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Tracker Service


At the Katy Bass Pro we sell and service Tracker boats.  Many locals are not aware that you can have your Tracker boat serviced and then have a look around in the world’s finest outdoor store.   You will be amaze at the personal service you receive and the knowledge that exists.

The Katy Bass Pro Shops has two certified Techs, one has a master certification, so diagnosing or repairing any issue will be fast and effective. Thomas and Rob and they are eager to help in any way they can.

You can drop your boat off anytime form 10:00am until 5:00pm Monday through Saturday.  Our shop is closed on Sunday so no work is performed on that day. 

We also sell a full line of Marine electronics and offer installation on what we sell at very reasonable prices.  Our sales associates are knowledgeable, friendly and are eager to meet and serve you.

There are lots of places that offer service and sell products let us be the first to earn your business and help you keep things running smoothly.


Call 281-644-2180



Fishing Lake Conroe

If you want to catch the Bass of a lifetime Try lake Conroe.

 Bass anglers can expect to take bass in shallow water, particularly around marinas and boat docks, in the early spring and mid- to late fall. In other seasons, bass are taken around deeper cover. Anglers are most successful with a variety of shad imitation lures or soft plastic baits. Hybrid striped bass are growing in popularity among Lake Conroe anglers and can be caught most any time of year. Most are taken by anglers trolling in open water areas or vertically jigging spoons or live shad. They are occasionally found running up the river channel during the early spring spawning run or foraging beneath schools of white bass in summer.

Water level is rising and this is making for greater access and better overall fishing.  At the Bass Pro Shops we have all the necessary gear to fish our local waters and have knowledgeable associates to help you pick the right gear.  Weather fishing the stumps or throwing the latest swim bait we have it all.



America's Best Selling Boats


 Start Making Memories

It is time to start thinking about a new boat and NOW is the time to come on over to the Bass Pro Shops in Katy Texas to see our great products and take advantage of our current offers.  Now is the time to plan your trip to see the incredible selection of boats ready for immediate delivery.  You could be fishing this weekend with your family creating memories that last a lifetime.





Free Boat Show

Stop by the Katy Texas Bass Pro Shops and look over the finest boats in our industry.  We have great sales associates that have the knowledge and the service to back up what we sell.  You do not want to miss the Free Boat Show that is going on this weekend.  Check out all the latest gear for all you fishing needs at

Feel free to call for any information 281-644-2180




Rod and Reel Trade In

 Incredible Event

Do not miss your one chance at the Katy Bass pro Shops to trade in your old rods and reels for a new one.  We have a huge selection of new rods and reels to get you back in the game, with the latest innovations and features If you let this one slip by in will be another year before you have this incredible opportunity again.  See all our great gear on




Fishing Classic

Friday Starts the spring fishing classic at the Bass Pro Shops Katy ,Texas.  Put it on your calendar for this weekend.  Check out all the specifics on  Do not miss this one.  Events, Tips, specials and a lot more.



Spring Fishing Classic


It’s that time again at the Katy Bass Pro Shops to get your boat ready for the season.  Let us discuss how we can upgrade your  tired motor and get you back on top of your game.  Check out all the options on  You will be glad you did.  Contact our professional and knowledgeable staff and they will help you find the right motor to fit your every need. 281-644-2180



Spring Fissing Classic

 Great Products at Great Prices

New life vests have just arrived At the Bass Pro Shops in Katy Texas.  You have to see the new features and the great colors.  Check out the new gear on  So many styles and colors to choose from it is amazing.

If you are in the market for some new vests please let our sales staff help you make just the right purchase.


Marine Electronics

Bass Pro Shops Electronoics

New Electronics are arriving at the Katy Bass Pro Shops.  We are ready to help you select just the right products to get you on the fish and back home safe again.  Our Friendly and knowledgeable staff are ready to help you today.  We can even arrange to have your new electronics installed quickly and reliably.  We offer professional installs on just about everything we sell. Please contact us directly at 281-644-2180


Turkey Season

 Turkey Season

Our Turkey assortment is in stock and ready for your immediate review.  Please come in and see our products and speak with our knowledgeable and friendly staff.  We are ready to serve your every need at the Katy Bass Pro Shop.  Our passion is helping you bag a nice Turkey this year and create memories that will last a lifetime.  If you need a new call or new shotgun we are ready to show you the products that we have and our associates have the knowledge to get you started right.

