North vs. South Missouri Gardening

Recently, my family and I moved from Northern Missouri to south of Jefferson City because we wanted to be closer to our grand kids and family. It’s amazing how much difference a few miles can make. The new house has big, mature trees in the yard and is surrounded by woods. Up North we had no trees or holler, it was all flat. I love the shade and the serenity the trees give you, but with that comes bugs, acorns, leaves, squirrels and all kinds of critters. Up North, we never lost a chicken to predators in three years; we were at the new house two days and lost two chickens the same night to a fox! 

Being a gardener, the biggest change for me moving south is the rocks! Up North I could plow an entire field and never turn over a rock, and I could dig a hole three foot deep with a shovel. Now I can’t dig a hole an inch deep without hitting rocks! I haven’t plowed up the new garden spot yet, but it looks like rocks might be the main thing growing there. I’m from Southern Missouri, so I’m no stranger to rocks, and we’ve always had a good garden even with them in it, just makes it a little more challenging. We did purchase an 8x8 insulated green house for the new house; I’m looking forward to lettuce and onions all winter long, and maybe a few potatoes. Being close to the grand babies and family makes all the challenges worth it. A house doesn’t make a home, family, friends and love does.

By: Jeff Emory- Receiving Manager


Early season buck rubs

Local hunting pro Todd Pridemore explains buck rubs and how to use them to your advantage:


Bow Opener Tips: Acorns & Squeaky Seats

Our local hunting pro Todd Pridemore gives tips about acorns and something you may not think about until you're already in the stand.


Why acorns are key to early season deer

Local hunting pro team member Todd Pridemore shares his tip for early season deer:



Fishing tips and Binder Lake trip recap

Social media director Caitlin Kerfin here! I had the privilege of tagging along on a fishing trip last week with Bass Pro associates Cory and Andy to Binder Lake in Jefferson City. As a new citizen to the world of fishing, I learned a lot just sitting in the boat hearing the fisherman lingo and seeing them work through their initial frustration when they weren't catching anything in the beginning of the trip.

"I don't care about catching keepers, as long as I'm catching something," Andy said. "I turn into a little kid again when I start catching fish."

Andy used to fish professionally, and I thought it was cool that he feels that way about fishing. They went out on the water and just had fun catching as many fish as they could, no matter the size or type.

Andy ended up catching 15 fish and Cory caught 11, making it a pretty successful trip.

How did they catch so many? They used Fluorocarbon and braid like this:


Cory swears by his lures, but wanted to learn something new on this fishing trip. Andy taught him how to use a Drop Shot rig:


We started out fishing in the sun along the edge of the water amidst a ton of lily pads and didn't have too much luck. Thinking the heat was hampering our success, we moved to the shady side of the lake once the sun started to set.

Toward the end of our trip, I tried my luck and ended up catching a fish pretty fast! Of course, once I reeled in the first one my confidence shot up and I held my own in some trash talking, disregarding beginner's luck. It's part of fishing, right? Regardless of our smack talk, we all had a great time out on the lake learning new things, doing something we love and coming together through the Bass Pro family.


Gear-Up Sweepstakes


Come to our store to enter for a chance to win a hunt with Lee and Tiffany Lakosky at Border Bucks Outfitters. The travel expense and accommodations will be paid for up to $2,000 and comes with an Under Armour apparel package worth $1,000.

Also, a prize will be given at our store of Under Armour gear worth $245, so come in and enter!


Belly Brothers BBQ Team Smoke Their Competition


Gary Walkup and John Berkbuegler are Bass Pro Shops-Columbia associates during work days, but on their time off, they call themselves the award winning Belly Brothers Competition BBQ Team.

Lucky for you, they’re bringing their BBQ skills to work Saturday for Hometown Festival, and you can try a sample!  Learn tips for successful meat smoking from one of the best Saturday at 1:30p.m. John will be doing the demo with pork loin, and trust us, you don’t want to miss it.

This fiery duo has been life-long friends. Gary was even the best man in John’s wedding! John had always done backyard competitions, but in 2006 when Gary bought a smoker, they decided to enter into Kansas City Barbeque Society’s contest together as a team. Even though this was their first competition together, they won 2nd place in pork, 3rd in brisket and 11th overall! From then on they were hooked and do about five or six BBQ competitions per year.

Among their proudest moments include winning the 2010 Rock’n Ribs contest in Springfield and achieving first place in the 2009 BBQ contest at our store. Their next competition is at the American Royal October 1 in Kansas City.

Hot Tips: So what is their secret to BBQ success? “Don’t get caught up in trying to cook by time, but by temperature, and let the meat tell you when you’re done,” Gary said. They found their recipes through trial and error, but the team often uses some of the Bass Pro Shops injections such as the honey bacon flavor sauce for their competitions. “If BBQ contests were easy, everyone would be doing it,” he said.  

