2013 Nitro Z9 you say?

That's right, folks.  You've asked for it, we delivered.  Currently IN STOCK is a 2013 Nitro Z9, and aside from what our GM says, it's not a bad color scheme.

The Z9 really is an incredible ride.  It's a fast, flat, stable craft with maximum fishability.  It's one of the fastest wide-hull boats out currently, as well, it has a tremendous amount of storage and accessibility.  The Minnkota Fortrex on the bow will put you in front of the fish quietly, with plenty of power.  The huge 20 gallon (x2) Guardian livewells will keep your catch fresh and lively for weigh-in.

The Z9 is a tournament angler's boat, bow to stern.  It has huge decks and a place for everything.  Port and Starboard rod storage, along with centerline tackle storage gives you tons of room for everything that you need to take with you for a day on the water.  As with all other Nitro boats the Z9 has the RPS (Rapid-Planing-System) transom that will pop it up and on plane with the fastest of hole-shots.  Many, many reviewers have stated a sub-five seconds to plane under load, and sub 9 second 35 MPH.  There are also numerous claims of only another 3 seconds to hit the 50MPH marker.  That's QUICK for any boat, regardless of being a wide hull.

Stop in and talk to Don, Molly, Brian, or Gary about any questions you might have.

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