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Hello Everyone,

This is a new process for me - blogging - so please be patient...I promise to become more proficient at this new means of communication.

I can honestly say, I have the Best job in the World!!  I am thrilled to work for Bass Pro Shops.  And I'm extremely happy to be at work today.  A friend and I decided to fish on Tuesday, even though the winds were strong and conditions not the best.  We felt we needed (well, really we wanted) a fresh fish dinner and the best way to have one is to catch it yourself - not go purchase it from a local grocer.  Besides, we'd have missed getting soaked and testing the bilge pumps and flotability of my old Hawk Bass boat...and who would want to miss all that fun?

That is why I titled this piece "Boating Safety".  Even though we are experienced boaters and we understand "windy conditions", it is critical we keep a calm head, have a back up plan, just in case things don't go as expected, and be conscious of our surroundings because conditions are continuously changing - especially this time of year here in Texas.  Just a few weeks earlier, I had checked the bilge and recirculating pumps and replaced two because of poor performance.  I had also replaced all the batteries so I knew they were good for a tough day on the water.  A throwable cushion was on board along with the anchor and paddle if necessary.  And most importantly, we had our Life Vests!

You can never be too safe - especially on the water.

By the way, we did have our fresh fish dinner Tuesday night - in spite of the rough and tough day on the water.  And the Hawk handled extremely well in 3-5 foot rollers on the lake.

Till next time - Michael Lawson

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