Product Review: Coleman Powerchill 40 Quart Hot/Cold Thermoelectric Cooler


So with the price of gas at an all time high, and NO signs of it going down anytime soon, which causes most goods and services to increase their prices as well, making that once just expensive family vacation is now SUPER expensive.  However, here at Bass Pro Shops outdoor world, we have the PERFECT item to make the car a little more comfortable and save a little money along the way, with the Coleman Powerchill 40 Quart Hot/Cold Thermoelectric Cooler.  This is an awesome item for both mommy and daddy and the kiddos, putting a little more money in mommy and daddies pocket, allowing them to pack the juice and sandwiches for lunches and snacks and for the kiddos it allows them to have a drink or snack at hand, making for a little less grumpy kiddos on family vacation.  The Coleman powerchill also has some pretty awesome features.....comes with an automobile cigarette plug, can be used upright or in a chest position, the door can be set to open either to the left or to the right, quiet motor design, can hold up to 44 cans plus snacks, lowers cooler temperature up to 40° lower than surrounding temperature, heats temperature in cooler up to 110-140° higher than surrounding temperature, ice free cooler allows you to keep hot food hot or cold food cold, and is gray and white in color.

"My Coleman Powerchill has made vacations and even day trips a lot easier.  As a military wife and mom of three boys, I have my boys most of the time by myself and this allows for less stopping and keeps my boys happy." -Mary Norfolk, VA

"I love my Coleman Powerchill, it has made trips so much more enjoyable, my husband and I have been married for about 5 years and have a little girl and a little boy, we are stationed in Virginia but make many trips back home to Tennessee, with the Coleman Powerchill I throw the kids juices and gogurts in, a few sandwiches, and some drinks for my husband and I and we go." -Olivia Virginia Beach, Virginia

So come visit your local Bass Pro Shops Outdoor world and let one of our extremely knowledgeable camping associates help you find a great item for that next trip or in a mommy's case for any trip or outing!!!!!

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