This will be another unforgettable season for hunting


Mercury 9.9M Incrediable Offer

  The Best Price Ever

The Mercury 9.9M is now on special at the Bass Pro Shops Katy, Texas.  The Mercury 9.9M, 4 stroke is on sale for $1,699 over an $800 savings.  Offer good February 24th until March 11th 2012.  Do not let this one slip by it is an incredible offer.  Please call and get yours before they are all gone.  (While supply last, no rain checks.) 

Call 281-644-2180


Clothing Clearance

End of Season Clearance

End of season clothing clearance is in full swing at the Bass Pro Shops in Katy Texas.  Do not miss the opportunity to save big on this event.  Please see store for the latest additions you will be glad you did.  We are ready to serve you right now.  Savings like this may never be seen again.



Earn Bonus Bucks

 Another Great Offer!!

Now is your chance to receive up to $100 in bonus bucks when you use your Bass Pro Visa Credit Card.  Please see the Katy Bass Pro Shop for details.  You can see all our great Fishing and Hunting gear at  Do not miss out on this one.

Offer Good March 1st through March 7th




Fishing Demonstrations

 Fishing Tips and Techniques

Fishing is our in our blood at the Bass Pro Shops in Katy Texas.  We have many demonstrations planned for this weekend.  Learn the right techniques on how to present your lure to fish and have them ready to bite on your every cast.  Our fishing experts are ready to serve you today.  Find out how to fish where to go and what they are biting on right now.  Do not miss your chance to learn and experience the fishing lifestyle.



Learn To Fish With a Fly

 Experts are waiting to show you how.

We have experts in every Fishing discipline at the Katy Bass Pro Shops.  Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be here to help you out, whatever your needs are.  See our complete line of fly tying accessories at  Check out our on line fly tying classes at the Katy store you will be glad you did.



Fly Tying

Fly Tying is Fun and Rewarding 

Ever wanted to learn to tie a Fly and use a fly rod correctly. At the Bass Pro Shop in Katy Texas we have the best possible staff and the best products on display and ready for you to fish this weekend.  We are waiting to serve you and help you get started, or add to your gear for the perfect experience. Associates are ready to meet your every need.



Winter Gulf Fishing

It’s not often that you go offshore fishing in the dead of winter, however it is Texas, and you just never know what the weather will bring.  They say if you don’t like the weather in Texas, just wait a little while, it will change.  This was to be my kid’s first offshore fishing trip and though we didn’t know what to expect, it really didn’t matter, it was about the experience. 

We had a window of opportunity to get in a quick trip offshore and run the boat a little and maybe get in some fishing, as seas were to be flat on Saturday and could not think of a better time to introduce my kids to the world of offshore fishing.  Though my son Taylor, 17, was all in, my Daughter Haley, 12, was a little hesitant to say the least and wanted all the details like how far and could we see land.  To my surprise, my son actually told her there was nothing to be scared of and encouraged her to go, as it was her choice if she went and to my delight, she would go.

After arriving in Freeport around 10:30, we met our good friend Kelly at the boat, where he had us gassed up and ready to go and in a matter of minutes we were pulling out of the marina.  With the temperature at 60 degree and the  kids very excited (not to mention what I was feeling inside), we headed out east/southeast to the first set of gas rigs we came to around 7 nautical miles south of the San Luis Pass.  The 26’ Mako Center Console had more than enough room for the four of us to drop our squid laden hooks down to the ocean floor to see what would bite.

Armed with on Offshore Angler Ocean Master spinning rod and reel combo, my daughter screams “I think I have a fish”.  She reels and reels and reels, then finally her first red snapper comes up from the ocean depths and the priceless smile on her face said it all.  We moved to another set of rigs about 24 nautical miles offshore where she caught another red snapper and 2 trigger fish.  It became apparent to Kelly and I that this trip was about the kids and the experience they were having and less about our fishing.  My son, desperate to not let his younger sister outdo him, found 2 red snapper in a row at the end of his 7’ Offshore Angler Ocean Master rod with a Shimano TLD15 mounted on it.  After taking pictures with our Kodak Playsport HD Video Camera, we headed back


Fishing Adventure

Fish 1When it comes to offshore fishing, nothing compares to beautiful summer day, calm seas, and a great friend (with a boat). After receiving the call that we would be heading out offshore fishing, I naturally went to Bass Pro Shops to gear up; as they have everything you need for your fishing adventure. Hardly sleeping the night before, I headed for Freeport Texas around 3:30am, arriving at 5am, my friend Kelly already had the boat rigged and ready to go. We pulled out of Bridge Harbor Marina at 5:30am with the Mako 26’ Center Console and 100 gallons of fuel, along with all of the equipment necessary to make a voyage of this kind.


