Kayak Fishing

Not too long ago kayaking the coastal bays, marshes and backwater estuaries was something a select few anglers had tapped into. That was then, this is now.

It isn’t that way anymore. Kayak fishing is the rage along the Texas Gulf Coast, and it's rapidly spreading to other states, as well.

Kayaking for reds and trout has really taken a firm grip on the middle and lower Texas coast. It's especially popular among fly fishermen.

The draw is this: With a kayak you don't have to hassle with a boat, motor and trailer. Simply drop it in the water and go. That's it. But the option of loading your kayak into a big rig and covering lots of water is another tactic that's definitely worth checking out.

There are endless areas of the coast that are kayak friendly. On most you can simply drive up, drop your kayak into the water and paddle away. That's about as simple as fishing gets.

Another great kayaking adventure can be found at Port O'Connor, on the middle Texas Coast. This is where you can load your kayak onto the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's ferry for a shuttle across the bay to Matagorda Island State Park, about 11 miles from the small fishing town.

This island offers well over 20 miles of vodka clear flats on the bay, and also on Pringle Lake. You also have access to Pass Cavallo and the surf. This is an area where you can catch anything from tailing reds to 100-pound plus tarpon.

By now you're probably getting a feel for the type of adventure you can paddle into with a Kayak.

Selecting a kayak for your adventures is easy. However, like vehicles and power boats, you will find that there are all sorts of Kayaks to choose from.

KayakFirst of all, 99.9 percent of kayaking on the coast is done from sit-on-top models, as opposed to sit-inside yaks. These are wet boats, meaning the seat might take on an inch or so of water. The sit-inside models are dry. But the trade off is that sit-on-top kayaks offer easy on and off access.

You can visit the Bass Pro Shops in Katy Texas  to see all the different models and all the accessories. It is amazing how fast the selection has grown.

The most surprising thing about kayak angling is the ease of paddling from one location to another. It's not only good exercise, but great stress relief.

There is nothing better than paddling to an isolated flat and wading into trout and reds.

I'm not a big fan of fishing while seated in a kayak. My idea of fun is paddling to an area and then wading. But at times the only option is to stay in the kayak, especially when you are fishing over soft mud and shell or deep water.



Heavy bullets for the 44 Magnum


There is a popular trend among handgun hunters towards heavier bullets, with the goal of increased penetration. While a 300 grain bullet in either a .44 Magnum or a .45 Colt will shoot through a deer from pretty much any angle, many hunters dream of hunting larger game, and spend a lot of time thinking about even heavier bullets to obtain similar performance on elk, moose, buffalo and the like. This door to this level of revolver performance was opened by J. D. Jones back in the early 1980s when he introduced his cast bullet designs and most notably the 320 grain SSK .44 Magnum bullets.  At that point in time, most bullet manufacturers were limiting their .44 bullets to 250-265 grains.  Many saw a need for well-designed heavier bullets and answered that need by developing heavier bullet molds. In the years that have passed since, several manufacturers have followed suit with their own designs. The question then arises as to when does more weight become too much weight for the .44 Magnum? The "conventional wisdom" is that a 300 grain bullet (either cast or jacketed) is the optimum "heavy bullet" weight for the .44 Magnum, and that anything heavier compromises terminal performance by limiting muzzle velocity. Is this really true, or is it just more gun-shop hot air? The 320 grain SSK has an excellent reputation, having taken everything from elk to elephant, but are some of the newer .44 heavyweights even better? There are commercial .44 Magnum loads that go up to 350 grains, and commercial hard cast bullets that allow the hand loader to go as heavy as 405 grains.  I think it is time for a trip to the Bass Pro Shops to get some additional advise from experts.


Conservation Is Very Important


So if catch and release is a foregone conclusion, then what can we do to go a step beyond? Here are some out-of-the-box things we can do, lifestyle choices we can make, that will indirectly benefit our resource.

 Do catch and release well. It’s not enough just to throw ‘em back. You want to be sure that your released fish will live after they swim away. There’s a lot to proper catch and release, but in a nutshell, keep the fish in the water as much as possible, handle it as little as possible, and know that single barbless hooks fished with artificial flies or lures have the least impact and the best chance for fish survival.

