YUM YUMphibian

So….You read the article in the current issue of Louisiana Sportsman magazine about the new YUM YUMphibian creature bait and how everyone from the pros to weekend anglers are catching bass with it.  And maybe you’ve been wondering just where you would find such a silly sounding bait.    Or maybe you have no idea what I’m talking about.  Whatever the case, all you really need to know is that Bass Pro Shops now has this hot new bait in stock now.yum

Thanks to two small swimming arms near the top, a pair of longer curl tails at the end, plus two big flapper appendages, the YUM YUMphibian never stops moving. The YUMphibian's slender body is accented with ridges designed to produce jagged water disturbance and excite bass.  Packed with YUM F2 attractant and available in a range of popular colors, this is a potent bait that every angler should have.  Or maybe you just don’t like catching fish.

Bill Crosby

Fishing Manager

Denham Springs

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