We were heading out around 55 miles with the GPS coordinates to an area where severalFish 2 Marlin were caught the week before, but counting on some Wahoo, King fish, and Dorado. After some choppy seas for the first 10 miles, we eventually came upon a large weed line about 40 miles out that we could not pass up trolling. After 20 minutes of trolling a Boone Bird rig, the much anticipated words came from my friend’s mouth, “Fish on” which it was. Kelly, in his unselfish manor, handed me the rod and said “you’re up”, as he stopped the boat to assess what we had. At that moment, the reality of a life long dream that was surely never to pass, a Sailfish launched from the cobalt blue depths of the Gulf of Mexico and into the sky, leaving us both in disbelief. With Kelly working the boat and myself armed with a Penn 650 reel mounted on an Offshore Angler Power Stick, the chase was on. After bringing the Sailfish in twice only to have him spool out everything I had gained, we brought him along side the boat 45 minutes later.


Fish 3Still shocked that we landed a 6’sailfish on a medium weight spinning rod, we grabbed a camera and took as many pictures as we could to go along with the images engraved in our minds.  After 10 minutes of reviving the worn out Billfish, we released him into the deep blue sea, as I rest my weary arms.  Many hours of fishing later, our fishing experience of a lifetime ended with 6 Mahi Mahi, 1 Kingfish, 1 Ling, 3 Amberjack, 1 Triggerfish, and a Sailfish. As we headed back to the marina, with the help of our Etrex handheld GPS unit, we reflected on the day’s events and how this experience would forever change my life, as I had indeed landed a fish that most people dream of.


Fish 3As we headed back and reflected on the experience I did not want the day to end. With the boat and equipment cleaned, I thought of what to say to my friend, who made this dream come true, and all I could say is thank you. Kelly is a great fishing guide and more importantly, someone I am proud to call my friend. Thank you Kelly.

If you would like to hear more about this incredible trip stop by the Bass Pro Shops in Katy, Texas and ask for Kevin.


Texas Goose Hunting

Goose and dogNothing compares to Goose hunting with family and friends.   A quick and final stop to the Bass Pro Shops in Katy, Texas was all it took to complete our equipment needs. They simply have everything.

We then headed out to Eagle Lake, Texas to hunt the flooded fields and do some shooting over 500 Rags. This was our attempt to lour in geese as they made their way off the water into the fields to feed. Calling Snows is an art, some say not as productive on Snows as Canadians. I happen to agree that weary Snows are less likely to be fooled by even the most seasoned callers.   It was great to have my youngest son along on this trip; we are doing our best to pass our hunting heritage to the next generation.Jesse

The Geese did not cooperate as well as we would have liked but we did manage to take a few. Enough for a very large pot of Goose Gumbo, but that is another story.

Having my dad on this trip made this a very special hunt; this was a time that we were all healthy and able to participate in the grandeur of the outdoors and the fellowship that always accompanies these adventures.

If you really want to get to know someone take all the distractions away TV, Radios, Computers and Cell phones create barriers. When they are eliminated it is not long before the fun begins and the experiences start to be revealed.canada2

Setting up the spread and taking it down is always the work of hunting in Texas but when you have the right family and friends it just seems to go faster.

As we traveled back home we quietly spoke of the time we had shared accounting for the shots made and the ones missed, we all secretly wished these times would never end.

This year grab you family and friends plan a trip to Texas, to hunt the plentiful Snow Goose you may even bag a few Canadians and that is a real treat.


Meet Our Camping Expert

GaryIf you ever wanted to go camping and wanted the right products or advice, head on over to the Bass Pro Shops in Katy Texas and Look up Garry.   Gary has great camping knowledge and a full range of products to keep you comfortable, dry and safe. Garry can sell you a Tent, Flashlight or a sleeping bag to meet your individual needs while providing you with excellent service during and after the sale.

If you are a seasoned camper Garry can help you add to your knowledge and make sure your equipment is up to the task.

Camping in Texas is special and it requires good planning and the proper equipment. Gary knows the secrets and can help you get just the right products so you can focus on the experience not on equipment problems.

So as you plan your next adventure, come on into the Bass Pro Shops in Katy, Texas and let Garry or one of our experienced and knowledgeable camping associates’ help get your camping memories started.