worcestershire and soy sauce and a tangy raisin paste and orange that adds a kick.


Pappy’s XXX White Lightnin’ Barbecue Sauce and More. This sauce has approximately 2-2.5 seconds of fun bouncing around the taste buds. White Lightning' starts with an initial sweetness, followed by notes of onion, garlic and Worcestershire, and finishes with just a flash of southern fire. It's all the love you'll ever need! 





Bob Timberlake Tangy Orange BBQ Sauce. Bob Timberlake® Tangy Orange Barbecue Sauce elevates an ordinary sandwich to something spectacular. This traditional BBQ sauce awakens your taste buds with a delectable jolt of orange. Try this flavorful sauce with your burger, chicken or as a pick-me-up on your veggies. This barbecue sauce makes a great gift or addition to a food gift basket



Cincy Yuleblog Gift Idea: Garmin eTrex 20 Bundle

You will never get lost in the woods again if you take advantage of this great bundled package from Garmin. The Garmin ETREX 20 bundle is a great gift idea not only are you getting $249.99 worth of items for $169.99 you are also getting a great GPS. It comes with Topo maps, a Micro SD card and a case. This is for the outdoor enthusiast whether you are fishing, hiking, or hunting.

This unit has a 2.2” 65k color TRT screen, a high-sensitivity GPS with HotFix support, it is preloaded with a WW basemap. It also has 1.7GB internal memory and a MicroSD slot.


Make sure you get your hands on this great deal quickly. We have limited quantities of this item and no rain checks will be issued. 


The Pre-Rut Is ON !!!

Get ready boys and girls because The Pre-Rut is ON:  With the bumper crop of acorns this year I have been waiting for rut to get started and get the bucks on the cruise. But I had no idea how big of a day I was going to have this past Sunday when I got to my tree-stand.  This whole year I have had a rough way to go with seeing deer with the aforementioned acorns. Shortly after sunrise I had the first set of deer blast right past my stand. It was three doe with a buck in hot pursuit and not stopping with a grunt, bleat or scream, and that is pretty much how my whole morning went. I had deer coming from every direction some chasing and some being chased. 

There were a couple of things that assisted me with this productive hunt. Total scent control and a comfortable tree-stand that got me out of both the line of sight and smell. My preference is the whole Hunter's Specialties scent control system and I hunted out of the Summit Viper treestand. 

If you are able to get in the woods in the next couple of days look for large hardwood flats with thick cover areas down wind. Get up high and hold on tight.  Good Luck.

Kevins deer  


Trippin' Cincy Style: Check Out The Fall Y'all

Looking for the best way to see the leaves as they turn their robust oranges, reds and yellows?  Here are a few of our favorite local trails and parks to help you to get in touch with your friends, the trees, this fall.

John Bryan State Park/Glen Helen Nature Preserve in Yellow Springs, OH offers exciting views of the Little Miami River as it cuts through an abundance of geological rock formations.  The trails take you low along the river and high above it allowing for bird’s eye views of the trees as they transform into their magical mystery land of color before they become covered with the white embrace of old man winter.

John Bryan

Red River Gorge.  Of course, no local hiking list would be complete without The Gorge.  It truly is breathtaking in every sense of the word.  Rock formations cut from millions of years of hard work leave us with mind boggling views.  Great expanses viewed from atop countless overlooks afford us with no better way to see fall being ushered in.  Don’t forget to stop across the road and check out the Natural Bridge if you make it down.  If you manage to not have color painted dreams after seeing the views from here….well….you must have forgotten to open your eyes up there.

Red River Gorge

Doe Run Lake in Northern Kentucky is one of my favorite little known hikes in the area.  Much closer than our first parks, this is only a 15 minute drive from downtown.  Of course, once your there you don’t think you’re anywhere near the city.  A perimeter trail follows the lake around in a hike that takes about 2 hours.  And if fishing is your thing the lake is well stocked with no shortage of places to stop and drop a line.

East Fork State Park in Clermont County, OH has one of the better backpacking loops in the area.  It offers a 20 mile loop with shelters along the way and intersects Ohio’s Buckeye Trail as you traverse the rolling hills taking in oaks, walnuts and maples along the way.  It is also spotted with many day hikes if an overnight trip isn’t in your agenda.

Clifty Falls State Park in Madison, IN is one of those treasures that is not too far away either.  Aptly named, it is loaded with exquisite falls and views throughout the park.  Bring your camera and you’ll be sure to load it up with shots of orange and red amidst a backdrop of cascading waterfalls.

Clifty Falls

Boone County Cliffs Nature Preserve in Burlington, KY is my little secret spot.  Take the scenic drive through old Burlington to visit this secluded preserve sure to impress any arbor enthusiast with its cliff overlook and abundance of mystic weathered trees.

Enjoy your time out with Mother Nature.  Remember, fall is gone before you know it, along with all those magnificent colors!!!

- Jason Krumpelbeck


Great Outlook For Waterfowl Season

Ducks flying

Coming off a great brooding year, with plenty of water in most of our flyway areas,  it is shaping up to be another great year for waterfowl in the Mid-West states.  The only thing that remains to be seen is the cold or hard freeze that brings down the birds. But I am getting a number of sightings of the Wooly Caterpillar is going to bring us another year of weather that moves birds.

 Make sure that you look over your decoys to make sure that they are in good shape and your lines and weights are in good order. This might be the year that you want to add more color, size or movement to your spread. Stop in and check out the decoy selection.

