Go Outdoors Event and Sale

Come join Bass Pro Shops- Columbia for our largest Outdoor sale and event of the year May 16 through 26 for lots of great sales, FREE seminars, giveaways, Oakley/GoPro Sweepstakes and kid’s events! We will host FREE summer fun seminars May 17 and 18th. Learn useful information of water safety, geocaching, outdoor cooki...ng and the priorities of survival in cooperation with Bear Grylls. The following weekend, May 24 and 25th, will be our free kids’ summer kick-off event! We will offer FREE photo downloads, NEW Bass Pro Shops/ Daisy shooting range, metal detector treasure hunt, adventure scavenger hunt, kids’ outdoors seminars, crafts, prizes and kids’ fishing on the deck!

Workshops May 17 and 18 from 11a.m.-5p.m.
-pack, pitch, play 11a.m. and 3p.m. each day
-first 25 customers to attend pack and play workshop will receive a blue Go Outdoors tumbler
-priorities of survival seminars
-first 50 customers to attend priorities of survival seminar receives survival whistle which includes a compass
-wear it right
-Ultimate Outdoors Getaway Sweepstakes May 16-20
-Cooking demos 1-5p.m.

Kids Adventure Weekend event May 24-25
-Bass Pro Shops Daisy Shooting Range (certificate of completion)
-adventure scavenger hunt begins at 11a.m.
-kids' seminars/workshop
-safe passage Saturday and Sunday at 2 and 3p.m.
-kids' adventures in camping Saturday and Sunday at 11a.m., 1p.m. and 4p.m.
-Free photo download
-Craft: color a wood magnet
-Coloring sheets
*first 100 to fill punch card receives free whistle and water bottle


Turkey hunting product review: RedHead Reality Series Remote Crazy Jake Turkey Decoy System

To see this decoy in action click play on the video above.

I’m really excited to give this new decoy system a try once turkey season arrives. This jake decoy is 30% smaller than most other strutting decs, which means there will be a much smaller chance it will scare off any real longbeards that might be easily intimidated. The artistic details on the head, body, and wings are impressive.

But the most prominent feature of this product is the motion that it provides… as if the jake is really alive. With a simple touch of the button on the small remote control unit, the decoy slowly turns one way, and then automatically moves in the opposite direction – in a half-circle, 180 degree arc. The motion will continue until you push the remote button a second time. And the range of the remote is very impressive. The signal works from 100 yards away and is strong enough to carry past some obstacles when the line-of-sight between the remote and decoy is blocked.

I was concerned if the battery-powered motor would produce any sound that might scare turkeys. And, at a very close range, the motor does make a slight humming sound. However, I couldn’t detect the sound when I was six feet or farther from the decoy itself. (I’ll want to make sure I remember that when gobblers approach it for a close-up visit later this spring.)

This is a fun and high-quality product for you to consider adding to your turkey hunting arsenal this spring!

Todd Pridemore, Local Hunting Pro


How To Choose the Perfect Turkey Hunting Vest


Spring has finally arrived and that means it’s time for warmer weather. Buds will begin blooming and forming a beautiful shade of green across the land and for many avid hunters, it means spring turkey season!  For most hunters there is nothing better than the sound of a spring gobbler sounding off through the morning fog, roosted in a nearby oak tree,  looking for his next lucky lady to try a woo.  Gobblers are sometimes unpredictable and there is nothing more important than being able to set up at a moment’s notice to bag that bird of a lifetime. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just beginning, Redhead has a great line of turkey vests and chairs to always have you prepared for whatever that wise ol’ gobbler throws your way.

If you are just beginning to get into the wonderful world of chasing turkeys or don’t want something “too fancy” a great vest to start with is the Redhead Classic Turkey Vest. This vest is economical in price at only $29.99, while still being very functional. This vest offers an upper portion that is constructed to provide full range of motion, it features two large external pockets that give you plenty of space for calls, masks, gloves, etc., a rear game bag for when you bag your trophy bird, fully adjustable shoulder and chest straps, a drop-down seat cushion to help aid in comfort no matter when you have to set up, and a detachable blaze orange safety flag.  This vest available in Realtree Xtra Green and Mossy Oak Obsession, it is made of 100% microfiber polyester and is a one size fits most.