Stay calm and come see John from the Belly Brothers BBQ Team demonstrate how to smoke pork loin and ask him questions at 1:30p.m. Saturday, August 31 at our store.


Dove season is here (almost!)



If you love being outside, chances are you love dove hunting in Missouri! Dove season opens on Sunday, Sept. 1. There’s nothing quite as fun and action-packed as harvesting doves as the sun rises while sitting at the edge of a grain field. If you’ve never given it a shot before, give it a try this September.

There are a few pieces of equipment that will make your dove hunting trip extra enjoyable, like…

•         A good stool to sit on.  This Redhead Dove Stool is my favorite.

•         A few dove decoys. There are several different ones to choose from, like these.

•         Shells for your shotgun. Winchester Super Dove  is on sale from now through Sept. 2.

Good luck!

-Todd Pridemore, Local Hunting Pro Team Member


New Under Armour sunglasses


Bass Pro Shops- Columbia is proud to display our new Under Armour sunglasses! What's so great about this brand and why are we so excited? Under Armour sunglasses has a price range that is affordable for good quality glasses. They're lightweight and have an adjustable nose pad, making them custom fit. They have a three point grip system as well which makes them stay put while you are on your outdoor adventures. They even stay on the top of your hat better! These sunglasses are very durable and enhance vision up to 20 percent.

For more information about these cool sunglasses, visit our website or ask one of our gifts associates.


Ducks Unlimited kids' duck call contest

Ducks Unlimited is sponsoring a kids' duck call contest at 2p.m. August 18, 2013 at our store here in Columbia. Bring your kids for a free contest where they can win Bass Pro gift cards. Kids must be under 18 to participate. No pre-registration regquired.

Watch this video for tips on how to execute different duck calls!


Here is an episode from DU-TV following the Chamers family hosting events in Columbia. There's a peek at what the duck call contest will be like too!



Livin' Large

Would you like to have better food and not have to go grocery shopping? 

Gardening is a great way to raise your own food for pennies of what it costs in the store. If you don’t have the space for a full garden, you can raise most everything in raised beds or five gallon buckets. The most inexpensive way to go is to start from seeds. You can buy pea pots or grow in styrofoam cups, they just need a warm place with plenty of sunlight. You will also have less trouble with diseases if you start your plants from seeds.

Don’t forget to capture your rain water! It’s better for your plants and will save on the water bill.

With a small garden you can raise and preserve enough vegetables to feed a family all winter, and do it for pennies on the dollar. Not to mention, you will know exactly what went into it, so you won’t be feeding your family harsh chemicals.

Green beans mature in about 85 days and you actually pick beans from the same plant several times. Just snap off the ends and break into the size pieces you prefer, wash, put in zip-lock freezer bags and place in your freezer. You will have fresh green beans all winter.

Tomatoes are very easy to grow and you can make juice, can them  whole, make your own salsa, ketchup, spaghetti sauce, etc. We prefer Mrs. Wages mixes and the package has the recipe.

Corn is easy to grow but does take up more space to grow than the other veggies. You can cut off the cob and place in freezer bags, leave on the cob and place in freezer bags, or leave in the husk and place in bags. Make sure you pull the end of the husk down and check for worms, if there is a worm on the ear, cut off the bad spot remove the worm, pull the husk back over the end and use bread tie to secure.

Cucumbers can be eaten, canned, or pickled. Again, we use Mrs. Wages spice mix for our pickles and follow the recipe on the back.

Zucchini grows fast and produces a lot. You can make jelly, fry it, make zucchini bread, or grind up your zucchini and freeze and make bread all winter.

Peppers are a great item to grow dry and grind and use for your own seasoning or eat right out of the garden. Pepper plants produce a lot of peppers, so you won’t need very many plants to have a lot of peppers.

Cantaloupes and watermelon are easy to grow, but since they are a vining plant, they will need extra space to vine out. If you have a dehydrator both of these make a tasty snack when dehydrated.

By: Jeff Emory
Receiving Manager


Teal Season is Right Around the Corner!


                                                                                          -photo from Ducks Unlimited 

By: Associate Landon

September for many is the official start of the fall hunting season. Dove season begins on the 1st of the month and Archery season begins on the 15th, but for many avid waterfowl hunters the most important date in 2013 is September 7th, which signals the beginning of the Missouri early teal season.

Blue-winged teal are the second most numerous duck in North America, finishing second only to the mallard.  Teal are typically the first waterfowl to begin migration in the fall, as well as the first to head back north in the spring. The blue-winged teal produces nearly 75% of the annual harvest during the September early teal season, but green-winged teal and cinnamon teal are legal as well.

