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If you haven’t already started your deer scouting it is probably time to start thinking about getting started. Nothing can replace actually walking the woods and getting first hand knowledge of the areas that you plan on hunting. Once you have identified potential areas where whitetails are frequenting then it is time to determine the actual deer patterns. Trail cameras make a great tool to bring your scouting to a new level. A trail cam can be used to tell you the deer that are coming through (bucks, does, sizes, how many, and also when they are there.

Selecting a trail camera that fits your needs is important as there are many options available. There are a number of things that you should consider before buying a trail camera. One is ease of use. This is an important characteristic for me personally as I want a unit that is simple to operate. I don’t want to be fumbling around in the woods trying to read the owner’s manual while I am setting it out. Another important consideration is the megapixels of the unit which basically determines the quality of the pictures. The rule is the higher the megapixels the better the quality of the pictures. Usually there is also a direct relationship between the number of megapixels and price. Battery life is also an important consideration as you don’t want to be changing batteries every week. Another consideration is an infrared trail camera vs a flash camera. The pictures will generally be of a better quality and in color with the flash type, but trigger speed may be a bit slower and battery drain will be greater. Another potential problem is that the flash may spook some game. On the other hand the Infrared trail cameras will have a lower battery draw, a faster trigger speed and will not spook game. Range of the unit can also be an important consideration based on where you are using your trail camera. Another concern is price with these units, more money does not always yield better results you have to ultimately decide what you want and don’t want in a trail cam as there is no point in paying for capabilities you don’t need. One final consideration that you will want to consider is reliability.

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 One good way to determine which unit(s) are best for your needs is to read online reviews. Bass Pro Shops maintains a large collection of customer reviews and ratings on its website which can be a valuable resource in deciding which unit to buy. Bass Pro Shops carries a large selection of the popular brands of trail cams such as Moultrie, Primos, Bushnell and Reconyx. So don’t put off your scouting any longer stop by and get a trail cam and get started. One hunting associates are ready to help you make the right choice.


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Hi, great post. Trail cameras is a big help to hunters and also for the strangers in field of wildlife.

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