The best bang for your buck turkey vest on the market anywhere is the Redhead Striker Turkey Vest.  This vest is priced right at only $59.99, while giving you many great features to help give you all day comfort and also give you plenty of storage space to harbor every tool needed to fool that tough old tom! The Redhead Striker vest features individual pockets for a box call and a striker, a mesh mouth call pocket, 2 slate call pockets, and additional accessory pockets. A magnetic fold down seat cushion made of memory foam will give you unmatched comfort on any terrain. We have also given you a thick foam padded back cushion to protect you from the uncomfortable ridges that tough old oak bark can present. An adjustable game bag in the back holds decoys or your trophy gobbler, and a detachable blaze orange flags adds a measure of safety to your walk in and out of the woods. When you’re running and gunning you need to stay hydrated which is why Redhead has made this vest 100% hydration compatible (Bladder not uncluded). This vest is offered in two great camo patterns, Realtree Xtra Green and Mossy Oak Obsession to help keep you hidden from the best eyes in the woods!

Are you a seasoned turkey hunting veteran? Then you understand how hard it can sometimes be to find a good tree or brush pile to set up against, until now! I’d like to introduce to you the Redhead Bucklick Creek Turkey Lounger Vest. This patented vest/chair system features a dropdown, self-supporting seat that gives you the freedom to sit comfortably and in excellent shooting position, regardless of terrain. Adjustable shoulder and sternum straps assure you a custom fit every time, while a Smart Pocket System makes your calls and other accessories easily accessible. This great vest is assembled from tough, waterproof mircofleece fabrics, which all your external pockets are highly water resistant, which will help protect your valuable tools from the elements. This vest features a hydration compartment (Bladder not included) to keep you from getting thirsty and a roomy game bag, to carry decoys into the field and carry that gobbler of a lifetime out of the field!

Spring turkey hunting is a fun and sometimes difficult thing to do and having the right tools and equipment can help you have a successful hunt. There is not much more as exciting as bagging a spring turkey, and whether it is your 25th gobbler of a long hunting career or your 1st gobbler of many future birds, Bass Pro Shops and Redhead can’t wait to go along with you on your journey and be a part of the memory of a lifetime.

By Landon Perry- camo team leader


Turkey hunting product review: RedHead BlackOut turkey choke tube



This afternoon I took my new BlackOut Turkey Choke Tube, screwed it into my old Benelli 12 gauge, and slapped the trigger while aiming at RedHead Turkey Targets that I positioned 30, 40, and 50 yards away.  I was shooting 3” shells with number 4 shot.

The results at 30 yards were what I was expecting, and there would be no doubt that that “bird” wouldn’t be going anywhere (see the top target in the accompanying photo). The 40 yard shot was comparable. My first shot at 50 yards put fewer shot in the kill zone than I wanted, but I changed from Remington to Winchester turkey shells and that made a big difference (the bottom target in the photo).  I’m also confident that I could improve the pattern even more if I opted for size 5 or 6 shot in the future.

Overall, I’m happy with the performance of the BlackOut Choke Tube. It lessened the amount of kick I feel when I pull the trigger, and it gives me the confidence I need to reach out and tag a longbeard that’s standing half-a-football field away.

Todd Pridemore, Local Hunting Pro


Bowfishing- gear up!


With the beautiful weather we’ve been having lately, we’ve been gettin’ the itch to fish. Here are some bow fishing tips and tricks to get you ready for the season.

-Look for large rivers or streams like the Missouri or Mississippi because they'll have more invasive species for you to catch.

-Flooded fields are good places to go bowfishing because the fish will go up there to eat. You can use a boat or walk in waders depending on the depth

-There are three different types of bowfishing. Arial bowfishing is when the fish jump out of the water and you shoot it. Night bowfishing is usually with a boat, using the generator for light. At night fish come up to eat bugs and more active, so a lot of fish can be caught then. Lastly, wade fishing can be done on banks or shallow waters.