 Clean up after "the other guy." It doesn’t seem to matter if I am visiting an urban park pond or hiking into a mountain stream, I always seem to be able to find litter from "the other guy." On a trip to Texas, I snagged on something on the bottom of a canal and began to pull. Slowly, my hook began moving back toward me. After some effort, I managed to pull a large, snarled monofilament net - clogged with dead and decaying fish. The most heinous left-behind items are line (sometimes with hooks attached!) nets, plastic 6-pack holders, and plastic bags. However, all the trash diminished the outdoor experience while polluting the waters and decreasing habitat. I’ve gotten in the practice of carrying a garbage bag in my box, backpack or vest. It’s a sad testament that I’m almost always able to carry it out full, but I make an immediate, visible, positive impact on every spot I visit, which makes me feel great about what "just one person" is able to do. Imagine how quickly we will combat "the bad seeds" when we all start pitching in! Another fact - clean areas get less trash pollution than already polluted ones, so your legacy will continue after you do a little clean-up.

Control your boat speed. The "run and gun" style of fishing has really caught on in the last 10 years. The idea is to spend as little time between spots as possible, and the most time fishing. It also means moving from one spot to another often rather than pounding one spot after it’s been quickly searched for fish. Unfortunately, it also means more wakes from fast boats, often very close to fragile shorelines. Deterioration of shorelines may not seem like a big deal, but shore structure is critical for the small critters that feed the big critters we’re after. A complex shoreline is much more effective in supporting life than one that has been washed away by heavy wave action. Cruise out of those small coves and bays slowly, and open up the throttle when you’re out on the main lake. This doesn’t eliminate impacts of wave action on shorelines, but it’s a start.

Help us all Pass It On.


Kids love to Fish

Passing it On is simple.

1. Keep it simple!
I’m talking a hook, a split shot, a bobber, and a night crawler. It’s a simple combination that kids can understand, and the bobber gives a visual aspect to fishing that will hold their interest longer. The bobber also helps the parents keep track of where the bait is. Parents with little or no fishing experience will find this set up very convenient, and I would recommend that they learn fishing with the same set up. This rig will catch any species of fish on any body of water.

2. Fish for action, not size!
Kids need a quick pace to keep their interest. It is vital that they start out fishing where bites will be easy to come by. Bluegills, sunfish, and small bass are perfect for this type of action, as these fish live shallow most of the year, and are easy find. Most lakes and urban lakes will have these fish readily available. Catfish and trout can also be a good option if they are fished for shortly after stocking. Check with the game and fish department for their stocking schedule, and be there shortly after for some fast action.

3. Kids need praise!
This is where some careful planning and understanding will come in handy. Kids will no doubt make bad casts, fling the hook around like a flying gaff, and probably drop the rod a time or two. That’s okay, if it’s expected! Do yourself a favor, and smash the barb of the hook flat with a pair of pliers. Not only does it make unhooking the fish easier, but it makes unhooking the parents easier as well. You will be unhooking both. Let them know they’re doing a great job, and show excitement when things are going well. Their opinion will be forged as much from your reaction, as their catch success. If they do something wrong, explain it to them, and teach them how to do it right. This is the time to leave the short temper at home.

4. Keep it about the kids!
We all have visions of what the perfect first fishing trip should look like. We’re fishing side by side with our kids, they’re making perfect casts, and the fish are biting like crazy. Although this can be the case, it can also be the complete opposite of what we actually experience. If the kids decide 2 minutes in to the fishing that they’d rather throw rocks, let them throw rocks. If they want to play with the bugs, or splash through the water, let them. This is their outing. In the beginning, it’s all about having fun. Their version of fun, not ours. If the first few trips consist of 3 casts and 2 hours of skipping rocks, then great. They’ll come around.

5. Teach them about conservation!
I’m not talking about saving the forest or global warming, I’m talking about simple and interesting things about nature and preservation. For instance, when they catch a fish, hold it for them. Show them the fins and how the fish use them to swim. Show them the eyes and how they see through the water. If you don’t know these things, learn them. More importantly, teach them catch and release. Teach them that by releasing the fish, it will be alive to reproduce, and that will create hundreds of more fish for the future. If you bring fish home, teach them to only bring home what they can eat, and releases the rest. This is the time when kids will learn the importance and integrity of conservation. Teach them well.

These simple steps will make it fun for you and help pass the great sport of fishing on to the next generation.


