"Early" Season Kayak Fishing for Crappie

March 13, 2012 – Miami Whitewater Lake, Harrison, Ohio.

A buddy and I headed out for some early spring crappie fishing from our kayaks. Had a blast !!!! The weather was incredible for this time of year here in Ohio. Sunny and 73 degrees with a slight breeze…we even scored a little sunburn along the way which is almost unheard of for March 13th !!

The water temperature when we launched our kayaks was 50 degrees. Decided to use Bass Pro Shops Squirts under a bobber, and we started out using white and chartreuse and tipped our jigs with Berkeley Crappie Nibbles in silver glitter (these worked great and really improved our catch ratio). Started marking fish anywhere from 4 to 8 feet down on trees directly adjacent to deep water.

As the day went on you could almost see the fish on the graph using these trees as “highways” to move into the shallows. By afternoon we caught several right on the windy banks. Most of the fish we caught were on the 3 to 5 foot mark on the bobber, and the few we kept for the frying pan in the picture above were some mighty good eating.

Kayak Fishing for Crappie

Want to recommend a depth finder to all of you out there reading this and going out for some kayak fishing this season. We used a Garmin 160, and I am certain we would not have caught nearly as many fish if we hadn’t had this valuable tool to use and find them. We came upon trees that were empty, then found the next tree to be full of crappie, and without the graph we might not have been able to locate them.

When we left the water temperature was 54, and it’s only going to get better soon when the “normal” crappie season kicks in.

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