Gear you’ll need

-The AMS Kit will get you started bowfishing with great equipment. It is $159.99 and includes a bottle, line, retrieving system, 2 arrows, beginners DVD, Arrow nest and an arrow holder.

-You can use any bow, but it needs a stabilizer attachment.

-If you want a boat, use a Grizzly 1860 Sportsman that has a bow fishing platform. We have one on display right now that is for sale, come on in and check it out.

-You’ll need fiberglass or carbon fiber arrows that run from $15 to $50. Don’t worry about losing them though; they have string attached to them so you can get it back, unless you hit a stump of course.

-The best reel for bowfishing is the Zebco 808 Bowfisher or using the AMS bowfishing kit ($40-80).

To practice:

- To practice arial bowfishing, fill a 2 liter of soda with water. Throw them in the air and shoot to practice hitting your target. Bowfishing in water is a bit tricky. Because of the reflection on the water, you have to get used to shooting at an angle which can be difficult. To compensate, shoot in front of the fish. Use a milk jug or something similar to float in water and practice shooting in front of it.


Our final tips are to make sure you an Ascend dry bag to put your phone and other valuables in to keep them from getting wet. Always ask permission before going in a field (it’s polite), and most importantly, be safe. Bring a buddy to make sure if anything goes wrong, you’re not alone. No special license is needed, just a regular fishing license.

For info on regulations and species you can bowfish for, visit Missouri Department of Conservation's website.


Spring Fishing Classic

Join us for our annual Spring Fishing Classic! Here is a list of events and activities that will be held in our store.

Local fishing tips seminars: Feb. 28- March 16

Fried fish sampling: March 8- 2p.m.-4p.m.

Women’s workshop: March 15- 3p.m.
with giveaways and a raffle
*see seminar list below

Feb. 28- March 16- Win a Nitro Z7 and fish with elite angler Edwin Evers sweepstakes: Enter for a chance to win a Nitro Z7 Bass Boat, 3-day/3-night stay at Big Cedar Lodge, and fishing trip with B.A.S.S. Elite Series Professional Angler Edwin Evers.

Feb. 28-March 5: Reel tarde-in: Donate your functioning used reel and receive a coupon towards a discount on a new reel.

March 6-12 Bonus Bucks: Use your Bass Pro Shops Master Card to purchase new gear and receive up to $100 in Bonus Bucks

March 7-11 Rod trade-in: Donate your functioning used rod and receive a coupon towards a discount on a new rod.
Next Generation Weekend: Saturday and Sunday March 15 & 16
-Crafts 1p.m.-4:30p.m.
-Catch and release pond- Noon-5p.m.
-Photos: Noon-5p.m.: Free 4x6 printed photo of your kids
catching fish in our catch and release pond
-Kids workshop: 2:30 and 4:30 each day
-Free crafts
-Coloring sheets
*first 150 kids to get their Next Generation Card punched will receive a free tackle box
*each child will receive a “Keep America Fishing” Bass Pro Shops certificate
-6p.m.: Mike Webb- Electronics & Deep Water Fishing
-6:30p.m.: Tips for Fishing the Lake of the Ozarks
-7p.m.: Brian Snowden- Seasonal Patterns for Jigs
-7:30p.m.: Techniques for Fishing Bass
-8p.m.: Rick Clunn- Square Bill Crankbait & Jerkbait Techniques

-10a.m.: Selecting the Right Hardbait for Different Conditions
-11a.m.: Fish Finders: Tips and Tricks
-12p.m.: Soft Plastics: Different Rigs for Different Conditions
-1p.m.: Fundamentals of Trolling Motors
-2p.m.: Crappie Basics
-3p.m.: Fish Finders: Tips and Tricks
-4p.m.: Features and Benefits of a Tracker Aluminum Boat
-5p.m.: Tips for Fishing the LAke of teh Ozarks

