Choosing a Game Camera Part 1


Flash camera, night picture

 Choosing a Game Camera

With all the cameras on the market today how do you choose? There are many companies making good cameras at a reasonable price. Battery life has gotten exponentially better in the last few years. Picture quality and options have also improved. So what is the best? Well that may be a loaded question. The best camera for me may not be the best for you. There are a few simple questions that will help you narrow the field. First, how much do you want to spend? Next, what features are most important to you?

I run up to a dozen cameras at a time on multiple lease properties so price is important. If I was only running one or two units I would most likely spend more for each than I do currently. The second question is also important to me.

If you want a fast camera with extremely long battery life, excellent trigger speed, good resolution and an invisible flash they are available. You will pay high dollar for all these features in one unit, so back to the questions. What features are important to you?

Is picture quality more important than trigger speed?

If your camera is at a feed sight where the target animals are standing still then trigger speed may not be the most important feature. On the other hand if the camera is on trails or pinch points in travel corridors then speed may be the most important. Do you want color picture at night? If so a flash camera is for you. The few flash cameras that I have take excellent color night pictures.

If you are worried about the camera being stolen then an invisible, or black, infrared flash may best fit your needs.

In short, deciding the features that are important for your application will help narrow the field. 

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