Struggling to get that Spring Turkey? Then Try This.

turkey It's that time again, Spring Turkey Season is quickly approaching and with this right around the corner it's time to get the must have's that will help you in getting that turkey quickly.  Let's start planning our next big hunt and let Bass Pro Shops Outdoor Wold help you. For starters, where will we be hunting and will we be hunting alone? Now for the smaller details.....what will we need.....bug repellant, camo, decoys, and calls.

Insect Repellant

  • Sawyer Permethrin Insect Repellant: Odorless repellant for clothes, shoes, tents, outdoor furniture, and gear THIS PRODUCT SHOULD NEVER BE USED ON SKIN!!!, offered in a 24 oz. spray bottle or 7 oz. aerosol can, Permethrin is non-toxic to humans, Repels and kills ticks, mosquitos, mites, chiggers, and 55 other insects
  • Sawyer Maxi Deet: Triple distilled deet for low odor, Effective against ticks, chiggers, mosquitos, and other insects, Controlled release, 2 oz. pump spray bottle
  • Thermacell Mosquito Repellant: Handheld unit, Silent, Portable, Covers up to a 15' Diameter, Runs off of butane, DEET FREE.....uses allethrin, U.S. Army tested and approved


  • RedHead Bucklick Lounger Turkey Vest: Large pocket with waterproof zipper, adjustable game/decoy bag, made from tough waterproof microfleece fabric, box call pocket with a waterproof zipper, easy access shell loops, double slate call pocket with waterproof zipper, mesh dual mouth call pocket, adjustable padded shoulder and sternum strap
  • RedHead turkey vests for youth: Adjustable waist, shoulder, and sternum straps, Built in fold down padded seat, crisp camo pattern, two large pockets for shells and calls
  • Ol' Tom Dura Lite Time & Motion Essentials Camo Vest: Bloodproof game bag, two locater call stretch cords, map pocket, padded rear seat, box call pouch, five shell or chocke divider pockets, slate call pocket, essentials pouch for face masks, bug spray, gloves, etc.


  • RedHead Reality Series HD Turkey Decoy Upright Jake: Lightweight, mobile decoy, aggressive head color, short beard, "proud" head posture 
  • RedHead Foam Turkey Decoy 3-Pack: Includes one upright hen, one looking back hen, and one relaxed jake, HD Foam construction, Ultra-lifelike painted feathered detailing  
  • Carry-lite Pretty Boy Turkey Decoy: Set of strutting tom and submissive hen, uses ultra lite artificial fan or you can dry down yourself


  • Hunters Specialities H.S. Strut, Raspy Old Hen Slate Pen Friction Turkey Call: Includes free diaphragm call, includes easy to use carbon striker, realistic sounds of a mature hen
  • M.A.D Calls Bang Box Box Turkey Call: Long narrow box design, large range of vocalizations, Louder, Higher pitched cackles, yelps, and cutts
  • Hunter's Specialities H.S. Strut Premium Diaphragm Turkey Call L'il Strut: Triple reed, angled and split top reed for more rasp, moisture resistant for longer life, More realistic sounds, retains shape for long term perfect calling pitch

So no matter what you are looking for, for your next BIG hunt visit your local Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World and let one of our knowledgable Camping, Camo, or Hunting associates help you find everything you need to get your Spring Turkey.


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