"The Dance" -- Fly Fishing the Gulf

Fly Fishing --- a well orchestrated dance between the fish and the fisherman.   Using the rod as the conductor’s baton, the fisherman rhythmically entices the fish.  Fly Fishing is more an art than sport.  You are hunting and luring the fish.  You are enticing the fish to eat.  Presentation is everything.  It takes patience and study, waiting for the perfect moment.   Yes, all this is true in sport fishing yet; the presentation in fly fishing takes harmony of balance, rhythm, and motion.

When we think of fly fishing, the first thing that comes to mind is Brad Pitt’s character in “A River Runs Through It.”  Standing in swift running freshwater streams, we watched the line dance through the air as he gracefully lured in the trout.

So… when we think about fly fishing, we see a cool mountain stream, surrounded by towering trees with trout jumping after bugs…Or maybe… let’s see…. How about South Padre Island.   REALLY?  You fly fish in saltwater?  Is that even possible?  Answer:  Yes.  It is not only possible it takes fishing for the Gulf’s inshore fish to another level.

South Padre Island has several professional fishing shops that carry fly fishing rigs and plenty of expertise.  Roy Lopez at Bass Pro Shops is one of these avid fly fishermen.  He has found a way to marry his love of fly fishing with his love of saltwater fishing.   I came into the White River Fly Shop specifically looking to get my husband started in a sport that he has wanted to do for years.  Here’s what I learned.

What are you fishing for off the shores of South Padre?

Tarpon have a natural migrating pattern from Florida and the Yucatan Peninsula.  Their arrival at South Padre is still a mystery.  They seem to follow the Gulf Coast.   The tide dictates feeding patterns and their location.   According to the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust, the migrations take the tarpon up the eastern coast of the U.S. to at least the Chesapeake Bay, throughout the Gulf of Mexico, and southward to the Caribbean Sea.


Tarpon are fished for sport.  Roy says, “I wait all year for the tarpon to come back around in the annual migration.  I put the time in to find out their patterns and eating habits.  I have respect for the fish.  They travel from Florida and the Yucatan to get to Padre. “


But there is more than Tarpon off of South Padre’s shores.  Fishing Kingfish, Red Fish, Speckled Trout, Jack Crevalle, Spanish Mackerel and Bonita can all be found on the surf or jetties during ideal summer weather conditions. They can be found off the Gulf Coast year round.  Typically flashy, obnoxious flies in loud colors with a wire tippit can be used to entice these toothy fish to bite


South Padre offers wading from the East Side sand flats to the West Side silt and estuaries.   Fishing from the rocks or in the water, we use different tools for different fish.  Consider the rig.

Roy generally ties his own flies, but has a few that he might use if needed.  The picture shows four of the possibilities.  A) Tarpon Toad –  Premier Tarpon Fly.   B)  Red Fish Toad – great fly for south Texas red fish and trout.  C)  Merkin Crab – another red fish fly typically used when red fish aren’t feeding, generally the fall months.  D)  Sea Ducer – fly that you would use in shallow water from 5 to 15 inches of water.  It has a real soft lay down. 


9’ 8-weight rod typically with a stiff backbone to punch heavy flies through the wind (we have horrible prevailing south winds that don’t let up) for red fish, trout, flounder and any other species you’d find inshore. http://www.basspro.com/World-Wide-Sportsman-Gold-Cup-Fly-Rods/product/13082906212339/

9’ 10-weight rod with heavy backbone to punch flies for bigger fish from the beach or jetties – kings, Jacks, Spanish mackerel.

Inshore reel doesn’t necessarily have to be top dollar.  It needs a sealed drag system and is tolerable to the salt.  Roy suggests:  Lamson Konic/Guru and any of the Sage line-ups from the 1800 series to the 2200 series.  They retail anywhere from $150 to $185. http://www.basspro.com/Lamson-Konic-II-Fly-Reels/product/1209270507043/



10-weight series – you are dealing with bigger fish.  You need a reel with stouter drag.  The Lamson offers the Konic/Guru 4 and Sage 2210 ranging anywhere from $150 to $250 for catching these bigger fish.

