Woods or Water?

    Early fall is a significant time of year for anyone that has a passion for the outdoors.  Several hunting seasons are coming in and fish are really starting to bite.  If you are here in Indiana, dove and squirrel season are in full swing and our archery season for deer is just around the corner.  The early season for teal and geese has already come and gone.  With the addition of crossbows as a legal hunting method during our archery season, folks are really starting to gain some options.  Managing your days off work to fit all of this in can be difficult at times, but it can be done.  Combo hunts are some of my favorite.  For example, some friends and I spent one Sunday morning hunting geese and  when that was done, we re-tooled and shot our limits of doves.My lab Woody looks on after a successful combo hunt on a September Sunday morning.  Watching football on Sunday afternoon after a morning like that is very satisfying.  

    Don't limit yourself to just hunting though, fishing is awesome right now, too.  Whether you are soaking a wax worm under a bobber to catch a mess of bluegill or gunning after some largemouth,  you are bound to find some kind of success.  Look for the bass to begin moving shallow and chasing bait around.  The Alabama Rig is an excellent selection for bass right now.  Mix it up with crankbaits, topwater, and spinnerbaits as well.  Focus on looking for bait and fishing near the bait.  Try different colors and depths until you find what they want.  If you have done all of that and can't figure out a way to catch them, you can always head home and finish the afternoon with a bow shoot.

   There are no shortage of options right now when it comes to enjoying yourself outside.  The beautiful weather we have been blessed with this month is just an extra incentive to be out doing something.  The hardest part will be choosing what to do with your time off.  Make sure to plan a trip to Bass Pro Shops on your way out so you can be geared for success.  Nothing is as bad as finding out you don't have enough shotgun shells or the kind of baits you need to be successful on these nice days.

-Brian Eickholtz

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