How To Fish the Alabama Rig

Fishing Fun At the Bass Pro Shops 

you know how to locate schools of bass with your electronics then you are going to love The Alabama Rig I like to search the lake for ledges, mounds, drops, stump fields etc. with my "Down Imaging" unit to locate the fish. Once I locate the fish I drop a buoy to get an alignment point for reference for my casts. I noted the depth the bass were at and make my cast count down The Alabama Rig to just below that depth so I can reel up through the schools of fish.

You will have to determine the speed the fish was the lures. Sometimes it’s slow, sometimes pretty fast and sometimes just a stead retrieve is the ticket. I like to reel in with a stead speed and pause it after about every ten to fifteen feet to let The Alabama RigAlabama Rig sink back a foot or so and then pick up the steady retrieve again. Sometimes this pause and drop really turns on the fish. Most of your hits on The Alabama Rig will be more aggressive than with other lures such as crank-baits or spinner-baits. Sometime when you change the angle of retrieve such as bring it up towards the boat the fish will crush it

Another thing The Alabama Rig will help you do is to locate schools of fish. If I am pre-fishing for a tournament I like to bend in the hook points after I hook a few fish to determine their size and just count strikes on The Alabama Rig. I have had big fish almost take the rod out of my hand they hit The Alabama Rig so hard. So if it is not legal to fish The Alabama Rig during the actual tournament at least you can know that the schools of fish are there. Be sure to check your local laws regarding The Alabama Rig.

We have caught doubles, triples it is a lot of fun.


Turkey Season

I went down to the Bass Pro Shops in Katy Texas to pick up a few things for Turkey season.  I have planned a few getaways and needed a few things to help me get the big one this year.  I went to the hunting counter and asked for the best guy for calling Turkeys as I wanted to by a new box call and wanted to have a demonstration.

A quick call went out, and that is when I met David.  He is usually in fishing but he came to the counter and gave me the lesson of a lifetime.  He talked about the calls and the way to properly use the calls, then he showed me how to hold the call. I was doing it wrong and it made a big difference in the sound.

He explained the way to call and how much to call, then gave me a few pointers and then we chatted for a few moments about the rest of my gear and the place I was going.  David has incredible knowledge of the local area and is willing to share his experiences and his understanding.

We then started talking about Duck Hunting and before I knew it we were in the aisle with all the calls and he was calling a few Mallards in just like he was on the water.  This guy is amazing and I was so impressed with his kind and low key manner that I purchased a new Duck call from him the same day I purchased my Turkey call.

I felt great when I left the store in Katy Texas the entire experience was incredible.  If you are going to head out and try your luck you need to stop by the Katy Bass Pro Shops to review the products and talk to the associates if you are lucky you can ask for David and have him help you. He is the real deal.




MAKO Pro Skiff Has Arrived

Bass Pro Shops Katy Texas introduces the New PRO SKIFF

SkiffSince 1966 MAKO has provided the toughest built smoothest riding boats on the water.  Weather fishing offshore or in the bays, bayous and inland lakes.  MAKO owners know their boats are built and equipped to get them there and back, Regardless the water conditions.

And Now, MAKO introduces there all new, Great looking Pro Skiff Models to bring that tough, smooth-ridding heritage to a class of boats most often referred to as utility with no attention to style or performance.

Lightweight. Rugged. Dry-Ridding. Able to carry heavy loads Exceptional performance with similar Skiff 2horsepower engines.  And refined styling with a quality fit and finish and a high gloss gel coat surfaces throughout.

The Pro Skiff models provide all that ,as well as the features anglers want for a full day on the water.  Like a bait well,huge cooler,plenty of casting space,raised decks,storage and peace of mind knowing these boats will take them smoothly and dryly to their destination and back even in rough waters.

Please contact our store to hear more about the unbelievable selection and the incredible value each of our boats represent.  Our staff of certified sales associates can help you find just the right boat or product to make you time on the water productive and memorable.

Skiff 3


Kayak Fishing

Have you ever wanted to learn to fish from a Kayak.  I just went down to the Bass Pro Shops in Katy Texas and spoke with a salesman named Vaughn.  He was the real deal.  He showed me the latest gear and then took a lot of time to explain the diff rent features and benefits of the different Kayaks they had in stock at the store.  I was very impressed with his knowledge and the kind way that Vaughn took care of me. 

It was a great experience and as I got more and more excited about  being on the water and fishing I decided to purchase the Kayak they had on display along with all the extras that they displayed and were in stock. 

