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Last year, Bass Pro Shops- Columbia made a commitment to participate in Bike MS and it had a pretty strong impact on us.

Human Resources Manager Holly Russell had volunteered for the event a couple years and decided to try to get our store involved.

“Brian and David (managers) started biking for fitness, and I kept posting things in efforts to improve the wellness of our associates,” Holly said. “I encouraged them to do something good for their fitness because it’s important.”

With a little encouragement, a Bass Pro Shops team of six was formed.

It’s hard to find someone that doesn’t know someone with Multiple Sclerosis or have it themselves. More than 2.1 million people are affected by MS worldwide! It’s a chronic disease that attacks the central nervous system causing symptoms such as numbness in limbs, paralysis or loss of vision.

We raised nearly $5,000 last year doing some internal fundraising as well as hot dog cook outs at our store. This year, we hope to raise over $5,000 and have almost 20 people on our team!

We take this event seriously, but have fun while we train. Everyone on our team even gets a specially designed Bass Pro Shops-Columbia jersey designed by our very own, Brian.

Speaking of Brian, he earned the fastest time overall at Bike MS with 5hrs 21min riding 150 miles, crossing the finish line with his buddy from Wentzville. It’s not a competitive race, but we’re proud of him!

Brian and David are training very hard and are both at almost 1,000 miles already after two months. They are participating in the 500 mile-one week ride as well as Bike MS and the outdoor challenge. Pretty impressive!

“The camaraderie was neat and the fundraising effort felt effortless. It was enjoyable and fun- the best fundraiser this store has ever done and it wasn’t really bass pro affiliated,” Brian said. “It gave Bass Pro a mark in the community because the customers were impressed by our efforts.”

Everyone knows someone with MS, the cause really touches home for our store.

Our front porch hot dog grilling events kick-off in August. One hot dog, chips and a bottle of water will be sold for $2, helping us reach our goal of $5,000.

Here are our grilling dates from 10a.m.-4p.m.:

August 10th & 11th

August 17th & 18th

August 24th & 25th

August 31st & Sept. 1st

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