-10a.m.: Selecting the Right Hardbait for Different Conditions
-11a.m.: Fish Finders: Tips and Tricks
-12p.m.: Features and Benefits of a Tracker Aluminum Boat
-1p.m.: Tips for Fishing the Lake of the Ozarks
-2p.m.: Features and Benefits of a Nitro Fiber Glass Boat
-3p.m.: Fish Finders: Tips and Tricks
-4p.m.: Fundamentals of Trolling Motors
-5p.m.: Tips and Trends for Bass Fishing

-6p.m.: Soft Plastics: Different Rigs for Different Conditions
-7p.m.: Bowfishing for Beginners/ Rigging for Bowfishing

*FREE travel mug giveaway to the first 25 customers to attend this seminar
-8p.m.: How to Use the Bass Pro Boss Shad and Other Swimbaits

-10a.m.: Selecting the Right Hardbait for Different Conditions
*11a.m.: Locating Bass in New Waters
-12p.m.: Soft Plastics: Different Rigs for Different Conditions
*1p.m.: Topwater Techniques for Bass
*2p.m.: Spinning Reel Tactics for Bass
*3p.m.: Does the Color of Your Bass Lure Matter
*4p.m.: Become a Smallmouth Specialist
*5p.m.: Choosing the Right Soft Plastics for Crappie
*FREE travel mug giveaway to the first 25 customers to attend these seminars

**2p.m.-4p.m. Free Uncle Buck's fried fish samples!

-10a.m.: Selecting the Right Hardbait for Different Conditions
*11a.m.: Locating Bass in New Waters
-12p.m.: Soft Plastics: Different Rigs for Different Conditions
*1p.m.: Topwater Techniques for Bass
*2p.m.: Spinning Reel Tactics for Bass
*3p.m.: Does the Color of Your Bass Lure Matter
*4p.m.: Become a Smallmouth Specialist
*5p.m.: Choosing the Right Soft Plastics for Crappie
*FREE travel mug giveaway to the first 25 customers to attend these seminars

-10a.m.: Selecting the Right Hardbait for Different Conditions
-11a.m.: Features and Benefits of a Nitro Fiber Glass Boat
-12p.m.: Soft Plastics: Different Rigs for Different Conditions
-1p.m.: Fish Finders: Tips and Tricks
-2:30p.m.: Thinking Like a Fish
-3p.m.: Women's Fishing Workshop
-4:30p.m.: Thinking Like a Fish
-5p.m.: Fundamentals of Trolling Motors

-10a.m.: Selecting the Right Hardbait for Different Conditions
-11a.m.: Fish Finders: Tips and Tricks
-12p.m.: Features and Benefits of a Tracker Aluminum Boat
-1p.m.: The fun of Fishing
-2:30p.m.: Thinking Like a Fish
-3p.m.: Soft Plastics: Different Rigs for Different Conditions
-4:30p.m.: Thinking Like a Fish
-5p.m. Tips and Trends for Bass FishingSee More


Spring turkey

Hunting lead Blake tells ya what you need to know about Spring turkey:


Snaggin' season


Photo from Tracker parts associate Jim


There's a lot of excitement in our store for the upcoming snagging season March 15- April 30. We have an entire display (near the deck) dedicated to the sport, stocked with everything you'll need to snag that big one including snagging combos for $59.97.

Tips and need-to-knows:

-You'll need a heavy rod and reel to snag those fish.

-Your line capacity should be at least 150 yards of 80lb line.

-It's easiest to snag from a boat, but it is possible without one.

-You'll need a 12 to 20oz bank weight at the end of the line. About 1ft up your line, use a treble hook, and tie another every 3ft up (depending on depth of water). Make sure if you're in Missouri you have no more than three hooks size 8/0 or 12/0.

-If you're on a boat, idle at a constant forward motion, letting out the line to the depth of the lake plus 50 yards (depending on the depth of the lake). You should feel the weight hitting the bottom. Lift your rod up and put it down, constantly working the rod.

-Once you hook into a fish, pull it up and reel him in.

-If you don't have a boat then use a heavy action casting style rod 10ft in lenth.

-Cast it, allow it to set, reel in tight while picking it up and setting it down, reeling in the slack. Continue casting and retrieving until you snag a fish.

-To make sure the fish you caught is in the legal limit, measure from the eye to the fork of the tail. If the fish is under the limit, return it to the water.