Your line in the inshore scene will typically consist of a weight forward floating line that can be matched to a rod.  The line is dictated by the rod or the casting preference of the fisherman.   Bass Pro Shops can typically fit the fisherman with an ideal rig to fit his/her preferences.  This is true for the 8-weight or the 10-weight.

Recently, Roy hooked a tarpon of about 5 feet/100+ pounds and watched it swim away after breaking the line.  With a smile, he remembered the “dance” and walked away satisfied.   Ok… maybe a little disappointed.


New Savage Gear Shrimp

New Savage Gear Shrimp, so real looking the fish won't be able to resist the temptation. They are available in different colors and sizes. Come in and check them out!

Bass Pro Shops General Store

general store


Modeled after the famous "Key of the Gulf" building located in Port Isabel, Texas our "General Store"  located within the Harlingen Bass Pro Shops is loaded with taste tempting treats to suit anyone's taste's buds.  A longtime favorite is our fudge bar, loaded with over 17 varieties of the taste-tempting treat featuring flavors such as mango, strawberry, cherry and of course chocolate.  Fresh backed 2-3 times weekly is the aroma of fresh-churned honey roasted pecans.  These crunchy delights are complimented by fresh roasted almonds and cashews making this the perfect triple play of nuts.



Should fudge and nuts not solve that sweet craving, how about cookies and ice cream?  Analee, long time fudge-pro associate, will be glad to help with your selection from 5 mouth-watering flavors of fresh baked cookies.  Joanna, also assisting in fudge, will be happy to scoop up one of the 28 varieties of ice cream.  Our associates will be happy to combine any variety of ice cream into a delicious milkshake.  Top off your journey through our confectionary heaven by sampling some of our dozens of old-fashioned candy varieties.


Like to venture into the culinary unknown, check out our extensive library of cookbooks.


We offer titles by noted authors and chefs covering baked, goods, BBQs, and full dinner menus.  Also available are the many spices and sauces featured in the cookbook ingredients.  Our exclusive line of Uncle Buck products including batters for fish frys, cornbread, hushpuppies and corn cakes compliment any sit-down meal or backyard BBQ.


So during your next visit to the beautiful Harlingen Bass Pro Shops do not miss the opportunity to stop by and indulge yourself in our decadent delights.





Outdoor Rewards Mastercard Card

Why not save your CASH and open a new Bass Pro Shops Outdoor Rewards Mastercard. 


When you open your Mastercard account you can get 10% or $15 off  your first purchase up to $1500.  Your Outdoor Rewards Mastercard Credit Card automatically enrolls you in our Outdoor Rewards Program.

What is the Outdoor Rewards Program?


Watch your points add up!!!!  With your Outdoors Rewards Mastercard credit card, you'll earn rewards faster no matter where you shop.

500 points  =  $10 in rewards

**Purchases of licenses, TRACKER Boats and other vendor services do not quality for 5% and 3%.  1point = $.02  Complete list of rules on http://www.basspro.com.




With each card purchase, Bass Pro Shops and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation will make a contribution to help conservation efforts, with a guaranteed yearly contribution of $1 million, at no additional cost to you.  Cardholders have contributed $12 million since 2002.
















Time For You To Be The Star!

As we embark in to the 2013 Fall Hunting season, there are many ways of bragging about your latest buck or turkey kill. None better come to mind than the Hero Series cameras from GoPro. (GoPro Camera) Theses sleek, stylish mini HD cameras do it all - they film in full 1080p HD, they take colorful HD pictures of you and your friendly hunters, and they can broadcast them to the world via Youtube, Facebook, or even Twitter!