Many waterfowl hunters look forward to teal season each year because it offers an excellent opportunity to fine tune those wing shooting skills, get those bird dogs on point and allows them to relieve some of that duck depression we all experience when the regular waterfowl season ends.

The 2013 Missouri early teal season will run from Sept. 7th-Sept. 22nd, which totals 16 days. The bag limit for 2013 has been raised to a 6 bird limit up from the 2012 season of only 4 birds. Possession limits were also raised for the 2013 early teal season to 18 total birds, which is up from 12 total birds in 2012. Shooting hours run from sunrise to sunset to allow hunters plenty of light to fully identify their target. If you would like to hunt teal in Missouri you must obtain a Missouri small game permit, Missouri Migratory bird permit, as well as the Federal Duck stamp, all of which are available through the Missouri Department of Conservation, as well as at your local Bass Pro Shops.

The essentials for hunting teal are very minimal and should include waders, a decent shotgun, steel shot, and about a dozen decoys or so (subject to personal preference).  There are many items that you could consider adding to your bag of tricks to increase your chances for harvest. Try some of these items for an enhanced edge this season:

Redhead® Floating Blue-winged Teal Decoys (Also available in Green-winged Teal)

These super lifelike decoys will have teal unable to resist landing in your spread!  For a quick, convenient set up check out the Redhead® No-Hassle Decoy Rigging Anchor System


Trail Camera Tactics

Hunting associate Blake from Campfire Stories on the Pursuit Channel shares some tips about trail cameras to start figuring out what bucks you have on your property.


Game cameras, corn and trophy rocks

trophy rock

Earlier this week I walked out of Bass Pro with a new Cuddeback Black Flash game camera, two bags of deer corn, and a Trophy Rock. Yesterday evening, I hung the camera on a secluded ridge where I’ve captured lots of photos of good bucks in the past.

If you haven’t gotten your deer cameras out yet, this is the time to do it. Bucks’ antlers have grown to the point where it’s pretty easy to sift through the “little uns” and focus on the “whoppers.” If you do plan to set out one or more game cams this summer, keep the following tips in mind:

  •          Keep your scent controlled – Even though it’s not hunting season, big bucks can still easily get spooked if you get careless while hanging cameras.  Wear rubber boots and gloves.
  •          Focus your camera on an attractant – During this time of year, it’s a good idea to put something like a Trophy Rock or pile of corn in front of your camera to attract deer in front of your lens.  Watering holes are also a good bet while it’s hot and dry.
  •          Be patient – Don’t check your game camera too often. Resist the urge to disturb the area by walking in to your camera more than once per week, and once every other week is better.

Have fun, and I hope you get some great photos in the weeks ahead! Also, we'd love for you to share them with us on facebook at

Todd Pridemore, Local Hunting Pro Team Member



Outdoor Recipes

We've got some pretty serious campers on our team here at Bass Pro Shops- Columbia, and they have some great tips for food you can make for your outdoor adventures.

Cory says he lives by Potato Packs which are super easy to make over a campfire. First you take aluminum foil and butter it so nothing sticks. Then you just throw in potatoes, ham, onions, peppers and whatever else you fancy. After that you sprinkle whatever seasoning you'd like (Cory uses garlic salt). He says it takes about 15 minutes to cook, but it really depends on how hot your fire is. You'll know it's done by how soft the potatoes are. When it's nice and toasty just take it off the fire, open the pack and enjoy with a fork!

Craig suggested Po Boy Shrimp which he says is delicious. He uses freshwater Drum or Bluegill and de-scales them. Once all of the scales are gone he says you cut them into strips and boil them in shrimp spices. They'll curl up making them look just like shrimp!

Other meals they cook include fried mushrooms which you just soak in milk, roll in flour, salt and pepper and boil with crawfish with shrimp spices. Another very timely meal they suggested is fried frog legs. Once you catch your frogs just take the legs and roll them in flour and fry!

For more camp food ideas, check out our various cookbooks for sale in our store!

cook book


New accessories for crossbows

We've got some really cool new accessories for crossbow lovers. One new item in our store is the Carbon Express LAUNCHPAD™ Lighted Crossbow Moon Nock. Its LED is release activated with aluminum housing, adjustable barrel, indexed nock end and a reusable spacer tab. It is easy to install and is lightweight with a long-life battery. Did we mention it's fully adjustable? Pretty sweet.


Another new item is the Pursuit® 1x30 3-Dot Crossbow or Rimfire Sight. It has a ton of features such as its flip-up lens cover, 1x magnification, 30mm objective, 1-piece construction. It's fogproof and waterproof and has a technical lens coating. It also has 3-dot, 5 MOA in red or green. It works great on crossbows and rimfire rifles and has a parallax setting of 20 yards.

If you have any questions about these new products or would like to see what else is new, come in to our store and ask one of our helpful hunting associates or visit our website.