-The only lisence needed is your Missouri fishing lisence

-Use a fish finder to help. Ask an associate in our Marine department for more advice about which is the right one for you.

-Paddlefish are migratory so they're not always in the same spot, but once they reach the upper end in the Lake of the Ozarks later in the season, they'll pretty much stay there.

-The use of a gaf is allowed, and you'll probably need one.

- The best boat to use for snagging is a Tracker all-welded Grizzly Green 1448 to 2072 with no carpet- it can get messy.

-230lbs is the largest recorded Spoonbill, and the largest caught is 160lbs. It's like reeling in a human!

-For reports and more information, visit the Missouri Department of Conservation's website: http://mdc.mo.gov/fishing/places-fish/paddlefish-snagging-report-and-advisories


Help Your Deer Herd


If you were lucky enough to harvest a deer this past season in Missouri, congratulations. Most hunters I know – myself included – are eating tag soup. There is no way around the fact that in most areas, Missouri’s deer numbers have taken a significant hit. The Conservation Department cites two big reasons for this situation. First, the widespread EHD (epizootic hemorrhagic disease) outbreak during the summer and fall of 2012 killed a lot of deer throughout the state. Second, hunters were able to tag a very large number of deer in 2012 – despite the EHD outbreak – since a lack of acorns in most areas forced deer to travel more in search of food, which put them in front of hunters more frequently. Those two factors have led to a major decline in the number of deer inhabiting in most parts of Missouri during the past 16 months.

So what can we do to help the deer herd rebound in the areas we hunt? Here are three things to consider:

1. Provide supplemental food during the harsh winter months. By consistently providing a source of nutritional food like this supplement , you will greatly increase the odds that the deer in your area will survive until spring – when a wealth of natural foods become available.

2. Remove as many coyotes as you can, every chance you get. Whether you prefer to trap or predator hunt – or both, harvesting these fawn-eating machines will have a major effect on how many young deer survive their first few weeks of life during the coming spring and summer.  Recent studies have shown that coyotes can significantly impact deer populations in a negative way.

3. Reduce the number of does harvested in your hunting area. This is not a quick fix, as it takes a few years to make an impact. But if you and your hunting buddies intentionally let does walk during the next two or three seasons, they’re offspring will help bump up the deer numbers in your neck of the woods. 

If you have other suggestions for helping our deer population rebound in Missouri, I’d love to hear them. What do you think? Comment below or on our facebook page: www.facebook.com/bpscolumbia

-Todd Pridemore, Local Hunting Pro


Crappie Madness Event and Sale Info



Bass Pro Shops loves traditions, but this year we're starting something new! Join us for our first ever Crappie Madness event and sale February 7 & 8 and 14 & 15. We'll have pro Crappie seminars, a free photo download, giveaways and sweepstakes. See schedule below.

New items on sale include the Browning Midas Balck Bass Cast Reels, Crappie Maxx Signature Series Combos and many Bass Pro Shops Tournament Series soft plastics. Click here for list of sale items or grab a tab on your way in to our store. 


Here are some tips from fishing associate David to get you excited about Crappie fishing:

-Use light line- 4-6lb test line especially in clear water.

-When fishing around docks, use a shorter pole, if you're on a boat use a longer rod, and if you're fishing on the shore use a 10ft-16ft pole to reach certain areas.

-Fluorocarbon line disappears in water, use fluorescent green or blue line if you want to see line better.

-In warmer months, use crappie grub/tube.

-Everyone has favorite colors, but the most popular are black chartreuse, all chartreuse, pink and white, blue and white or exotic colors like electric chicken and John Deer green.

-In clear water use clear bait i.e. firecracker, smoke- black glittl, pumpkin or a more natural color i.e. minnow color.

-Fish around submerged brush, dock pilings, submerged tree tops, cedars and hard woods.

-Be versatile because they won't always bite on one color, try new targets.