I used my GoPro Hero 3 White camera most recently on my honeymoon in lovely Jamaica. I got excellent shots of the underwater snorkeling excursions I took.( I love to swim.) I also took it with me when I went horseback riding in the ocean! When I returned home, I couldn't wait to show my friends and family the awesome videos I shot. However, there was one problem - I didn't have the proper equipment to shoot in an upright manner. Most of my videos looked like they were hung upside down, because they were. The camera was hanging from a rig I had made around my neck. That's why I highly recommend purchasing one of the many excellent attachment accessories that GoPro had to offer. My personal choice would be the head strap or the chest strap. These will help you get the steady upright shots you've always wanted. There are 3 models to choose from currently, the Hero 3 White, Silver, and GoPro Hero 3 Black Camera which comes with a blue tooth remote!

This season, be a star in your own hunting videos with GoPro - Be A Hero!

The GoPro Hero3 Black Edition w/ Bluee tooh remote


Fishing Department

Bass Pro Shops Harlingen offers a variety of family activities to include the fishing pond, arts & crafts, as well as fly fishing classes throughout the year.  Our Fishing Associates offer a wide variety of fishing experiences ranging from deep sea(salt water) to lake and pond (fresh water) fishing.  We have all the equipment necessary to prepare you for a good trip out on the water.  Great customer service is our goal in fishing.  We understand how important each customer is.  We will go above and beyond the call to do all we can to meet the needs of our customers. 
reel bar
Our management team includes:
Fishing and Camping Manager:  Matthew Whittington
Fishing Leads: 
Juan Dominguez
Rick Gonzalez
Rick Becerra
fly shop
By:  Juan Dominguez



Fall Fishing Event



Labor Day Hometown Festival


August 31 & September 1, 2013

Noon - 5pm Both Days!!!


Join us this weekend at Bass Pro Shops, Harlingen, TX for our Annual Labor Day Hometown Festival!!!!!




ACTIVITIES INCLUDE:                                                                                                                  

  • Bass Pro Shops/Daisy Shooting                   
  • Duck Pond Game
  • Casting Buckets
  • Face Painting
  • Color a Duck Craft
  • Metal Detector Treasure Hunt



1:30pm     Smokin' - Tips for successful meat smoking

2:30pm    Outdoor Grilling - Choosing the right grill

3:30pm    Dutch Oven Cooking - Tips for outdoor cooking



Homemade Ice Cream   4 - 5pm

Hot Dogs  1-4pm

Food Samples  -  Sample an array of tasty treats!!!


Bass Pro Shops is for the Birds!

The South Texas hunting season is fast approaching. Bass Pro Shops is now selling the 2013-2014 hunting and fishing license. Temporary and year round permits are available. It is important to note that the lines for license renewal grow longer as the season grows nearer. Our great customer service associates Elizabeth, Liza, Deana, Ryan and Arnold are ready to assist you in your choice of the available Texas licenses.

The south zone special white-wing season runs September 01, 02, 07, and 08 of 2013. The daily bag limit is 15 white-wing, morning, or white fronted doves in the aggregate to include no more than 2 morning dove and 2 white fronted dove. The regular dove season runs from September 20 – October 23, 2013 and December 20 – January 15, 2014.



 Due to our extended and prolonged drought, the population of birds has decreased. Limits will still be attainable with some great tips in our hunting department. Adrian, Stanley, and Jerry are just some of our hunting buddies to help you out. They can assist you in the right selection of ammo and firearms for the best hunt of your life. Currently Bass Pro Shops is running super pricing on shotgun shells and accessories. We have the largest selection of camouflage clothing, snake boots, hunting vests, and ice chests in the Rio Grande Valley. We even carry the complete line of Yeti coolers.

Our associates at the Bass Pro Shops Harlingen are friendly, knowledgeable, and always ready to assist you the minute you walk in. Make us your first and last stop for all your hunting needs.


Mike Frazier



Fly Fishing the 4-Corners, Honduras and then some...