I asked if  Vaughn would help me gather all the items I needed and he jumped on it and in about an hour we had it all together and he even fitted the items on the Kayak so I did not have any problems or questions later.  Then he wrote down the store number and his personal cell number in case I needed anything and I thought who does that anymore in retail.

Needless to say it was a great weekend and I can not say I caught a lot of fish as I was more interested this trip in just getting my gear settled and my new Kayak broke in.  I had a lot of fun and all the equipment I bought worked well just as discussed when I was at the store.

I took a quick picture of the gear and the Kayak I purchased they have this one outfitted about the same as I purchased a few minor things we changed but not much.

If you are interested in fishing the backwaters with a Kayak you have to go to the Katy Bass Pro shops and let them show you the products they carry.



Boat Seats

Is your boat seat tired and ready for an upgrade?  At the Bass Pro shops in Katy Texas we have the right seat to fit your every need.  All sizes, all styles, all colors we are the first choice for boat seats in Houston, do not let an old seat sour you next trip on the water.  We are ready to serve you today and help you find all you fishing gear.  Visit http://www.basspro.com/ to review all our products.



Supporting Our Troops

 Support our Troops

We support many outdoor events in our community at the Bass Pro Shops in Katy Texas.  We will never forget our troops that have sacrificed so much for our freedom.   Our troop’s active and retired have a special place in the hearts and minds of every associate at the Bass Pro Shops.  Have you thanked one of our Men or Women that have served or are serving today?



Hog Hunting in Texas

Some Practical tips for hunting Hogs at night in Texas.

If you hunt with a rifle we recommend a good rifle scope or possibly even one with an illuminated reticule so you can make out the black cross-hairs against a dark colored background such as a black hog. If you hunt with a bow and don't have a bow sight light you will need get one to be able to see your pins on your sight once you get drawn. You might also want to make sure you have a medium to large peep sight to insure you have enough light and a good sight picture when you get ready to shoot. A 1/4 inch or larger peep sight will work best and a lot of bowhunters will use a string splitter type peep sight to insure they can see through their peep when the time is right. Sometimes very small peep sights make it harder to hunt at night or in low light. One thing that we have found to be very helpful when bow hunting at night is to use some high quality glow paint and paint your peep sight with it. Before you start hunting just shine a bright light on it for a couple of minutes and the paint will take a charge and glow brightly for hours. When bowhunting it is very helpful to use a lighted arrow nock to view you shot placement of your arrow. If you really want to increase your odds of success it wouldn't hurt to have the aid of a momentary target illuminator on your rifle or bow in case an animal is out of range and not visible under or around the feeder light. Utilizing a good momentary target illuminator you can get ready for the shot with a rifle by simply pressing the pressure sensitive switch to light the animal up once you get your rifle scope settled on them. If using a bow you can get to full draw on the animal and then press the pressure sensitive switch to illuminate your target. In areas with extra elusive boars or wary hogs and varmints you may want to aim your target illuminator up in the sky and turn your light on and very slowly come back down on the animal to avoid spooking them with a sudden blast of light in their face regardless of the color of light or LED you are using. We carry quality but affordable bow  mounted lights and rifle mounted momentary target illuminators for rifles and archery equipment. Before setting out on your first night hunt you may want to step outside one night a few days before your hunt to make sure all of your equipment and gear is working properly.

 For additional advise and all the equipment that you need head on down to the Bass Pro Shops in Katy Texas.  We have all the right equipment including Beaman arrows, All the name brand guns Red Head clothing and the perfect Kershaw knife to get you ready and properly outfitted.





Kayak Fishing

 Some of the Finest Fishing in Houston

It is time to get that Kayak in the water and on the fish.  If you want to see all the latest gear and Kayaks head over to the Bass Pro Shops Katy Texas.  Visit with our friendly sales associates that can attend to your every need.  Find out how to fish where to go and what to use.  See our full selection of gear at http://www.basspro.com/



Fishing The Carolina Rig

The Carolina rig has been around a long time, but with the increased popularity of the pros using the rig it has soared to new heights in its use among the everyday fisherman. The Carolina rig is made up of a slip sinker threaded on the main line followed by a glass bead and a barrel swivel. A leader line is then tied to the barrel swivel and a hook which holds the bait of choice. Typically, the Carolina rig is used where the bottom structure is mostly rock and void of heavy brush and cover and is thrown with a 7 ft, fairly heavy action rod. Light line is used for the leader with the main line being heavier. This set-up allows you to remain in contact with the bottom and cover a lot of water while presenting natural, soft plastic baits like worms and lizards to the bass. However, with every passing day, anglers are finding new ways to use the Carolina rig. I will go through several below:

The most common use of the Carolina rig is to set-up the rig with a 1 oz. slip sinker, glass bead, barrel swivel, 1-3 ott hook and attach a plastic worm or lizard to the hook. This rig is then presented to the bass around rocky structures mostly void of cover with an emphasis on points and flats. Eight times out of ten this is how I am fishing the rig. I am using it as a search bait around points and across flats. The Carolina rig allows me to feel what is on the bottom and present a natural bait like a worm or lizard and still cover a lot of water. When fishing tournaments, time is of the essence which is why the rig is so popular. There are other ways and places to fish this rig.

Downsize the rig for finesse needs. Many times on heavily pressured lakes, during the middle of a hot summer, or when the bass are spawning, I like to downsize my rig to include a 1/8th to ¼ oz sinker, glass bead, small swivel, light line, a 1 ott hook and 4 in. finesse worm or tube jig. I will then present this rig to submerged tree tops, grass beds, rocky areas, and the bedding fish in the spring. It allows me to drift the setup subtly through these areas and entice finicky bass into biting. You will be amazed, especially during the summer, how many bass you can catch from an area that refused to bite more conventional approaches.

Another big use for the Carolina rig is to fish it along submerged grass edges. Set your leader length to the height of the grass so your bait will stay above it while the sinker pulls through it. This approach is a strong way to catch deep summer bass in weedy lakes. I like to downsize my weight slightly to ½ or ¾ oz. weight so it doesn’t burry up in the grass quite so bad. Again, this approach is for the outside edge of the deep grass. If you try to fish it through the heart of the grass bed, it will drive you crazy.


Tracker Boat Service

Bass Pro Shops Boat Service.

ManagerBefore you head out on the water this year make sure your boat is ready for the summer season.   We have a full staff of certified technicians to work on your tracker Boat or your Mercury motor.  Weather it be a tune up or a complete overhaul we have the individuals with the expertise to deliver your boat in top shape for the season. 

Check our service specials in store and make an appointment for top service at fair prices.  We service all that we sell and are happy to look at brands we do not sell for an honest and up front appraisal.

While your boat is getting serviced for the long season ahead it might be time to upgrade your electronics or put on that perfect trolling motor.  At the Bass Pro Shops we install just about everything we sell.

Our convenient location just off I -10 is the easiest place to bring your boat for any need we have a well lit ,fenced and secure area for your boat and we take great pride in caring for your equipment.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can quickly diagnose your problem and get you back on the water in the shortest time possible. 

The path to a great trouble free boating season starts with proper maintenance.  We are ready and able to provide you with the service you need and the peace of mind that you deserve.

Please contact the Katy Bass Pro Shops at 281-644-2166 and we will work with you today.

Free Boat Show








Free Kids Fishing

 Kids love to fish

Do not miss out on the chance to take your kids to the Katy Bass Pro Shop and catch some fish in our Free Catch pond.  This is a great experience for your kids.  You will love to see the joy that first fish brings to the face of every child.  Please see all the latest gear on http://www.basspro.com/

Events run March 9th through March 11th.




Gulf Coast Fishing Update

 If you need some advice or some gear come on down to the Bass Pro Shop in Katy Texas to find everything you need to make your next trip even more productive


Fishing Report

Freeport - Keeper sized redfish and speckled trout will be moving into the shallow flats along the south shoreline to feed and spawn in April. Working the grass shorelines with topwater lures is your best bet for cashing in on some excellent action. Also, this is the time for fly fishermen to try this area. The water temperature is perfect for these fish to move into the shallow waters and they will take any number of poppers or dry flies.

In order to get to Christmas Bay fish have to move through the great pass. San Luis Pass should give up some excellent catches of trout and reds to fishermen either wading the Galveston side flats or fishing the channel on the FreePort side of the bridge. And don't overlook Cold Pass for some superb speckled trout fishing and be on the lookout for flounder to start moving into the area during the latter part of the month.

Another are especially suited for fishermen without a boat is the SurfSide jetties. These rocks will be holding everything from trout and redfish to flounder and the occasional jack fish. Working baits close to the rocks is your best bet for consistent catches, but you better take along plenty of tackle because these rocks can take their toll of unwary fishermen.