5p.m.-8p.m. Free photo download
7p.m. Pro Crappie seminar

2p.m.-5p.m. fried fish sampling
Noon- 6p.m. Free photo download
11a.m. Pro Crappie seminar
2p.m. Pro Crappie seminar

Saturday, Feb. 8th 1p.m.-5p.m. catch and release pond

*The first 25 people to attend seminars will receive a free Bass Pro Shops travel mug


The best knife sharpeners for every experience level


I usually get bummed at this time of year. Deer season is almost history, and spring turkey season is still three months away. But one of the things I do to pass the time between now and then is focus on maintaining my hunting equipment. In particular, these cold winter days are a great time to hone the knives we use to dress game or fillet fish.

Of course, Bass Pro offers just about every type of knife sharpener you can imagine.  This two-stage sharpener is extremely simple to use and is great for those who don’t have a lot of experience putting a razor edge on a knife. For more seasoned knife enthusiasts, pad-style sharpeners like this and this are solid choices. And for those of you who love your knives so much you sleep with them, you might consider investing in this high-end Smith’s Edge Pro Electric Knife Sharpener.

As we all struggle to make it through these cold winter days, I’m offering you a chance to win a new Redhead 8” Ceramic Sharpening Rod ($19.99 value). To enter the drawing, click on the "blog raffle" tab at the top of our Facebook page and answer the question it asks. A winner will be chosen Feb. 14.


Good luck, and happy knife sharpening!

Todd Pridemore, Local Hunting Pro


January and February Sweepstakes



Lone Survivor Sweepstakes

Enter in-store or online from now until Jan. 24 for a chance to win a private screening with up to 249 guests and other great prizes from Under Armour.

The film is based on a true story about four Navy SEALs, including Mark Wahlberg, on a mission to find al Qaeda leader Ahmad Shahd in the mountains of Afghanistan in 2005.

Limit one entry per person, per method, must be 18 years old or older.




Monster Fish Sweepstakes

Enter in-store or online now until April 15 for a chance to win a 2014 NITRO Z-6 with 115 ELPT OptiMax and trailer, over a $22,000 value!

Limit one entry per person per calendar month regardless of entry method, max. four entries per person, must be 21 years old or older.



Using an Alabama rig


We like to showcase different rigs during our weekly fishing demos. Fishing associate David B. is a fan of the Alabama rig, so that's what we used last week. Let’s “school” you on how it works:


Most 'bama rigs come with five arms for hooks, however in the state of Missouri; you're only allowed to have three hooks. The center wire or two bottom wires will catch the most fish, so attach decoy bait on the other two arms.

If used correctly, it can catch a lot of fish. Its trick? It's designed to appear to be a school of fish. When it's reeled in, the lures are pulled together in one direction. Make sure to pause to let the rig change directions for a bit to give fish a chance to catch up.

The best time to use this rig is from the early spring through the summer, and then again in the early fall. It works best on a 7ft medium-heavy rod with bait casters and 30-60lbs braided line. Use soft plastics like Zoom, paddletail fluke or 4 inch grubs. Lake of the Ozarks is a great place to use them according to David. They are good for catching many different species such as largemouth bass or (if using a smaller rig) crappie.

Because of the amount of arms on the rig, make sure to check with the state conservation regulations before using it. Some states like Tennessee don't allow the rig to be used at all, and most of the time they’re not tournament sanctioned either.

The Deadly 5 War Path is a great Alabama rig to use. It starts at $9.99 and can be found in our fishing department.



How to Make Hunting More Comfortable

chair outside   

 Have you ever been in the woods on a turkey hunt or deer hunt and had trouble finding a comfortable place to sit on the ground? Hard rocks, tree roots and uneven ground can make those hunts extremely uncomfortable and hard to stay focused. If you are one of those hunters, I would like to introduce you to the all-new RedHead Turkey Lounger Folding Chair. This awesome all-terrain chair features a durable, powder coated steel frame along with a rugged, water resistant polyester seat and back. The turkey lounger has wide based feet that keep the chair from sinking into the ground and creating an unstable and uncomfortable position.


