Kayaking the Great Miami River

I have been rafting and kayaking, on and off, since I was fourteen years old. I've faced class 5 rapids. I've battled white water in three states. This weekend, I took my first drink – in the placid waters of the Great Miami River!

Consider this a cautionary tale.

My party consisted of my husband, a friend, and me. We put in at Rentschler Forest. You can find the well-maintained park on 5701 Reigart Road in Fairfield Township. 

Rentschler is built on the remnants of the old Eerie Canal. It is evident that the natural flow of water has been diverted. Directly across from the ramp, a dam blocks access to the main river. Instead, a small, shallow tributary flows into the main river maybe a mile or so downstream. We stumbled upon the clever idea of crossing to the dam, carrying our kayaks across the rocky riverbed, and putting in below the dam. That way, we reasoned, we wouldn't get stuck in the shallow water of the tributary. We'd only have to walk our kayaks once, not every time the water got shallow. It seemed like a perfectly reasonable plan, right? Wrong!

Rentschler Park

Warning: don't ever do this.

We paddled across to the old dam and got out. We immediately realized that the dry riverbed over which we had to carry our kayaks was a bit longer and comprised of more treacherous terrain than we'd originally anticipated. On the map, it looks like a hop, skip, and a jump. In reality, it felt more like a slide, skid, and a stumble.

Here, I was the lucky one. My kayak is an Otter by Old Town. I bought it a few years ago, but the product has since been discontinued; that's a shame. Mine is a light-weight, no-frills kayak that is easy to carry. I'm only 5 feet tall and, I'll admit it, I'm rather out of shape. Carrying my kayak across a bed of loose rocks was certainly easier on me than it was for the guys, both of whom had larger kayaks. They had to help each other and take two trips. I got to sit by the water and play Candy Crush while I waited for them.

Kayak at Dam in Rentschler Park

We put in below the dam.

Putting in below the dam proved a bit awkward. The churning water actually kicked up a bit of a current. This is where my light sit-in put me at a disadvantage to the guys' heavy sit-on-top models. Putting in at a ramp and in placid water is one thing. Climbing inside a kayak near a dam and against a current? Entirely another thing. One foot went in, one stayed planted on the rocks. I did the splits. Then, splash! Into the water I went!

Bonus: the water wasn't freezing. It also wasn't deep. I clung to my kayak, found my footing, and tried to climb back onto the bank. Unfortunately, the loose, rocky riverbed kept slipping out from under my feet every time they found purchase. My husband yanked on my shirt, a move that caused me to lose my footing again, but I eventually made it back onto the rocks without losing either my kayak or paddle. I've decided to be flattered that my husband's first reaction was to try to save me, even if I was never really in any great peril. Honestly, the thoughts flashing through my mind were less, “Oh, God!” and more, “Now I have to do laundry before work!”

After I got back into my boat, we finally paddled off. Every inch of me was dripping wet – and yes, I was embarrassed. I'm glad we had the presence of mind to take a dry bag. We use Ascend's Round Bottom Lightweight Dry Bags. We've never been disappointed with their performance, not even after a few years of wear and tear. My cell phone and wallet remained dry and functional because I stowed them in a dry bag. They're cheap ($15.99), and a must-have accessory for any day spent on the water. They're definitely cheaper then replacing water-logged phones!

The rest of the trip proved peaceful and uneventful. I spent the first half of the trip as I spend the first half of any trip: being asked to wait.

Waiting in kayak
The Waiting Game: this is what happens when you have a fast kayak.

My small, light watercraft is more maneuverable and much faster than my friends' larger kayaks tend to be. The guys were using the behemoth Ascend FS128-T and the comparatively smaller Ascend FS12-T. Both are great boats for kayak fishing. For simple paddling trips like ours, however, I still prefer mine.

We hit a few areas of choppy water and a couple of  spots that might qualify as rapids. Maybe. I'll give them a Class 1 status because I'm feeling generous. We also hit a few shallow patches in which the bottoms of our kayaks and the ends of our paddles scraped rock. One area had a long pipe going from bank to bank surprisingly near the surface of the water. It created a bit of a slide for us, but had the water been lower, it could have proven a major obstacle or even obstructed our journey.