MATAGORDA - East Matagorda bay should be turning on with some huge speckled trout. Broken-back lures and the famous Rebel Jumpin' Minnow are excellent for taking the trophy size fish that will be cruising the shallow flats feeding on schools of mullet. Wading the shoreline reefs and flats is the best way to approach these fish, but don't forget to drift the mid-bay reefs with shadtails for some excellent redfish and trout action.

Fly fishermen should also check out this shallow bay. The clear and shallow water is great for small poppers, streamers, and dry flies. A floating line is preferred because of the shallow depth, but a sinking tip may be preferred for areas around drop-offs.

ROCKPORT - This could be the best year for the Rockport area since the "Big Freeze". Speckled trout fishing should be excellent around Mud Island, Hog Island, and Estes on topwater plugs such as Cordell's Broken-back Redfin and Rebel's Jumpin' Minnow in early April. If that doesn't work try switching to soft plastic Cocahoe minnows later in the month. Cocahoes are used more than shrimptails, in this area, because they are a bit more buoyant and since most of the fishing is over shallow grass this makes a big difference. The fishing around the inside of the bays should be improving during this time since the fish will be moving out of the deeper water and onto the flats to feed. In these areas a live shrimp rigged under a popping cork will bring excellent results.


Fishing Reels At Katy Bass Pro

New Reels 

New reels are arriving daily at the Bass Pro Shops in Katy Texas.  They have the finest selection of reels in Texas.  If you are looking for a new reel or want to have the reel you have re-spooled with some awesome line please let them do that for you.

They have many manufactures represented in their assortment you already know the names but they also carry their own signature brand of reels that are the envy of the industry.

Fishermen from around the world know the Bass Pro Shops and rely on their expertise and their products.  If you are looking for Fresh water reels look no further they have a full line of reels for every occasion.  Saltwater reels are our specialty and we have so many to choose from that you have to see them to believe them.

I was looking at the bait cast reels, I received a casting lesson from one of the Katy staff  and instruction on how to set up the reel and what line I needed to use.  I was thrilled with the selection and the incredible knowledge of the personnel at the Katy store.

If you are in the market for a new reel head on out to the Katy Bass Pro Shop and you will be amazed



Boat Service


Tracker Service


At the Katy Bass Pro we sell and service Tracker boats.  Many locals are not aware that you can have your Tracker boat serviced and then have a look around in the world’s finest outdoor store.   You will be amaze at the personal service you receive and the knowledge that exists.

The Katy Bass Pro Shops has two certified Techs, one has a master certification, so diagnosing or repairing any issue will be fast and effective. Thomas and Rob and they are eager to help in any way they can.

You can drop your boat off anytime form 10:00am until 5:00pm Monday through Saturday.  Our shop is closed on Sunday so no work is performed on that day. 

We also sell a full line of Marine electronics and offer installation on what we sell at very reasonable prices.  Our sales associates are knowledgeable, friendly and are eager to meet and serve you.

There are lots of places that offer service and sell products let us be the first to earn your business and help you keep things running smoothly.


Call 281-644-2180



Fishing Lake Conroe

If you want to catch the Bass of a lifetime Try lake Conroe.

 Bass anglers can expect to take bass in shallow water, particularly around marinas and boat docks, in the early spring and mid- to late fall. In other seasons, bass are taken around deeper cover. Anglers are most successful with a variety of shad imitation lures or soft plastic baits. Hybrid striped bass are growing in popularity among Lake Conroe anglers and can be caught most any time of year. Most are taken by anglers trolling in open water areas or vertically jigging spoons or live shad. They are occasionally found running up the river channel during the early spring spawning run or foraging beneath schools of white bass in summer.

Water level is rising and this is making for greater access and better overall fishing.  At the Bass Pro Shops we have all the necessary gear to fish our local waters and have knowledgeable associates to help you pick the right gear.  Weather fishing the stumps or throwing the latest swim bait we have it all.



America's Best Selling Boats


 Start Making Memories

It is time to start thinking about a new boat and NOW is the time to come on over to the Bass Pro Shops in Katy Texas to see our great products and take advantage of our current offers.  Now is the time to plan your trip to see the incredible selection of boats ready for immediate delivery.  You could be fishing this weekend with your family creating memories that last a lifetime.