Join us Saturday, August 31st at 1pm or 4pm as professional guide Ryan McRorie of HeadsUpFlyFishing shares his knowledge of flyfishing opportunities in the Four Corners area, which includes the world-famous San Juan River, Animas River, Pine River, Dolores River and some other high-country waters near Durango, CO.  

Topics include:

  • Local Waters
  • Equipment Needs
  • Fly Selection & Techniques
  • Travel Itineraries & Suggestions
  • Float/Wade/Horseback Options

In addition to that, he will be touching upon grand-slam flyfishing opportunities (Tarpon, Permit and Bonefish) in Honduras!  And he has some other tricks up his sleeve, such as a fly tying demonstration.

Saturday, August 31st at 1pm or 4pm, FREE

Contact information:

Ryan McRorie

(970) 98-GUIDE



Geocaching for The Whole Family!

We here at the Bass Pro Shops are proud of our extensive line of GPS equipment. We are also active in the geocache field. Did you know there are 5 Geocaches within walking distance of our front door? Bass Pro Shops promotes and encourage family outdoor activities, and this is one of the fastest growing outdoor activities on the planet. Check out geocacheing on the web and find out what fun you are missing.

We have all the great GPS units you need for this super family activity including an extensive line of Garmin products, considered the best of the best in this field. Come in to the Harlingen Bass Pro Shops and ask for Rick in our Fishing department. He has a wide range of knowledge in geocacheing and can assist you in locating our Bass Pro Shops treasures.

You need to remember a few simple points while geocaching in south Texas. Always wear plenty of sunscreen as our South Texas sun is somewhat unforgiving. While searching for your treasures, be aware of animals such as snakes, spiders, and other critters which inhabit our landscape. For safety reasons, always take a buddy along and never wander far from established trails. Last, but not least, enjoy the great outdoors and share your adventures with friends and family.

Mike Frazier





Hunter Appreciation Weekend


August 9-11

Friday, August 9
6:30pm Tips for Bow Hunting
7:30pm Tactics for Hunting Deer

Saturday, August 10
1:30pm Shed Hunting: How to Successfully Hunt for Sheds
2:30pm From the Field to the Table: How to Fry Turkey
3:30pm Join Local Pro Staff for Hunting Tips & Techniques
4:30pm Exploring the Shooting Sports: Introduction to Competitive Handgun, Rifle, Shotgun, and 3-Gun Shooting
5:30pm Now You See Me, Now You Don’t: Choosing Correct Camouflage Clothing

Sunday, August 11
1:30pm Exploring the Shooting Sports: Introduction to Competitive Handgun, Rifle, Shotgun, and 3-Gun Shooting
2:30pm Tactics for Hunting Deer
3:30pm Join Local Pro Staff for Hunting Tips & Techniques
4:30pm What’s New in Scent Control
5:30pm Choosing the Right Optics


First 25 customers to attend a seminar each day will receive a FREE Bass Pro Shops Gift Bag and Lanyard License Holder!!!
***Must be 18 years old or older***

Hunter Appreiciation Weekend


Catching Jaws: Gear Tips for Shark Fishing

In honor of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, I thought it best to honor our toothy friends with a shark related post.  Shark fishing from the beaches along the Texas coast has become very popular lately and has received decent coverage in the media. A lot of people are asking what they can use to catch these hungry critters and the first question I ask is whether they have some sort of water craft (kayak, paddle board, jet ski, etc.) to deliver the bait out past the third or fourth sandbar or if they must cast it from the beach.

If you must cast your meaty offering, a minimum of a twelve foot surf rod capable of handling 6-10 oz of weight(i.e. Offshore Angler Ocean Master) and a reel capable of holding a minimum of 400 yards of 40lb to 80lb blue Magibraid  is required.

magibraidoffshore angler ocean master

On the other hand, if you do have a vessel in which to deliver the bait, your options switch to heavy boat tackle. The number one choice of reel amongst shark fishermen is a Penn Senator Reel in a 4/0, 6/0, or 9/0 depending on the size of shark you are after.

penn senator reels

There are a large variety of boat rods to choose from.  I favor a rod with the heaviest backbone available for my line class and an aluminum reel seat. I cannot stress the importance of an aluminum reel seat enough to beginning shark fishermen.  It will save you money, injury, and frustration in the long run. Always keep safety in mind when handling such a powerful species with sharp teeth.  So just swing on by your local Bass Pro Shops today and let us help you get setup for your latest outdoor adventure!