We paddled about four miles down to Combs Park in Hamilton, OH. The ramp here is old and eroded, with chunks of concrete having broken off in abundance. Nevertheless, it is capable of handling larger watercraft. As we were pulling our kayaks up, a family was backing their trailer and jon boat into the water.

The entire trip, complete with a hike across a dry riverbed and a spontaneous dunking, lasted a bit less than two hours. It was scenic and refreshing – and it left me plenty of time to do laundry before work! All in all, I recommend a good paddle down the Great Miami. Just don't try to be clever and bypass the shallow water, like I did. You might end up getting wet!

Amanda Bull Chafin





Dude Wipes: Saving The World One Dude At A Time

Now available at Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World in Cincinnati. DUDE Wipes. (Pronounced dood not doody.) They are exactly what you think they are. Flushable wipes for him. A three pack will run you 1.99. The packaging has some clever and funny statements. Not to spoil all of them something about "King of the Throne", "Also sweet for your face, hands, pits and dude regions". They are good when you need to make a "clean" getaway. Ok I made that one up. A good compliment to the library and BPS cata -log. 

Bassmaster Elite Pro Gerald G-Man Swindle is a huge proponent of DUDE wipes and has even discussed taking a break for a "maintenance wipe" when confronted by that "not so fresh feeling".   Fortified with Vitamin E, Aloe and smell good these are bound to make your day more comfortable after the paperwork has been filled out, so to speak.


The Dude Products Story

In 2012 Dude Products was founded out of an apartment in Chicago. Whether it was some unexpected physical activity or the aftermath of the lunchtime burrito, The Dudes realized, as guys, they were destined to smell. Something needed to be done. So on behalf of Dudekind they created The Award Winning Dude Wipes™ to combat stank and put you back on your game wherever or whenever nature calls.


Dude Wipes, saving the world one Dude at a time. 


Get The Right Boots on the Ground This Fall

As the days start to get shorter we are drawing closer to opening day of deer season and if this is the year that you are going to get new boots to hunt in you may want to start thinking about what you want and what is going to work best for you. I have a few different pairs and each has its best time to use but I am going to just look at two basic types and what they do best.

Rubber Knee Boots:

RedHead® Guide 16'' Waterproof Rubber Boots for MenI would have to say that more than half of my trips to the deer stand are made in this style of boot. They are by far the best when it comes to scent control on walking to and from your stand.  Being all rubber they do not hold a lot of scent in the material of the boots and also allow you to walk through streams and low rivers to get to your stand without getting your feet wet and knocking off any odor that you may have pickup along the way. The downside to these boots is that they do not breathe. So if your feet sweat a bunch you may have issues with keeping your feet warm without the right sock combo. 


Leather Hunting Boots:

RedHead® 10'' Treestand II GORE-TEX® Insulated Boots for MenThese are the boots that most of us think of when we think hunting boots. They are mostly a lace up style of boot which will fit your foot better and make it more comfortable to walk longer distances in. These boots breathe and those with waterproof membranes are waterproof to crossing creeks and the chance of getting caught in a shower. But know that if you are walking through rain soaked grass and field that your feet will get damp. The act of water through the grass is forcing water through the membrane so your feet will get damp. I find myself wearing these boots once it falls below freezing. It easier for me to get the right combo of socks on and the leather will let my feet breathe. 


Come in and let our trained staff in the footwear department help you pick the boots that will work best for you. 



Make A Splash With These Wading Boots

White River Shop

Are you looking to upgrade your Waders this year for comfort and fit? Then chance are you will be looking at boot-foot waders which mean that you will be needing wader boots. There are a number of choices out there with each having their own advantages and disadvantages. I will break them down to help you find the boot that you need.


Rubber Lug Soles:

These are going to be the most inexpensive of the group but not that great is most areas. These boots do well with mud and loose gravel with no moss. You will find this boot sole on most waders with the boot attached. A good boot for Duck hunter and those fishing warm water


Felt bottom boots:

These boots are great for those of us who fish cold water streams and rivers with moss and plant life living on the rocks. The felt give a better traction with more surface contact, these boots can be made better by adding carbide screw in spikes which will help with those really slick round river rocks of the western rivers. But be careful, there are a lot of shops and guides that won’t want you to wear them in their shops and boats. They do tear up flooring like golf cleats.


