Know Your Store: The Caterpillar D2 Tractor

Cat D2 tractor at Bass Pro Shops East PeoriaThough built during World War II, our Cat D2 was used as an agricultural tractor its entire life. We express our gratitude to Kent Bates, retired Caterpillar employee, who restored this awesome addition to the grand entrance of our store.


The Caterpillar D2 Tractor was introduced in 1938. The D2 was primarily used as a farm tractor and was designed to power a variety of agricultural attachments and implements. It was also used in logging, road building, construction and mining. It was the smallest diesel tractor model produced by Caterpillar Tractor Co. with an initial power rating of 25.5 drawbar horsepower. By 1957, the final year produced, the power rating had grown to 38 drawbar horsepower. Caterpillar built over 45,000 D2 Tractors during this 20-year span.



Serial number: 5J6418SP

Transmission: 5 forward, 1 Reverse

Year built: 1944

Diesel engine: 3 ¾ inch bore x 5-inch stroke

Factory: East Peoria

Rated speed: 1,525 RPM

Power Rating: 25.8 drawbar horsepower

Fuel consumption: approximately 1.25 gallons
per hour with heavy load

Length: 8 ft 11 inches

Starting method: 2-cylinder, 4-cycle gasoline engine

Width: 5 feet, 5 ¾ inches

Weight: 6,880 lbs.



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