Health Benefits Of The Great Outdoors

Health Benefits Of The Great Outdoors

outdoor pathBeing the “care taker” of our stores Facebook site I am constantly looking for new articles and information I can share on our page. While “Googling” ideas for something different I came across several article about health benefits of being in the outdoors. After reading these articles it has made me more determined to get into the outdoors.

In an AARP article they share the experience of Marti Erickson who always carries two collapsible chairs in her car and on bad days she “finds a grassy spot, plops down, and breathes deeply and soon is soothed by the nature around her.” The reason she has two chairs is because she also has a grandchild that enjoys “nature breaks” also.

Based on research mentioned in the articles one of the cheapest, most available stress reducers is time spent in the great outdoors.

We could go on and on about test and research about studies that have proved that people who spend time in the outdoors have lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Catharine Ward Thompson, director of the OPENspace Research Centre at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland believes that “wide open spaces mean more opportunities to boost your health. For one thing, getting outside forces you to get a little exercise, and exercise is the best natural mood booster there is. For another, being out and about makes you more likely to encounter neighbors and friends, and social contact is another no-fail way to cut stress”.path trees

Most people spend over 90% of their time inside. We sometimes tend to think that in order to get into the outdoors you have to be a hunter, fisher, camper, hiker, etc., but there are many missed opportunities to get out. What about a swing to sit in and just enjoy the breeze? A friend of mine has a table on the front porch where she read her paper each morning. According to another study a short walk outside “perks” a person up more than a cup of coffee.

So if you are like me and have been a bit reluctant to make a New Years commitment to something new, why don’t you join me in the resolution to spend at least 15 minutes more outside on weekdays and an hour more on weekends? We cannot help but agree that it will do us all good.

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