Sticky Rubber boots:

White River Wading Boot

These are relatively new but gaining speed fast. With the spreading of diseases and parasite that can live in the felt bottoms of older boots a number of states have outlawed the use of felt bottom boots and made the rubber bottom boots the best choice. The rubber on the bottom of these boots is very similar to that of rock climbing shoes so the stick to rocks as good if not better than the felt soles and the carbide cleats can be added to these as well to give you that extra bite. Check out the White River Extreme boots. A great boot for cold water fishermen and Hunters.


Git 'R Done Fast With The Orion Cooker

Orion Cooker

The Orion Cooker. Hard to define. It's in a catergory of its own. Charcoal BBQ smoker is how the website describes it. My experience is it is like the microwave of the outdoor cooking world. If you don't have the time for using regular smokers and enjoy outdoor cooking this may be the answer. Imagine going home in the evening putting a 12 pound turkey in and eating it an hour and 25 minutes later. It's possible with the Orion. Cook times are quick and you basically light it and walk away. The company even says if you are lookin' you ain't cookin.


The Orion includes 3 rib hangers a poultry post and lifting handle, and three cooking grates. You can achieve a smoked flavor by adding chips around the drip pan in the bottom of the Orion. Granted you do not get as strong of smoke flavor as traditional smokers but it only takes a fraction of the time. Orion cooking times are based on using instant light charcoal. One cook will take a whole 13-15 pound bag of charcoal. Smaller cuts may require less. I normally cook my main meal then have a smaller item to cook as soon as the larger is done. Now you have covered at least two meals while using the Orion. 


The process is simple place your food item on the appropriate rack. Replace the lid. Fill the upper ring with about 12 briquettes use the remainder to fill the large lower ring. Light the upper and lower ring, note the time, drink a couple of appropriate beverages and return at the designated time to find outdoor cooking perfection. I have listed some of the cook times below to give an idea of how fast and easy the Orion is. Of course you can marinate, rub, inject and do all kinds of things to the food that you are placing in the Orion. If you need ideas you can go to their website. The Orion is 159.99 and is available at Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World in Cincinnati, Ohio.



Orion Cook time examples:




Cook Time*


3-4 lbs

1 hour 10 minutes


15 lbs

1 hour 45 minutes (7 minutes/lb)

Baby Back Ribs

6 racks

1 hour 15 minutes

Beef Brisket

6-7 lbs

3 hours

Boston Butt

5 lbs

3 hours 30 minutes

Chicken Wings

40 wings

1 hour






*Cooking times are approximate



Make The Cut With This DIY Shed Knife

Every late winter, around when the Super Bowl winner is decided, I know it’s time for me to start shed hunting. The whitetail deer sheds his antlers every spring and grows a larger set. So you might ask, except for looking really cool on my mantle, are there any practical uses I can find for these sheds. Well here’s one use that I found to be useful and aesthetically pleasing ; shed-handled knives.

Shed Knife 1

  1. Cut the brow tine off if it has one. Hold the antler in your hand until it fits like a hammer. Then draw a line about  one inch from your index finger. Then cut the antler base off.Shed Knife 2
  2. You will need to buy a knife blank and the brass finger guards, you can find these by Googling “knife blade blanks” and find places that sell these; I like to use Smoky Mountain Knife Works.  After you have all that you are ready to get started.Shed Knife 3
  3. Drill a hole long ways into the antler the length of the tang.
  4.  Slip the knife blank thru the brass finger guard and then into the hole in the antler. Then you will see what needs to be ground down on the finger guard,you want it the same shape as the antler.Shed Knife 4
  5. Pull the blank out and fill with epoxy then reinsert. Let it sit for 24 hours then you can do your final polish. Sharpen it up with one of our Bass Pro Shops Knife Sharpeners and you are ready to go !!!

Have fun this shed season.



Sunscreen: The Safer Way to Fun in the Sun

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 2 million people find out they have skin cancer every year. While the rates of other forms of cancer are on the decline, melanoma has tripled since the early 1970’s. Most of this is attributed to poor sun safety habits. So the need for sun protection products has become even more important, and Banana Boat has some great items out this year to keep Mr. Sun from ruining your vacation with a painful burn and help you decrease the chance of problems in the future.Sunscreen

So what’s the difference between products and what do the numbers on the bottles mean? The sun emits ultraviolet rays, these are broken down into UVA and UVB rays. While the both can be harmful to your skin, the UVB rays, which are the cause of sunburn, are the cancer causing rays, although the UVA ray’s ability to penetrate the skin makes the affect of the UVB rays even worse. In addition the UVA rays are the cause of wrinkling, leathering and sagging of the skin. So you want to find a sunscreen that has Broad Spectrum Protection, which protects against both UVA and UVB rays.

