Know Your Store: The Mel Johnson Buck

Mel Johnson Buck
From a makeshift ground blind, Mel Johnson harvested a typical whitetail in the fall of 1965
that no one has been able to approach with archery gear since.

At 204 4/8 net inches, the deer stands today as the World Record archery typical whitetail. Only two typical have been taken since that officially score higher – both with firearm. The buck weighed 270 lbs. field dressed and an estimated 340 lbs. live.

Mel used a 65-70 pound Howatt recurve bow, Micro-Flite fiberglass arrows with Zwickey  broadheads and little else in the way of equipment. Mel’s deer received both the Ishi Award (Pope & Young) and the Sagamore Hill Award (Boone & Crockett), a distinction no other game animal can claim.

Mel is retired from his career as a Caterpillar mechanic and lives in Woodford County, Illinois. He continues to bowhunt for deer and enjoys turkey hunts.

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Name: Tony adair
Time: Thursday, September 27, 2012

This Buck has always been imprinted in my mind. I saw a picture of it the first year i Bowhunted in 1984 and have dreamed of a chance at it's equal ever since. It goes to show food plots and other modern application are not always needed.I think it is amazing how the record whitetails are several years old and have not been beat. Great job Mel at something most or all of us have not been able to obtain.

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