This chair comes with solid, foam padded arm rests to give you the best in comfort and allow you to stay out in the woods for an extend period of time. The RedHead turkey lounger comes with a built-in carry strap and compression wrap to make transporting a breeze, allowing you to run and gun when that big bird gets hung up in the holler and you need to make a move. RedHead products ask for the best, which is why we have also covered this chair in the all new Realtree® Xtra pattern to keep you and your chair from being seen by that buck of a lifetime or that ol’ wise long beard. There are no limits to what this chair can do for you and with it as part of your arsenal, I will guarantee that you’ll stay in the woods longer and be more comfortable, which will lead to you bagging that trophy of a lifetime!

You can find it on display right now in our hunting department for $29.99. As always, if you have any questions ask an associate and they’d be happy to help.

-By Landon P., Camo lead


Late season deer hunting

Hunting lead Blake gives his advice for late season deer hunting. Come on in for all your outdoor needs and make sure you bundle up and stay warm!


Things You Need to Know About Hunting Honkers


Photo by associate Dakota D.


Where can you find them?

Look for Canada geese in corn, wheat or soy bean fields in the winter. This is a good food source for them. You’ll have more success in crop fields rather than a pond, especially when it’s frozen. The key is to be where they want to be. If you spot them feeding in a field at night, they’ll probably be there in the morning. Even if they move, they often go back to the same spot until they completely clean the field.

Many people hunt on private land, but there are public options as well such as Open Waterfowl Conservation Areas that can be found on the Missouri Department of Conservation’s web page. Make sure you have a hunting license, migratory bird permit and a duck stamp to hunt geese. All of those items are sold at our customer service counter.

How do you get them?

-Use a goose call. There are two types- short reed and flutes. You can do a lot more with a short reed, but it’s harder to master while the goose flutes are easier to blow.

-Use RedHead full body and shell decoys and make sure your spread looks realistic taking into account the spacing of your decoys. Also make sure to use flags to mimic moving wings which help catch their attention from far away.

-Using a shotgun is the law, but it’s personal preference what you use.  For hunting geese, the 12 gauge is the most popular and versatile, but you can use a 10 gauge as well. Most people also use B, BB, BBB or T shot. Depending on desired range, use an improved cylinder or modified choke tube. Below is a chart to help you determine what to use.


-Wear camo- either Real Tree Max 4 or Mossy Oak Blades for hunting geese. You’ll also want a good pair of waders.

-Use an A-frame or a layout blind, depending on your preference. If you have two or three people, use an A frame because a layout blind only holds one person. Cover your blinds in corn stalks or grass for added camouflage.

How do you eat them?

There are many ways to prepare goose meat, but here are two ways from our associates. Geese have dark breast meat because they store oxygen in their breast muscles which give them a strong chicken liver taste. Jim says once you breast them out, you have to take the blood vain out. To clean, you want to slice the breast fairly thin and soak in white vinegar and salt water for about 24 hours. After that, bake ‘em how ya like ‘em! Jon’s favorite way to eat what he hunts in the field is to make goose phillys using a crock pot. All you do is slice the meat thin, season and throw in the crock pot. Sauté with some veggies and serve with cheese on top.


Winter Trout Fishing

Trout fishing is back in Columbia! We asked fishing associates Larry and Steven for their advice about ice fishing at Bethel Park. Here's what they said:

The catch and release dates for trout started Nov. 1 and it goes until Jan. 31. During this time you may only use flies and artificial bait. After Feb. 1st, you may keep the trout you catch and use live bait.

It is encouraged to keep the trout after the first of Febuary because trout need cool water to survive.

If it is really cold, fish will be deep so use mini jigs, ultra light tackle or inline spinners.

*In order to fish for trout, you must have a Missouri fishing license AND a Missouri trout permit, both of which you can get at our store.



Double trapping trouble


Trapping season in Missouri began a few weeks ago. I’m not a professional trapper, but I do everything I can this season to remove as many furbearers from my neighborhood as I possibly can. Predators like coons, ‘possums, skunks, foxes, and coyotes do a lot of damage to more desirable wildlife populations.  In particular, turkey eggs and deer fawns can be devastated when the numbers of furbearers are not kept in check.