Now you are saying, Ok, I get the whole UV ray thing, but what’s the SPF and what’s the number that goes with it. Well, SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor and it works like this. If it takes 20 minutes for your unprotected skin to start to burn, using a sunscreen with a SPF factor of 15 will theoretically prevent your skin from turning red 15 times longer, or 5 hours. That is the literal equation, the problem with that is that if you have a SPF 30 on, you aren’t going to be in the sun for 10 hours, normally. So more practical way to look at it is in terms of percentages:

  • SPF 15 filters out about 93% of all UVB rays
  • SPF 30 filters out about 97%
  • SPF 50 filters out about 98%

Because there really aren’t any sunscreens that remain effective longer than 2 hours without re-application, the percentage guide is the most practical way to choose your sunscreen.

Face Sunscreens

You should use around 1 ounce (equivalent to a shot glass) of sunscreen with each application, less if you are only covering just your arms, or just your legs, etc. Most of the sunscreens out now have a water resistant rating of up to 80 minutes, but you should re-apply after getting out of the water regardless of how long it has been. To maximize the effectiveness of the sunscreen, apply 30 minutes before you head out in the sun to allow it to bond to your skin.

Some common myths concerning sunscreen:

  1. It causes Vitamin D deficiency – few dermatologists believe this, and there is no study to date that has show this
  2. If it’s cloudy you don’t need sunscreen – 40% of the sun’s UV rays reach the earth on a completely cloudy day
  3. Most of your sun exposure happens when you are young – studies show that you get less than 25% of your total sun exposure by the age of 18. The highest annual doses of the sun’s UV rays are to men over 40, who spend the most time outdoors

Hopefully this helped you understand sunscreen a little more and will allow you to choose the right one and not let the sun ruin your outdoor adventures !


Tracker/Nitro Boats Pro Staff Spotlight: Tips From Neal Ramsey

Neal Ramsey

Meet Neal Ramsey, a member of our Tracker/Nitro Pro Staff Fishing Team. Neal has had a great year so far, competing in seven in tournaments in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. He has weighed in 58 pounds and 8 ounces worth of largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass in those tournaments which have lead him to one 1st place, two 3rd places, a 5th place and a 9th place. 

Here's Neal's tip to you for summer time Ohio River fishing: 

Slow down.  Soft plastics dominate in July.  Begin with a 1/8 ounce shaky head jig, rigged with a finesse worm.  Experiment with worm sizes, try 4" ring worms up to 7' ribbontail worms Texas rigged with a 1/8 ounce Tungsten weight.  Keep in mind that the fish are beat up this time of year.  They are recovering from their spring spawn, and they are getting a lot of fishing pressure.  Think finesse tactics and slow down...you will be in the right ball park.


Plot For Success This Fall

Food Plot

Getting your fall food plots in:   We are fast approaching the time to get your fall food plot in so that it is ready to hunt when season rolls around.  Unlike your spring plots which are there to help the overall health of your herd your Fall plots are usually set up to draw that big buck in close for the shot. 

First thing to remember is that the number one reason that food plots fail is because the soil was not properly prepared before planting. You will see a huge difference with how your plots do if you take the time to get your soil tested and follow the needs of your dirt with Lime, Fertilizer and Potash. 

Couple of other things that you want to think about before you plant:

The prevailing winds for the area: make sure that you can get into and out of the area without bumping out all the deer.

 Stand Placement: make sure that you have trees that are going to be good vantage points. I like to have a couple spots on each plot.

 Size of Plot: I like only making plots as wide as I can shoot. It does you no good if your deer are always feeding 80-90 yards out of your bow range

 Peak hunting time(when you will get to hunt):  As a pretty good rule of thumb You have about 30 days form planting till your food plot is going to be ready to use by the deer and you have about another 30 days after that where the deer will find your plot palatable. After that they will look elsewhere.   So make sure that you try to get the plot maturing when you can do most of your hunting.

