Patsy and Rod's outdoor exploits

By: Patsy Keckler

I'm currently employed at my favorite guessed it......BASS PRO SHOPS. After we realized that we were spending most of our paychecks here, I applied for a job so I'd be surrounded by the things I love. In a workplace with live fish, trophy mounts, new and old fishing tackle, collectible gift items, boats, guns and ammo, hiking and camping gear, camo and archery supplies, golfing items and NASCAR collectibles. What more could a girl ask for? My husband, Rod, and I have been avid outdoor enthusiasts all of our lives, born and raised in south-central PA. We both enjoy whitetail deer hunting in rifle and archery seasons, target shooting with pistols, rifles and especially rockin' and rollin' with our twin AK's. We enjoy fishing, mainly for fresh water fish in local ponds, rivers, lakes and streams, 4-wheelin' on our ATV's, hiking in the mountains and taking pictures of anything from critters to buck rubs and scrapes to sunsets falling behind the mountains. We love our Harley's, dirt track racing and NASCAR (not the same since my man,Dale Earnhardt, died loving what he was doing on February 18th, 2001). Fishing or hunting with Dale would have been so awesome! After the deer seasons were over this winter, we put up some game cams around the deer feeder so we could see what's been coming in to feed and were we shocked. Check back to see what has been hanging around our house.

Rod was a guntruck driver during his 2 tours in Vietnam and is retired. He spends all his time doing all sorts of things that we would like to share with you and hope you enjoy. I am on the board of our local Vietnam Veteran Post and we sell our memorabilia at area gun shows, car shows, bike events, outdoor shows, etc. and I'll keep you posted to the local events we attend. This summer, Rod and I plan to visit Lousiville, KY. The location chosen for the"Gathering" which is a gathering of other gun truckers with their 20-ton gun trucks mounted with M60's and Browning 50 caliber machine guns and other replica military vehicles from the Vietnam war. We will be going to Knob Creek Gun Range to fire our guns from the trucks and I'll be taking lots of pictures to post on my blog. We can't wait!!! Stay tuned to find out what we're up to next.

Happy fishing, safe hunting and God bless!

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Name: ouchman
Time: Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Well done Patsy. Missing you after such a great time rockin' the Ma Deuce. It was a BLAST.

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