Fishing the White Bass Run in Hamilton


A few members of our Cincinnati Bass Pro Shops Fishing Team travelled to the low level dam on the Great Miami River in Hamilton to try their luck last week. With outside temps in the 60’s and water temps in the 50’s, Eric, Bill and Deacon were hoping to take advantage of the conditions on  this unseasonably warm day.

What they found was a White Bass Run toward the dam feeding on the baitfish. Eric caught this white bass using a 9 foot/ 8 weight TFO fly rod with a Bass Pro Shops White River Reel with 8 weight Bass Pro Shops line. Using a handmade streamer, they caught over 30 fish this day ranging from 10 inches to 2 pounds. Pretty good day for the boys.

Eric on the Great Miami River














Work the low level dams in the area and you will find similar results. The fish are still biting !!!!

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