One more tip, I have found that Plot-Watching features on game cameras are huge when hunting food plots. Since they are not being triggered by deer they are giving you full coverage of your plot and what walks in and out regardless of which trail. This will help you make the final decision on stand placement.






What We Need Is More Cowbell!

Cowbell Target

More Cowbell! I have a disease that only more Cowbell will cure! We have a brand new reactive target from Do-All that will have you craving more Cowbell!

With the epic demand for 22’s starting to slow we can all start getting back out and shooting and this new target is a lot more fun than punching any paper.   

The Do All Outdoors Cowbell Target gives immediate feedback on shot placement with the distinct sound of a cowbell every time it's struck with a .22 rimfire bullet. The Cow Bell Reactive Target provides hours of shooting fun—no need to walk down the range and examine the little holes on a paper target. Made of steel, with a sturdy steel stand, the Cowbell .22 Reactive Target will give you years of shooting enjoyment. Includes a high viz orange sticker.

Don't fear shooting at this new and fun target from Do All! You will be a better shot while having a great time and will reap great rewards from ringing more Cowbell!


Pink It Up!!

Women's Hunting Accessories

The largest growing segment to shooting sports is women.  With so many females entering what use to be a male dominated sport we are finally seeing a the manufacturers catching up.  We now have a full line of pink and purple sights, stabilizers, nocking points, broad heads, arrows, releases and bows for our new female shooters.  Women have the option to pink out their entire bow for the range or 3D course or to just add pink features for the tree stand if they would like.


We will be hosting a Women’s Hunting Workshop during our Fall Hunting Classic, check out the details at our store web page. And if you have ever thought about getting into archery but just did not know where to get started stop by the Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World Archery Department  and let out trained staff get you set up and ready to shoot or hunt.



Hit The Water To Hone Your Bow Skills


We are months away from the opening of bow season and you are getting tired of just shooting your bow into blocks or bags. Are you ready to pick up a new type of hunting? You might want to look into Bowfishing…  It is an awesome way to spend a morning, evening or in the dog days of summer you can do it all night long.  It gives you a chance to work on your snap shooting skills on moving targets, And in doing so you will help remove the non-game rough fish in our water ways to helping to improve our game fisheries. 

What do you need to get started? You don't need a boat like this one, just something to get you out on the water. You can fish from the shore or you could also wade in shallower areas to find those big fish to shoot. Game fish are prohibited, most rough fish such as carp and gar are ideal. Stop in at the store where we have bowfishing kits, or you can get your bows, reels and tackle separate, we can even help you set up your own hunting bow for bowfishing !!

If you would like to learn more about  how to get started into bow-fishing stop by and talk with our trained Archery staff at Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World.



USA ! USA ! USA ! Show Your Colors With These Great Items !!

Cincinnati Bass Pro Shops is your one stop shop for your gear to enjoy and celebrate the Fourth of July this year !! Men's and Women's Apparel, hats, tumblers and mugs, flags, sparklers, and even a red white and blue birdhouse can be found at our store for America's birthday celebration !!! Stop by and get stocked up for the Fourth !!


New Bows For 2014 at Cincinnati Bass Pro Shops

Check out this video of a couple of our new bows for this year. The first one is the Diamond Carbon Cure R.T.K. Compound Bow, which is a very lightweight bow at only 3.3 pounds and featuring the Knight Riser carbon riser it takes extreme archery performance to the lowest weight  !!

The second bow is the Quest by G5 Radical Compound Bow is another lightweight bow at 3.25 pounds, and it's draw weight ranging from 15–70 lbs., and the draw length adjustable from 17.5"–30", making it ideal for everyone from the beginning hunter to the adult archer.

Come check out these and all of the other great bows we have in our Archery Department at Cincinnati Bass Pro Shops .


Trippin' Cincy Style: Lock 30 Woodlands Campground

Sometimes in life the places you travel along your way from point A to get to point B seem to be forgotten. That is the way with traveling sometimes, one is focused on getting to their travel destination that little do they know what lies off of the beaten path of some of the other exits that they simply pass by.

My wife and I travel up to Maine each year and little did we know that in Lisbon, OH that there nestled among the pine trees is a wonderful campground called the Lock 30 Woodlands. We chose this campground first because it was dog friendly, but once off of the exit and to our campsite we were greeted with massive pine trees and farm land that stretched for miles. This campground was far off the beaten path, tucked away from major cities and the hustle and bustle of daily life.  Not too far away from an old river town in East Liverpool and also not far from Columbiana, OH.

