Preparing for Archery Only Season!

Archery only season is quickly approaching and many are preparing in their own ways. Whether you're target practicing or getting stands and cameras ready. If you live in the city you know how difficult it can be to find a lease. I grew up in South Carolina on a 500 acre farm where if I wanted I could step out the back door and shoot my guns or my bow. Now I live in the middle of Mesquite, Texas just outside of Dallas. I've been here for a year so I could have found a lease but, a full time college student can't afford a deer lease.

My answer is Bow fishing. I can go out on my boat day or night spend some time in the North end of Lake Ray Hubbard and forget that I live in the city. Last week two of my friends from South Carolina came out and we went bow fishing. The first night we tried the river but all we saw were small gar. Then we headed down toward some rip rap and got onto some good sized buffalo carp. We ended the first night with 4 Gar and 3 Buffalo Carp smallest was about a pound largest was about 25lbs. If you enjoy hunting and fishing then bow fishing is for you because it's a blend of both.

I use two old compound bows with the draw weight set at 35lbs. Both of my rigs have muzzy reels on them and I use the muzzy carp point arrows. It is a little expensive to get started with arrows costing between $15 and $25. The starter kits with the reels are around $150 but they are a pretty good deal, and for the amount of fun you can have its worth it! If you're interested in trying my last piece of advice is AIM LOW and have fun!


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