When I checked the box trap that sits just a few yards from home two days ago, I smiled and cried at same time when I found a black-and-white bundle of fur inside. My emotions doubled when I quickly realized that I had lucked into capturing not just one striped skunk, but two stinkers that day! It took a little bit of extra care to dispatch and remove those turkey-egg eaters, but I was glad to help increase the odds that I’d have more turkey poults on my property next summer.

Bass Pro carries several different types of reliable traps. The most basic, the cage trap is an excellent choice for capturing animals like raccoons, ‘possums, and – you guessed it – skunks.  If you’re in an area where dogs are common, or if you want to focus specifically on catching coons, Duke’s “Dogproof” trap  is the perfect solution. Finally, serious trappers everywhere are still using good ol’ fashioned long spring or coil spring sets to capture furbearers of all sizes.

If you have some land, but don’t trap, give it a try. Good luck!

-Todd Pridemore, Local Hunting Pro Team Member


Trapping season

We asked camo associate Dalton for some tips for the upcoming trapping season, here's what he said:


-Prevent your scent from being around the trap

-Use twigs and branches to make a funnel point

-Make sure you use proper bait and traps depending on what you're looking to catch. For example, marshmallows work for raccoons, while things like otters and beavers take stink bait

-To trap beaver, put the trap around beaver lodges near their mudslide, or where they come in and out of the water. That goes for otters too.

-Always make sure traps are secured to a strong branch or something, and make sure your name and phone number are on it!

-Kona bear traps, or box traps, can be put in water to catch beavers. It snaps shut fast and is almost instant. They can be put in creeks or rivers, or even big bodies of water.

-Use snares and leg traps for bobcats and coyotes.

-Conservation areas have good bodies of water with lots of otter and muskrat activity such as the Missouri River or Lamine River, but you need to get permission from conservation agents.

-People don't really trap coyotes anymore, they are hunted more often.

-To find something to trap, you may want to check your game trail cameras if they have caught any activity, otherwise you should walk the property.

-Raccoons are actually one of the more popular animals to ruin crops; they can go through an acre of corn really fast. To trap them, try setting leg hole traps along a tree line or fence line.



Badger, bobcat, coyote, gray fox, red fox, mink, opossum, raccoon, rabbit and striped skunk season is November 15- January 31, 2014.

Otter and muskrat season is November 15- February 20, 2014.

Beaver and nutria season is November 15- March 31, 2014.

Check the Conservation Department for bag limits and regulations.


Archery from a pro

Charlie and BonnieWe have many unique and talented associates here at Bass Pro- Columbia, and one of them is certainly Charlie Langreder.

You may know him as the very knowledgeable associate behind the hunting counter, but what you may not know is just how accomplished he is in archery.

Charlie has been bow hunting for over 60 years.  Archery has been his passion since he was a kid on a farm and he still has his first bow from when he was 12 years old. Now, he has a collection of 57 bows and travels the country bow hunting.

He enjoys going out West the most with his wife, Bonnie, to hunt Pope and Young Antelope. They enjoy each other’s companionship in the deer stand while doing something they both love. Charlie got his wife into bow hunting years ago and now they each have one record book kill. His second favorite animal to hunt is the white tail deer and turkeys are a close third.

Charlie still shoots competitively sometimes, but not as often as he used to. His next competition will be in January or February after hunting season.

He sees archery growing in popularity, especially with women. He thinks it has something to do with recent movies featuring the sport such as Brave and The Hunger Games.bows

“It gives hunters another opportunity to get into the woods and hunt for another season,” he said.

Among his many accomplishments are the titles 2010 Volunteer of the Year award at the Show-Me State Games and 2009 Bass Pro Associate of the Year. Charlie is also now an instructor for National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP).  

Charlie's advice

Come to a pro shop because there are three important things you need to think about- eye dominance, draw length and draw weight.

The best bow to start with is the Diamond Infinate Edge 51-70lbs draw length 12-30 inch

You need patience. The distance of shot is close range so it’s a bit of a challenge. Charlie likes the challenge so he rarely shoots firearms anymore unless it’s with the kids.

If you have any questions or are thinking of getting into archery, come in and ask for Charlie!