Bens Camping Trip 1

The trip itself driving with two dogs, which included a couple of stops, was a little over four hours long. Once we got outside of the Columbus area the traffic and orange barrels drifts in the back ground and we were greeted by old farm house and two lane highways.

What made the trip even better was the cooking. The camp site had a fire pit on sight and we purchased fire wood from the camp store. All that was needed was a grill top, tin foil (we prefer Reynolds Wrap), fire and we were good to go. Once the fire got started we cooked hot dogs, coffee (we choose to use an enamel ware coffee pot), bacon, eggs, and steak for dinner one night. 

Bens Camping Trip Cooking

The reason we choose the name brand Reynolds Wrap over the dollar variety tin foil is for durability concerns.  There would be nothing worse than frying up some bacon only to have it fall into your fire pit because of paper thin tin foil. This same reasoning goes with the choice of our coffee pot, while an aluminum one is a good alternative, buying one made of stainless steel would be best in the long run and one would get much more use over the course of time.

Bens Camping Trip 2

While the dollar store might not be the best spot for tin foil it is a good spot to pick up Diamond Matches, the last night of our trip we were tested by heavy rains and a very moist camp ground in the morning. Both my wife and I came away very impressed with our choice of matches for the trip. These matches strike very easily and were tremendous in getting our fires started.

One thing with camping outdoors that you have to remember is that you will be greeted by many annoying flying insects called Mosquitos, the best thing we found to repel them is the Cutter Citro Guard Candle Bucket..  The bucket comes in many different colors and when burning it will provide you protection from mosquitos. I would recommend at least having two.

In another segment I will break down what type of camping equipment we used and give our thoughts and perhaps what we would bring along on our next camping trip.



How To Choose The Right Binoculars For Your Needs

Field of view, lenses, prisms, magnifications....it can all be pretty overwhelming when it comes to choosing the right binoculars for your outdoor needs. What is the right style for me, what brand, how do I know I am getting what I need? Well check out this video from Ron Poppe to answer some of these questions and more about binoculars, and be sure to stop by the store and check out our great selection as well. 


"Bonus" Bluegill Can Be Awesome !!!!

Sometimes  the simplest days of fishing can bring the biggest of smiles to even the seasoned fisherman.  Catching keeper bluegills by the dozen while tossing jigs rigged under a slip bobber can provide loads of fun.



While reeling in fish after fish, keep an eye out for things “lurking in the dark”.  This BONUS FISH was spotted slashing through the bluegills while Nick Ranes of our fishing dept quickly took hold of his BPS baitcasting rod and reel, quickly tossed a soft-plastic swim bait at the “shadow” and took advantage of the preying largemouth’s verocious appetite!  A great day of bluegill fishing turned even better – you never know when the moment will STRIKE!!! 


Easter Bunny to Make Annual Visit April 12-20 at Cincy Bass Pro Shops

Easter Event 2014

The Easter Bunny will be making his annual visit to Cincinnati Bass Pro Shops April 12 to 20, 2014. Free Picture opportunities, kids crafts and Easter Egg Hunts are all part of the event this year.

FREE Easter Bunny photos will be:

Saturdays and Sundays (4/12-13 & 4/19-20) from 11am to 4pm

Monday thru Thursday (4/14 to 4/17) 6pm to 8pm

Good Friday (4/18) 2pm to 7pm

The Free Kids’ Craft will be:

Saturdays and Sundays (4/12-13 & 4/19-20) from 1pm to 4pm

Good Friday (4/18) 4pm to 7pm

Easter Egg Hunts will be held:

Saturdays and Sundays (4/12-13 & 4/19-20) from 2pm to 3pm. All Easter Egg Hunt participants must check in at the entry table to get the information on the hunt.

For this and other information on Cincinnati Bass Pro Shops Events please visit our website


How To Modify a Jig and a Trailer

Learn how to modify a jig and trailer with these easy tips !!


KVD Signature Series XPS Fluorcarbon Fishing Line

Check out the new KVD Signature Series XPS Fluorcarbon Fishing Line at Cincinnati Bass Pro Shops today !!