Fourth of July Sale


The Bass Pro Shops Fourth of July Sale ends July 4, so hurry over to our store for some last minute shopping!

We have a ton of items on sale that will help you celebrate the holiday such as $149.97 Masterbuilt 2-door propane smoker and the $549.99 Brinkmann smoke'n grill pro 5-burner propane grill, and the $49.97 Bass Pro Shops stainless steel fish fryer.

Need folding chairs for the firework show you're going to see? We have festive American flag chairs on sale for $12.99 and a Portal oversized mesh chair for $24.97 complete with a cup holder.

If you're going on vacation you may need some new fishing gear or a tent. We have numerous fishing items on sale as well as a Bass Pro Shops 12'x12' dome tent for $149.97.

Our Summer of Fun Sale ends July 14th also with even more savings. Save $50 on the Coleman area tent or $90 on an XPS 76" Phantom towable tube for example. Fishing, hunting, camping, lake activities all have items on sale!

The savings are great! For a complete list of sale items check out the Bass Prop Shops catalog or our website.


Bass Pro bikes for MS

Bass Pro team

Last year, Bass Pro Shops- Columbia made a commitment to participate in Bike MS and it had a pretty strong impact on us.

Human Resources Manager Holly Russell had volunteered for the event a couple years and decided to try to get our store involved.

“Brian and David (managers) started biking for fitness, and I kept posting things in efforts to improve the wellness of our associates,” Holly said. “I encouraged them to do something good for their fitness because it’s important.”

With a little encouragement, a Bass Pro Shops team of six was formed.

It’s hard to find someone that doesn’t know someone with Multiple Sclerosis or have it themselves. More than 2.1 million people are affected by MS worldwide! It’s a chronic disease that attacks the central nervous system causing symptoms such as numbness in limbs, paralysis or loss of vision.

We raised nearly $5,000 last year doing some internal fundraising as well as hot dog cook outs at our store. This year, we hope to raise over $5,000 and have almost 20 people on our team!

We take this event seriously, but have fun while we train. Everyone on our team even gets a specially designed Bass Pro Shops-Columbia jersey designed by our very own, Brian.

Speaking of Brian, he earned the fastest time overall at Bike MS with 5hrs 21min riding 150 miles, crossing the finish line with his buddy from Wentzville. It’s not a competitive race, but we’re proud of him!

Brian and David are training very hard and are both at almost 1,000 miles already after two months. They are participating in the 500 mile-one week ride as well as Bike MS and the outdoor challenge. Pretty impressive!

“The camaraderie was neat and the fundraising effort felt effortless. It was enjoyable and fun- the best fundraiser this store has ever done and it wasn’t really bass pro affiliated,” Brian said. “It gave Bass Pro a mark in the community because the customers were impressed by our efforts.”

Everyone knows someone with MS, the cause really touches home for our store.

Our front porch hot dog grilling events kick-off in August. One hot dog, chips and a bottle of water will be sold for $2, helping us reach our goal of $5,000.

Here are our grilling dates from 10a.m.-4p.m.:

August 10th & 11th

August 17th & 18th

August 24th & 25th

August 31st & Sept. 1st


Early summer deer


Saturday I took a walk with a buddy around his hunting property. Even though it was well after sunrise, we had several different run ins with deer – catching glimpses of six mature animals and two sets of spotted, twin fawns.

Even though it’s getting hot outside, this is a good time to begin assessing the deer population on your property – especially at mineral sites and water holes. If you haven’t already set out one or more Trophy Rocks or dumped out some Trophy Rock Four65, do it now. Bucks are growing antlers and does are feeding fawns. Those extra minerals will help your deer get healthier and stay healthier.

And it’s also a good time to think about the bucks you’ll want one your hit list this fall. Make sure your game cameras are ready to go, or pick up one or two more at Bass Pro soon. And if you can do it without spooking the deer, spying on bucks from a distance as they come out to feed in the evenings is a lot of fun. Make sure you have a good pair of binoculars if you plan to watch this from a distance. My personal favorites are Redhead Epic’s which are actually on sale at a tremendous discount right now.

I can’t think of a better way to get through the summer than to spend it studying the deer I’ll hunt this fall. If you’re not already doing it, give it a try. You’ll be glad you did!

-Todd Pridemore, Local Hunting Pro Team Member


Free JAKES event

We are partnering with National Wild Turkey Federation to host a JAKES event at our store!

When? June 29 from 12p.m.-5p.m.

Where? Our store! Bass Pro Shops- Columbia

What? Along with Family Summer Camp acitvities and kids' fishing on the deck, there will also be kayak demos, free lunch to the first 100 people, prizes for all and a special grand prize!

Join us as we strive to introduce young people to the joy of the outdoors.

For more information, visit our Facebook page.