Feeding Fall Deer

This summer’s drought has made it tough on our local deer herds. Just like the grass in your yard has been dead for weeks, a lot of the other succulent green food stuffs that deer rely on during the summer months are brown. And at least in my neck of the woods, the fall acorn crop is going to be almost nonexistent this year.
In my opinion, this harsh summer will make fall food plots even more important for deer and deer hunters than usual. The deer will go wherever they can find some nutritious new growth, and that can make for a very nice hunting season for those of us who plan accordingly.
If you have a piece of ground that you plant on, take advantage of this situation. Bass Pro has more food plot products than you can shake a stick at, but these are a few of my favorites…
•         Mossy Oak Biologic seeds

•         Whitetail Institute Imperial seeds

•         Evolved Habitats seeds and attractants

•         Wildgame Innovations seeds and attractants

Feeding Fall Deer

If you haven’t made plans let to buy some seed and give deer a reason to visit your plot this fall, it’s time to do it. The best time to plant most fall plots is right around Labor Day – ideally just before a nice, gentle rain.
Please take a minute and share with the rest of us what you’ve planted in the past and how the deer like it.  For the deer in my area, they really seem to enjoy a fall plot of oats, wheat, and clover.  What works best in your area?
Todd Pridemore, Local Hunting Pro Team Member

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