Early Spring Things

By: Larry Cessna

It seems that spring is indeed very early this year. I had to go to Buffalo, NY yesterday and while driving north along the river I was blessed with the sighting of an immature bald eagle flying upstream. It is always a joy to see these magnificent birds.

I was talking to the guys from the fishing department earlier this week and several of them are going out to fish for the early season crappies that should be hitting earlier this year, because of the unseasonably warm temperatures. I should know how they made out by the end of the week and I will put a note out for those of you who love to catch and eat those big slab sided crappie.   

The geese are moving north and the turkeys are doing their spring thing, displaying for the girls, it won't be long until the flowers  and trees will be popping out and the trout fishing will start. Along those lines; trout season opens in the 10 southeastern counties on March 31st. Check out the fish commissions web site for the season opener listing at: http://www.fish.state.pa.us/.

For all you trout fishermen, it isn't too early to start stretching out your fly lines and getting the last minute flies all tied up. Some of my favorites are the Wooly buggers, Matuka's, Stone flies, and of course the Glo Bugs in a variety of colors. I found that brown trout favor the yellow and chartreuse colors, while the rainbows like the pink and chartreuse more, and the brook trout like any thing that moves. For spinners I always liked the Mepps spinners in gold blade, how about you? For the bait fishermen it may not be too early to start putting out those minnow seines and catch your fresh bait for the opener. It may be awhile before the worms start coming though. Remember the Fishing Classic is still going on at the stores until the 12th of march, so come on in a nd get the things you need for the spring season openers.

Turkey season is going to be here soon, and it is always a great time outdoors listening to them gobble and strut around impressing the girls. Please be respectful of the other guys out there and refrain from calling to the birds and turning them on to the various calls. I know we want to see how they respond to the calls we want to use but it really can make calling them later in the season harder because they already have been educated to those calls. So, lets not give them any more help in defeating us as we pursue them in may. The new calls and decoys and camo outfits have arrived in the store so drop in and get all outfitted before the selections get picked over.

I see that the new bows are starting to show on our lists for stocking the store, so it shouldn’t be too much longer until they come in for you to look over and choose the new bow you want for this years hunts. All of you waiting patiently for the bow of your dreams, hang in there they should be here soon. I shot the new Ten Point bows while at the Eastern Sport Show in February, and the Turbo II and the new Carbon Elite were much lighter and faster and very impressive. I didn’t get to shot the Horton’s as the models they had were only proto types and not shootable. Can’t wait to try them out though. I know they have two reversed limb bows in the line up this year.

Have a great early spring fling and remember:



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