Mark Maynard

Fishing Department



A Simple Guide to Have a Whale of a Time!!!!!!!


 We want to help you reward your students by offering you free bowling passes! They are great to give your students who make the honor roll, have perfect attendance, or are just all around good kids! We can give you as many as you need to just say “Great Job”!


Field Trips:

We offer great field trips for your students! First, go on a VIP tour of The Bass Pro Shops where the kids can learn all about the unique outdoor lifestyle of South Texas. Check out the 30,000 gallon fresh water aquarium and learn about the species of fish found in Texas.  Then head over to Uncle Buck’s Fishbowl and Grill for an under the sea bowling adventure!  Here there is a 5,000 gallon salt water tank with many different species of fish to learn about too! Take a peek behind the lanes to see how they work. Let us take care of lunch with your choice of a sack lunch or pizza. Finally, let the kids show off their skills on the lanes!


Our Prices for bowling are as follows:

School Fee $7.99 each students includes pizza and drinks (9 am - 11 am)


Monday –Friday 11am-5pm -$14.99 an hour         

Sunday-Thursday 5pm-10pm – $19.99 an hour

Weekend hours

5pm Friday till 5pm Sunday – $24.99 an hour

That price is per lane not person.

Around 6 people on a lane, no more than 8.

$3.00 for every pair of shoes rented


We have party packages:

Little Guppie includes 2 lanes of bowling for up to 10 kids for 1 hour, shoes, two 14” pizzas, 2 pitchers of soda, themed service ware and personal party director and access to the party room for time of bowling and 1 hour afterwards. $130*

Big Fish

includes all of Little Guppie package plus 1 additional hour of bowling. $170*


Our pool room is priced per hour as well.

Monday –Friday 11am-5pm -$8.00 an hour

Sunday-Thursday 5pm-10pm –$12.00 an hour

Weekend hours

5pm Friday till 5pm Sunday - $14.00 an hour

Party Room

With the doors closed it seats approx. 24 people all at once.

Room can open up to the lanes for more seating and casual dining experience.

(Large parties’ 50-100 people.)

Room Charge is $50.00 for a three hour period with the exception of a party package.


Packages will not have the room exclusive unless they would like to pay the room charge. There could up to 3 parties in party room at the same time. 


Thank you for contacting us. Hope that answers your question.  Hope to see you soon!




The Easter Bunny is Coming to Bass Pro Shops















Spring into Savings at Bass Pro Shop in Harlingen!

Spring is Here! At Bass Pro Shop we have everything to satisfy your favorite hobby's need.

 The weather  temperatures are just right to enjoy fishing!

Try our "Exclusive Combos from Shimano Curado by saving $50.00 on feature Aluminum Frame reels and Rod featuring Stainless steel guides with TiCH inserts. Save on "Bass Pro Shop Tourney Special Combos" from $209.98 to $229.98. Save up to $20.00 on on Graphite frame sideplate reels and IM7 graphite blank, Durable Hardloy guides and Premium aluminum oxide guides with Premium cork grips all for $89.97.

Bass Pro Essential gear bags are very useful to pack all fishing essentials such as your tackle, your Penn Reel Lubes, our special Browning Wood Grain fillet Knives on sale for $ 14.99. Pack your Berkley -Nano Fil Spinning Reel Line now on sale for $19.98.  


                              Make sure you check out these great fishing vests! You'll have everything at hand just when you need the most.

Also, take advantage of the great Boat Sale Bass Pro Shop is currently having! You don't want to miss this great opportunity!

