Transporting a handgun within the State of Florida.

Know the law    Do you know how to transport a handgun legally within the State? My name is Joe Snyder. I am the president and founder of HD Protection Services, LLC. My company provides firearms training for those interested in learning proper firearm handling. We also provide a Concealed Weapons Course at Bass Pro in Dania Beach several times a month. See for more information.


    Back to my question I posted above. Having a valid Florida concealed weapons license allows to legally transport your handgun in most locations throughout the state (Obviously, there are places off limits like police stations, schools, etc..). One can also legally transport a handgun throughout the state even without a concealed weapons license, but has to do it in a proper manner. If one is transporting a handgun within the State of Florida, it must be securely encased (best is to use a triangular zippered pouch sold at Bass Pro for $9.99) then place  it in your center console or the glove box . Be sure the center console or glove box is also closed. This is more than the law requires to be securely encased but leaves little to no doubt you are complying with the law. Just be sure you are not in a place that is off limits by state or federal law. Due to the fact that sometimes there are gray areas where no case law has been established its best to have a valid concealed weapons license. The Florida Concealed Weapons License is also valid in over 30 states. To better arm yourself with knowledge and resources, I invite you to join us at one of our classes. Our reservation and information line is 954-512-4848.

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