Redhead duck decoy

Avian-X and Banded Blocks have some great NEW decoys at several different price points to please any level of hunter. Be sure to also check out the new motorized decoys by Lucky Duck and Mojo, and of course our great array of our own RedHead brand decoys and accessories. While you are here pick up a new RedHead Decoy Bag or some RedHead decoy line.

Remember, you want to make sure you have them ready before they show up.  


Too Much Food ?????


After last year’s late frost we were pretty much without any hard mass crop to speak of when deer season came in last year but this year we have a bumper crop of nuts. You can hardly walk through the woods without the chance of rolling your ankle on the acorns. I have been hunting since the early 80’s and cannot remember a time that we have had this much food for the deer.

While this is something great for the herd as a whole it is making it very tough to hunt deer this year. They don’t need to move very far out of their beds to get enough food for the whole day so a lot of hunters are saying that they are just not seeing any deer.

deer rut

But the good news for hunters is that the Rut is getting ready to start and that is one surefire thing that will get deer on their feet and moving. You will start seeing bucks out looking for doe and doe trying to hide from the bucks it will be a perfect time to be in those rutting areas on the property.

 Stop by the store to pick up the scents and calls that you are going to need to make this a productive hunting season.  


The "Other" Fish

When we leave the house to go fishing around here, we normally have a target species in mind. I always here people that fish saltwater say, “You never know what your gonna catch”. This may be a little more true in the saltwater but also rings true around the tri-state as well. Now me I’m primarily a bassman, but some of my most memorable and largest catches are those “other” fish that I wasn’t necessarily trying for. I chased a fish for 30 minutes that I had hooked on a crankbait and never saw it.  Who knows what it was, but it was a blast!

bmay river largemouth bmay shovel erics goldfish


The 3 hardest jig bites I’ve ever had was from a single Shovelhead that owned me three times. It straightened two hooks and broke me off! My dad caught a 10lb. Walleye at Brookville Reservoir while we were bass fishing. The lake record Walleye at Brookville was caught by a fisherman practicing for a bass tournament. A friend caught a 51” Musky while bass fishing at St. Clair. I have hooked fish while bass fishing in the 25+ pound range. Of course they weren’t bass, but for those first few seconds of the fight you just don’t know. It is a test for your tackle and your angling skills. Some of the largest catches an angler will experience may not be the target of the day but will make a lasting memory. So embrace and be proud of that “other” fish you catch next trip out. 

grass carp muskie nicks carp


Get A Good Fit For Beginner Shooters

So you're thinking of starting your child into shotgun shooting? Well first make sure they are ready: tall enough, mentally mature, and most important make sure the gun fits! Mossberg 410There is nothing that will discourage a child from shooting more than excessive recoil.  Shooting with a shotgun that does not fit properly can be one of the leading causes of excessive felt recoil.

When teaching youngsters to shoot use light loads and stationary targets at first then slow targets to gain their confidence. Mossberg and Remington both have guns that have shims that can be added to the gun as the child grows. These guns can be purchased at your local Bass Pro Shops, and any associate at the gun counter can help you with fit.

After making sure the shotgun has a good fit, you should ensure the shooter has the right stance. Feet should be shoulder width apart and if right handed the left toe should be pointing at where you intend to hit the target.  The right leg should be straight and left knee slightly bent. The stock should fit into the shoulder pocket and the face should be on the comb of the stock. Shooting a shotgun is different than shooting a rifle, you should have both eyes open so you won't lose your peripheral vision and your depth perception. Remington 870 JrThen keeping your head down and your eye on the target pull the trigger and follow through with the swing.








2014 Early Deer Forecast: Looking Good !!

Big Deer Rack

With the late frost that killed all the oak blooms and water issues of last season this year is shaping up to be a banner year for bow hunters.

 While out Squirrel hunting and setting cameras I noticed that the oaks are heavy with Acorns this year and with the cool wet summer that we have had this year, the agriculture field are in great shape as is the natural forage. 

 Lots of great pics of big bucks rolling in on cell phones, great time to get the cameras out , bows turned up and broadheads sharpened .

 Remember while setting those early season stands that the deer will be feeding on the soft mast and browse until the acorns start to drop then it is all bets off till the rut starts kicking in.

 Get out there and check out your hunting area for this fall… It’s going to be a good year. 


Labor Day Hometown Festival/Honoring Hometown Heroes

Our Labor Day/Hometown Festival will be held August 30th and 31st and will have many fun events for everyone in the family.

Each day from Noon to 5pm we will have Free family activities that include our duck pond, casting buckets, metal detector demo, free photo download, free craft and free face painting. We will also be giving away two $25 Bass Pro Shops gift cards to lucky winners that enter our drawings each day.

On each day from 1pm to 4pm we will be serving free hotdogs, and from 4pm to 5pm we will be doing an ice cream making demonstration and giving out yummy samples !!

On Saturday August 30th from 2pm to 4pm we will be honoring our Hometown Heroes with hourly drawings and free fish sampling !!! Any and all veterans, police, firefighters, paramedics, military personnel, soldiers and teachers are welcome to join us for this event to say thanks for what you do for us !!!

We will also have product demonstrations on both Saturday and Sunday:

1:30pm Stoked to Smoke: How to Smoke Meat Right

2:30pm Backyard Chef: Picking the Right Grill

3:30pm Going Dutch: Dutch Oven Cooking Made Easy