 With the purchase of your new boat you will receive a Bass Pro Shop Owner's VIP Discount Card  and receive from 10% to 20%  on most items purchased from Bass Pro Shops for 2 years!! *See Bass Pro.com /vip for detail. 

Take a look at our gorgeous TAHOE 195w/Mer Cruiser starting at $27,995 plus Freight and Prep! 



 Come Visit Bass Pro in Harlingen, it will always be an amazing experience for you and your family!



Fishing, Camping and Hunting or Just Partying!

Whether you are an avid sportsman or not, Bass Pro Shop in Harlingen has all the right gear for everyone. Walking through the isles of our store may instill a thought of possibly starting a new hobby or maybe thinking of  joining a friend who shares the same passions as a Bass Pro Shop frequent flyer. 

I... for example, never went boating until my dear friends Denise and Frank invited my husband and I to join them on their beautiful Party Barge they purchased in Bass Pro Shop. It was the most amazing experience I have ever had since living here in the Valley. South Padre Island was seen through my eyes like never before. Padre Island had warm waters and great coves where you're able to simply dock and enjoy the beautiful weather we have in southern Texas.

I am happy to say that with that one trip, I learned that even though your plans are to have fun you also need to have boat safety awareness.  My friends made sure that we had all the proper safety gear before heading out to the waters.  We checked our life vests, fire extinguisher, as well as plenty of goodies to keep us hydrated and protected from the sun. Now as I walk through our amazing store in Harlingen I think of all the things I need to start shopping for our next trip. I have already purchased my first Shimano fishing pole as well as my new OFFSHORE Angler Lures. Thank goodness our store has Columbia, and Word Wide Sportsman apparel for men and women. My husband I have already purchased our cool new fishing apparel thanks to the great section we carry. I also discovered the handy waterproof Dry Pack and Pelican Case for storing your valuables (cell phones and car keyless entry remotes)  when in the water, this is a must have item!   

Come and explore through our store your next hobby, and start making plans with your family and friends!  Make your experience a memorable one and come visit us at Bass Pro Shop in Harlingen.

Proud associate team member,

Luz Delgado

101 Bass Pro Drive

Harlingen, TX




Kicking Off Spring with Special Events

The Harlingen Bass Pro Shops Team is all set for Spring season and full of outdoor excitement and Fun!!

Each one of our departments is set to assist all of our customers starting with the 2012 Fishing Classic, Fishing Show and Storewide Sale!

Spring Fishing Classic

The staff at Harlingen Bass Pro Shops welcomes the community of the Rio Grande Valley to visit our amazing store.

We are so excited to kickoff the fishing season which is in full swing with our fully stocked shelves with our most popular items in the Fishing department: Penn Battle Reels, Paul Brown Lures  in a wide array of bright and exciting colors, Texas Tackle Factory (TTF) double shag rigs Glow in the dark.  Take advantage of the great specials we have during the Fishing Classics events.

For your boat- our Marine department has all the right products to make your experience in the water fun and safe. Check out our full line of life jackets and fine tune your boat by checking your fuel system, Fluids, Safety equipment and making sure that your fire extinguisher is in good working order.

Did you also know that Bass Pro Shop has a wide selection of clothing for the entire family? We carry Men’s and Ladies' Apparel, as well children’s clothing too! Stop in and check out our exclusive Bass Pro Collection of Bob Timberlake, Natural Reflections and World Wide Sportsman clothing for men, women and Bass Pro Shop clothing for kids.

Don’t forget that hunting season is just around the corner with Spring Turkey hunting, and year round hog hunting.  Our Camo department is fully stocked with two new lines, Ol’ Tom and the South Texas Game pattern Game Guard, we have long and short sleeve light weight and moisture bearing gear.  So come on in and experience shopping at Harlingen Bass Pro Shops!

Turkey Shop

Turkey Hunting Sale - 2/27 Thru 3/25